Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

John Frederick Mann diary, 16 April 1857 - 10 September 1862
MLMSS 327/Box 1/Item 1

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59 Nov. Took cottage at Glenrock [indecipherable] 4th Nov. 1859. £100 per year.
21st J.Lamb called.
23 The Lambs called
1 Dec The Lambs sent us some vegetables Saw Mrs Richardsons
Mrs Wm Laisley
11th Sunday Had tea with the Lambs
21. with Lamb in [indecipherable] . he trying a horse.
22. J. Lamb [indecipherable] horse in dog cart for first time.
23. Tea with the Lambs & Lady Mitchell
1860 January. Saw J. Lamb & Mr Chas Nicholson
13 Miss Lamb came for Baby (my sister)
Sunday 15th 12 och this day Mrs J. Lamb presented her husband with a daughter. Both well. Sir Chas Nicholson called with Sir George Brown
J. Lamb & Col Barney called in [indecipherable]

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16 April 1857

Parramatta road dusty, full of holes, gum trees, stringy bark, public houses, old and new; James Homebush race course, the principal one in the Colony _ uninteresting to an old colonist. Parramatta, large town 15 M from Sydney. Hotel very large not very comfortable, good dinner, pretty housemaid, fat cook busy preparing a host of poultry for public dinner at Liverpool.

17th Start for Richmond, very pretty scenery, fine cleared land and good farms, the whole distance (25 miles). Windsor considerable town on the Hawkbury River, Richmond about 5 mile further a pretty little village, the surrounding lands under high cultivation scenery beautiful, comfortable quarters Milly not by any means well.

18th At Richmond, walked through the Churchyard – M not well at all.

19 Sunday Start for Penrith a most uninteresting drive of 12 miles, an unhappy looking town on the Nepean crossed the river by a long bridge, 4 miles to Lapstone Hill, Blue Mountains, steep hill Horses jib, Coachman wants to turn back, go on, M inclined to faint, arrive safely at Inn tolerable quarters, good [indecipherable], M not well

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April 1857

20th At Inn all day, thunder storm very severe in the morning, took a walk with M and a sketch of the house

21st To Penrith 4 miles, dirty hotel very, servant maid black eye, Landlord etc Jews, horridly dirty – beastly place, walk along the River with M – the scene most lovely – along the banks.

22 To Parramatta, Red Cow Good Accommodation Horses jib, roads muddy Coachman spoils his top boots – breaks his whip. M has to walk a long distance.

23d To Carthona, Ld A and Emily already there, warmly greeted
From this date to the 5th May busily employed for the journey home per Oneida SS. Heard she would not start until the arrival of Imila on the 9th – then again not until the 15th – took things rather easily went on board (Monday) heard to our surprise she would start that day week, rather hurried and disappointed The “Oneida" the first steam Vessel to carry the Royal Mails from here to Suez – broke

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4 April 1857

down near Cape Lewen on her first Voyage and compelled to return to Sydney for repairs, the sole plate of the Engin broke, thus throwing the weight of the cylanders (inverted) upon the cranks – breaking one of the pins and rendering the steam for a time useless she returned to Sydney to the astonishment of all under sail, found that the repairs could not be properly performed there, so it was determined to send her home
Asplendid vessel, screw, 300 ft long 39 beam and about 2000 tons – Capt Hyde an experienced commander – fine saloon etc

June 4th Sailed from Sydney 5th May Tuesday steamed slowly down the splendid harbor left the heads about 4 pm poor M not well long look at Carthona, handkerchiefs M fainted in Cabin. Till this date she has been more or less unwell to day or in fact the last week she has been very ill, Journry slow – anxious to pass the Horn. Tried in the first instance to go to the S of N. Zealand wind south

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bore up – round the north end, screwed for a few days – (30 days coals on board at starting) fine weather, now cold squally and occasionally high seas, whales in sight one day – saw first Vessel yesterday – wind for the last 4 or 5 days contrary, ship hd won about E – long way to the Horn yet, snow squalls, rain etc, unable to keep daily journal from sickness etc, will try, don’t feel well, (M not well today) shipped heavy sea a few days ago – water rushed below flooded most of the cabins frightened the ladies, top sides badly caulked – rain and water runs into the Cuddy and so down below, wetting the Cabins very much. At first had a Cabin in the Cuddy but too small moved below luckily as it and the adjoining one were flooded a few mornings ago, the Capt wore ship and stood to the W to avoid a Cyclone squall ahead, cleared it only catching a small portion guided by Col Reid “Law of Storms" – Forgot to state that the 2d night out broke the mizzen topsail yard and split many sails, and have since split others no sail on mizzen mast now.

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June 1857

6. Cold windy day foul wind. M not well at all ditto myself – slight showers of sleet

Sunday 7th Fine calm day little wind fair steam at ½ past 1 pm, which upset Milly who was getting better, cold, M on deck for a short time

Monday 8th Steam all day head wind long swell from the E. leave off steam about 11pm cold sleet – showers Mrs Hyde presented her husband (the Capt) with a son 2 pm all well. Milly still sick played chess with her, Steward Carroll fell down the hatch and broke two of his ribs last night –

Tuesday 9 Fine day very cold – M little better fair wind Ship just free

Wednesday 10 Fair wind but light fine day, M on deck steam at about 7pm, leave off during the night

Thursday 11 As yesterday. Chf Engineer distilling water, the condenser capable of condensing 1000 gals per diem M not well

Friday 12 Much the same as yesterday

Saty 13 Blowing a fresh gale from N.W. ship under

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easy sail with a fair wind, hope to be off the Horn in four days. M not well heartily sick of the voyage

Sunday 14th Milly very ill. Last night fainting sent for the Dr better to day sat in the air for a short time. Fine day little wind got up steam about 8 pm Lat 59° = S

Monday 15 Beautiful day mild steam, M better. Walk upon deck difficulty in procuring any thing nourishing for M. Dr ordered Jelly yesterday and this evening she received a wine glass full.

Tuesday 16 Beautiful day very cold wind, fair, in the afternoon, still steaming M. much better very dull, no ships in sight. M and Lady A much astonished at some snowballs a slight fall during the night.

Wednesday 17 Much the same as yesterday, steam 8 knots Very fine, M better, walked on deck for some time Them 30° & 29°. M never felt it so cold before.

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1857 June

Thursday 18. Snow shower, M delighted with the snow walked on deck M still unwell, ship in effect steering NW before the wind, also a barque this evening, saw a whale, fine day still steaming. Last night about ½ 9 whilst playing our usual game of whist with the Capt. The officer upon watch reported an iceberg in sight, went on deck and saw a large white space in the dark horizon which might have been a berg and its reflection. Thert 28° - deck very slippery.

Friday 19 M awoke this morning with a bad headache which continued nearly all day – Vessel under sail (steam stopped) good 10 Knot breeze. Rolling much crockery sliding about.

Saty 20 Last night about 10.30 as I had just finished my usual rubber of whist with the Capt. Ld A and Mous. Adam, a steward told me that M was dangerously ill and to hasten for the Dr. sent Moody and hastened below, met Emily who had jumped out of bed at hearing hysterical cries but was glad

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to find that M was comparatively well but that Mrs Laws a fellow passenger in the adjoining cabin was in hysterics she had taken an over dose of mediciin, the Dr soon cured her. M still unwell 11.30 a Vessel in sight proved to be French a large ship signaled her but got no answer. M on deck for about an hour got Ms large trunk from the hold. We are safely round the Horn and have happily accomplished this much with safety instead of icebergs, snow storms, we had beautiful smooth calm weather, so much so that it was not necessary to have guards on the dinner table

Sun 21 M still unwell, dull mild day rain M took a walk on deck, Dr read prayers at 10.30 lost a bottle of champagin to the Capt I bet that Ld Palmerston was caricatured in a certain picture in Punch but was mistaken

Saw sea weed float past.

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June 22d Monday Dull drizzly day foggy and uncomfortable about 10 am saw a ship ahead soon passed her and left her out of sight hoisted colors but she made no reply. M not by any means well, sick more or less all day wind hardly fair

Tuesday 23 Last night commenced to steam again no wind, morning fresh breeze fair left off steam, dull day getting warmer, noticed a new sort of bird dark, black head but lightish back about the size of a goose. M still ill walked on deck, reading Vanity fair, Very Clever

Wednesday 24 Fresh Breeze ship close hauled carrying all sail 1 point off. M very ill today fainted away called the Dr. got her round in about ½ hour

Thursday 25, Foul wind disagreeable day windy rainy and foggy M a little better could not go out

Friday 26 Fine day rain in morning but afternoon fine, good wind ship ahead NE fair wind have been going 10 and 11 ½ since last night. Thermometer 54°= M much better on deck, watching the sailors hoisting the mizen topsail yd which was broken the night after we left Sydney.

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June 1857

Sat 27 Fine strong wind all day going 11 knots – nothing to remark. M by no means well, head ache.

Sunday28 Blew very hard at daylight from NW shorten sail and keep close hauled, Capt said it was part of a Cyclone and that the wind would be round to the W. in a few hours the wind gradually changed the ship coming up 4 points in one hour we are now scudding away with a fair wind at 10 knots. M still unwell took a short walk on deck sea birds very numerous. Lat 41° - 40 Long 39° -

Monday Beautiful day calm. M a little better on deck nearly all day, fair wind round to NE in the evening got up steam at 8pm, made a [indecipherable] changed to our old seats at the long table

Tuesday 30 Left off steam this morning, foul wind all day but too much sea for our broken engine unpleasant day, M very unwell, on deck for a short time, finished Vanity Fair liked it much, commenced Prescotts Phillip the 2d
Wednesday 1 July Strong wind all night & day, dull, Ship E by N. Lat 38° Long 25° about

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July 2d 1857

M a little better

Thursday 2d Beautiful day, wind fair, ships head NE near Tristian d’Achuna – Lat 36° 33’ – Long 21° - 15 M better paid a visit to Mrs Hyde.

Friday 3 Beautiful fine day fair wind – smooth sea. M much better and on deck for some time Lat 35° - Long 19°.

Sat 4 Beautiful day, as yesterday this morning saw a brig to port bow standing to E she Xd our bows about 3 miles under full sail, hoisted colours and showed number. M on deck for a short time but obliged to come down with a bad head ache, better in the evening. Lat 33° - Long 18 –

Sun 5 As yesterday but cloudy. M better saw two whales alongside took M to the engine room Mr Francis the Chf Engineer showed us over it –

Mon 6. Strong wind from N. not quite fair, hear for certain that we shall touch at St Helena for provisions, Hoisted large trisail, and took down the wheel house, M by no means

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well she knocked her head violently last night which has given her a head ache, blowing fresh –

Tuesday 7 Blew hard all last night close reef topsails This morning fair wind blowing hard, and high sea, showery. M very unwell, on deck for a short time, Carpenters took away the stove in the Corridor Lat 30° 37. Long ?

Wed 8. Blew hard all night, heavy sea fair wind fine clear day M no better, on deck after dinner to look at sea which is running very high Lat about 28°=

Thursd 9. Lat 26° - 41 Long 3°. 38 beautiful calm day, fair wind light, opened all the ports in the saloon. M head ache

Frid 10. Beautiful day light wind only going about 1 to 2 knots. SE trades freshened towards evening set the awning up, saw whales also a turtle M a little better, Mrs Hyde on deck for first time

Sat 11. Fine day light wind, saw whales, M little better she sat down on Mrs Armytages chair and fell. We have sailed upwards of 10.000 miles –

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July 1857

Sunday 12 Fine day fresh breeze from South East A whale seen this day hunted by fish M with a bad head ache – on deck for some time. Dr Read prayers at 10h . 30m

Monday 13 As yesterday, M better called the Dr to see her this morning 280 miles from St Helena

Tuesday 14 As yesterday M better

Wednesday 15 This morning at 8 St Helena reported in the Port bow, fine calm day, up steam as we neared the island all eyes naturally directed towards it, black bluff barren rocks, cliffs & precipices, top of island green with occasional pine trees, noticed a Peruvian frigate leaving – Anchored about 4 pm, James town cramped up between high rocky mountains, boats, blacks very amusing – landed with Ld. A. good landing place, fortifications, small drawbridge clean town, neat houses, stores bazaars Jacobs ladder, soldiers, market shut, flying fish black children, no fruit pastry cooks – went on board about 7 pm

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Thursday 16. Landed bout 9.45 with Milly, went to shop purchased toys etc Ό to 11 carrig’s ready. Ld & Lady A and Capt Hyde in first carriage, Milly Mr Adam & self in second Dr Wood, Christy middy & Clara (nurse) Katey and Georgy in last 2 horses, postillion road steep, barren, rocks, prickly pears black nigger children group each carriage accompd by a boy – flowers, Govt Domain Left cards at Govt Ho – Sandy bay ridge – beautiful View, ‘Lots wife" pine trees black berries, green valleys, water fall inn, Long wood, shameful state, new house, grand views, gullies, luncheons tough chickens, French Officer. Napoleon grave, willow trees Cypress, spring Return signal gun, black boys dispute Steep hills, “Briars", High water fall, grand view of town, Ch Spire, Furze bush – On board at 6 pm. Weighed anchor at 9 pm fine night M tired etc

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July 1857

Friday 17 ) Beautiful morning, two ships in sight, stop steam, calm another passenger from St Helena – a Dr Alexander. M arranging flowers tired, she dined at table this day for the first time for a long while Emily ill Emetic better in the evening.

Sat. 18. Beautiful day. Whales playing round the ship. Mill saw them through the port – better to day. Mrs Hyde at dinner, Two men in irons, Ships still in sight.

Sunday 19. Beautiful day. Calm light winds only one ship in sight this morning overhauling her fast .2d ship on port bow hardly visible. Pleasant evening on deck. M much better

Monday 20. Passed the 1st ship to day, at breakfast, she was abeam (starboard) 3 miles at sunset hardly visible astern. So much for the Oneiden under sail and dragging an 18 ft screw. A barque hull down on Port beam, beautiful day

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8 knots – close warm, headache. Milly sick

Tuesday 21st 78 days from Sydney but yet a long days sail from Ascension, Beautiful calm weather, with light wind but fair, a ship almost out of sight astern supposed to be the Dutchman who was anchored near us at St Helena. Milly better all ladies on deck late. Mrs Solomon borrowed a music book from Milly

Wednesday 22 Mrs Grey one of our passengers presented with a young son about 5 am, all doing well. 89 miles from Ascension at noon hot. showers headache M. better

Thursday 23 Ascension bearing SW about 40 miles this morning, showers, ship in sight on port quarter 6 knot breeze. M nearly fainted from heat this morning doors of corridor not opened but a grating put up

Friday 24 Close hot day fair light wind nothing in sight.

Sat 25 As yesterday. Not Very well.

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July 1857

Sunday 26th July 1857 As yesterday light fair wind, course N smooth sea. Ship in sight to the South. Dr read prayers at 10h.30m= Anxious to get the steam up – Dr lent me a Panama hat – Mr Eslam midshipman with a black eye.

Monday 27 Calm. 12 got up steam to our delight 8 ½ knots, cross the line about 8 p.m. move up to our old cabin in the Saloon

Tuesday 28 Fine day as yesterday steam Mrs Amitges canary bird killed by rats

Wednesday 29 Left off steam about 12 noon. 5 knot breeze. Saw a ship in the South outward bound also signalised a French ship which crossed our bows, bound to Bourbon from Nantes. About 12 last night Mrs Brown one of the Stewards wives delivered of a daughter

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July 1857 & August

Thursday 30 Steam all day from about 6am breeze in afternoon 8 ½ knots – increase in the evening – two brigs pass our bows, also signalise a ship, the Persian to Bombay left England late in June – rain in the evening

Friday 31 Dull with heavy showers, steam head wind.

Sat 1 August. Rain all night and day, hot wet damp & uncomfortable, foul wind steam 4 to 5 knots.

Sunday 2. Rain, blow and heavy head sea all night and day, very uncomfortable, wet Milly by no means well. Looking out anxiously for St Jago

Monday 3 Heavy rain all night and greater part of the day high strong hd wind and sea. M very sick passed a barque from Ceylon to London and at night passed closely a brig – Saw St Jago about 30 miles starboard quarter & Fogo on port beam

Tuesday 4 Rain all night with heavy winds, saw the Island Fogo early. High peak. A large frigate

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August 4th -/57

Tuesday A line of battleship passed us – outward bound. Passed a barque very much the cut of a steamer, exchanged signals but could not make out her name – Mill very unwell. Showers all day.

Wednesday 5 Looked out this morning and told Milly that in a few minutes it would rain hard, but after closer inspection found what I thought a black cloud to be land, it proved to be the island of St Antonio, portside of the ship as the clouds passed off, the scene very pretty high peaked hills, ravines, gullies etc, but very barren, no trees to be seen, St Vincent right ahead, high fantastic peaks – anchor at 9am, the bay very pretty, St Antonio about 12 m to West affording shelter from very heavy seas, The Gt Britain and Hydaspes steamers coaling, the former from Melbourne having sailed on the 21 May, the latter mail packet from Brazils, she was in quarantine, yellow fever. The

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town an extraordinary looking place, and the whole country of the barrenest description, no trees, a few shrubs, no pass, all high rocky mountains and sandy barren valleys. Last year 746 in habitants died of cholera. Went on shore with Ld A – Emily and Milly. Dr Alexander, took a short stroll on the beach, some black girls came up to us with shells and crochet work for sale. They had been recently vaccinated as the small pox was on the island – Could get no fruit, it comes from St Antonio which is very fertile in places, but the dread of the smallpox had prevented any communication, remarkable rock off the harbor like a pyramid “bird rock". Small fort on an eminence, 3 guns, and 1 soldier occasionally seen, they hoisted the colors Portuguese. Large cemetery new monument to Mrs Col. Cole Rl Engineers. Black soldiers

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well dressed, most likely artillery men – the sentry at the main guard leaning against the door post smoking a pipe – Saw a sergeants guard marching off a boatswain or ships carpenter to the guard hs followed by by the commandant a dried up old fellow. Gt Britain & Hydaspes sailed in the evening. One of our passengers, Mrs Laws sailed in the Hydaspes, she went on board and took her passage, and sent for her baggage in the evening.

Thursday 6. Very hot, plenty of fish, went on shore with Dr Alexander, had a bathe, and collected a few shells and sea weed. Mr Miller the English Consul dined with us a very pleasant fellow. Had a row in the ships boat around the ship

Friday 7. Started about 11 with Dr Alexander to walk to the top of the highest mountain in the island very hot, steep deserted huts, graves, crosses, black children, one cow, donkeys – steep road up the

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August (57)

Friday 7 mountain, [indecipherable] scenery – black girls & half cast & very peaceful, cultivation [indecipherable], Mr George – stone walls – miserable appearance of the country – flower, fences etc, bathe on return refreshing. the top of the mountain in clouds, temperature cool and pleasant. After dinner, they all go in a ships boat to the beach to gather shells – Dr A and myself go on board a French barque from the coast of Africa and purchase some birds, they had hundreds on board but the best had been purchased by the passengers of the great Britain, bought 15 birds and two ostrich eggs for £3 – 10 (very dear) We also saw a stuffed crocodile, tortoise etc on board, she is very leaky, having started a butt end of a plank and is discharging cargo. The (Tylpide & Marsailles) Meet them on the beach and then pull on board again, Got up early and gave Milly a row round the ship – two nice black boys rowing

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Saty 8h Yesterday a Portguese cutter arrived from St Jago – but were much disappointed as she brought no fruit – She had experienced heavy weather and was 9 days on the voyage – she lost her rudder – also saw an American Line of Battleships – I went on shore and purchased two bottles of Lemonade, and one of lime juice, which I thought was lemon syrup – Finish coaling about 3 and start at 4 pm, - The peak of St Antonio [indecipherable] 7000 ft Head wind no sea on. Heard whilst at St Vincent of the China war, and the mutiny in India. Hope to meet some of the troop ships.

Sunday 9. Wind nearly ahead. Unpleasant motion Mill unwell, fore and aft sails –

Monday 10. Stopped steam last night, fresh brezze, ship 2 points off her course, a large ship passed on port-beam, sailing fine.

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Tuesday 11. Fresh breeze from the same qr to day. Start steam about 1 pm – clear fine day

Wednesday 12. As yesterday, steam about 8 knots, stop an hour to [indecipherable] the engine.

Thursday 13. Calm head breeze, barque passed us running before the wind, her name Libella something or other. Stop engine for about an hour. Fine sunset –

Friday 14. Beautiful day little or no wind, spoke a ship from Glasgow to Durerara out 26 dys. And a Barque the Pearl from London to New Zealand, out 28 dys. Steam about 8 ½ knots.

Sat. 15 Fresh breeze, head wind, steaming about 6 knots. Four Vessels passed, signalised two – one French.

Sun 16. Fresh breeze from N.E. head wind – lower top gallant & Rlyds – brig passed astern – saw a remarkable water spout.

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August 1857

Monday 17th Looked out of cabin window and saw a brig on port beam, after breakfast signalised an American barque, the John Patterson, at 4 pm, spoke the James Baines with troops for Calcutta a magnificent sight, as every stitch of canvas was set, she was out 8 days. Soldiers cheered and bands played. Passed a Spanish Barque Mill with rheumatism

Tuesday 18. Head wind and slight showers – passed two or three ships – one a large French ship Mons Adam gave us an invitation to his place in Normandy – Took a piece of dust out of Ld A’s eye. Milly still with rheumatism, but better

Wednesday 19. Strong head wind and sea, stopped steam about 6 pm. And set sail, saw a brig & schooner and signalised a Prussian barque Milly very sick

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Thursday 20. Heavy head sea and wind, making no way. Milly very sick, heard that the provisions are getting short again.

Friday 21. Calmer this day wind light, got up steam about 1 pm, and in the evening set some of the square sails – little or no sea – Milly much better, hoisted Royal yards.

Sat 22 Fresh breeze. Going 9 Ό Knots with steam and sail, stopped steam about 6 pm, and only go 5 – Large ship passed, one or two smaller ships in sight. 611 miles from Eddystone.

Sunday 23. 111 days from Sydney – light wind, heavy swell, Dr read prayers for the first time since leaving St Vincent, he having there disabled himself by walking on the beach without his shoes or socks in a burning sun. Several Vessels in sight.

Monday 24. A strong wind sprung up today fair – stopped steam about 6 pm, sail 8 knots – had previously been doing 10 to 12-

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Tuesday 25. August 1857
Calmer. Fair light wind, steam, many ships in sight, spoke two, one Perekop 118 days from Bombay, and the City of Quebec, saw a Scilly Pilot boat. Busy packing up. Emily with a bad cold, laid up. Mrs Armitgs blue bird died – 8pm see the lights at Scilly Isles.

Wednesday 26. Beautiful night, look out in morning and see the Start point, beautiful coast scenery quaint old pilot, Isle of wight beautiful pass a fine American steamer outward bound, tide too low to go alongside the wharf – taken on shore by a tug. Radley Hotel – Hear more news of Indian mutiny Visit from Mons Adam, delighted to get on shore.

Thursday 27. Go to the ship for birds etc, bought a cage for Mill. Genl Blunt sent his carriage for us, go to his house, kind reception fine handsome old soldier, now in his

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88th year, Emily with very bad cold and cough both she and Mill delighted with England – Mrs Snodgrass dined with us

Friday 28. Emily not well Dr saw her, they go into town to make purchases, walked in with Ld A, pleasant walk - old ruins – purchase some pictures of the town. Genl Blunt made handsome present this morning to Emily & Mill – weather very hot and oppressive.

Sar 29. Went to R’Way and met L Mitchell, Emily & Milly also there in carriage, Went to Steamer and crossed to Ryde, walked out to Binstead saw my two sisters Charlotte & Sarah, sorry to see them both so unwell, glad to meet again after 16 years, saw many old relics which reminded me of former times, sorry to see such changes, family completely broken up. My poor mothers grave in the Ch yd Chas Dempsy Rl. At. brother in law had arrived from Gibraltar a day or two previously – had long talks about old times,

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September 1857

Sunday 30. Back to Binstead. Ch. In evening took a walk to [indecipherable] Abby with Charley beautiful scenery.

Monday 31 From Binstead to Sth Hampton, rain, called on board the Oneida, and on Mrs Hyde, Found Milly with a bad cold. Emily much better. Heard that Col Thorold had gone to India with the 42d Highlanders and that Reginald Lisson the officer Rl Engrs was under orders for Western Australia he is to sail from Portsmouth. The Ship ‘Nile’ takes out convicts. Heard at Binstead of a son of my brother Bob’s having been drownd in a bath at the [indecipherable], that My uncle Eastwick was dead, also a cousin of mine at Geurnsy.

Tuesday 1 Showers. Took a walk with Milly Ld A and Emily to look at the old castle walls much interested, walked on the Pier Milly astounded at the sight of a rlway train which passed us close.

