Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Flanagan diary, 1916-1917 / Edwin John Flanagan
MLMSS 1245

[Transcriberís note:
The dates and the days of the week shown through most of the diary are incorrect by one to four days]

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Nov 3rd Sailing. S.S. Afric A19.
Destination unknown. Sneaked away from Show Grounds at 2 am morning. Band playing Terrible secret Enemy must not know we are going. Sat on wharf till nine, then on Board, no Breakfast. Anchored out till noon. They called it dinner. I reckoned we would miss Bathurst and Liverpol Camps.

Wed 4th Easy day. No body knows what is doing. Very few details Fatigues Etc.

5 Thursday Men divided in sections drill again dam funny trying to keep in line with the old tub rolling I scored a Good Job. Capt of Mess Table and one of my 12 was a Canteen Assistant. I made good with Shipís Butcher. " Ducks Etc" Cooked and Stuffed 2/6 each

6 Friday Adelaide, a great many Broke away. We were taken a route March. no leave. Pubs Open was the reason.

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7th Sat. Leave. Granted for about 8 hours 2 till 10 P.M. S.A. soldierís came aboard in morning no leave granted them, Pubís all shut. At Adelaide 5/- each man got from an chap. Sells Poetry. Good Feed and Free theatreís. Plenty of side door Beer V.A.Ds Glorious each day.

8 Sun. Sailed 3 a.m. a couple of hours sleep. Reveille Hurts. Two of our Batt desert Murphy & Williamís. Church Parades and Concerts etc.

9 Mon. Steering direct Durban. I am made regimental Barber. No. Parade. 3d a shave Have to put clippers over head only free to my Battalion

10 Tues. Pointerís are beginning 250 on sick Parade. Afraid of fatigues Heavy work getting out supplies. Sailors asked to do anything Soldierís made scrub decks etc. seamen resting. Causeís discontent M.P. appointed

11 Wed. Wilson Sgt of M.Pís recognized as man who killed a man when Porter at Salvation Army , threw him down stairs He gets a rough time all day.

12 Thurís. Lt Col Dean very severe on the Fines a Couple of ships Passed

13 Frid. Business good in Barberís shop other Battalionís starting opposition I have to get an assistant. Cost £1.0.0 to A.B. Wadsworth our Lt. We decide to Partner & he buys his own Razorís We do well early of morning.

14 Sat. Had a good win at Banker, Gave it Mr Bell Y.M.C.A For Durban
No Parade everybody wants shave Cook stopís hot water supply Sailorís selling rum 8/- a Flash Night increased to 10/- Beer is 2/- a Bottle. Stewardís selling our Tucker and Tea Coffee etc. trouble

15 Sun. Church Parade etc nothing sensational

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16 Mon. Soldierís fined for abusing Stewardís Cookís Etc. They still sell Cooper Etc at 6 a mug. 1 Bun

17 Tues. Competitions starts. I win Both. Heatís Chess and Draughts also am Training 3 Pugís, Fletcher Eather & Stanley. Fletcher is good one of skuthorpeís old Buck Jumper men. Enters for Heavy & Middle weight.

18 Wed. Harvey. Church England Padre organizer Boxing Catholic Preist Time keeper Lt Pettit Official Referee Fletcher meets Cooks, Heavy 1 punch with Eather Bantam Beat Feild on Points Feild licks Stanley K.O. not too bad two wins to start

19 Thurs I win 2 round chess. Raining Indoor Games. Concert in Saloon we nearly Smothered in Holdís Win again Draughtís tough game M.P. Sgt ?lassoed & Hung up was nearly choked before release He is a character cannot read or write, yet is made sergeant of the Police. Fun over lights out Spoils nap and Poker Schoolís

20th Friday Doing splendid with Barberís shop. Cut C.Os.Hair Dr Stewart and Shaved a nurse Comfort fundís Pay me to shave all Hospital Patientís.

21st No Parades, Saturday, sportís. I win rope quoits out right Fletcher fightís Conquest. He knocked the Preist out with a Back Hander meant for Conquest Preist very fat. S.A.Army captain recovered, sea sickness good sport Fletcher wins Middle Weight also a Fiver. I get 30/- Officers win a lot give us nothing only a whiskey each. Eather wins 2nd Heat

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Sunday 22. More church all want two up Banker Etc. Names taken for dodging Concertís & Deck Games Put in day. Saloon open till 9.

23. Mon. Gen. Excitement close to Durban Passed Wreckage supposed Submarineís also Several shipís our Troopship one Hospital ship. Plenty fineís about for Dodging Paradeís.

24 Tues. Strike on in Canteen men want extra money for working late hours. 9 p.m. soon over. I win Chess Competition £1.10.0 Eather winís Bantam Champ. A Good War Baby. Only 18 old.

25 Wed. Girl Signalís us Welcome to Durban Looks pretty Place Anchored out 2 hours after have to Pay 6d each way to go ashore on Lighters. Marched around Town

Wed 25 continued Marched back. Paid a 1/- to Parade Durban

26 Thurs. General clean up Inspection etc. 2 PM. Fall in march Durban Pubís shut We visit Durban Camp Canteen sell But must have own Dixie. Plenty of Beer at camp. VADs as at Home splendid treat

27 Friday. Gen. leave Go to Baths Get Rickshawís my Coon a good Trotter. Beat Salvoís Capt easy enjoy swim. Go to city with the S Army Capt get Photo taken in Rickshaw to gether. Visit Marketís. Black Policeman wants us to go to Brothel No good to Army man

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He goes to Army Officer to Tea I meet a Lady I knew in Melbourne Enjoyed myself. Buy clean clothes Post correspondence etc. Met the Salvo Captain again have a walk around with him. Saw a Kaffir woman confined in Gutter. Horrible Hardly any notice taken. Niggar Hawkerís a Pest. Good entertainment at Y.M.C.A. V.A.Ds and Tucker good. Swap Cardís addresses Etc

28 Saturday no leave taken along Beach Route march lay in very hot sun for hours Biscuitís and Bully for Lunch waiting for coaling finish
28 Sat continued
Paper settled. have raided the Adjutantís tent good man Mr Tait (Adjutant) He let all prisonerís out of clinck to see Durban. Col. Dean very tight on return sailed at 8 PM for Capetown.

