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James Roberts - 'A Journal of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour Round the World, Lieut. James Cook, Commander, 27th May 1768', 27 May - 14 May 1770, with annotations 1771
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Journal of His Majesty’s Bark


Round the World

Lieut. James Cook Commander

27th May 1768

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A list of the Officers and company on board his Majesty’s Bark Endeavour 27th May 1768

No. – Name – Quality – Remarks &c &c

1 – James Cook – 1th . Lieut… Comdr. -
2 - Zachr. Hicks – 2. Lieut. –
3 - John Gore – 3. Lieut. –
4 - Robt. Mollinex – Master – Died of Penguin Isld 14th Apl. 1771
5.- Willm. Monkhouse – Surgeon – Dead at Batavia 11 Nov. 1770
6 - Charles Clarke - Mast. Mate – Made Master
7 - Richd. Petersgill - Mast. Mate
8. – Elexr. Weir - Mast. Mate – Drowned at Madeara 16 Apl. 1768
9. - Pak. Saunders – Midshipman – Run’d at Batavia Jan.y 1770
10 –Jonathn. Monkhouse – Midshipman - Dead at Sea 6 Feb.y 1770
11. John Bewtie –Midshipman – Dead at Sea - 4th Feb.y. 1770
12. –Jams. M. Gray - Midshipman
13 – Francis Wilkinson - Midshipman
14 – Willm.Pery – Surgons Mate – Made Surgion
15 – Rich. Orten – Capt. Clark –
16 – Jn. Guthre – Boatswain – Dead at Sea 4th Feby. 1771
17 - Jn. Satterly – Carpenter – Dead at Sea 12th Feby. 1771
18 - Stepn. Forwood – Gunner –
19 - Jams. Gray –Q. Master –
20 - Thos. Jones - Q.Master
21 - Allixr. Simpson – Q. Masters Mate – Dead at Sea 21st Feby. 1771
22 - Thos. Hardman – Bos. Mate –
23 - Jn. Readan – Yeom. Sheets – Died drunk in the South Seas 28 August 1769
24 - Timy. Readon – Bos. Yeoman – Dead at Batavia 18 of Decr. 1770
25 - Benjn. Jorden – Carpenters Mate – Dead at Sea 31st Jany. 1771
26 - George Nowell – Crew – Made Carpr.
27 - Francs. Haits – Do. Yoeman – Dead at Sea 29 Jany. 1771
28 - Jams. Moodey – Do.Yeoman – Dead at Sea 31st Jan.y 1771
29 - Richd. Hughes - Do.
30 - Isaac Johnson – Cooper
31 - Jn. Goodjohn – Do. Mate
32 - Willm. Dawson - Do. Steward
33 - Robt. Stainsby – Cap.t Steward
34 - Jn. Woodworth – Lieut. Steward – Dead at Batavia 24th Dec.r 1770
35 - Willm. Howson – 1st Lieut. Steward – Dead. at Coopr. Isl.d 30 Nov.1770
36 - Willm. Harvey – 2d Lieut. Steward –
37 - Nathl. Mory – 3 Lieut. Steward –

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A List of Officers and Company On Board his Majesty’s bark Endeavour 27 May 1768.

No - Names - Quality – Remarks &c&c

38 – Isaac Manby – Mast. Servt. – Made midshipman
39 – Nichs. Young – Surgion Servt.
40 - Tho. Jordan – B. Servt.
41 - Danl.Roberts – Guns. Servt. – Dead 2 Feby 1771 at Sea
42 - Edwd. Tyrrell – Carpr. Servt.
43 - Jos. Child – Capts. Cook – Made Ships Cook
44 - John Thompson – Ships Cook – Dead at Sea
45 - Tho. Knight – Servt. Cook
46 - Tho. Mathews – Cooks Boy
47 - Willm. Collet – Barber
48 - Archb. Wolf – Taylor – Dead at Sea 30 Jan.y 1771
49 - Saml. Eavens – Coxn. – Made Boatswain
50 - Robt. Taylor – Armorer
51 - Jms. Ravenhill – Sail Maker – Dead at Sea 27 Jany.1771
52 - Henry Jaffs – Butcher - Dead at Sea 26 Feby. 1771
53 - Forby Sutherland – Putterer – Dead at Sea 26 Feby. 1771
54 - Rich. Hutching– seaman – Boatswains mate
55 - Mathw. Cox – seaman
56 - Jams. Nicholson – seaman – Dead at Sea 30 Jan. 1771
57 - Isaac Parker – seaman – Boatswains mate
58 - Saml. Jones – seaman
59 - Isaac Smith – seaman – made midshipman
60 - Peter Flowers – seaman - Drowned at Rio de Janarie October 2nd 1768
61 - John Ramsey – seaman
62 - Rich Littelboy – seaman
63 - Mich.l Littelboy – seaman
64 – Anty.Ponto – seaman
65 – Jcho Dozey – seaman - Dead 2 April 1771
66 - Jas. Tunley– seaman
67 - Will. Peckover – seaman
69 – Henry Stephens – seaman
70 - Robt. Henderson - seaman
71 - Charles Williams – seaman
72 - John Thurman – seaman – Dead at Sea 2 Feb.y 1771
73 - [indecipherable] Parana– seaman– Dead. at Sea 26th Feby. 1771

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A List of the Officers and Company Onboard his Majesty’s Bark Endeavour 27th May 1768

No – Names – Quality – Remarks &c&c

74 - Jas. Joyce – seaman
75 - Richd. Thomas - seaman - Died the 17 March 1771
76 - Tho. Goldsmith - -
77 - John Lowrain - - Died 5 August 1771
78 - Peter Morgan - - Died 27 Feby. 1771
79 - Alxr. Lindsay - - Died 13 Feby. 1771, Flux
80 - John Marre -
81 - Iain Baptiso -
82. - Bolton Willm. – - dischd. at Batavia
83 - Ins. Smith -
84 - Petr. Nicholas -
85 - Chass. Frick -
86 - Charles Stabbom -
87 - Peter Cooper -
88 - Jackabew Vangint -
89 - Willm. Burn -
90 - Ioan Armstrade -
91 - Anty. Vansake -
92 - Saml. Smith -
93 - Ian Campbell -
94 - Charles Draval -
95 - Tho. Roberts -
96 - Looran Andris -
97 - Canate Allison -
98 - Jurkle Hanson -

Detachment of Marines Embarked at Plimth. as part of the Complement 16th August 1768.

Current No. – [indecipherable] - Names – Quality - Remarks &c&c

1 - 40th - John Edgcombe – Serjt.
2 - 9 - John Truslove – Corpl. - Dead at Sea 23 Jany. Fever
3 - 30 – Tho. Rossiter – Drumr.
5 - 15 – Henry Paul – Privt.
4 - 3 - William Judge – Privt.
8 - 48 - Danl. Peaston – Privt. - Dead at Sea 15th Feby 1771 Fluz
6 - 42 - Willm. Wiltshire – Privt.
10 –66 - Clement Webb – Privt.
9 - 52 - William Greenslade - Jumped overboard and drowned himself 26 March 1769 in the south seas
12 - 56 - Saml. Gibson - Privt.
11 - 64 - Tho. Dunster - Privt. - Dead 25 Jany. 1771 Fever and flux
13 - 30 - Nighl. Brewer - Privt. - Discharged 25 Augt. at Plim. for being trubled with fits
7 - 30 - John Bowles – Privt. - Embar’ked 29 Augt. at Plim in room of Brewer

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Gentlemen and Servants Supernumeraries

Names – Quality – Remarks &c&c

Joseph Banks – Esqr.
Danl. Solander – Docktor
Charles Green - Astror. – Dead at Sea 28th Jany. 1771 Fever and flux
Armon [indecipherable] – Mr. Banks writer – Dead at Sea 23 Jany. 1771 Fever
Alixr. Busham – Draughtsman – Died at King Georges Island in Fits
Sidney Parkinson – Draughtsman - Died at Sea 26 Feby. 1771 Fever and Ague
Peter Briscoe – Footman
James Roberts - Footman
George Beuyree - Footman Black - Perished in the mountains of snow at
Terra del Fuego being detained with their
masters by the Severity of the Weather
all Night.
Tho. Richman - Footman Black - as above
Jno. Nicholls – Mr. Greens man - Dead at Coopers Isl. 4th December 1770 Fever Saunders – Mr. Banks Servt. – A Malay from Batavia
Tobia and Fiato – Inhabitants of King Georges Isl. – Dead at Coopers Isl. Tobia 9th Fiato 7th Decr. 1770 -

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Fitting out for sea at Depford

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majesty’s Ship Endeavour at Depford

May 1778

Friday 27 - This day hoisted the pennant Onboard his Majesty’s Bark Endeavour at Depford Under the Command of Lieut. James Cook.

Saturday 28 - Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Weather.

Sunday 29 - Fresh Gales with Rain

Monday 30 - AM [indecipherable] out of the Dock and went Alongside the shore Hulk in order to gett the mast in the people Employed Lashing the Ship

Tuesday 31 - PM Employ’d Masting the Ship received on board 448 lb fresh beef

June 1778

Wednesday 1 - Fresh Gales people Employed in Bringing off rigging

Thursday 2 - Do. Weather people employed on [indecipherable]

Friday 3 - Do. Wr. Employed as before

Saturday 4 - Fresh Gales and fair Weather. Employed on getting on Board
Boatswains stors and setting up the lower Rigging

Sunday 5 - Do. Wr. Employed as before and receiving on board 10 ½ Chaldrens
of Coles

Monday 6 - Fresh gales and fair Weather Employed on the rigging as before

Tuesday 7 - Nothing remarkable this day Employed as before

Wednesday 8 - People employed on the rigging and receiving on Board some
of the Boatswains stores

Thursday 9 - Do. Employed as before
Friday 10 - Hazey with rain got of the top mast and yards & rec.d onboard provisions &c

Saturday 11 - Moderate and Clear Weather Employed stowing [indecipherable] and filling water

Sunday 12 - Do. Wr. Employed as before

Monday 13 - The first do. Wr. the later squaley receiv’d onboard some
provisions and Employed about the rigging &c&c.

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Along side the shore hulk at Depford

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Remarks &c onboard his Majesty’s Bark Endeavour at Depford

Tuesday 14 - Fine Clear Weather Employed in the Hold

Wednesday - Do. Wr. received on board some Boatswains and Carpenters stores and a spair Anchor which we stowed in the mean Hold

Thursday 16 - Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. Employed in the hold
Friday 17 - Moderate and Cloudy Wr. got up meantop mast & the top
sails yards across

Saturday 18 - Do. Wr. Employed in the hold received on board a second spair Anchor & stowd in y’dhold

Sunday 19 - Moderate and fair Wr. Nothing remarkable these twenty four hours

Monday 20 - Do. Wr. Employed in the hold receiving on board some Coal and
Boatswains stores

Tuesday 21- Hazy Wr. some rain Employed about the rigging and receiving on
board some Carpenters stores

Wednesday 22 - Moderate Weather Employ’d about the rigging

Thursday 23 - Do. Wr. Transported the ship from the surprise alongside
the shore hulk and got onboard a spair mean Mast and mean Gard

Friday 24 - Fresh Gales & Cloudy Wr. Employed chiefly in the
Hold & receiv’d onboard some Boat.ns stores

Saturday 25 - Do. Wr. Employed as before receiving onboard some Warrent
Officers stores

Sunday 26 - Moderate and hazey Weathr some Showers of rain AM Employed
in the hold

Monday 27 - Fresh breezes & some rain Employed about the rigging &
Receiv’d onb.d Boatns. Stores &c

Tuesday 28 - Fresh Gales with rain Employ’d in the hold & receiving onboard
some Coal

Wednesday 29 - Moderate & fair Employ’d about the rigging & receiving onb. some Carpenters stores

Thursday 30 - Hazey with rain Employ’d about the rigging & receiving
onb. some Carpenters stors


Friday 1 - Moderate and fair received onboard some cables

Saturday 2 - Do. Wr. Employ’d in the hold & receiving onb. some Boat.ns
& Carpenters stores

Sunday 3 - Hazey Wr. and the people Employ’d about the rigging

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Alongside the shore Hulk at Depford

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Remarks etc. Onboard his Majestes Ship Endeavour at Depford

July 1768

Monday - 4 - Fresh Gales with rain AM the people Employ’d Bringing the Anchor
from the yard alongside the ship

Tuesday 5 - Do. Wr. the People Employ’d getting the Anchors to the Bows
Wednesday 6 - Moderate & Hazey Wr. recd. 56 pigs of Iron Ballasts which
was stowed in the Bos.ns rooms.

Thursday 7 - Do. Wr. people Employ’d stowing the hold & receiving
some boat.ns stores

Friday 8 - Moderate & fair Wr. Employ’d about the hold and filling

Saturday 9 - Fresh Gales and cloudy Wr. AM Employ’d in the hold AM
receiving onboard spirits

Sunday 10 - Moderate and fair Wr. PM Employ’d stowing the spirits in the
Spirits room

Monday 11 - Do. Wr. Employ’d stowing the hold and about the rigging

Tuesday 12 - Do. Wr. people Employ’d making points & gasketts &c &c

Wednesday 13 - Moderate and Hazey people employ’d as yesterday
Thursday14 - Do. Wr. Gott onboard a suite of sails

Friday 15 - Moderate and fair Employed bending the Sails
Saturday 16 - Do. Wr. received on board Carpenters stores & people
Employ’d making points

Sunday 17 - Moderate and Hazey people Employ’d about the rigging &
stowing the hold

Monday 18 - Fresh Gales with Hazey squalls of rain AM Employ’d Lashing the
Booms and receiving onboard Carpenters stores

Tuesday 19 - Squaly with much rain Employed getting onboard Warrent Officers

Wednesday 20 - Lightning with Heavy rain Employ’d filling water am
Compleated our Water to 54 Tuns and half PM Loos’d the sails and
the pilot Came on Board and took Charge of the ship

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Moor’d off Greenwich – Sailing down the river – A Anchor off the Fairway

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Remarks &c onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour at Depford

July 1768

Thursday - 21 - Squaley with rain at 3 PM the ordery came on board to
assist in getting the ship down, at 4 cast off from the hulk and came to sail at 6 PM Hard squal was obliged to Anchor off Greenwich in 9 Fm. Do. Moor’d with the Kedge Anchor and Hawser to the S’ward at 2 AM took the grownd and Shortened in the Cable. at 3 took up Kedge Anchor and at 6 weigh’d and came to Seal at 9 Came too with Best Bower in the Galyons reach 5 Fm. water and Moor’d with the Kedge and Hawser to the Nward and the Ordenary Bestwin to depford ships drought of Water forward 14 Ft. 2 In. Aft 14 Ft. 2 Inches.

Friday 22 - Fresh Gales with Showers of Rain AM recd. onb. the Guns &
gunners stores

Saturday 23 - Moderate & fair Wr. Employ’d making the points, and about
the rigging and receiving onboard our Powder and other stores

Sunday 24 - Do. Wr. Employ’d about the rigging and making points AM
Loos’d sails to dry and pointed the Top sail

Monday 25 - Do. Wr. Employ’d Scraping the ships sides and Quarter Deck

Tuesday 26 - Fresh Breezes and fair weather pay’d the ships sides
with varnish of pine, past by the Venons Frigate and many Yachts

Wednesday 27 - Do. Wr. people employ’d making points &c

Thursday 28 - Do. Wr. Dry’d Sails people Employ’d as yesterday

Friday 29 - Fine Clear Weather Employ’d making Points

Saturday 30 - Fresh Gales and Cloudy with some rain at 10 AM Took up the
Kedge anchor 11 Weigh’d the Best Bower anchor & sail’d down the River

Sunday 31 - Moderate and hazey Weather at 4 PM Came too with the Best
Bower anchor in 7 Fm. Water off Graves End and Veard away to 1/3 of the Cable Tillery Fort N3 & at 3 AM Weigh’d and Came too sail at 9 Passed the Noare and at Noon Light airs and variable Weather came too with the Best Bower anchor in
[indecipherable] Fm. water off the Buoy of the Fairway

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Off the Nore – At Anchor in 5Fm. Channel –Do. Downs – Under Sail – Off Beach

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Remark &c onboard his majestys Bark Endeavour

August 1768

Monday 1 - Light airs with frequent Calms at 1PM Weigh’d and run again
towards the nore Do. Bent the Herring Sails and set them at 3 PM Came too With the Best bower in 8 Fm. of water Vier’d to 1/3 of a Cable Sheerness Wt. ½ Ny or 8 miles, at 8 AM Weigh’d & made Sail Light airs from SSW

Tuesday 2 – The 1st Part Little Winds and Variable, at 2 PM came too off the Buoy of the [indecipherable] the Bearing E by one mile the 2 sisters SE by S at ½ past 3 PM having a light breeze from the Westward Weighed and made sail and at 6 anchored at 5 F Channel and Ver’d to 1/3 of a cable the Beacon upon the Gillman NEE in the Night Fresh Breezes from the Eastward, AM opened a cask of Poark and another of beef short one piece.

Wednesday 3 – Light winds and Cloudy with Thunder and showers of rain 1PM having a breeze Fm. SE by S Weighed and run through the narrows, at 4 anchored in Margrett road in 7 Fm. water Margrett Town SSE the North forland SE by E in the night the wind Variable and sometimes calm at half past 3 AM Weighed and came to sail the wind from SSW worked into the Downs at 11 Anchored in 9 Fm. Water Deal Castle Bearing NW by N and the North Forland NNE and the south forland SW by S vear’d away to ½ a Cable.

Thursday 4 – Moderate and Cloudy with some rain at 6AM got down top Gallant Yards and read the Articles of War to the Ships Company, at 10 Received on Board 712 lbs of Fresh Beef for the use of the ships company.

Friday 5 – Fresh breezes and fair Weather, PM Employed making points & gaskits hove the anchor up and [indecipherable] it a little Nearer the Shore Bearing as Before.

Saturday 6 – Fresh Gales and Fair Weather Employed as before & cleaning the Ship.

Sunday 7 – Fresh Gales and Fair Weather Employed as before Scrapping and Cleaning the Ship.

Monday 8 – Fresh Gales and Fair Weather Set up the rigging fore and aft at 10 Weighed and came to sail at ½ past got the Gallants yards [indecipherable] found the Best Bower Cable much rubbed about 13 Fm. from the Anchor which was Cut off and Bent again.

Tuesday 9 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Weather at 4 PM Tacked Ship the south forland NE ½ by N 6 or 7 Miles Dungion head lighthouse NW1/2N at 7 PM Anchored in 13 fathoms Water Dungion Heads SW by W So. forland ENE ½ E Distance of Shore 5 or 6 miles vear’d away to half Cable at 11 Weighed and Came to Sail at 12 Dungion Heads Lighthouse Bore NE by N 2 Leagues at 8 AM Beachey Head N by E½E.

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Lying in Plymouth sound

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Remarks &c onboard his Majesty’s Bark Endeavour

August 1768

Wednesday 10 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Weather at 6 AM Beachy Head NE By E disce. 5 Leagues at 8 in the [indecipherable] Reefs of the top sail and Tack’d ship at 4 AM Sounded [indecipherable] Fm. Water fine small Brown Land.

Thursday 11 - Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Weather at 4 PM the Extreams of the Isle of White from NW1/2W at 12 Sounded 18Fm. Water at AM Dumosses NE½E 5 or 6 leagues.

Friday 12 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Weather rather Inclinable to calm at 4 PM Poveral Point W by N 4 Leagues and the Needles N by E 4 Leagues at 3 sounded 20 Fm. hard rocky ground poveral point ENE at 8 The High Land of [indecipherable] Namd the Bill of portland NW By W 4 Leagues.

Saturday 13 – Light Airs and Hazey Wr. at 8 AM Berey Head Bore W by N 6 leagues

Sunday 14 – The 1st part Fresh Breezes and fair Ws. the remainder Light Winds at 4 PM the Mewsstone NW½W 3 or 4 Leagues at half past 8 PM Anchored in Plim. Sound Mewsstone SSE ½E ¾ mile at 4 AM Weighed and stood further up the Sound at 8 came too with the Best Bower in 6 Fm. water Mewstone SSE½E 2 miles Mount Batten NE½E and Drakes Island N by E Broached the sea Beer

Monday 15 – The first part Moderate and fair Wr. at 3 PM Weighed and dropt a little neared the Shore and Anchored again in 6 Fm. Water Mount Batten NE by E½E Drakes Island NW½N and Weathy Hedge SE received onboard fresh Beef for the use of the Bark’s Company

Tuesday 16 – Moderate and Hazey for the 1st received onboard 25 Bags of bread the middle hard squalls with rain the [indecipherable] moderate AM unbent the Mean an fore top sails and fortop Gallant Sails and sent them ashore received onboard 4 Tuns of Beer AM Came onboard One Sarjent 1 Corporal 1 Drummer 9 private marines as part of the Bark Complement By an Admty. Order

Wednesday 17 – Light winds and Hazey, received onboard some water and Compleated our Mean and fore Holds Cleared away our after Hold for the reception of 4 Guns which we stowed there as follows

Thursday 18 – Light Winds and Hazey received onboard 4 Guns Stow’d them in our after hold Received on board 12½ Barrels of Powder and other Gunneries stores with our sails and Some Carpentors stores

Friday 19 – The first part Little Wind with some rain in the later fair Weather AM the Commissioner Came onboard and paid the barks Company too Months advance, received onboard 6 Baggs of Bread and [indecipherable] of Cheese together with 60 Gallons of Rum the Carpenters & and Joiners from the Gov. employ’d onboard, read the articles of War with the abstracts of the late act of Parliament &c &c.

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Lying in Plymouth Sound – At single Anchor in Plymouth Sound

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Remarks &c onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

August 1768

Saturday 20 – The first part little Wind with drizling Rain, the second Later Fresh Gales and hard rain, Employed Lashing the Boom AM received onboard 687 Pounds of fresh Beef for the use of the Barks Company

Sunday 21 – Fresh Gales and [indecipherable] PM The Carpenter finished onboard at 7 vear’d away to a Whole Cable on the Best Bower and let go the small Bower under foot, Employ’d rounding the small Bower Cable Bent the Short Cable and Weigh’d the Small Bower and hove into the Half Cable Service on the best bower more moderate Employ’d Making points

Monday 22 – Fresh Gales and heavy squalls of Wind and rain at 4PM let go the Small Bower under foot at 6 the same [indecipherable] the small Bower and Veir’d away on the Best a whole Cable then let go the small Bower again, Employ’d making points and Gasketts

Tuesday 23 – Fresh Gales with heavy squalls of Wind and rain PM Struck [indecipherable] and topmasts, Arrived his Majestys Ship Gibaralter AM hove up the small Bower the corning more moderate hove into the Half Cable Service on the Best Bower, people Emply’d Making Points and Gaskets &c &c

Wednesday 24 – Fresh Gales and Hazey Wr. Veid’d away to 2/3 of a Cable on the Best Bower then lett go the Small Bower and Veir’d to a Whole Cable on the Best Bower AM Moderate and Cloudy, at 4 hove up the Small Bower and hove into ½ a Cable at 6 got up the top masts and [indecipherable]

Thursday 25 – Moderate and Cloudy Wr. at 1hove into one Third of a Cable on the Bower and at 9 received onboard 2 Tuns and 4 Tuns of water at 11 [indecipherable] a Signal for Mr. Banks and Doctor Solander to come Onboard, returned all our Empty Casks and Loos’d the Topsails

Friday 26 – Little Wind and Cloudy Wr. at 3 PM the above Gentlemen being come onboard Weigh’d and came to Sail at 4 the [indecipherable] Boar NEE dist 4 Miles unbent the Sheet Cable and Stowed the Best Bower anchor at 6 AM the Lizard Point Bore NW½W dist 5 OR 6 Leagues from which we took our departure at noone Sounded 59 Fm. Small stone Grey sand and Broken Shells

Saturday 27 – The 1st part Little Wind and Cloudy then later fresh Breezes and fair W. several sails in sight

Sunday 28 – The 1st part Little Winds and Hazey wr. the latter Light and fair Weather

Monday 29 – The first part Little Winds and Hazey wr. with a great Swell from the NE the Latter Squally with rain at noon [indecipherable] reef of the topsails

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Remarks &c onboard his Majestys Ship Endeavour

August 1768

Tuesday 30 – The 1st and Middle moderate and Cloudy the remainder fresh Gales and Squally at 2 hove too and spoke His Majestys Frigate Gardlope the Honourable Captn. Cornwallis commander Bound for England in 1st Reef of [indecipherable] made Sail, at 12 past Meredo in 2 Reefs, at 3 AM saw a sail to the Northward Handed the mizen Topsails & at 6 in 3 Reefs, a heavy squal from North W.