[Page 40]
Wednesday 2 Emily Milly and Genl Blunt went in a carriage to call upon two brothers (Boyce) quakers to see their beautiful collection of stuffed birds, which they describe as beautiful, they also returned some visits We have recvd visits from, Col. & Mrs Wilkins Genl & Mrs Capon, Mrs Greenfield, a Revd W Cryer, Mr & Mrs Buckle and many others – Took a walk into Southampton. Busy writing to Sydney. Poor Milly’ cold has at last settled into influenza, she was very unwell yesterday and today is compelled to keep her bed – hope she will soon be better

Thursday 3. Showery day Milly very unwell, writing to Sydney

Friday 4. Start this morning to Portsmouth per rail to lookout for the Nile transport under orders for W. Australia, having a nephew Reginald Thorold on board, but the vessel had not arrived – Had luncheon at the George, Took a ticket for S’hampton but got into a carriage for

[Page 41]

Winchestert, not at all displeased as I had an opportunity of seeing that interesting city. Took a hasty view of the cathedral gate, crosses etc. the whole highly interesting – noticed a Roman encampment – country very pretty. Got back to S’hampton at 6 pm, noticed a fine old ruin at Porchester near Portsmouth – Milly better to day. Recd a visit from old Harvy Ld A’ bedroom Steward from Australia Genl Blunt not well, a bad cold – Milly & Emily called upon Genl Capon and Mrs Hyde.

Sat. 5. Fine day start at ½ past 2 in Genl Blunts carriage and drive through the new forest, to Lyndhurst, and on to “Rufus’s Stone" the spot where Wm Rufus was killed, the tree was replaced by a stone, but as all the inscriptions were defaced and the stone broken, it has been covered with a castiron cover with a suitable inscription upon it – the surrounding scenery beautiful.

[Page 42]
saw the reformatory institution for young offenders, the building very clean, a two storied thatched house, garden and cultivation grounds well kept. Good roads beautiful country; delighted with the trip.

Sunday 6. Went to Ch. With Ld A. Emily and Milly directed us to the wrong one, so we did not meet, but got wet whilst waiting for them, and on our walk home. Called on Mr Buckle the Collector of Customs – Walked into town and met C. Dempsy Rl . A. who sails per Eursiu for Gibtr tomorrow, he gave a bad acct of my sisters, who are very ill at Binstead. Capt Hyde Called – also the Banker

7th Start to Binstead, look at a house on my way, arrive about 5pm, find my sisters better than I expected to my great joy Reginald Thorold arrived in the evening, he is a young Lieut R.E. on his way to W. Australia in the Convict ship “Nile"

[Page 43]

Sir J.D. Paul, Bates, Redpath and other celebrated characters are on board, I was very glad to see him as I had not seen him since he was a baby – now he is a fine gentlemanly young man.

Tuesday 8. Walked into Ryde early with Redgy, he embarked in the 10 o’clock steamer for Portsmouth heavy rain, cleared up a little, wrote to Mary drove out to Spring Vale to look out for a house for my sisters think I have found one, rain in the evening.

Wednesday. Rain, start from Binstead to Portsmouth and from there to Winchester, meet Milly Ld A and Emily who came to meet their brother Livingstone and his wife and child, had lunchon at the ‘Georges’ and then to the Cathedral, highly interesting though not time enough to examine everything [indecipherable] return to Southampton.

Thursday 10. Wrote to Capt. Hyde called on Mrs H. posted letters to Sydney. Bad cold, to bed early Milly not well.

[Page 44]
Friday 11 To Nettley Abby, packing up in the morning – rainy, cleared up, beautiful drive, old ruins, well worth a visit, rained a little whilst there Cross the River? In a steam punt, very good.

Sat 12. Genl Blunt cupped this morning but does not seem any weaker from it, hope it will do him good, start about 4 for the 4.30 steamer for Ryde Emily and Milly driven down in their Gd fathers carriage. I follow in a cab with luggage. Saw Mr Massey late solicitor Genl of Sydney. Introduced to Mr Wise and one of his daughters, a pretty looking girl. went on shore at Cows and buy some hard lake – got to Binstead about 6.30, found my sisters pretty well, Mill very tired.

Sunday 13. Mils not very well, to Church in the afternoon, very prosy sermon, took a walk in evening very fine.

Monday 14 Rain, cleared about 12, sent for a carriage

[Page 45]
went to Carisbrook, Milly highly delighted, it is a truly noble ruin, Fine tower, curtain gate – tournament green etc – every thing very [indecipherable] – saw the donkey hoist water from the well. The Queen is repairing the houses as nearly as possible according to the original design. Passed through Newport – where I once went to school but did not recollect much of the town, the old Church is being replaced by a new one – got home about 7 pm

Tuesday 15. Left Binstead about 11. Took Mill through the Arcade Ryde, much tempted to purchase, left by the 20 to 1 steamer fr Portsmouth, had to wait for 1 ½ hours at the station. Saw a number of Artillery in the train for Woolwich I think, Arrive at Brighton about 5 pm, put up at the Bedford, a fine hotel, Soles, grilled fowl plum pie, cheese, and pears, for dinner, fine look out on the beach, plenty of fashionable

[Page 46]
carriages , horses, riders, bathing machines etc – music playing whilst at dinner, Milly with a good appetite I am glad to say – she has now fallen asleep so I will take the Times newspaper from her. We noticed Chichester Cathedral, and numerous beautiful little churches on our road

Wednesday 16. Took a walk with Mill about the town, went on the Pier, bought an agate snuff box for 2/6, looked at the Pavilion went back to the Bedford – found that Col. White 6th Inneskillen had been there, had lunch, paid my bill 2.16 and then to Rlway. Arrived in London 5.30 in time to miss the train, saw Crystal palace, arrived at Charlton at 6.30, glad to meet my sister Mrs Thorold, her husband Col. T had sailed for India with the 42d she and her two daughters had just arrived in their new house from Rochester.

Thursday 17. At home, talking about old times, took a walk in the Village in the afternoon

[Page 47]
Lady Mary Haworth and daughter called.
Friday 18 To London, went to the Bank left the bills Milly shopping, her first time in London went to Madam Tussauds waxworks much delighted.
Sat 19. Went to London, and to Neyall left two portraits to be copied, went to the College of Surgeons found the museum closed. Home again about b5pm fine day
Milly fainted this evening
Sunday 20 Went to Westminster this afternoon, to hear the service, but could not hear much, remained as long as we could looking at the monuments afterwards had a look at the new houses of parliament. Fine day.
Monday 21. Wrote to Genl Blunt. Went to Woolwich, and saw Harriott and Aunt Mary who is much altered she is now 86 years old, missed the train and walked back with Alice Thorold, called upon Lady Mary Haworth, she is a very old friend and a nice person, beautiful day

[Page 48]
Milly not well in the evening.

Tuesday 22. Start this morning with Alice, Edith Maud and Milly, join Harriott & Gotther Parsons at the Rl Way and go to the Crystal Palace Saw the fountains play scene most beautiful and in every way answers the descriptions given of it, crowds of people, the whole place wonderful. Got back in good time fine day

Wednesday To London with Milly & Edith, shopping a little & then to the Zoological gardens highly delighted, got portraits from Neyalls bought a book for Alice, saw by the papers there were nearly 20,000 people at the Crystal Palace. Left parcels for P Scott at Messrs Ashton got Bills of Exchange from the Bank

Thursday 24 Packing up for a start. Leave Alices at 3 pm. Get to the Gt Northern Hotel about 6 pm. the cabman having in the first instance set us down at an uncomfortable boarding house

[Page 49]
1857 Septr

Friday 25. Leave London for York at 9.30 travel through a beautiful country, purchased a Guide which described all the places along the route arrive about 2.30 put up at the Station Hotel. Cross the River and go to the Minster attend afternoon service, Much pleased, walk round the cathedral afterwards, Chapter House most beautiful, Milly delighted, a truly noble building, rain a little, purchased pictures back to dinner about 7 pm.

Sat. 26. Left York at 9 for Edinburgh – travel through a splendid country, arrive about 4, the train being after time. Took the train for Leith, supposing Milly’s uncle was there, found we had gone wrong, could not get a cab. Returned by train to Edinburgh put up at the North British Hotel – Milly not well, bad cold and headache.

Sunday 27. Start from Hotel about 2 pm. Long time in finding Mayville. Mr Mitchell’s [indecipherable] with a kind acceptance

[Page 50]
from Mr Mitchell & his sister.

Monday 28. Milly, Lady A and Miss Mitchell took a walk to Newhaven, walked to Leith with Ld A Mr M. who showed us some fine paintings at the Trinity House – Vasca de Gama, Admiral Lord Duncan etc.

Tuesday 29 This day was fixed for a trip to Roslyn but Milly was seized with an attack of English cholera very sharp for an hour or two, walked into Leith and sent out Dr Smithers who soon gave her relief much better this evening – most lovely day.

Wednesday 30 Milly still unwell, went into Edinburgh Mr Mitchell gave a small tea party this evening

Thursday 31. Went to Roslin with Mr Mitchell Ld and Lady A delighted with the scenery and with the old castle and abbey the latter being a perfect gem and highly sculptured, the castle a noble old ruin on the banks of the River Esk

[Page 51]
on our return drove around the Queens drive Arthurs seat, the views magnificent.

Friday 2. To Edinburgh Castle, not forgetting the Crown jewels, a most interesting collection we had previously seen the Heralds proclaim at the old market cross the fast and humiliation for the atrocities committed in India. Afterwards to Holyrood where we met Ld and Lady A. we visited all the sights there, including the paintings in the Marquis of Bredalbanes apartments. Afterwards to lunch at Blairs, showers got a little wet, and so home. Mrs Mitchell gave a dinner party to 23 visitors in the evening.

Sat 3d. Start at 2 pm for Meadowbank Polmont station 26 m from Edinburgh, arrive about 5. Walk to the village about 1 ½ mile off saw the place where Sir T L Mitchell had been at school, also the old and new church Mrs Mitchell arrived in the evening.

Sunday 4 To Polmont Church long and very

[Page 52]
uninteresting service, do not like the service at all, little attention paid by the congregation, A carriage took us back and after luncheon drove to Graye Mouth and so on to Falkirk, Graye mouth is a small port on the Forth, and the entrance to the Glasgow Canal, on the way Mr M showed me the remains of an old Roman entrenchment. At Falkirk went into the Ch Yd and looked at some of the old monuments, so home by the Callenders old estate where the entrenchment still exists in the Park, stopped and looked at it

Monday. Drove to Park Hall and saw some old paintings originally possessed by the Mitchell family, nice house, from the windows could see the ruins of Tower Almond and Luilithgow, then went to pay a visit to a person of the name of Learmouth and so home. Mr M went by 1 pm train to Edinburg, and Miss M by the 20 to 4 pm. Emily not by any means well. Miss M returned from Edinburgh about 8pm. Rain

[Page 53]


Tuesday 6 Left Meadow Bank at 10 to 1 pm for Stirling arrived about 2.30 called with Miss M on a Mrs Lennon an old friend of Sir T Mitchells, She was very glad to see us all, Miss T Touchet called here with Lord Audley, [indecipherable] rain, streets very dirty, wrote to Mrs Gibson, Riley, Bowden, and Edward.

Wednesday 7. Day appointed for general fast and humiliation on account of the Indian mutinies. Went to Ch in the morning – after lunch posted the letters and took a walk about the town, writing to Sydney. 3.30 Ld A & Emily, Milly & myself started for the Castle views most beautiful, saw the old palace and armory shown over it by an old 92 Soldier who knew Thorold and Edward. Walked home by the back wall, very fine views indeed – very high & cold winds slight

[Page 54]
rain in the evening

Thursday 8. Young Mr Hay called, he is son of Sir John Hay Bart, cousin to Ld Audley, he went with Lady and Ld A to call at various places. Went out with Milly looked at the Court Ho Milly frightened to go in. Walked into Ch. Yd. rainy, went to Drummonds Museum of Agricultural instruments, some fine geological specimens – afterwards to luncheon Ld A and Mr Hay returned during luncheon. Went to Pattersons and had our likeness taken, Ld and Emily met us there. Sir J. Hay came in the evening. Showery and very windy in the morning

Friday 9. Fine morning went with Milly and had two more likenesses taken, she had three, Ld and Lady A had 8 between them. For seven portraits & picture of Stirling only 2.17.6 was charged, very cheap indeed. Left Stirling at 3.30 train arrived at Glasgow at 5 pm, after dinner went with Ld A to the train , as he was

[Page 55]
on his way to Belfast via Greenock. Our hotel looks out upon the River – a lively view, near the bridge – the town appears to be very fine and well built.

10th Oct Fine morning walked with Emily and Milly to the Hunterian Museum, a most beautiful collection of pictures, books, birds animals and surgical specimins would not allow E and M in the collections below stairs, afterwards walked back to the Hotel – stopped and had something to eat at a pastry cooks in an arcade. Got a cab and drove to the Cathedral a most noble building, the crypts very beautiful effigy of St Mungo – the afternoon too cold and damp for Milly to go to the Necropolis which appeared well worth seeing. M tired got a cab at St Georges Square drove across the bridge and along the road and so home, walked out and

[Page 56]
bought some pears – slight rain in the evening.

11. October. To church a dull damp rainy unpleasant day – made up our minds to return to Edinburgh by the 4 o’clock train from the Caledonian station, when there found there was no train very bad management on the part of the authorities. put up at the Imperial hotel near the Edinburgh & Glasgow Rlway a much better hotel than the Regent

12 Oct. Start for Edinburgh by 10.30 train a fine day, regretted we had not taken our tickets for Luitelhgow so that we might have seen the palace, arrive early in Edinburgh went to the Zoological gardens very poor collection of animals

Tues 13. Not well, Milly & Emily & Miss Mitchell went to Portobello to call on Miss Bently I went to Edinburgh.

Wed 14 Miss Bently, Mrs Waton Mr & Mrs Gibson etc lunched here to day. Mr G. & myself walked to Granton pier. A splendid work built by the Duke of Buccleigh.

[Page 57]
Thursday Oct
15th Start 11.20 for Melrose, visit Abbotsford Dryburgh & Melrose. Lovely, beautiful views & scenery. Return about 8pm

16. Intended to have seen the Queen start for London, but she started too early, so did not go. Went to the Museum of the College of Surgeons, beautiful collection afterwards to the Sculpture gallery, too late to see much, met Emily & Milly as I came out, they had been to see Miss Tuchet Lord Audley’s sister

17 Sat Start for Edinburgh meet Lord Audley at the gate, he had just returned from Ireland he goes with us, and we visit the Antiquarian Museum, a fine collection, after Lunch to the Gallery of paintings a fine collection also, then to Mr & Mrs Howard Pauls entertainment very amusing – then to hear the Rifles band in the garden and so home, a beautiful day

[Page 58]
18. Milly not very well in the morning, so did not go to church, in the afternoon went with Miss Mitchell Emily and Milly to the church at Newhaven principally filled by the fishermen and their families, the women all dressed out their best, the latest fashions silks and satins, they did not look so well as in their own costume – the service not very impressive, the women sang well but extremely loud.

19. Walked to Leith with Mr Mitchell, who returned from Birmingham last night – highly pleased with his trip; then on to Edinburgh and about the town to home

Tues 20th Went to the Botanical gardens with Emily and Milly much pleased with them, saw many Australian trees – In the evening to tea with Mr Robinson a clergyman in Edinburgh.

Wed 21. Call at Mr Robinsons, in town with milly, she bought some tartan ribbon etc. busy packing up-

22 Thursday Leave by 9.30 train for Kendal, lunch at Kendal arrive at Windermere Hotel about 6 pm.

[Page 59]
Friday Oct 23 After breakfast walk to Boness 1½ mile views of Lake beautiful, took a boat cross over to visit a tower which has some colored glass windows, by looking through which beautiful effects are produced – blowing hard: back to the hotel after lunch start in a carriage for Patterdale Ulswater, road up Troutbeck beautiful pass the highest inhabited house in England, a small public Ho very cold wild indeed, arrive at Hotel Ulswater at 5 pm a most beautiful drive - 16 miles

Saty 24 Start for Keswick the road for 4 miles along the lake, very beautiful indeed – then across a moor, total distance 20 miles beautiful drive, Keswick very prettily situated at the foot of Skiddaw After dinner went with Milly to see the model of the Lakes, a well executed model then to the old church and saw the

[Page 60]
monument to Southey, so home –

Sunday 25 To the old church to service, a very comfortable place, nicely fitted up, at the expence of Mr ---- £ 4000 expended on it, some pretty modern stained windows – in afternoon walked to Derwentwater the Lake most beautiful.

Monday 26 Start 9.30 for Windemere, the views of Keswick, with the Laks, Derwent and Bossingthwait most lovely – the whole road beautiful, pass Thisle mere Grass-mere and Rydal, at Grass mere went into the Ch yd to see Wordsworths tomb, and at Rydal, saw his house also the upper and lower waterfalls beautiful. In afternoon walked to Boness, took a boat and pulled round Belle Isle, most lovely not a breath of wind, afterwards returned to Windemere hotel in an omnibus – Distance from Keswick 22 miles –

[Page 61]

Oct 1857 Tuesday 27 Milly ill all day remain at hotel

Wednesday 28 Start for Manchester by rail, at one of the stations happen to look out of the window of the carriage and saw Mr & Mrs Mort old Sydney friends, they came into our carriage and persuaded us to go with them to Ilkley wells in Yorkshire we accordingly changed carriages at Lancaster and took a train as far as Skipton, and then by carriage to Ilkley. 9 miles, a most beautiful drive, Ilkley an old village celebrated for its scenery and the pureness of air and water, the Hydropathic establishments very fine and the views from the hotel magnificent. The village is situated in the celebrated valley of the Wharf – we stayed at the new establishment.

Thursday 29 At Ilkley walked to the village with Mr Mort and with Milly in the afternoon Milly not well at night, dull rainy day.

Friday 30 Start in a carriage for Athingham station 10 miles, pass through Otlley a large

[Page 62]
village on the Wharf. roads most beautiful, rain, Station two or three miles from Otlley, At Leeds change carriages for Nottingham, a splendid station, arrive at Nottingham through Sheffield & Derby and many other towns, dull day. Nottingham beautifully situated, Castle now in view on a high rock, a modern building erected on the site of an old one. [indecipherable] a mob. Walked in the town with Milly, she was tired a little

Saty 31 Walk out with Milly and visit a large Lace warehouse Adams & Co a splendid establishment, but we were disappointed at not seeing the actual making of the lace we only saw the packing up and arranging it for sale – a very fine establishment – Start 2.30 for London arrive late nearly 7 pm took a cab to London Bdge and then 8pm train to Charlton, arrive at 9. Milly very tired and knocked up Found Alice and children well, Recd a letter from Col White George

[Page 63]

1 November 1857
Sunday. Milly not very well in morning – went to Charlton church in afternoon, fine old place, had not been there since I was a child, all the old armour and flags removed, and the place newly whitewashed. Milly ill in evening – fainted.

Monday 2. Milly did not get up till 12. I went to London and the Banks to get money. The Oriental would not discount my bills till I could be identidied, know no one – placed my cash £400 in Joint Stock Bk. Went to Mayalls for copy of miniature, then to the Diorama of Delhi & Russia, got home about 6pm, lost umbrella at Joint Stk Bank

Tuesday 3. At home all day Alice & her children at Woolwich

Wednesday 4 To Concert at Woolwich with Milly Edith & Mary Howarth. Good music much pleased but unpleasant day

[Page 64]
Thursday 5 To London in morning and National Gallery, small collection but beautiful paintings – Lady Mary Capt Haworth and children came in the evening.

Friday 6. Dull foggy day, Lord and Lady Audley lunched with us
Sat 7 - To Greenwich saw the painted Hale Chapel and rooms of the pensioners went by [indecipherable] road to Blackheath, then by Cab to Greenwich park, and walked through the park, leaves falling fast – Milly much delighted – called upon Lady Mary in the afternoon.

Sunday 8 Mill not very well to Charlton Ch in afternoon.

Monday 9. Started this morning for Woolwich called upon Harriott, walked to Plumstead, many changes, new buildings in every direction went to the Ch. Yd. and copied inscriptions on the vault. Then to Shooters Hill, called on the Eliots & Mr Dallin

[Page 65]
my old school master – all delighted to see me. walked home, rain all the way, dull and foggy day

Tuesday 10. To London with Milly and Edith – took steamer from London Bridge to Hungerford rain all the time, Mill shopping brought a new dress and cloak at Rumbell and Owens – then to lunch, and to Pantheon then cab to Park Place, Clarance Gate Regents park to call on Ld Audley and Emily – and thence home

Wednesday 11 - Lovely day – wrote to Lady Mitchell and Genl Blunt – in afternoon to Sir T. Wilsons, shown over the house a fine old building with some beautiful cabinets and tables etc in it. Heard additional news of the fall of Delhi and the deaths of Genls Weir and Nicholson, met Mary Haworth and sisters and gave them some [indecipherable]

[Page 66]
events into Haworths for a few minutes – Milly lost a stone from her ring for the second time.
Thursday 12. Start this morning with Harriott for Ryde I of W. arrived at Binstead about 6 pm found Sarah better but Charlotte as usual, not much done in the way of packing up.
13. Start for Portsmouth by 1 o’clock steamer and thence by rail to Southampton to Genl Blunts he was out but soon returned. Glad to find him so well. I had a bad cold having caught it in the Rl way the day previously.
Sat 14 Laid up this day at Genl Blunts ill.
Sunday 15. To Church. Met Capt Hyde. Called with him on Mrs H saw his two youngest children He told me of the Onieda and her officers. Not well by any means today took a walk in the afternoon.
Mon. 16 Genl Blunt drove me to the R’way went to Binstead sisters busy packing up. I helped them as much as I could.

[Page 67]
Tuesday 17. Packing up at Binstead the Hewitts called

Wednesday 18. Packing up in morning – start 1 pm steamer to Portsmouth and thence by rail to Charlton per Waterloo station found them all well. Mill had a severe shivering fit in the evening.

Thursday 19 Walked to Port Charlton with Milly and in afternoon to Bllackheath with her she is suffering much from heartburn. Lord and Lady A called yesterday.

Friday 20 Walked to Blackheath, Lee and Lewisham to the old Church. Saw the house I was born in. then through Greenwich house, noticed many alterations [indecipherable] and new houses have quite spoilt the views. Met Alice & Milly returned with them towards Blk heath, then to Charlton, on my way back met the Haworth. Capt H asked us to dine on Monday next.

Sat 21 To the Crystal Palace with Milly & Edith, met Lord and Lady Audly

[Page 68]
there. Concert day. Not many people, about 1700.

Sunday 22 To Charlton Ch in afternoon with Milly heard a prosy sermon.

Monday 23 At home walked out, dined with the Haworths in the evening, heard of the sudden death of a Woolwich Chaplain, Mr Cousen

Tuesday 24 To London with Milly & Edith, rain in the morning. Missed the first train, late in town Mill shopping at Reuble and Owens, then to Lord and Lady A’s Upper Baker St dined there, thence to the Princess’s Theatre saw the Tempest. Keane most beautifully got up, scenery magnificent – back to Baker St. after Supper. To bed at rooms No 36 I think.

Wednesday 25. Left Milly went and had my corns cut at Mr Rendell, Regent St then to Bank of England to get a note cashed, then home to Charlton when I found Milly & Edith had arrived before me. left my watch to be mended

[Page 69]
November 1857

Thursday 26 To London & the Rl way stations to enquire about the trains for Southampton then to the Banks to get a bill Discounted but could not, got my watch back – cold wet unpleasant day.

Friday 27. Fine day left Charlton at 11 am for London, Leave the Waterloo Station at 1pm for Southampton, arrive at 4pm Genl Blunts carriage in waiting for us find the Genl comparatively well

Saty 28. Milly out to drive with her Grandfather.

Sunday 29. Walked to Church with Milly in the morning, Mr Fall and Mr Buckle called.

Monday 30. We took a drive with the Genl. Called on Col James and left a letter of introduction he was in London. Dr Fowler came

Tuesday 1 December Walks with Milly nothing particular occurred

Wednesday 2 Went to the I of W by the 2pm boat found my sisters comparatively well, Harriott had gone to Woolwich as her Aunt Mary was unwell.

Thursday 3 Looking over old letters and papers at Binstead

[Page 70]
left by the 3pm boat and arrived at Genl Blunt when I found him and Milly as well as could be expected.

Friday 4 Lovely day. Genl lent his carriage and we returned visits. Capt Bold, Genl & Mrs Capon, Mrs Buckle, and Miss Huett, all out, drove into town.

Sat 5th Fine day Milly drove out with her Grandfather – I took a walk to the Beavis Estate and Southampton concourse

Sunday 6 To Millbrook Ch. Fine old building, remained with Milly to the Sacrement. Rainy –

Monday 7 Walked out, Mill drove with the Genl and I dined with Mr Buckle. Coller of Customs wet

Tuesday 8 Called upon Col Wilkins, Miss Bunard, Mr ‘Klintoc Miss Campbell, Mrs Snodpass & Mrs Hyde. Fine day

Wed – 9 Recd letter from Mary (Sydney) writing Sydney letters

Thursday 10 Fine day called upon Mr Buckle. Milly drove out with G.father.

Friday Beautiful day. Mill drove out. I walked round the Docks, fine works-

[Page 71]
Saty 12 Fine day walked out as usual

Sunday went to St Pauls Ch. Walked with Mill along the shore in afternoon, Mr and Miss Buckle Called.

Monday 14 Went to docks to look after a box from Redgy Thorold from Bohai, per Tyne – not landed, put it into the hands of Mr Dunlop agent.

Tuesday 15 To the Club. Capt Bold having placed my name down for 14 days recd an invite to dine with him on Friday.