29 Sunday. Usual Church Concert. Gambling Etc.

30 Mon. Saw more wreckage Floating Past a Convoy Troopís going to Mesopotamia, Very rough and Cold. Water scarce have to wash ourselves in Salt Water. Use Coal Tar (Dogís Soap) To get a Lather. I won the Finish of Draughts Tournament Fletcher Broke his hand in Heavy weight Fight against Big Stevenson. Stevenson is very clever a Policeman from Orange also on Board is popular

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Officerís oblige the skit with a Concert as advertized Verdict "1 to 10 out"
Singing Competition startís Beveridge Silver Tenor a surprise
1st Dec. Every body Back at duty again Still Cold and rough. False alarm of submarine was only Gun Practice. Min. Rifle Range Put up. Terrible Poor shooting. Germanís need not fear. Lt. Owen Best shot so far I have a row with Corp Baskiville tell him Ill make him say Three "Hail Maryís , before done with him. Fined 10/-

2 Wednesday Raining no work Cannot even open open air Saloon. Play Nap & Banker all day. Lost a "Quid" Take up a Collection for our Mess Fundís get a special Blow out From the Butcher Living very high so far. But funds are Scarce. Only our Pay of 10/- is to be Given till England. Big row over no sugar in Porridge. Col. Sayís Aussie too sweet a Tooth. in two or three Hundred Yearís you will have no teeth in your heads. He is Believed

3 Thurís Still raining but not so rough. Chance Cold and Rain for fresh air The Hold we occupy stinks awful The "Quackís kept Busy give Cough dope. Old Routine of Cardís Nurseís organizing a Concert we hear rehearsal. Decide to stick to Cardís and Gramaphone. Also old Bill Smith the Shearer with Violin. Jack Thompson with the man from "Snowy River I forgot the last Verse

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4th Frid. "Beveridge, Best Singer Perkins Best Comic L. Holmes best Liar (special Prize un.catalogued McLeod & McMillan cut the Recitation.
A Raid made on the M.Ps at Lightís out. They won they took the Switch lever away

5 Sat. Capetown in sight We thought we would get leave but we anchored out and stopped there longing for 4 dayís a few bought a seat from the Sailorís & Hired their Clothes and got ashore General discontent the "Book"Full
No interest in any amusements. No business even in my Saloon.

9th Wed. A Boat Tank came along side and Brought fresh water and Pumped it in on us. As soon as that was done We sailed, was not sorry The old routine began although the men were a bit more cheerful

10 Thurs We sighted Simonstown and East London little Sea Side Places. Pouring Rain & Very Cold all turned in early.

11 Friday Was surprised at "Reveille to See the Spires of Capetown again. The Boat had Put about throí the night. All Routine was suspended and it was amusing to hear the conjectures as to why? The favourite one was we were chased by a Submarine. We Anchored again for an hour and then went out again we were none the wiser

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12th Sat. Still Wet. No Paradeís popular But Lectures are to be given. On orders Posted up. We are given a little War news by Marconi Also full acc of Melbourne (Sydney) Cup is sent along creates more interest than war.

13 Sun. A Submarine Guard is placed. Church Parade Etc A Burial service held over the Food. Bugler excelled Himself on the last Post. It ought have been the Cook. The food was Beautiful if only cooked well. Passed several Boats one a P & O Mail Steamer Going to Australia. Brought longings & Regrets.

14 Mon Lectures & Flag Signalling began. Men Pleased at break in the Monotonous forms Fours form two deep. Right Etc. A Dopey chap named Stettler surprised the ship with his remarkable shooting at the Rifle Range. !st Prize

15 Tuesday The men are very interested in a new stunt a Prize is Put up for the Best turn out of the Guard Full dress. Shorts Etc The 54th won Credit 1st day
The Submarine Guard not Eligible as it is Permanent The Nurses Concert Held, Men were forced to attend. Those that missed were fined 10/-

16 Wed. Saw S.S. Orotava, P & O, she is now Auxiliary Cruiser & is our Convoy. Passing Transportís Coal Boatís Sailing shipís of all nationís but Germany. Also a lot of Wreckage. Now we see two destroyers one on each side. The "Orotava" keepís on darting ahead and Zig Zagging about to see if our track is clear

17 Thurs Sieia Leone Hill in Sight Freetown is name of town as Fort is showing her Gunís at us

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17 Continued. This is the Gold Coast Called the white manís Grave. We were there two hourís and told to fill our Water Bottles with Water take our own Rationís and granted leave The dirtiest Hole ever I went to yet there are some pretty spotís a Few mileís out it is Populated by a Bastard Breed of Portoguese & English & Kaffir Mixture. It is hard to classify them

18 Fri. Ashore again. not much to interest. We met a lot of the men who were on the Port Lincoln Transport that ran aground there I knew a great many at Liverpool They were dying to get away. Some had been there 10 weeks no Pay & no Tobacco

19th Sat. Had to coal the Boat ourselves working all day at that. Fresh Water shut off, we had to Bath in Salt could not shift the Coal dust any how.

20th Sun. Same as yesterday

21st four more Transportís pull out with us. We take as many of the stranded Port Lincoln men as we can, and continue on to "Dakar" We are now convoyed by a French Battleship. She is a Beauty. We are now about the Equator and the heat is awful we get Ĺ Pint of lime juice Given us. The Boatswain is Fixing up "Neptuneís Bath.

22nd The Bath is Good The Nurses start mixed Bathing. A Sad Fatality Occurred. Corp. Ward of Grenfell dived and Broke his neck Diving Forbidden the Col. sayís its dangerous Funeral 2 hours after death. A Hat was sent round £264 for his Widow I hope she gets it. I donít trust Col. Dean Owing to Death in Family & Heat all amusementís cut out.

23 Wednesday. Crossing line very amusing. The Colonel is no sport though. Going to crime the men that Ducked him he disrated L. Corp Boon for it on the spot Shipís Capt. Secretly delighted at his discomforture. Of course the crew was exempt, but I scored a good one when I captured the cook and

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Wed. Continued
and made him eat a plate of his Curry. Even "Old Dean" had to Laugh. The Rest took it all in good Part especially the Nurses. We forgave them about the Concert. But Porky Wilson the M.P. Sgt. he got an extra special Father Neptune

24 Thursday. We are making Record Time and expect to be at "Dakar Senegal" on the 28th Paradeís are off it is too hot to even play "Nap". The Cookís are Preparing For "Christmas" They have nearly all the soldierís as Fatigues. A prize is to be awarded to each Deck for the best decorated Table. Our Twelve are still Financial and we get a Fiver together We order Pork. Duckís Fowlís Fruit Tinned is to be had at the Canteen. The Butcher Promises us a Ĺ Doz of Beer at 2/6 a Bottle. We are to receive a Bottle each as an issue We get cakes Etc through the Baker one of our Mess took a Job with the Bakerís so we were set.

25 Friday. Church Parade. Then a General Muster. The Col readís a Message From George R.I. it is received more with or as a Joke than as a genuine Message The S. Aus. Got the Prize for the Decorationís and even the Capt. of ship congratulated the Mess Orderlies. It was good & also surprising how they got the Flagís Tinsel and Colored Paper Etc to make their Display Our Dinner was a great Success but we had to dine late. Waiting for the Headís to go

26 Sat Boxing Day was devoted to all round Tournamentís Cock Fighting Etc. One man a Russian got sunstruck and Jumped Overboard. He was picked up in 15 minutes He in fact we all had to wear life belts That kept him afloat.