Wednesday 31 - Moderate and Hazey Wr. with a great swell out 3 reefs of the mean topsail. Several Sails in sight

September 1868

Thursday 1st – Fresh gales and stormy Wr. Found the Fottock plate of the Main top Gun Fixt another at 7 [indecipherable] Topsails and Struck Topgallant Mast at 10 Saw a Ship Light to the Southward Wore ship and had a Great Squall from the Westward With [indecipherable] at 10 AM Sett the fore Topsail

Friday 2 – The 1st part fresh Gales and Cloudy Wr. the remainder Little Winds and Cloudy. at 6 PM Saw 2 Sails standing to the Southward, at 4 got 1st and 2 Reefs of the Topsail and got up topgallant mast and made sail, at 5 Saw the Land Bearing SSW saw [indecipherable] the Etward at 9 Cape Portugal Bore ESE 7 or 8 Leagues

Saturday 3 – the 1st part Light airs and Hazey Weather with rain, the middle and Latter fresh Gales With rain at 5 Close reefd the Topsail Do. [indecipherable] the fore and Mizzen Topsail Got down top Gallants Gards and the Spritsail Topsail Gard and saw a Sail to the Westward & wore ship

Sunday 4 – Fresh Gales and Hazey Wr. For the 1st part [indecipherable] the fore topsails at 5 PM Set the mean topsail and Out 3 Reefs [indecipherable] 16 – 00 Wt. the middle and Latter part little Winds Inclinable to Calm Got up top Gallant Gards and made more sail at 5 AM Saw the Land of Cape Finnester Bearing [indecipherable] distance 11 or 12 Leagues. at noon the Island of Cyserga Bore SE ½ E about 13 leagues

Monday 5 – Light Airs and fair Entors mixt with Calm When Cape Finesterre Bore SW By S distance about 15 Leagues [indecipherable] 19-30 West

Tuesday 6 – Moderate Breezes and fair Weather at 6 took our departure of Cap Finisterre It Bearing E By S Distance 6 Leagues AM Variation 21 –40 Wt. this day found a Southerly Current

Wednesday 7 – Do. Wr. AM Variation [indecipherable] 21. –NW 4 sail in Sight

Thursday 8 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy AM past by several Sail Going to the Northward

Friday 9 – Fresh Gales and Hazey Squally WeatherVarn. pr. azth. 19-50 Wsaw a ship standing to the norward set up the topmast rigging

Saturday 10 – Fresh Gales and clear weather PM Varn. pr. 10 – 39 W [indecipherable] 12 W Saw a sail standing to the Nward.

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Remarks &c onboard his majestys Bark Endeavour

September 1768

Sunday 11 – Moderate Breezes and fine Clear Wr. PM Varn. 19 -00 AM 10 -00 West

Monday 12 – Do. Wr. first and middle part the Latter fresh Gales and Squaley, at 6 PM saw a Sail to the Westward at 3 PM caried away the starboard top mast steering Sail Boom Do. 1st Reefs of the top sails and brought too. at 6 made sail Out the 1st Reefs saw the Island of portosanto Bearing NW ½ N distance 10 or 11 leagues. at 8am saw the Island of Medara Bearing WBN the [indecipherable] WBS ½ S and Portasanto NWBW & Medera WBN

Tuesday 13 – The first part fresh Gales and Cloudy the remainder Light airs at 8 PM Came to an anchor in Franchell Road with the Best Bower in 22 Fm. Water vear’d away to half a cable [indecipherable] Head SEBE ½ E the Other Extream of the Bay W ½ S Found [indecipherable] hear his Majestys Ship the rose and Several Marchantmen at 5 AM weigh’d and work’d further Into the Bay the Fort seeing [indecipherable] 2 Shot at us at 8 [indecipherable] Came too in 15Fm. Water the Bearing on head SEBS and the [indecipherable] Castle West Moor’d with the Kedge Anchor and [indecipherable] to the Eastward.

Wednesday 14 – Clear Weather a frequent squals off the Land. sailed from hear his Majestys Ship rose at 3 AM the Kedge Anchor came [indecipherable] and at 6 hove it up Do. Carried it out to the Eastward When Mr. Alix’r Weire one of our Masters Mates was drowned by accident by heaving the anchor, at 8 hove up the Best Bower and lett go the small Do. Moor’d the Bark dist.ce of shore ½ a mile the [indecipherable] castle WBW ½ W ¼ of a mile the Brazen Head ESE ½ E 4 miles and the church on the Hill Over the Town NBE ½ E

Thursday 15 – Do. Wr. Employed stowing the Holds and Bownding the small Bower Cable Carpenters employed Caulking the Ships Sides received onboard 359 lb of Beef for the use of the Ships Company. Sent a boat in the offing to Bury Mr. Weire Who was entangled in the Buoy Rope, and haul’d over board Letting go the Kedge anchor in the Longboat & was drown’d to the Utter greif of the Ships Company

Friday 16 – The first part fresh Gales and Squaley employed in the hold. John Ramsey seaman fell down in the after Hold and was dangerously Bruised AM fair Weather Read the Articles of War and punished Henry Stephens Seaman & Tho. Dunster marine for refusing their provisions

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

September 1768

Saturday 17 – Little Winds and Cloudy Wr. the Captain served the Barks Company 20 lbs of Onions pr. Man the Carpenters Employed paying the ships side with Varnish of pine, People Employed receiving Wine and Water onboard for the use of the ship’s Company & Cleaning the ship[indecipherable]

Sunday 18 – Do. Wr. PM received onboard 270 lbs fresh Beef and a live Bullock of 613 pounds weight for the use of the Barks Company AM compleated the hold Having onboard 3032 Gallons of Wine for the Barks Companys use AM clear’d Hawser and [indecipherable] and Gott ready for sea

Monday 19 – Moderate breezes and fair Wes. at ½ past 11 PM Weigh’d and Came to Seal at 12 the Town of Franchill Bore NBE distce. 4 or 5 miles AM unbent the cable and stowed the Anchor

Tuesday 20 – Light Airs Entermixt with Calms AM Varian. p1. azth. 16..30 Wt.

Wednesday 21 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy PM Served hooks and lines slops and Tobacco to the Barks Company AM Employed in the Hold

Thursday 22 – Moderate Breezes and fair Clear weather at 4 Saw the Land Bearing S. at 6 saw the Body of [indecipherable] from S3/4W to SSW diste. about 5 Leagues, at 10 the Body of a [indecipherable] 5 or 6 miles, Employed making points

Friday 23 – Light Airs and Clear Wr. at 6 saw the peak of Tinyreff Wt. and the grand Cannaries SSW at noon the Body of Tinereef WBS ½ S people Employed Working up [indecipherable]

Saturday 24 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. at 6 AM the Peak of Tinereeff W ½ [indecipherable] and a rock on the NE End NWN distce. of shore 3 Leagues Do. Employed

Sunday 25 – Fresh Breezes and Hazey Wr. Do. employed

Monday 26 – Moderate Breezes and Hazey Wr. PM Varin. pr. Ampl. 15..00 West

Tuesday 27 – Fresh Gales and Heazy Exercized small arms Empld. Working up [indecipherable]

Wednesday 28 – A fine fresh Trade With a frowing sea, Began to serve out Wine to the Barks Company the beer being expended AM Saw some Land Birds Exercised the petty Officers and Marines with small arms Variation pr. [indecipherable] 13..00 West

Thursday 29 – Moderate Breezes and Hazey PM Varin. Azth. 12..23 W Exercised small arms

Friday 30 – A pleasant trade wind and Hazey Wr. at 6 AM Saw the land of Bonavesta [indecipherable] from S½W to SW½W Saw the Breakers off the NE Point

October 1768

Saturday 1 – Do. Wr. PM Variation pr. azth. 10..37 West

Sunday 2 – Do. Wr. PM [indecipherable] a strong [indecipherable] of a Current Varitn. 11..00 West

Monday 3 – Light Airs Entermix’t With Calms at 12 PM pas’d a strong & [indecipherable] of a Currant Sounded 110 ground try’d the Currant and found it Set SE ¾ mile pr. hour

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

October 1768

Tuesday 4 – Light Airs Entermixt with Calms, found the current to Set NBE 1 mile pr. hour

Wednesday 5 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Weather PM Varn. azth 5..09 ampl 6.. 21 West

Thursday 6 – Little Winds and Hazey for the first part, the middle and Later Fresh Breezes and Squaly rainey Weather Varin. 8 degrees 52 minutes Wt. AM

Friday 7 – Little Winds Entermixed With Calms, Exercised small arms and try’d the Currant and found that it set SEBS one Knott pr. Hour

Saturday 8 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. Vartn. Pr Ampl. 9..00 W exercizing small arms petty Officers and Marines

Sunday 9 – Light Airs and fair Wr. found the Currant to set NNW 1 knot 1 Fm pr. hour

Monday 10 – Do. Wr. Found the Currant to set 1 knot 2 fathoms pr. Hour

Tuesday 11 – Light Airs and Calms Employ’d making points &c &c

Wednesday 12 – Do. Wr. With Some Showers of rain found the Currant to set SSW

Thursday 13 – Light Airs With Heavy Rain Varn. Pr. azth. 9..11 west Currant set South

Friday 14 – Light Breezes and Cloudy Weather PM Varitn. Azth. 5..6 SW

Saturday 15 – Do. Wr. Some Squalls of rain &c

Sunday 16 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. Varit Pr. AM 9-15 SW

Monday 17 – Light Airs Entermixed with Calm Scrubbed Ship between Wind and Water Opened a Cask of Beef Short 5 peices

Tuesday 18 – The first part Slight Winds the remained fresh Gales squaley Wr. carried away the main Top Blowing Bridle &c fixt a new one

Wednesday 19 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. with squales, fixt a new pr. of Gib Halliards

Thursday 20 – Do. Wr. setting the Topmast and top Gallant mast rigging fore and Aft.

Friday 21 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. employed making points and Gasketts

Saturday 22 – Do. Wr. Employed as before &c cleaning Below AM Varit. Pr ampl 3..20 W

Sunday 23 – Do. Wr. Saw Several [indecipherable] About the Ship &c

Monday 24 – Do. Wr. With some flying showers Exercised Small arms and Fired Several Volleys AM Varitn. Pr 3..22 West

Tuesday 25 – Moderate and Cloudy AM Varitn. 2..00West of the [indecipherable] line

Wednesday 26 – Do. Wr. Duck’d several people who refused to pay the usual demands for Crossing the Line Anchoring to the ancient Custom of the British Seaman &c. Varitn. Pr.Azh. 2..30 W AM Employed making points and Gaskets &c

Thursday 27 – Fresh Gales and Hazey Squaley Wr. Exercised small arms and fired Several Volleys, Employed working up [indecipherable] &c

Friday 28 – Do. Wr. AM Found the sebb traveler gone & fix’d new one, Employed working up [indecipherable] &c in the after Hold &c &c

Saturday 29 – A fine fresh trade and fine pleasant Weather, Keeping a good look out for the Island of Ferdinand Noronha & Employed Sheeting the Hold &c

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Remarks &c Onboard His Majestys Bark Endeavour

October 1768

Sunday 30 – A fine fresh trad and pleasant Wr. PM Sounded 60 Fathom Line no ground

Monday 31 – Do. Wr. Sailmakers Employed, and other people making points

November 1768

Tuesday 1 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy PM Varitn. 44 miles West, Employed making matts

Wednesday 2 – Do. Wr. PM Varitn. Azth. 00..30 E. Employed making points

Thursday 3 – Moderate and Clear Varitn. Pr. several Azth. 2..30 Et. Employed as before Sailmakers at Work Mending the old Sails

Friday 4 – Do. Wr. Varitn. and Several Azth. 1-35 Et. Employed painting Boats Sailmakers altering the Boat Sails People as Before

Saturday 5 – Do. as Before Employed making matts

Sunday 6 – Squaley with Rain people Employed Occausionly

Monday 7 – Moderate and Clear Weather at 6 PM Found the Colour of the Water Changed Sounded and got ground at 32 Fm. Coral Rock and Broken Shells at 6 am Sounded and got no ground with 100 Fathom of Line Carpenters Employed as before people employed in the hold and making points and Gasketts &c.

Tuesday 8 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy PM Varitn. Pr. azth. 5...26 E at 6am found the Land Bearing NW distce. 9 or 8 Leagues Saw a sail on Shore Sounded and found ground at 37 Fm. Rock and Shells, at 9 Brought too and spoke a Portugue fishing Boat Sounded at 48 Fm. Cours Sand and shells the Extream of the Land from NBW to W distce. 7 Leagues at 10 made Seal

Wednesday 9 – Do. Wr. Sounded 15 and 16 Fathoms fine sand With Blackened and Yellow spotts at 2 PM took the Extreams of the land from NNW to NWBW distce. 4 or 5 Leagues Saw a Sail to the SEt. at 12 Wore Ship and Stood off shore Sounding Regular to 50 Fm. White sand and stones. Employed Bending the Cables and Unstowing the Anchors at Noon running along shore Depth of Water 14 Fathoms

Thursday 10 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. Stood in shore to 5½ Fm. Water White sand the Extreams of the Land from NBW to SBW distce. of Shore 3 miles at 3 PM [indecipherable] and stood out to 30 Fm. fine Grey sand and at 4 [indecipherable] and stood to the Westward, at noon depth of water 4 Fathoms

Friday 11 – Moderate and Cloudy Weather found the strap of the Foretopmast stay sail stay gone. Do. found the Bolt of the Gammaning of the Bowsprit Break, at 6 [indecipherable] over a bank 6½ Fm. Water on it & haul’d out to sea People Employed on the rigging. depth of Water at Noon 40 Fathoms

Saturday 12 – Moderate and Cloudy Wr. at 4 PM saw the land to the Westward Bearing WNW distce. 8 or 9 Leagues Sounded no ground 48 Fm. Line at 6 AM the Island of Fryo NW½N distce. 13 Leagues Varyitn. Pr ampls 8.46 Et.

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Moor’d in Rio Janerio

[Page 37]

Remarks &c onboard his Majestys Ship Endeavour, Rio Janerio

November 1768

Sunday 13th – The first part Moderate and fair the Later Light Airs and Cloudy, Varitn. Pr. Several Azth. 7..00 Et. at 8 Short End Sail and Sounded 20 Fm. Muddy ground the Sugar Loaf WBN½N distce. 5 Leagues to Island WBS 2 or 3 Leagues standing in for the Mouth of the River at 1 Brought too at [indecipherable] made sail and sent the pinnace up to the City for a pilot

Monday 14 – Moderate Breezes and pleasant Wr. at 2 PM passed 2 Small Islands which Lie Without the Entrance, Depth of Water 8 or 9 Fathoms, at 3 pass’d the Entrance which is made by the Fort [indecipherable] on the Starboard and the Sugar Loaf on the Larboard side a Little without the Entrance the Bar where we had 6 Fm. But Afterwards no ground 15 Fm. Line at 6 Got a Breast of the Town Depth of Water 10 Fm. the pinnace Came onboard the Officers being detained onshore By the Vice roy, at 7 came to at the West side of Snaks Island in 5 Fm. of Water Moor’d with small anchor and Hawser to the Westward Bearing when moor’d Morristry s½ of a Mile N point of Snakes Island ESE rockey Island NBW ½ of a mile a small Island towards SW Bearing WBN one mile distce. off the nearest point of Snakes Island two Cables Lengths Hoist out the boats Do. came off from the shore a portugues Boat With a guard of Soldiers [indecipherable] admitted no Officers nor boat Anchors But the Capt. [indecipherable] When the ship was Moor’d went to the Vice Roy and at 8 returned with the two Officers detained, Found Riding here several Portugues Ships at [indecipherable] AM struck Yards and topmast and Got them on the Booms Employed getting ready empty casks to be sent on shore . Ships draught of Water forward 12 foot 4 inches about 13 Ft. 6 I. Fired the Morning & Evening guns

Tuesday 15 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. Employed getting up a set of spare topmast Do. got them and the loer Gards up AM Sent a longboat Load of Empty Casks with the Coopers anchor to Be repaired and fill’d Do. [indecipherable] and Boot topt the Starboard Side Black the Gard and mast heads and got up the top Gallant mast and received Onboard 102 pounds of fresh Beef

Wednesday 16 – Do. Wr. Employed in the rigging Blacking and Taring &c Coopers Onshore AM heeling and Boot top’t the Larboard side scrap’d the Salt Water out of the ground Tier, Sailmakers employed on mending the sails received onboard some Water and Beef

Thursday 17 – Do. Wr. Employed on the rigging, Coopers Onshore, Sailmakers Repairing the sails, Sent onshore the remainder of the Empty Casks. Carpenters Caulking the Ships sides Gott up the armorers Forge on the main Deck

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Rio Janerio

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour Rio Janerio

November 1768

Friday 18 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. Clear’d away the Starboard side of the main Hold for the cable to go below AM Got up the Best Bower Cable and 4 months provisions of all Spacions, Between Carpenters Coopers &cat Work receiv’d onboard Fresh Beef

Saturday 19 – The first and Middle part fresh Breezes the Later Light Airs PM Got the Best Bower Cable into the Main Hold received a Longboat full of Water fill’d the Ground Tier AM Got the small Bower Cable upon Deck and Clear’d away the Larboard side of the Hold, at 11AM Lieut. Hicks going onshore on duty refus’d to take a Sentinel into the boat Whereupon the Boats landing the Boats Crew were taken to prison and himself sent onboard in one of those Boats under a guard Our pinnace being hauled onshore and the pendent hauled down from the Mast. Query Wether this is a Breach of the Treaty or not, Read the Articles of War and punished John Thurman for Muteiny, Carpenters Coopers and Sailmakers Employed as before, received onboard fresh Beef for the use of the Ships Company

Sunday 20 – Moderate Breezes the Middle and Later Strong Gales and Hazey rain, Emp’d Getting the Sheet and Small Bower Cables in the Hold, PM The Longboat broke adrift in a hard Squal with the Boatswains 2 men and 2 pipes of Rum in her Do. went With the Gaul after Her at 3 returned onboard after having been 5 Hours with Eight men in a small Gaul on a Leeshore in a Gale of Wind After Leaving the Long Boat Sunk in a Grapling, At 9 AM the Vice Roy sent the Pinnace and her crew onboard and a Shore Boat to Search after the Long boat Do. Sent all the Boats round the Harbour and received onboard 1200 Gallons of Rum for the use of the Ships Company with some fresh Beef

Monday 21 – Moderate Breezes with Rain at 8 PM the Longboat returned with the rum having Been found by the Pinnace Empoy’d stowing the After Hold am Weigh’d the Best Bower and shifted our Berth farther to the Westward then moor’d with the Bower to the Westward and 2 small Anchor and Hawser to the Eastward Coopers onshore & Carpenters Caulking the Ships Sides, Sailmakers and Armorers at Work

Tuesday 22 - Do. Wr. AM Empoy’d Watering and Stowing the Fore Hold and on the rigging, Cooper as before [indecipherable] the Bowsprit and bent the fore sails and received onboard 145 lbs of Fresh Beef

Wednesday 23 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as yesterday received onboard Water and Getting up the mean rigging &c

Thursday 24 – Moderate and Clear Wr. AM Got up the Best Bower Cable on deck and stowed a tier of Small Casks under and got the Cable down below again Employ’d as usual, Arrived here a Spanyard packet frm. Bonnis Airs Bound to Cadiz, recd. fresh Beef

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At Rio Janeiro

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Remarks &c onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour, Rio Janeiro

November 1768

Friday 25 – Moderate Breezes and fair Wr. Employ’d Stowing in the mean chains Completed the fore Hold, People Employ’d &c.