Wednesday 16 To the Club and to the Docks

Thursday As usual – Went over the Ordnance Survey office with Col. James

Friday 18 Into town. Milly drove out with her Gfather wet day, dined with Capt Bold, pleasant party. Genl Capon Col. Stratton etc

Sat 19 Beautiful day called with Milly on Genl Dyce & Miss Campbell, who told me she knew all my mothers relatives

[Page 72]
Sunday 20 To Wet to go to Church

Monday 21 As usual, Milly drove out. I took a walk.
Tuesday ditto ditto
Wednesday ditto ditto

Thursday Lord and Lady Audley arrived on a visit to the Genl

Friday 25. Christmas, went up to Holyrood Ch with Ld A heard a good sermon, took a walk with Lord A to Freemantle. Mrs Snodgrass dined with us in the evening

Sat. Emily & Milly drove out. fine day.

Sun 27 To Holyrood Ch. With Ld A we walked and Emily & Milly in the carriage, walked to Millbank in the evening

Mon 28 Genl Goliki, Genl Emmett Rl E Mr McLachlan & Miss Campbell called.

Tuesday 29 With Lord A to the Survey Office, shown over it by Col James and Capt [indecipherable] much pleased

Wed 30 E & M paying a visit to Mrs McLachlan & Mrs [indecipherable] fine day. Took a walk.

[Page 73]
1857 -1858

Thursday 31 Fine day frost E & M drove out – walked to the Docks with Lord Audley

Jany Friday 1 Capt Woodyn dined with us this day a pleasant gentlemanly fellow

Sat 2d As usual

Sunday 3. To Millbrook Ch with Emily & Milly

Monday Called upon Capt. Bold

Tues As usual – Genl &. Miss Dyce called

Wednesday 6 Genl Blunt dined with us being 12th day Emily & Milly called on Mrs Snodgrass & Genl Dyce

Thursday 7th Start for mLondon by 11.30 train fine day arrive at Charlton about 4.30 found Alice & her children well. Harriott came in the evening.

Friday 8 To London by the 10 train went to Mr Walton Genl B. lawyer. Then met Sir C Nicholson consulted about Genl B’s affairs, afterwards to the Bk got 100 bill cashed – then to the London & Westrn Bank and deposited it then to my tailors paid him, to Rendall chiropodist

[Page 74]
and so home, arrived at 5.30 in evening looking over old letters and papers.

Sat 9 To London left bill for 150 at Bk of N.S.W. to London J. S Bank to my tailors, and then to Rl Way stn Waterloo Bdge. Fine day – one shower. Arrived at Southampton 4pm a here I found the Genl and Milly awaiting me at the Station.

Sun 10 To Holyrood Ch with Milly. Good sermon

Mond 11 Took a walk Milly drove out with her Gd father

Tuesday 12. In the afternoon went with Capt Woodin to visit the ship building yard of ----- and Day. Much pleased a large 1800 to ship on the stocks, iron; no idea of such an extensive establishment in Southampton.

Wednesday 13. As usual

Thursday 14. [indecipherable] Sydney letters, otherwise as usual.

Friday 15. As usual

Sat 16 . Do- Do-

Sunday 17 To Holyrood church walked home with Capt Woodin Milly did not go today – fine weather

[Page 75]

Mon 18 Walked with Capt Woodin to the Docks and called at his house, saw his sisters

Tues 19 Miss Bunard called, called on General Capon walked out with him – Milly out with her Gfather as usual

Wednesday Milly bad cold, gave up my room to her nurse

Thursday. Milly in bed all day not well the Dr called

Friday 22. 26 to 10 Milly produced a fine child a daughter all as can be expected – called on Capt Woodin

Sat 23 Recd a letter from Professor Faraday in reply to mine of the manner in which the natives of Australia lit a fire. Also one from Ld Audley. Milly and baby well as can be expected. Mrs Snodgrass, Mrs McLachlan Miss Campbell, the Misses Dyce - Adml and Mrs Bowyer called – the Genl not very well – walked into town- also Col & Mrs North.

Sunday 24 To the French Ch with Capt Woodin, an old place given by the protestants to the Hugueonot refugees. A tablet on the wall to the effect. That Earl of Cambridge, Lord Scroope of Mashamp & Sit Thos. Grey of Northumberland

[Page 76]
conspired together to Kill King Henry V whilst embarking with his army to fight Charles VI of France, they were taken and executed, and buried near that spot MCCCCIV. Called on Mr Buckle.

Mon. 25. To the town to post advertisement of the birth of the daughter, wrote to Alice, & Ld & Lady Audley. Milly and the baby getting on well, went into town, very gay on acct of the marriage of the Princess Royal Called on Mrs Snodgrass & Mrs McLachlan. Capt & Mrs Bold, Mrs McLachlan Miss Campbell Col & Mrs Wilkins called – fine day.

Tuesday 26. Dull and very cold wind, not well myself. Dr prescribed for me. Called on Col & Mrs Wilkins saw them all one of the young ladies gave Milly a pair of wosted shoes for the baby. Dined with Genl Capon very pleasant party. Capt and Mrs Bold, Capt & Mrs Vignolles, Revd Mr & Mrs Cary, Mr and Mrs Burrowes (a very pleasant person) another lady and gentleman & did not catch their name, and another lady. Milly and baby going on well Met Miss Hewitt

Wednesday 27. Unwell all day bad cold. Capt Woodin called Milly & child doing well.

[Page 77]
Thursday 28. Called on Genl. Capon. Met Capt Hyde he told me Ld Audley made a good speech at the Austn Anniversary dinner recd a letter from Harriott. Lady Campbell & Mrs Hyde Called.

Friday 29. Nurse reports the baby to be 20 inches in length. Milly and it doing well. The Genl went up to see them. It is a week old today. Called on Capt. Woodin saw Mrs Glynn. Revd & Mrs L. McLachlan called.

Sat. 30. Wet day did not go out. Milly & baby getting on well. Genl. Not well.

Sunday 31. Genl in bed all day with a bad cold – this day 71 years ago he entered the army. Went to Holyrood Ch. Mr Buckle called.

Monday 1 Feby. Went to town, cold wind, suffering from bad cold. Milly & child doing well

Tuesday 2d. Wrote to Alice, L Matilda, Charlotte, Miss Ml Lady A – and to three people referring to a character for a nurse. Mrs Lindsay went to London and purchased some clothes for the baby. Snow. Genl made the child a present of a handsome frock. Milly on the sofa for the 1st time.

[Page 78]
3d Feby

Wednesday. As yesterday.

Thursday. To Town met Cap Woodin in evening to Mr Buckles – Mr & Mrs [indecipherable] called.

Friday. As Wednesday

Saty. As Friday

Sunday. Wet did not go out. Milly down stairs for the 1st time.

Monday. To the Isle of Wight. Binstead called on my sisters returned the same day.

Tuesday. To Revd Mr Stewart Millbrook about the christening of the child.

Wednesday to Saturday nothing particular. Saty met Mr Darwall at the Rl Way station. he had justreturned from Sydney where he was Attorney Genl.

Sunday 14. To Holyrood Ch. Damp unpleasant day

Monday 15. Child registered. Walked to Millbrook, Milly took a drive

Tuesday 16. To the Agent of P&O Cos to enquire about the arrival of the steamer from Alexandria. At Capt Woodins in evening

Wednes 17. To the Map office to look at the photographs. Milly took a drive.

Thursday. Lord & Lady Audley & Edith Thorold arrived from London, Called on the Revd Mr Stewart.

Friday 19th Our child christened Mary, Emily, Blunt Alicia at

[Page 79]
Millbrook Ch. By the Revd Mr Stewart. Capt Woodin RN dined with us in the evening and Mr Stewart came afterwards.

Saty 20th. Recvd a note this morning that the Indus was telegrammed started in a fly with Edith to meet her father who was on board arrived too soon waited about 2 hours till she came alongside the wharf, then went on board and saw him, out to Genl Blunts to lunch, back to Dock yd and Custom house, then saw him off by the 5 o’clock train to London. The new nurse came this evening

Sunday 21. Too late for Ch. Took a walk with Lord A.

Monday 22. Walk to the Common called on Capt. Woodin.

Tuesday. Walked with Lord A to the Cemetry etc. dull day

Wednesday. Mr Lee & two daughters & Miss Thompson came from Winchester walked with them to the Docks, went on board the Sultan with troops for Alexandria. After lunch with Lord A to the Survey Office and walk to the water supply on the Winchester road. Col. James not at home

Thursday. Lord & Lady A and Edith start for London by railway at 3 P.M.

Friday 26. Went to Binstead by the 9 o’clock

[Page 80]
Steamer and returned the same day. cold wind.

Saty 27 Fine day. called with Milly on Mrs McLachlan and Mrs Snodgrass, took a drive to Portswood.

Sunday. To Holyrood Ch with M. heard a good sermon from the Curate Mr Wolsley farewell one. Walked home, cold wind.

Monday 1s March. Snow this morning, windy unpleasant day, not well in afternoon. took some castor oil.

Tuesday 2. Snow, cold high wind, in doors all day.

Wednesday 3 Snow all day.

Thursday 4 Fine day. called with Milly at Mrs Glynn & saw Miss Woodin. Walked with Mill. Then into town, then Docks, wrote to Turkish Ambassador. Called on Mrs Buckle.

Friday 5. To Portsmouth saw the Docks – cold stormy

Sat 6. Called upon Mrs Capon. dined with Miss Hewitt

Sund 7. To Millbrook Ch with Milly in morning dr.

Monday 8 Rain hard & wind. To Survey office saw Col. James he gave me a map observing the course of the moons path on the 15th eclipse – Called on people P.P.C’s

Tuesday 9. Packing up and paying visits

Wednesday To Farmborough no accommodation, on to

[Page 81]
Blackwater and York Town. No accommodation walked to the College, then in a cab to Windsor snow all the afternoon arrive about 5:30.

Thursday. To Eton to look for Laidley Mort could not find him, saw young Henry O’Brien then to the Castle and through the state apartments very beautiful, then to dinner and at 3.35 per R’Way “Gt Western" to London No 28 Upper Berkley St.

Friday 12 To Regent St. got corn extracted, in afternoon walked with Lord A & Emily down Oxford St

Sat 13 To Dr Kahn’s Museum – Emily & Milly called on Mrs Armitage

Sund 14. Dull wet & rainy day – with E & Milly to Church – heard a good sermon from a Mr Herschel a converted Jew

Mondy 15 Eclipse cloudy – in doors all day waiting for Sir C.[indecipherable] to the Polytecnic & Mount Blanc in the evening.

Tues 16. Walk out with Emily & Milly to look for a house. in afternoon. To call on the Morts. not

[Page 82]

at home, then shopping, called on Dr Locock he prescribed for Milly – in evening to Lord Audley’s; M to help Emily to dress for a dinner party – beautiful day recd a letter from Gother

Wednesday 17 To Sydenham with Lord A. then to Crystal Palace – Looking for houses.

Thursday 18. To Coloseum with Emily in afternoon – in morning to (Bank London & Westminister) in evening to Princess’ theatre Midsummer night dream and Pantomine

Friday To call on Sir W. Manning, heard of poor Charley Morts death – looking for houses – to the opera in evening heard Piccolonnie.

Sat 20. To Charlton saw Alice walked with Thould to look at houses then to Blackheath station and so home.

Sunday 21. To Mr Herschels chapel heard a good sermon walked in Hyde Park in afternoon with Milly

Monday 23. House hunting with M & Miss Tuchet M got her hair cut, dense fog for part of the day –

[Page 83]
March 1858
Tuesday 22. House hunting in morning – to Gallery of pictures in afternoon, in Regent St. saw some very pretty ones and in evening to St Martins Hall to hear Bach’s Passion Musik Oratorio, house crowded much pleased fine warm day.
Wednesday 23 To St James’ with Lord Audley – hes going to a Levee – waited and saw all The grandees come and go – then home, very hot day
Thursday To Coluaghi to see the pictures of the Bridesmaids etc. in evening to the opening of St James’ Hall Regent St. in support of the Middlesex Hospital Sacred Music much pleased.
Friday 26. Called upon Mr H O’Brien at the Paltery Hotel. Met Mr Johnson. To the Banks got 150 cash at the L Joint Stock. In afternoon with Mill to Kensington and took a house walked home No 4 Campden Hill road placed £ 100 to Cr At Westminster B
Sat 27. Laid up all day with a bad cold and head ache.
Sunday. Not well did not go out

[Page 84]
March 1858

Monday 29. Milly not well – sore throat – bought knives & forks Ld A and Emily called went with Emily to hire servants.

30th Tuesday. Mill in bed sent for Dr Roe. Mr & Mrs O’Brien called bought spoons etc.

31t Wednesday. Milly unwell went to the new house took inventory

April 1. Thursday. Moved into new house 4 Campden Hill road Kensington unpleasant day. Mill not well in bed early. Ld A & Emily arrived in evening.

Apl 2. Good Friday. To Ch in morning

3d Saty. Mill better she went out with Emily

4 Sunday. To Kensington Ch took a walk in evening cold unpleasant day

5 Monday Emily not well. went to City. met G. Parsons told me C & J were at Woolwich. corns cut. got my ring from Metcalf air cushion etc.

6. Tuesday To Woolwich to see my sisters who had arrived from the I of Wight, disagreeable day.

7th Wednesday To the Crystal Palace with Ld A who called at the Blencoat School for his nephew and took him with us. I returned by the Battersea

[Page 85]
line wet unpleasant day. Recvd Sydney letters one from Mary.

8. Thursday. Rain all day did not go out writing letters to Sydney. Ld A brought his nephew to spend the day with us.

9th Friday. Unpleasant day recvd a letter from G Guard and a Sydney newspaper writing letters to Sydney E. & M & Ld A to town they bought an iron etc in

10 Saty. Writing letters. Called on Mrs James Gloucester Crescent, on Miss Tuchet. Paid Linen drapes bill and so home got antique seal from Jewellers.

11 Sunday To Church in afternoon to walk with Emily Ld A

12 Monday. To call on Mrs O’Brien saw them then to King St St Jame’s and looked some alabaster works of art purchased some foggy day

13 Tuesday To Charlton with M & baby after lunch walked to Woolwich to see my sisters. Then called upon Lady Mary fine day Letter from H Hely

[Page 86]

14 Wednesday. To Woolwich with M & child to see my sisters then back. fine day. return to London – arrive 6.15 Miss Tuchet with us in evening

15. Thursday. With Emily and Milly to Oxford St. in afternoon shopping M purchased a new bonnet.

Friday 16. 1st Anniversary of our wedding. Walked in Park. Paid for ton of coals, in afternoon with Ld A Emy & Milly to Kensington Museum. Mifs & Miss Susan Tuchet had tea with us in evening. a very sultry hot day thunder in evening

Saty 17th Fine day to Freikell’s the [indecipherable]
Sunday 18 In morning to Ch afternoon walk with Mill in Park.

Monday 19. To Solomon tailor to Houses of Parliament to Zoological Ganden & British Institution fine hot day saw Marshal Pellessin

Tuesday. To Williams hair dresser purchase ticket for Flower Show To B. Museum found it closed, to Dr Marstons Museum and so home through the park.

Wednesday 21. With Ld A Emily & M to the Flowershow St James Hall very beautiful Mr & Mrs Nagle

[Page 87]

to Ho of Lords with Ld A but no house, then to Convent Garden Market and to Mr Taffeld optician and so home

Thursday 22. To Solomon tailor then to Tavistock hotel saw H Hely lately from Sydney, also a Mr Galway then to Picture Gallery Pall Mall and home through the Hyde Park Ld A at Ho of Lords. E & M in London

Friday 23. Home in morning to see the Dr . M E & Ld A vaccinnated E & M to London shopping

Saty 24. To Salamon to try on clothes then to Woolwich to see my sisters & so home about 7 o’clock

Sunday 25. Did not go to Ch. walked with M in the gardens.

Monday 26. To the Ld Chamberlains about the Levee. then to Tavistock Hotel to see Hely. he was out then. to B Museum and then walked home met the Innes’s in Oxford St called on the Miss Tuchets

Tuesday 27 Home in the morning. to Kensington Museum in the afternoon went to Compton house in the evening

[Page 88]

Mr Molley’s & Miss Coupe Amateur Theatricals splendid old house and distinguished guests. Ld A at the House of Lords. detained on the Jews oath Bill.

Wednesday 28. To Levee with Ld A. Kissed the Queens hand. in afternoon in gardens. Miss Tuchet to tea

Thursday 29. Dull day rain at night. To Knightsbridge to see a wedding. two daughters of Sir Hew Ross married a Col. Buchan and a Mr --------- E. M & Miss T there. walked home with Miss T to 25 Upper Seymour St. in afternoon call at Campden house saw Miss Coupe and her brother, then walked in the gardens, saw Ml Pellissier give something to a Xing sweeper an old Crimean Soldier of the Guards, thought it a sovereign, but upon going up to examine it, it proved a “1 ½ bit"!! Afterwards walked so as to keep the Marshall face to face a strong stout well built man. New Servant came to day, a French Girl.

Friday 30 Visit from Strickland, with him to London, called on Hely. Went over the Covent Garden Theatre & Market then to Strickland Hotel and then dined at the Wellington in evening

[Page 89]
Saty 1 May Wrote to Genl Blunt & Alice – walked in the gardens in the afternoon

Suny 2d . To church with Milly no room prayers at home. Went in afternoon by myself to Ch, showery day

Monday 3d To town paid my tailors bills, in afternoon to Call on the Innes’s & Mrs Pyne Mrs O’Brien not at home then drove in the Park. met Ld A & Emily and made her get into the carriage, walked home with Ld A fine day, dull

Tuesday 4 Home in morning to Rl Academy of painting in afternoon with Milly, Met Mr & Mrs Mort at the gallery

Wednesdy 5. To Claudets to get stereoscopes of the baby and thus then to St James Park saw the Queen return from Drawing room then to Geological Museum & home walked

Thursday 6 Called on Mr L Mitchell then with Milly to Westminster Abby [indecipherable] Hall, Covent Garden Market and home. Baby pulled my whiskers for the 1st time

Friday 7. To Charlton by 11 O’Clock train lunch with Alice then to Woolwich Arsenal, all over it, much pleased met Alice Sarah & Harriott at the Rl Way Station

[Page 90]
dine at Charlton, and then home by 9.30 fine day

Saty 8. To London to Claudets for portraits, obtain three stereoscopes, then to Geological Museum and so home fine day. Mr & Mrs Brown called

Sunday 9. Home in morning. L Mitchell & Mr Mc Alister called. To church with Milly in afternoon then walk in gardens, met Ld Aand Emily.

Mony 10. To Salaman tailors then by 2d boat to London bridge then Cavyorn & Addiscombs, saw Sir F. Abbott the Governor glad to see me, walk from there to Crystal Palace, band of National Guard played left about 5.30 home about 7.30. Milly had her portrait taken – fine day.

Tuesday 11 Wrote to Charlotte, Miss Tuchet dined with us. Self to Claudets and then to Agents to send a case of portraits to Sydney. To Rl Academy Portrait Gallery – walk most of the way home finish with an omnibus – Called on a person at the Haymarket about learning to photograph

[Page 91]
12 May 1858

Wednesday Taking lessons in photography from Mr Rolph

Thursday. Writing to Sydney and went to Alhambra Circus

Friday. Lesson & photography & to House of Lords

Sat To call on Hely dined with him

Sunday To Ch in afternoon & walk in the gardens

Monday To Mr Rarys & photographs Rain

Tuesday Do ------------------Do & Geological Museum Rain

Wednesday To Photogy -----, Hely not in

Thursday. To Mr Spurgeons, in afternoon walk with Milly went to a lecture on Attraction by Lord Caithness at St james’ Hall with Ld A & Milly

Friday To Photography – walked home through the park windy day

Sat 22 Brought home my photogy – in afternoon to Mr & Mrs [indecipherable] Reids entertainments

Sunday 23 To Ch in afternoon, by myself it commenced raining as we started so the others did not go

Monday 24 To Woolwich with Ld A to see a review, which took place at 2 pm on the common, showery day then walked to Charlton and dined with Alice Thorold Got home about 10 pm heard that

[Page 92]
June 1858

Livingston Mitchell was very ill with his eyes went to see him Ld A remained the whole night with him I went & found some chloroform

Tuesday 25. Call & enquire about L Mitchell find him better, in afternoon to London call on Hely, then to Strickland where I dined – so home about 10.30

Wednesday 26. In afternoon to St martin’s Hall heard Dickens read his Christmas Carol then to Covt Garden market & Kenzn Gardens. met Ld & Lady A so home –

Thursday 27 Morning photo in the afternoon to call on Mrs Fyers 3 Westbourne place

Friday 28 Photography all day call on L Mitchell better

Saty 29 To Woolwich to see my sisters brought up portraits to copy

Sunday 30. Very hot, in afternoon with Milly to West Brompton Ch

Monday 31. Photography, with Milly to walk

Tuesday 1 June Alice & Col Thorold & daughter dined with us afterwards to the [indecipherable] no k and then rowed them across the Serpentine

Wednesday 2d With Milly to Oxford St to shop bought a new hat then

[Page 93]
to see Mr Rolph photographist and so home, very hot day

Thursday 3d. To Southampton with M Ld A and Emily for 1 O’clock train, found the Genl comparatively well his daughter Madame Foullory staying with him

Friday 4 Walked about fine day

Sat 5- ditto

Sunday – 6. Milly & Emily to French Church

Monday – 7. To Salisbury much pleased with the Cathedral-

Tuesday - 8 As usual, walk in afternoon

Wed 9. do

Thursday 10. The Misses Rogers arrived from Clifton nieces of the Genls

Friday 11. As usual.

Sat. 12 Miss Bunard called –

Sunday 13 – To St Pauls church in afternoon

Monday 14 As usual

Tuesday 15. ditto

Wednesday 16 ditto

Thursday 17 Walk with Milly to the Docks see the Tasmanian steamer coming in, saw

[Page 94]
and spoke to Capt Hyde & Mr Pockley

Friday 18 as usual

Sat 19. Milly had a tooth drawn, walked into town and met her & her aunt at the Dentists.

Sunday 20. Ld A & myself to the French Church walked home with Mr & Mrs M Lachlan

Monday 21 Leave by the 3 pm train in company with Mrs Snodgrass and her cousin, a school boy – and arrive home about 7 pm.

Tuesday 22 To town bought some photographic chemicals

Wednesday 23. Called on the Browns, Hows Bradleys could not find the O’Briens, had an ice at Quiters - letter from Edward -

Thursday 24. Photography in the morning, to Kensington garden in the afternoon with Milly

Friday 25 Photography all day, Milly & Emily out walking letter from Alice –

Saty 26. Photography in morning call upon Mrs Fyers

[Page 95]
July 1858

Sunday 27 To Ch in afternoon then L Mitchells and Kensington gardens so home –

Mond. 28. Call with E & M on Bradleys Howes Lady Buchan – in evening dine at the Morts – Meet Capt & Mrs Scott.

Tuesday 29 Photography, to town with Milly. Shopping in afternoon call at Campden house, then Sir W Reids and Greenwich for a tent & so home, shrimp for tea

Wed. 30th Photog all day, out in evening pay a few bills

July 1 Thursday. Photog all day in evening to the house of Lords with Ld A – few questions

Friday 2d July – Photograph dull day in afternoon with Milly to Chiswick garden –

Saty. Photogy call on Morts & Fyers

Sunday 4 To Church in morning – walk in gardens in afternoon. came on to rain

Monday 5, Photogy Sir W Reid called in evening to Campden house. Theatl amateur splendid affair

Tuesday 6. In afternoon to Natl Gallery with Milly hire a servant. The Innes’s call – fine day

[Page 96]
July 1858

Wed 7. Rainy day – walked out in afternoon

Fri 8. Call on Sir W. Reed. Madame Tussards wet all day

Sat 9. To Woolwich rain all day – reading Malaya figures
Sat 10 Rain went to 2 Montague St. Portman Sqr – to call on Madame Foullioy & the Misses Rogers – saw Mr & Mrs Fincham

Sun 11 To Ch in morning Madam F & Misses Rogers called – L Mitchell dined with us in evening

Photogy, called Campden Ho [indecipherable] Milly & Ems Ld A at the house – Lidy & Cathn in evening new Servant Susette leaves
Lidy & Cathn dine with us then start for Gravesend to embark for Australia. E & M to call on their Aunt

Lord A to Ho of Lords self to Kensington Museum Photy. To Banks in afternoon then walk with Milly fine day

[Page 97]
Thurs 15 July. To Crystal Palce with M & baby met Madam Foullioy there & Miss J Rogers thunder storm at night

Sunday 18 To Ch in morning. Madam Foullioy and Miss J Rogers to tea in evening

Monday. Photography in morning, call on Madam Foullioy

Tuesday 20 To Charlton then on to Woolwich to see my sisters. Recd Sydney letters.

Wednesday 21. To London with Milly, in afternoon call on Mrs Fyers Mrs James & Mrs O’Brien latter not at home then left Milly and went to Haymarket Theatre and Kensington Museum. home about 9.30 Mr Bradley called.

