Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

MacArty war diary, 1914-1916
MLMSS 1139

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Diary of H. Macarty


Oct 20 Left Outer Harbour at 5 oclock Governor gives us a send off, have a good trip across the Bight, reached W.A. Sunday Oct 25 early morning

Sunday 25 Oct, received leave of absence visited Perth 15 miles from Fremantle, had a look over gardens parks and principal street very fine city lovely building, poor trams, bad railways,

26-27 remained on ship hundreds visit wharf to see us,
Oct. 28. Eight hours day not allowed ashore, so odd jobs about ship,

29, had day off visited Perth meet lady Friend
Japanese warship causes excitement by steaming into Harbour it was our escort Japs receive a good reception.

Oct 31st Eleventh Battalion WA Troops embark, pull out to stream
Nov 1st Sunday hundreds of people out to visit of troop ships

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Nov 2nd left Fremantle 4A.M. escorted by Japanese Warship

Nov 3rd At sea very rough day rather crowded anxious to link up with fleet.

4th our fleet looms up on the horizon beautiful sight they come, three abreast, headed by Warships
raining we join the left wing Medic in front of us, Port Lincoln behind, the following ships are here Wiltshire Euripides Militades Orvieto Medic Argylshire Maunganui Southern Ascanius Schropshire Limerick Ruapihi Star of England Afric Orana Pera Geelong Benalla Suthenic Armidale Pt Lincoln Rangatiro Star of India Kativa Karos Star of Victoria Tahiti Buldantra Narrarer Hororator Wainana Hymettus Clan Mc Quardale Omrah Hawkesbury Suffolk Anglo Egyptian, Orani,

Nov 5 Layed up with measles, Quarantined in Bows of ship, head aching, warships travel up and down our lines, very rough night one chap fell out of Hammock, tubs bucket crockery was rolling all round not much sleep

6 . 7. 8 running along smoothly, just out of bed, throat roar, approaching the Tropics.

9th German Warship Emden about, Sydney after her, big fight Emden out of action, great rejoicing on board, free beer, very hot.

10, still very warm, heavy thunderstorms run along for three days nothing much happens

13th raining very heavy expect to reach Colombo on Sunday.

14th Sydney passes with Germans aboard we refrain from cheering as wounded men are aboard,

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Sunday 15th & 16 Arrive Colombo 2.P.M. very pretty place, stand off not allowed to land, though we would like to, some ships take coal in

Friday 17tth Cengalese ``4 diving off boats for money good exhibition we push of on voyage at 12 AM.

Nov 18 & 19 four day two days out of Colombo N. Zealang boats push ahead to coal at Aden
20th Quiet day very smooth sea warm

Saturday 21st
Severe collision with Schropshire 4.30 AM 700 miles from Aden, we fire rockets, Warships play search lights and dash to rescue, we receive a large hole in Port bow, all troops parade on deck with life belts.

23rd going smoothly expect to reach Aden in the morning

Nov 25 Wednesday
Reach Aden early,
Bedouins, Arabian Jews, Pharsees all around boat like flies selling Pine Apples, cigarettes Belts, large harbour, worker a lazy lot, get 4d a day, we throw spuds at niggers to make them work, talk a man blind

Nov 26 left Aden at 5AM soon in the Red Sea very warm all stripped, passed Persic at 4 PM. Met New Zealander who coaled there, entered Hells gates, Red Sea 6 PM, & innoculated against Typhoid.

27 in Red Sea passed several Indian Transports returning to Ceylon, terrible hot hugging shore all the way. Warships held up two boats and let them pass on

28 Just received word to proceed to Cairo expect to reach there in five days.

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Nov 29 getting cooler vaccinated against small pox very sore arm

Thursday Dec 1st
Reached Suez at 8 am. Transferred german prisoners from Orvieto to H.M.S. Hampshire we have to give our mess tables up to the germans shame, we have an armed guard aboard and enter Suez Canal at 8 PM.

2nd Dec
Passing through canal fine stream 80 feet wide railway one side lovely trees, runs through a desert heavily guarded by troops, reach Port Said 12 oclock noon a pretty place scores of ships in Harbour many French and British warships about Colonel Lasseters monument very pretty

December 5th
Pulled out to stream to make room leave late evening for Alexander arrive morning waiting to disembark

7th Dec
Disembarked early in morning boarded train for Cairo lovely irrigation land all the way we have fun at different stations, Bridges and stations guarded by Troops 150 miles to Cairo

Dec 8th
Arrived Cairo unload 3 of us go on to Mena to guard baggage, we work all night unloading baggage, have bad time nigger carts and camels everywhere niggers wont work.

Wed – 9th
Have easy time cadge tucker company arrive at night all wet through

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Saturday 12
Carting stones for roads and boundaries visited Pyramids and Sphinx pay day arranged mess, visited Mena House baths

Dec 18
Route Marches all the week. England annexes Egypt, our engineers leave for Suez to build Fortifications

19 and 20th
had a swim a baths and visited Pyramids climbed ¾ way up but retired.

Monday 21st
Heavy tramp in the sand for 2 days

Dec 25
Church Parade 10th Sports

visited Cairo had a good look around
nothing but marches till January 8th

Heavy cold feeling rotten

28 January
Recovered from cold received Xmas cards from Maud and Glady’s

Jan 29th
2nd Australian contingent arrives at Alexander to camp at Heliopolis 17,000 Australians 3000 N Zealanders

Feb 1st
Australians march to Jeda long line of troops, Artillery, AMC all out four miles long.

3rd 4th
7 and 8th battalions goes to Suez Canal fight against Turks 400 captured

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16 killed British 55 wounded 3 killed Turks brought into Cairo

Feb 10th
Lousy dodge drill lost & cannot carry pack

Fordham dies with smallpox re vaccinated

Shamfight back of Pyramids inspected by Major General Maxwell

Vaccinated again Day off after night of outpost duty

Visited Mosque seen Jacobs well, long chat with Indian wounded from Suez, Received pull through and coins from Indians Visited Kursall and Museum

Feb 28
Struck camp 6.30 AM taken off prison Guard, cleaned up all day, left Mena Camp 8 PM. Marched in to Kas. El. Nil Barracks arriving 1. PM. Bivouacted

March 1st
Left barracks at, 3 AM. marched to Central Station embarked left 5 AM. for Alexander good trip arrived 11. AM hung up outside station for one hour, embarked on Ionian left gear and went for a trip around Alexander, took on 100 tons firewood

March 2nd
Sailed from Alexander noon toward Dardanelles conditions on board awful, packed 2,500 soldiers, had to eat sleep and do everything on decks no hammock, terrible poor tucker, Indians and Irish leave for Marselles U.S.A

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Battleship plays the National Anthem as we pull out to stream

March 3rd
Passing Athens conditions rotten, cannot even get drinking water, nothing to wash our mess tins with, no forks plates or mugs issued us

March 4th
Arrived Lemnos Island, beautiful harbour scores of Warships, transports, Destroyers and submarines,

March 5
Lying in Harbour awaiting orders

we row Queenslanders ashore to make room

Admiral of the fleet comes aboard
We form a boat crew, to row men ashore

Rowed 10 men ashore back in evening, buy nick nacks, good feed

Long route march ashore, pulled ashore in boats, have a good day
great rejoicing cant go ashore to rough