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27 Sun. Church Parade & Gambling Food getting Very Unsatisfactory Lovely Legs of mutton spoiled Boiled in Salt Water A Royal Commission to be held to-morrow.

28 Mon. No Parades in Tropicís Thank God no human being could Stand it. The men were like a Fowl yard show Head down & mouthís open Even Amusements were cut out. It was hard to even get a man to wind the Phonograph. Arrived at Dakar at noon Anchored out, no leave

29 & 30 Tuesday. No leave. Boat Races arranged. The 58th won. The 57th 2nd W.A. Third Spent the day Fishing some good sport but the Fish was Foreign to me different to our species. At night We sneaked a Boat and rowed to "Dakar"
It is a very nice Place and the French People gave us a great time of it There are Some Beautiful Buildingís also.

We paid a "Niggar" to take the Boat Back and say he found it Drifting if he was caught tying it up. So we stayed the night and the next day about every-where Went all over the Fort along the Marine Driveís and out in the Country a Bit. It was Glorious. About midnight we hired Boatís & Coonís to Bring us Back We had Fruit and Luxuryís untold. Champagne 3/- a Bottle Whiskey Flasheís 9d. Bottleís of Martelís Three Star only 1/9.

We got all aboard safe It was too hot for a watch and the Harbour had a Submarine net across its mouth so it was easy after all

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31st Thursday Other Transportís waited outside and we Picked up Anchor and Started for England. Supposed to be 10 dayís trip. We now had to sleep prepared for an attack From Submarines We saw a lot of wreckage Drifting and one of the destroyerís Picked up two Boat Loadís of Seamen From a Torpedoed Spanish Collier

1st New Yearís Day (1917) We are now passing the Verde Islands or Some of the Canary Group. No one will enlighten us. The Guards are sharpened up. Boatís are swung out on their Davitís and we are Penalized if we are 2 feet away from our life Beltís

2nd Lectures are beginning again. Nothing else interesting

3rd Sunday The usual Church Parades & Gambling. A Fleet of Destroyerís 8 in all have Joined us on either side

4th Monday We are now getting into the cold Weather and wet. Parades are stopped every Body is on Pinís and needleís in expectancy of our arrival in England. There has been nothing outside of the usual Routine to report

5th Tuesday Just a Similar matter

6th No alteration unless something occurís I will not bother entering.

10th Sun. At Church Parade. The Solemnity of the Service on Deck was disturbed owing to a Fight between one of our men and the Cook (shipís crew)
The soldier was Fatigue and he helped himself to the Carpenterís Breakfast and the Cook tried Corporal Punishment on him. Poor Cook, it Beats me how he can see to do his work

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11th Monday. [Jan] "Snowing" We are ordered to throw old Dungareeís Etc over Board And get our Kit Bagís to gether And Have a Kit Inspection. We then had to be all shaven ready for the Morning as we were expected to Land at 10 a.m. next Day. At 10 P.M. Our Boat stopped and the Convoy left us. I do not know what went wrong. It was supposed to be Engine trouble But we were 12 hour,s Behind the otherís by morning.

12 Tuesday We are travelling Very Slowly as if we were crippled, guardís are doubled and we are going about 6 or 7 Knotís per Hour. We cannot understand 10 PM at last we are at Devonport. We disembark at Devonport then on the train for a place called Dinton. We are warned we must keep the Blindís down and not show a sign of a light. We travel about 3 hours and stop at Exeter we are given Coffee as much as we can drink and as many Bunís as we can eat by the Mayoress of Exeter. It put Fresh Heart in us, we were cold

13 Wed. Arrived at Dinton, Pack all our Kitís at Station and have to Stand on Ice for an Hour Till a Guide took us to our Camp at Hurdcott. We got to bed at 4 up at 7 again and was given the day to get our camp in Order.

14 Thursday Frost and Ice underfoot & thawing the Water from Pipe was strange us Yet we were very comfortable. We began Drill again & it was learning again. The drill in Aus was nothing. We are in for the Business now and had to learn to fight. Tucker is not the best & Scarce. We managed a few Trout with the aid of the Officerís Tennis net. 4 P.M. Tea and General Leave 4.30 P.M. till 11 P.M. Late Passes issued if for Salisbury. We made Wilton our Fancy

15 Friday Same old physical jerks They only make a Middle aged man stiff and sore. Drill Etc.

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16 Sat. [Jan] Only Half Day to day. Drill General leave till 11 P.M. Week Endís Granted For Salisbury & Shaftesbury. Football Matches Arranged. I saw my first glance of an English fox Hunt. I was amused at the Horsemanship, a Slow Canter was the Fastest speed I saw The General Pace was a trot behind the Beagles. Theatre at night. Hotelís open at 12.30 till 2.30 p.m. and close. Re-open at 6 P.M. and close at 9. 5 hours a good scheme. Smoking in Theatre very good also

17 Sun. Usual Exercises. Shave Etc & Church Parades. Afternoon Leave Pubís open on Sundayís

18 Mon. Draftís leaving for France They had been here 3 monthís. Usual drill General leave at night At Present am not too highly pleased with what I saw of England. Cold & sloppy. Snow 2 ft deep. It was pretty to see the snow but no Good to our Systemís after our Lovely sunshine

19 Thursday The Usual Routine

20 Friday. Snowing too hard to drill The Colí sent us into Hutís For Lectures. Colí Jackson Challenged anyone in the Training Battalion to Fight him for a £10. We got Lynn Truscott But he was too old. Jackson won in 6 rounds

21 Sat Still Snowing An indoor instruction of Musketry Sick Paradeís increasing Pneumonia Prevalent Coldís Prevalent

22nd Sun. Usual Church Paradeís. Obtained Leave. Went to the C.E. Cathedral at Salisbury a Beautiful Edifice a Window for every day in the year. After Service Visited Stonehenge and went to a Cafť for Dinner Cost 3/6 for dinner not as good as a 6d one in Sydney. Glad to get Back to Camp out of Cold

23 Monday Have joined what is called the Lead Swingerís Viz sick Paraderís. Am ordered to Bed for a few dayís. Better than out in the Snow. Poor Ferrier of Katoomba died at Fovant Hospital. I am looked after well.

26 Thursday Am Convalescent. Doctor wont let me on Parade so I am given a job to look after a Drying room. A 20 x 12 Brick Room 10 ft ceiling gas pipes 9 in apart under Ceiling to put clothes on. A Coal stove each end. I label each manís clothes and they dry Quickly.

