Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Autograph letter signed from Harold Kerr to his brother, James Aubrey Kerr, from Gallipoli firing line, 6 August 1915

Kerr was a sergeant in the 1st Australian Light Horse. His service records show that he was killed in action the following day, 7 August 1915 at age 20]

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Firing Line
Dear Aub,
How are you old chap your must think I am a nice sort of chap for not writing to you before. I would have written but I did not know your address till a week or so ago. How are things over there. I suppose the next thing I hear will be that you have enlisted. I suppose you are very anxious to come Ė but the next time there is a war I will be a flag waver, that will do me. But donít let me put you off coming. I know you have wanted to come from the start but I donít think mother & father will allow you.

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Things have been very quiet hear the last week, with the exception of a little shell fire both from the Turks and our own guns. The night before last our fellows made a charge on our right flank and took two line of trenches. first of all they blew up the Turks trenches and then charged before the dust had time to settle. They cut off the Turks in one trench and the others run for their lives leaving their rifles behind. They are afraid to face the cold steel. We expect to have some excitement in a few days, things are too quiet to last, but I suppose you will read about it in the Australian papers. Well Aub I must say good-bye.
Remember me to Jim.
From your loving brother

[Transcribed by Peter Mayo for the State Library of New South Wales]