On prison guard, Warships & Transports arrive

French General visit our ships

Rowing men ashore, 1¾ hrs to do a trip, to rough to handle boats

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14 March
Church Parade, Captured German steamer arrives, big hole in her, we get a good haul of wheat & Flour

16 March
tried to carry out night attack, we have a bad time, very bad weather, heavy rain some boats reach shore, others stuck in mud some run into warships, sentry challenge them, Australians tell them to get –
Jacob "no comments”, we get wet through boats take us anywhere

Climbing hills all day skirmishing

Greek gets a bad handling by Tommies
Spry gives lecture on Turkey Inflexible badly injured Irresistible sunk Golith sunk
Invincible and Lord Nelson hit, Ocean sunk in Dardanelles, supply ship sunk Bouvet sunk

20th Saturday
Very rough home all day, as us,

Church parade warm sunny day. HMS Sydney arrives with mail

22nd March
General Birdwood visits our ships, 20,000 troop arrive to date, waiting for 8 Regiments from china

very rough boats leave, French ship arrives

25 March
Very rough Lecture by Major Hurcombe

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and Brand have to wait 3 weeks before attacking Turks, everyone sorry shoot on White flag Lizzie gets a shell into her bows, warships awaiting munitions

Friday 26 March
Eleven miles route march ashore more sore feet only a rumour

Sunday 28
Ceremonial guard man who built Forts in Dardanelles comes aboard turns out to be a spy, shot

A. B. and D. Company march to capital to hoist British flag. 18 men buried off Inflexible, drowned in bows through being hit by shell, Inflexible in Lemnos

we do a little foraging caught stealing sugar got some jam and cheese had a lovely bust up

On prison guard we receive our first mail for 5 weeks great rejoicing

April 1st
Fools day received 13 letters & papers everywhere

Company training ashore
Church Parade Officers Mess, to get out of rain

Received news to land on Friday, great rejoicing getting full equipment very rough

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Oiling ammunition 220 rounds each
Inflexible leaves for Malta

7 Wednesday
loading horses, record job, working winch on Malta

8 April
Route march first and second Brigade arriving captured 2 German cargo boats land Dardanelles Sunday

Took rashions ashore, boat got astray
Suffold giving us stores. swim with boat, fire in Bull ring Cairo

Saturday 10th
Seaplane above more British troops arrive 5 letters arrive for me, first and second Reinforcements arrive

April 12
Arrested four spies on Lemnos Island, priest

All high Officers leave for the front to spy out position, nothing doing for us

On Guard receive 8 tins tobacco per man

Received iron rations two days, 50 extra rounds

16 Friday
Spell all day boarded Prince of Wales to practice landing, shown over Warships. Turks get to our transport 100 drowned in panic.

shifted out to mouth of Harbour

Practised landing off warship, Nurses

[Page 13]
and sailors come aboard Ionian for Dardanelles, had my last bath, Turks destroyer at large we get it

Practising landing off Prince of Wales 6 PM. Till 3. AM.

Sleeping all day after night work

Resting till Saturday our last spell for many months

Saturday April 23rd
Boarded Prince of Wales, left for Dardanelles Lizzie leading, Triumph Swiftsure London Bacchante, Majestic, Prince of Wales had a good night on Warboat had a splendid meal our last

Sunday 25 April
about early. boarded barges pinnances tow us ashore, a long while getting there a bright light shines out on sure. Gaba Tepe fires heavy guns at us, infantry open out on us many killed landing nearly drowned getting ashore, we throw off our packs, and start to rush hill, Talbot Smith leads, wounded Turk in trench Morphia kills him. Three more prisoners at tents further on, they are settled, we push on and form a line a living Hell all day, schrapnel pouring on us, Gilpin, and Smith, Burn’s, Killed 30 out of 58 settled in our trenches, dug in at darkness, very tired, no food or water. Turk coming at us all night

Monday 26nd
Stanbridge killed, heavy fire all day The Dublin and Munster Fuisler land off River Clyde over ¾ killed

[Page 14]
Glades / 08 April kill by schraps, Mountain Battery and Navy do good work, Lizzie puts joy in us, she lands a shell in a hill fearful explosion, wounded cannot get attention, two days exposed, we have to clear dead and wounded out of line to make room for troops, 30 dead behind us we have 28 out of 58 left fearful and cruel sights, we kill our own man in front of trench, he would not answer our challenge

Turks shell our trenches, cannot shift us, many killed about, having a bad time no food or water, Turks still at us, we hang on

On our last legs, no sleep since Sunday Jacobs seriously injured, we are all in but Turks cannot get us. we get relief in evening

Thursday 29 April
out of trenches for spell four days & nights, only 83 out of 238 men accounted for slept on beach. among biscuit boxes, had a little soup to knocked out to make tea, shelled all day water scarce

back in trenches right wing digging down, looking for snipers Engineers lay barb wire

Sunday May 2nd
Snipers busy Engineers and scouts out in front, fixing barb wire
10,000 men killed & wounded in six days, we are hard pressed thin lines

[Page 15]
have sleep in trenches, guns firing everywhere scrubcutters out, turks give us schrapnel shells hit transport work on beach

relieved from trenches, have a swim, schrap flying all around us, putting more Artillery in Lizzie has a shot, carrying water on mules [indecipherable] mix up mules Macarty, Red, and [indecipherable] all roads, Gun boats fire on Gaba Tepe who has another shot at us

up at 4.30 to stand to arms, always sleep in equipment, breakfast 5-15 on Fatigue slept all day back to trenches 11,30 under heavy schrap fire, no tea very cold all night attack Gaba Tepe Machine Guns keep our men off, Turks bury their dead 11th row over and get theirs

Thursday 6th
in Trenches slow day lugging rashions about
Beachy Bill comes to light kills 13 men and several mules, men go out to locate gun

Removed to supports Curly is resserected joins us heavy schrapnel fire, dig deeper, nearly wiped out going for water
Saturday 8th May
Bob Inwood joins us, 3rd Reinforcements join us, Curly gives me socks and underpants Pinkney shot through right eye, bury him, Pte P.J. Pinkney 319 killed in section May 8th buried May 9th. Farmer shot through head

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Monday 10th May
Tired after digging all night, no ration this morning , mules run amock lost our rations poor us everytime.

11th May
actually have a spell Roy Inwood cooks a good meal, shell burst on top of our trench nearly spoilt our meal, like to see that turk gunner, we sing Australia while Tune digs for shell, had a night’s rest.