Saturday 26 – Do. Wr. Employ’d Stowing Water Between decks Boats Watering setting the top mast rigging fore and aft People Employ’d &c

Sunday 27 – Do. Wr. Bent the top and topgalllants Sails Wash’d and Cleaned Ship People Employ’d &c

Monday 28 – Do. Wr. Received Onboard a tun of water, Bent the Main sails and Top sails and pay’d the sides with Tar

Tuesday 29 – Do. Wr. Employ’d lashing the Casks between Decks pay’d the lower masts with Varnish of pine and Boats Employ’d Watering

Wednesday 30 – Do. Wr. Compleated our Water to 57½ Tuns read the articles of War and punished Robert Henderson Seaman for neglect of Duty &c William Judge for Abusive Language and John Readin for disobedce of Ordesr Hott up the Armorers forge

December 1768

Thursday 1 – Moderate and fair Wr. Received a Quantity of Fresh Beef and Game for the use of the Ships Company and weighed one of our small Anchors

Friday 2 – Do. Wr. Employ’d Clearing Ship for sea her drought of Water forward 13 Fms aft 15 Fm AM Came aboard a Pilot [indecipherable] the ship down the river at 5 Unmoor’d and Weighd the Best Bower Anchor at 6 Weighd the Small anchor at 11 Peter Flowers fell overboard & was drown’d

Saturday 3 – Moderate and Cloudy at 1 PM came too with the Bower Anchor in 10 Fm. Water the Sugar Loaf So. .. Courses SSE½E about four Miles, Vair’d away to ½ a cable AM fresh gales with rain Employ’d Clearing the ship and Several other Necessary dutys

Sunday 4 – first and Middle part fresh Gales With Heavy rain sent the small Boat onshore for Water Hoist in the Long Boat Vair’d away to a Whole Cable the Latter part Light airs Clear Wr. at 10 AM hove into half a cable

Monday 5 – First part Little Winds and cloudy in the Evening several Heavy Claps of Thunder at 4 AM Weigh’d and Came to Sail down the River at ½ past 5 the fort of St. Cruse fir’d 2 Shotts at the ship which Obliged us to bring an Anchor in 26Fm. Water hard Sandy Ground fort St Cruse SE 1 mile for 1 Lozie SBW ¾ of a mile at 6 Sent a Boat with a mate to the Vice roy which at 11 return’d with an Order for us to pass the forts Weigh’d the best Bower But in getting it up it got fowl of which we could not Clear, Carried out a small Anchor and Hawser to Steady the Ship Least the cable should part in Getting up the Anchor

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

December 1768

Tuesday 6 – The Land Breezes Continuing try’d all possible mains to Weigh the Anchor but in vain at 3 the Ships tending to the flood and the Sea Breeze Coming in weigh’d the Anchor and vaired up again to 15 Fm. Water where we came too St. Cruse SE½S ¾ of a mile fort Lozie S½W found the Best Bower Cable much rubb’d

Wednesday 7 – first part Moderate and Cloudy the Later Light airs and rain PM the Gaul Came Onboard Water at 5 AM Hoist out the Pinnace weigh’d and tow’d down the river at 7 got to Entrance Depth of Water 25 Fm. and at 8 the Pilot Left the Ship after Which we steer’d between the Islands SBE sounded 10 to 7 and from 7 to 24 Fm. Good Regular Soundings at 9 sent a boat to cut Broom which we was not to do in the Harbour, at Noon the Sugar Loaf Bore NNW distance 6 or 7 Leagues brought too her head off Shore Weating for the Boats

Thursday 8 – Moderate and Fair Wr. The Boats Returned Hois’d them in and made sail at 6 the Sugar Loaf Bore a distance 6 or 7 Lg. from which we took our departure

Friday 9 – Little Winds With great swells fro the NW at 1 AM Carried away the fore top Gallant mast Carpenters Employ’d making a new one

Saturday 10 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. Varn. 9... 30 Pt Finished the top Gallant mast

Sunday 11 – Do. Wr. Got up top Gallant Mast and serv’d out Slops to the Company

Monday 12 – Little Winds and fine Wr. PM Varn. 8...40 AM 8..00 Et. Carpenters Caulking the M. deck Exercised the great Guns and small arms

Tuesday 13 – Do. Wr. Varitn. 8..23 Et. Carpenters Caulking the Quater Deck Exercised Great Guns and small arms

Wednesday 14 – Fresh Breezes and Hazy Wr. AM Saw a Sail on the Quarter standing to the N’ward. Exercised small arms sailmakers Employ’d on the Sails

Thursday 15 - The 1st part Do. Wr. Latter Light Winds and Cloudy with a great swell from the Wesard AM Varin. 12..9 Et Carpenters and sailmakers at Work Exercising Small Arms

Friday 16 – Moderate and Cloudy with SW swell Carpenters as before. People Working up [indecipherable]

Saturday 17 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy wr. put the Ships Company to Watch and Watch Do. employ’d

Sunday 18 – Do. Weather, Received the Foul Weather tacks and sheets and Clean’d Ship

Monday 19 – Do. Wr. Bent a New Sheet of Courses and top sails Varin. 13..00 Pt. Painting and [indecipherable]

Tuesday20 – Do. Wr. Varin. 13..00 Et Cleaned and Cleared Ship between decks

Wednesday 21 – Fresh Gales and Squally Hazey Wr. at 12 sounded no ground with 80 Fm. line at 5 AM Heavy squalls Wore ship and close reef’d the topsails at 8 Do. More Moderate. Out reefs and made more sail Empoy’d Working up [indecipherable]

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Remarks &c On board his Majestys Bark Endeavour

December 1768

Thursday 22 – Moderate and Cloudy Weather with a great swell Bent a new topmast sail at 3 PM. split the sprittsail unbent him Varin. 15..00 Et. sounded 100 Fm. no ground Unbent the Courses and topsails Employ’dipping a new Sheet Overboard and bending them Sett up the topmast rigging

Friday 23 – Moderate and fair Lay too and try’d the Current and found it set WNW 4 Fm. per hour Varin. Pr. AM 16..2 E AM Bent the Spritsail People Employ’d Cleaning the Ship Sounded 200 Fm. no ground Saw many turtle pass by. The Carpenters Caulking the main deck

Saturday 24 – Light airs and Clear Wr. Caught a turtle the later part Moderate with Breezes Varin. 17..40 Et. Employed making matts

Sunday 25 – Some Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. This day being Christmas day Brought the ship under an Easier Sail and gave the Barks Company a holy day Varien. 10..30 Et.

Monday 26 – Do. Wr. a fine following sea past by some Rock Weeds

Tuesday 27 – Fresh Gales AM duble reeft the topsails A following sea

Wednesday 28 – The first and Latter parts and thick Hazey the middle part Excessive hard Gales with Squalls of wind and rain at 5 PM Handed the top sails at 8 Do. brought too under the Mainsail Sounded 50 Fm. sand and shells at 6 AM Moderate Sounded 46 Fm. Do. ground made sail under the courses at 10 Do. Settt he topsails and at Noon Out Reefs

Thursday 29 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. at 2 PM made more sail Varint. 16-30 Et. This day had Several Observations of the sun and Moon which gives the Longitude 59...8 West

Friday 30 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. Sounded 48 and 47 Fm Sandy Ground

Saturday 31 – Do. Wr. Sounded from 48 to 50 Black and Grey sand Varin. 10..30 Et. Water of a pale Green Coullour Lightening to the Westward

January 1769

Sunday 1 - the 1st part Do. Wr. the Latter Fresh Breeze passed by some rock Weed had Observation of the Sun and M which gives the Long 61..5 West of Greenwich
Monday 2 – Fresh Breezes with some Squalls of Rain Bent a New [indecipherable] Saw several Wales near the Ship

Tuesday 3– Fresh Gales all this[indecipherable] Showers, Saw Several Wales porposions [indecipherable] sea Lions and Silver Coullor’d Birds about the size of a Swallow and great Quantitys of red Shell fish the size of Shrimps, at 3 AM handed the fore and dubbled reef’d the main topsail at 3 Do. sett the fore and Out 3 reefs of the Sail

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

January 1769

Wednesday 4 – the first and middle part fresh Gales with Heavy rain Saw the Appearance of Land, and being near the place Where Pygmes Island is said to be Bore away But after running a Considerable time found our Mistake and [indecipherable] the Wind again Saw great Quantitys of rock Weeds, Sounded 72 Fm. Sandy Ground at 1 AM Cloos reef’d the topsails and at 7 Do. Bore away in a very hard squall handed the fore top sail Varitn 20..30 Et.

Thursday 5 – Fresh Gales and fair Wr. At 3 AM sett the fore top sails Varitn 20..09 Et. at 9 Do. Out the 2 Reefs Carried away ye. fore Sheets & knotted him again

Friday 6 – Fresh Gales and Squally with Showers of rain and Hail at 2 PM sounded 78 Fm. green sand and Saw some Penguins and [indecipherable] out Fearnought Jackets and Trowsers to the Ships Company & at Noon Sounded 90 Fathom

Saturday 7 – Hard Gales with Excessive hard Squalls of hail & at 4 PM Close reef’d and Handed the Topsails at 8 Wore[indecipherable] and reef’d the fore sail and Brought too under the Main sail a great sea

Sunday 8 - Moderate and Cloudy set Both top sails at 4 reefs Sounded 80 Fm. fine Sand at 6 AM out all reefs and made sail saw some penguins

Monday 9 – Do. Wr. PM Varitn pr. Azth 22..24 Saw great Numbers of Penguins and sails about the Ship, at Noon Sounded no ground 100 Fm. line

Tuesday 10 – Moderate Breezes and Clear Wr. Sounded at Various times 86 Fm. Ballack and Brown sand with Small Stones Varitn 21.. 51 Et. AM Saw Several flocks of sheer waters Employed in the Holds

Wednesday 11 – Fresh Breezes and fair Weather, at 12 sounded 64 Fm Ground as before at 3 AM Sounded 46 Fm. do. ground Saw the Land from S by SSW at the Extreams from S½W to W distance 5 or 6 Leagues out all reefs and Made sail at Noon sound 19 Fm. soft Mud the Extreame of Terra dall Fugo from East to West 5 Miles

Thursday 12 –Variable Wr. turning to Windward to Weather a piece of Land to the Et.ward Sounding 19-30 Fm. AM Set up the fore rigging and Bowsprit &Shrouds at Noon Exteams of Land [indecipherable]

Friday 13 – Little wind sometimes Squally with Hail and rain Sounded 23 Fm. Grey sand the Exreams of the Land from EBN to WBN the 3 Brothers SSE ½ W and South by West distance 3 or 4 Lgs, at 2 AM entered the Streights of Le Maire sounded 23 Fms. at ½ past 3 found a strong current setting out the streight which carried the Bark out of the streight in 2 hours, at 7 found the tides to slack sounded 44 Fms. Gravelly Bottom the extream of Terra dell Fuego from S 25 E distance 5 miles

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

to South 65 W Distance 2 Leagues [indecipherable] from SE to E turning to Windward in Streights Le Maire a tyde setting at the SW at Noon the Extreams of Terra dell fuego from NNW to SSW ½ W and shorten Land from EBN to ESE distce. off the nearest Land 7 or 8 Miles

Saturday 14 – Hard Gales with frequent Heavy Squalls of Hail and rain at 5 Bore away in a Squall & run under a low point and Brought too soon After Haull’d the wind as soon as we passed the point we had the strongest [indecipherable] to pass I ever saw wich I imagine was by the meeting of the Tides and the Bottom being Nothing but rocks and very uneven at 8 PM Made Sail in order to turn up with the Tyde at 2 AM Saw Staten Land Nt. 8 Distance from the lowest point 4 or 5 miles Extreams of Terra dall fugo fromSWBW to NW at Noon Working into a bay Sounded 12Fm. sent an officer in the pinnace on Shore to Sound

Sunday 15 - Moderate and Cloudy Standing off and on the Boat inshore sounding at 8 the Boat came onboard Made sail at 12 [indecipherable] at 4 came too with the Best Bower at 12 Fms. Vair’d away to half a cable the Extreams of the Bay from SBE to NBW the bottom of the Bay W 1½ Mile Staten Land N 72 E to SBW cape St. Vincent N10E at 9 Weighed and came to Sail by working to windward

Monday 16 -
Fresh Breezes with some showers of rain at 2PM standing into the Bay Depth of Water 14 to 10 and 9Fm. sandy bottom at ½ past 2 came too with the Best Bower in 9 Fm. water Veir’d away to ½ a cable and Moor’d with the stream anchor to the N’ward Hoist out the Boats and sent a Lieut with the pinnace to Look for a Watering place saw several Indians onshore 5 of Whom Came off in the Boat after he had found a convenient place for Wooding and Watering, They were of a Middle statue Clothed with a skin which they wear Wrapped around their Bodys they were Extremely fond of Bread and Beef and Every thing we gave them Except Spiritous Liquors Which they Would not touch; at 6 sent them Onshore in one of our boats, Employed getting ready for wooding and Watering. When moor’d the rock to the W.ward of a sandy Beach NW the other End of the Beach. N.W. the Watering place [indecipherable] the E.t part of the Bay [indecipherable] the S.t part [indecipherable] the Extreme of the Staten Land from NE to NEN about [indecipherable] Lgs ; Mr. Banks and Solander with their Servants went into the Country A Lieut With a party of Marines and Seamen went onshore to cut wood and fill Water Do. a boat surveying the Bay Employed in the Hold

[Page 50-51]

Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

January 1769

Thursday 17 – The 1st and Middle part fresh gales and Squally with some hail and rain and great Flaks of snow; Employed wooding and Watering [indecipherable] onboard several Boat Loads of Wood and water which we stowed away in the fore Hold Boiled [indecipherable] with the Barks Company pease at 7 oclock Mr. Banks &c returned Leaving his two servs Dead on the Mountain Being Perished by the severity of the weather

Wednesday 18 – The first Moderate Breezes and Cloudy, the Middle and Latter Strong Gales with Heavy Squalls of Hail rain & Snow AM the Surf run so high that the Boats Could not Land stuck the 6 guns of the Main Deck into the Hold

Thursday 19 – Strong Gales with Hail and Snow the Surf as Before; Employed Making all Necessary Preparations for Sea &c

Friday 20 – Moderate Gales and Cloudy Weather PM Employed as yesterday AM the Lieut With their Wooders and Waterers the Boatswains with a Party to cut Brooms Landed, the Hawser which was bent to Kedge to ride the Long boat [indecipherable] through the surf Broak an Officer with 2 Boats went to sweep for it but Could not find it; Employed on board stowing and filling Casks between decks and Weigh’d the Stream Anchor

Saturday 21 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy at 6 PM Completed our water and got Every thing onboard at 4 AM Weigh’d and Made Sail out of the Bay Employed Lashing and securing the Boats &c &c

Sunday 22 – The 1st part Do. the Wr. the Latter Light Winds AM Unbent the Small Bower Cable and stowed the anchor got up top gallants Yards AM got them down again

Monday 23 – The 1st and Middle part Moderate and Cloudy the Latter little winds and sometimes Calm at 2Am saw the Land to the SW [indecipherable] at 4 Do. stood in again Saw an Island Bearing WSW AT 8Do. the Extream of Terra dall Fuego from NNE 10 or 11 Leagues to SWBW 9 or 10 Leagues A remarkable Bluff Head WNW 5 or 6 Leagues and 2 Islands SW 6 Lgs. got up top gallant yards and set steering sails

Tuesday 24 – The 1st part Do. Wr. the latter fresh Gales and Squally with rain at 7 PM in 1st reefs the Land from NWBW to NWBN the Island was a long swell Varitn. Pr Azm. 21-47 Et. at 2 am taken a back at 6 Saw the Land to the Westward making in Islands, at 11 Standing in towards two small Islands and a Little to the Et.ward sounded 40 Fm. Sand and Broken Shells

[Page 52-53]

Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

January 1769

Wednesday 25 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy with rain at 6 AM the Nmost of the 2 small Islands NNW Distance 3 or 4 Leagues the 2 southermost SBW The Cape was dist.ce 5 Lgs Varitn Pr ampl. 21..16 Et. at 6 AM the Cape SSBW distance 5 or 6 Lgs. Saw a remarkable peak Bearing SW found the Current to have sett NNE 21 miles since yesterday [indecipherable] Sounded 50 Fm. I make this Cape to Ly in Ltt .55..53 South & Long. 68.. 34 W. of Greenwich it appears to be the Extreamety of a large group of Islands between which there seems to be several large passages which no doubt Leads to the Streigts of Magelin to the Et.ward of the Cape Lys two remarkable Islands the s.most of which lis low [indecipherable] Several Sunken rocks all round it at a considerable distance as makes it dangerous to come nigh; the other seems a Cold Shore and makes in spirit which renders its appearance remarkable and may be accounted a good mark for the Cape Between these twoIslands we had 40 fathoms and no main Land there seems likely to be Several good Harbours so that was this place a Little more frequented it would soon become a much less terrable passage than what it is at present [indecipherable] to go round Cape Horn

Thursday 26 – Fresh Gales and Squally foggy Wr. at 9 PM passed a [indecipherable] at 2 Cape Horn Bore N.W. and an Island to the S’ward dist. 6 or 7 Lgs.

Friday 27 – Do. Wr. With a Prodigious swell from the SW saw several remarkable Larg Albetrosses about the Ship

Saturday 28 – Do. Wr. with a Prodigious great swell at 2 AM saw the Land Bearing NNW Distce. 8 or 9 Leagues which we took to be Diego Ramirees in South 56..29 S. and Longe. 69..35 W. of Greenwich Varitn. pr. several Azm. 22..00 E. saw several Wales near the Ship had several Observations of the sun and moon by which we find Ourselves in Long. 69..20 Wt. of f Greenwich

Sunday 29 – Fresh Gales and Squally with rain swell as before at 7AM Close reef’d the topsails and Handed the Mizen top Sail

Monday 30 – the first part Do.Weather the Latter Moderate the swell Continuing from the SW AM Vartn. pr. several Azm. 24..54 E. sett topgallant sails had several good observations of the sun and moon which gives the Long. 73..30 Wt. of Greenw

Tuesday 31 – the 1st and Latter part Moderate Breezes, the Middle Calm PM Varitn. Pr. several Azth. 27..00 & 27..30 E set up the main top Shrouds AM Saw several Birds resembling Pidgeons

[Page 54-55]

Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

February 1769

Wednesday 1 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy Varitn. Pr. Azth. 24..53 E at Noon sounded 204 Fathoms no Ground

Thursday 2 - The first and Latter Light Airs the Middle fresh Gales with [indecipherable] AM sent about to try the Current found none swell
from [indecipherable] N.ward

Friday 3 – Light Airs Entermixed with Foggs & Calm a great swell from the W.ward

Saturday 4 – The 1st Part fresh gails the Latter Little Winds a swell from the Westward Varit.n Pr. Medium of several Azims. 21..53 E AM got up top Gallant Yards

Sunday 5 – The 1st Part Light airs and Cloudy a Swell from the SSW The later Moderate Breezes and Cloudy with some rain

Monday 6 – Moderate Breezes & Cloudy Wr. with rain and Hail sometimes squally

Tuesday 7 – fresh Gales and Cloudy Wr. this day found the ship to [indecipherable] N.ward of Account which I imput to a Current

Wednesday 8 - The 1st part do. Wr. the middle and Latter Squally with hail & rain at 2 PM Carried away the Jibb Halliards Received New ones at 7 AM taken aback from the SW found the ship to North of account as before gott down top gallant yards

Thursday 9 – fresh Gales and Squally with rain and a heavy swell from the NW AM Out 2 Reefs the topsails Current &c as above

Friday 10 – fresh Gales with very Heavy Squalls PM pass’d by some rock Weeds at 2 AM Double reef’d the top sails & at 8 Do. Out 2 Reefs

Saturday 11- Light Airs with thick Hazey Wr. sometimes Calm Out all reefs and got up the top Gallant yards

Sunday 12 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy PM had an observation of the sun & Moon which gives the Ships place 9..00 to the West of Account, AM Saw a Large flock of Birds about the Size of Tials this day observed the sew’ll Visably to decrease from the SSW and come more to the Southward this seems to indicate our Coming near some Land which from several Circumstances of this Voyage and several Others it cannot be far off

Monday 13 – Do. Wr. unbent the New and Bent the Old main top sails Saw several Albetrosses about the Ship had Several Observations of the sun and moon which gives the Long. 90..02 Wt. of Greenwich Pr. Azth. 17..30 Et. AM the Capt. Ordered the ships Company to 2/3 allowance of Beef and pork a Swell from the WSW

Tuesday 14 – fresh Gales and Hazey with a swell from the SW PM in 2 reefs Topsails AM Out Do. at Noon and all Ditto

[Page 56-57]

remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endevour

February 1769

Wednesday 15 – Light Winds and Cloudy at 3PM Observed Long.d by Sun and Moon 90..05 and 10 Do. observed Long.e pr. moon and star Regulas 91..09 W.t of Greenwich an instance of the accuracy of the Method of discovering the Long.e and the great benefit it is to Navigation their long voyages and in my Opinion Cannot be too much Encouraged Vatit.n per 11.00 E unbent the Old Main topgallant sail and bent a new one Do. unbent the main sail and mizzen and Bent Others

Thursday 16 – the first part Do. Wr. the Latter Strong Gales and Heavy Squalls at 6 AM Closs Reef’d the Main and handed the fore topsail a great sea from the SW at 8 Lost the driver Boom which was Lashed on the Quarter

Friday 17 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy with a great swell from SW AM Splitt the Main topsail and bent another Do. Opened a cask of Beef Short 6 pieces

Saturday 18 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy with drizzling Rain received onboard New Jibb Sheets

Sunday 19 – Do. Wr. AM Varit.n pr. 7..11 Et. Bent the old top Gallant sail

Monday 20 – Moderate Breezes and Clear Weather some showers in the Night

Tuesday 21 – Do. Weather with drizzling rain

Wednesday 22 - Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Variation am pr. 6..30 East

Thursday 23 – The first part Light airs with Lightening from the Westward the rest calm PM Varit.n 5..34 E am unbent the main and fore topsails and bent the Old ones Employed Overhauling the [indecipherable] &c

Friday 24 – the 1st part Calm the Latter fresh Breezes and Hayzey a Swell from the North Unbent the fore sails and Bent another Varit.n pr. the Mideum of several Azinniths 2..31 E

Saturday 25 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy AM unbent the Main top Gallant sails to mend

Sunday 26 – The 1st Part Moderate Breezes and Cloudy with a swell from the SE the Latter Strong Gales with hard Squalls of Wind and rain PM received a New Tillar rope at 9 Do. in 2 Reefs & Carried away the fore topsail sheet Do. Knotting him and setting the topsail Do. Wore Ship at am Handed the Mizen topsail Carried away the fore top Mast stay sail stay Do. received a new one at 6 am Cloos Reef’d the Topsails and at 11 Handed the Main top Sails

Monday 27 – The first part Fresh Gales and Cloudy the Latter Moderate and fair at 4 PM set the top sails and at 11 out 2 Reefs & AM Varit.n 2..20 E Employed in the fore hold

Tuesday 28 – Moderate and Pleasant Weather Broke the Mizen derrick Do. spliced ir and and [indecipherable] up the Yard

March 1769

Wednesday 1 – Fresh Breezes and Clear Weather Saw some fish like porpasses with Large fins on their Backs Exercising Seamen with small arms

Thursday 2 – Do. Breezes and squally with some rain Exercising small arms

[Page 58-59]

Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour Bound round the World

March 1769

Friday 3 – Moderate and fair Weather with a Western swell Employed getting up fresh Water and filling salt in the fore Hold

Saturday 4 – Fresh Breezes and Clear Exercising Small arms Varit.n pr. 2..10 E

Sunday 5 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. Unbent the Jib and Mean topmast stay sail and Bent the Old ones

Monday 6 – Moderate Breezes and Hazey Exercised Small Arms

Tuesday 7 – Do. Weather with Lightening to the Westwards

Wednesday 8 – Do. Weather Exercised Seamen with Small Arms

Thursday 9 – Do. Wr. a Southern Swell Saw a Tropick Bird Exercised Small Arms

Friday 10 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. Varit.n pr. 1..42 Et. Got up again main top sail yard for a Driver Boom

Saturday 11 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy put the Ships Company to 3 Watches [indecipherable] the fair Wr. takes and [indecipherable] Exercised Small arms

Sunday 12 - Do. Weather Variation pr. 4..32 E

Monday 13 – fresh Gales and pleasant Wr. Employed getting the Bower Cable upon Deck to[indecipherable] and Gott out some provisions from under it PM Vatit.n pr an Amplitude 3..20 E had some observations of the sun and moon Long.e 124..40 Wt.