Thursday 22 Call on Sir J. Burgoyne not at home in evening to the opera. Don Giovanni & Ballet

Friday 23 Call on Sir J. Burgoyne at War Office then to [indecipherable] Commons look out will of Humphry Hayward and walk home

Saty 24 To Claudets with Milly she to have her

[Page 98]
August 1859

likeness taken – then to Rosa Boukens picture then walk home rainy

Sun 25. To Ch in morning Archdeacon Sinclair preached

Monday 26. To “Tom Thumb" Milly had her hair cut walked home

Tuesday 27 Wrote toMarquis of Bath in afternoon walked into town with Mill – Ices, rain in evening

Wed 28

Thurs 29 To Charlton & Woolwich

Fri 30 Photogy all day. Call on Lady Mary

Sat 31 Photogy all day. To see my sisters in evening

August 1 Call on Mrs Bill Blackheath Park. Mr Dauncey’s Aunt church in evening

Monday 2 Left Charlton for London. Photog in morning

Tuesday 3 To town to get passport for Cherboug

Wednesday 4. Got passport start 1.30 train arrive at Dover and embark on board the “Prince Fredk William sail about 4.30 foul wind fine weather

Thursday 5. Anchor at Cherboug about 6 am fine morning 8 o’clock salute from a dozen line of Battleships, French the Queen on a visit Emperor & Queen exchange visits amidst

[Page 99]
August 1858

the noise of guns. the Emperor escorted her majesty round the town and works, saw them all in a narrow street, whilst talking to Busby & Griffiths – fire works and illuminations in evening –

Friday 6th. Queen underweigh this morning at 11 am magnificent sight. Royal Albert & Renown leading four frigates following, the Banshee ran into us and damaged our paddlebox. followed the fleet to sea, then round the Breakwater, slowly along the French ships met the Yatchts from the I of Wright which had raced across the Channel, then anchored for about a couple of hours to mend paddles, having reshipped the passengers we had taken on board from the Pera and other steamers, ten alongside the Quay – Walked to the top of Mount Roule and saw the fort a very strong one and view beautiful. afterwards walked about. a quarrel had in the meantime taken place between some French passengers on board another boat on account of the manager of the Prince Fredk William having refused to let them cross the vessel to land, Illuminations

[Page 100]
and fire works in the evening – town crowded with people – Had a quarrel myself in the morning with the same person Mr Churchward who wanted me to go on shore to make room for some M.P’s but having paid my five guineas I refused –

Saty 7. Called on board the Bretaigne and saw Louis Foullioy – Milly’s cousin. saw over the vessel – a splendid 130 gun ship – then went with him to the Dockyard to see the filling of the magnificent basin and launch of the Ville de Shants 90 gun ship – Saw the Emoeror and Empress descend the basin and lay first or last stone, and return to his pavilion but the arrangement failed, the water would not rush in so the Emperor after some little time left the place – we walked about inspecting everything, saw the triumphal and made of water tanks and decorated with anything belonging to a ship and articles used in their construction beautifully arranged – Then with Louis to our vessel – and took leave of him in afternoon, walked about, the launch took place

[Page 101]
August 1858

most satisfactorily about 6.30 pm left the harbor at 7.30 to return to Dover – contrary wind – but fine weather.

Sunday 8 An address to Mr Churchward by his guests. he having entertained a private party. I would have nothing to do with it. off Dugness about 8 am a light at the end of a sandy spit – at Dover about 10 am. went to the Dover Castle Hotel. then walked all over the castle. called on the Miss Tuchets – Ld A’s sisters – they invited me to take up my qrs then called on Col. Bloomfield apttn Nuten heights – much pleases with the castle a truly noble old place.

Monday 9. Walked about the town dined with the Miss Tuchets – walked out with them left by omnibus at 5 for Canterbury a beautiful drive arrived at 7.30 put up at the Rose Hotel, walked about the town

Tuesday 10 To the Cathedral attended service good singing then all over the place much interested then to St Augustins monastry the gateway a beautiful Spanish. left at 2 .oC for London arrived about 7 pm

[Page 102]
Wednesday 11. Writing letters took a walk with Milly

Thursday 12 ditto ditto very hot. Emily taken ill – more or less ill all day-

Frid. 13. 7 min to 3 Emily produced a fine child a girl – all well. walked to Edgeware road station and telegrammed to Genl. Blunt – called on Miss Tuchets. Mrs Maitland and Mrs Fyers – saw Henry F. & so home, finr day, hot, Writing Sydney letters-

Saty. To London to Drs Commons. then home. walk with Milly

Sun 15. To Ch with Milly in afternoon, then walk in the Gardens. fine day.

Mon 16 To Woolwich saw my sisters; Mending Malaya Figures – bought some books – Mr J. Mitchell called ------

Tuesday 17. Ices with M then to London. Regent St. Mount St. Walked home meet Madames Besson & Two Miss Brady in the Gardens –

Wednesday 18. In town purchased a book on trigl Survying – in evening walk in gardens.

Thursday 19. Call on Mrs Fyers – met the Miss Reids, and Maitland. Madame B and two Miss Bradleys

[Page 103]
August 1858

Friday 20. To B Museum with Milly ---

Saty 21. Rain all day – Called on Hely apthm Bidford

Sunday 27. To Kensington Ch in morning. Ld A sisters dined with us.

Mond. 23. With Milly & Nurse to Richmond, through the park. Star & Garter lunch – took a boat to Kew – the whole scenery & gardens beautiful, then cab home from Kew bridge

Tuesd 24 In afternoon with Milly to St Pauls – Crypt Whispering gallery. & ball & cross etc. then home via St Martins lane. Robb for biscuits

Wed. 25. To Woolwich Dk Yard. walk to Charlton. Alice & Thorold at Brighton. Walk with Edi & [indecipherable] to Woolwich see my sisters. find A and T returned from Brighton on my return to Charlton stop all night at Alices –

Thurs 26 Begin to photograph but find I have not all my chemicals – leave by the 3.40 train for London walk in the evening with Milly –

Frid 27. Call on the Bradleys walk in the gardens with them. wrote to the Genl.

[Page 104]
September 1858

Sat. 28. Photog.. To houses of Parliament with Milly. then to Regent St walk home + Emily down stairs for the first time

Sund. 29. Do not go to Ch. Milly not well. wet unpleasant day. Miss Tuchet dined with us –

Mond 30. Photog. Mrs Lindsay called – with Milly to the Kensington Museum walk home

Tuesday 31. home all day – Miss Tuchet called – took a short walk with Milly in evening.

Wednesday 1st Sept. Photogy in afternoon. called on Mr Bradley saw him. then met Mrs Fyer Mrs Humphrey – walk with them to Oxford St then to the Bedford. Hely not in, then to Regent St and home in a bus – Miss Tuchet called –

Thursday 2d Cook ill went to the Dr. Milly & child to be Photographed, no use. Emily out for the first time walked out in evening to look for a nurse for E. The Bradleys & Mr Maitland called

Friday 3d To town Gray’s Court to find out Col. Whites address to Drummonds Bank for Emily. to [indecipherable] bought some books

[Page 105]
then home. walk out with Milly –

Saty 4. Photog – Rain, out with M for a short time –

Sunday To Church in morning good sermon – Rain in afternoon, Cooks sister called – Walk with Milly about Campden Hall –

Monday 6. Photogy In London and bought some mathematical instruments. Milly & Emily out for a drive.

Tuesday 7. Photogy Call upon Mr Bickhead at Hans place & Col. White Carlton Club – both out. then to Rolfs portrait gallery [indecipherable] To Brentford – to the Docks and Kew gardens –


Thursday. 9. To see the Leviathan by Steamer, then to Grenwich. diner white bait. then to the hospital and home by rl wy. Baby had her likeness taken a hamper arrived from the Genl –

Friday 10. Emilys baby christened at Kensington Ch named – Mary – at home all day.

[Page 106]
Saty 11. Writing letters to Sydney. Mrs Brown called – walked out in evening –

Sunday 12. To Ch with Milly – Ld & Lady A also went – Mr Gaindener called and dined with us – walk out in afternoon. I called upon Mrs Edinburg an old friend – very hot day

Monday 13. Writing to Sydney. in afternoon call with Ld A. Emily & Milly on Mrs & Mifs Birkhead at 34 Haus Place Sloane St.. saw them. Then to see Mrs Fyers but she was out. saw Mrs Scott. walked home

Tuesday 14. Photography. then to the Polytechnic Gallery at Regent St. Milly weighed 10st..9lbs myself 11 st..13 – Wrote to Genl & Mr Bowdlee Ed Gotha & Mary

Wednesday 15. To call on Mr Mellidew at Ladbroke Sqr with Ld A and Emily – walk out with Milly. E & Ld A remained to tea –

Thursday 16. To the Tower with Milly, then to Westminster by steam boat – walk through St James’ Park and so home by cab – Milly tired –

Friday 17. Call on Maitland. then to Bucklessbray purchased more books and so home Mr & Mrs Robinson called.

[Page 107]
Sat 18 Fine day. to Hampton Court – start 12.30 in carriage arrive at 2. see all the palace [indecipherable] – maze. lunch at the Kings Head – start home about 6 arrive 7.30. baby very tired –

Sunday 19. To Ch in morning by self – in afternoon with Milly – rain all day. wrote o the Genl –

Monday 20

Tues 21.

Wednesday 22. To the Col. Office saw Mr Gardiner referring to Morton Bay. walk out with Milly in the evening –

Thursday 23. To Woolwich to see my sisters, met Mr Busby in the train. M not very well

Friday 24. Photograph in morning – called on Mrs Fyers busy preparing for her son William marriage – wrote to Alice – Milly bought some toys –

Saty 25. Wrote to William. Packing up. out with Milly Sus – Milly not well

[Page 108]
Sept & Oct 1st

Sunday 26. To Ch in afternoon with Milly walk in gardens then to call on Mrs Edinburgh

Monday 27. To Town. Banks. get portrait from Mr Rolph. Mrs Bradley called –

Tuesday 28. Packing up all day. called on Mr Robinson wrote to the Genl. and Hely. dull foggy day –

Wednesday 29. Packing up. Georgy Tuchet called – paid Otway for Carriage & Bale for boots – dull warm day. Milly not well at all –

Thursday 30 Sent off luggage to Tilbury. start at 1.50 from Gt Western Railway. and arrive at Bristol 6 pm at No 4 York Crescent Clifton the Misses Rogers at 6.30 Ld A & Emily did not arrive till 9pm

Friday 1st Oct. Walk to the Downs, in afternoon to Bristol Cathedral

Sat. 2d. Wrote to Alice & Secty of Post office, walk to Bristol fine comet

Sunday 3 To Ch with Ld A – and in afternoon to Bristol Cathedral, dull day

Monday 4 Start to walk to Harthow Cottages overtaken by the carriage with Miss Ryan & party got on the box, came on to rain got wet through the cottages 8 in number are very pretty, built in a circle a green plot in centre. had time only for a glimpse at them

[Page 109]
Oct – 1858

Tuesday 5th - Rain all day go out for a walk

Wednesday 6th Had a bath at the hot well Pump room in afternoon in carriage to Cooks Folly – Saw Mrs Porter and Mrs Goodyear. drove home. a very pretty drive – showery –

Thursday 7. High wind and showers all day. Milly not well. took a short walk. got oysters for Milly. recd a letter from Col White. replied thereto

Friday 8 Beautiful day. Walk before breakfast. after walk up Nightingale Vale. Milly etc drove to Mrs Pen Pole in afternoon walk on the Downs with Lord Audley Band playing

Saturday 9 Rainy. writing Sydney letters, walk with Milly –

Sunday 10. Rain all day did not go out

Monday 11. Rain in the morning, drove out with the Misses R’, to Horwood called upon Revd Mr Hill & Revd Mr Richards very cold – visited memorial Ch. built by Mr R in memory of 4 of his children who died –

Tuesday 12. Walk before bkfst with Ld A – 11.30 to the Potteries Bristol much pleased, then to St Marys Redcliffe. a beautiful old Ch now being restored. the accompanied Ld A nearly home. left him

[Page 110]
Oct 1858

and returned to Bidminster, but the ch was closed so did not go in – the others home in a Cab from St Marys fine day – Milly not well. Cloudy in evening –

Wednesday 13 Wrote to C & the Genl – visited Mr Muller orphan school in afternoon, very interesting –

Thursday 14. In afternoon walk with Ld A. Met E. M & Miss J. R on the Downs Revd Mr Hill dined with us. Mrs Hill Miss Baynes. Miss Smith in the evening

Friday 15. Recd a letter from Sydney. Mary & Minnie via Marsailles – went to Bath – return about 5 pm

Sat 16. Took a constitutional walk in morning. called on Mrs Smythe. E. Miss R & Ld A took a drive. stopped at home with Milly she being ill. took a short walk with her in the evening. Recd a note from the Genl-

Sunday 17. Beautiful day. Mill too ill to go to Ch. stopped at home with her. took her for a walk

Monday 18 Rain all day. walked to Queen’s square & Redcliffe Ch – Mr & Mrs Car Mr & Mrs Beddoe & Miss James in the evening

Tuesday 19. Rain all day – Milly ill. To

[Page 111]
Mrs Smyths in evening. Recd letter from Gother

Wednesday 20 Dull day. stroll about. Milly ill – Mrs Fox. Mrs & Miss Duncombe, Miss Rogers etc Dr & Mrs Cross to tea in evening – Wrote to Bob

Thursday 21 Lord A & Emily left for Southampton at 11 am train. an early dinner leave the Crescent at 2 pm. start for Gloucester by the 3 pm train. arrive at 4. walk to the Cathedral, go through it a most magnificent building. Put up at the Bell Hotel

Friday 22 Baby 9 months old today, Walk to the Docks then to the Cathedral with Milly attended prayers. walk to the bridge, watch canal boats, lunch scalloped oysters. start for Chepstow 3 pm, arrive 4.25 put up at the George Hotel – walk up the hill with Milly –

Saty 23. Walk with Milly and visit Chepstow Castle, a noble old ruin on the top of a Cliff on the Wye. then at 12 start for Tintern, walk through the grounds to Wyncliff 552 ft above the river. splendid view, of the Wye and Severn descend by a zig-zag path of steps and stones cut in the face of the cliff to a moss cottage very pretty. find the

[Page 112]

carriage waiting for us, then to Tintern 2 ½ miles – beautiful drive, lunch at the Beaufort arms. small inn on the River, and then visit the Abby a most magnificent ruin arrive back at hotel about 4.30 pm. dull cloudy day no rain –

Sunday 24. Cold dull day. to ch in morning with Milly – a fine old Norman building. In afternoon took a walk with Milly across the river and up the hill to an old tower. The nurse went to Ch in evening. M not well. baby had gloves on for the first time –

Monday 25. Start from the George Chepstow at 11 am by the 11.27 train to Cheltenham, wait at Gloucester for about 20 m. Put up at the Plough Hotel, fine house. baby amused the passengers in the train – walk out with Milly and take a lodging at 2 guineas a week – dull cold day. expenses at Chepstow 5.11.3

Tuesday 26. Move into lodgings No 4 Oxford buildings. call upon W. Young, out, walk with M. to Vittville Spa. look at a perambulator for baby, expenses 2.5.6 dull day. Wrote to the Genl. Alice & Charlotte

[Page 113]
Oct 1858

27th Wednesday. Got a Perambulator for the baby at 2/6 per week. she is much pleased with it. also a pair of gloves which she deliberately pulled off and threw away. Went to the Cambay spa and had a glass of water. Milly ditto, she subscribed 7/6 for a fortnight. In afternoon called at 23 Suffolk Sqr but to my disappointment heard that Genl Brett had been dead for some months, left a card for Col. Willoughby- they were old brother officers of Gothers.

28th Thursday. Rain all day. walked out posted letter to the Manager of Bank. Milly recvd letter from Emily inclosing one from her mama. M not well

29 Friday Cold day fine, foggy in afternoon. Baby out in her perambulator, call on Col. Young at Malven Lawn – out hunting, walk out with Milly along London Rd. M not well

Sat 30 Fine cold day. walk out with Milly to Midd counties R’way etc. Write to Ld A. recd a letter from C. heard that my brother was gazetted as Lt Genl Mauritius. M better

Sunday 31. Fine day to Ch with M in morning walkout ch by self in evening.

[Page 114]
November 1 = 1858

Monday With Milly to Hunt meeting, fine sight saw fox hounds etc. start at 3.10 for Stroud, arrive at Mr Lloyds about 5. Hanly Hall N" Stonehouse a beautiful place glad to meet my cousin Mrs Ll

Tuesdy 2d. at 1 o’clock with Mr Lloyd to visit cloth manufactory, well worth seeing. Very interesting. In evening to Missionary meeting at Stroud, presided by the Bishop Dr Baring.

Wednesday 3. Start at 11.30 drove Mrs Lloyd to Stroud, missed the train by a minute. drive to Stonehouse, had to wait 45 min arrive at Worcester 4.30 house full. races went to theatre Cinderella & No Song no Supper. dull day. Heard of Sir W Keith death put up at Star & Garter

Thursday 4 To Cathedral a noble building, the interior magnificent then at 2 pm to the Royal Porcelain works. highly pleased the manufactures very interesting. then to Cathedral beautiful Anthem. walkabout the town and to Hotel. Chapter House fine

[Page 115]
Novr. 1858

Friday 5. Start at 10.30 to Malvern. arrive 12 o’clock town situated at the side of a beautiful Hill, walk up to top and along the ridge, the views magnificent Saw Gloucester, Worcester, Wales etc, truly splendid then to the old Abbey Ch. a very fine building, partly Norman & Early English, fine old stained glass windows, leave at 3.30 and arrive at Worcester in time for 5 o’clock train for Birmingham arrive at latter place about 6.30, raining put up at Dee’s Royal Hotel. Very comfortable. patronized by her Majesty – Guy Fawkes. plenty of fire works

Saty 6th To a gun smith with two Gentlemen, saw some practice with a breech loading rifle, very good invention then walked with them to Aston Hall, a noble old Elizabethan house which has been purchased by the town; noble old place – fine halls, galleries etc. then to Elkington found it closed. then start at 5 pm for Chester. pass through the black country all alight with furnaces & coal pits. Put up at the Royal Chester: arrive 8.30. fine day –

[Page 116]
Sunday 7 Cold day St John’s Ch a most venerable old Norman structure, walk out on the walls, old but spoilt by buildings. at 4 to the Cathedral a beautiful old place. fine service. the bishop a very ugly man note to the Genl

Monday 8. Walk round the City walls, fine views and old towers, the River Dee very pretty fine bridge 200 ftnSpan. to Cathedral twice and all over it fine Cloisters, Ladie Chapel being restored – tomb of a German Emperor – old Crypt – beautiful refectory, and curious old pulpit for Monk to say grace from. Norman and Early English, Good singing curious old carvings, the Cathedral in bad repair, the stone being a perishable nature dull day but fine. Called at James Masons Solicitor brother to my friend at Ulladulla – but he was in Liverpool.

Tuesday 9 To Cathedral left at 12.10 for Warrington then to St Helens. and then walk to Ravenhead about 4 pm – bad cold. Went after dinner into the “Hall" being the place where the glass is melted this

[Page 117]
Hall, the size of the transcept of the Crystal Palace built of brick – has rows of furnaces down the centre, and at the sides ovens, where the glass is annealed – a most wonderful place- Mrs Frickam sent up a gruel etc. As I had a very bad cold – dull foggy day

Wednesday 10. Dull day. bad cold, went all over the works. the glass is melted in large pots it is taken from the furnace and poured upon a large cast iron table, an iron roller passes over it flattening it out the glass is then shoved into an oven, which is level with the table and then left to anneal, the glass is then ground by being placed on large horizontal wheels which revolve under rubbers, it is also polished by hand, at least 100 women were at work in a room at it. altogether a very interesting sight

Thursday 4 Leave St Helens at 7.15 and arrive at Birmingham at 20 to 3 being 45 after time. Visit Elkingtons Electroplate works, splendid purchased an inkstand, leave at 4.15 arrive at Cheltenham

[Page 118]

about 6.15 find all well. cold dull day. Suffering from Cold – found a letter from the Genl waiting

Friday 12. Fine morning walk out with Milly towards Leckhampyon Hills, beautiful view of Cheltenham. M got a drink from an old woman from a beautiful clear stream.

Sat 13. Cold frosty morning. walk out with Milly look at Old church. then to gardens containing some fine birds, eagles, parrots –fowls etc – near theRL Way Stn. Cold better

Sunday 14 To Ch in morning. wrote to Gother Mary Ed Alice & Charlotte. cold windy day, took a short walk with Milly – very unwell all afternoon

Monday 15. Ill all day did not go out –

Tuesday 16 Ill. took a short walk with Milly in morning and an emetic in the afternoon, which made me very sick. cold windy day.

Wednesday 17. Fine day. walked with Mill to promenade

Thursday 18 Fine day. posted letter to Genl. Call on Col Young. not in. Cap Gordon called, knew Bob in Mauritius

[Page 119]

November /58

Friday 19. Walk out with M. shopping – call on Mr Young, not in Capt. Gordon RE. on my return found Col. & Mrs Young. cold foggy day

Saty.. 20 Wrote to Secy Geographical Society – walk with M. shopping. start to call on Mrs Frobisher but found she had left for London – cold foggy day

Sunday 21 To Ch. with M in morning, took a short walk

Monday 22. Left Cheltenham by the 12.15 train arrive at Stonehouse at 1pm and at Stanley Hall about 2 pm Kind reception from my cousin Mrs Lloyd & Mr L and their two nice daughters. they delighted with the baby – walked on the common with the Revd Mr L. cold windy day

Tuesday 23. Walk with them all to King Stanley Church then with the two girls and self to Leonard Stanley. call upon the Revd Mr Jones, borrow the keys of the Ch, and go over it, a curious old Norman building, very interesting, cold day. Mr & Mrs Masling dined with us.

Wednesday 24. Wet day did not go out bad cold

Thursday 25. ditto ditto

[Page 120]

Friday 26 Drove Milly and the two Miss Lloyds to Niusphville? called upon the Revd Mr Haywood who was ill, and whose son dined with us a day or two ago. beautiful scenery of the Valley of Gloucester & the Severn – fine day

Saty – 26 With Mrs Lloyd and Milly to Barton End House, formerly the property of my uncle Adml Young. now the residence of the Miss Bathursts Cut my name and Millys on a tree, saw Gother William and Mary Assis name cut on the same tree, call on a Mrs [indecipherable] a niece of Mrs Lloyds and on Mrs Masling but too late to go in, a beautiful drive, and much pleased –

Sunday 27. To Church at King Stanley with Milly and the Lloyds – walk home with M. then to Stonehouse to enquire about the trains and order a cab, also got some portraits from my portmanteau walked home with the Lloyds, rain in afternoon.

Monday 28 Leave the Lloyds at 9.15 for Stonehouse start by the 10 o’clock train, arrive in London 2.25 and at Charlton about 4.30 found all well at the Thorolds

[Page 121]
November 58 & December

Tuesday. To Woolwich to see my sisters, dined with them

Wednesday 30 1 To London to enquire about ship for Australia, met Sir C Nicholson at the office face Church St.

Thursday 31 2 To London to look after ships call at Green and Wjram & Coos bought some books from Pettits Ludgate Hill. Found my sister Sarah at Charlton on my return, walked part of the way home with her. rainy

Friday 3. To London. to Bank. London & Westminster £:100. To Salamans, then to ship agents went to the E.I. Docks with an outfitter, to look at the Lincolnshire, fine ship home by steamer to Charlton pier, fine day.

Saty 4 To London with Milly & Edie to look at the ship. to Burnards tailors, rain

Sunday 5. at home in the morning – went with Milly & Edie to the Temple Church. a most beautiful place

[Page 122]

Monday 6. Dense fog. went to Woolwich to see my sisters

Tuesday 7. Dense fog. packing books and putting clamps on boxes-

Wednesday 8. To London with Milly nearly all day at Marshall & [indecipherable] - shipping

Thursday 9 Packing and arranging things. To Woolwich with Milly and child to see my sisters, cold day. Nurse in London

Friday 10. Packing. To Woolwich Concert. with Milly, met Mrs R. Parsons & Louisa, Dinner party in evening Col & Mrs Crofton. Mr & Mrs Chambre – G Parsons –

Sat. 11. To London purchasing things for Cabin. To Salamon & Burnards to try on clothes –

Sunday 12. At home in morning – The Parson’s and Young James Called – Walked to Blackheath Ch. with Milly in afternoon.

Monday 13th. Packing up. To Woolwich in afternoon.

Tuesday 14th . To Docks and “Lincolnshire" by the steamer – not commenced the cabins – then to Lincolns In – Lawyer out. called on Hovey

[Page 123]
December 1858

at the Bedford – out – purchased a theodolite – stereoscope slides etc –

Wednesday 15. To Woolwich packing up and hanging picture for Charlotte – walked home Mrs Gardner and Mrs Buckner called –

Thursday 16. Writing to Bob, With Thorold to call on the Parsons’ at Hyde Vale – out then to Dacre House to call on His brother saw Mrs Thorold – and a beautiful model of a steam engine made by her son – walk home Milly & Edie in London – dull day

Friday 17. Packing up all day. S & H called –

Sat. 18. To London with Milly nurse & Baby – to have likenesss taken – fine morning, came on to rain & rained all day. called on the Lawyers. Mr Hathaway 38 Lincolns Inn fields so home –

Sunday 19 To Blackheath Ch. (Mr Augustine’s) fine day – in afternoon with Alice and Maude to Dundas terrace. saw Charlotte

Monday 20. To Blackwall, went on board

[Page 124]

the Lincolnshire gave directions about the Cabins saw the Prince of Wales leaving the Docks for Melbourne – then to leaws Aldergate St to get [indecipherable] thence to Mr Hathaway. Lincolns Inn fields. long talk with him. bought some conjuring tricks – met Mr J. Watson – and home by the 5 o’clock train – fine day –

Tuesday 21 Packing up. in afternoon to Woolwich, to get the pictures, figure etc. saw the Duke of Cambridge on parade – damp unpleasant day.