Back in firing line, pushing trenches forward towards Turks always digging though exhausted, Lieut Smyth give us cigarettes killed returning to beach chaps have a good time on rum fatigue one nearly buried for dead man

13 May
spell day, had a good dinner, onions potatoes Bully Bacon tea sugar light horse expected lovely weather

Friday 14th
Firing line again plenty schrap about no sleep all night,

on water guard, shells keep us busy very tired hear Italy has joined Allies heavy Artillery fire on our trenches many wounded 3 killed.

on water Guard, shells as usual, had a bath washed my clothes, had a shave Cullen killed, tourist digging for shells Jack Tar comes up for Turk Rifle

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Monday 17
Turks put new guns into position shelling Hell out of our new troops who are landing, Turks have a night off, Staff Major killed N Zealanders take trenches Turks 4 feet deep in trenches dead, had to leave it, getting Howitzers into position, 2nd Brigade return from Cape Helles only 16 hundred left

Tuesday 18th
Severe attack on us all night, we keep Turks off Burt Davey and Atwell killed also 4 others Turks come up in Droves, we get on parapet
Artillery severely bombard our trenches
trenches like a earthquake dirt allroads

Thursday 20
Turks come up again shot down as they approach our line, we go out and secure all the dead Turks Rifles and ammunition
Captain Cornish nearly captures Turk, Casey misses his Turk mahomeding and attacking 3 to many for Casey, dead Turk laying everywhere Casey shoots a W. Turk

General Bridges mortally wounded, Turks come in to arrange armistace, Von Sanders commands Turks, our Artillery cuts up there reinforcements Turks get armistac for next day
Turk Generals offsider will not go back

Saturday 22nd May
In firing line very quiet, schraps about use Trench mortar on Turks submarines about, dead Turks smell very bad

Again searched Turk got more rifles and ammunition, Belts tomahawk

[Page 18]
Bandoliers shovels, I smell very stinky Turks in with another armistace, Warships bombard enemy 300 shots fired across Olive Groves, Germans drop a bomb in our lines kills Bill cocks

Monday 24
Armistace arranged 7-30 till 4-30 to bury dead, we cannot find German Officer removed 51,000 against 16,000 of us casualties

Turks play the game did not abuse Armistace Twi Triumph Torpedoed, Destroyers rushing to help Turks fire on rescue party

Majestic Torpedoed 4th Reinforcements arrive, Turks very quiet

Actually having a spell for two days

Turks blow up our trenches, our men go to Quinns Post sapping, Turks firing all night 200 our men killed and wounded, retake trenches, Turks lose 800

Sunday 30th
Return to firing line heavy fighting on left, our Submarine enters Sea of Marmora and Golden Horn, sinks 3 transports, away 18 days

Submarines keep our shipping moving Torpedo boats hunting all roads

[Page 19]
Tuesday & Wednesday
Captured two submarines in nets

25,000 Turks arrive more sport
Friday June 4th
severe bombardment by Warships we fire on Voltures kill three, fresh meat for tea

Goliath sunk using Mauser all night
Church service
Riot amongst Australian and Tennese crew Australia wins

E11 sinks 10 Turk boats to date maggots in N.Z. trenches, sig arrested Monitor arrives

Heavy machine gun bombardment star shells used

Saturday 12th
Turks give us heavy bombardment. two men killed, layed up with fumes, throw bomb to wake men up

Our warships bombard gun displacement and incoming Turkish troops for one hour

Tuesday 14
Drilling reinforcements under heavy schrapnel fire, men had no training, Monitor fires on shore Aeroplanes about
Turks shell our trenches, sawtor shot throug head, 35,000 troops land Cape Helles

[Page 20]
Thursday & Friday June 17 & 18
Aeroplane drops two bombs on Gaba Tepe Curly Richards killed by schrapnel through right lung

Tuesday 22nd
Carrying tea, dig trenches in front of 11th lines 100 men engaged, no one hit two men

Wednesday 24th
Turks shelling all day, several killed on Beach, Captain Holmes killed

Agamemnon shells Turks & destroyers around her Ballon observing, Howitzers try to get Beachy Bill, six howitzers and 500 Scots arrive from Glasgow, Weston killed scrub cutting

Man killed B Coy observing
Gen Hamilton visits our line, plenty of Bombs about

Ten bomb throwers go over to Turk trenches, Turks open up violent fire on us, the poundage chaps give them buckshees

Monday 29th
Heavy bombardment Cape Helles, 3rd Brigade bombard enemys right 11th attack trenches capture but cannot hold them, Gabe Tepe plays on them, 40 killed 50 wounded in cold blood open up fireworks and dummies, yell like fury, Turks keep quiet, Turks strip our dead, fire on our wounded, our chaps call the Turks everything, guns killed 1500 Turk Reinforcements

[Page 21]
July 1st
stormy night, kite sent over Turk lines to drop messages, our dead still in front of Turk trenches, make envelopes out of paper

Thursday July 2nd
going out for spell, dirty night Thunder lighting and rain, Turks bring up two new guns Pte Handcock supposed to be shot as spy

Monday 5th
got 50 shells a 4. AM. after arriving from digging, Jack Johnstone fires on our Beach, swimmer hit by schrapnel swears he is Torpedoed, French Transport sunk 30,000 Tommies arrive Tucker very poor two wet nights

Marching Order inspection
till Sunday 11th July
Left for Imbros on large tranship on to Al Kahira at 4 oclock in morning frightened of Beachy Billie two regiment of Gurhkas and one of Tommies arrive ships sank for breakwater

Had a good rest left for Anzac Cove in evening reach beach at 12 oclock to tired go and I sleep there till morn

Rested Tuesday took over WA trenches go into firing line

Wednesday 14th
Working hard digging Artillery active

[Page 22]
Friday 16 July
brought in dead Turk to bury, stinking fearfully, new trenches opened up tunnels everywhere, rope around Turk drag him in show knocked our trenches out of shape
Saturday 17
on ammunition work, severe bombardment from .75 gun,18lbs gunner killed two injured, Ginger wounded
Sunday 18th
Aeroplane looks for .75 pounding bom-bards turks, Turks bombard our lines 17 Howitzers arrive, respirators and smoke Helmets given out, gas signal in trench, gas machine there
getting our new line into shape very warm, 3 monitors fire into Turks lines, Aeroplane and ballon up, plenty of bombs buzzing about
big attack expected, shells and bombs flying all roads,
Lecture on ammunition carrying, 3rd Brigade run down in a bad way worked to death, nerves going through so many shells bursting around them
Friday 23 July
men standing to allnight waiting for Turks, men worn out
Sat Sun Monday
Howitzers firing all night, rows about food not enough, Turks dont come

[Page 23]
Tuesday July 27th
Frank Hughes has leg broken in two places peppered about body, trench mortar hit him, sniper hit our lad in leg, we kill sniper 700 yds away
Tommies know how to bury dead, just a rope around him and drag him in, throw grappling irons over parapet and drag in dead and wounded.

poor 2nd Brigade laying about the roads exhausted, sick men can-not get away, laying about in danger of shells, concussion awful when guns fire,

we observe for 8” shells warn the crowd who retire, all the flatites in a funk, the cook retires hasity to the right

Wednesday 28th
Indians move guns to the left near our snipers place to infalade Turks trenches they land one into Tasman post,

Thursday 29th
Clarke killed bullett in the head I get his riding pants

Friday 30th
Youds killed by bomb, Connell seriously injured. Bomb falls in trench
Saturday July 31st
Turk trenches mined and then

[Page 24]
captured by the 11th Battalion, severe hand to hand go, trenches 8 ft deep Turk counter attacks easily beaten off, captured two machine guns, severe bomb and Artillery duel, we loose 22 deaths 70 wounded, Turks have 100 killed Turks squeal like pigs, they mined ours but we got in first blue light gave the signal to start, 3 men killed in B Coy by our Howitzer falling short

Monday 2nd
heavy Howitzer fire on our guns 3,000 kitcheners army arrive

two men killed by snipers, 8”shell falls in grave digs corpse out his head on our parapet, his clothes on telephone wire