27 Friday I buy a Smoothing Iron and do well pressing Officerís and Sergeantís suits. They want me to start a Laundry. Soap is scarce in Camp though

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28 Sat. [Jan] Close up shop for day at 2 P.M. go to Wilton. Buy soap and Blue. Can do alright. Wet & cold beastly weather. Saw 25 Aeroplanes Flow over Just like a lot of Wild Duckís. We learn how to catch Pheasantís At School of Artsí Wilton I meet the Game keeper from Hurdcott house next to Camp. He is Champion of Wiltshire at Draughts. I win from him. Invited to dinner Sunday.

29 Sunday Am Delighted Mr Davey & Family splendid am shown all over Sir H. Bakers place it is Beautiful. His Farm Laborerís are all girlís Found them interesting. Am told come and go without any ceremony and at any time.

30 Mon. Laundry in full swing finished the day 11/- Profit

31 Tues. Arthur Brown Put in the Drying Room next to me. We go into Partnership Business Booming

1 Feb. Wednesday. No Parades every body to see the Doctor and then get ready for leave 4 dayís to London any going Scotland 6 Ireland 8 I got 8 dayís but hang Ireland

Feb. 2 Thursday. Up 4 breakfast 4.30 Inspection Catch train Wilton 6 London 11.30 First call Bank. Got Lodging Lambeth with People, Armstrong Miss Armstrong very good is pilot for me. 12.30 Midnight tired out

Feb. 3 Friday Up early go to Covent see Marketís a Drink to be had early owing to Gardnerís. Had Breakfast at Covent. Went down to Holborn. Had a look West minster & Horseferry Road. Back to Lambeth got my guide out of Bed saw Windsor and Buckingham Castleís Went out to Clapham and dodged here there and every-where From the Tower to Mdme Taussards Waxworks. Another Tired Feeling

4 Sat. Up early go out for a walk. See a Digger Curled up under a Hot Pie Stall. Got full and no cash left. get him to where I lodge give him a Drop From Flask. Make him shave and clean up. A feed and I hardly knew him. It was a difference. I give him a few bob to go to Horseferry Road and make a draw. Surprised he came back at night and paid me Paid for his Breakfast and went to Y.M.C.A. to stop. Went to Chu Chin Chow, Oscar Ashs Theatre "Magnificant"

5 Sun. Went to Mass Westminster Wonderful Pomp and Ceremony Cardinal very poor preacher

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5 Sunday. Continued. Took a Tour all over Hyde Park. Fell in with a Party and saw all over the Kingís Mewís (Stables) got into a row, Pulled a few hairs out of a Horseís tail. Afternoon late went river Excursion. Enjoyed scenery on Thames.

6 Mon. First call Bank, a Fiver dont last long here. 2/6 a bed Meals 1/6 where I stop if outside costs 2/- and go to two places to get a feed owing to rationing. Am having a General Top of Bus look around London & the Palladium at night

7 Tuesday Have had a Great day cost 3/- to go up in Airoplane had a good trip to Brooklands. Was invited with a party to go to Lady Yoevilleís City Mansion. Home at midnight. Only mates I saw is men with Scottish or Irish Leave Passes, like myself. Rest gone camp

8 Wednesday. Earl Pembroke allows a Look at his Picture Gallery. And Fisher Let us have an outside Veiw of Australia House. Saw War [indecipherable] Red Cross, Y.M.C.A. Union Jack Club. My Pilot Knocked up. Had to Battle about on my own all day. Got nearly "Blithered"

9 Thurs. Had a lay in, the Pace a bit Fast. Went around Bond St and out the Old Commercial Road to the "Bostock" Circus. Not as good as Werthís

10 Friday. Last day here. Get my Guide a Brooch. go to Bank again. And Theatre in Afternoon. Out again and see Henry VIII played. Pack up Parcelís post letters & things home and start for Camp. 12.15 Midnight train get to Wilton at 5 and Camp at 6. I have a Flask and that Squareís the S.M. He gets me a week end pass for Salisbury

11 Saturday. Nothing in Drying Room. So have a sleep just back from Smoke 2 P.M. start for Salisbury. Old Game keeper comeís with me. Learn all about the History of Salisbury See the Tichbourne Estate "Davey goeís Home

12 Sun. "No Church Parade" Had a lovely sleep was settled after my 8 dayís London trip Usual dodge about Salisbury and Bed at Midnight.

13 Mon. Work starts in Earnest now. Bayonet Fighting Trench digging. Rifle Practice. Signalling every thing solid. I miss this. Have only 2 hourís daily
too Valuable in drying Room.

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14 Tuesday. [Feb] "Porky Wilson" M. Police surprised the Camp. Married the Cook from the Pommy Canteen His wife in Ausí only two monthís dead. Weather fine now but Cold. The German Prisonerís have to clean Camp up. They are road making and levelling off and Greatly interested in our method of Instruction. Go to "Daveyís" place at night.

15 Wed. A visit from the Cheif General Sir Newton Moore. The usual yarn. Fine body of men. A row over Y.M.C.A. putting 2d Tax on Cigarettes Etc. Was unfair, it was only Proposed to Tax in June They are Boy cotted Officers Had a Mock Court Martiel on the Official Head and sentenced him to live at Y.M.C.A. instead of Officers Mess.

16 Thurs. Slightly warmer & Ground not so sloppy. Usual Drill all day

17 Friday Similar to yesterday

18 Sat. Drill till 12. Foot-ball matches Men now Getting very fit Our Battalion got Beaten by 33rd Batt Was Umpire. "No More"

19 Sun. Church Parade, Tommy Concert Party in Afternoon. While concert on Barrel of Beer Pinched From Canteen (Mr Nobody)

20 Mon. Ploughing Block Land to sow "spuds" Otherís digging Vegetable Gardens. Vegetables very scarce. They are robbing the Cowís of Turnip Topís to make "spinach"

21 Tues Gardens all ready. Back at drill, War Babieís muck up, wonít drill not allowed to go away till of age Whole lot made Mess Orderlieís Batman, slushies etc.

21 Tues. Usual day at drill. Beginning Machine Gun Lectureís at night. Objectionís to losing Leave

22 Wed. Old Routine. Machine Gun School opened in Leiu of night instruction. Bomb Throwing Lessonís with live Bondís One slight accident

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23rd Thurs. We are catching it now. The time is getting close for some of us to be sent to enquire about Fritz. We have been about all day like a lot of "Ghouls" Gas masks over our heads to get used to them. 1st hour I felt inclined to Vomit. Yet use is next to nature. We lived it out. But were glad to take them off. Reverseís are coming in From France and work is going hard. They are putting it on now in the Moonlight.

24 Friday We go through a prepared Room that is Gassed, a few got a small dose of it through Faulty Masks and also throí neglect in fixing them on. The Weather is Dry now and the ground is Frozen hard But it is nothing to see a man shoot out equipment & all on a lump of ice. In Parts it is like a skating Rink.