Wednesday 22. Packing up all day. Milly & Edith in London

Thursday 23d. To Blackwall, on board ship – Called on R. Parsons, left parcel for Col. James. Bank. then to Agents & paid my passage money.

Friday 24. To London. hair cut. Lawyers purchased a theodolite, & perambulator – late home to dinner, fine day. Milly called on Mrs Gardener

Saturday 25. X Mas day. Church with Milly

[Page 125]

in Morning – rainy afternoon.

Sunday 26. Rain in morning, walked to Woolwich in afternoon to see my sisters.

Monday 27. Packing up all day.

Tuesday 28. Sent off luggage by van to E.I. docks. went up by steamer, and saw it on board. then to London, to outfitters and home by the 5 o’clock train. fine day. S and H called – wrote to Mason, and Mr Mitchell recvd a note from Col James.

Wednesday 29. To ship and nearly all day stowing my luggage, then to hatters to change my hat and so home by 5.30 train. fine day –

Thursday 30. In afternoon walked with Milly to call upon Mrs Bill. Blackheath Park. saw her. her Daughter ill in bed. home by the train. rain, unpleasant day. Milly bad cold.

Friday 31. To London. to Bidford Hotel, saw Hely with him to the Adelphi Theatre, Pantomome, John Gilpin very good, home by 12.30 train. To Mr Hathaways lawyer 38 Lincolns Inn fields

[Page 126]
January 1859

Sat 1 To London all day

Sunday 2. To Ch sacrament in morning at Charlton with Milly – in afternoon in cab with baby – to see my sisters, then to Shooters Hill to see the Elliots, home 5pm.

Monday 3. To London pay Hemmings outfitters bill, to Claphams Strand, to Tilbury about Lord A’ box – key would not fit, home by 4pm train, Recvd a present from Thorold and Alice of a silver mustard pot & butter knife – Letter from Ld A the Genl & Mr Lloyd –

Tuesday 4. Leave Charlton by 10 train arrive in train for 11.30 Gt Western arrive at Clifton about 5 pm. MrsLloyd and mary came in the evening and remained for tea, walked home with them to her sisters Mrs [indecipherable]
Wednesday 5. Leave Bristol by the 1 o’clock Express arrive at Plymouth about 5 pm put up at the Globe. find many fellow passengers there and the the Lincolnshire had arrived about 1 pm same day.

[Page 127]
Thursday 6. Embark about 12 a lovely calm day, wind about E. weigh anchor 3.30 and sail out beautifully with a light breeze.

Friday 7. Fair wind all sick but the child.

Sat 8. ditto ditto

Sund 9. ditto ditto

Monday 10 ditto ditto overtook & signaled the Evangeline 5 dys from Liverpool to Calcutta –

Tues 11. Slight wind fair, sick all

Wed 12. ditto overtook and passed a barque in evening

Thursday 13. Fine day, fair wind M not well Capt lent me a cot – she slept better

Friday 14

Sat. 15. Blowing hard all night M not well no rest

Sunday 16. Blowing fresh. fair, Ship rolling – Revd Mr Perks read prayers

Monday 17 do do - except the prayers

Tuesday 18. Light winds, very hot

Wed. 19 do do

Thursd 20 do do

[Page 128]

Friday 21. Light. calm, caught a Shark, a small one. One of the passengers in his hurry to see it forgot to put on his trousers, and hurried out in his shirt – fine day. very hot Milly not well by any means

Sat. 22. My dear sweet little girls first birthday may she have dozens of them, Milly not well fine hot day

Sunday 23. Revd Mr Perks preached on the poop this morning. Passed a barque South trade wind – hot

Monday 24. Crossed the line last night Neptune came in board in a can – this whole affair well got up – several shaved fine breeze – Milly not well – baby with prickly heat

Tuesday 25. Fine breeze from S. overtook and signaled a barque – “Island Home" 50 odd days from London. bound to Algoa Bay – Sent cradle to the hold, as it was full of bags – 7 pm overtook & spoke the General Wiudham

[Page 129]
ship 44 days from London to Sydney

Wednesday 26 Fine day. Milly not well fine breeze. SE trades. In evening a grand vocal and instrumental concert.

Thursdy 27 About 3 pm, my dear wife prematurely confined of twin boys – both still born. She going on favorably – Main Rl Yd broke in evening fine fresh 10 knot breeze all day

Friday 28. Milly going on well as can be expected

Saty Milly as expected. This evening the sailors having worked out their months advance “the dead horse" dressed up a figure of a horse, all the crew dragged it round the deck, hoisted it to the yd-arm, and then threw it overboard a most absurd and amusing affair

Sun. 30 Mr Perks read prayers & Mr Krause a German Missionary preached. light winds nearly calm & very hot.

Monday 31. Brig on Port qr. Milly by no means well and very feverish. a child

[Page 130]
Feby 1859

was obtained to draw off the milk – but it would not act – very hot – the Baby -------------- MrPerks read passages from Hugh Miller in evening fine day

Tuesday 1 Feby Milly going on very well. fine day, light winds – Sail in sight to windward, homeward bound

Wednesday 2 Rainy squally and a very unpleasant day. finer in evening Milly better

Thursday 3. Fine day, had a bath for first time Slept from 10 to nearly 3 pm – wind light but fair – Milly partly dressed for the first time She is getting on well

Friday 4 Strong Wind from S.W. Ship on Starboard tack for first time, blowing hard and good sea on all day Milly gradually improving – altered her bed to one half the size this day.

Sat 5 - Fine day wind not fair. Ship a head – Milly improving, large ship to Windward

Thursday 6 Fine morning – calm heavy

[Page 131]
swell. Ship ahead last night proved an American, now abreast of us – Revd Mr Perks read prayers & preached in the morning – Caught two sharks – after some sport – one 10 ½ ft Long

Monday 7. Last night about 10.30 a very heavy squall struck the ship split fore sail, royal, jib etc, ship after some time under reefed topsails blowing fresh - with heavy swell contrary wind – American ahead soon got to windward of him – at dinner time a large ship reported without topmasts and the Yankee alongside of him. Milly better. had some boiled mutton for dinner this day and currant tart. heavy swell –

Tuesday 8. Head wind, heavy swell –

Wednesday 9. Not so much sea – wind lighter and more favourable

Thursday 9. Fair wind but very light. Milly out

[Page 132]
into the Cuddy for the first time.

Friday 10th. Milly on deck this day, fine, light wind. Tristan de Achuna seen early this morning, it appeared like a sugarloaf of white clouds, about evening abreast about 30 miles, top visible above the clouds, land very high 8500 ft.

Sat. 11. Fine breeze, Milly headache. Mr Francis read a portion of “As you like it" in the evening.

Sunday 12. Fresh breeze fair, Prayers in Saloon by Mr Perks, Mr M’ Farlan a young missionary preached. Cold wind in evening Mr Francis finished as you like it.

Monday 13 Cold fresh breeze – fair heavy swell going 9 knots – Milly walked round the Saloon cabin
Tuesday 14. Cold fresh breeze. swell. Milly on deck for a short time. Mr Baker a missionary gave a lecture upon “Jerusalem and the surrounding Scenery" having been prevented from doing so the previous evening on account of the weather. It however turned out to be a sermon.

Wednesday 15. Heavy swell all night wind light and changeable ship rolled about considerably

[Page 133]

Wednesday 15 – Feby 1858

warmer this day, and calm – swell occasionally Milly on deck.

Thursday 16. Much the same as yesterday

Friday 17. Much the same as Thursday

Saty 19. Much the same as Friday very cold Milly on deck for a short time only – Baby had a warm bath this evening, or rather the water had the chill off, as the sea water is too cold for her, she cut her fifth tooth a day or two ago – Mr Smith read the 4th No of the “Lincolnshire Luminary" after dinner, a very good number – Passengers playing at Quoits on poop.

Sund 20th. Cold day. Mr Perks preached in Cabin – Sun shone for a few hours. Milly on deck Morning & Evening thick foggy damp & uncomfortable.

Monday 21st. Wind changed to NW last night. blowing very fresh and heavy sea, dead lights in, ship rolling much,

[Page 134]
For commencement see page 129 [Page 138 of image]
Log of the Lincolnshire from Jany 23d

[Refer to image for display of details of log entries]

[Page 135]
[Refer to image for display of details of log entries]

[Page 136]
Tuesday 22d.. Last night gale having increased with a tremendous sea. Just as I was going to sleep a wave burst in the deadlights of the starboard stern cabin flooding the whole place, it burst a panel through into the adjoining cabin, and then into my two cabins, I was sleeping on the floor and of course was soon flooded out. jumped up and commenced baling as quickly as possible, Major and Mrs Wentworth who occupied the stern cabin were thoroughly drenched and much damage done, Carpenter and Captain stopping the ports, Crew baling out. Soon got all snug again, and just going off to sleep when the vessel shipped another tremendous sea which covered the main deck it burst open the cuddy door and flooded the saloon. I jumped up again thinking my cabins might come in for some, but they were all clear. Stopped and helped bail the saloon. got to bed by 4.30 am – A sea struck the side of our cabin and water

[Page 137]
forced itself through the nurses cabin window she jumped up in a fright and knocked me up got up and bailed about a bucket of water. turned in again about 6.30, [indecipherable] cold wet and tired – Sea going down, also the wind passengers drying what clothes they are able, as the sun occasionally appeared, but occasional showers also. The passengers below suffered severely from the water last night, it pouring throught the deck, like rain, many have their bedding and clothes completely saturated.

Still a long heavy sea in evening, and ship rolling occasionally very much – weather cold and unpleasant

Wednesday 23. Good sea on ship going before the wind 13 knots, rolling occasionally. passengers busy drying their clothes.

Thursday 24 Cold day threatening rain but very little of it – good wind fine fair breeze. drying clothes very uncomfortable unpleasant weather

[Page 138]

[Refer to image for details of log entries – continued on diary page 125 [Page 134 of image]]

[Page 139]
Feby 1859 & March 1

Friday 25 Dull day light wind fair – cold – Milly walked on deck for some time. “French & English" passengers pulling against each other, skipping etc .

Saty 26. Cold raw day. wind North Easterly fresh, ship close hauled – Scotch misty, unpleasant day. Newspaper read, very good, Milly on deck for a short time

Sunday 27. Much such a day as yesterday trying to dry clothes. Mr Perks preached in the saloon, but I could not attend as I had to nurse the baby. Milly on deck for some time

Monday 28 Cold unpleasant day, M not on deck. Wind increasing, Reefing topsails in evening – blowing fresh –

Tuesday 29. March 1. Blew fresh last night, heavy head sea ship pitched heavily during the night, shipped heavy sea fair wind in morning, on starboard quarter. going 13½ knots. deadlights in. fine breeze all day. Cold SW Wind, Milly on deck for a short time.

[Page 140]
March 59

Wednesday 2d March Calm during the latter part of night, wind round to North this morning close hauled fine day ladies on deck.
Messrs Francis & Pritchard recited Brutus & Cassius etc - & Mr Gibbs, an excentric character read the “Jack Daw of Rheims" to our great amusement. Mr Baker exhibited his magic lantern in evening.

Thursday 3d Lat 46° .. 18 Long 88° .. 53 dist 308. Blew fresh all night and day. fine in the morning but came on thick with rain in afternoon. Milly on deck for a time. Carpenter shut the dead lights this evening – threatening weather. Vessel going 10 to 12 knots all day – close hauled.

Friday 4 Lat 46° .. 34’ Long 94° . 30’. Dist 271 Blew hard all knight with heavy rains, ship rolling and pitching considerably could get little or no sleep. Calm this morning and all day with rain, ship making no progress. Passengers catching Mollymawks. whales in sight Milly complaining – deadlights out – writing English letters.

[Page 141]
March 1859

Saturday 5th.. Calm the whole of last night and the greater part of the day. in afternoon a breeze from South East. and heavy swell from West, not making much progress. The Lincolnshire Newspaper read this day a very good number.

Sunday 6th. Light wind contrary, Mr Perk preached this morning in saloon – Put ship about at Long 98° 18

Monday 7. Calm during the night and day Capt lowered a boat and shot a few birds a slight breeze sprang up which enabled us to keep our course for a short time, but soon fell light again. Mr Francis commenced to read the “Senipect" but no listeners, too much occupied looking at the boat & playing quoits. Dist 113. Lat 45°.. 5’ – Long 109° - 9.

Tuesday 8th.. Calm all night and day. Capt lowered a boat and shot two splendid Albatrosses, afterwards some of the passengers started off in the boat, a breeze sprang up and they only reached the ship after good pulling – great fun in getting on board. breeze in evening – going 8 knots Dist 101 miles

[Page 142]
Wednesday 9th. Slight breeze this day – ship going about 7 knots – fell light in evening. drizzly & unpleasant on deck the greater part of the day. Cloudy. Dist 185 miles

Thursday 10th. Lat 44°..50’ Long 108° 48’ Dist 145 miles Calm all night and day. sun very hot. dense black clouds in the evening, threatening rain and wind.

Friday 11. Lat. 44° 44’ Long 109° 48’ E Dist 50 miles Calm all day long. sun hot at times.

Saty..12. Calm all night and day. a slight breeze sprang up in afternoon but contrary, just as bad, prepared a bottle to sink in the water. Lat 44° 43’. Long 110°: 19’ Dist 20 miles.

Sund. 13. Mr Perks preached in the saloon this morning Slight wind but contrary – put ship about at 7.30

Mond. 14th. Lat 46°..5’ Long 113° 49’ Dist 183 – Slight breeze but contrary – ship coming up a little towards evening. Last No of the “Luminary" read this day by Mr Francis.

Tuesday 15. Fresh breeze ship heading better – Very cold wind 211 miles distn Sweepstakes for ship arrival 10/6 tickets took two

[Page 143]
Wednesday 16. Cold wind, nasty unpleasant day misty wet. child rather cross. Ship going her course in afternoon.

Thursday 17. Cow killed this morning & thrown overboard she was a sulky useless beast and never could be made to stand up. Fresh breeze all night and day. Keeping an Easterly course, fine, rain in evening. Dist 259

Friday 18 Blowing fresh all night & day, took in Royals. Mizen tol gallant sl. flying jib staysls etc at 10.30. split flying jib 5am. blowing hard and fresh all day with squalls, rain, cold and disagreeable, ships head about E by N should be about N by E. 219 miles.

Sat. 19. Reef topsails last night to stop ships way light wind, fair towards evening, Jacking up – dull unpleasant day – misty

Sund 20. Blowing fresh unpleasant day, reef all sails, took in top gallant sls – at night wind fair, blowing very hard No prayers in morning. Mr Perks read prayers & preached in evening

[Page 144]
Monday 21. Blew hard all night ship keeping her course, lessened towards morning set all sail, light during the day, wind very unsteady very fine day. In the evening raffle for a model of the ship Lincolnshire, made by the ships carpenter – took three tickets, prize won by a Mr Brown. one of the passengers who gave it to the baby. passengers “fishing" for birds etc.

Tuesday 22. Good wind all night & day ship going about 8 knots – wind drew aft in evening, dark cloudy looks dirty – expect to see the land in morning.

Wednesday 23. Pass a ship this morning and soon leave her out of sight. see land, Cape Otway light wind – 6.30 wind ahead, go about at 8pm. fresh breeze. Jacking up. got my hand jammed in the ropes a little just tumbled down the hatch way, not hurt.

Thursday 24. Blew very fresh last night & heavy swell. In morning nearly calm. Pilot came on board at 7am

[Page 145]
March 1859

the Captain thus winning the £10 lottery prize. wind light & contrary. several ships outward bound. entered the heads about 3 pm. no wind, came to an anchor – beautiful day – hot, heard to our satisfaction that we had beaten the Lightening, crack Liverpool ship, and also all the others which had sailed from England about the same time as us – 77 days to an hour from Plymouth.

Friday 25. Steam tug came last night but too late to take us up. blew very hard from Southward – got underweigh at daylight and came up with the tug – anchored in Hobsons bay about 10, packing up – on shore with the Wentworths and put up at Menzies Hotel.

Sat. 26 To ship to look after my luggage. took my place on board City of Sydney steamship for Sydney. Hot fine day.

Sunday 27 Last night to theatre Royal, saw Hudson perform – taken ill with a sort of cholera and was up nearly the whole night better in morning – Milly to Ch with the Wentworths, asked to dine with a Mr Pincook

[Page 146]
but too unwell to go, and the nurse being also ill Milly could not go; took a short stroll in evening with Mr De Datye one of our fellow passengers

Monday 28. In morning little better to the ship to look after luggage – got all packed up, and taken in ships boat to the “City of Sydney" [indecipherable] Major Wentworth also very busy – sent some things on shore with Mr Smith, a fellow passenger for sale – Met Mrs Wentworth Milly etc at the Rl Way station 1.15 pm. start for Sydney at 2 pm precisely steamed down the Bay, pass the heads about 6 pm ship rolling occasionally through the night.

Tuesday 29. Fine day fair wind out of sight of land.

Wednesday 30. Fine day but head wind close in to the shore – scenery very beautiful.

Thursday 31. Still close to shore – off Kiama when I came on deck – steam along slowly and enter the heads about 1 pm very fine

[Page 147]
March & April 1859

day, land at the wharf about 3.30 – get baggage off, send Milly to the Royal Hotel – put luggage in Prescotts Store, To the Royal. found Milly had gone to Craig End. had a wash. then to my brothers office saw him for a few minutes, then out to Craig End, glad to find them all well.

Friday April 1st To store to get baggage up then to Willoughby with Gother. Mary called & Mrs Boulton. Alice and Blanche accompanied us. some offices of the Cordelia & Herald in in evening, dance, and heartily tired of it. my beautiful little girl much admired & much bitten by mosquitoes.

Saty 2d = Walk to steam ferry with the two Alices having been rowed across by Minnie & Blanche, hot day. putting perambulator together in afternoon, not a very good one. went out for a short walk in evening with Milly, Alice, Nurse & Child

[Page 148]

Sunday 3. Very hot. All to Ch but myself, I had a very bad cold, had to stay at home all day. Milly – A & B to Mrs Boultons in afternoon, back very late.

Monday 4 Call on Governor. to Bowders to Dunsmeres then walk to look at the cottages Surry Hills. Mrs Boulton called.

Tuesday 5. Start off as early as possible 11am and send Mill. Alice & Alice baby etc. across to Willoughby by T Mulhall – call on Barney – then go across with Gother after dinner to Cockatoo, saw the docks – they and machinery very fine – talking over all sorts of affairs in evening.

Wednesday – 6 Could not get off till nearly 3 pm. All went to Craig End but myself. went to Trescotts Store and got my luggage. stored it in Gothic offices. walked home very tired and hot.

Thursday 7. To town, got deeds (17) from Survey office saw Dunsmere, Bowden, Christy, Barney, Halloran

[Page 149]
Apl. 1859.

went with Major Wentworth to Survey office called on Sir C. Nicholson. then out to Lindsay. Mrs Boultons where they were all spending the day. Dr Foucast called in evening.

Friday 8th. Writing letters. Call on the Pinnocks & Judge Dickenson, met Miss Throsby at Church door when Mill & Alice went to sing.

Saturday 9th To Sydney calling on various individuals

Sunday 10th To St Marks Ch. with Milly and Alice, afterwards to the Boultons, dined there home in the evening

Monday To Sydney on business.

Tuesday 11. To Sydney – joined the club – saw Dunsmere, Raymond etc.

Wednesday 13 To Sydney. call on Mr Robertson Minister of Lands & Works – on Major Wentworth walked out with Mr Boulton to Craig End. Came in again met Mr Hely and Miss Rogers to Club wrote to baby, etc – XXXXXXX

Saty 16 To fishing party with Mr & Mrs Boulton and Miss Chicly Isaccs. caught a few Bream

[Page 150]
Sunday. 17 To Mr Curtons Ch in morning, and in evening to hear Mr Burney a Congregationalist preacher preach – fine sermon.
Monday 18. To Sydney on business, saw Edward. Went to the Boultons, staying there.

Tuesday 19. Purchased a mare branded HD at Martyns’.

Wednesday 20. Start for Raymond Terrace en route for New England per Steamer Patterson at 11 pm. good passage but blowing hard and heavy sea on.

Thursday 21. at Newcastle at daylight, and at Raymond Terrace at 10am, the tide being low, and much difficulty on crossing the flats – start at 11am and ride to Stroud 36 miles, a dull uninteresting ride, Stroud a pretty place belonging to the AA Coy

Friday 22. Drizzling rain, ride to Gloucester a beautiful spot consisting of an accommodation house and an inn, only. 1 mile apart. remarkable rocky ridge, called the “Buckets"

[Page 151]
Apl 1859
Sat. 23d. From Gloucester to a place, or rather hut called “Gieroo" 32 miles, the ride fatiguing having to cross rivers 26 times, the roads being very steep and hilly – scenery very pretty –
Sundy 24d. From “Gieroo" to Newendock a cattle station of the Coy’s. 17 mils, ascend the main range about half way, a tremendous pull, two miles long.
Monday 25d. To a station kept by a man of the name of Murphy, a comfortable place – 15 Miles.
Tuesday 26th. To Walcha – 30 miles – a wretched township. put up at a wretched inn.
Wednesday 27. Rain, to Mr Bell’s “Bergom of Loom" station lunch. then back, and on to Brauga Park. Girrards, 19 miles total rain all the way.
Thursday 27. Ride out on the run
Friday 28. Do – and see Mr Woods surveying

[Page 152]
May 1
Sat 30. Knocking about the place.
Sun 1 May. Ride out with Gerard and two daughters. and Mr Wood to “Cobra bald" Hill a clear hill about 6 miles, fine view from top.
Monday. Start with young Girard for Murphys, he showing me a short cut through the bush – met a Mr Snape then Mr Bell arrived in evening.
Tuesday 3d. To Gieroo with Mr Bell & Mr S. lunch at Newendock. where a Mr Wilson, squatter joined us. arrive at Gieroo late – met then a Mr Cropper on his way up – house full.
Wednesday 4. To Gloucester – and put up at the accommodation house, very comfortable quarters.
Thursday 5. Arrive at Stroud put up at Dee’s Inn.
Friday 6. Leave our horses and Mr Snape and Come on with Mr Bell per mail cart to Raymond Terrace. meet the steamer

[Page 153]
at 3 pm start for Sydney – “the Collaroy" stuck on the flats for two or three hours, leave Newcastle about 10pm.
Saty 7th. Steamer arrived at the wharf 3 am this morning – land about 7. go to Rl Hotel. breakfast. warm bath out to Craig End, find all well, get an English letter from Alice & Lord A – walk to the Cottages with Milly & Blanche Baby etc in evening – fine day.
Sunday 8th. To ch. with Milly. in afternoon to Mrs Boultons. Walk with Mr B and Mr Bell to Gifoyles garden. Tea at Mrs B walk home
Monday 9. To Dunsmeres then to Mrs B came home in a buss with Milly and Blanche. Mrs Pinnock at tea.
Tuesday 10 To Sydney. Morts auction rooms. To Bowdens etc – Call on Sir C Nicholson – Major & Mrs Wentworth. Rain all day
Wednesday 11. To Sydney on business.
Thursday 12. To Sydney. call on Bingham & Garlands

[Page 154]
agents. to N. Shore to look for House for Lady M Son drew Edward Gother Mary etc. came out with the Boultons in cab – write to Lord A sent Bill of Exchange
Friday 13. Writing English letters – on board the Camperdown. with the Boultins – to pantomime
Sat. 14. Walk with Milly to the Boultons to breakfast. help then to pack. wrote to Bob and City Council – to town saw Ed. walk home again.
Sund 15th. To Church (Mr Croxton’s) in afternoon to Lindsay Darling Point – Mr & Mrs Boultons walk home.
Monday 16th. To Bank £15 pay City Rates on board Camperdown with Milly in evening.
Tuesday 17th. To Sydney, saw Edward then call at Mrs Drews boarding Ho Ch Hill to see Mr Fenwick, met him at Morts Auction rooms. spoke to him about station. out shopping with Milly in evening

[Page 155]
May 1859
Wednesday 18. With Milly, Alice & Blanche on board the Camperdown took leave of the Boultons. To the Cottages in evening with Milly.

Thursday 19. to Sat 21. On business in Sydney late in day with a Mr Mc Intosh to look at cottages very windy day.

Sunday 22 Millys birthday. to ch in morning. To Henry Morts in evening stayed to ten

Monday 23 fine day – to Mr Mc Thusons, Mr Ellyards Mr Boradins etc on business Milly& Alice called on Mrs Whitton

Tuesday 24. Queens birth day to Levee at 2pm out with H. Mort. call for Milly & child. with the Morts to tea with the Tooths.

Wednesday 25. To Sydney on business.

Thursday 26. To Sydney on business – and in evening to party at Mr Munays.

Friday 27. Return to the Morts

Saty 28. To Sydney on business. call on Messrs Oglivie, Smith and J Sainte.

[Page 156]
June. 1

Sunday 29 Too unwell to go to Ch. Milly went in afternoon walk with Milly to the Capers and Craig end Terrace, then back to Morts

Monday 30. To Sydney. Mr Elyards, Council Chambers, Allen Littiognok, Bowdens, Garland & Bingham, call on Mr Atkinsons, so home.