Wednesday 4th Aug
Aeroplane duel in air Taube clears out sixth Reinforcements arrive, several English and Gurkhas arrive, Beachy land 40 rounds on new troops arriving Turk see blue light and blaze away for all they are worth

Friday the sixth
Turks attack 11th trenches make a violent bomb attack, Turks capture trenches, but our lads take them again, we lose 300 men they took us by surprise, Tune and Walker snipe a lot of the Turks, our big battle starts five 2 trenches taken 5.30

Big battle raging Artillery defeaning

The Battle of Lonesome Pine
40,000 Tommies under Gen Stopforth defeated after landing at Suvla bay

[Page 25]
Colonel killed in front. Turks would not jump over there Parapet go to our lines, they are bayoneted 7ft 6’ Turk too long for our sap he is dragged out, Turks men in half moon tunnel, we bomb them they howl and cry, saps full of dead 70 of C Coy 12 Batt killed men out of bombs have to leave trench guard on trenches and saps
one of our guns fires 182 shots in 2 hrs 5 warships and 3 monitors arrive 1st and 3rd Brigades have a bad time, two divisions land on left, get in three miles without firing a shot, Indian No13 follows up Turks.

Saturday August 9th
Received cards Photo 1st and 2nd Brigade still hiring in for theirs and taking trench after trench capture 16 maxims 3 Norden – buts two mortars, the sky is full of flying shells, Colonel could not read map

Colonel makes our wounded fight, Turks made to rebuild captured trenches, dont shoot Australia me Christian 1000 dead carried out 2nd day. 2 brothers in charge wounded
could not get in 1st line run to last line trenches
turks tear there clothes to make flags of truce
800 wounded at Lemnos in Sun exposed to weather for day, Nurses rush to Anzac bring 4 loads
18 Batt wrongly lead 750 killed

Monday 10th
Johnsons scatters the back of the Hill Brigade, retreat 100 yds to right, we have no dinner water carrier cannot come up Gully schrapnel to bad, our boys still advance of the left

sank Turk warship take 750 prisoners sank transport, submarines fire on troops, Kitcheners men do fatigue bury the dead etc, while we do the fighting

Tuesday 11th
five of our Aeroplanes up, we chase Fritz, 250 wounded men go past in two and a half hours Bombs get them, our lads have none to throw back Tommies desert our lads, Beachy kills 8 mules, 7,000 casualties to date

Friday 13th
Joe Knight and Jack Meade killed by sixth inch Howitzer shell falling in their dug out, Artillery men find Joe’s legs apply to get in Amm Park
Jacks body cut in two, Joe lives 2 minutes
Gen Sir, Ian Hamilton, recalled to England, a scape goat for Stopforths failure

[Page 26]
August 16th
write to Mr Knight Edna Rodgers Miss Moor Attention Dept, Chas Banks Royal Edward Torpedoed off Lemnos 3000 on board 600 saved

Wed and Thursday
Heavy fighting Achi Baba

August 23rd
3rd Contingent arrived, 18th Batt loose 800 men through getting in wrong trenches, NZ troops take four trenches, Turks get scared and give us rapid fire for over an hour, our lads marching about all day with Bayonets fixed, Jack think we are going to attack him, the fire Incendary bombs at us

August 26th Thursday
Ginger Dale has hand blown off by bomb faulty fuse, Bob Inwood peppered General medical inspection

August 27th Friday
1½ divisions Tommie landed they go straight into action, heavy firing for 25 hours, luck in England

August 29 Sunday
German Aeroplane droops 5 bombs the water carriers raid a bees’ hive

Monday 31st
lad killed in D Coy 6” shell, things very good to day Humpy begins to fall in

[Page 27]
Tuesday Sept 1st
700 Prisoners captured on left our lads bring them to Beach 70,000 Troops at Egypt to relieve us

Thursday Sept 3rd
Clarke captures two Turks, they bring rations with them, I get a new pair of trousers

Italians land at Boular, Watching bombard Beachy, Don and I build a snipers possie,

Tuesday Sept 1st
Dorflinger Southland torpedoed off Lemnos 4 Pte and Brigadier killed
6th Brigade aboard beaches in Lemnos
Harry Horder killed by 75 Gun both legs blown off,
our boys in England make the acquain-tance of some ladies, the asked who the lads were "Australians” the boys replied, "You speak perfect English for foreigners” the ladies replied they think every state in Australia speaks different lingo

Thursday Sept 9th
Rocky Maxwell shot by our own Patrol while out on a screen, Baynes and Caine fired on while laying Barb wire things are hot in front

[Page 28]
Sept 9th
Dobson says 35 Aust were drowned on Southland, two of the crew shot, Australians had to man the fires to run the ship into Lemnos seen torpedo coming, submarine tied of behind mine sweeper

Sept 10th
Heavy howitzer fire 19 shots at observation station on gun ridge 8” shell lobs near my dug out, new men run for their life, we have a stunt in front,

Sept 11th
Frank Huges dies from the effects of bomb wounds at Malta 26

Sept 12th
Man sniped on WC filled his key hole, Turks fire on Red Cross, acting Lance Jack in firing line Lowland battery has six misses, ground to soft

Sept 13th
lad killed in circular trench shot in head, loop hole open 3rd contingent fighting on left

Sept 15th
in rest trenches Howitzers blowing up Turk trenches plenty of bombs about Roy Inwood goes to Hospital

[Page 29]
Friday 17 September
12th Batt relieve us for two days have a stunt last night, we throw empty tins at the turks warships bombard trenches Turks think we are going to attack, they pour shots into our lines, 6 of the light horse go out for keeps attacking on left Gen Hunter Weston goes home, 2000 Turks oppose new landing

Tuesday 21st
7th reinforcements arrive on Sept 17th one of them got a bullet through his Periscope, machine gun placed in Handcock trench, we again sling Jam tins over parapet

September 25th
A big stunt on Turks in front of our position, our artillery open up heavy cannade, we fire colored rockets, hoist dummies, burn flares, on timber guard, made a Lance Corporal on Sept 24th,

Sunday 26th September
Five Months today since we landed McLean goes to hospital, I have a severe headache for five days,
Wednesday 28

I am orderly Corporal for the week Sprott goes to Hospital we buy 6 dozen eggs only one pound
our siege Howitzers play havoc with the Turk Trenches

[Page 30]
Thursday Sept 30th
Taylor A Cm Killed bullet through head
75, lands 5 shells in our Circular trench Tommy Kelly blows half his foot off with bomb
Dr Pott leaves for Hospital Enteric

Saturday Oct 2nd
20,000 Gurkhas & New Founlanders arrive on the left, Essie’s cake arrive heavy Howitzers play havoc with Turks trench. Monitor fires on Gaba Tepe lay barb wire in front heavy firing at Ache Baba, seven days rations come up
King of Greece betrays us

Monday Oct 3rd & 4th
Turks shell us in there trenches with Bayonets fixed, we all stand to, but they don’t come, Gaba Tepe again bombarded,

Thursday Oct 7th
Attacked lone Pine, one of our lads kill 5 Turks and wound two with bombs, three lads shot while saving a Turk

Saturday Oct 9th
Turks use gas on the left, Bulgaria enters the war arena, Jim Merry killed by a bomb falling in his dug-out in old firing line,