Tuesday 14 – Light Winds and fine pleasant Wr. Employed getting the Cable Down and the size guns out of the Main Hold Long.e at 2 PM observ’d 126..00 PM saw some tropick Birds ; And the Carpenters Employed repairing the Boats

Wednesday 15 – Moderate Breezes and Pleasant Wr. Got the Sprit sail topmast sail yard out Varit.n pr. 3..0 E Employed Cleaning ship fore and aft as yesterday

Thursday 16 – Light Airs and Clear Wr. Exercising Small arms Varit.n pr. 2..32 Et. saw tropick Birds Carp.s as before at 7 Observed Occulation of the Planet Saturn Long.e in W 127..40 at 4 had some Observations of the Sun and Moon giving the Long.e in the W 127..27 West of Greenwich

Friday 17 – Little Winds and fine Pleasant Wr. Varit.e 2..48 E Pr. Several Exercised small arms Carpenters painting the Ships Boats`

Saturday 18 – The 1st part Ditto Weather the Lattter fresh Breezes and Cloudy with rain at 9 AM in 2 Reefs Top sails Employed filling Salt Water in the Hold

Sunday 19 – Fresh Gales and Squally with rain at 2 AM out 2 reefs Varit.e pr Azth 13..14 Et. More Moderate

Monday 20 Fresh Breezes and Pleasant Wr. Exercising petty Officers and seamen with small arms saw several tropick Birds

Tuesday 21 –Little winds and Cloudy Wr. sometimes Calm PM Saw several Rock weeds AM saw several tropick Birds Employed in the Hold and setting up the topmast rigging

[Page 60-61]

Remarks &c Onboard His Majestys Bark Endeavour

March 1769

Wednesday 22 – The 1st part Calm the Latter fresh Breezes and fine pleasant weather. Saw some Men of War Birds Egg & Tropick Birds the Egg Birds is a small white Bird about the size of a Pidgeon with a fork’d tail it is remarkable for Laying a large Egg and frequently seen about the Sow Islands in the South Seas the man of war Bird Likewise according to Doctor Solander is never seen or known to rest on the Water so that in all Probability there is Land near this Place Especially as all the all the Birds we saw this day Went to the NW at Night

Thursday 23 – Fresh Breezes and Variable Unsettled Weather Broak one of the Main top mast Back Stays Do. fixt a new one Saw many Egg and man of war Birds Lightening all Round the Compass

Friday 24 – Variable Squally rainy Wr. with vast numbers of Birds of different Kinds; found the Bowsprit shrouds Gone; Much Lightening to the Westward at 10 Pm Observed the Water to be remarkably smooth and at 11 passed a Large Log of Wood at 8AM the smoothness of the Water went of this day at noon was upon the tropick of Capricorn

Saturday 25 – Moderate Gales and Dark Cloudy Wr. exercised small arms Carps. at Work in the Boats

Sunday 26 – Moderate Breezes and rainy Wr. Shifted the Jibb pass by some sea weeds a swell from the NW at 8 PM miss’d Wm. Greenslade marine who was supposed to have Jumped Over board Begun to serve Grogg to the ships Company the Wine being Expended

Monday 27 – Winds and Wr. very favourable sometimes blowing in hard Squalls and hard rain and others almost Calm very often taken aback its remarkable that the Dolphin in both her Voyages and in this Long. and near the same Latt. Experienced the same Variable Weather we do now this togather of the Circumstances of Weed, Logg of Wood and some [indecipherable] of the Water Sitely Observed makes me Conclude there is Land near this place

Tuesday 28 – Little winds and fair Wr. PM Varitn. Pr. ample. 9 S b E Exercised small arms Carpenters at Work on the Boats

Wednesday 29 – Moderate Breezes and Fine Pleasant Weather Variation pr. several Azth. 2-29 Et. saw a bird like a dove and some fish about the ship Exercised Small Arms began to Platt the best bower Cable

Thursday 30 – Moderate Breezes and Moderate Wr. Employed on the Cables, Carpenters paining the Boats Exercised the seamen with small arms &c. had several Observations of the Sun and Moon giving the Long. 127..10 W by which we find the ship as gained 3 degree since the Last Observations

[Page 62-63]

Remarks &c. Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

March 1769

Friday 31 - A fresh trade and fine Pleasant Wr.Varitn. pr. Azth 3..10 Et. Exercised Small Arms

April 1769

Saturday 1 – Do. Wr. and Winds Exercised Small arms &c Shortened sail in the Night

Sunday 2 – Do. Wr. with Lightening to the Northward Saw a flock of Birds of a brown colour [indecipherable] Like Sterlings

Monday 3 – A fresh trade and fine Pleasant Wr. PM Saw 2 Birds Like abbetrosses Lighening to the WSW shorten’d sail in the Night Exercised Seamen with small arms Employed in the Hold fix’d the deck [indecipherable] Carps. reparing boats

Tuesday 4 – Do. Wr. Varitn. pr. azth. 2..55 at 11am Peter Brises Servant to Mr. Banks to the Great Joy of the Ships Company discovered the land to the Southward which a Moon before from SE to SbW Distance 3 or 4 miles

Wednesday 5 – Do. Wr. at half 1PM Brought too about the Middle of the Island which is cald Lagoon Island SSW distce. 2 Miles sounded ground 130 fm.[indecipherable] saw several Inhabitants on the Shore at ½ past Bore away and made sail this Island has a large Lagoon in the Middle from whence it takes its name it is about 3 miles in Length Lying ESE & WSW on the south End there is a grove of Coconut Trees under which we saw some Huts and Inhabitants & Bent the Best Bower Cable at half past three saw an island to the Northwest Varitn. pr. Ampl. 3..3 Et. at 6 the Et. point of this Island which is call’d Thrumcap N distce. ½ mile this East Island is very small and is nearly Circular We saw no appearance of Inhabitants nor has the island any Coconut Trees on it which is a great sign that it is not Peopled or Visited by the Neighbouring ones as the nut is the only food of the people that coms to these Islands afishing. near the Middle is a fine Grove of spreading trees which Gradually decline as they Grew nearer the part of the Island where it Tirminates in [indecipherable] saw Bushes from its singular and remarkable appearance & Capt. gave its Name at 7 PM Shortned Sail and at 12 the moon being set Brought too under the topsail and at 5 Bore away and made sail Exercised Petty Officers and Seamen with small arms at Noon an Excessive shower of hard Rain

Thursday 6 – A fresh trade and fine pleasant Weather at 2 PM saw a small Island to the westward running along a narrow reefs of Rocks which [indecipherable] Parallel to the Main Body of the Island towards the East point we saw Houses and Inhabitants run under the topsails all Night at 5 AM made sail at noon saw another Island to the NNW Exercised Great Guns and Small arms

[Page 64-65]

Remarks &c. Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour

April 1769

Friday 7 - A fresh trade and fine pleasant Weather at 2 passed part of the Island and hauled up within ½ mile of the shore saw several Indians and [indecipherable] show’d our Colours and sounded no ground 90 fm at 6 AM Saw another Island to the North West and a reef running from one to the other at 6 the Extreams of the Land from NW to ESE1/2 E distance of shore 4 miles saw a large Fire and a number of Inhabitants on the SE end of the Large Island, Shorten’d sail and stood under topsails all Night at day Light made sail at ½ past 5 saw the land from to the Northward haul’d up for it at 8 the Extreams from EbE to NE distce. 1 ½ mile from the nearest part this Island is Called Birds Island from the number of Birds we saw near it, its form is almost round and is about 7 or 8 miles in Circumforance the South side Being form’d by a reef of rocks and the N by a row of Low Islands Over grown with palm trees at this Island we saw no inhabitants and Believe none come there as we saw no Coconut Trees on it, Exercised small arms

Saturday 8 – Fresh Gales and fine pleasant Wr. Shortened sail at Night

Sunday 9 – the first part moderate and fair Varitn. pr several Azth. 5..30 E Lightening all round the Compass the Middle dark Cloudy Wr. sometimes a squall sometimes Calm the Latter little Winds hard rain thunder and Lightening and am it Clear’d up, saw [indecipherable] Island Bearing NWBW distce. 6 or 7 Leagues and at Noon saw King georges Island from the mast head WBS 25 Leagues

Monday 10 – Little Winds and Cloudy at 6 Osnaburgh Island (or Maitea) NBE dist.3 Leagues Varitn. pr. Azth. 6..30 E am Squally with Lightening taken aback

Tuesday 11 – Fresh Gales and fine pleasant wr. Saw the land to the NW hauled up for it at 6 Extreams of Ditto from NNW to E ½ N Distance of 3 Leagues Bore away and Shortened sail in [indecipherable] Night Lightening all round the Compass Varitn. pr. Azth. 5.00 E

Wednesday 12 – Little Winds sometimes Calm at 6 PM King Georges Island (or Otahity) from NWBW to WSW dist. of shore 6 Leagues Much Lightening am Punished Samuel Jones Seaman for disobedience of Orders at 10 saw several Canoes making for the ship at 11 they came up with us and Came alongside without the Least hesitation presenting us with Green Bow their signal for peace Giving us Coconuts for Trinkets &c

Thursday 13 – Little Winds and Cloudy at 6 pm the N Pt. of Port Royal Bay SbSW Diste. off shore 2 or 3 leagues AT 9 Sounded 40 Fm. at 12 the 2 peaks of Arawaham So. diste. 3 or 4 miles Saw a light ashore Stood to the East under the T sails at 3 taken aback hove too top Maintop sails to the mast at 6 am made sail and stood into the Bay hois’t out the pinnace and sent her to by on the

[Page 66-67]

Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour in the great South Seas

April 1769

Thursday 13 continued – reef at 9 Standing in Between the reef and the Point of the Shoalest Water 5 or 6 Fath’m Several Inhabitants about the Ship at 10 came too with the Best Bower in 13 fathm Sandy Ground Do. hoist out the Long Boat the Captn. with the Marines and Boats Crew arm’d went Onshore unbent the top sails and top Gallant sails

Friday 14 – Fresh Breezes with frequent showers of rain PM returned the boats on board am sent a boat on Shore to trade with the Indians for provisions at the same time the Captn. with Mr. Banks Doctor Solander went with the pinnace and marines to the W. most part of the Bay. People Employed in the rigging Got the forge up and got off some water from the shore for present use

Saturday 15 – first part Do. Wr. in the Night Light Airs off the land am Moderate and fair PM the boats returned the Captn. & where received with the utmost Civility by the Cheefs of this part of the Island AM Several Cheefs came on board with presents of Hoggs and Fruit and loos’d sails to dry people on shore setting up a markie

Sunday16– Fresh Breezes and Cloudy PM Unbent the Courses at 2 hard a fireing on shore sent the Boats manned and arm’d found it occasioned by some of the Indians knocking down a Centinal and taking away his arms the Indian that took away the arms was shott and one or two wounded but the arms could not be recovered, In the Evening Struck the Markie and Brought every thing onboard am Weigh’d the stream anchor and carried it out to the NE Do. Weigh’d the Best Bower and warped the ship to a birth Convenient for Covering the place [indecipherable] for the first and making the Observation &c. Lett got the Best Bower and var’d away to ½ a Cable Serv’d fresh am read the Articles of War and punished Rich. Hutching for Disobedience of Orders.

Monday 17 – Moderate and Cloudy PM at 4 Vair’d on the Best Bower and hove in upon the Stream Let go the small bower and moor’d 2/3 of a Cable Each way AM Carried the stream anchor farther in Shore for a Spring Loos’d the Topsail to dry and Unbent them at 2 Departed this life Mr. Alixander Bucham and at 10 am sent the boat to the offing to commit the Body to the deep, He was one of Mr. Bank’s retinue and was much Lamented, When Moor’d the Extream of the Bay from NWBN to SW ½ S Distance off Shore ½ Mile

Tuesday 18 – Moderate and Cloudy with Light flying Showers of rain PM some people on shore Setting up one of the Ships tents the Capt and Mt. Green continued on shore to make an observation AM sent on shore Mr. Bankes Tents and all the Emty water Casks to make a breast work most part of people on Shore on the above Duty Armoriers at Work

[Page 68-69]

Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour In the Great South Seas

April 1769

Wednesday 19 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy all hands at Work Onshore Except 2 people pumping the salt water out Ground tier in the fore hold Plenty of Coco nutts plantains & Bread fruit Onboard, Armorers at Work

Thursday 20 – Do. Wr. Employ’d on board and ashore as Yesterday

Friday 21 – fresh trade and pleasant Wr. People Employed as yesterday Got off some water

Saturday 22 – Fine pleasant Wr. people Employed on shore as yesterday AM Employ’d in After hold Got up Beef and pork and served fresh pork

Sunday 23 – Do. Wr. Employ’d in the holds &c

Monday 24 – Fresh Breezes and pleasant Wr. PM the People had Liberty to go onshore under Certain Restrictions provided for their safety PM Employ’d about the Breastworks onshore Opened a cask of Beef and pork &c.

Tuesday 25 – Variable Wr. sent the spare Coppers to be fixt on onshore Armorers at Work

Wednesday 26 – Fresh Breezes and pleasant Wr. people employ’d on the breastwork serv’d fresh pork

Thursday 27 – Do. Wr. Receiv’d water for the use of the Ship Sometimes the Observatory to be fixt, this day came on board the Dolphins Queen Obrea

Friday 28 – Do. Wr. Sent on board Six Swivel Guns to be mounted on the Breastwork

Saturday 29 – Fresh Breezes with rain Employ’d as before sent onshore 2 four pounders Punished Harry Jeffs for thefs, Serv’d fresh pork

Sunday 30 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as before some on shore on liberty

May 1769

Monday 1 – Do. Wr. Do. Armorers at work as usual

Tuesday 2 – Light Breezes and Pleasant Employ’d as before Served fresh pork

Wednesday 3 – Do. Wr. Working onshore as usual receiv’d fresh Water for present use on board Over hould the rigging &c

Thursday 4 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as before

Friday 5 – Do. Wr. Do. Employ’d sent the cooper with hoops and staves on shore to sell up casks

Saturday 6 – Do. Wr. Employ’d on shore receiv’d on board water Employ’d on the rigging

Sunday 7 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as before serv’d out fresh pork

Monday 8 – The 1st part Little winds with the middle and Latter fresh Breezes, Employ’d on shore in the Breastwork and Onboard the rigging &c

Tuesday 9 – Fresh Breezes and fair Carpens. Caulking the Ships sides people as before

Wednesday 10 – First and Latter part fresh Breezes Middle little winds PM Garmon’d the Bowsprit AM set up the fore rigging and onshore as before

Thursday 11 – Do. Wr. Employ’d on the fore rigging receiv’d a boat load of Water for present use Carps. Caulk’d the Quarter Deck Struck the main top Mast

Friday 12 – Variable Wr. Employ’d on the rigging Carpenters as yesterday

Saturday 13 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Carps. as before people Employ’d on the rigging of the Main top Mast

[Page 70-71]

Remarks &c on Board his Majestys Bark Endeavour in the Great South Seas

May 1769

Sunday 14 – fine pleasant Wr. Serv’d fresh pork AM read Divine Service on shore

Monday 15 –Do. Wr. haul’d the rigging Carpenters Caulking the Quarter Deck

Tuesday 16 - Variable Wr. sometimes rain Carpenters as Before

Wednesday 17 – Fresh Breezes and fair Employ’d as before

Thursday 18 – Do. Wr. got the Best Bower Cable on Deck to get all the staves from below PM Stow’d it away again Carpenters finished the Quarter Deck

Friday 19 – The first part Moderate and Cloudy with some Showers in the Night and Lightening by times AM Fresh Breezes with some showers; Employ’d on rigging

Saturday 20 – Fair and pleasant Weather serv’d fresh pork, read Divine Service in tent on shore

Sunday 21 – PM the people on Liberty a Cloudy night the fore noon hard rain with loud Thunder and Lightening as any of us had never been Witness to before

Monday 22 – the 1st part Moderate and fair Middle some Lightening and rain AM Employ’d on the rigging Carpenters Employed Caulking the Ships sides &c

Tuesday 23 – Variable Wr. people and Carpenters Employ’d as before

Wednesday 24 – Do. Wr. riggers at work the Long boat being very Leaky hauled her up on Shore and Inspected her bottom which the carpenters declare’d to be so damaged as to require a new one. Carpenters at work onshore

Thursday 25 – Moderate and Cloudy with some Showers riggers at work and Carps. at work on the boat onshore

Friday 26 – Moderate and fair riggers & Carpenters Emply’d as Yesterday

Saturday 27 – Fresh Breezes and rain at times serv’d pork, read Divine Service to yo. Ships Company Onshore

Sunday 28 – Do. Wr. people at their leisure riggers & Carps. at work Got up a sack of Beef

Monday 29 – pleasant Wr. Employ’d as Yesterday Opened the Beef found it 13 pieces short

Tuesday 30 – Variable Wr. with some Lightening people at work on shore

June 1769

Thursday 1 – Little Winds and Clear AM the long boat being finished Caulk’d her and sent a Lieut. With proper assistance to Yorks Island AM to observe the Transit of Venus Ditto sent the pinnace with Mr. Hicks 1st Lieut 2 Mates & Midshipman to the Eastward to Observe that way

Friday 2 – Do. Wr. Employ’d on board about the rigging Onshore preparing for yo. Observation

Saturday 3 – Fine pleasant Wr. Employ’d on shore making the observation of the Transit of Venus over the suns disk whi ch begun a little after 9 oclock AM as she came on the suns disk there Apeared a light shade or penumbra round her which first apeared very plean But became less Invisible as She approached the suns center a little before which it became quite Invisible and continued to be so tell a little Before she pass’d of the suns Body when it again appeared and Observed it to Break the thread of Light twenty three seconds after the Body of the planett

[Page 72-73]

Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys bark Endeavour in the Great South Seas

all the time of the Observations the air was extremely Clear and not a Cloud to be seen the Thermometer rose to 113 Degrees which was above [indecipherable] so that if the observation is not well made it is entirely owing to the[indecipherable]

June 1769

Sunday 4 – Do. Wr. The pinnace returned PM the longboat Do. punished Archibald Wolf [indecipherable] Taylor with two dozen lashes for theft

Monday 5 – Do. Wr. Employ’d getting the Bread out of the Breadroom and sent it on shore to aire, Yesterday day being the Anaversary of his Majestys Birthday Celebrated it and kept it Accordin

Tuesday 6 – Little winds and Cloudy Employ’d on the rigging & airing the Bread onshore

Wednesday 7 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as before received Onboard some of the Bread

Thursday 8 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Employ’d on board and on Shore as before received rest of the Bread. [indecipherable] and Boot topt the Larboard Side with pitch and Brimstone rows’d up the small Bower Cable and oiled it between decks

Friday 9 – pleasant Wr. With some showers heel’d and Boot top’d the Starboard side

Saturday 10 – Do. Wr. Employ’d on the rigging and Cleaning between Decks, and at work in the [indecipherable] room

Sunday 11 – Fair Clear Wr. People on Liberty onshore serv’d out fresh pork &c

Monday 12 - Moderate Breezes with some Showers of rain Employ’d Bring off Water and filling the ground Tier punished John Thurman & James Nicholson the 1st with 1 dozen the last 2 Do. Lashes for disobedience of orders

Tuesday 13 – Do. Wr. Empoyd’d on the rigging and filling the ground AM Compleated the ground tier, Carpenters Employ’d Caulking the main deck

Wednesday 14 – Do. Wr. The Indiands having stole an iron rake belonging to the [indecipherable] Captain thought propper to detain 23 of their [indecipherable], Carprs. As before

Thursday 15 – Do. Wr. People Emply’d on the rigging and carrying the [indecipherable] onshore to aire Carpenters as before PM recovered the rake

Friday 16 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. Employ’d as yesterday

Saturday 17 – Do. Wr. people Employ’d onboard as yesterday [indecipherable] holds & filling Water

Sunday 18 – Do. Wr. PM Employ’d filling water &c as before AM read divine service onshore

Monday 19 – Do. Wr. people at their own Leisure am Employ’d in the holds & filling water onshore sent the gunner with 12 half Barrels of Powder onshore to aire

Tuesday 20– Do. Wr. Employ’d as yesterday Gunners as yesterday

Wednesday 21– Do. Wr. PM received on board 2 Longboat loads of Water and Wood got the sheets Cable down in the hold three hands cutting wood onshore, Carpenters caulking and painting the ship Gunners finished the powder in all 36 half barrels

Thursday 22 – Do. Wr. Employ’d receiving wood and water onboard & stowing the hold Carps. As before

Friday 23– Do. Wr. Employ’d getting things from the shore & stowing the holds Carps. As before

Saturday 24 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as yesterday Carpenters Employ’d painting and caulking the ship

[Page 74-75]

Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour In the Great South Seas

June 1769

Sunday 25 – Moderate Breezes and fine Pleasant Wr. AM People on shore on liberty AM Employ’d in the holds Carpenters Painting the ship AM the Capt. And Mr. Banks went away in the Pinnace with a store of provisions to go round the Island

Monday 26 – the 1st part Moderate and Cloudy Employ’d as yesterday AM some rain Carps. As Yesterday

Tuesday 27 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as yesterday

Wednesday 28 – the first part rain the latter Moderate and Clear Employ’d filling water & stowing ye. Holds

Thursday 29 – Moderate and Cloudy rain in the Night people Employ’d as yesterday

Friday 30 – Cloudy with Squalls of hard rain Employed in the holds Carps. at work

July 1769

Saturday 1 – Dark Cloudy Wr. with hard squalls of Wind and rain in the Night Lightening people Employed as Yesterday AM Moderate people making points & Gasketts

Sunday 2 – Moderate and Cloudy sometimes Rain PM the Capt. and Mr. Banks returned in the pinnace, People Employ’d making points and Gasketts AM serv’d fresh pork

Monday 3 – Moderate and Cloudy PM people at their Own Leisure AM fair Wr. people scaping the Mast and paying them with Varnish of Pine

Tuesday 4 – Moderate and fair People Employ’d scraping the Quarterdeck Washing and Cleaning the ship

Wednesday 5 – Do. Wr. finished the sides and payd them with Varnish of Pine

Thursday 6 – Do. Wr. Employ’d scraping the Booms and paying them with Varnish of Pine took up one of the small anchors AM got onboard the Guns from the fort and All the sails with Various other things Do. bent sails and began to prepare for sea serv’d fresh Pork

Friday 7 – Do. Wr. Employ’d getting water Onboard & stowing the Booms under[indecipherable]

Saturday 8 – Variable Wr. Employ’d preparing for sea Sett the top mast rigging fore and after

Sunday 9 – Moderate and Cloudy Wr. Employ’d as before PM Clement Web & Samuel Gibson Marines ware missing AM got onboard one of the Tents etc.

Monday 10 – Fresh Breezes and fair PM People Employ’d as they pleased AM Got onboard another of the Ships tents PM Detained several of the Cheefs to Induce the Natives to Apprehend and return the 2 marines, unmoor’d ship in heading the Small Bower Anchor up the sock was so worm Eaten that it broke
in two

Tuesday 11 – Do. Wr. People Employ’d getting another stock out of the Main hold Carps. Employ’d stocking ye. Anchor AM the 1st Lieut with the pinnace went to sease the King, Tewta Han, the King, which he soon returned with at 9PM Clement Webb one of the Disorters returned and Informed us that the Natives had seized a Midshipman and the Corporal of Marines Who was looking out for the Destorters ; sent the Longboat with the 1st Lieut and Marines to recover them AM the longboat returned with the Aforesaid and the other desorter Ditto Releast the King and the other Nobility Who at Landing were taken in the arms of the Natives and Carried out of sight so glad Where their people to receive them again

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour In the South Seas

July 1769

Wednesday 12 – fresh Breezes and fair Got Everything on Board from Shore Got the Small Bower from its place Do. Weigh’d the Best Bower and Let go a small anchor which we got up for a Casting anchor found the stock as bad as the small Bower anchor stock Employ’d in getting another out of the hold

Thursday 13 – Do. Wr. PM In the morning the Carpenters went onshore to fitt and trim the Anchor Stock Got on board water for present use at 5 AM got up the Stream Anchor Hoist up and secured the Longboat to the Larboard Gunnell at 11 hoist in all the boats at Noon Weigh’d and made sail out of Port Royal Bay or as the Natives called it, Mativie Bay, the Island Otahity.