Tuesday 31. To Sydney call on Kirchuer about pasture for station, to Gothers Heard Drew was very ill, he had broken a blood vessel on the Queens Birthday – to N Shore to Gothers. Bank £10. Blowing hard

Wednesday 1 June. To Sydney with Mary and Alice put them into the Morts Carriage, then across to Drews found him better, dined there, back to Craig End. beautiful day

Thursday 2 June. To Sydney on business call at Morts

Friday 3 ditto

Sat 4th. All day arranging maps – rainy Milly in bed all day with a cold.

Sunday 5. Rainy cold day. did not go to Ch in doors all day

Monday 6. To the cottages Surry Hills, then

[Page 157]
June 6th

to the Wentworths to enquire how Mrs W was to Miss Oye’s boarding ho – saw Bolton – then to Gothers saw Mary & Alice, then to Moores Auction Bazaar – to look after my luggage – so home, looked over a box of maps etc – Milly Mrs [indecipherable] & Alice to call on MrsMorts, Mrs Rolleton Mrs Buchannan etc – fine day - bought a box of toys for baby

Tuesday 7 To Sydney with Gardiner to Nomination Election on race course. To Wm Atkinsons - to Waugh bookseller – To Race course again – so home – In evening to take Alice & Blache to the Hodgsons – rain during the day.

Wednesday 8. To Sydney to Mr Atkinson, Dunsmere – saw Gother wrote to Mr Eliot & Dr Bell – dull day

Thursday 9. To Sydney on business.

Friday 10. To Bachelors ball in evening, at Rl Exchange very good affair.

Sat. 11. To Sydney on business

Sunday 12. To St Johns Ch in morning, ditto in the

[Page 158]
June 1859

evening. The service performed by the Bishop of Melbourne & Sydney.

Monday 13. Start in evening 11 pm per “William" for Raymond Terrace.

Tuesday 14. Arrive at Newcastle at daylight after a fine passage – and Raymond Terrace about 8.30 – after some little delay procure a seat in the mail to Stroud, arrive about 7.30 dist 36 miles. fine day.

Wednesday 15. Start from Dee’s Hotel about 9 am. having had my horse shod – overtake Mr Buchannan. Gold Commissioner about a mile out of Stroud, and ride with him to Gloucester- he being on his way to New England arrive about 5 pm. find the accommodation house full could get no room, at Lavers!. rode on a mile further to Browns inn where we were well provided for. fine day dist. 31 miles. Gloucester consists of two houses besides the accommodation house and hotel. beautifully situated remarkable range of

[Page 159]
rocky hills bounds one side of the valley called the buckets. Stroud is a very pretty village, where the AA Company had their stores etc.

Thursday 16 Start about 9 for Queeroo a beautiful ride but fatigueing one- the road for about 20 miles being very steep and hilly, to route is up a valley bounded on each side by high mountains. the spurs from which interlace each other three rivers flow through this valley – the Barrington the Manning and the Barnet. making altogether 26 crossings – arrive about 5.30 dist 31 ½ miles.

Friday – 17. Start about 8.30, bad road at seven miles arrive at the foot of the coast range – which took us a good hour to ascend the road being very steep. 18 miles brought us to an accommodation house formally a station of the company’s, remained there an hour, and had luncheon. start again

[Page 160]
June 1859

road better, arrive at Murphy’s about 5.30 – total dist about 33 miles – comfortable place

Saturday 18. Unpleasant day – start about 9. road better – at about 20 miles. Mr Buchannan left having to take another road. I went to Walcha and put up at Mrs Hamiltons inn, whose husband was shot a few weeks previously. Walcha a miserable township. Distance about 30 miles.

Sunday 19. Rain during the night – start in the morning for [indecipherable] Boltons and Bells station, a distance of three miles. took the wrong road – which gave me an extra two miles ride. remained at Bells all day, it raining hard.

Monday 20. Cold rainy day. start for Waiterbourne. passed Revd Morrisons station and Mr W. Nevisons – also Mark’s Emu Creek – got to Elliots about 4 am – found him very ill

[Page 161]
from Rheumatism

Tuesday 21 Ride out on the run with the overseer. like the look of the place.

Wednesday 22. Ride out and see some of the sheep

Thursday 23. Start about 3 pm for Tays’ station at - get there long after dark, distance 13 miles. The Tays. two brothers german, were at an election meeting at Walcha – and did not return till about 12, had a good supper on roast pig & plum pudding – Tays very nice fellows and a very comfortable place.

Friday 24 Night mare last night, start at 9.30 for Murphys ride over a beautiful country arrive about 5 pm. dist 32 miles

Sat. 25. Start late and ride to Nowendock a distance of 17 miles but take a wrong road which makes the trip longer – meet three days which I had passed at the foot of the mountain on my way up, they having only got about 10 miles.

[Page 162]
June 1859

Sunday. 26. From Newendoc to Gueenoo 18 ½ miles.

Monday 27. Wilst all men in bed last night a party of ladies arrived, being the Walcha doctor and some of his relatives, they were all heartily tired, having ridden all day – and had lost their way in the bush – a few minutes after their arrival the rain came down in torrents. From Gueeroo to Gloucester

Tuesday 28. From Glouscester to Langwortheys accommodation 10 miles from Stroud – as my horse was tired and there was no mail from Stroud to Raymond Terrace on the following day. comfortable quarters.

Wednesday 29. To Stroud.

Thursday 30. By mail cart to Raymond Terrace. put up at Hould Stocks Inn. where I heard that the body of the punt man had just been brought, he having been drowned the previous evening in a drunken bout, the

[Page 163]
July 1839

place in excitement on account of the elections and every one drunk.

Friday 1 – July 1859. Embark on board the Patterson Steamer for Sydney – reach Newcastle about 10 am, and Sydney at 5.30. a fine passage. smooth sea get to Craig End about 6. pm. find all well

Sat 2d To Sydney, call at Waughs, Mr Atkinson, Mr Knigs to enquire about Winterbottom runs. wrote to Dr Haghey Rofsi & Powell about runs and My lands.

Thursday 3 To St Johns Ch. good Sermon from the Bishop of Melbourne. walk to the Morts see J Mitchell & J Laidley Then call on W Laidley – in evening to Ch again. Mr Croxton preached rain.

Monday 4. To the houses at Surry hills – wrote to Rees Jones. Edward, & Phillips – call at Bowdens fine day

[Page 164]
Tuesday 5th. To Sydney. To Morts gave instructions about sale of land at Clyde & Ulladulla – got deeds of land from Bank. Went to the Band in Domain Milly, Jessie Alice Blanche baby etc. recd from Powell Berrima a letter referring to land at [indecipherable]
Wednesday 6th To Belissanos had a tooth touched up to Club balloted for members met Hely and Mrs H. May etc fine day Mr [indecipherable] rain in evening.

Thursday 7. To Sydney. Across to Neutral Bay in afternoon with Milly. saw Mrs H Hely Drew etc. Mrs Pinnock and little Cicy Russell in the evening. Alice to Ball at Mr Montifiores

Friday 8. To Sydney – Brewster & Rees Mr Atkinsons, talking of sheep farming etc. Mr Berqui officer of French Frigate Ghisler in evening – he gave Milly a box of shells.

Saturday 9. To Sydney. in evening with Mrs Pinnock Miss James Milly etc to Bonats Opera (Travotore)

Sunday 10. To hear Revd r Buney

[Page 165]
preach farewell sermon, very fine discourse in afternoon walk with M. to Darling Point – in evening to Ch. with Alice.

Monday 11. Call on Governor Miss Read Mrs Rogers, Sir C Nicholson etc – Dunsmere. Mary Alice & Minnie came home to go to a party at Kircheners with Alice & Blanch. M. recd a letter from Edith.

Tuesday 12 To Sydney got tickets for University etc. in evening took all including Minni and Alice Mann to Victoria Theatre. Much pleased with Miss Emma Stanly. Monopol[indecipherable]. Called on the Governor. Genl had an interview

Wednesday 13. Writing letters to England. To Sydney. met Milly. walked to Millers Point to call on Mrs Trout. not at home. walk back. M. very tired. Dr Alloway Called.

Thursday 14. To Raymonds to enquire about station to Club. Then across to N Shore with Gertrude Trendthome walk back in evening – Sadly M and our baby with bad cold.

[Page 166]
Friday 15. To Sydney – with Milly Alice & Blanch walk out and then to the Morts – saw T Mort at the “Green Oaks" – and then to H Mort had tea there. Blanche last night to party at the Bailys – Alice not well enough to go – Lady M not well. Milly called on the Husbands

Saty 16. To Sydney with Alice & Milly – to St James Ch saw wedding. F Stephens and a Miss Douglas. In afternoon walk to University and back again

Sundy 17. To St Johns Ch. Sermon by the bishop of Sydney. in afternoon to Balmain remain there during the evening to tea – walk home. fine Mitchells

Monday 18 To Sydney University, opening – then to St Pauls college to lunch – go over it – walk home with Revd W.B. Clarke – Mr Uln in evening. Jessie at the Wises’, Fanny Mann here. fine day.

Tuesday 19. To Manly beach by the 10 o’clock steamer, to the sea beach. lunch at the Fairy bower. walk back. Fanny, Alice & Blanche

[Page 167]
July 1859 19th

to the maze – home by the 3.30 boat – fine day – baby enjoyed herself considerably

Wednesday 20. To University for oratoria Oration commenced at 1 pm. & very fine music – lasted till 4 pm – took Miss Husband with us – rain all day heavily – Fanny Mann still with us.

Thursday 21. Rain all night and day, blowing hard from South. bought ½ ton of wood ½ ton of coals To wet to go to University concert.

Friday 22. Fine day, rain cleared off. To Sydney Saw Gother Harvy, Major Wentworth. Called at the Royal on Mr Townsend. wrote to Ed - baby 18 months old today.

Sat. 23. To Sydney. Saw Gother & Drew – walk out – to tell Milly I intended going to the NS – walk in and round to Greenwich

Sunday 24. At Greenwich saw Mrs Cupley.

Monday 25. Back to Sydney with Gother Saw Dunsmere. Stenhouse & Hardy & Bowden about allots at Darling point. cold windy day. back to

[Page 168]
Craig End.

Tuesday 26 To Sydney with M and Alice M to Hamiltons Phrenologist. met Drew Lawless. Russell. in afternoon with M call on the Morts and W. Laidley. cold unpleasant day. Mr & Mrs Prost called

Wednesday 27. M. Berger officer of Thibe, here last evening till late gave Milly a cloth made by the New Caledonians from the bark of a tree. To Sydney in evening to the Allens.

Thursday 28 In morning to Sydney. Mrs H Mort Mary Minnie, Mrs Allen & the Miss James called – the latter gave an invitation for Thursday. Walked with M and called on the Wentworths – beautiful day.

Friday 29. Stopped at home to mind the baby whilst all went to Ch to see Blanch confirmed. Mary & Minnie dined here. called at St Kilda house. Lawlesses not at home. walk in the Domain met the Governor. Lady Denison called sent her card

[Page 169]
July 30th 1859

Saty 30. To Mr Lawless’s walk with him to Martyns home boy on own. to G’s Offices, tp Club wrote a letter to Dee about the mare at Stroud shower of rain in afternoon. Milly & Lady M called on Mrs Bayley

Sunday 31 To Ch. received the sacrament again in evening

Monday August 1. To Neutral Bay Drewes – W Dauncy 77th . arrived from Calcutta

Tuesday 2 d. At Neutral Bay – talking to Mr Dutton – cross over with them all to the “Slaughter house “ into Sydney with Drew & so home

Wednesday 3d. To Cottages paid Mrs Seabrook £1 for minding cottages. to Sydney paid 30/- per share on Gold mine shares – to Bank met Milly Jessie etc – walked home with them & Dauncy – fine day

Thursday 4. To Sydney – met Ed - in evening to a party at Kerrison Jame’s

Friday 5. To Neutral Bay talking

[Page 170]
with Dutton about his house etc – came across with Mr Bonner & Capt Hamilton

Sat 6. To Balmain to call on Mr Atkinson not at home. Telegram fron England – in afternoon to Manly Beach. Mr & Mrs Prost cf the party – oysters – beautiful day.

Sunday 7. To Ch. Mr Croxton preached – in afternoon walk with M. on Botany road.

Monday 8. To Neutral Bay dined with the Drewes – with M & baby

Tuesday 9. To J. Morts bought 1 doz port for Milly – to office – saw Ed & Drew – saw Dunsmere – then Ed again – to Band in Domain – walk with them all to the town – Dauncy purchased a bunch for Alice.

Wednesday 10. To Mr Atkinsons, Balmain. then to office saw Ed & Hely later at the Club Dauncy to Miss Allens Wedding, he dined at the mess in evening. Thunder and a little rain today.

Thursday 11. Breakfst with Dauncy.

[Page 171]
August 1859

walk with him to Sydney, to club. to fs office saw Edward – to Survey Office saw McLean – to home.

Friday 12. To Sydney. To Mr Murrays saw Hely. beautiful day – Writing letters to England

Sat. 13. To Sydney call at Sir C Nicholson with Dauncy. In evening to Opera of Emani. beautiful night.

Sunday 14. To Ch in morning. fine day – Milly walked with Dauncy & [indecipherable] to St Marks.

Monday 15. To Sydney saw Hely – Edward – Met the Bishop – watched the Salcotte leaving for Suez – beautiful day – Jessie left the house. Met Major & Mrs Wentworth

Tuesday 16. To Sydney. Talk with Hely & Ed on business. To Club etc . Pelonis in Dock today.

Wednesday 17. To Sydney saw Ed. To Wooloomooloo Bay. met Milly, Dauncy, Alice etc and went with them to Gothers remained about an hour and returned in the boat with Dauncy. he dines at the mess to meet officers of Pelorus.

Thursday 18 To Sydney on business in evening took Roddy

[Page 172]
to the Victoria Theatre – Breakfasted with Dauncy.

Friday 19. Walk to Waverly and call upon Mrs Throsby. Milly etc returned from the N. Shore.

Sat 20. To Sydney. Ed. Met Milly & Mary at Mrs Ponders – Gave Alice a brooch. went to Balmain to see Mr Atkinson not at home

Sunday 21 To Ch in morning Mr Hayden preached. ditto in evening – windy unpleasant day.

Monday 22. Beautiful day – saw Dunsmere – about Ed. Call on Mrs Allen & Mrs Huy – Mrs Bayly MrCroxton, Mrs Roberts called. Baby 19 months old this day. To Daunceys to see new piano with Alice & Milly.

Tuesday. 23. To Sydney. To business etc. To Balmain had tea with Mr Atkinson. Sent box from Moores Labor Bazaar.

Wednesday 24. To Sydney. in Evening to ball at Govt. House.

Thursday 25 To fancy fair. Botanical Gardens – in evening to party at Dauncey’s

[Page 173]
September 1859

Friday 26. To Sydney To Balmain saw Mr Atkinson gave him an invite for the Wedding – saw Ed walked home. hung up pictures in Drawing room. Dauncey helping.

Saty 27. To Sydney – Roddys birthday – took him to Prince of Wales theatre

Sunday 28. Windy in morning – Stop at home with Milly – To Ch in evening Sermon by the bishop – In afternoon walk with Dauncey to Darling Point.

Monday 29. To Sydney – Saw Ed – Mary etc – To Stenhouses with Dauncey – fine day paid J. Mort for Wine 58/- Also Cabman for ball 30/-

Tuesday 30. To Sydney – Saw young Thorold Ed. left per Raindeer for B,Water

Wednesday 31. To Sydney told Bowden to advertise the allotments Darling Pt. had an offer of £4 for farm at Clyde River. Lunch at Club with Dauncey. Major and Mrs Wentworth called.

Thursday. Sept 1. To Sydney. To Morts about Engehurst & my land at Brooman – Gave Dauncey a

[Page 174]
gold pin. oppossum- To Club lunch. Rain in afternoon. Fine evening. To party at the Kings Waratah house.

Friday 2d. Rain all day long. hard – posted a letter to Ed.

Sat. 3d. Rain hard all day did not go out.

Sunday 4. To Ch in morning – rain all day

Monday 5. Commence to put house in order for Alices Marriage

Tuesday 6. ditto ditto – rain. hot. to evening party at Nortons.

Wednesday 7. At work about house hanging pictures etc.

Thursday 8 Alice married this day to Mr Dauncey 77 Regt – at St Johns Ch by Mr Croxton. Blanch. Minnie Mann. Alicia Mann. Miss James & Miss Hodgson bridesmaids – about 32 sat down to breakfast. to musical party – Govt House in Evening.

Friday 9. Putting house in order. Lady and Miss Seven Called. Called with Milly on Mrs Burnett & Mrs Dr Roberts. beautiful day – English mail arrived.

[Page 175]

Sat 10 To Sydney on business. hand plans to Urqheart – sent chairs back to Moore.

Sunday 11. Rain. to Ch in morning – writing letters to England.

Monday 12. To Roley & Houldsworth to sign deed of conveyance to Austin of 42 acres at Bwon on Clyde River £4 pr acre. to Bowdens on business. to Club. writing letters to England. Thunderstorm in afternoon. Pd Cabman 2.10- for cab hire Nortons & Govt house

Tuesday 13. To Sydney on business

Wednesday 14 To Sydney in morning – in evening to Exchange. to obsequies of Humbolt

Thursday 15. Attend sale of Darling Pt allotments at Bowden & Threekelds no sale in Evening to School of Arts Professor Bushell

Friday 16. To Sydney in morning pd Moore £1 for lend of chairs. £20 from Bank – windy stormy day – The Daunceys returned

Saty. Waiting for man to Survey Engehurst. did not come. walked over there – Milly & Nurse not well

[Page 176]
Sunday 18. Did not go to Ch – Called on T. Mort in afternoon. had tea there- Milly & Nurse not well.

Monday 19. Surveying at Engehurst – fine day

Tuesday 20. Surveying at Engehurst – fine day Milly. Nurse better. Roddy also who had been unwell.

Wednesday 21. Surveying at Engehurst – fine day

Thursday 22. Mounted paper for plan of Engehurst – To Moore stores to get some things from luggage. In evening to party at Govt house – on board Centurion.

Friday 23. Plan drawing in Evening to tea with the Daunceys – called on Mr Allen.

Sat 24. With Milly to Freemans to try and get babys likeness – plan drawing – fine day

Sunday 25. To Ch. Sermon by the Bishop – in afternoon to H. Morts. not at home. saw Mrs Laidley

Monday 26 Plan drawing.

Tuesday 27. Do Call at Govt house – on board Centurion with Drew.

[Page 177]
Sept 28th 1859 - October

Wednesday. Drawing in the morning – On board the Centurion in afternoon – she started about 4.30 with the Daunceys – poor Alice very sorry to leave – Lady Mitchell much cut up.

Thursday 29. To Survey office to get tracing of Paddington drawing plan all day. Blanche & Roddy to party at the Hodgsons

Friday 30. To Mrs Watchones to see Mary and the children. to G’s office plan drawing.

Saty October 1. All day at Engehurst about the allotments – a very hot day.

Sunday 2d. To Ch in morning Mr Haydon in afternoon to Balmain. tea at the Mitchells beautiful day and night – French ship Thislu arrived – saluted. three men shot at N. Caledonia.

Monday 3. Row with Jessie would not take her to the Govt house. To the Millers about insulting the nurse. took a constable with me. To [indecipherable] tax collector – to office

[Page 178]
drawing. had a bath at Scholtz. bought a new hat- and home- a dreadful day hot winds & brickfielder.

Tuesday 4. To Engehurst in morning – stay at Home all day. to mind the baby – as nurse had to go to the dentists. Milly Lady M and Catherine to call on Lady Steven – Mrs Norton – Mrs Brillat & at Rl Hotel. Settled quarter rents with the rent collector – total £59-2-6

Wednesday 5. Plan drawing in morning – in afternoon to flowershow – Heard of the arrival of Banares with English mail. Milly with a headache.

Thursday 6 Drawing. in evening to Govt House Musical party

Friday 7 Drawing. call on Lawless Rl Hotel Campbell

Saty 8. To Sydney. Milly called on Lady Denison with Mary. Went to Botany Bay to look at hotel. Very hot day lunched at the Royal

[Page 179]
Oct – 10th /59

Sunday 9. To Ch. Sermon in morning by Rev. Mr Rogers. in evening by Mr. Stevens. took a boat for Watsons Bay but returned or out of Wind.

Monday 10. To Sydney – mail from England “Benares" arrived on Saty. letters from Lord Audley – this features Alice Emily etc called on Mr Atkinson. a very hot day Mrs Uhr to tea saw Toogood and to rooms at Watsons Bay for a week

Tuesday 11. To Sydney. Start abot 12 for Watsons Bay, arrive about 1.30, hot wind very unpleasant, put up at Toogoods hotel very comfortable

Wednesday 12. Blowing a gale of wind all day – writing English letters – To the Genl Alice, and Lord A. sent him a bill of Exchange £35-8:10, walk out in evening.

Thursday 13. To Sydney in conveyance. Post all letters for England. met Oxley. back again by 6 pm fine beautiful day.

Friday 14. Walking about, to old light house. in afternoon took a boat and pulled about

[Page 180]
Sat 15. Walk about to New light Ho. South head. fine day. went in the Light house with Blanche.

Sunday 16. To Wesleyan Chapel. good sermon. heavy thunder storm and rain. had to wait some time. fine afternoon. walking about. many people from Sydney. Emily’s birthday.

Monday 17. Walk out. take a sketch – Black fellows fishing, in afternoon to Cave in Rocks. inhabited by an old couple.

Tuesday 18. Out walking, fisherman dragging nets – back to Craig End. stop at old “Rickety Dicks" look at house to let Southheads – hot day – Fancy fair in Campbells Paddock – Jessie in a delightful humor – find my invitation to the Murrays – baby enjoyed herself considerably at Watsons Bay - Thunderstorm in evening.

Wednesday 19. To Sydney. call on the Oxleys at Union Club. To Balmain. Mr Atkinson away. rainy

Thursday 20. To Balmain. Mr A. off to the Richmond

[Page 181]
Oct.20 – 1859

sent off bag of sugar, and letters referring to survey to Edward – enquiring for houses – in Evening to a Ball at Govt house –

Friday 21. To Sydney – saw Drew and Hovey out again – took Blanche to the office, found the boat had gone. walked back with Blanche. Thunder storm in evening.

Saty 22. To Neutral Bay. spend the day with the Drews. a strong wind from N.W. a very hot day. Milly not very well

Sunday 23. To Ch. Evening & morning. Mr Haydon preached

Monday 24. To T. Morts on business, I need letter – in afternoon walk with Milly to look for houses –

Tuesday 25. To Sydney looking for houses, met Mr Cowley who was the Purser of the Oneida on our voyage home. he is now on board the Benares. in afternoon walk with Milly, Blanche to an evening party at the Isaacs – hot windy dusty day. Sent in an account to Mort & Co of Survey at Engehurst.

Wednesday 26. To Sydney. Call at Govt. house then to Balmain looking for houses. Went on board Benares in Morts Dock

[Page 182]
November 1859

left a card Mr Cowley

Thursday 27. Wait at house to see a Dr Alloway who called to see Milly. he prescribed for her – then to Sydney – Rain. Saw Ed who had just returned from Brisbane water. In Evening to a party at the Murrays very pleasant evening Gother & Mary dined at Govt house

Friday 28. To Sydney – Saw Ed – Gother etc. lunched at Club. To Balmain to look for house. in afternoon with Milly on same errand. very hot day.

Saty 29. This morning start at 10.45 to Wooloomooloo Bay. and on board steamer. To go to Middle Harbour, Pic Nic by The Johnsons – a very pleasant day indeed. Got home about 7.30.

Sunday 30. Bad cold and sore throat. to Ch in morning – a windy unpleasant day.

Monday 31. In town on business – in Evening to a pleasant party at Richard Johnsons Wooloomooloo

Tuesday 1. November. To Sydney – took a Turkish Bath at Dr Breretons – in fact

[Page 183]
November 1859

fact it is a hot air bath – one has to strip himself naked, enter a room heated to about 110° remain some time then enter another heated of 140° remain about ½ an hour until you stream with perspiration drinking several glasses of cold water – after this a slight shampooing then a shower bath of hot and cold water and finally lounge in a sheet – very pleasnt. In evening to St Pauls College to dine with Mr Hose. All Saints day. Mr Hose disappointed at his guests not arriving only a Mr Lloyd and myself. some mistake. Miss Perry called

Wednesday 2 To Sydney to Lambs to enquire about house – not in to Poultry show, very good, back to Lambs did not see him, getting books out of boxes – 2 Boxes from Moores - recd invite to Govt House music

Thursday 3d. To Morts – gave him book on picture galleries. then call at Glenrock to enquire about Mr Smiths cottage. lunch at Morts – then to Sydney with carpet bag, and walk out again. very hot day – had my likeness taken at Morts – Milly paid visit Murrays – Bromhursts – Johnson

[Page 184]
& MrHusband.

Friday 4. To Sydney. saw Ed & Gother for a short time lunch at Cafι saw Mr Icely. Walk back and in again with Milly looking for furniture. Very hot day. took cottage at Glennock @ 100£ per annum.

Saty 5 To Morts

Sunday 6. Bad cold did not go to church, walk out with Milly. Nurse to Manly Beach.

Monday 7. To Sydney went to St Pauls College call on Mr & Mrs Hose, asked to dine but did not remain. Purchasing furniture with Milly.

Tuesday 8. To Morts. dine there and to look at Cottage Glen Rock [indecipherable] Monday. To Dr Brenton lecture

Wednesday 9. At Glen Rock awaiting furniture. To Mr Hamiltons lecture

Thursday 10. To Sydney in morning Musical party at Govt House.