Sunday 10th
Turk surrenders is shot in leg on Beach Turks fire on him. our stretcher bearers go for him at night our covering party fires on theirs we win

[Page 31]
Oct 12th
My Birthday we have some sport firing on a Turks blanket his batman will get the sack, Monty has a duel with Turks he throws 65 bombs at them Biscuits arrive from Ivy Tommy Hunter Corporal

6 unknown men buried (here lies six dead heroe’s, 23 Batt chap blows head off with bomb, he held it too long, we have to stand to Turk bomb throwers coming too close, eyes bad get a pair of glasses

Oct 20
Two days spell had lovely mutton dinner

Oct 21st
12th Battalion man shoots his mate while cleaning his rifle, he looks down Barrel, bad with Diarreha

Oct 16th
Play accordion in Artillery Road, Turks fire trench bombs at us, our observers give us the office, howitzers try to blow up a trench mortar, they land two on our circular trench, Wade sings out who threw that pluck,

Oct 26
heavy bomb lands among nine Platoon packs, & packs are blown to pieces our machine guns knocked out 14 shells fired at it, our machine gun wont go off it is trained on a Battalion of Turks when the bloke blows the whistle machine jams

[Page 32]
Gaiting gun on Boulder dumps

Oct 27
Our fleet bombard Dedargatch, knock the Pier to pieces, blew up Torpedo Base, knocked railway to pieces, cuts off communication with Turks etc, French link up with Serbians, everything is lovely

Oct 28
German Aeroplane brought down at Suvla Bay, another Fritz comes over but keeps up very high, 6 Beaship open out on our stores we have half rations for a week, ½ rations water, our names come out in orders for doing 6 months continuous service,
Our troops are giving Bulgaria a hard time

Nov 1st
Our lads blow up Johnsons Jolly they rush the trench to soon two officers and 5 Pte die from fumes a mug pulls the tags on a bomb
bomb goes off finish men, 17” gun supposed to be on Imbros, spies expited in they will have a job on 200 men left in 3rd Battalion

Nov 5 Guy Fawkes
Turks try to charge light horses lines, they sneak up with sand bags for protection
our lads bomb them off, we are preparing for another fresh attack tonight machine guns and Mountain Battery in trenches

[Page 33]
Monday Nov 8th 1915
Light horse take Turks trenches, they meet with no opposition, Howitzers blown the trenches up first, Turks shelling our lines to make up for us taking their lines

Tuesday 9th
Beachy Bill fires 16 shots into Chathams Post, trenches knocked about badly, we cannot man one trench on account of it being blown to pieces, things are in a bad way down there, bags smashed all over

If we had of countered attack on May 19, we could have wiped the Turks off the Peninsula war will finish next Easter

Nov 12th
Large bomb explodes in 23 Battalion AMC dugout 3 killed 5 wounded 20 casualties caused by another bomb

Nov 13
Lord Kitchener, arrives put in for Japanese Mortar 75 knocks officers WC all roads bloke cooking in dugout never heard it

Monday 15th
Heavy bombardment Achi Baba cannot leave for Lemnos sea too rough

Nov 16
Rough sea delaying our tugs little water for 2 days captured Hill 60,Mortars heavily bombard Gallipoli
Flour Mills destroyed, shelled city

17 =
Left lines for bivouac heavy gale blowing, high sea, all our dugouts drenched we have a lovely night, drying blankets all next day we sneak back to old lines for shelter

[Page 34]
18 Thursday
Beachy heavily bombards the Beach Taube flies over guns chase it off finds out our Bivouac

Friday 19
Wind goes down water very scarce very cold Beachy gets 90 men

Saturday 20 Turks fire heavy shells on to our Bivouac one lands left of my dugout, several fall in Gully, we are not disturbed

Sunday 21
Church Parade, Gilbert goes to Hospital, officer & men killed first day they relieve us officer puts his head over parapet finish officer

Monday Nov 22
Leave Anzac on water tank, then on to Princess Ena very cold cast anchor 6 AM arrive Lemnos after very cold and rough passage 12 men stay on board all day and night

Tuesday Nov 23
Leave Princess Ena at 8 AM. Board Ferryboat Waterwith, very cold and hungry no food for two days land at 9 AM. March four miles to camp 2nd Brigade Band plays us in sleep in large tents 45 men

Wednesday 24. 25
Rested in camp received bottle Porter

Friday 26
Visited villages chummed up with women folks, learned how to make cotton, and

[Page 35]
wool, weave clothes, buy Margarine cakes had a cup of tea [indecipherable] and cake [indecipherable], with the work-ing folks, a very interesting days outing

Saturday 27th Nov
Received 8-9-10th Reinforcements shifted to new tents reformed,

Sunday Nov 28
Church Parade very cold, sailors from Battleships give us a lively concert in ymca Tent, then play a game of football everyone gets wet, going for photos today

Tuesday Nov 30th
Two cases Diptheria 1 meningitis all 3rd Brigade isolated, 300 Tommies from Suvla Bay frost bitten, trenches half full of water, very cold, heavy sleet blowing, men suffering very bad from rheumatism, had my teeth seen to, met Sister Daw in 2nd Aus Station Hospital

Thursday Dec 2nd
Heavy rain in Gallipoli 30 Tommies drowned 200 Frost bitten, 2 case of Diptheria, camp isolated, off Duty no boots to wear

Saturday Dect [indecipherable] .1910
Played W A Football scores WA 1pt SAus 8-7- a good game, our lads took 3 rows of trenches at Courteneys post lost 15 casualties

Church Parade, took washing to village [indecipherable] bombards Lone Pine, grand

[Page 36]
concert by 12 Battalion meet Gordon Douglas, received a new pair of Boots Selected for the Scouts

Tuesday 7th
Played Tasmania Football scores Tasmania 6-5-10th 8-4
Thursday 9
Played A.M.C. Football scores AMC 10[indecipherable] made corporal Dec 7th in charge ration Fatigue 42

Church Parade 5 & 6 Battalions arrive back from Anzac only there 3 weeks they say 23 & 24 men were buried and 260 killed by big guns when changing over we play No-9 Platoon football

Friday 17th Dec
Troops leaving Peninsula 5 & 6 -27-28-25 & 26 Battalions arrived back, Howitzer Battery, many Lighthorse arrive, Light Horse embarking for Egypt, Long Tom blown up, all trenches mined ready to blow up as soon as Turks come in. Turks charge our vacated trench the men charge blown trenches up and our lads retake them this was a ruse for later on, Reef has pick through all tins men have run of the ordanence stores, machine gun men will cover retreat, B.O.C yesterday

Sunday 19th
4- 8-11 & 12 Light Horse arrive, all stores burnt up on Peninsula, trenches mined dummies rigged up in trenches, Barb wire layed, Rum run away to waste 600 mules shot,

[Page 37]
Dec 25 – 15 Xmas Day
Xmas Puddings and Boiled Beef. Received cans, received no mail, could not land it waiting any moment to proceed to Tel-el Kebir

Sunday 26
Packed up left at 7 AM. for transport Seang Bee pulled out to North left 5 AM Monday morning for Egypt

Monday 27
Ord Sergt for week, Sub guard good boat, good food, Hammocks having a fine time

at Sea, no subs yet first hot meal for 10 months hot cocoa and buns for supper had a good wash and rest