Friday 14 – Moderate Breezes and fine Pleasant Wr. at 2 PM One Tree Hill bore SE b S 9 Miles saw a low Grope of Islands Bearing North by East cauled by the Natives [indecipherable], and is Subject to the King of Otahity being kept by him for fishing Islands. This we learn from [indecipherable] a Native of Otahity and high priest of the same this man chose to go With us to England at 7 by [indecipherable] direction we stood to the Westward in quest of some islands which he said Lay that way no far diste. At 6 AM the Wt. part of Otahity8 ½ s and Yorks Island or [indecipherable] SE ½ S AM punished Clement Webb and Samuel Gibson Marines with 2 dozen Lashes Each for discertion . at 11 Saw Land Hooine Bearing NWBW

Saturday 15 – light Airs and fine pleasant Wr. at7 am Hooine West

Sunday 16 – Do. Wr. at 11 PM the Extream of Hooine from SSW to WSW Distance 4 Lgs. At 4 tack’d ship the Extream Ditto from WBS to S ½ E distance of the Nearest Point 3 or 4 Miles at ½ past 6 am taken back Cloudy with some rain AM Saw three more Islands Otahaw Uliatea and Bollo Bollo at 1 sounded no ground 50 fathm. Distance of Shore ½ Mile

Monday 17 – Moderate Breezes and fair Wr. Employed Working up to an Inlett in the reef at ½ past 3 PM hove to and Hoist’d out the pinnace ditto sent the Master to sound at 4 made Sail and Stood into the Bay within the reef, [indecipherable] came too with the Best Bower in 18 Fm. Sandy Ground Vair’d away to ½ a cable and carried out the Stream anchor and Cable to the NE to steady her extreams of the Bay N 35 W to [indecipherable] distance of the nearest Shore 1 ½ Cables Length to the Opening of the reef NWBW the dubble peak on Bollo Bollo NBW Extreams of Uliatea from S by W to [indecipherable] the body of Otahaw N by W the Capt. & Mr. Banks &c Went on shore with the Indians who came out to see us in the Offing One of which Measured 6 feet 4 Inches and had the finest hair I Ever Saw, the people of this Island are remarkably [indecipherable] and Expressed great desire to Kill the Bolo Bollo Men who came Every Month taking away their things from them & killing those who oppose them AM Employ’d stowing the spare anchore ye Master looking for a watering place with ye Long boat

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour in the Seas

July 1769

Tuesday 18 – Little Winds and Employ’d Occasionly the Longboat Watering the Natives Bringing down great numbers of Coconutt with some Hogs and fowls &c

Wednesday 19 – Do. Wr. Longboat Employ’d Bringing of water, Trading with the Natives for Nutts Hogs Fowls &c &c at 6 am Weigh’d the Best Bower and Lett go the Casting anchor Preparing for sea Loos’d the topsails and at 11 Weigh’d and came to sail

Thursday 20 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. at Sunset the Islands Ulietea & Otahite from NBW to SWBW Diste. 4 or 5 Leagues and Hoohine from NEBE to EBN Shortened Sail and hauld our wind under the Topsail at Daylight Made sail at 8 sent the pinnace onshore to Sound at 11 Came too an anchor within the reef in 22 fathoms with the casting anchor Vair’d away 2/3 of a cable and carried out the stream anchor out to the SW to steady her the Extreams of the Bay from S53 E to NYW a rock [indecipherable] ½ mile

Friday 21 – Little Winds and Cloudy with rain the Capn. Mr. Banks &c went onshore and took provisions of the Island the Natives brought of and Exchang’d for our Bottles Coconutts & Armourers at work this day the trade was carried on by the Surgeon onshore whilst the most trifling things were not permitted to be purchased on board Even by the Petty Officers. A sentinal being placed on each gangway [indecipherable] the 2 Lieut. Mr. Gore stay’d on the Quarter deck all day on ye aforesaid account in the Night dark and Cloudy Wr. with Calms am Little winds One boat with the Master and a Petty Officer Employ’d sounding

Saturday 22 – Dark Cloudy Wr. with rain in the night Trading onshore Boats on sundry duties Got of water

Sunday 23 – Do. Wr. trading as usual Boatswain and some hands a Brooming got on board a tun of Water and Served fresh pork

Monday 24 – Moderate and Cloudy the Master in the pinnace sounding am Little winds and Cloudy at 4 took up the small anchor at 5 Weigh’d the small Bower and warp’d to Windward at 8 came to sail at Noon Working to windward between the reef and Land Soundings very irregular from 28 Fms to 8 fathoms

Tuesday 25 – Fresh Breezes and fair at 3 PM came too with the best Bower in 22 fathoms sandy Ground the lower opening of the reef Between the two Islands NE ½ E Boats sounding and one onshore trading at 6 am Weigh’d and made sail

Wednesday 26 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. some times rain Employed working to windward in order to go round the North point of Otahaw

Thursday 27 – Little Wind and Cloudy Wr. at 5 PM Bollo Bollo SWBW distance 5 Leagues saw a low Island Bearing WBN diste. 3 or 4 Leagues Cauld by Tobiah Toobye

Friday 28 – Little winds and fair at 8 AM the Master went with the Long boat to Otahaw to trafack for provisions while we stood off and onshore

Saturday 29 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy at 5 Pm Hoisted a signal for the Boat and fir’d a gun at 8 ditto fir’d another at 9 the Boat returned Brought too and hoisted her in she having got a vast Quantity of plantains some hogs & fowl

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour on her Voyage around the World

July 1769

Sunday 30 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. turning to windward Between Bollo Bollo & Otahow at 7 PM the So. Point of Bollo Bollo NE diste. 2 or 3 Leagues at 10 am Saw an Island cauld Maurua Bearing N by W 8 or 9 Leagues

Monday 31 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as before

August 1769

Tuesday 1st – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy with some Showers of rain am working into a bay on the west side of Uliatea

Wednesday 2 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. Working to Windward sent the pinnace inshore to sound at 3 PM Came too an anchor with the Best Bower in 10 Fm. Water upon the outer edge of the Bar found a strong tide setting out and Carried out the Stream anchor to warp the Bark into the Bay at 5 hove short and attempted to Weigh the Best Bower but could not purchass it so vair’d away to a birth and came too With the Best Bower to steady her Being a very little way from the Breakers am at 5 hove short and Weigh’d Both anchors and warp’d further into the Bay Came too with the small Bower at 25 fathm. Vier’d away to a Whole cable and stead’d her with the steam anchor to the So.ward Extreams of the Bay from 23 E to NBE the Channel W ½ N the highest Land of Otahaw NBW Extreams of Bollo Bollo from NBW to N 5 W Distance of shore 2 Cables Length

Thursday 3 – Do. Wr. PM the Captain went onshore with the pinnace a party onshore Traffacking Onshore with the Indians for Hoggs plantains &c which they got in great plenty AM the Long boat brining large stones for Ballast Stow’d them away and got a turn of Water

Friday 4 – first part little Winds and fair Wr. Employ’d as yesterday in the night Calms with very sultry hot Weather AM Moderate breezes and fair a trading party on the shore got Onboard 2 Longboats Loads of Water and dry’d sails

Saturday 5 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. the Boats at Otahaw Employed in ye. Holds stowing water

Sunday 6 – Moderate and fair Wr. PM Employed as yesterday AM Moderate Breezes and pleasant Wr. people at their own disposal

Monday 7 – Do. Wr. Employ’d as Yesterday AM the Captn. With the pinnace and the Master in the Longboat Went to the Island of Otahaw the Boatswain on shore broomimg paid the sides with Varnish of Pine

Tuesday 8 – Do. Wr. PM the Long Boat & pinnace returned With Hoggs and plantains AM the Boatswain on shore brooming got a turn of water of for preasent use a party on shore trading

Wednesday 9 – PM Little winds and Cloudy Employ’d cleaning ship for sea in the Night Much rain AM Little Wind and Cloudy with rain at 9 unmoored and weigh’d and Weigh’d the Small Bower Got onboard a turn of Water at 11 Weigh’d the Stream Anchor and made sail out of the Bay at noon hove too and Hoisted in all the Boats

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour on her Voyage around the World

August 1769

Thursday 10 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy with some rain at 6 PM took our departure from the So. Point of Wiatea Bearing SE ½ E diste. 4 leagues AM Variae. Per Azth. 5.50 Et. Unbent the Sheet Cable and set up the Bobstays & received New top sail Lifts

Friday 11 – Moderate and fair run under an Easie Sail all Night in the Morning made sail Tobiah describes several Islands to the Westward

Saturday 12 – Fresh Breezes and at Night Dubble reef’d the top sail and shortened Sail at 4 AM Lay too under topsails the moon being set at Day Light made sail Great Numbers of Islands to the So. and Wt. by Tobiah’s account

Sunday 13 – Do. Wr. run under an Easie Sail all Night AM Varatn. 5.40 East

Monday 14 – fresh Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. at ½ past 2 PM Saw an Island Cauld by tobiah Ohitveaia Bearing SE Do. hauled up for it at 6 Do. Extreams from SE to SBE diste. 7 or 8 miles Shortened sail and haul’d our wind at Day light Bore away and made sail at 8 saw Several Inhabitants in the Beach haul’d round the south Point and sent a Lieut in the pinnace to Search for Anchoring Ground & at this time Tobiah discribes Nine Islands lying between WNW & NW the most distant not above two days sail and very Large one Lying E four days sail

Tuesday 15 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Working into a bay at 9 the pinnace returned having found no anchoring ground Several Natives came of to the Boat Which they attempted to seaze which obliged the Officers to fire 2 or 3 Muskets which made them retire they speak [indecipherable] Language as at Otahite Tobiah was here about 23 years ago since which they have had no Intercourse with the Northern Islands, the are stout and well made and ware the same kind of Clouths only painted all sorts of Coulars the Island is of a moderate height and mostly leavel land with several woods it is 6 miles long & 19 in Circomferance

Wednesday 16 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy run under an Easie Sail all Night at 8 PM saw the appeerance of Land Bore away for it But soon found our mistake [indecipherable] our Course Tobiah says there is 3 Large Islands near us which his father was at and seem’d to be the South most land he was aquainted with

Thursday 17 – Do. Weather Shorten’d sil every Night and made sail at Day Light

Friday 18 – Fair Wr. and Little winds With Calms and a Western Swell AM Varidn. Pr. an amplitude 5.05 E people Employ’d making matts Carpenters repairing the boats

Saturday 19 – Little winds and fair with Lightening in the Night Carpenters and armorers at Work Lowered down the Yard to Wash round the Ship

Sunday 20 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Saw a large Albetross

Monday 21 – The 1st part Little winds the Middle and Latter Strong Gales and Squally at 12 Dubble reef’d the top sails and brought too under them at ½ past 6 AM [indecipherable] reefed the top sails and made sail

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour &c &c

August 1769

Tuesday 22 – The 1st Part Strong gales with heavy thunder and Lightening the Middle and Latter fair at 8 pm Brought under the 2 topsails Close Reef’d at Day Light made sail Out 3 Reefs and saw some seaweeds

Wednesday 23 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. saw several pintado Birds & a Grampus Variation pr. Several Azth. 7.30 E at 6 pm in 2 reefs and at 6 am out do.

Thursday 24 – The 1st and Middle part Little winds and Calms the Latter a hard squall of Winds and rain Split the topsail and fore topmast staysail Do. unbent them and got down top gallant Yards & handed the Mizen top sail

Friday 25 – Strong Gales and Squally with rain at 2PM handed the fore topsail Ditto Unbent a new topsail and fore top mast stay sail at 6 PM Wore ship and Brought too under the main Sail under the Courses more moderate close reef’d at 10 out 3 reefs of the [indecipherable]

Saturday 26 – Moderate and Cloudy at 10 PM wore ship at 7 am made Sail

Sunday 27 – Light winds and dark Cloud Wr. Saw a Grampuss am got up top Gallant Yards saw several pintado Birds & Albotrosses Varn. Pr azth. 6.40 E

Monday 28 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy at 6 am in 2 Reefs at 9 haul’d up the Courses am out reefs and made sail at 9 am departed this Life John Reading Boatswains mate

Tuesday 29 – Fresh Gales and Dark Cloudy Weather at 8 Close reef’d the topsails Brought too under them at 4 am saw the Commit Bearing NBE Estimation 60 Altitude at 5 made sail and out 2 and 3 reefs people working up[indecipherable]

Wednesday 30 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy PM Unbent the mean sails and Bent another with the foul weather tacks and sheets AM Unbent the foresail and fore top sail and bent another for Each Saw some seaweeds & Small Green land Birds

Thursday 31 – The first part fresh Breezes and Cloudy the Middle and Latter Strong Gales & exceeding hard Squalls of wind and rain at 10 PM handed the fore and Mizen topsails at 10 bore away in hard Squall handed the main top sail and fore sail and Brought too under the Main sail at 6AM made sail under the Courses found the main sale tore hauled it up and mended it pass’d by some seaweed and Albotrosses pintados & number of small birds about the size of a pidgeon with White Bellies, light blue back and a Streak of Black from one tip of the Wing to the other, a great swell from the West

September 1769

Friday 1 – The 1st part Moderate and Squally with a high WSW swell the rest strong gales with rain at 6 PM close reef’d the top sails and handed them haul’d up the fore sail and Brought too under the main sail at ½ past 2 saw the Comet between Aldeabron and Orion am Lightening and rain at 6 made sail under the courses Birds as yesterday

Saturday 2 – Strong gales and Excessive hard Squalls of hail and a great swell at 4 PM Being in the Lattit. 40 South which is as far as our orders and having a bad season of the Year and a tempestuous sea and unknown coast parhaps under our

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour &c &c

September 1769

Under lee but few sails Weakly man’d a Number of people sick together with the riggar of the Weather which was so Excessive that the thermometer fell to [indecipherable] Degrees as we felt in the Streights of Lemaire, those reasons being put together, the Captain thought it best to go to the westward in a lower Latitude and so wore ship and Brought too under the foresail reef’d the main sail and handed it am Saw the Comet Nearly Situated as before

Sunday 3 – the 1st part fresh Gales and Squaly the latter Moderate Breezes and Cloudy at noon made sail Clean’d the ship fore and after Thermer. 48 dgs.

Monday 4 – Little winds and sometimes calms Saw the Comet 2 degrees to the Et. of the bright star in Orions right foot Thermometer 49

Tuesday 5 – Moderate Breezes and fair weather Boatswain making all necessary repairs in the ships rigging Varitn. Pr. Azth. and an ample. 7.00 E Clean’d between Decks Thermometer at 49 to 5 [indecipherable]

Wednesday 6 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy with lightening and a SW swell saw the Comet to the Et. of the Constellation of Orion, Received new fore and main Top mast Braces

Thursday 7 – The 1st part strong Gales and Squalls the Latter little windes and Cloudy at 1 PM Handed both top sails at 6 am sett the T.sails & out all reefs th. 53½

Friday 8 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy am out all reefs and made sail got up top gallant yards and Cleand ship below thermometer 54 & 50

Saturday 9 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy with Variable Weather and squalls at 10 am made no ground at 120 Fm. At 11 the Larboard fortopmast back stay broak Repairing it Thermometer 50½

Sunday 10 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy run under an Easie sail alnight got up some Malt to make sweetwort

Monday 11 – Do. Weather saw several pintado Birds

Tuesday 12 – Moderate and Cloudy saw do. Employed in the holds Vardn. Pr. Azh. 8.8 E

Wednesday 13 – Little Winds and Calms Exercised Great guns and small arms birds as before

Thursday 14 - The 1st part Moderate Breezes and Cloudy saw some albotrosses of a new kind being intierly White; the remainder strong gales and Squally am close reef’d the top sails and got down top Gallant yards a great swell from SSW

Friday 15 – Strong gales and Squally with drizzling rain at 6 PM handed the top sails at 6 am Sett them again am made sail

Saturday 16 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Wr.

Sunday 17 – Do. Wr. saw some pintado birds Employed working up Tunk

Monday 18 – Fine Wr. with Little winds and calms &c Varitn. Pr. azth. 8.39 E

Tuesday 19 – Do. Wr. with SW swell

Wednesday 20 – Moderate and fair saw a bird with his coulour Light Brown

Thursday 21 – Variable Wr. sometimes fresh Gales sometimes Calms

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Remarks &c Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour &c &c

September 1769

Friday 22 – Variable Wr. Saw some Shear waters a Southern swell

Saturday 23 – Do. Wr. cleaned ship Varitn. Pr. Azth. 11.39 E
saw some seaweeds

Sunday 24 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. PM passed by some seaweed & a peice of wood about 3 feet long

Monday 25 – Fresh Breezes and fair received a new tillar rope

Tuesday 26 – The 1st and middle parts strong Gales and Squally the Latter Little winds and Cloudy at 10 pm handed the topsails and Brought too under the foresails am set the topsails single reefs and made all sail saw some purposes and great deal of seaweed

Wednesday 27 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy with a Western swell saw a seal and a great deal of seaweeds and several Albotrosses and pitado birds

Thursday 28 – The first part Strong Gales the Latter Moderate Breezes at noon furl’d the top sail at 4 Do. Sett them again saw this day a great many pintado birds Sea Pidgions Sheer Water Albotrosses & seaweed

Friday 29- Fresh Breezes and Clear saw several birds and sea weeds

Saturday 30 – Little Winds and calm passed by a great deal of rock weed am sounded no ground at 120 Fm. Saw a seal asleep on the water a numerous flock of birds several purposes and Grampusses took up a piece of wood which seemed to have been Long in the Water from the many barnicles on it sounded no ground 190 fm.

October 1769

Sunday 1 – Moderate and fair sometimes calm Hoist’d out a boat to try the current But found none saw some Grampusses and Broached the [indecipherable] of Water A numerous flock of birds several purposses and Grampusses took up a piece of wood which[indecipherable] seem’d to have been long in the Water Employed filling the Water Casks with salt water Varin. pr. azm. 10.50 E Mr. Banks shot an Albotross and several other birds saw a Sail

Monday 2 – Little winds and calm Carpenters caulking the main deck am Varit. pr. Azth. 13.18 East saw some fish like a skip jack Exercised small arms and fired at a mark

Tuesday 3 - Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant weather sett up the maintopmast rigging varit. pr. An ampd. 12.40 Et. passed by some seaweed no ground at 145 fthm.

October 1769.

Wednesday 4 – Do. Wr. Saw a Cape Tern and several purpusses sounded no ground 102 fathm. am pass’d by a piece of wood about a foot long seeming to have been in long the water Do. saw a sail and exercised Small arms

Thursday 5 – Do. Wr. Employed Cleaning the Ship and working in the holds birds as before &c. &c.

Friday 6 – Do. Weather saw several Birds &c. &c.

Saturday 7- Little Winds and fine pleasant weather at 2 PM saw land from the Mast head bearing WBN distce. 12 or 14 Leagues Do. hauled up for it unbent the fore sail and fore top sail and bent others am Varin. per several azths. 15.05 E at 8 Do. shortened sail and lay too sounded no ground 100 Fm. at daylight made sail saw the Land from SW to NWBN making high and

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Remarks &c. Onboard his Majestys Bark Endeavour on the Coast of New Zealand

October 1769

I White Cliffs bent the cables at noon the Extream [indecipherable] SWBW to N23W off shore 4 leagues

Sunday 8 – Moderate Breezes and fine Wr. haul’d up for a deep Bay and at 4 am sounded 24 fathom Sandy Ground am Standing along shore in 24 fm. from regular soundings diste. of shore 3 or 4 Miles the Land making high and in white cliffs being everywhere clothed with Green trees and Everywhere appearing very rich and firtile at 11 Tack’d ship being within 2 miles of a bluff head Cauld Nicks Head from it being the first land seen by Nicholas Yong a boy we stood in and had regular soundings from 24 to 7 fathoms Blew clay saw several cannoos, houses and Inhabitants on the Beach at Noon Latitude observed 38-58 south the Extreams of the Land NBE 5 Leagues to SBE 4 ½ Leagues diste. of the point 2 ½ Leagues

Monday 9 – the first part fresh Breezes and fair from the Southwd. Turning to windward into a deep Bay sounding regular from 20 to 6 fathom at 4 came to an anchor in 10 Fm. brown clay on the No. shore the Noo. Point of the Bay EBS ½ S Nicks Head SBE ½ E diste. of a small river one mile hoist’d out the Boats to steady the ship at 7PM the boats returned having seen but few of the inhabitants 4 of which came down to us small boat in the absence of ye. Capt. and marines who were gone into the woods, the attempted to heave their lances at the people in her but were prevented by pinnace crew who fired and killed one of them which caused the others to take to the woods the landed near the river which they found to be salt and to fall into the Bay with a very rapid stream am Employed scrubbing ship between wind and water at 8 Do. manned the longboat and pinnace and [indecipherable] of which was all the marines and went around the Bay to look for a Watering place
Tuesday 10 – Moderate Breezes and fair weather at 5 PM the boats returned after having been round the Bay without success the first landed at the river where a number of the Natives where assembled together on the opposite side as soon as the men where drawn up the Capt. Mr. Banks & Other Gentlemen went to the river side where Tobiah cauld to them in the [indecipherable] tong which they understood and agreed to reconciliation several of them coming over to our side of the river where they soon began to theave and one more daring than the rest snatched a hanger from the Bilt of one of the Gentlemen and was making of with it had he not been prevented by a Muskett fired at him this Exaspirated them to such a degree that the made several pushes at our people with their Lances which obliged us to fier when one or two dropt among them one of which was the man that stole the hanger another standing

[Page 92-93]

Remarks &c in New Zealand


standing by him and seeing him fall down ran to take the hanger from him and had very near carried him off had not one of the Gentlemen taken hold of it, this piece of courage is unparralled and is greatly to be admired for its always been remarkable amongst savages lett them be Ever so much used to fire arms that as soon as they see a man or 2 fall that they Immediately fall fall into disorder and give way Yet these people where so far from showing any kind of fear that when they saw the man fall they had the presence of mind to attempt it a second time After the Natives were dispersed and all our people onboard the Boats proceeded along shore towards the Bottom of the Bay a [indecipherable] which they enterupted and attacked In order to get some of the Natives as soon as they saw that they could not Escape they began to engage the pinnace with stones which obliged us to fire and out of 7 people 4 where killed and 3 taken prisoners, them we treated with utmost kindness and made them acquainted with our wants which they promised to supply If we would go with them to their country which is about 2 Leagues to the Southward we understood by these people that the Country was very Extensive and that they had no kind of animals Except Dogs their chief Diet being fish and roots they likewise told us that the people on our side of the Bay Eate Men which we look’d upon as a Stratigin to get carried back These people at 1st thought we should kill them and Eate them as they [indecipherable] there provisions, But being persuaded to the contrary they became joyous and perfectly reconciled to us and did not repine at the least in being taken and eat and drink anything we gave them without Hesitation which makes us of the opinion that they have no prison amongst them at 8 am the Boats landed under cover of detachment of Marines [indecipherable] and Carpenters to cut wood, a great number of Inhabitants coming Down reimbark’d and Brought of the prisoners who sooner chose to stay with us then go amongst the Natives of this side of the Bay who had not taken away the body of the Dead who still lay on the beach

This Bay which the Captain cauld Poverty Bay is in Latitude 30 South and is form’d by a bluff head cauld by us Nicks Head on the South End a small Isl. Cauld Morie Isl.
on the North of the Extreme is about 4 miles wide and exposes the Bay to all the Easterly winds which makes the Bay very unsafe as there is nothing to Break of Either wind or sea the soundings is very regular from 7 to 8 fathoms Clear Sandy Ground there is always a great surf setting in upon the Beach which makes the landing very difficult the land at the bottom of the Bay is a fine

[Page 94]

Remarks &c.

October 1769

Do. 10 - fine leaval vally with groves of fine trees at the back of this Vally is a ridge of very high hills and we observ’d a smoak a great way Inland which seemed to Indicate the the Country to be very Populouss

Wednesday 11 – PM Moderate Breezes and fair weather at 3 unmoored Ship and hoist in the Boats after landing the 3 Indians who went away in the greatest reluctancy at 6 am weighed and came to sail out of the Bay at noon the Extreams of the Bay from SBSW to SBE and the Northmost land in sight NNE distance of shore 3 miles Lattite. Observed 39-13 south Depth of water 25 Fathoms

Thursday 12 – Light airs and Calms with fine clear Wr. PM a great many of the Natives came on board and was kindly treated and several Baubles given them after which they show’d us their arms [indecipherable] leaving themselves sufficient to [indecipherable] themselves onshore Their arms are lances from 20 to 40 feet in Length sharp points and a short Club about a foot long and 6 or 7 inches Broad made of the bone of a whale this they use when the lances are of no more service and are very dexterous at it their cannues ar Built like a wery only much stronger and Narrower and have extensive Neat carv’d work on their head and stern in the form of a Spiral in a very Elegant manner so as to out pass any thing I ever saw before their faces were mark’d in the same curious manner and they all have a bunch of feathers tied on their crown of their Heads towards Evening they all went on shore at 6 am pass by a Cliff point which we Cauld Cape Table the land falling away to the Westwd. and forming a pencihoula Caul’d by the Natives Torato standing on SW from Cape Table 2 leagues of [indecipherable] cover’d a small island and near it some Breakers hois’d out a boat and sent a head of the Ship standing in between the Breakers and the Isalnd the former being caul’d Shambles and the Later portland depth of water from 20 to 30 fathoms Lattitude observ’d 39° 22 Sh. Distance of portland 2 miles

[Page 95]

Remarks &c.