25 Saturday Per. Special Invitation of Lady Wilton (Dowager) her Palace at Wilton was Thrown open for us to look over. It is very Beautiful, and the Heirloomís & Armourís Weaponís From the Old Tudor Period were many and very interesting. But how we were watched. They still think we are Convictís
Their Ignorance of us is Woeful. We Finished the night by an entertainment given to us by Mrs Lena Ashwell was good.

26 Sun. Any one who had cash or chose was allowed to stay in Wilton Last night and have Sunday any where Salisbury out of Bounds So no Church for Yourís Truly a good Lay in instead and actually Breakfast in Bed, Got up at 11 a.m. I met Sir William Rawlence going home to Bulbridge Park after Church and he was good enough to invite me. He seemed to take a Great interest in Ausí & our Framing & stock raising Systemís. But I astounded him when I told him Sydney Kidman owned or held 1,000,000 square miles of Territory for stock Breeding. Tall but true. [actually nearer 100,000] His is a Lovely place. But his "Dogís Cemetry" took my eye. Memory of FIDO Faithful to the Last Etc over about a dozen of them. I enjoyed his Poultry for Dinner and also his afternoon trip in the Car.

27 Monday. Our Surmise is correct. The first 25 From our ReInforcement is picked and go on Wednesday. They are Given 24 hourís Leave and then get special equipment and go to France. We are kept hard at it and our turn is not so far away.

28 Tues Same old hard graft.

29 Wed. Leap Year Y.M.C.A girl proposed to me. I bought her a box of chocolateís instead She scored about 30 I hear

1st March Thursday Too wet for Parades Lectureís all day. V.D. Lecture in afternoon by Drs & Clergy.

2nd Friday am sent to Burford V.D. Hospital as guard Heavenís itís awful to see the poor wretches sufferings Officers, Clergy are inmates Iíll be glad when my week expires. The N.Z. Artillery are 1 mile away at Park House. As many Planes here as Bars, a very large Avoí school

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3rd Sat. On Guard last night. Have day off go to Lark Hill to see a mate in Carmichaelís Thousand. Had a good day among them Just got Back in time to Mount Guard

4 Sun Usual Church Parade. We were exempt after Guard. Put in day in Camp reading sleeping Etc.

5 Mon. Inspection. Fined 2/6 twisted Chin Strap. Mounted Guard more sleet when shift was over was very Glad.

6 Tuesday Went to No 1 Ausí Command at Perrim Downs had a look at Tidsworthy and Back in time for Guard.

7 Wednesday Same routine. Two Funeralís From the Hospital. An Aviator got a spill but escaped. Some of his machine is good kindling wood.

8 Thursday Discovered a Frozen Pond Had our first go on ice skateís soon got the knack. Wonderful how it warmís a Person. Ladies From different Partís or Farmís came down used to Bring Tea & Cakes

9 Friday Usual Guard Then skating Big Boxing match on at Stadium Johnny Summerís gave Hughie Mehegan fearful Thrashing in 6 Roundís. A very Popular win Mehegan a Military Policemen

10 Sat. Last day of Guard. 1 dayís leave and Back to Hurdcott

11 Sunday Had 24 hourís leave. Went to see Shaftsbury it is a Fine old town and the Drive out in the Motor Bus 14 miles was worth 5/- return. Our Band was engaged to Play in the square on Sunday Afternoonís Alternate with the No 9 Training Battís Band. Enjoyed a very Pleasant day

12 Monday Back on the old Double up Form Fourís Etc for Ĺ Day. Bomb Throwing & Signalling the other Half. Another draft going to night. 15 From each of the 7 Battalions Training

13 Tuesday. A Day weeding the Garden. We borrowed the German prisonerís from their Conscientious Objector Guardís . But our Officerís wouldínt stand it so we had to do it ourselves

14 Wed. Same old Drill Etc.

[Page 21]
15 Thurs. [Mar.] Had a trip to London to escort an A.W.L. prisoner Back But only had 2 hourís there was up at 4 a.m. & in Bed 1- 40 a.m. next day.

16 Friday. Was allowed to sleep till Breakfast, then attend Court with our Bird. He got 14 days Field Punishment 20 days of his pay Robbed.

17 Sat. Cricket beginís. it is day light now till 8 p.m. It seems funny to see Daylight so late. Am beginning to like England now it is getting Warmer and our Camp is in Glorious Country.

18 Sun. Church parade. A trip to Broad Water in the Afternoon Finished at night Poaching Rabbits

19 Mon. Beautiful Weather now it makes a person glad to be alive. Men are getting very fit and lusty looking for fight now Another Draft Picked

20 Tues. All ordered a special clean up. Full Pack Etc. to be ready. We wondered But was not told any thing

21 Wednesday Up at 5 Breakfast at 5.30 quick march at 6. Going a Route March to Bulford. Kingís review

21 Wed. Continued. to be held there on Thursday. It Poured Rain all the march. Went through Wilton & Salisbury. Camped at Rolliston. No Blankets and Dry Rationís we boiled Tea.

22 Thurs. Fall in we are all Wet & Cold Hardly any tucker. March on to Bulford Still Pouring Rain. It was not "God save the King sung. We got to Bulford on time and we had a great feed. We fell in for the Review. The Duke of Connaught represented the King. Sir N. Moore and General Mackay with him Moore spoke Ĺ an Hour Mackay also Connaught "Fine body of men Iím sure. Owing to Wet dismiss. Hoo Ray

23 Friday Those who could Pay fareís were told they could go back by train So not relishing 19 mile more of it, I lit out for the Station and had a good day in Bunk.

24 Saturday. Glorious day. Men not Back yet only about 40 of us in Camp so get a day off. I went to Dinton. Got adopted there and did A.1

[Page 22]
25 Sun. Church Parade Too wet to go any where or do any-thing. Sing Songís in Canteenís Favorite

26 Mon. Col Jackson called me off Parade and handed me a letter of invitation to play a serieís of Gameís with Wilton School of Arts. Chess, Cardís Dominoes Etc. He gave it into my Handís & I Picked a Team. He gave us leave from Parade to Practice and Bought us Boardís Etc. We won the contest and He was very pleased.

27 Tues. More Drill Etc. Some cow got among our Radisches and it was Suspicious it only took Radisches

28 Wed. Nothing doing. Watch set for the Cow.

30 Thursday. Drill all day. The Hut Orderly reported the cow was our Lt Levy with 4 Cloven Hoofs. Officer or not he had to ante up. It cost him a 10 Gal Keg to square [indecipherable] Dear Radisches

31 March Friday. All day on the Rifle Range

1st April. Foolís were made of us all. Packís Etc Rifleís everything was ready. Fritz was supposed to make a landing. We flew to it. The seargentís nearly went mad excited
1st continued. all in readiness. We were ordered to stand by for orders. The Officerís came and told us to put our Packís away you "Darn Foolís" We did & then fell in and then marched out of Camp to Wilton.