Wednesday 29
Reach Alexandria at 11-AM. standing out waiting to disembark, had my first hot bath for 10 months, reached wharf A & B Coy leave by first official train for Tel, el.Kebir at 11-45 PM had no rest all night knocked nigger and got a meal of tin fruit, fish and Pudding, had great fun at zag a zig chasing niggers along station arrived at camp 6, A.M Bivouaced for day

Friday 31
Company out training, hot day, cold night, New Years Eve
wear shorts in winter time, on Battlefield where big battle was fought in 1882,

[Page 38]
troop trains arriving all the while 250,000 men to camp here Essad Pashas trenches

January 1st 1916
men breaking out of camp cannot procure food, strong guard all around lines on 2[indecipherable] allowed 30 hrs leave

no food large batch of our men brought in from Cairo 9th Batt revolt at Alexander cannot collect them
Turks kill 30 men 1 officer who surrendered Turks officer shot our officer dead, our men were blamed for shooting their prisoners

Fatigue all day men being tried for breaking camp

6 Jan 16
Church Parade visited zagazig stayed Grand Hotel had good meal bought Beades for Beryl. Moslems hold their procession Egyptian Brass band leads, soldiers and warders follow, Mounted police lead on beautiful Arab ponies

Monday Jan 9th
Leave camp at 3. PM for Cairo pass several troop trains,

12 Jan
Pass stayed at Royal Hotel had a good bed morning coffee in bed, visited Bazaar, secured presents for Elsie Beryl, Miss Davey, posted Birts’ Bible Cairo full of troops. hired car to go for Kit bags, had two blows outs fastes drive ever I had through Cairo missing everything by inches, more exciting than Gallipoli

[Page 39]
15 Jan
Joined grenadiers in charge of C Coys men, dig trenches practice throwing bombs

Several train loads of camels Mules Indians and Tommies go through to Ismallia had my photo taken with an Arab boy Cairo is out-of bounds no leave granted

Received news to shift camp bomb throwing all day, received Mabels medal got a new pair of boots 5=0=0 pay canteen is suffering trip to desert night operation everyone lost, treacle spilt all over our blankets, Black kit bags sent back to Base on 22-1-16, Buckshee money 16/- presented to us by trench fun Hill men only

Jan 24th
had a day in camp, had a lovely drink of Egyptian coffee, with Railway fitter gave him seven pairs of boots, had coffee with him at night, bought watch off him, he teaches me Arabic

struck tents at 8. AM cleared up lines, entrained at, 2 PM for canal reached there at 5-30 crossed over at 8, oclock marched inland one mile camped for night ,terrible cold no sleep all night only one blanket, we swear all night,

[Page 40]
26 Wednesday
got up in morn very stiff with cold we pitch tents, go for walk along canal, sent to Canal on Fatigue, men pinch have the others coming back Machoniche milk etc

27 Thursday
Skirmishing on water fatigue at Canal raining like Hell, Suffolk tied up 3 men clear out on her,

Strike camp at 5.15 AM, had to wait until 11-15 for water before moving out several men fall out on march beaten they crawl in during night, water very scarce, we had four biscuits and small piece of cheese issued to us for 24 hours to march on, to severe all soon fall asleep after tents are pitched

9-A.M parade inspection Rifles etc nothing doing all day carried barb wire out to defense works, spit on our hands to wash face

digging trenches on outpost all night dry biscuits and tin of Bully for dinner

2nd February
Trench digging near our old positions for No-4 post lads dig up dead Turks use skulls for Football, other Coy arrive food very scarce

8 Feb
Start our Grenade class with new men, inlying Picquet

[Page 41]
11-12 February 1915
stopped trench digging, Bomb Throwing ordered Rations stores etc, Lectures on our next Battle inlying Picquet carrying sand letter from Jean Rowe, wrote Miss Ninham

19 Saturday
Turks patrol coming near digging trenches crimed for leaving Equipment in bins, inlying Picquet, Batt orderly cpl,

26 Wednesday
Left Kabeita front line camped at Rail Head

27 Feb
Bivauc boarded train for Suez canal arrived at one oclock had a lovely swim in canal had dinner left Serapium by train for Tel-el-Kebir

28 Feb 29 Feb
Pitching tents for 11 Batt New Reinforcements 11 & 13 arrived Batt ord N.C.O.

Thursday March 1st
Reinforcements arrive, put into Platoons

Saturday 4
Left Tel el Kebir for Zeitoun at 9-30 arrive Zeitoun 1-30. open trucks, look around Heliopolis.

March 5
Visit Cairo afternoon

Saturday 12th March
examination in Musketry 91 points

19 March
examination in Musketry 90 points

March 24
grand concert in Sgt mess

[Page 42]
March 26
Leave Zeitoun for Tel el Kebir

March 29
bad rash breaks out on my face doing Route Marches preparing to leave on Friday very hot weather

March 31st
up 4.AM. Breakfast 4.45 leave camp for Massamah dusty and hot arrive at Bivouac 12 noon rest all day got hold of some lemonade and muck

April 1st
up 4.Am. Breakfast 4-45 leave Massamah 6-10 for Mahsomah fearfully hot and dusty 15 miles trip arrive at Bivuoac 4. PM. had a swim followed canal all the way,

April 2nd
be up 4.AM. Breakfast 4-45 strike camp 6-10 follow canal arrive Serapieum 3-PM., very heavy sand all the way very hot, pinched 4 doz soda water hung up at canal, 12 mile trip old hands and 27 reinforcement us 64 men in plt, had a swim in canal
15 Bdge lose 13 men died of thirst they came to salt water swamp all swim in it some go mad and drink water die afterwards, New Zealanders go out with ambulance and rescue many colonel lost his track, over page

April 10th
2 Spanish troopships pass through canal

[Page 43]
2 Russian ships go pass with troops for France

13 April
Enter 13 field Amb Hospital Debility

9th Light Horse Patrol goes out to capture Turks and blow up wells which they
are sinking Cpl Nonogan killed 8 wounded capture 60 Bedouin Arabs and Turks, 1 Austrian officer

Transferred to No-3 Aus Auxialliary Hospt Ismalia go down Canal in Hosp ship

transferred to No=3 Aus Gen Hospital Abbassieh, leave at 10-30 on Hosp train hung up for 1½ hrs at Serapieum get tea bread and butter reach Cairo 4-15 met on station by Red Cross ladies given tea and biscuits, go off in motor amb- to Hospital

April 2nd
14th Bdge lost by Colonel Irving in desert on march to Canal from Tel el Kebir, 12 ptes died from thirst and sunstroke Lieut and NCO shoot themselves, throw away all their packs equipment, staggered out all over country drink salt water go mad scouts go out aeroplane find men, N Zealanders go out with all the Ambulances and Watercarts, bring in scores of men, they saved scores of men, men run about naked awful sight

[Page 44]
Sunday we go to church

25 – 25 Anzac Day
we have lovely sports and concert in Hospital Ground. Receive cigarette case from Red Cross fund boarded by colonel for Australia

May 1 st
still in Hospt. large body of wounded men arrive from England, on there way to Australia, British Yeomanry lose 400 dead 7 mile out Austrians and Germans surround them and shoot their horses,160 ladies captured 40 suffering from V.D.