Moderate and fair in passing by Portland shoald our Water to 7 fathoms haul’d out and 4 Cannews Came of and hove several Lances at the Ship a great number of people being assembled on the Island to see their attack we fired 4 pounders something wide of them which made them return to the shore at 4 finding the Ship drive near the shore let go the Casting anchor in 23 Fm. sandy ground distance of shore 2 or 3 miles at 6 am Weigh’d and made sail saw the land tend away to the southw’d in a deep Bay making Every where high and overgrown with Woods Looking very fertile am Saild along shore 3 or 4 Miles off depth of water 13 fathm. regular soundings the shore making streight and no sign of a harbour at Noon portland S by E 8 or 9 Lgs. Bottom of the Bay N by E 8 Leagues the south point S by W over 12 leagues the Land making in steep Cliffs
Lattitude Observed 39-26 Sh.

Friday 14 – Little winds and Variable Wr. sailing along shore am Hoist’d out the Boats in order to go in shore to sound But seeing a number of very Large cannews coming of they kept onboard Natives were about 160 in number in 7 Large Cannews they came very near us and threatened us with their Weapons no pains was spar’d to Communicate a friendship but to no purpose they grew so Insolent that a 4 pounder was fired over them Which frightened them so that they made to the shore at Noon the southmost Land in sight SE 5 or 6 Lgs. A bluff head South 2 or 3 Miles Within this Bluff we saw a flat with large groves of tall trees and a large piece of Water which did not seem to have any Communication with the Sea
Lattitude Observed 39-37 South

Saturday 15 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy turning to Windward stood off and on all Night under an easie sail at 8 am abreast of the So. Point of the Bay Cauld Cape Kidnapper hear several small cannews came and sold us fish they dealt very unfairly snatching any thing the could get without making any return soon after an arm’d cannew came up and the fishermen watching an opportunity Seazed the Indian boy Tiato Endeavouring to carry him away but several muskets being fired and the man that held him wounded the boy leapt into the water and swam away one of the cannews attempted to take him up but a 4 pounder was fired after

[Page 96]

Remarks &c

October 1769

Saturday 15 – after which they made for the shore lower’d down a boat and took up the Bay unhindered at Noon sailing along Shore Cape Kidnappers North 2 Leagues
Lattitude Observed 40-35 S.

Sunday 16 –Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. sailing down along shore 2 Leagues off saw more land Opening to the southward without any signs of a harbour Stood off and on all Night at Noon abreast of a high Bluff head making in Clefts with two falls of Water call’d Cape Turnagain
Lattitude Observed 40-35 S

Monday 17 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy saw the Land from the mast head tending to the southward as far as we could see Tack’d and stood to the Northward made all sail [indecipherable] the fair Weather tacks and Sheets Varin. per Ampl. 10-22 Et. at Noon Cape Kidnapper N 77 W Diste. 7 Lgs. And the south land in sight SW
Lattitude Observed 39°52 S.

Tuesday 18 – The first and Middle parts fresh Breezes and Cloudy the Latter little winds and variable Standing across Hawks Bay at Noon portland Island NE ½ N
Lattitude Observed 39°36 S

Wednesday 19 – The first part Little Winds and Variable the Middle and Latter fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. in the Evening a cannew and five Indians came on board and stay’d all Night turning of portland in the Night am passed Cape Table and made all sail to the Northw’d Lower’d down the cannews and sent the Indians onshore at noon Nicks Head in Poverty Bay S by W 3 leagues
Lattitude Observed 38°46 S

Thursday 20 – Fresh Breezes and Clear Wr. at 4 PM passed by a point which from its figure was Call’d Gable End [indecipherable] land here the land is High and Woody with several patches of Cultivated Ground an in the Country is a very High Hill Cover’d with snow on the top of [indecipherable] Gable End fore land lies a Spire rock in the form of a Sugar Loaf and near it a ledge of rocks tending to the Northw. A long shore lay too in the Night at day light made sail and stood around a small Island into a bay

[Page 97]

a bay when abreast of the Island[indecipherable] No. point distce. ½ mile had regular soundings from 13 to 9 fathm. but when in the Bay 12 to 7 fathm. Dark sand at Noon came too with the Best Bower in 8 fathm. Veir’d to ½ a cable the Extream of the Bay SE by E the Island to N by E distance of shore ½ mile Hoist’d out the Boats Came on board in a friendly Manner several Cannews and of 2 Chiefs who went on shore in our Boats this is the 1st friendly Intercours we have ever had with these people since we have been on their coast

Friday 21 - The 1st part Cloudy Squaly like Wr. with showers of rain at 2 PM the Capt. Mr. Banks & other Gentlemen went onshore taking with them the 2 Chiefs being attended with the Marines in the Long boat &c. but upon them approaching the shore the surf run so high the could not land upon which the Chiefs went onshore in a cannew which came to receive them and the Capn. &c came on board at 4 went to another part of the bay where the landed and were received with the Utmost Civility Who conducted them to a proper Watering place and wood & after Visiting their Hutts the Capn. returned on board and ordered Everything to be got ready for watering am sent the 2d. Lieut. With a party of Marines and seamen to fill water and the Carpenter to cut wood Boats Employed which we find to attend with a Great Deal of Difficulty by reason of the surffs setting in so strong Which Obliges us to haul the Cask off thro. The surff with a roap

Saturday 22 – The first part Little Winds and Cloudy the remainder fresh Gales PM the wooders and waterers retuned Onboard Hoist’d in the Boats and prepared for sea This Bay is caul’d by the Natives, Togadoo Bay, and it is very unsafe as it lies open to all the Winds and Sea from NNE to St. and has a vast surff running on the beach the land running round the bay is a Moderate height and very woody and in some places it is cultivated and planted with sweet potatoes and Yams by ye Inhabitants the Interior part is a Variety of Hills Valleys and plains Very agreeably [indecipherable] the Natives

[Page 98]

Remarks &c.

October 1769

Natives are of a good Statue of an Indian Coular stout Limb’d and regular features with Sharp Noses Which is very rare to be found amongst Indians they go Cloth’d with a Neat Wrought Cloth which they Manufactary from the fibres of a Certain Plant like an Allow this they work square and tie across their Bodies Men and Women go the same they practice Painting themselves with red Earth and Greases their faces in various figours their huts are low with a thatched roof to keep out the Weather the eat their enimies which they kill or take in battle at 6 am weigh’d and came to sail out of the bay at noon Togadoo Bay lay WB ½ S diste. 8 Leagues
Latitude Observed 38°-13 S

Sunday 23 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy turning to winds am two cannews with some Indians came On board and Informed us of a bay Which we stood into at Noon sent an officer with Longboat and yaul to see for a watering place

Monday 24 – Fresh Breezes and fine pleasant Wr. at 1 PM the boats returned having found a watering place ½ past came too with the Best Bower in 10 fathm. sand and small stones and Veer’d away to a whole Cable and carried out the Stream anchor to the So.ward the Extream of the Bay [indecipherable] the watering place S 27 E one mile PM the Capn. and Gentlemen went onshore am the 2d. Lieut. With a party Watering and Wooding the Boats bringing it Onboard

Tuesday 25 – Fresh Breezes and fair Wr. Employed Wooding and Watering as Yesterday PM Got the forge to repair the braces of the tillar boiled portabell with Callery to make soopp breakfast am the Indians brought a sufficiency of craw fish for the Officers

Wednesday 26 – the 1st part moderate Breezes and fair middle & later Cloudy with rain Employed as before the Indians Continue to bring of fish

Thursday 27 – First part Moderate and rainy Middle & latter moderate & fair Employed as before am sent the pinnace to drudge but got nothing this day the Capn. made ye Tour of the bay at ye Bottom of which he found a large lagoon of salt water which had but a small connection with ye sea completed our water & the Indians came off to trade &c

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Remarks &c.

Friday 28 – Moderate Breezes and pleasant Wr. PM the Capn. returned the Boatswain with a party brooming a Number of the Natives came to the Party to trade these people continue very Cival and Obliging all the time we lay there they are the same as at Togadoo only they have their faces more marks and their arms & live in little villiges the Bay is cauld Talaga and is something better than Togadoo tho it lies open to the East it has regular Sounding from 13 to 6 fatham Clean sand there is a reef cay of the Entrance and several arch’d rocks like a bridge One leading from the sea a long way into the country under a high hill

Saturday 29 – Do. Wr. PM Received onboard some Cellery and Completed our Wooding at 4 am unmoored and at 6 weigh’d and came to sail Hoist’d in the Boats and Clear’d ship at noon Gable End foreland SW 13 miles. Latitude Observed 38° 25 S

Sunday 30 - Moderate Breezes and Moderate Wr. turning to winds at Noon the Extreams of the land NW s ½ W distce. Of shore 4 miles
Lattitude Observed 37°49 South

Monday 31 – Strong Gales and Cloudy Standing along shore distance of one league at one haul’d round a small Island and a Point cauld East Cape here the land appears very fertile and pleasant with many Towns and a Number of Inhabitants at 4 abreast of a low point within which seem’d to be a bay at Night lay too and at daylight made sail saw an island bearing S b 5 W 13 or 14 leagues Cauld White Island falling away into a larg bay Cauld Plenty Bay at 8 abreast of a point where we saw a great deal of Cultivated land distance of shore 2 leagues when 2 cannews came of one having fifty men in her these men were so daring that they came along and stole a piece of cloth that was towing along side and threatened the ship in an Extraordinary manner which obliged us to fire 2 4 pounders to fright them and accordingly they made for the shore with the greatest Expidition which made the Capn. call this point Cape runaway
Lattitude Observed 37°32 South

Tuesday 1 – the first part little winds and fair the later Moderate breezes and Cloudy at 2 PM pass by some Breakers and saw more land tending to the westwd. lay too all Night saw several fires on shore at day light saw several fires on the shore and

[Page 100]

Remarks etc

November 1769

and a bout 40 Cannews along shore 11 to 12 of which came to the ship and sould us some Craw fish & Mussels the latter of which made some of the people sick that Eat them the where larg and of a Greenish which made some Imagin they ware poisonish but their being poison I do not believe as I eat of them very hearty and received no harm after they sold what they had they grew very Insolent and stole some linen from the Ship and threatened the ship with their Weapons But to convince them of their supirority over them we fired some musket balls through the sides of their cannews and some small shot at them this made them move of a little way where they thought themselves secure and began their threats as before upon which we fired a 4 pounder wide of them which made such a splash in the water near them rising up again and falling about 2 miles beyond them this we could see put them in the utmost confusion but recovering made the most Expeditious retreat I ever saw
Lattitude Observed 37°35

Wednesday 2 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy at 4 haul’d up to Weather and Island cauld Ohitchoro Do. saw some low keys and rocks which we Cauld not Clear so bore away to go between it and the shore of the Main as we pass’d to the Leiward of the Island a dubble Cannew the first we had seen on the Coast came off and behaved in a very Insolent manner, stood of and on all Night between the Island and the main depth of water from 15 to 20 fathm. sandy ground at day Break made sail and at 6 saw some some Breakers and Shauld our water to 7 fathm. Wore ship and pass between the rocks and the main which is a low flat sandy beach with a little shrubbery growing over it deepened our water to 20 fathm. bore away a long shore here the land is of a moderate Height with an open [indecipherable] country with some few woods and many Large towns one of which we pass’d by it standing near the sea and is very large with a fence and a dich round it and had upwards of 500 Houses from Ohitchoro a duble Cannew came and sailed a long with us and at their departure saluted us

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Remarks &c.

us with a volley of stones which was returned with a musket Ball at Noon an Isl. Cauld flat Island bore NNE ½ E 6 or 7 miles and a point Cauld [indecipherable] Point SE 3 Leagues
Lattitude Observed 37°39 So.

Thursday 3 –The first and Middle parts fresh Gales with rain PM haul’d up for an Island Call’d the Mayor am Moderate and fair & and at Noon saw a smoak on the Main some remarkable rocks call the Court of Aldermen [indecipherable] the Tower rock NW and the N most Extreams of a grope of Islands NBW 7 or 8 Lges. from the Town point to here the land is extremely barren and sandy Producing nothing green but rocks &c.
Lattitude Observed 36°56

Friday 4 – Little Winds and Cloudy with small rain at one O Clock 3 cannews came of and darted a pick into the ship fired 2 muskets into them which dispersed them at 2 bore away for an opening made by some rocky Islands and the Main PM Standing into a fine Bay and at ½ past 7 came to an anchor in fathm. of Water Good Ground Vier’d away to 1/3 of a cable Several Cannews about the ship who went away at Dark and returned at 11 but finding us upon the wach retired at 5 am 15 or16 Cannews came alongside having in them 220 Indians all arm’d with Lances stones and other Weapons, all means possible was used to Construct a friendship with them but to no purpose their behaviour was so Insolent as we were Obliged to fire a 4 pounder over them Which frightened them away to shore, Veir’d away to a whole cable at 9 the Capn. with the Longboat and pinnace with the marines went In search of a more convenient place for anchoring and Watering

Saturday 5 – Moderate and fair at 3 PM the boats returned and at 4 weigh’d and run much nearer the south shore then anchored in 5 fathom soft sand Ver’d away to the services of the Best Bower and carried out the casting anchor to the SE with a whole Cable & let it go in 3 ½ fm. Extreams of ye Entrance of the Bay from Nb2W to Nb2E distce. Of shore ¾ of a mile am the Natives came of and traded in a friendly Manner two came on board and was well used the Capn. and the other Gentlemen went away in the pinnace to haul the sene but were unsuccessful

[Page 102]

Remarks &c.

Novr. 1769

Sunday 6 – Moderate and fair PM Boats Employed as before with Little success Indians came on board bringing of fish and other things to trade am the Master with a Party Cutting wood Capn. surveying the Bay the Longboat at Trawling, scrubbed ship between wind and water haul’d the Sene and caught some few fish

Monday 7 – The first part moderate and Cloudy the Later [indecipherable] and Cloudy with rain Employed Wooding and Watering the Natives continue peaceable bring of fish & as usual High Water ½ past one PM Low ½ past 7

Tuesday 8 – Moderate Breezes and fair PM Wooding & Watering am heild ship and scrubbed her bottom
Latitude observed 36°47 S

Wednesday 9 – Light Breezes and fair Pleasant Wr. Employed wooding and Watering this day a large body of Indians came of to ye Ship with a great Quantity of Mackril sufficient to serve all hands and a great many to put in salt am Capn. and Mr. Green went on shore to Observe of Mercury over the Sun, Mr. Gore 2nd Lieut. Mortalby wounded an Indian for theft

Thursday 10 - Strong Breezes and Cloudy for the most part working in ye hold & Cutting wood Indians trading as before

Friday 11 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy PM employed as before am the Captain and Gentlemen went up the Larg river in the pinnace and the Long boat

Saturday 12 – PM Fresh Gales and Cloudy With heavy rain sent the Longboat to get oyster for the ships Company am Moderate and fair receiv’d on board a long boat load of Oysters

Sunday 13 – Do. Wr. rec’d onboard a L. boat load of oysters the pinnace and yaul gathering Cellery

Monday 14 – Do. Wr. cleaned ship for and aft & filled the empty Casks

Tuesday 15 – am Fresh Gales and Cloudy Employed getting ready for Sea this Bay is calld Marcury Bay and lies in Lattitude36° 49 and Longitude by the transet of Marcury 184-18 W of Greenwich it lies into the land East and west and has regular sounding but shoal at the head is a larg river with ½ fathm. water at the head it is divided into a number

[Page 103]

Remarks &c.

of small Islands Overgrown with mangroves the Westside is very fine land with woods and plains but the East is dry sand soil and quite Barren the bay is about 4 miles and has several small islands in its entrance it may be known by a pillar rock standing in the Middle and a rock like a tower on the Outside and lays opposite to the Court of Aldermen which are a [indecipherable] of spire rocks lying about 2 Leagues of the Main in this bay we first Observed the Hippo’s or fortifications of the natives which are generally Built upon rocks adjacent to the Main almost accessible on account of their Strength upon the top is a square fence with a dich on the outside of the fence 14 feet deep on the Inside of the fence is stage 20 feet High where the defence the town with stones and darts the inside of this fortification is divided into squares in which are the houses they Dwell in and when they Beat out of one they retire to another until the leave the Whole then they lay at the Mercy of their beseigers who hardly ever fail to kill and eat them this they esteem to be their best food and seem quite happy in having an opportunity of getting any the Inhabitants of this part are very much mark’d on their faces and are very Neat carvers and in every other respect as describ’d before Except their cannews which are very bad in this bay we likewise got a great deal of jasper their is likewise Green Do. which the Natives makes their Edge tools of are up this small river a Great many oysters, at 5 am unmoored and at 7 Weigh’d and got clear of the Bay hoisted in the boats and made all sail Steering NE for a Grope of Islands lying off pt. Mercury Cauld Mercury Islands and at noon the Extream of the land from NbE to SSE the Court of Aldermen SE Mercury Bay NE 9 or 10 miles Lattit. Observed 36°43 S

Wednesday 16 – Fresh Breezes and fair turning to windw. in Order to Get round Mercury Islands Lattitude Observed 36° 31 S

Thursday 17 – Fresh Gales and Squally Wr. split the fore and main T.G. sails at Noon closs reef’d the top sail turning to windw. A small Island NNE ½ E 34 or 5 miles
No observation

[Page 104]

Remarks &c.

Nov. 1769

Friday 18 – Moderate Gales and Squally Wr. opened moor land westd. am stood in between some Large Islands called Barrien Island and a point cauld Colvill Depth of Water 22 fathm. and Opened the land southward presently afterwards 2 larg cannews came off and they hove stones at the ship but upon us firing upon them they return’d at 11 saw the land to the westward of the forming a Streighter river which we stood into
Lattitude Observed °28 So. Depth of water 25 fm.

Saturday 19 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Standing up the river Which is 4 leagues Broad at 8 PM came too with the best bower in 23 fathoms of water off several Small Islands on the East Shore at ½ past 5 am Weigh’d and came to sail steering up the river soon after large cannews came off to the ship in a friendly manner found we shoald our water very fast at 9 came to an anchor in 6 ½ fathm. shilley ground nearly mid channel and Veer’d away to 1/3 of a cable hoist’d out the pinnace and Yaul sent one to the Nothwd. And the other to the soward to sound
Lattitude Observed 37°oo South

Sunday 20 – Moderate and fair Pm Moor’d with the stream anchor to the N’ward Hoisted out the Long boat and Cannews came alongside and traded These people were acquainted with us Oporagge Bay it being only 9 miles across the Land am the Capn. and Gentlemen attended with the Marines went to the s.ward to examine the Bay or sound Lattitude Observed 37 °00 So.

Monday 21 – Fresh gales and cloudy with rain PM Employ’d in the hold at 7 am the Capn. returned having found the south to terminate in a river 4 Leagues south of this up which they went 10 miles and found a very Rappid tide and fresh water at the Bottom of this sound is a flat sand and the Channel is on the East Shore where there is 2 ½ fahtm. all the way its Banks are so muddy that it is very Difficult to Land and the country is very flat Marshy with very Long timber trees growing on its banks some Trees measuring 96 Feet Clear timber and 19 feet

[Page 105]

Remarks &c.

in circumference up this river is several towns and the Country on Each sides seems very Delightful Firtile and popolous the Capn. called this place the River theams at 10 Strong gales veer’d to a Cable on the Best bower drove and brought the Steam Cable ahead

Tuesday 22 – More Moderate at 4 PM took up the stream anchor at ½ past Weigh’d
The Best Bower and Made sail sounding regular from 7 to 15 fm. Blew [indecipherable] at 8 the tide falling Came too with the Best Bower in 15 Fm. and Veer’d to ½ Cable Variable in the Night Light airs at 4 am Weigh’d and made sail working to Windward sounding from 10 to 18 Fm. at 9 came too again with the Best Bower and veer’d to 1/3 of a Cable the Capn. went away in the Pinnace
Lattitude Obsd. 36°59 South

Wednesday 23 – Little winds and fair Several Indians came of and Traded the Capn. returned in the pinnace hoist’d her in at 4 Weigh’d and made sail working to windward Soundings much the same as in the Morning at 9 came too with the Best Bower in 16 Fm. in the Night fair weather with Calms and light airs at 3 weigh’d & made sail at Noon the Extreams of the Entrance of the sound at N1W to N26W Lattitude Obs. 36°51 So.

Thursday 24 – Fresh Gales with Dark Cloudy Squally Wr. Working to Windward to get out of the Sound at 9 came too with the Best Bower in 23 fm. Veer’d to ½ a Cable at 6 am weigh’d and came to sail standing out of the sound to the NW at 10 strong gales got down top gallant yards point reading NWBW 3 Leagues
Lattite. Obs. 36° 17 So

Friday 25 – Fresh Gales and Hazey sailing along Shore Distance of 2 Leagues it appears Barren and very sandy at 4 pass’d in between some High ragged Islands [indecipherable] Main the Islands cauld the Hen and Chickens at ½ past 5 came too with the Best Bower in 13 fm. in a good Bay cauld it Beam Bay from our catching 100 Breams this Night the Extreams of the Bay from N4E to S32E the Island N7E Disatnce of Shore 4 miles at 6 am weigh’d and came to sail round Bream head Varitn. Pr. Ampl. 12-37 E ye land tending to the No’ward sailing along shore Lattite. Obs. 35°35 South

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Remarks &c.


Saturday 26 – First Part fresh Gales and Cloudy the Middle & latter Light airs am Varitn. Pr. an ampl. 13-10 Et. at 3 PM several large cannews full of Indians Came of to the Ship som come on board who had presents given to them but soon after returning to their cannews they hove several stones at the Ship at the same time threatening us with their Lances but upon firing some small shott at the Offenders they made of being again Insolent fired a four pounder wide of them which so Effectively frightened them that they for the shore with all Expedition am Several came of from the place where the latter had landed who behaved very well during their stay These people had a different mark on their faces curously but for Heads for their Cannews which are 70 feet in length and carry 80 or 90 men each at Noon a Bluff head call’d Cape Brett N74W 2 Leagues of shore and some Islands calld the poor Nights S East Lattitude Obs. 35°10 S

Sunday 27 – Little winds and pleasant weather am some Cannews came of and sould us some fish after the markett was over they attacked us with stones which obliged us fire small shott amongst them which dispers’d them at Noon the Eztreams of the land at SE13E to SWBS distce. Of Shore 7 miles
Lattitude Obs.34°35 South

Monday 28 – fresh Breezes and Pleasant weather plying to windw. Of some Islands Calld Cables Islands Varitn. 11-45 E

Tuesday 29 – Do.Wr. am finding we lost ground Bore away to a place to Leiward appearing to be a harbour from 10 to 11 running into a deep Bay of Islands cauld the Bay of Islands at 11 came too with the Best Bower in 5 fathm. water between the islands and the Main Extreams of the [indecipherable] from N29W to N3E 3 or 4 cable length of the Island the pinnace and and yaul sounding several Cannews in sight

[Page 107]

Remarks &c.