Friday 11 To Sydney with Milly and writing letters to England.

Saturday 12 Posted letters to England – then across

[Page 185]
to Cockatoo Island, and so home with Gother

Sunday 13. At Gothers – saw Ed who returned from Manly Beach – he left again in evening.

Monday 14. Back to Sydney. hot morning Southerly burster blowing very hard – crossed to Neutral Bay with Drew and dined there. Milly and Blanche at the Capes. I returned home about 7.30. M and B about 8.30. slight thunder storms to day. Benares left with mail for England.

Tuesday 15. To House. Call on Mrs Brown & Mrs Burnette making purchases with Milly. to V. Theatre by myself

Wednesday To Sydney got English letter. Met young Wentworth in afternoon with Milly to house.

Thursday 17. To Sydney. Club. in afternoonto home Deane & Coates & Houldsworthy sent things out. Milly called on Mrs Wentworth.

Friday 18. To House Glenrock getting it in order. received furniture from [indecipherable], Coates etc

[Page 186]
Sat. 19 To Sydney in morning, out again, packing up and in evening, move to new house – slept there last night

Sunday 20. At home all day. M not very well.

Monday 21. Call at Govt house with Gother. getting house in order – J Lamb called

Tuesday 22. To Sydney in morning – in evening to Ball at the Isaacs, remain at 3 Craig End the night. called upon Mr Hobart Sir G Bowen. P. Senitus

Wednesday 23 To Govt House see Sir G Bowen out again. Lady Mitchell walked back with us, had tea. The Lambs called – purchased a table from T Moore - £3 – Dr Alloway called to see Milly.

Thursday. Busy about the house. in afternoon to Lady M’s – Met Mrs Buchannan & Mrs J. Mitchell coming to call upon us, in evening to Govt House opera. Emani

Friday 25. Back about 12.30, very windy and dusty. left Lady M’s about 1 and got home by the Buss.

[Page 187]
1 Decr 1859

Saty 26. To Sydney with Milly. left nurses watch at Flavelles, bought a kitchen clock. hired a piano from Johnstons. in Afternoon to archery meeting at Mr Munies. beautiful day. The Broadhursts called.

Sunday 27. To St Marks Ch in morning – walk about in garden in afternoon

Monday 28. To Sydney in morning. Lady M. Lucy Catherine & Roddy to spend the afternoon Southerly buster in afternoon.

Tuesday 29. Called at Morts a stormy day with showers – ordered the Herald newspaper

Wednesdy 30. Stormy day. To Sydney called on Faithfull did not see him. St Andrews day holiday. out again by 1 pm. Dr Alloway called. Mrs & Miss Forster. Miss Norton Mes J. Norton Mrs Hay and Mrs Steven called. In evening went to a lecture at the school room by the Revd Mr Tendell.

Thursday 1 December. To Sydney with Milly

[Page 188]
M had tooth stopped at dentists. then shopping to Forsters party cook. ices – not good – walk to Craig End. Meet Mrs & Miss James. remain about 1 hour. walk home find that Mrs Richardson & Mrs N. Laidley had called. fine evening.

Friday 2d. Put up fringe for curtains, Lamb sent us some vegetables, Mrs Burney & Mrs Pollecta called walk with Milly & call at the Lambs and Isaacs

Sat. 3d. To Sydney saw Mr Faithfull at Club come back to Wooloomooloo. walk out with Blanche. Attend a meeting at Mrs Forsters referring to archery attend archery meeting. Mrs Allen & Mrs Gasstin called

Sunday 4th. To Ch with Milly. in morning. Lucy. Campbell & Roddy to tea. Mr & Mrs Burdock called.

Monday 5. At home in morning. called on Mrs Hay Mrs Oglevi & M. Laidly. to archery meeting at Mrs Forsters in evening. Revd Mr Richardson called.

Tuesday 6. Showers in morning to Sydney. call at Craig End. saw Mrs Pinnock walk in with Livey

[Page 189]
December 1859

back by 1 pm. call on Mrs Rollerton & Mrs Richardson

Wednesday 7. To T Morts in morning on business. Mrs H. Mort called also Mrs James – walk out with Milly. Hot day with thunder.

Thursday 8. To Sydney, hair cut, Mrs Pinnock spending the day – walk home with her & Blanche in evening – hot fine day

Friday 9. In afternoon to Craig End and in evening to Party at Dr Mitchells, Cumberland place. a very hot day. Miss Jacob called

Sat 10. Home early this morning. Milly not well to Dr Alloway before breakfast. better this afternoon. To Archery meeting thunder storm not heavy – tea at the Forsters – with Blanche & Miss James – very hot day – Mrs Roberts & MissThrosly called

Sun 11. To Craig End. Milly better. Dr Alloway called to see her. Ch. at St Johns. Last night Jessie made such a noise ringing a bell that the police had to interfere. called on the Murrays back to Glenrock and had tea with

[Page 190]
the Lambs.

Monday 12. Call and see Milly, she better, sent a carriage for her to take her home, walk into Sydney. Ret about 1.30. find Milly & Lady M at home – writing letters to England walk home at night with Lady M. hot dry day – called on Mc Lean at the Office

Tuesday 13. Writing and posted letters to Genl. B Charlotte& Bob. hot unpleasant, Alice and Minnie Mann & Blanche to tea in evening – walk to Craig End with them – Mrs T. Mort & Mrs Laidly called.

Wednesday 14. To Morts in morning – walk with him to Gilfoyles. Call with Milly on Lady Manning – Mrs Buchannan & Mrs H Mort. Nurse to town. shower in the morning. Mr & Mrs Bundock left by the mail –“Malta" for England – gave him a letter to Bob

Thursday 15. To Sydney – called at Morts office walk out again, hot day, call with Milly on Mrs Mc Lean, Mrs Forster & Mrs Burney mail arrived from England. “Columbia"

[Page 191]
Decr. 1859

Friday 16. In afternoon to Craig End with Milly, receive English letters. one from Lord A and Genl. Blunt. call on Mrs Broadhurst got a pot of ointment, meet Mrs Garstein & Miss Holden. Carpenter brought bookshelf – get a cask water for first time. Windy dusty unpleasant day

Sat. 17. Dull windy day. put up book shelf for Milly. Nurse to Town. I attend archery in afternoon. Walk with Miss Walker & Mrs Norton – and to home

Sunday 18. With Milly to St Mark Ch – Lucy Roddy & Catherine & Blanche to tea in evening walk home with them.

Monday 19. To Craig End with Milly – at 5.30 with Lucy etc. Mr Ulm on board the “Blackwall" for England. Remain at Craig End the night. Campbell arrived

Tuesday 20. Blackwell off first thing this morning. To Sydney, to Office. letter from Alice heard of poor Aunt Mary death on 20 Sept

[Page 192]
Lady M & Blanche to dinner & tea walk home with them, call at Mc Leans survey office, blowing hard from North.

Wednesday 21. Hot wind from S. dust. walk to the Point find Malcom continuing his buildings & that both cottages are let. Mrs Alloway called with Lamb in evening he trying a horse. Mrs Hodgson & Mrs Fanning called on Monday.

Thursday 22. To Sydney. call at Lady M’s she not very well. Saw Ed and Gother. purchased a pr of scales and saucepan. Mrs Dickenson & Mrs Dr Robertson called – dull day. slight rain in evening. Milly made some Apricot jam. J. Lamb tried his horse in a dog cart for first time today.

Friday 23. In afternoon to Sydney – call on Mrs Dr Mitchell & Mrs Allen. Milly shopping. got 1 doz sherry from Ralphs. Lambs to tea in evening.

Sat 24 Baby ill last night. gave her a warm bath. Dr Alloway called here to day to see her she in a violent fever, went to Ropers for medicine for her. The boy

[Page 193]
brought his third cask of water. Lady M & Campbell out in afternoon.

Sunday 25. XMass day. rain nearly all day did not go to church. Dr Alloway called baby much better. Nurse to Ch in evening. saw a rat at nursery window.

Monday 26. Baby better. Dr Alloway called. Drove out with J. Lamb in his phaeton. Lady M called in morning to see us. walk in and purchase castor oil for Baby at Smiths. In afternoon to Domain to see Wooloomooloo regatta & cricket match fine day.

Tuesday 27 Hot day. Dr Alloway called wrote to Powell & Bella. Baby not well. walk in and send Dr a second time Mrs and Miss Burnell called. Thunder and heavy rain in evening

Wednesday 28 Baby better. rain during the night and morning. Walk with Milly to Lady M’s. Milly with Mrs Lamb during afternoon

[Page 194]
1 Jany. 1860

Thursday 29. To Sydney leave my watch at Flavelles. Go to Willoughby with Gertrude to see Mary and her baby – purchase a new hat at Mountcastles – Lady Mitchell Blanche and Chicly Isaacs with us to dinner. walk home with them in evening Mrs Hay Mrs Macqui & Miss Finch called.

Friday. 30 Stormy day. into Ropers to get more medicine for Milly. call at Craig End. Baby quite well now. new pair of trowsers from Lahels – they don’t fit

Saty 31st To Vaucluse to a pic-nic by the members of the archery club. Very pleasant. day rather windy home about, receive a note from Powell

Sunday 1st Janry 1860 Milly not very well did not go to ch in morning. To Ch in evening with Milly. Windy day. Nurse called at Mr M Leaces “-“ yesterday to enquire – getting on well. a little terrier dog followed her home.

Monday 2 Janry. In afternoon call on Major Fanning and the Morts – Sir W and Lady Manning called – to the Lambs in the

[Page 195]
January 1860


Tuesday 3. To Morts on business, writing descriptions forhim. Rain hard in afternoon. baby not well at the Lambs.

Wednesday 4. To Sydney. Survey office. Club balloting. out in afternoon. Lady M. Miss Husband and Blanche to dine – the latters birthday 19 yrs. Baby not well.

Thursay 5. To Sydney. to collect rent total on the 10 houses £54 . 11 . 6. Making a tracing of Bodalla. Dr Alloway called

Friday 6. To Sydney. tracing at Survey office all day. call at Morts learn description of Bodalla call on Revd Mr Richardson about Pews. Mrs Forster about Pic Nic. rainy.

Sat. 7. Rain hard all night and showery during the day. Lalsette arrived. Nepean Bay. telegram of loss of the Royal Charter. Dr Alloway called

Sunday 8. Stormy rainy day did not go the Church only out in the garden

[Page 196]
Jany 1860

Monday 9 To Sydney. saw Ed and Gother Call at the Bk about Lord A’s money – in afternoon with Milly to call on Mr Robertson – Mrs Roberts, Mrs Alloway and Miss Jacob Mrs Steven choose a piano. Sir C. N. overtookus and gave us a lift to Darling Pt [indecipherable] heard today of the death of Whistler Smith

Tuesday 10 To Sydney saw Gother. In Neutral Bay with Drew Drive there, walk back meet Mr McLean Pay Mad. Ponders bill £5:10:9. Piano came from Paling’s.

Wednesday 11 To Sydney. call at Sir C Nicholsons then to Bowden. Club. pay 6 month, subscripts Talsetteamin with mails – walk to Craig End and get the letters one from the Genl. and one from Lord Audley – call at the cottages about the rent.

Thursday 12. To Sydney – Office, took some eggs to Mary saw Faithfull at the Club out again. Baby very unwell. go to Dr Alloway’s – then a third time to Chemists – very hot day brickfielder in Evening H. Hely & Wife started yesterday for B. Water.

[Page 197]
Friday 13 Transmit to Lord A. Bills of Exchange one for £20 & £5 . 18 . 10 at 3 dys sight Dr Alloway called. Baby better. Lady M and Blanche in afternoon walk home with them in evening.

Saty 14. To Mrs Nortons mending string of Miss Walkers Bow. Brickfielder. Miss Lamb came to fetch baby. Dr Alloway called Baby much better

Sunday 15th. To Ch with Milly in evening Sermon by the Bishop. 12 O’clock this day Mrs J. Lamb presented her husband with a daughter all doing well. Call on H. Mort. then T. Mort Sir C Nicholson called with a Mr B Private Secty to Sir G [indecipherable] fine day.

Monday 16. To Sydney in afternoon with Milly baby etc to Willoughby to See Mary. Met Mr & Mrs Brown. and Col Barney out by omnibus J. Lamb with us in evening. Mrs Husband called

Tuesday 17. Blowing hard from the

[Page 198]
January 1860

northward all day did not go out. Blanche dined with us.

Wednesday 18. Sent box of pears to Mary – they sent grapes – got instructions for road at Woolongong – Mr W Walsh of Goulburn, bought doll for baby. J Lamb gave baby a doll – thunder storm in evening. Miss Cape Called.

Thursday 19 To Sydney – call at Mort & Cos then to Survey office, find they owe me £26 . 5 instead of my owing £6.5. paid bill for table to T. Moore £3 J Roper chemist – got some powder for baby walk to Double bay in evening with Milly – fine day. La Hague sailed with Mr Isaacs and family on board. met Mr G.F.Wise. Ch £50

Friday 20th. In afternoon to Sydney, Milly to pay visits, self to take baggage to Woolongong Steamer hot fine dy. Mr & W Burney called. Mr Rothery died yesterday at 4 p.m. I call at Lady Mitchells on my way out. Milly came out in J Lambs phaeton

[Page 199]
Jans. 1860

Sat. 21. Leave Sydney at 10.30 in the Mimosa for Woolongong arrive about 5pm. go to Capt Harts.

Sunday 22. Ride to call on Dr Gerrard, whom I had known in Goulburn – a remarkably hot day – return to Capt Harts.

Monday 23. To Fig Tree inn. Grahams and with him inspect a portion of O’Briens line of road. through Keelogues or Plunkets estate

Tuesday 24. Inspect Brandy and water Creek – call at Gordons

Wednesday 25. Ditto ditto and call at Gordons

Thursday 26. To Wolongong to purchase field book. and surveying O’Briens line of road.

Friday 27. Surveying O’Briens line of road and tracing Cliffdens side line

Sat 28. Surveying line to Slavens by Kedogan Creek.

Sunday. 29. Dine at Capt Harts met a Mr Williamson and a nephew of Capt Harts

Monday 30. Marking line by Keelogues and

[Page 200]

inspecting line by Gordons

Tuesday 31. Marking continuation of O’Briens line & connecting it with measd James

Wednesday 1 Surveying and measuring the continuation of O’Briens road

Thursday 2 Tracing O’Briens line of road on top of the mountain

Friday 3 Surveying O’Briens line of road on top of the Mountain to the Appin road

Sat 4th [indecipherable] out and surveying O’Briens line of road up the mountain

Sunday 5. At Dr Gerrards

Monday 6 Remain at Dr Gerrards all night on account of rain. marking out roads etc on the mountain

Tuesday 7. Start by the Nora Creina at 6 P.M. and return to Sydney.

Wednesday 8. Stay last night at the Rl Hotel out to Glenrock find Mary & her children there, rain

Thursday 9. Rain, drawing plan etc. recd England letters – heard of Emilys having another

[Page 201]
daughter & the death of Mrs Boulton

Feby 1860

Friday 10. Most terrible storm of thunder and rain, much damage done, walk into Sydney in afternoon

Saturday. To Sydney, to office. meet Lady Burton and all the girls from Willoughby and escort them to the Prince of Wales’ theatre tosee the circus (American) showers – Mary left here to day. Mr Kirchmier the Austrian Consul showed me yesterday a splendid diamond pin as a present from the Emperor of Austria to my brother for his attention to the Officers of the Navaia Frigate

Sunday 12. Rain all day did not go out

Monday 13. Rain all day drawing & making tracing of rd. Brandy & Water Ck.

Tuesday 14. To Survey office saw Mc Lean, saw Gother met Col Barny there. saw Drew who was washed out of home by the storm. recd. a letter from Alice & Edith Mrs Dr Robinson called.

[Page 202]
Wednesday 15. To Sydney call at Mr Bashes and Durham & Irwin about nurses intended. call on bord the French steamer Morye to see the Capt – Louis Foullong’s friend. Milly and her mama paying visits in town and Wooloomooloo – recd 6.6 from Bowden for rent of cottage at Point.

Thurday 16. Drawing all day – in afternoon to Sydney to get pair of boots stretched. DrAlloway called to see Milly – got a prescription made up for him at Ropers – baby not very well.

Friday 17 Last night to party at Mc Leans in honor of his childs christening, drawing all day. Blanche out in afternoon. close hot day. Dr Alloway called.

Sat 18. To Sydney in morning. met J. Mitchell. purchased drawing at [indecipherable] of Gills pictures of Expedition range – drawing inafternoon & then to archery with Milly & baby – at Morts in evening to tea, meet there Mr & Mrs Young of Rosebanks.

[Page 203]
February 1860

Sunday19. At home in morning, dull day slight shower from South, to Ch with Milly in evening.

Monday 20. Drawing all day. in evening to a lecture at the school house, by the Revd Mr Bugacott on the Hansy Islands. Very interesting indeed. Lady Mitchell out to tea & with us to lecture alsoCampbell Dr Alloway called

Tuesday 21. To Sydney to Survey Office making tracings. to Club write to Ed & recd letter from him. Met de Lancet. made arrangement about payment of piano by bills of 3. 6. 9 12 months to commence on 12 March next.

Wednesday 22. To Sydney. to Club lunch there. Minnie & Theresa to tea, walk home with them in evening call on way at J. Morts. Call on Stenhouse about Millys affairs. Saw T. Mitchell at Craig End.

Thursday 23. To Sydney. in morning. Milly payed visits with Mrs Lamb. met [indecipherable] who gave me a lift in his carriage.

[Page 204]
Friday 24 To Sydney early to go by steamer to Wollongong – find the steamer did not leave till 1 pm. when she had left missed my carpet bag – which was no where to be found – arrived at Wolongong about 7pm, put up at Capt Harts. felt very sick all day.

Sat 25. Start from Wolongong at 10 by the mail. three other passengers besides myself, a newly married couple – rained unpleasantly the whole way, the road up the mountain & the whole way very bad – just arrived in time to catch the 5.15 train, arrive in Sydney about 7 to Phoenix wharf to enquire about my carpet bag. then to police office to report. walk home find Blanche with Milly. they had been unable to go to the pic nic at Lane Cove through some bad arrangements etc. showers

Sunday 26. To Ch with Milly in the morning. rainy. had tea with the Lambs

[Page 205]
February 1860

Monday. 27. To Capt Mc Leay to enquire about my bag. To Gothers office – saw Drew. then to Survey office, lunch at Club to Phoenix wharf saw Manning. in evening to a lecture by Capt Martin [indecipherable] on the Electric telegraph, with Milly & Blanche. rain hard in evening.

Tuesday 28. To Sydney making tracing at office sent back coat to Capt Hart. call at the Allegers. saw Mrs A. Mc Arthute & Mrs H Stevens there.

Wednesday 29. Baby very restless all night blowing hard all day. Alice & Katey came in and dined with us. Blanche left with them Mrs Lamb called. did not go out

Thursday 1 March. Should have gone to Parramatta to Mr Uhrs wedding but had to attend Police Office to give evience against a man who tried to pawn my compasses. To Club met Drew & [indecipherable] Sir C Nicholson & Mr Holden. Drew out to dine

[Page 206]
afterwards walked to Double Bay to look at a cottage. they left by 6 o’clock buss – Milly making Quince Jelly. Elizabeth to Drs

Friday 2. To Sydney to Police Office, find that the Illawarra Steamer had arrived during the night and had started in three hours again to Merrimbuls, so that the steward on board was not supoenad as witness against the man in custody. To office to make fresh tracings – out again. J Lamb gave me a lift. Mrs Hay Mrs Cope & Dr Roberts called. who brought back the stereoscope slides. Alice & Minnie came in afternoon. Baby fell on her face and cut her lip

Sat. 3. To Vaucluse by omnibus to pic nic some came in a boat of the Tris. French officers also. rain during the morning, very hot in afternoon in evening to a dance at Mrs Hays. Minnie & Alice with us.

Sunday 4 Raining all day did not go out.

[Page 207]
Monday 5. In afternoon with Milly Blanche & Miss James, on board the Cassinni French Steamer, pleasant afternoon, they gave us a nice lunch and dancing & music etc then put us on shore at Darling Point. Alice & Minnie Mann went home today rain in morning. fine afternoon

Tuesday 6th. To Sydney purchased brush and comb – took Blanche to office met Mary & Alice B went to show with them To T Morts in evening

Wednesday 7. To Sydney with Milly call on Mrs Dr Robinson, Mr Muncy & Mrs Burrell. bought new hat in evening to Nortons. Cap Vernon Mr Close etc there.

Thursday 8 To Sydney attend Police office. Man discharged. Borrowed a compass from Mc Lean got [indecipherable] J Mort sent box of apples. Mrs Murray called.

[Page 208]
Friday 9 To Sydney making tracings – mail Telegraphed – hot cloudy day. Miss Perry to dine.

Sat. 10 Hot day rain in morning. in afternoon to archery – Took a walk to the Point to look at the allotments

Sunday 11. Beautiful day, but hot: To Ch with Milly in morning. walked to Mr Capes in afternoon

Monday 12 To Sydney with J Lamb. got letter from dead letter office containing cheque for £57 gave it to Bk for collection. Milly fainted this afternoon in drawing room. Pay rent. Called on de Satzy he returned the visit in afternoon. In evening to lecture at the School ho G Mr Kemp on the Isthmus of Suez.

Tuesday 13. Wrote to Mr Mitchell, the Genl, Lord A & Charlotte rain all day. Posted letters & papers – To Drew to N [indecipherable] remained to tea. dark black windy night.

Wednesday 14. To Sydney. Met Drew & Edward Recd English letters, heard of the Death of Genl Blunt

[Page 209]
March 1860

Thursday 15 To Sydney – to office saw Gother Drew and Edward.

Friday 16. Unwell all day did not go out

Sat 17. To Sydney saw Ed at Club reading newspapers, Mr Paling called to alter Piano notes.

Sun. 18 To Ch in morning a Mr Kennedy ? preached

Monday 19. To Wollongong per Hunter Steamer very sick a strong S. Wind put up at Capt Hearts

Tuesday 20. To Fig tree bridge Inn. rain all day.

Wednesday 21. To Gordons dined there, inspecting lines.

Thursday 22d. To O’Briens rd via Mc Keenan a very hot day. and good days work.

Friday 23d. Surveying O’Briens road.

Saty 24th. Surveying line through Mr M Groung’s paddock. and Gordon’s.

Sunday 25th. To Wollongong dined with Owen. [indecipherable] O and Capt Hart.

[Page 210]
Apl – 1860

Monday 26th Surveying part of O’Briens road.

Tuesday 27th Rain hard all day drawing.

Wednesday 28th. Surveying at Mt Kembla for Jeckyll etc.

Thursday 29th. Inspecting farm head of Brandy & Water Ck.

Friday 30th. To Gerrards, inspecting map of this district.

Saty 31st. To Capt Sheaffe’s to inspect proposed road. rain

Sunday Apl 1 To Wollongong dined with Capt Hart.

Monday 2d. To Cabbage tree bridge to inspect road there measd by Bilson.

Tuesday 3d Leave Wollongong by the Nora Creina 4pm arrive Sydney about 10-

Wednesday. 4. To Marcus, collector G’s office and Survey office. Fanny & Blanche in the evening.

Thursday 5th. To Rent Collector amount for Milly £27. 12 for Emily £30. 8. then call on Mrs Dr Mitchell

[Page 211]
Apl 5th 1860

then to Survey office making tracing. Report on Mr Wilsons line Fairy Meadow 60/2

6 Friday (Good) To Ch with Fanny find that seats have been reserved [indecipherable] is N.. 4 person

7th Saty. To Morts not at home. preparing report of line of road through Capt Shaeffes 60/3 – in afternoon to archery, held in Morts ground – Iris sailed for N. Zealand. Fanny left us today

8th Sun. To Ch in morning with Milly – in afternoon walk out with J. Lamb & Mr Cobb.

9. Drawing all day. In evening to Lecture on China by Dr Benicastle – poor attendance being Easter Monday

10. Mond. To Sydney. Call at Craig End. To office making tracing. called at Morts. saw detachment of 12th leave in the City of Sydney for New Zeland. walk home Lady Mitchell at tea. Beane brought a cat for Baby.

11. To N. Shore St Leonards pic nic archery Miss Rogers won a bracelet given by the Officer of Emeryr Benares telegraphed from Adelaide – I went to theatre, Chatfield called.

[Page 212]

12. Thursday. At home all day drawing.

13. Friday - Drawing all morning. in afternoon, to call on board the Mouge. French frigate – in evening to the Nortons to tea. Capt. of Caledonians present.

14 Saty Drawing in morning. in afternoon call on Mrs Hay Mrs Ogleby & Lady Manning. then to archery with the Baby. Writing to Lord A Mrs Lloyd & Livy. Gave Rollerstone 50/ rent for pew

15 Sundy. To Ch in morning by myself. rain all the day did not go out.

16th. Mail arrived last night – Letters from Alice Thud. Alice Emily & Mrs Lloyd. Posted letter to Lord A Mr Lloyd & T Mitchell – Friday Sent Ld A £30. 2. 0

17. Drawing all day long Lady Mitchell to dinner stopped all night on out of rain.

18 Wednesday. Rain hard during the night & day. Drawing all day long. The Emery with the mails could not start on Monday on account of having been run into by the William Steamer

19. Drawing in morning, in afternoon to Sydney. to Bank. Met Mrs Mitchell & Miss M escort them to the Royal Hotel. met Powell from B[indecipherable]

[Page 213]
April 1860

20th Friday. Start last night at 11pm per Mimosa Steamer for Wollongong, arrive 5am. breakfast at Capt Harts. Then out to the “Fig Tree" and inspect land along O’Briens road – In evening dine at R. Owens, people Cary. Capt H. D. Forbes. young Cary of party

21st Sat. Inspecting road at Charcoal Creek.