May 5th
Afternoon off to go to Anzac Hostel had a look around city

May 3rd
8 German Aeroplanes attack Suez drop 40 Bombs, try and wreck wharf 140 killed 230 wounded

all Light Horse leaving for Palestine & Syria, Infantry at prison

Transferred to Luna Park, Hospt
Concert given by the Countess Jasinsky in Dining Hall lad dies with heat

[Page 45]
23 May
190 men leave for Suez 80 are returned no room for them on the ARMIDALE

24 Empire Day
have a walk round Cairo, buy neck-laces for kiddies

about June 8th
480 men leave on Itonias for home
buy horns have a walk around Heliopolis list to be called out today

June 22nd
Up 5.30 Breakfast start to leave hospital by Motors for Cairo station 6-30 I arrive there 8.30. Train leaves for Suez 9-45, we have tea and cake before leaving have bottle of drink outside Tel-el-Kebir arrive at Suez 3-15 PM, go aboard 5. PM, have a scramble for food etc Sid and I leave sleep on deck to hot below

Pull out to stream at 7-AM steam pipe burst hang us up leave stream at
1-20 PM, great excitement man over board 6-40 we lower 3 lifeboats capt throws out lifebelts, cannot find man for ½ hour, men see him 300 yds from life belt boat rescues him collapses, have great difficulty in hauling men and boats aboard rough sea, men cheer as sailors come aboard, our soldiers and Dr helps, Lunatic

[Page 46]
June 25
Hot as blazes in Red Sea

Passed Perium Hells Gates at 10-30 Aden 8,PM

Pay day out in mid ocean, very hot & developed Prickly Heat

very rough sick as a dog had no lunch all the lads are knocked out 14 days to WA cross the line on the second

Cross the line at 4.30 very close still

July 4 th
buried Pte Tucker 27 Batt, buglers play last post, firing party fire volley of three rounds, Dysentry

5 July
Pte McDonald lost supposed to have gone overboard, man throws hot water over Sgt Gibbs

July 9th
going good want men to handle coal

Saturday July 16th
Arrived Fremantle Friday night anchored outside in roadstend pulled in to Wharf on Saturday morning troopships there bound for France, left WA at 12-30 for Melbourne.

Good trip but very cold

[Page 47]
22nd July
arrive Melbourne

leave by special train for Adelaide

Arrive Adelaide go into Hospital

9th Au

[Page 48]
To Jack Macarty Gallipoli
From Maud C
Will the finder please forward the book to Miss Carthew
Oconner St
and oblige a soldier mate

This book is the property of H Macarty
10th Inf. first Australia Forces
next of kin J Baker: Filsell St
Henly Park

Ammusing Incidents of War,
Pte to Turks, How many of you are over there,
Turks Tousands of us, Pte throwing a bomb, here divide this amongst you

Turks throw a bomb at N. Zealanders hits on the Head, fails to explode, examine it afterwards it is full of solids

Turks call us Fenians, Australia aboriginals, wasters no good at fighting, to determined to surrender though we are beaten,

Right wing 18 lbs guns in firing line Colonel Weir sits down for a chat gun is fired Colonel "am I hit” rises two feet in air

RSM, ”Macarty your finger is in the soup”
Macarty "Its all right Sir, it is not hot”

[Page 49]
two Turks captured feed up for four days sent after wood but return

Turks say we are worse than fenians we are cannibals and blacks from Australia give us a rifle and we go mad the sailors call us the white Gurkhas

Excited soldier rushing to trenches "Submarine has just dropped a bomb on Aeroplane”

fishing sailing boat comes in doing 18 knots against wind, Turks cannot understand that

Francis Birites shoots a sniper

Turks say send Light horse but not Australians

Divide this amongst you (bomb)

swimmer hit by schrapnel bullet rushes ashore and swears he is Torpedoed

[indecipherable] killed on his 21st Birthday, good Brave lad gone, (July 29th ) great regret amongst the boys,

Mickey Connell has his second trip to Hospital,

During attack on Turks Corporal Brady has his eyes blown off also hand he wanted to know if he was blind

[Page 50]
S. Major of Instruction Staff calling roll of Sergeants, Sgt Jenkins, Sgt Russell, Sgt Nash, Sgt Montague, no answer, Sgt Mon-tague still no answer, Sgt Mon –tague is it Montague you mean Sgt. M. On Montague is it well Montague take four day Fate-gue, finish

Australian chases Turk four miles British officer shoots Turk, Australian goes off and says you damn fool I could have shot him three miles back, I wanted to bayonet him,
I met with difficulties trying to get the Doctor to come into the trenches to see Sergt Baynes, he does not like the 8” 2’ gun but retreats

The cook leaves his quarters and all the back of the Hill brigade retreats Jack Johnson has us all bluffed, every time he fires the word goes along stand to, the Mulberry flatites never come out of there dug outs

Batmen lower there officer down hole officers tell them to be sure and put lid on,

Tommies drag Turks to grave and toss them in four deep,

Old soldier tell me the story of how our young lads from Australia fell [indecipherable] in battle, he said they were wonderful could not walk for dead men

[Page 51]
Joe Knight and Jack Neads my true and faithful friends Killed by 6” Howitzer in there dugout August 17-1915

Mr J Knight 35 Nicholas St Hoxton London

Turk [indecipherable] Indian fetches back Turks head in his bag Hospital stunk out

Capt Cornish goes out to capture Turk hears them Allahing and Mahommeding. Caseys hemeshee’s

Two Jackaroos trying to photograph bursting schrapnel, they have a bad time

Curly Richards killed June 18th
Steg Glades killed April 27th
Birt Davey killed May 19th
Tom Atwell "
Jack Meade August 17
Joe Knight "
Alex Gilpin killed April 25th
Cyril Smith same day
Stanbridge ditto

Buffalo Bill looks for bally snipers, Lieutenant of signals

Two Turk prisoners are sent out for wood, they would not escape but come back smiling

[Page 52

The day we landed a soldier had 8 Turks (wounded) to guard he was placing them along in a row he said I am only going to bandage them up, finis Turk.

Two Turks sneak up trench and sur-ender to Clarke

Turks going down hill crying Allah Artillery chap sings out I will Allah you if I come down

I put in for a pair of pants had to get an old pair, someone borrowed mine off the line

I give Harry Hoader a French 75 cap two days afterwards a 75 shell blows his legs off he subsequently dies

The following are the troopships engaged in first Aust Division Transport
Wiltshire-Southern-N. Zealand
Star of England-Suldanha-Oraria
Pt Lincoln-Hymettus-Orani
Karos-Suffolk-Star of India
Marrarere- Anglo Egyptian-Tahiti
Clan McQuadale-Euripedes Waimano
Star of Victoria-Hororata

[Page 53]
we have a severe damping practising landing in the early hours of the morning at Lemnos
Youds Meade and Jerry have an exciting experience at Lemnos trying to man a boat Youds strips and swims ahead pulling boat

Gainsborough B.2.Ward St Andrews Intermediate Base Egyp Malta

Tune Aus 2nd Gen Hospital Ginzeh Cairo

Pte Gregor Imtavfa Hospital Malta

Scotty Dobson comes ashore with boots about four sizes too big some one pinched his

Swimmer amid heavy shelling hope there is no sharks about,

Major Brand sing out come on Australians you cannot come back, you must stay till the last man