Wednesday 30 - At ½ past 12 the boats returned from sounding at 3 weigh’d and dropt farther into the Harbour and came too in 10 fm. sand and correl caught some bream The Ship was now surrounded by 33 cannews with about 300 Indians their made sensible by our precautions and behaviour that that we wanted to be friends with them all parties seemed equally satisfied with Each other and they showd us several fish &c but suddenly one amongst them gave a signal and the all repaired to the bay which we could not preveal on them to leave behind Which obliged us to fire and Wounded a man in the arm upon this they with drew and we fired a 4 pounder over them to frighten them from such attempts for the future afterwards they again returned to the Ship and seemed very [indecipherable] at 3 the Capn. And Gentlemen went on shore to the Island and as soon as they were landed the Indians every man of them went away and landed on the same Island a little above them the officers on board suspecting some design brought a spring on the Cable Veri’d away and brought the Broadside to the shore at 4 we saw the Indians attack our party which fir’d upon them Fired 4 4 pounders from the ship on the Indians who soon were dispers’d and returned in small numbers in a very submissive manner and shewing for peace at 7 AM the Boats return’d bringing a quantity of Callery onboard 9 or 10 Cannews came off to the ship and traded in a fair manner at 4 am weigh’d but falling calm let go again Vartn. Per an ampl. And Azimth. 12.40 Et. [indecipherable] Punished Mathew Cox Henry Stephens & Emmanuel Pavara Seamen for Disobedience of Orders & neglect of duty the Pinnace and yaul up the Harbour Sounding at 11 made their signal at Noon they return’d Lattit. Obs. 35°—12 South

December 1769

Thursday 1 – PM Light airs and rain the Capn. &c went to the west side of the Bay Where they found fresh Water and plenty of Callery Indians alongside trading at 6 the Boats returned am Clean’d ship &c scrubbed the Bends

[Page 108]

Remarks &c. [indecipherable] Coast of New Zealand

December 1769

Friday 2 – Fresh Gales and hazey with heavy rain am the Boats Employ’d Watering hands hauling the same receiv’d on board one boat load of water

Saturday 3 – Moderate and Cloudy with rain receiv’d on board some water and fish am Moderate and fair some Cannews with Indians came onboard and traded got onboard ye Captain went in the pinnace up the harbour high Water at 12 o’clock

Sunday 4 – Moderate Breezes and fair Employ’d as before am the Capt. purchased fish for all hands

Monday 5 – Moderate Breezes and pleasant PM Compleated our water at 4 am weigh’d and came to sail at ½ past was in the Bar 2 ¾ fathm. At Noon Moderate and pleasant Wr.Working to Windward the extreams of the Bay of Islands from North 63-30 E to N 52 W pr. pocock
Lattitude Obs. 35°- - 09 Sh.

Tuesday 6 – First and Middle parts Moderate Breezes and fair Latter little winds PM turning to windward to clear the land at 10 it fell calm and the tyde setting the ship near a ledge of rocks hoist’d out the pinnace to tow her off at 11 she struck on a sunken rock twice and went of Clear without receiving any principal damage at ½ past 9 am stretch’d off shore at Noon the Extreams of the from SE ½ E to W ½ S the last anchoring place SBE 5 Leagues

Wednesday 7 Fresh Breezes and Cloudy turning to windward at Noon the Extreams of Cavalle Islands a 10 to WNW ye Bay of Islands Distance off shore 3 Leagues

Thursday 8 – Do. Wr. turning as before Aarin. 13—00 E at Noon 4 leagues off Shore Lattitude Obs. 34°- - 42 Sh.

Friday 9 – Do. Wr. saw more land tending Westw’d termination in a deep Bay Cauld dountless bay and the West point Nochell point at 10 am saw cannews came off and traded with fish these people told us that at 3 days rowing in their Cannews would carry them down this land which tended round to the Southwd. At Noon Extreams of the Bay at S62E to N65W
Latitude Obs. 34° - -44 South

[Page 109]

remarks &c.

Saturday 10 – Moderate Breezes and fine pleasant Weather PM Varitn. Per ample. 12-40 E am Standing into a deep Bay Cauld Sandy bay saw some cannews and Indian townships at Noon the Extreams of the land from N55W 5 Lgs. To SB5E Distnce. Of shore 3 Leagues

Sunday 11 – Moderate and pleasant serv’d slops to the ships compy. Variation pr. Azth. 12-20 e Lattite. Obs. 35 °- - 32 So.

Monday 12 – Do. Wr. turning to windwd. In Sandy bay the Extreams at Noon from S47E to N58W the bluhh head 13 Lgs. Cauld Mt. Chamell

Tuesday 13 – The first and Middle parts moderate Breezes and drizzling rain the Latter Strong Gales with rain at 8 am got down top gallants Yards and split the main topsail unbent him and handed down the fore topsail Ditto bent a new Topsail at 10 more moderate sett the Topsails

Wednesday 14 – Fresh Gales and Squally thick hazey Wr. with rain saw the Land bearing WSW 5 or 6 Lgs. Found ourselves falling to liewd. Since yesterday, Stood on shore under a press of sails at 3 Lgs. Not being able to Weather a small Island of Knockle point at 5 it coming on to blow in Shortened sail splitt ye Mizen and F.Sail & fore topsail Unbent and handed &c. to repair handed the main at 6 am Loosing ground saw the land distce. 4 Leagues SBE Sett the topsails at Noon moderate Saw the land SWBS, Lattite. Obs. 34° - -6 South

Thursday 15 – Fresh Gales and fair weather made sail a great SW swell Employ’d repairing sails Lattite. Obs. 34 - -[indecipherable]

Friday 16 – Do. Wr. and swell am Got up top Gallant yards at Noon the land in sight Bearing South Lattite. Obs. 33° – 43 E

Saturday 17 – Little Winds and pleasant weather turning to Windwd. The land at Noon from Sb2W to N13E Distance of shore 3 Miles
Lattitude Obs. 34° - - 20 So.

Sunday 18 - Moderate Breezes and pleasant Wr. at Noon the Table land seen three days Before SBW 5 Lgs. Called the No. Cape
Lattitude Obs. 34° - - 8 S

Monday 19 – Do. Wr. Unbent the New and unbent the old fore sails at Noon no land in sight Lattite. Obs. 34° - - 2 So.

Tuesday 20 - First part Do. Wr. at one PM saw the land bearing So. 6 or 7 Leagues at 9 PM thick Cloudy Squally Weather with

[Page 110]

Remarks &c.

December 1769

Tuesday 20 – With Thunder Lightening and Rain Clew’d up the Topsails and got down top Gallant Yards at Noon Moderate and Clear sett the Topsails a bluff head S ½ W Lattitude Observed 34° 14 So.

Wednesday 21 – Moderate Breezes and fair Wr. standing to the Weatwd. A great SW swell no land in sight Lattitude Obs. 33 ° 14 So.

Thursday 22 – Do. Wr.& swell got up top gallant Yards at 9 T.Kd. and stood to ye Eastwd. Lattite. Obs. 33 ° 02 South

Friday 23 Do. Wr. & swell Employ’d in ye holds Lattite. Obs. 33° 17S

Saturday 24 – Little Winds & Calms at 6 am saw land at the mast head Bearing SBE ½ E distance 11 or 12 leagues at Noon the land SEB[indecipherable] Lattit. Obs. 33 ° 48 S

Sunday 25 – Moderate Breezes and Dark Cloudy Wr. PM saw ye Islands call’d the 3 Kings discovered in 1642 by Capn. Abel Tasman a dutch man Bearing SBE 4 or 5 lgs. Lattitude Observed 34°12 S

Monday 26 – Moderate and Hazey turning to windw. of the 3 Kings
Lattit. Obs. 35°10S

Tuesday 27 – Moderate and Hazey for the first part the remarkable strong gales & hard squalls at 7 am Handed the topsails at 9 brought too under the mainsail

Wednesday 28 – Hard Gales With Dark Cloudy Wr. PM reef’d & handed the foresails at 4 am sett the fore sails the wind being shifted to the SW reef’d the mainsail at 8 brought too under the mizen stay sail and Ballance mizen in an attempt to sett the mainsail the tack broak haul’d it up and furl’d it a great swell from the WSW

Thursday 29 – The 1st and middle parts strong Gales and Cloudy with a great swell from the SW at 6 am Sett the Reefs out of the Courses and sett them unbent the fore and mainsail & Bent others
Lattite. Obs. 34° 45 South

Friday 30 – Fresh Gale and Cloudy with a great sea at 6 Set the Topsails Cloos’d reefd saw the land cauld by Capn. Tasman Maria van Dieman NNE this cape is very high and lies of the End of a narrow sandy Neck its Lattit. is 34° 30 & Long 188-10 west of Greenwich by Observation of Sun and Moon

[Page 111]

Remarks &c.

Saturday 31 – Fresh Breezes and Squally with flying Showers of rain at 5 am the strap of the Main [indecipherable] Block broke Lower’d down the Yard and repaired it at Noon Cape Maria van Dieman N25E 4 or 5 Lgs. Mt. Chamel on the sandy Nick N52E
Lattitude Observed 34°42

January 1770

Sunday 1 – Fresh Gales and Squally Wr. turning to windwd. Saw land forming a deep Bay from Cape Maria Van Dieman Southwd. Appearing very barren at Noon the Cape N20E Mt. Chamel SE and the 3 Kings NWW distnce. Off shore 3 Leagues Lattitude Observed 34° 37 South

Monday 2 – Fresh Gales and Squally standing to the south ward no land in sight at Noon Lattite Obs. 35° 17 S

Tuesday 3 - Do. Wr. am Saw several porposes, in sight very High Land Bearing NE a SW swell Latttite. Obs. 36°2 So.

Wednesday 4 – fresh Breezes and Cloudy saw the appearance of a Bay in the High land Bearing NBE 6 Leagues at PM bore away along shore at 7 am saw an opening in the land Bearing Et. calld [indecipherable] bay the leach rope of the M. Topsail Broke unbent it and bent another Carpenters Caulking the Quater Deck
Lattitude Observed 36° 31 So.

Thursday 5 – Fresh Gales and hazey standing to the Northw. under a press of sails in order to Weather the land Split the Jib and bent another Lattit. Obs. 35° 10 So.

Friday 6 – the first and Middle parts fresh Gales the Latter light airs & Calm Varitn. 12°-24 Lattite. Obs 35°3So.

Saturday 7 – Little winds and Calms got up top Gallants yards at 6 am saw the Cape Bearing NBE ½ S Lattit. Obs. 35°0

Sunday 8 – Moderate Breezes and pleasant Wr. PM saw the land bearing high EBN and a turtle at Noon the Extream of the land from N to E 13 N Distance of shore at 5 or 6 Leagues this land has a very barren appearance and not a scrub to be seen and all a sandy coast
Lattit Observed 35° 45 South

Monday 9 – Little winds and Cloudy at Noon [indecipherable] bay NNE 6 or7 Leagues the land tending SEBE straight shore
Lattitude Observed 36° 39 So.

[Page 112]

Remarks &c.

January 1770

Tuesday 10 – Fresh Gales and Hazey with rain sailing along shore 2 or 3 leagues off. The land begins to be Woody and High at 8 am the Breast of a very high Mountain cauld woody head saw a Small Island cauld Bird Island at Noon a remarkable head land cauld albotross point SBE Distance 3 Leagues Latte. Obs. 37° - 5 So.
Long from the Cape 2° - 00 E.

Wednesday 11 – Moderate Breezes and Variable Wr. at 4 taken aback at Noon Albotross point EBN 4 Lgs. Lattit Obs. 38° - 4 S.

Thursday 12 – Do. Wr. land tending SSW and Ending in a very high Moutn. As high as pico Del Tinereffe Cauld Mount Egmont distance off shore 3 Leagues here ye land looks very firtile and pleasant and of a moderate height a level Country & a rockey Shore

Friday 13 – Do. Weather with rain at Noon Cape Egmont at N 6 E to N [indecipherable] E 4 Lgs. Saw the land tending East Lattite Obs.39 ° - 32

Saturday 14 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy running along shore distance of 3 Lge. Varit. pr. an ample. 12-9 Et. at 6 am saw the Land tending SSW haul’d up for it at Noon the So. Most Extreams of the Bay making like a Island moderately high and terminating around A S 24 W to S 25 E the first Diste. 5 Leagues

Sunday 15 – The first and Middle parts fresh breezes and cloudy the Later Light airs and Variable standing in for a bay at 7 PM some Northermost Island in sight NbW the Westermost Extreams of the main forming an appearance of a bay SSW 11 miles high Cliffs forming the west side of a large opening So. In this opening lies 2 Islands Varit. 13 – 5 E stood off & on all Night at day light found the ship had lost 3 Leagues in the night Standing into a bay saw a ledge of rocks stretching to the Wt. most point Called point Jackson 2 miles at 3 am hoist’d out the Boats to tow the ship of the shore she being driven near by the tide at 12 hould round an island which was an Indian town and soon after came to an anchor in 10 fatham of water a very fine harbour Call’d Cannabel Harbour

[Page 113]

Remarks &c.

Monday 16 -

PM Light airs and pleasant Wr. carried out the stream anchor to the SW when moor’d the Extreams of the Cove a NE to S33E a watering place Sb3W the Island from East to Nb2E Ships Drought of Water [indecipherable] a great Number of Indians in several cannews came of to the ship and made a peace at 6 the Capn. &c went on shore in the pinnace to Examine the Watering place and hall the Sein at 8 the boats returned with 300 lbs of fish & a great number of water fowls &c. am heeled the ship and cleaned the Larboard side the Indians brought of a great Quantity of stenching fish &c. Stoped the salt provisions from the Ships Company during our stay here, the Capn. and Mr. Green went onshore with the Astrnimome seal Quadrent at found the Lattitude to be 41° 32 So. Got up the cable and cleaned below

Tuesday 17 – Light airs and pleasant Wr. PM got down the Cable & and righted ship sent the yaul a fishing who returned with success am heeld ship and cleaned the Starboard side a boat fishing got the spair cable out of the hould to air sent all the empty Water Casks onshore servd fish to all hands portable soup meat and Celery as usual for Breakfast

Wednesday 18 – Light Breezes and Pleasant Wr. Stowd the spare Cable away Coopers at work on shore people Wooding and Watering a party hauling the Sein on board at work in the hold Carpenters Caulking & paying the Bends sent the forge up on the main Deck & servd fish to ye Company

Thursday 19 – Do. Wr. Employed as yesterday and Overhll’d the rigging am the Indians Brought of a Quantity of horse mackerel servd fish to all hands Sent the pinnace to sound the Extreams of the Harbour

Friday 20 – Do. Wr. Employed as before received on board water pay’d the Lower mast with tar am received on board wood and water sent the gunner onshore to air the powder This morning came a number of Indians alongside with 4 mens heads roasted quite dry with the hair and skin &c all compleat their Bodies having been eat by these deavourers some days before they told us that they got them in a cannew which was drove into their bay fell upon them killd them and roasted

[Page 114]

Remarks &c.

January 1770

them we saw one of the Bodys and 2 arms with flesh on them which we saw them Eat this is the first positive proof that the Inhabitants of this land are Canibals, tho they always told us they Eat one another [indecipherable] all prisoners and slain strangers & Every Party of them having a King or Chief and are at war with all the others Even them that live in Sight of their Hippo or town which is Commonly on a rock or high point Well trenched and fortified here is no kind of Beasts or animals on this land Except Doggs which they are fond of so that they have no flesh to Eat but birds Only when they can by Strength or any other Barborous Method catch their fellow Creatures which flesh they prize before anything Else and Glory so much in this detestable Crime that they wair the Thumbs and fingers of these unhappy suffers in their ears as Ladys do Dimons, the story of the Cannews happened a day or two before we came in But they stole a young girl from a neighbouring party one Morning While we lay here and about an hour afterwards brought her bones to sell to our people this with many Other such Barborous like Crueltys these savages are guilty of which makes hatful to all adventurers

Saturday 21 – Moderate and pleasant Wr. employed as before servd fish to all hands Cleand ship fore and aft and sent the boats afishing as Usual

Sunday 22 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy PM people at their own disposial am Employed onboard and onshore as yesterday sent a boat to fish and servd them to all hands

Monday 23 – Moderate and fair all hands Employed as usual Carps. pay’d the sides with tar

Tuesday 24 – Moderate & fair Employed as yesterday

Wednesday 25 – Do. Wr. Employed as yesterday

Thursday 26 – Do. Wr. Nothing remarkable

Friday 27 – The 1st Part Do. Wr. the middle and later squally Employed as usual ships Drought of water forw’d 13 Fms. Aft 13-6 Do.

[Page 115]

Remarks &c.

Saturday 28 - Cloudy with rain PM Got of 2 boat loads of stones for Ballast in the Bread room am heavy rain all hands on board

Sunday 29 – Moderate & clear Wr. the small anchor came home took it up and Carried the Hawser on shore to [indecipherable] wooders & waterers on shore at work

Monday 30 – fine pleasant Wr. the Captain this day took possesion of these Islands in his Majestys name by Verture of being the first Discoverer for him his airs and successors for Ever and set up a post in an Island in the Middle of the Entrance with an inscription giving the Ships Name &c. the Name given on the Sound is Queen Charlotte’s Sound. Compleated wooding an& watering &c. Boatswains on shore cutting brooms

Tuesday 31 – Do. Wr. Employed on board & on shore occaisionaly

February 1770

Wednesday 1 – First part pleasant Wr. PM Boatswains onshore Cutting Brooms am heavy rain Cleand Ship fore & after

Thursday 2 – PM fresh Gales and hazey Wr. with heavy rain at 3 sent a boat afishing at 4 the Hawser parted in a very Squall and the Best Bower came home let go the small Bower and Veer’d to ½ a cable on it and half on the Best am Little winds and rany hove up the small Bower and looked at the best Best Bower found it Clear and warp’d to our old birth & moor’d as before, servd fish

Friday 3 – Moderate and fair Employed Occaisionaly the Latter heavy rain Swept away 10 water Casks out of the river sent the boats in search but they returned unsuccessful am Sent the long boat for Cellery Scap’d the top M & S [indecipherable]

Saturday 4 – Fresh Breezes and pleasant Employ’d as before Loos’d sails and cleared ship for sea Compleated our water to 73 tuns Ships Drought of water forward 14-1 aft 14.1 ½

Discription of Queen Charlotte’s Sound

It is situated on the South side of Cook’s Streights in Lattitude 41 °10 So. Longitude by observation 184-36 Wt. and is formed by 2 larg narrow points running into ye sea the western of which is calld point Jackson of this point lies a ledge of rocks Even with the edge of the water the entrance is about 4 miles Broad and lies [indecipherable] about 4 miles from the point is an Island on which

[Page 116]

Remarks &c.

We left a post &c.

This Island is situated in the Middle of the Entrance and serves to shelter ships after they are in, on the East point lies a rock upon which there is an Indian Town or fortification where they all retire to when attacked by their enemies within this Island is a cove Where we lay secure from all winds Call’d Canibal Harbour and farther up the sound is 2 more spacious and secure Harbours on the West side and on the East side several more form’ by Islands which we only saw but did not examine The Land on the North side of the hills is very woody and is over grown by a vine which is so entangled with the trees there is hardly any getting along the woods the hills on both sides is very High & [indecipherable] mostly lie becalmed here when it blows a tempest at sea having only now and then a squall of the hills so that it is the finest harbour the most Convenient and withall the most best supplied with fish and fresh water of any port we have seen on the coast the tides fall hear 6 feet but there is no kind of regullarity in them The Inhabitants are ye poor stand and most Wretihes people we have seen on New Zealand, but are of the same kind and Build their Hippos the same manner they had Great store of Dry’d fish which they live on in the winter when the weather id too riggirous to go fishing or when beseig’d, as the Capn. is desier’d to Leave this Coast he has made all the enquires possible Concerning the Extent of this coast we are upon and receivd for an answer, they know but of three lands one of which lay to the No. which they would be three months getting around, another of which we was upon they could go round in 14 days and a third lying to the SouthWest, of which they had but an Imperfect Knowledge and Calld it Towie poe miniou, the 1st seemed to be the Land we had been round and we Imagined it was divided from this by some some Streights which the next day the Cpn. discovered

[Page 117]

Remarks &c;

from a hill where he Left a mark post Erected to the memory of Cooks Streights resolving to sail through them and pass’d the Land we was upon

February 1770

Sunday 5 – Fresh Breezes and fair wr. PM Employed fishing at 10 unmoored and carried the stream anchor and a hawser out to the eastward and hove short on the best bower

Monday 6 – Moderate Breezes and pleasant at 2 PM hove up the best bower and found the buoy rope gone and warp’d out Weigh’d and came to sail at 6 it fell calm. Came too with the best bower under the Island at 4 am weighd and came to sail working to windw. out of the sound

Tuesday 7 – Light Breezes and pleast. wr. sent the boats ahead at 4 made their signal and hoistd them up and in at ½ 9 PM found the tide set up very fast upon some rockey Islands in the middle of the streights let go the best Bower Bower anchor in 75 faths. water Veri’d away to 2 cables length at 12 began to heave at 2 Weigh’d the tide being changed and made sail for the East Shore am sailing through Cook Streights being about 5 Leagues over the west land making very high and Topd with snow. At Noon the extreams of the streights from NSbE to S3W the Island we was on near N10E 10 Leagues abreast of a bay Cauld Cloudy Bay
Lattitude Observed 41° 27 South

Wednesday 8 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy sailing along shore past a point Call’d Cape palliser forming the southern Extreams of Cooks Streights at 9 the wind Changing bore away for Cape turnagain at Noon the So. Point of New Zealand NNE 3 Leagues call’d cape Terra wette
Lattitude Obs. 41°35 So.

Thursday 9 - Moderate Breezes PM 3 Cannews of Indians came on board who being acquainted with the ships being on the Coast who behaved very well and was dismised with presents at Noon saw Cape turnagain No. 7 leagues being convinced of this land being an island tack’d and stood to the SE Lattitude Obs. 40°35

Friday 10 – Moderate breezes & cloudy Wr. at Noon ye Exts. of the land from NbWt. 4 ½ Leagues to SBW 5 ½ leagues Lattite. Obs. 41° 11 S

[Page 118]

Remarks &c. at South New Zealand

February 1770

Saturday 11 – Little Winds and Variable Wr. am Varian. Per Azth. 14 -00 E at Non the Extreams of the Land a SBSW to NBE distance of shore 3 Leagues
Lattitude Obs. 41°6 So.

Sunday 12 – Moderate Breezes and Pleasant Wr. PM Varite. 14-30 E at Noon Cape Terra wette NW distance 7 Leagues
Lattitude Obs. 41°52 So.

Monday 13 – Light airs and Calms bent a new main top gallant sail
Lattitude Obs. 42°2 So.

Tuesday 14 – Moderate Breezes and pleasant wr. Vatitn. Per Azth. 15-00 E the Capt. ordered the Wheat for breakfast to be made with sweet wort, saw land tending SE at noon the Extreams from SW ½ S to NE Distce. of shore 3 Leagues
Lattitude Obs. 42°34 So.

Wednesday 15 – Little winds and Hazey wr. 4 dubble Cannews came off and lookd at the ship for some time and then went on shore again abreast of a high snow hill and Isd. where the people came of from Call’d the Lookerson at noon snow hill NW ½ W Lattite. Obs. 42°46 E

Thursday 16 – the 1st Part moderate Breezes the Latter Light airs and pleasant Wr. at noon the southern land making like an Island SSW an opening in the land [indecipherable] W to [indecipherable] 5 W Snow hillN5E Distance of shore 7 LGS.
Lattitude Obs. 43°19s

Friday 17 – Moderate Breezes and pleasant weather am Varin. per azth. 14-15 E Standing by an Island called Banks Island at 10 the 2 Lieut. Mr. Gore. thought he saw Land to the Eatwd. Hall’d up for it at Noon the Extreams of the land at N2W to N50W Distce. of 5 or 6 Leagues
Lattitude Obs. 44°07 S

Saturday 18 – Moderate Breezes and Hazey at 7 pm seeing no land altered the course Varitn. per ampl. 15 – 36 E stood south at noon no land in sight
Lattitude Obs. 45° 16 S

Sunday 19 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy a swell from the No. steered west am got the long boat in and ref’d the topsails at 11 saw the land hall’d our wind at Noon the land WBN [indecipherable] making high and terminating in a low to ye NWard
Lattitude Obs. 44° 30 S

[Page 119]

Remarks &c.