2nd Sun. My first Guard in this Camp. I prefer it to the droning old Padre on Church Parade. I am here now for 24 hourís.

3rd Mon. Off Guard Off duty. Go fishing. My Friend the Game Keeper lent me tackle and Put me onto a Pool. English rivers are very shallow. The deepest I saw was only 6 ft deep. The water very clear of course except the Thames. I got 8 Beauties. I gave Davey two & sold the rest 3/- each to the Officerís Mess. I went back to the Game Keepers for Tea & he & I went for a "Jollíoí to Barford St Martynís

4th Tues. Another Draft, Going to night We can miss our chumís now. Our Family is getting very small. The 8th Re inforcementís are expected in a day or two then we will soon get a start The War Babies are to be kept here till they are old Enough

5 Wed. A Day among the Machine Guns Concert to night Very good, Some good Talent come here

[Page 23]
6th Thursday. Kit Inspection I was one Pair Boot Laces short 1d entered in my Pay Book and a new pair issued. We have had our Christmas Billyís given us I scored cigarettes Etc. and Ĺ Quid in mine

7 Friday Another day at the Rifle Range

8 Sat. Machine Gun Work & gas Masks Cricket matches against Warminster

9 Sun. Church Parade & Concertís

10 Mon Usual drill

11 Tues. Had a day of Field Skirmishing

12 Wed. Pat Wilson Buried. one of the Firing Party.

13 Thursday. Usual drill

14 Friday. Ready for Draft

15 Saturday. Taken off Draft I was the oldest and there were 2 over strength had a Holiday

16 Sun. On Guard

17 Mon. Applied For 3 dayís leave & got it. Bee line London

16 Tuesday. Having a good time Met Col. Jolliffe, Got leave extended one week "Iím a good Tale Teller

18 to 21st Sunday. Go to Scotland. Beats London Bad. Edinborough Great

Back to London & Put in time till due at camp. 23rd

Tuesday 23rd Back quite fresh but had to toe the Carpet The S. Major didínt know Iíd had extended leave. But soon Learnít

24th Wed. Again on draft. Have every thing ready. Dr says are you alright. I say yes alright His Exam Over, I am away this time. Staying Folkstone the night All shifting is done in night

25 Thurs. In Bologne then Etaarpís Camping there All the rest here never fired a shot.

27 Frid More drill, This is what is call the Bull ring

29 Sat. This is solid Craft. Ive been learning how to carry Duck Boardís all day. The Practice is hard. The Dinkum will Kill a fellow.

29 Sun. Church. must have that French People pleasant very immoral

30 Mon. More men arrive not many left be hind now

1st May. No Holiday for us plenty of it to do.

2nd Wednes. Same Drill all day

[Page 24]
3rd Wed. Sent up to Albertís & Bapaume, not much Fighting Here.

4th going to Bullecourt. We caught up to their Rear Guard Our Advance Guard settled them without us having a Look at them. Then our turn came We entrenched out on the left of Village and had a little rest. An awful Cannonade woke us it sounded like a Million clapís of Thunder at once. We were Pulled to-gether and made Hop over. Poor old Dooley & Perkins Killed. I am Blood splashed But not a Scratch. I was an Absolute Mad man. I went with my mates donít know what I did or said Scotty McMillan got it in the Ankle, I got a crack in the neck and had to take Mc to the dressing station. I was made stop there

5th Friday I am very sore and away from the noise. The re-action set in and a cried for hourís My mateís arm was Blown into my chest and Peices of Perkinís were splashed over more than a dozen. My head was wrapped up like an Egyptian Mummy, but the wound was not much although my Thigh was sore I donít know what from I was not shot in it.

6 Sat. We can hear the Gunís Booming From here and now and again the screech of shellís passing over They are sending the Patientís Further Back from the line

7 Sun. Iím sick of Hospital already But they wonít let me out yet The Poor fellowís coming some can not possibly recover. Hell donít the Drs & Nurses work. How can their nerves stand it. Awful is no word to use. Iíd sooner be in the trenches. I makes a man forget God and the Yearís of Christianity Men that are doing this to each other and claim God is with them. Yet we think he is with us when we see the Horrible desolation The outrage & distress the German caused We feel in our heartís he must be punished

Mon. Our ladís are at Morlancourt and Held up The Germans must be

[Page 25]
Mon [May] Continued
in Myriads. Their losses must be some thing terrific Ourís is heavy enough. God knowís. Still the Wounded are Coming and this is only really a first aid station.

9th Tues. I am now at Albertís again. I have joined in with a portion of our Battn who are resting by Garrisoning Albertís. I am alright only for the scab on my neck. Reportís are To & Fro. One a reverse another a Recovery & so on But no nearer to St Quinten. Poor Bobby Emmet is gone he was in my section. Claude Holmes is here with half a Foot. Bert Fletcher Hit through the Shoulder. The French shrug their shoulderís and Pass on. In a great many Partís they have proved them-selves to be freindly to the Germanís And the Belgianís also. The Canadianís are now going up. They are to try & get to Messineís.

10 Wed. Still at Albertís. The roar of the Artillary appearís closer & the Rocketís and Flareís show as if they are working around towardís here Several more Regimentís have come yet our newís is Very Vague

11 Thurs. We get word that our men are still about Morlancourt & Bullecourt. But are meeting with very Hard Knocks. We are now Concentrated for a move But have no idea where

12 Fri. We are now at Bapaume, laying communication between trenches and clearing up the remains of the last Week. Still Battling near St Quinton We are salving every thing of use it is put in a truck and sent to the Base

13 Sat. Newís come the Germanís are back in Bullencourt But we cannot yet beleive it as they were on the Run to the Hindenburg Line in the last reportís

14 Sun. Heavy Cannonading again and at night the Heavenís are lit up. This is horrible this suspense we do not get any authentic Particularís

15 Mon. We are told our men are retreating and going to work with the Canadianís at Messineís and that the 1st Division was Holding at Bullecourt & would slowly work Back here.

16 Tues. All the tales are out. We are withdrawn from Bapaume. The Sherwood Forresterís releive us. We are sent Back again to Albertís and the Otherís go on to Arras.

17 to 26th Saturday Nothing but Garrison duty at Albertís. We can get no more information of what is doing yet the noise appear to come nearer every day. Aeroplanes are Flying over more plentiful

[Page 26]
26 Continued And an Observation Baloon Was seen from here to day. We got word the Canadianís got Messineís But at a heavy loss to themselves Fritz must be strong he is losing an awful lot but yet is forcing his way along.

27th Sunday There seems to be a great Lull in proceedings as if the gunís are being removed to other positionís We have been instructed to be on the alert But nothing has come to alarm us

29 Monday. We are still Pegging away to day We are took out and moved about as if we were making a sortie from various pointís & Fixing up Sand Bags. The Guns are still Barking again with what appear to us renewed vigour Now and again a shell whistles over which tell us they are working around towardís us. I am feeling very dizzy and Queer as if I had the Flue or Something.