Girls in England say we speak good English for foreigners,

Two Bottle shouldered Tommies come crawling up the gully, a wag sings out why should England tremble "laughter”

[Page 54]
Miss Ruby Davey C/o HA & W Goode Ellen St Port Pirie

Our chaps play the dead march while the East Tanks are doing fatigue work on the beach,

Generals from France say our trenches are the finest of the war

Our Cementary is done up it looks beautiful, Barge sank by Turk Guns from the

Fun at Malta, Marios wont behave the all volunteer for service sent to Gallipoli, Maltese wont volunteer so they are ordered to Cyprus, they howl and moan all there women cry on the wharf while they embark, our lads give them fits call them cowards, they make things very warm for the Maltese

I have charge of stunt, bring a tin into Handcocks for luck, Les goes off pop,
Les goes off pop

To let mansion on sky line, owner having no further use as he has left for Hospital,

Jim Merry killed by bomb Oct 4th

[Page 55]
Miss Richards No-50 Coppin St Richmond Victoria

Kitchener’s man to Australian "for God sake keep your head down a man has just been shot in the foot”

Miss K Forward C/o John Martin & Co Rundle st Adelaide Showroom Department

Make pudding out of hearth salts use handkerchief for pudding cloth

cannot have potatoes Mules eat them, cannot have bread , mules bolted to Turks lines, so we are told

Dr Ormiston (906)
5th Lowland Battery
Anzac Cove

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Cheops Pyramids
height 451ft 755 feet long each side, Area 535,824 bulk 85,000,000 cubic ft, wall four ft high, one ft, round whole of Paris, Base area is 13 acres,

9th Batt Concerts
bandaged hand hurt lifting last pay
Diarrhea how many times 11, men want more buckets cannot shoot straight, - rum entering Q.M. tent. over-proof has not passed a tap yet give next man 2 doses rum, man immediately faints.

[Page 56]
officers enter concert with Nurses men start to sing who where you with last night Broken Toe through marching with head up, Arm swoolen through saluting officers,

Indians make slush lamp out of bomb, light bomb up goes Indian Australia very good slush lamp

Passing orders down line, Machine gun opened fire on us on sand Hill 500 yds away on left front, order reaches end of line 500 machine guns on sand hill

Squad Sgt to of men in front 500 yds 5 rds rapid [indecipherable] whose sight is wrong stated that he got the order for 500 rds rapid

General Birdwood and two English Generals passing up schrapnel Gully Birdwood asked man on stretcher what is wrong he replies he got about 6 in the B Ass

Pte guarding iron water Reservoir Major comes up and goes off because he does not salute, he says I don’t know any damn thing about form fours or salutes I know all about this water though

Brigadier stops soldier for not saluting soldier replies that he though the Brigadier was a red cap,

[Page 57]
Happy Soldier from Lemnos said he was Lowsy Broke F – and far from home,

Prisoner arrested for attacking [indecipherable] stack is clinked, gets the sentry drunk drags him in guard tent puts on his sentries equipment takes his beat outside stink, officer comes up inspects sentry everything satisfactory

Sentry to officer who comes up and asked who he is. Sentry "I am a bit of a sentry officer " I am a bit of an officer” Sentry well if you want I will get my rifle and give you a bit of a Salute

Tweedledum on Guard carry his rifle low officer how many Ducks have you shot”,

passing message down line it starts going to advance on right send us rein-forcements, message reaches end of line going to dance tonight lend us 3/4
man cut his throat sent his pal home to tell his wife, cut his blood throat

showing lady over Tower of London which is Tower Bloody one (the whole damn lot is)
Good awfully bye Swish
Tat awfully Ta –

[Page 58]
May 4th
897 Girls 330 Greeks and Turks
33 Syrians 97 Marinites
51 Armenian 5 Jewesses
25 Austrians 1 Belgian 4 English
5 French 15 Greeks.12 Italians
2 Romanians 4 Russians
46 Moslems rescued from Public establishments
150 captured last week
40 diseased

Justin McCarty running from shell made first night in firing line
Our dinner was blown up tune roars

Curly Slee and Red bolt out of dugout shell burst on top of it
New officer in Egypt makes Aust salute, first time he salutes me I will drop dead

Noby Clarke makes a pte salute him looking in shop window.

go for a blow through, nigger dont know how to do it, there you are I tell you I dont know how to do it’, she – himself, give him baccy

M Ormond Smith St Edwardstown Borrowed 10-0-0 off Publican – sent him into chemist shop for dressing

Cheap Jack at country show, arrived in Govenors carriage in costume

Kilog 2 2/9 of a Pound

[Page 59]
Henry th Flee, that is not my flee Madam –

Man in haunted room shoots his 3 toes off, that is how I lost my three toes

June – 19/6/1916
Luna Park
The boy stood on the Ships deck tied up to the mast. He would not shift an inch until the storm had past
20th Battan
Pt- AE Edwards
c/o Mr Malavey
No 3 Baltic St

--- Fools Gold ---
See him there cold and grey
Watch him as he tries to play –
No he doesn’t know the way –
He began to learn too late.
She’s a grim old hag is fate.
For She let him have his pile
Smiling to herself the while
Knowing what the worst would be
When he’d found the golden’ Key
Multi – Millionaire is he
Many times more rich than we.
But as that - I wouldn’t trade
With the bargain that he made
Didn’t let a Sorrow hurt him –
Let his friends and-kin desert him-
Pt AE Edwards 20th Batton
Luna Park

Pt A.E Edwards
c/o Mr Malavey
No 3 Baltic
St Newtown

[Page 60]
1161 Pte Peter Miller
B Company 2 Battalion
26 Kinncaid Street
Scotland NB

Here lies the body of Pte Burke who lost his life while dodging work
No3576 Pte G. Beadle
No 5 Toulmin St
SE Eng

Pte. S.A. George
65 Shephard St

May the best you’ve ever seen be the worst you’ll ever see
May you always be as happy as I wish you for to be.
GB Scott
Via Gympie

[Page 61]
Ich bien ein Deuscher
gephaugen eine von ill
Deuscher Truppen
Ernst Boehme

Pte A.B. Crook (Ribs)
No7 Copland st

No-No=1 Division-Tonnage
25-Anglo Egyptian-7,379
Division No=2
15-Star of England-9,750
17-Port Lincoln-7,243
20-Clan MacCorquodale-5058

[Page 62]
Escorting Warships
HMAS Sydney
HMS Minatour
HM armed Merchantman
Empress of Asia
Japanese Warship

Division No 3
16-Star of Victoria-9,152

New Zealanders
-Star of India-6,800
-Hawkes Bay-6,800

[Transcriber's notes:
Militades = Miltiades
Orvieto = Orvietto
Argylshire = Argyllshire
Schropshire = Shropshire
Ruapihi = Ruapahu
Armidale = Armadale
Rangatiro = Rangatira
Clan McQuardale = ClanMaccorquodale
Angle Egyptian = Anglo-Egyptian
Page 28. Frank Huges = Hughes
Page 32.Gaiting Gun = Gatling Gun
Page 34 and 35 :Diaries entries written in Arabic
Diarist frequently uses Arabic symbols for numbers

[Transcribed by Eric Hetherington, Lynne Frizell for the State Library of New South Wales]