Monday 20 – the 1st part Little winds the Latter fresh Gales at noon the body of the land west Distance 6 Leagues Lattite. Obs. 33—26 S turning to windward here the land looked Barren and falls in flatts

Tuesday 21 – Fresh Gales and Squally with rain the Body of the land Wt. Lattitude Obs. 44° 43 S

Wednesday 22 – Fresh Breezes and fair at noon the Body of the land Wt. 7 or 8 Leagues Cut 35 fathm. of the Best Bower for junk bent a new Cable for a small Bower and a small Bower for a boat Bore

Thursday 23 – Moderate Breezes and cloudy saw some Grampuses sails and Cape hens Employed platting and rounding the Best Bower cable Lattite Obs. 45 –22 So.

Friday 24 – First part light airs the latter light airs and hazey sailing along shore saw more land tending SW at Noon the Extreams from SSW to NW of shore 11 Lgs.

Saturday 25 – Fresh Gales and hazey carried away the Maintop Gallant Mast dubble reef’d the top sails lay too all night a bluff SW 5 or 6 Miles Call’d Cape Saunders am Little winds and variable with squalls at times at Noon the Extreams of the Land from N22W to SSBW diste. of shore 3 or 4 Leagues

Sunday 26 – light airs & Calms Got up a new main T.G. Mast the Latter fresh Gales and Squally the land tending SSW [indecipherable] at Noon very hard squalls with rain Clew’d up Cloos’d reef’d and handed top sails a great SW swell Lattitude Obs. 46° 35 So.

Monday 27 – Strong Gales and Squally with flying showers of rain at 7 handed the Mainsail and brought too a heavy SW swell

Tuesday 28 – First part strong gales and Squally at 4 Pm made sail under the courses the remainder more moderate at 7 am sett the top sails
Lattitude Obs. 47° - 43 So.

March 1770

Wednesday 1 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy Wr. Varitn. 16 – 34 E saw 2 [indecipherable]

Thursday 2 – Do. Wr. with rain and a WSW Swell Lattite. Obs. 46° 42 S

Friday 3 – Fresh Gales & squally with rain Latite. Obs. 46° 42 S

Saturday 4 – Moderate Breezes and Clear am Varite. Per Azth 16-16 E at 11 saw land a little to the southward of Cape

[Page 120]

Remarks &c.

March 1770

Saunders made all sail for it
Latitude Obs. 46° 31 S

Sunday 5 - first part fresh Gales and fair the Latter hard rain PM standing in for thE land which makes low and level ending in most to the southward in the Night saw a light on the shore at Noon standing into a deep bay SW no Observation

Monday 6 – The first part fresh gales and rainy the latter little winds and Cloudy at 6 am saw the land tending to the SW high and [indecipherable] and an Island Cauld Stool bearing west 3 or 4 Leagues at Noon standing out of SE bay the nearest land 9 or 10 miles
Lattitude Obs. 46° 50 South

Tuesday 7 - Light airs and clear Wr. Varitn 15 – 40 E Lattite. Obs. 46° 52

Wednesday 8 – Do. Wr. sometimes calm Southermost land in sight at Noon WBS Lattitude Obs. 47 ° 12 So.

Thursday 9 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Wr. stood under an easie sail all Night at 6am saw a ledges of rocks calld the Trapps Close to us sounded at 5 fathm. Tack’d and Cleard them these rocks are stragled about a great way and some of them under the surface and Others above it the ly SE from the So. Cape and 4 or 5 Leagues of the land and are very dangerous opposit them are several remarkable peakes resembling Sugar Loafs at Noon the Ext of the Land from N[indecipherable]W to NSE some breakers NEBN others at SEBS a Great swell
Lattitude Obs. 47° 26S

Friday 10 – The 1st part Moderate breezes the latter fresh gales and hard rain am Lost sight of the land got down top Galant Yards a NW swell at noon clear

Saturday 11 – Fresh Breezes and Clear with a western swell standing to the Northw. At 2 am saw a high Island Bearing NW 5 Leagues am standing into a deep Bay at noon an opening from S[indecipherable] E to N[indecipherable] E Solanders Isl. S43W 4 leagues the southermost land makes very high and has the apearance of an Island between which the main seems to be a strights but as we had no convincing proof of it I shall not pretend

[Page 121]

Remarks &c.

to say the No. side is high land and has a larg Bay which seems to have Great Shelter and it was Calld SW Bay from here the land tends to the westwd. forming a point 10 leagues from here and was called West point at Noon Lattitude Observd 46 – 24 So.

Sunday 12 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy with Showers of rain stand.g SW

Monday 13 – Strong Gales and rain and very Squalls at 5 PM handed the top sails Closs’d stood to the N. Westw. am sett the top sails and made more sail at 11 saw the Land make high No.Eastwd Lattitude Observed 46° 00 So.

Tuesday 14 – Do. Wr. hall’d up close to the land past by a bay or harbour call’d Doubtful harbour the land making high and ragget like the coast of Norway being ragget and steep lay too all night at Noon the Eztm. Of the Land from snow to N39E 4 or 5 miles
Lattitude Observed 45° - 13 So.

Wednesday 15 -Moderate Breezes and fair Varitn. Per an ample. 15- 2 E Standing along shore at Noon the Extreams of the land from S10W to N44E some remarkable high peakes covered with snow ENE 7 or 8 Miles off Shore
Lattitude Obs. 44° 47 S

Thursday 16 – Fresh Gales and fair Varitn. 13-4 E lay too all night at noon the Extreams of the Land form N46E to SSW
Lattite Obs. 44° 4 S

Friday 17 – Fresh Breezes at 2 passed round a cliff point Calld Caskade point from whence is a fall of water the land making in plains very full of woods no sign of Inhabitants. Running along shore

Saturday 18 – Variable with rain at noon the land from N52E to S31E 3 leagues Lattitude Obs. 43 ° 6 So.

Sunday 19 –Moderate Breezes and Cloudy at Noon the Land a NNE to SBW 3 Leagues Lattite. Obs. 42° 8 So.

Monday 20 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy am Cloos reef’d the top sails no Observation

Tuesday 21 – Do. Wr. with rain at 5 am saw the land from E to EBN made all sail

Wednesday 22 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy Standing NNE along shore the land in the country making high towards the water side in plains very woody and in sandy beaches at noon [indecipherable] point NE 2 miles of shore Lattitd. 40° 5 So.

[Page 122]

Remarks &c.

March 1770

Thursday 23 – Light airs and Cloudy with a SW swell Varin. 13-50 Et. at Noon the land from N[indecipherable] E to SB ½ W of shore 3 Lgs.
Lattite Obs. 40° 36 S

Friday 24 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy at 6 PM lay too of a point Calld Cape farewell 2 miles am made sail turning to windward of the Cape at Noon rocky point SSW 4 leagues Lattite. Obs. 40° 19 S

Saturday 25 - Fresh Breezes and Cloudy turning of Cape Farewell Varitn. 12-20 E at noon hazey with rain the land making Soward sandy

Sunday 26 – Little winds and thick hazey wr. standing to the Eatwd in 38 fathm at noon the land in sight from [indecipherable] to S5W and Opening SBW 10 Miles the land making high and ragged and very broken with sands running into the land Near this place Tasman’s [indecipherable] lay but we could not perceive which was it

Monday 27 – Thick hazey wr. with small rain Standing in between Cape Stephens and some other Islands at 2 bore up to Clear the Latter sounded 130 fathm. no ground at 3 stood into a deep Bay with Islands of either side one mile mile distance of shore sounded 36 fathm. at 4 the Island sett at noon NNW 4 or 5 miles sent the pinnace ahead to sound at 6 came too with the Best Bower in 11 fathm. mudd Verid to 1/3 of a cable am cloudy Hazey weather at 5 am hoisted out the boats and went to look for a watering place at 6 warpd ahead and moord with the stream anchor NW the Extream of the cove from Nb2E to SbSE some remarkable peak’d rocks in the Offing N50E of shore ½ mile sent the wooders and Coopers with the casks on shore Employed in the hold

Tuesday 28 – Hazey with rain Employed wooding and watering sent fish to all hands shifted our birth further moor’d again and took up the steam anchor at noon ye Captn. went to sound in the pinnace

Wednesday 29 – Do. Wr. Employed as before Low water at ½ past 5 PM

[Page 123]

Remarks &c.

Thursday 30 – First and middle parts Do. Wr. the Latter Moderate and fair am Employed as before served fish as usual Caught with hooks and line

Friday 31 – Do. Wr. Got on board wood and water to 78 tons at 7 Cleared ship for sea Drought of water [indecipherable] at 6 am weigh’d and came to sail at 7 hoist’d in all the Boats at 10 abreast of Cape Stephens at Noon Cape farewell SbW & Stephens Island N[indecipherable]E 10 miles this bay lies wt. 9 or 10 Lgs. of Queen Charlotte’s Sound in it the tide rises & falls 12 feet perpendicular which makes me imagin there is a passage at the Back of this Island to the SE which makes out what the Indians told us at Canabal Harbour

April 1770

Saturday 1 – Fresh Breezes and Clear at 5 took our departure of Cape farewell it then bearing W ½ N 4 Leagues its Lattitude being 40-26 So. and Longetude of Greenwich 185 -45 am in 2 reefs Topsails

Sunday 2 – Moderate Gales and hazey with rain split the jib & bent a new on Lattiite. Obs. 40° -00 S Longe in 189 –53 W

Monday 3 - Do. Wr. Bent a new main top mast stay sail the old one being torn Lattite. Obs. 38 -56 Long. 292 -3 West

Tuesday 4 – Fresh Gales and squally Wr. unbent the main top sail and bent an old one.
Lattite. In 37° --55 So. Longe. 194 Wt. of Greenwich

Wednesday 5 – Do. Wr. Nothing remarkable, Latte. In 37 -23 Longe. 196-23 W

Thursday 6 – Moderate Breezes and Dark Cloudy Wr. bent a new fore sail PM saw some flocks of birds
Lattite. In 37-18 So. Longe. 197 - - 33 Wt.

Friday 7 – Do. Wr. Varitn. 13—56 E am made all sail punished John Boules marine with 12 Lashes for Insolence to his Officer

Saturday 8 – Moderate Breezes and Cloudy PM Varitn. 13.15 E.
Lattite. Obs. 38°--00 South

Sunday 9 – Do. Wr. with smooth water am saw a Albatross and a tropical Bird Employ’d working up Tunk Got the yaul upon the Deck to repair she being much worm eaten
Lattite. Obs. 38° 3 So.

Monday 10 – Do. Wr. Varite. 13- - 10 E Lattite. In 38- - 51 S. Long 201- - Wt.

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Remarks Etc.

April 1770

Tuesday 11- Little winds Inclinable to Calms
Lattite. In 39- - 17 S. Longe. 201- - Wt.

Wednesday 12 – Calm Clear pleasant Wr. with smooth water

Thursday 13 – Little winds and Do. Wr. Vartin. 12- - 30 E Lat. Obs. 39° 23 S.

Friday 14 – Do. Wr. with Calms and Light airs Varite. 11- - 45 E. Condem’d the spirit sail T: sail and a ships tent to repair the sails

Saturday 15 – Moderate Breezes and fair weather saw some flying fish Lattite. Obs. 39° - 30 So. had some observations Giving the Longe. 207- -35 West of Greenwich

Sunday 16 – Fresh Breezes and Cloudy Wr. in the Night Lightening to ye Northwd. Sounded every 2 hours no ground 130 fathoms Lattite. Obs. 39 °- - 45 South

Monday 17 – Fresh Gales and Cloudy Squally Wr. with thunder Lightening and rain PM Closs reef’d the T. sails and made sail out Reefs a great west swell
Lattite. 39 - - 36 S. Longe. 200 - - 00 West

Tuesday 18 - Strong Gales and Do. Wr. PM handed the main and Closs ref’d the fore top sails got down top G: yards a SSW swell in the Night carried away the strap of the main top mast stay sail stay [indecipherable] it & saw a [indecipherable] pintado Birds and albotrosses at noon set the top sails

Wednesday 19 – Do. Wr. a Number of Purpusses about the ship at sunsett handed down the T: sails am sett them again saw land making high bearing from SW to NE to W distne. 7 or 8 Leagues out all reefs and made sail standing in for the land sounding 80 fathm. Varite. 8 - -7 East Closs to the shore bore away to the Northw. Making all sail along shore Bent the Best main sail at noon the Extreams of the Land in sight NWBW to EBN Lattite. Obs. 37° - -50 So. Long. West of London 210—00 the coast makes a moderate height very woody and in sandy beaches

Thursday 20 – Fresh Gales and Squally with rain saw several water spoutes at 6 abreast of a small Isld. Sounded 56 fm. off shore 5 or 6 miles lay too all night at 5 made sail along shore it tending NNE and make nearly

[Page 125]

Remarks &c. on the Coast of New Holland

Thursday 20 – nearly Streights am Saw high Land Call’d the Drumadery, from its resemblance of that animal Back Bearing NNW at noon Lattite. Obs 36° - -51 S

Friday 21 – Moderate and Pleasant Wr. Saw a smoke ashore Variation 10 – 30 Et. Running down a long shore making very high and seeming very firtile and rich being cloath’d with very high trees which had a pleasant appearance at Noon the Extreams from N to S 20 W Distce. Of shore 4 or 5 Leagues saw a remarkable peak’d hill with a tuft of Tall Trees on the top resembling the top of a pigion house from whence it was called Pigion House hill soundings from 60 to 70 Fm. Sandy Ground. Lattite. Obs. 35 °- - 52 S

Saturday 22 – Moderate and Pleasant weather saw a smoke ashore PM turning of shore 2 Leagues pass’d two small ???? the shore making a Bluff and little sandy Bays very woody sounded 30 fathm. Lay too all Night Saw a fire on shore in the Morning stood on for the Shore and found we had drove to the southward against the wind am passed a ledge of Breakers lying NE of a low Island within them is a bay form’d by the Island but as it had no good appearance the Capt. Thought it not good for his purpose to stop here as we stood along shore we saw 4 or 5 of the Indians sitting near a fire the appear’d to be quite Naked and very black which was all we could disern of them at Noon the Drumadary S 20 W Pigion House hill N 46 Wt. 2 ½ Leagues of shore Lattite. Obs. 35° – 27 So.

Sunday 23 – Little winds and fair pleasnt. Wr. Turning to windw. of Pigion House hill 6 Leagues off shore
Lattite. Obs. 35° – 10 So.

Monday 24 – Do. Wr. Inclinable to Calms pidgeon house Hill S B 2 W
Lattite Obs. 35° – 10 South

Tuesday 25 – Moderate Breezes & Clear PM Varite. 9 –15 E lay too all Night am made sail run along shore at 10 pass’d of Low Islands which had the appearance
Of being very Pleasant pass’d by a great quantity of spawn Lattite. Obs. 34 – 22 S the land from N 8 E to S 17 W of shore 4 or 5 Leagues

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Remarks &c. on the Coast of New Holland

April 1770

Wednesday 26 – Little winds and Calms PM Varite. 8—48 Et. At noon the Land from S 28 W to N b W and tends NNE of shore 6 Leagues Lattite. Obsd. 34 –10 S

Thursday 27 – Moderate and pleasant Wr. Turning to windw. of some Low Land which had the appearance of a harbour am upon standing in shore found had lost ground Considerably stood in for a low Island where there seemed a place likely to Land Depth of water from 61 to 32 fathom at noon of shore 4 or 5 miles saw several smokes Lattite. Obsd. 34 – 22 S

Friday 28 – Moderate Breezes and pleast. Weather at 2 being within 2 miles of the shore [indecipherable] and hoist’d out the yaul the Captn. and Mr. Banks &c. went towards the shore as we stood in had regular soundings from 14 to 9 fathm. Sandy of and on shore under an Easie sail the Bay is Covered well to the Southw. By a low point of red Earth which looked like [indecipherable] and runs a great way into the at 5 the boats returned having been Close to the shore but could not land for the surff they saw several people who came Down to the beach but soon afterwards retiring to the woods and saw them no more the shore appearing very Pleasant with tall trees having no under wood and some fine plains in the Woods they saw some Cabbage trees a hutt and 2 small Cannews ill made at 6 hoist’d in the Boats and made sail out to sea in the Night saw several fires along shore at 6 am saw a fine Bay Near the place where we was before haul’d up for it and made all sail at 9 abreast of the Mouth of the bay Distce. 2 miles sent the master in the pinnace to sound at Noon working to windw. into the bay Depth of water 29 fathom of the point q1 ½ Mile

Saturday 29 - Little winds and fair at ½ past one came too in 6 ½ fathm.sandy Ground hoist’d out the Long boat the Captn. Went on shore in the pinnace to where we had seen some Indians and hutts two of which appeared on landing armed with targettes and lances but upon

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Remarks &c. at New Holland

2 or 3 muskitts fired and one of them being wounded with small shott they ran away into the woods the Captn. Mr. Banks Dr. Solander &c. with their servants and the detachment of Marines landed and search their huts where the saw 2 or 3 children & some lances the Last of which the Brought on board after finding a watering am the Captn. &c went away in the pinnace sent a party on shore to water and cut wood under the Command of the 2 Lieut. Moor’d with the stream anchor to the NE and ½ a cable on the Best Bower to the Wt. The one point of Bay Bearing E the other SE ½ E of shore ¾ of a mile

Sunday 30 – Little winds and pleasant Wr. Employ’d as before & on board in the Hold Armorers at the forg sailmakers on the sails &c. PM serv’d 3 pounds fresh fish pr. man caught in the seine

May 1770

Monday 1 – Employ’d wooding and watering a party fishing with the seine but with little success at 6 PM departed this life Furbe Sutherland seaman of a comsumtion which he had been troubled with ever since we left Streights of St. Marie

Tuesday 2 – First part fresh Gales and pleasant wr. The middle heavy rain Thunder and Lightening the latter Moderate and fair am scrubbed and clean’d Ships Bottom wooders and waterers on shore as usual

Wednesday 3 -Moderate and fine Wr. Wooders and waterers on shore Compleated our water to 87 tuns am the Captn. Mr. Banks &c. Went into the Country some distance to look for the Indians but returned without success am Loos’d sails to dry wooders on shore as usual

Thursday 4 - Fine pleasant weather Employ’d wooding and Cleaning Ship The Captain &c. went up the Harbour the 2 Lieut and some of the petty Officers went to strike sting rays of Which they got sufficient to serve all hands Low water at ½ past11 oclock PM

Friday 5 – Light Breezes and pleasant Wr. Employ’d wooding and watering and striking fish sting rays of which caught 300 lbs one weighing 236 pounds

[Page 128]

Remarks &c. in Stingray Bay new Holland

Serv’d 5 pound pr. Man and stopt the sea provision Varitn. Pr. Azmt. 6-42 E Stingray Bay Lies in Lattitude 34 °- - 6 So. And Long west of London 207 - - 43 it is formed by 2 low points between which there is a pasags of 1 mile with 12 fathom water on the East side lies a little Island and of the So. Ent of it a shore where the sea sometimes breaks after you are in the bay it spreads and turns to the Westwd for about 6 or 7 miles and then ends in 2 large Lagoons of the So. Shore lies large flats with only 6 or 7 feet Water on them is a Great Quantity of stingourers, the Bay is very Shoal But there is a Channel which lies open to the Entrance with 5 or 6 fathm. Water after you are 2 miles within it shoals to 3 fathm. The Bay is about 4 miles Broad and has a regular tide, the Country is very rich and fertile and has a fine appearance full of large trees which yield a gum like Dragon Blood this we found in great Quantity stiking to the here is another wood which has a grain like Oak and would be very Durable for Building the leaves are like a pine Leaf the soil is sand mist with Black Earth but is very shallow upon digging we found we found Vast Quantities of Oyster Shills which seemed to have been underground a great while We also found a tree which a red bery about the size of a Cherey but the grew only in one place. The inhabitants are so very shy that we had no kind of Connection with them the used to come down Every Evening armd with Lances and wooden swords th apare a very thin people and have their faces and breasts painted white the Surgion was a walking one day had a lance thrown at him out of a tree but which miss’d him the man ran off this was all we saw of them Except.when the was a fishing in

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Remarks &c. in Stingray bay New Holland

their Cannews which holds one man each they being made of Bark and paddled with 2 small pieces of wood the use their lances in striking fish on the flatts of their houses are several pieces of Bark sett up one against the another and open at Each End and are the worst I ever saw the people wair nothing to cover themselves but go quite Naked Men and Women & short the Most Wretched sett of People I ever beheld or heard of

Saturday 6 - Little winds and fine pleasant weather PM Cleard Ship for sea the Yaul returned from fishing with 2 skeets which weighd 600 lb servd it to the ships company in stead of salt provisions it was very strong and made a great many of the Company sick which Eate of it at 5 hove up the Best Bower and hove ahead on the steam at 7 hoistd in ye Boats Weighd and Made Sail out of the bay at noon the NE Extreams N b E of shore 3 leagues
Latite. Obs.33°- - 47

Sunday 7 – Little winds and pleasant Wr. PM Varitn. 7 – 56 Et. Sailing along shore passed by several little Bays the land tending NNE at Noon the Nearest Land N b E 2 or 3 Leagues of shore
Lattite. Obs. 33 - - 17 South

Monday 8 – Little winds and Clear Varitn. 8 - - 00 E PM Lost the deep sea Lead and Line turning to windw. at noon the Extreams of the Land a S 27 W to N 10 E distance 5 or 6 Miles Lattite. Obsd.. 33 °- - 24 S

Tuesday 9 – Moderate Breezes and fair weather working to windward Carpnt. repairing the long boat sailmakers repairing the sails at Noon the Extes. Of the Land from NWBN to SW ½ W 5 Leagues
Lattite. Obs. 33° - - 37 So.

Wednesday 10 – Moderate and Cloudy am saw Land tending NNE making like Islands made all sail along shore saw more smouk at noon the Extreams of the land a 32 E to SWBS
Lattitude Observed 32° - -51 So.

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Remarks &c. on the coast of New Holland

May 1770

Tuesday 11 - Fresh Breezes and pleasnt. Wr. Running along shore at 2PM passed by several small Islands and a fine harbour Which lies around a bluff point and within the Islands this harbour seemed very Commodious and the Country around it very rich and firtile as we sailed along shore we saw many smooks and Inhabitants Varite. 8 – 45 E in the night stood only Moon light under an Easie sail and at noon the Extreams of the Land from N to S 15 W a small Island N 4 E Distance 3 or 4 Lgs.
Lattitude Obsd. 32° - - 2 S

Wednesday 12 – Little winds and fair wr. Standing along shore as Usual am Opened a cask of Beef and pork Being bad the Ships Company was ordered to full allowance Whilst it Lashed at Noon the Extreams of the Land N 20 W to SWBS here the land tends North Lattite. Obsd. 31° - - 18 So. Saw three hills call’d 3 Brothers

Thursday 13 - First part Do. Wr. The Latter fresh Breezes with thunder and Lightening and rain PM turning to windw. am Varitn. 9 - -26 E stood along shore and made all sail at Noon the Extreams of the Land from S 24 W to N 22 ½ W a bluff head S 26 W 3 Leagues Latite. Obs. 30° - - 43 S

Sunday 14 – Moderate Breezes and pleasant PM serv’d slops Vatritn 8 - -13 E Thunder and Lightening to the Eastward in the Night at 9 am made all sail and stood along shore to the Northw. Saw several smooks Lattitude Observed 30°- -22 S
The Extreams then Bearing a S33W to NBW of shore 4 Leagues

[Transcribed by John Brooker for the State Library of New South Wales]