30 Tuesday Am no better can hardly move go for a dose The Dr says Fever sent to Bologne then to England to St Thomasís. My age 43 is up against me and I fear a bad time of it.

31st Wed. Thomasís Hospital London What a Luxury. I am very off, But Hopeful.

24 Monday. Can write a letter now. Have had little news. My foot is Better But this fever has cut me down very much. I am out in the Sun and it is "Glorious"

25 nothing different

26 June Am allowed a bit of Hard Food it is a Bit of our old Freind "Bunny" But I enjoyed it was not let stay out long. Back to Bed. It was worth getting sick to be looked after like this

27 June tried a Cigarette. It won. But did A.1. with an egg & Toast also an Orange. No Tea yet am on the "Teat (Milk) Diet. A Couple hourís in the Sun and am feeling good. Visitors are very kind also. The Flowerís are glorious They Bring Bookís Games Etc Tobacco & Fruit. But the nurse sees to the distribution of Fruit.

28th Feeling a bit Lively now can get up and go to the Bath & Wash my self am allowed to walk about a bit.

29 June Am allowed a suit of Blues and go about the Groundís Am getting along Just like a house on Fire

30 June Have Blue Bandís on now Over-Coat over Blue Suit allowed out no "Booze" All Theatreís & Drives

[Page 27]
1st July Monday. Am Boarded by Dr or Col Maudsley and Sent to Weymouth to Monte Vidio Convalescent Home. I was there 2 hourís and then sent to the Verne Citadel at Portland. This Fort is a Revelation

2nd Tuesday. am held for Inspection. Dr Brookís sayís I am a Passenger for Australia That was Good News. Our mates are catching it hard in France now But I would be of little use. My foot is still Lame and I still use a stick The Wound in my neck is still sore if I move quickly. Have had a good look over the Fort to day & Watched Air shipís & Seaplanes scouting around Portland Harbour.

3rd Wed. Another Board. Major Bellís this time He is called the "Gutzer King" He asked me my age I told him. He said is this Paper Correct, That is my Medical History, I replied Iíd never seen it. He said I suppose it is alright. Dismiss. He wrote something and called the next.

4th Thurs. Had a day round Portland Easton and Fortuneís Well. Went over the Old Rufus Castle and paid £1-0-0 to the Old Soldier who loookís after the Royal Apartmentís in our Fort. He showed me round all of it, it is all under -

4th Thurs Continued. - neath the whole Fort Parade Ground Etc. The Royal Apartments he said was used as a prison for a Queen of Portugal. The Underground stores were Wonderful. There was coal to last 7 years, also Condensed and Preserved provisions in the event of a siege.

5th Friday. We were allowed (if the Dr permitted) week end From Friday at 6 to Monday Morning. I was let go and the Dr said a glass of Stout wouldínt hurt me, so I took the Blue Bandís off. I saw Pool from the train going to Weymouth, and I went there. It is a lovely Place and it reminded me a great deal of Geelong. I enjoyed my trip and remarkable to say I forgot about the stout.

6 & 7 is all written together

8th Monday. Had to report to the Dr He said Iím alright if I go slow. He laughed over me forgetting the stout. Put in the day about Weymouth. We saw some old History there and the Famous White Horse cut out on the side of the chalk Hill. There are amusements here Galore & the People are good to us. I was taken to Wyke-Regis for Tea, Mr Tall is a Grand Old John Bull.

[Page 28]
9 Tuesday. [July] Stayed in the Fort all Day. Played a Heat in a Billiard Tournament & got licked Went to a Concert in the Gym at night in Bed at Lights out.

10 Wednesday. Another Medical Board The Soldierís Terror "Charley" Ryan. He made me peel off and sounded me and then read the Medical History. He had a look at my scratches, and referred me to Dr Maudsley in two dayís time

11 Thursday. No leave owing to the Board To-morrow, So put in time writing Home and to some of my mateís. One is here. Lou Holmeís same Complaint as me Fever, it Broke him up he was a Big strong man.

12 Friday. Called into the Board Room, Col Maudsley was more Considerate than Col Ryan. He read the History first then told me to take off my Boot He thought an operation needed for the foot. I did not have to strip. He Passed me for Treatment in Australia That was my last Board in England. So I was able to write and say Iíd soon be home.

13 Sat. Having my week end at Bournemouth. A great little Sea Side resort.

14 Monday. Nothing to do but wait for a Boat roll. We could go in and out of Camp as we liked so we began to get well acquainted at the little surrounding villages Between Portland & Weymouth.

15 Tuesday. I had often watched from the Battlement of the Fort the Torpedoes being tested in Portland Harbour from WhiteHeads Factory. Today we were Granted the privilege of having a look over the works. We saw all the Workís & Construction except the method of Charging the Torpedoes. The Firm also Gave us afternoon refreshmentís

[Page 29]
16th Wednesday. The Boat Rollís are Read out this Morning. I am booked for the "Nestor" Also an old Batt mate Sgt Jack Thompson. We are to be ready to go on Board on the 21st So the rest of the week is to be devoted to getting money sent down & Transferred to Australia Buying up comfortís Etc. for the Voyage.

21st Tuesday. Having Bid good-bye to Freindís I made, in one way I was sorry to leave the "Verne" But Home had a greater attraction. We Marched down as well as Possible to Portland Station and entrained for Devonport. We Went through Pool Somerset, Yoeville, and Stopped at Exeter, Where we were once again treated to a feed by the Mayoress. It is said she did not let our Troop Train throí without refreshmentís at all hours day & night Arrived on Board at Noon

21st Continued. and anchored out waiting, We saw the Oratavo towed in with an awful Hole in her side Another Boat mysteriously blew herself into the Water the day before while tied to the Peir.

22nd Still Anchored out. Only amusement is watching the Dirigibles & seaplanes Scouting

23rd Same thing.

24th "Ditto"

25th Saturday. Men Clamouring to be put or allowed ashore when We suddenly at Noon up with the Anchor and moved off. One Hour later we had a magnificent sight There were 11 Transportís and 8 Destroyers two Battle Cruisers in the Convoy. The Nestor was the Commodore Boat

26th Sun. No Church Parade the Clergy were sick. Lolled about Deck all day.

27th Very little difference Weather good.

