Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Amy Moore papers regarding George Moore, 1914-1919
MLMSS 2590 (K22158 / Item 1)

[Page 1-17 forms not transcribed]

[Page 18]

Dear George
I was always going to write to you, but somehow I never did. I hope you are well, as we are all here. I was talking to your wife tonight, and both her and baby are OK. It is raining here hard tonight, but I suppose it is snowing over where you are.
How did you spend Christmas. It was very quiet here, worse than last year. You would hardly know the Bay now, N.S.Hd road is nearly all shops, just like Oxford St. Kate Martin came home yesterday, Jack Rowe on Tuesday, and Jacky Galbraith on Monday. Its only when I see the boys come home that I realise the war is over.
I expect England went mad when the news was known. I know we were all dotty. I bet such sight will never be seen in Sydney again. We are all looking forward to the 3 days holidays when Peace is signed. Wally came home Sunday. He only got as far as Walfish Bay German E Africa. What did you think of the Influenza Plague; wasn’t it dreadful. So far we have escaped it and let us hope we continue to do so.
Well George I will write a longer letter next time. So, so long for this time yours sincerely [indecipherable]

[Pages 19-47 postcards]

[Transcribed by Trish Barrett for the State Library of New South Wales]