28th, Nothing extra occurred

[Page 30]
29th Thursday. [July] Capt E. Hordern asked me would I act as Clerk to Capt Kelly the Padre. I did. I was acolyte for Him and also in charge of all Y.M.C.A. Material. I was kept Busy giving out Books Games Etc for a while so I obtained an Assistant I got an especial tip in the way of food From the Steward every day. He thought because the Preist Had a late Breaskfast, I did so I had all mealís with the Stewardís

13th Friday. August Nothing Fresh to write the usual. Crown & Anchor. House Two up amusementís were in full swing up to Seirra Leone. We Put in there and got fresh Water Major Inglis and Col D. Warren went ashore and got back Gloriously drunk. The Major fell off the Ladder Back into the Water. He was helped up with a rope under his arm Pitís, We sailed Immediately

2nd Sat. We went on our way to Capetown, to-day we Passed a lot of Wreckage. The Submarines had been Busy. We heard a destroyer gather in a raft loaded with Sailorís

3rd Sun. Church Parade. Full Uniform Heat intense. I am Having enough Church Parades now Father Kelly sayís Mass every morning and I am his Assistant The Smoke Room is the Church and the Piano the Altar. On Sundays the C.E. Padre Rev Mr Clark uses the altar He also "nipped" Father Kelly for Communion Tablets He has no wine, ĎA funny Communion no wine to wash it down with" But the symbol was there And Iím sure it was as earnest as if he had a Barrel & would get perhapís a greater Blessing.

4th Monday After Mass & breakfast we saw a lot of Signalling and wondered. Suddenly one Blast Blew, every ship stopped and turned her stern out showing her Gunís it caused Great excitement. But was only a Practice

[Page 31]
5th Tuesday. Saw how provisions are passed From one ship & another at Sea.. The Glasgow H.M.S. came alongside close to us About 100 yds off
Both ships stopped they lowered a boat Put a Basket in it and about 4 in crew and an Officer Came over. Our Boat lowered a rope over & got the Basket and sent Beef Mutton Pork, Turkeyís Fowlís Bacon, Etc & Sundry Bags of spuds Onions Turnipís Etc. The swede Turnip was a standard thing Everywhere we went.

6 Wednesday. A Death occured . A Queenslander ex. Jockey Paddy Byrne. He died with or from Pleurisy. It was sad for me to assist Father Kelly to bury him.

7 Thursday. A Collection was started and closed at £96 odd for Paddy Byrnes widow. The Officerís shelled out well.

8 Friday. Nothing Eventful Entries taken for Deck sportís But Poor Nominationís. All Invalids
Aug 8 Continued
So Card Tournaments & singing strike>Contributions Contests were began. There were some good Talent. The Officerís donated all prizes, I won a Fiver I guessed the speed of the Boat on a days Run. But had to give the Engineer 30/- for giving me the Tip of Course the Crew was Barred.
9 Saturday. Passed a large school of Whales and Flying Fish Following us like Swallows. A Game of Deck Bowls with Rope Quoits catch on and is played on the Saloon Deck. We had the Run of the ship Officerís and men alike, it was greatly appreciated

10th Sun. Usual Routine

11th Every body Polishing up we expect Capetown To-morrow The Destroyerís all gone Back We have no Convoy now as we are supposed to be out of the danger Zone.

12th Arrived at Capetown at noon Granted Leave immediately. We were sat down to a Banquet at the Feather Markets. Loaded up with smokeís and Fruit and that was to be every day of our stay.

13th Tuesday. Went to Cecil Rhodes Place at Claremont (now a zoo) Free Trams every where. Pubs all shut. Cant bear Africaís Nippers. Dirty Beasts

[Page 32]
13th Continued. Grand Promenade Concert at night or free Pictures as you chose Cape-town very lively place.

14th Fr Kelly got Wirth & me an early Pass at 8.30 to go up and get Altar Wine. We took a Gladstone with us. I had to see a preist at St Maryís Cathedral But the Bishop had the Key of the Cellar We had to wait so we got to the first Pub. We had a good run till 10 am the Police shut it up then as the rest were getting off. Went back Our Port was full I paid him but had to get a Cab to cart it Back to the ship We had enough for the Voyage Home to Aus

15. Thursday. Sailed For aus. We only Had the Euripidies & the Ascaneus with us now. & we expected Fremantle in 12 dayís. Our Major Had a row over a Nurse & Has a Lovely Black Eye, So there is no Officerís inspection

30th Nothing much to write about for this Fort,night Ė Just the one routine up till to-day we got to Fremantle. Early no leave till 5 P.M. Big strike on
30th Continued
Patriotic Workers coaling us some shut up their Business Houses to do it. Free train to Perth a Big Spread at Boanís big store got Back at midnight. No leave the next day, a lot got ashore But were caught and Brought Back. We got off at night, Labour trouble the Cause of no Leave

31st Leave From 4 P.M. till 11 P.M. W.A. gave us a good time. Sailed at 3 A.M. Several misses

1st Sept. off to Adelaide. An open Go between the Euripidies & us The Euripidies won by 8 Ĺ hours

6th Sept. We got in at Noon & was let off at once We could not Pass those V.A.D. Girls. They made us eat They had a Wharf shed full of food Trains and Theatreís Free another V.A.D. Feed in City & the ship at midnight. The Girlís stopped up to give us a drink of Tea when we got Back.

7th Sunday Church Parade at Port Adelaide then Leave at Adelaide Adelaide very quiet on Sunday.

8th Monday. Another Big day. Sports Etc for us. treated fine.

[Page 33]
9th Tuesday. Sailed at Day light a Few Missed but caught train to Melbourne.

10th Wednesday. We kept the Coast all along till we got to Melbourne The Weather was grand and I promised myself never to leave it if I had the whole lot of other Nationís

12th Thursday. Got into Melbourne 9 a.m. Had to make a Customs decoration I had no Ostrich Featherís no silk work I got in Africa no. & They never looked or Capt Hordernís dog might have bitten them I had him Tied up in my Kit Bag. Soon got off and Cars run us to Werthís Circus Building & had the Best Meal since I left Australia over 12 months ago. A General came & shook Handís with me and Enquired as to how I was. I replied & said plenty of this treatment would soon cure me. He Laughed, I learned after He was the Gov. General a most affable Gentleman

2 P.M. On Train for Sydney no leave in Melbourne. Red Cross Etc on train our Jawís are not idle a moment Either Eat or Smoke. Albury good Just changed & on again. People with Food Smokeís Etc. Wagga Cootamundra. Junee. Goulburn Moss Vale & Bowral. We were Absolutely Gorged.

13th Sydney at Last. Off to Anzac Buffet More food. Got (two) £2 and Friends waiting had our leave and Railway passes on the train so had no Red Tape trouble for Once. Finished 14 days leave & was sent to hospital, Boarded Preferred my discharge and Received it on the 25th of October 1917

This is the Experience of Private Edwin John Flanagan 2908- 57th Batt

[Page 34]
E.J. Flanagan
2908 57 Batt.
Private. Address 21 Bank St
North Sydney

[Transcribed by Peter Mayo, Judy Macfarlan for the State Library of New South Wales]