22 Sunday. Walk to Capt H’s and read the newspapers and back again, he Capt. H at Mr Jenkins.

23d Monday. Surveying road at Charcoal Creek and side line of Plunkets

24th Tuesday. Tracing Darraghs and other side lines

25. Wednesday. Inspecting Bridge at Fairy Meadow Creek – rain in afternoon.

26. Thursday. Rain all day. start by the Nora Creina at 3 pm for Sydney arrive at 9pm a very rough passage. & very sick

27 Friday. Rain hard all day. Milly fainted after dinner. Drawing all day. Invitation to H. Morts.

28. Saty. Rain hard all day. drawing

29. Sundy. To Ch by self. walk out with Milly on Paddington road.

[Page 214]
Apl. 1860. & May

30th Monday. To Sydney. pay rent £25 call at office and at Mrs Allens met Mrs O’Sullivan, purchased some garden seeds. met Mrs J. Mitchell

Tuesdau 1 May. Planted cabbage, onions, carrots etc drawing all day – sent in report of Fairy Meadow bridge 60/21

Wednesday 2. Drawing all day O’Briens road. beautiful day, Milly paying visits. Mr & Mrs Mc Carthy called

Thursday 3 Drawing all day in evening call upon the J Morts & Miss Cookseys at Caithorew, a most lovely day.

Friday 4. Drawing all day. fine day

Sat. 5th. Drawing all day. in evening to Archery with Milly & baby. recd invitation to May ball – Finish my plan of O’Briens road

Sunday 6. To Ch with Milly. she unwell all day pain in her back.

Monday 7th. Call at Morts in the morning. to Survey office gave in letter of O’Briens road. Mrs T. Heart called. Met Gother, Mrs Barry etc etc. beautiful day paid Elizh wages by cheque £5. 4.

[Page 215]
May 1860

Tuesday 8. To Sydney to enquire about telegram found one from Mrs Marsh to Lady M announcing that the Council of Victoria had granted £1000 to her. walk out drawing all afternoon finish plan and report of land at Charcoal Bridge.

9. To Sydney. say Stenhouse & Hardy. Paid Labour Bagan £48. 7. pos. note from Drummon – Recd letter from Alice & Lord A – to Club bath others’ for young Griffiths. walk out get a lift in Mr Lambs carriage. Gave in plan of Charcoal Ck. rd & bills for £159. 12. 0 met Ed.

10. To Sydney Museum. call at Moores about India Matting. then to Town’s wharf on same errand – to Club met H. O’Brien, call at Uhrs walk with Milly in evening

11. Friday. Writing letters to Lord A. Charlotte. Miss Lloyd. in afternoon call at T. Morts saw James Manning and Alice & Minnie who are going to a ball tonight at H. Morts. beautiful day.

12 Saty. At home in morning. to Archery at Morts in afternoon with Milly & baby. posted letter to Ld A sent 2d of Ex for £30. 2 [indecipherable] Lloyd & Charlotte.

[Page 216]
Sun 13 To Ch in morning with Millie, in afternoon walk to H Morts with Melia [indecipherable] £ Mr Hays to Send the Bishop of London charge.

Monday 14 To Sydney. to office saw [indecipherable] saw Ed at Gs office. to Club met H. O’Brien in evening with Millie call on Mr & Mrs Saintly

Tuesday 15 To Sydney. saw Ed. to office saw McLean two hours employed at tracing. Mrs King called and I think Mrs B. Bodlyn

Wednesday 16. To Sydney got cheque paid into the Bank. £119. 11. paid Drummon for pross note £50. bought matting at Towns 40 h x 20.11. got instruct from Tomaghis - £1. 6 Mrs Thomas and Miss Husband called.

Thursday 17. Rain in morning. putting down matting. fine afternoon

Friday 18. All day engaged in putting down matting Jack Lamb returned from the [indecipherable] early this morning. Mrs R Johnson & Mrs Brooks alled

Saty 19. Fixing matting and books in new bookshelf from A Crun’s. fine day

[Page 217]
May 1860

Sunday 20. To church in morning, by myself. in afternoon call on the Lambs, met Mrs Apleby there.

Monday 21. To Sydney looking at furniture & to office 1 hour Milly spent the day with Mrs Oglivie and dinner out with her.

Tuesday 22. To Sydney office 1 hour in evening to ball at Mrs Dr Mitchells in cab with Griffiths home about 3 am . Lady M to tea. Millys birthday

Wednesday 23 To Sydney. to Moraitys about road to Maneroo – call on Egan on above subject. To office for a few minutes, rainy, nurse sick bad cold.

Thursday 24. To Levee dull day. slight rain – lady M. Blanche & Campbell to dinner – walk to Paling

Friday 25. To Sydney. 4 hours at office examining plans of roads

Sat 26. At home all day dull and rainy. fine in afternoon planted peas. Nurse to Sydney

Sunday 27. To Ch by self. chill rainy day.

Mondy 28. To Sydney with Mc Lean about roads

[Page 218]
June 1860

Milly called on Mrs Mitchell & Mr Merriweather

Tuesday 29. Fine day walk to races at Randwick course. Milly called on the James’ Mr Husband and Mrs A. Thomas. bed etc arrived from T. Moores

Wednesday 30 To Sydney at office making tracings 6 hours. Lunch at Club, letter from Bella.

Thursday 31. To Sydney and at office for 5 hours rainy windy day. Lady M to dine and remail all night

Friday June 1. Rainy day. to dine at the Husbands and spend the evening. pleasant day.

Sat 2d. Remain at Craig End the night to Sydney. office. got shirt collars(6) and home.

Sunday 3 Did not go to Ch. Milly not very well took a walk round Double Bay. Lambs called

Monday 4. To Sydney. office, get arcinputos from Tomakin. Met Gother saw Ed. Miss James Blanche & Miss Husband to dine.

Tuesday 5. To Sydney engaged all day.took

[Page 219]
June 5 1860

a box of oranges to Gother. Met Mary. [indecipherable] & Ed. Ed packing up for Shoalhaven, etc. he paid balance of H.H.s act to Drummins £41. 6. 4. Paid Thompson & Symonds £16. 7. 1. walk to Parramatta St to see Mrs Carter

Wednesday 6. To Sydney office for 4 hours. pd Paling 19.13. first prossy note for piao. got £50 from Drummins for two months.

Thursday 7. Rain all day & blowing a gale of wind from S. W. recovering the ottoman bed.

Friday 8. Windy – in afternoon to Sydney, hair cut. Milly to dine with Mrs Mc Lean

Saty. 9 To Sydney met H. Hely at Club

Sunday 10. Did not go to Ch. walked towards Bondi in afternoon.

Monday 11 Preparing to start for Woonoona. took things and box of oranges to steamer. Mrs A Mc Arthur & Mrs Garsten called Recd Mrs Richardson also Lady Mitchell

Tuesday 12 Arrive at Wollongong at 5 am put up at Mc Ara’s inn Inspect Wilsons roads at the

[Page 220]
Cabbage tree bridge & the National School – Fairy Meadow

Wednesday 13. To Fig tree bridge, Grahams under repair put up at Higging’s. met Ed on his way to Shoalhaven per WmIV go and inspect 5 Island road.

Thursday 14 Inspect reserve at Lake (five island) through Mr Jenkins called on him, sent in report of Wilsons line Fairy Meadow through PHowells land.

Friday 15. To Dapto dined with Irving – then to Municipal Council Dapto.

Sat 16. Making out list of roads and tracings remained at Irvings. last night on my return heard of the death of Poor Emily. notes from Blanche.

Sund 17. To Wollongong dine with Capt Hart wrote to Milly and Blanche.

Monday 18. Rode to Reserve. to inspect the land there.

Tuesday 19 Surveying road at reserve. Tom with me for the first day.

[Page 221]
June 1860

Wednesday 20. Complete my survey of road to the extreme point of Reserve (Five Isles)

Thursday 21 Marking direct line through Reserve.

Friday 22 Surveying road through Wentworth property from Res boundary. Recd letter from Milly enclosing letters from Catherine & Livy referring to Poor Emilys death.

Saturday 23. Surveying and marking direct line of above road. Read letter No 60/973 of 22d June about plan of Bdge Fairy Meadow

Sunday 24 To Capt Harts he in Sydney dine with young H. and take a walk with him

Monday 25. completed my survey of road to Geo the Blacksmiths – at Jenkins gate.

Tuesday 26. To road at Cabbage tree creek – sent in report.

Wednesday 27 To Mr Gordons American Creek inspecting ground.

Thursday 28. Widening road through Lindsays paddock. Charcoal Ck sent in report of

[Page 222]
July 1860

road through Mr Gordons.

Friday 29 Surveying road round Flagstaff Hill

Saty 30 Continue the above survey to O’Donnells paddock.

Sunday 1 To Wollongong dined at Bob Owens. with Judge Owen & Capt Hart.

Monday 2. Surveying Richies road, sent in estimates of Fairy Meadow Bridge.

Tuesday 3. Surveying Hooker Creek road.

Wednesday 4. Marking off Flagstaff hill road. and commenced surveying Tom Thumbs Lagoon

Thursday 5. Surveyed to Tom Thumb Lagoon and crossed the mouth thereof

Friday 6. Marking direct line to T. Thumbs Lagoon

Sat 7. Completed survey of roads there

Sunday 8. To Wollongong dined with Capt Hart met Mr Hutchinson R.N. there

Monday 9. To Captain Sheaffes. inspecting road there.

[Page 223]
July 1860

Tuesday 10. Remain the night at Dr Gerrards – engineering and inspecting roads. call at Evan Evans’

Wednesday 11

Thursday 12. Start by mail to Campbelltown and then by rl road arrive home about 8.30 found poor Milly ill, slight attack of measles. Melia too also had been unwell.

Friday 13. To Sydney. got cheque £23. 19. 6 cashed. (rent for houses). called at office. & on Mr Murray about Lord A’s affairs. accounts from home not satisfactory. recd letters from Davey Livy & Mr Mitchell. called on Stenhouse.

Saturday 14. To Sydney – saw Mr Murray on business. Milly not well got her up stairs last night with difficulty, she had three leeches on. Lady Mitchell returned home to day. Blanche still here. purchased a [indecipherable] for the nursery.

Sunday 15 Did not go to Ch. Milly unwell – J Lamb to tea in evening

Monday 16. To Sydney. Call on board

[Page 224]
the Herald – Milly still unwell.

Tuesday 17. With Blanche to look at Cottage to Caithona and round by the point – in afternoon to call on Mrs Hambury – met Capt Denham there Milly not well.

Wednesday 18. To Sydney. to Bank to put Bill of Ex £23. 11 fr Ld A met Uhr. Baby with cold in her eye. To Morts to tea in evening.

Thursday 19. Drawing

Friday 20. D’’ Bad head ache. wrote to Lord A. Livy. Dauncy. Charlotte, Alice, Mr & Miss Mitchell rainy – Mr Richardson called. J. Lamb in evening

Sat 21. Posted English letters, mails by Ottawa Cloud 6 pm. Rain all day

Sunday 22. Rain all day long and blowing a gale of wind

Monday 23 Blowing a gale of wind all last night & this day with heavy showers of rain. Drawing all day

Tuesday 24. Blowing a gale of wind and rain. drawing all day. plenty of oranges blown down

[Page 225]
July 1860 to August 1860

Wednesday 25. Fine morning to office saw Mc Lean about roads. in afternoon wet. Dinner to Capt Denham at the Club – got home about 1.30 Mrs Laidly died

Thursday 26. Drawing all day. showers –

Friday 27. Drawing all day. showers – Mr Richardson called in evening –

Sat 28. Attend Funeral of Mrs Laidly, rain home by 1 pm. drawing all afternoon.

Sundy 29. To Ch. Mr Walsh preached a funeral sermon.

Monday 30 Fine day. drawing in morning call on Mrs Chatfield. Mr James. Mrs Husband. Mr Hart then to exhibition of alabaster vases etc.

Tuesday 31. Drawing all day. Lady M called walked home with her. Sailors came for oranges for Capt Denham recd a letter from Mr Richardson in reply to mine about land at Darling Pt. answered it.

Wednesday 1 Augst. Rain all day. drawing all day

Thursday 2. Drawing all morning. to Sydney in afternoon Met Ed. H. O’Brien Capt Denham & Mrs Hambry – called at Craig End.

[Page 226]
Friday 3. Drawing all day. showers.

Saturday 4th. D- D- do Mr & Mrs Hart called also Miss James.

Sund. 5. To Ch. rain all day. in afternoon to see J Lamb. met Mr Bristow R.N.

Monday 6. Rainy at Morts all morning drawing in afternoon ½ ton coals from Warburton-

Tuesday 7. Drawing all day fine weather Mrs R. [indecipherable] & Mrs Brooks called.

Wednesday 8. Drawing all day. dull day heavy rain at night

Thurday 9. Drawing all day stormy

Friday 10 Drawing all day, stormy

Sat 11 Do Do fine Annie Hodgson & Blanche called.

Sun 12. Did not go to Ch. in afternoon Milly not brought out Lady Mitchell & Dr Alloway false alarm

Monday 13. To Cockatoo Island. to see Gother as I heard that the convicts had approached

[Page 227]
August 1860

Gother. found that there had been a row and had knocked G’s hat off. Milly same as usual. Mrs Hodgson called. invitation to Govt House

Tuesday 14. Drawing all day. fine

Wednesday 15. Drawing and writing reports all day Mrs Muncy called, & Mrs Oglivie – read letters from Ld A.

Thursday 16. To Sydney gave in plan of roads through Jenkins etc to Five Island Reserve – Lunch at Club – call at Sir Jas Dickinsons and at Craig End. Pay Qrs rent £25.

Friday 17. Beautiful day. Drawing all day. Mary, Alice [indecipherable] Poppy called, Mrs Burney & Mrs J Laidly. had to go for Lady M this evening as Milly not well.

Sat. 18. Drawing all day

Sund 19 To Ch. sermon by a new hand, Mr Ransome and Mr Mc Kenzie new arrivals from Brisbane took little Melia & called on the Prosts

Monday 20 Drawing all day – dull day

[Page 228]
Tuesday 21. Drawing all day. sent letters to Lord A Dauncey & Alice. sent [indecipherable] of Exchange to Lord A for 24. 2. made up my report forSurv Genl & bill

Wednesday 22d. To Sydney. gave in plan of Brandy & water road. and Bill for £ ? to Club Saw Harvey. also Gother at his office. a Mrs Lambs saw Mrs Chatfield.

Thursday 23. To Morts in morning saw Mrs Heath there. Rainy. getting my photographs up.

Friday 24. To Sydney May Mrs Heath Fanny etc called in the morning. Purchasing chemicals Met H. Walsh Tony Cupper. Ed at office Saw Mc Lean

Sat 26. To Sydney pd Dunsmere & Smith [indecipherable] in afternoon [indecipherable] photay

Sund 26 To Ch in morning – about 3 am roused out. went for Lady M. then on to Dr Alloway [indecipherable] again. Milly unwell 7am deliver of a fine boy. all well

[Page 229]
August 1860 September

Monday 27. Headache. Milly and the baby getting on well. Mrs Mort Mrs [indecipherable] Mrs James Mrs Ballatyne Mr & Mrs Laidly called. in afternoon to Rose Bay call on Mrs Chatfield

Tuesday. 28. Raining. in all day, Milly and child getting on well.

Wednesday 29. Photograph in morning. afternoon to Point look at land & cottage. then to Sydney in evening to Theatre. San Francisco Minstrals. Mrs Rollecton Miss & Mrs Tansey. Mrs Danbury & Miss Janet called – met young Hart.

Thursday. To Sydney purchase [indecipherable] lunch at Royal with Hart.

Friday 31. Photography all day

Sat. 1 Sept. to Randwick race course, champion race won by Tor. Mc Lean gave me a lift home. Melia spent the day at Mrs Napiers

Sund 2d. To Ch in morning. in afternoon to Balmain call on the Mitchells and have tea there.

Monday 3d - Photo all day [indecipherable] Mrs Bro[indecipherable] called. Paid Warburton for coals – Recd a present of Eggs from Elroods

[Page 230]
Tuesday 4. Stormy day. arranging tint for photo Miss Lamb lent a hand. in evening to a lecture G Hodgson at the school house, but it was postphoned – so to J Lambs for an hour or so. Melia had cold. Warburton ½ ton coals

Wednesday 5. To Sydney. Dunsmere £20 to Pyrmont to see Warburton (out). home by 3.30 met Dr Ward at home. Blanche with us Baby out for the first time to day

Thursday 6. Photo all day.

Friday 7. Photo in morning. in afternoon to Sydney got a new pr of boots from Fisher.

Sat 8. To Morts with Melia in morning. in afternoon to Sydney. bought book for Lady M. etc.

Sund 9. To Ch. morning & Eving. Mrs lamb called and saw Millie.

Monday 10. To Sydney Pd Policy £17. 8. Rain. Lady M left us this day. In evening to school room t a lecture by Mr hodgson on the 7 Churches of Asia. rain

Tuesday 11. Rain all day. Milly with tooth ache.

[Page 231]
September 1860

Wed. 12th At home in morning – in afternoon to Sydney met Major Christie went with him to a lecture at the Museum by Mr Pittend then into town bought box of night lights home by omnibus – showers – Milly by no means well.

Thurd. 13. Poor Mrs Norton died yesterday about 4 pm in moving to the Point and cottage. afternoon to Sydney domain – and to enquire about letters the English mail having arrived the “Behar"

Friday 14. At home all day. Poor Mrs Norton buried. Dr Alloway called. also Lady M

Saty 15. To Sydney met Gother. Ed. to Club saw Hely, so home fine day. 1 gall of oil

Sunday 16. To Ch. new parson read prayers. in afternoon to Morts. shall go to Boutally Campbell Mitchell called in. Milly with bad cold

Mond. 17. To Morts to Breakfast. the [indecipherable] Miss Greenstreet & Richardson there. the former for N. Zealand. blowing a gale of wind all day did not go out.

[Page 232]
Tues. 18. To Sydney. To P Lewin wharf. purchased once a week for Milly. Lady Dickinson, Mrs W. Laidley, Annie Hodgson & Blanche called. Lady M. went home.

Wed. 19 Preparing for start to the Clyde.

Thurs 20. Leave Sydney for Illawarra at 10am arrive at Wollongong about 4 pm. saw Capt Hart for a shorth time. leave about 5 pm

Frid. 21. Arrive at Batemans Bay about 5 am, blew a gale of wind during the night. land at Donovans. some difficulty in producing a horse. got one at last. but had such a sore back had to walk and lead him to Mullindree – 20 miles – Old Corrigan having died a few days ago, he was buried to day and all the horses in requisition

Sat. 22. Remained at Corrigans inn last night to Caswells.

Sunday 23. Still at Caswells. to Chapel (Wesleyan) ride to the Mouth of the Mourya River in the afternoon.

Monday 24. Start about 11.30 with Newison a

[Page 233]
Sept. 1860

Greek. and a settler at Bodalla for Bodalla dist. 20 miles, bad road arrive about 4.30 pm

Tuesday 25. With Mr Wilkin, rode with him to Cainaray – cross the River Tuross. inspect - Mort – field. Long Flat, South Flat – Eurobadella – cross river. and home by Blindmans flat. Bodalla etc. a splendid country – open flats of the richest soil.

Wednesday 26. With Mr Wilkin along new line of road to Wagonya, wait about two hours – fire guns, heard at length. by the Fosters – amuse myself eating oysters. Foster sent a black man and boat across. swam over horses, and got to Fosters house about 3.30 two miles from the River.

Thursday 27. Leave Fosters about 11 am – cross the Wagonya, and return home by the old line along the beach. found a black duck and a brood of young ones, caught eight, brought them in and let them go.

Friday 28. With Mr Wilkins to inspect the [indecipherable]

[Page 234]
Oct 1860

and Crossing place flats"

Sat. 29. Walk to Causeway and saw Baldwins farm – Rode to Caswells in afternoon

Sunday 30. To Chapel. (Wesleyan) with the Caswells, rainy day –did not go out.

Monday 1. Oct. At Caswells.

Tuesday 2. Start for Batemans Bay. heavy thunderstorm. got wet. arrive about 4 pm. leave the bay by the Hunter at 5 pm. stormy looking night.

Wednesday 3. Blew a gale of wind last night and rain, arrive at the Phoenix wharf about 5 am. and home about 6.30 all well. to Sydney. found that the Prince of Wales’ theatre and several buildings had been burnt. and two men killed.

Thursday 4. To Morts had a talk with him about Boadalla, in afternoon to Sydney to Gothers office. got some tracing paper.

Friday 5. To Sydney. call at Govt Ho saw Mc Lean handed over my work to Gd – wrote to Ed saw Oxley at

[Page 235]
October 1860

Union Club. Got rents from Moring - £49. 15.

Sat 6th. Tracing all day. Bodalla estate.

Sunday 7. To Ch with Millie, remain sacrament. in afternoon to Morts with Melia.

Monday 8. To Sydney. saw Gother. gave up plans etc to Edward. hot day. Milly not well Dr Alloway called to see her. Called at Craig End saw Blanche. Mrs Husband & Mr James called in.

Tuesday 9. To Breakfast at Morts. met there Mr Williams talked over the Bodalla affair. In afternoon to Sydney to office met Mr William then, made small tracing of Urabodella. Met Mary Alice Gother. ordered cab from Mrs Dethman Met Mr Dr Mitchell Mr Merewether. called on Mrs Steven

Wednesday 10. To Cockatoo island with Oxley over the works. dine at Marys. then across to [indecipherable] Bay dock and on board the City of Newcastle. in the evening to the Lambs. met Essington King and Griffiths. Salsette telegraphed from Adelaide.

[Page 236]

Thursday 16. To Morts to breakfast. met Mr Williams then. talked of the Bodalla affair in afternoon to Sydney bought [indecipherable] paper to Phoenix Wharf to look after bag from Wollongong call at Craig end.

Friday 12. To Sydney. bought out Theodolite from G’s office. In Evening to Council Chambers to protest against assessment. Milly & self afterwards to the Lambs. Milly taken ill about 11pm. went in for Dr Alloway who came out and gave her something which relieved her.

Saty 13. To Sydney in morning to Phoenix wharf – Milly better but in bed all day. Lady Mitchell Blanche & Fanny James called. Richard Johnsons children to play with Melia.

Sunday 14. To Ch in morning. afternoon with J Lamb.

Monday 15. To Morts to breakfast. drove in with him to Sydney. Phoenix wharf. get letters from England two from Lord Audley who says he is about coming out having left his children in Ireland, also letter from

[Page 237]
Oct 1860

Mr Lloyd. took Theo to be mended, and made out Registry return of the birth of the boy Mrs Roberts called.

16. Tuesday. To Breakfast at Morts. talk on Bodalla affair to town with him – to Club lunch. Met Sir C Nicholson. call at Clarks wharf. met Revd Mr Clarke, got to Garland & Bingham look over [indecipherable]
Wed. 17. To Morts. to Sydney. to rl..way too late for Parramatta . to Glebe Island look at Abattoir out again. with Milly call on Mr Oslevin, Sir W Manning. W. Laidley & Mrs Massie. met the 2 Misses James give them oranges. from Rees form for rent £9. 10.

Thurd 18. To Sydney. also to Morts. Met Sir W Mc Arthur who showed me a copy of his leases, called at Ohearn’s wharf & at Clarks Wharf. order cask of water.

Friday 19. To Sydney order wine of Smith Peate & Co to Club. write to Blanche at Cockatoo

[Page 238]
call on Mr Richardson. he out. he came in evening – rainy day.

Saty 20. Cloudy day with rain. Child Christened at St Marks by the Revd Mr Richardson. J de V. Lamb Mrs Lamb Miss Hodgson Miss James Blanche present H. Oxley absent name “Livingstone Frederick" Mr R. Mr & Mrs Lamb to tea in evening (1 doz wine glasses)

Sunday 21. To Ch by self. Mr Walsh preached. in afternoon walk out with Milly and Melia

Monday 22. To Sydney. met Mr T.A. Murray. Russell Mr Hore etc. to Phoenix wharf. in afternoon call on Mr T. Mort. Mrs Rollerton. Mrs Richardson. 1 doz wine came from Peat & Smith and Co.

Tuesday 23. To the Morts to dine with Milly & Melia. M called on Mrs W. Lamb in Morts carriage. in Evening Mr Hore to tea.

Wednesday 24. Southerly buster and afternoon to Sydney. Got my carpet bag at Phoenix Wharf. Millie called at Craig End & on Mrs King

Wednesday 25 to Morts spoke about office to him

[Page 239]
October 1860

to Sydney. I spoke to Sir C. N. Milly not well. to J Lambs by self in evening – call on Mrs Brooks & Mrs H Mort.

Friday 26. Concluded with Mort – to Sydney to Johnsons, Survey office. Club got cheque from Cameron paid certain bills.

Sat 27. To Morts. gave in his application for run. Bodalla. to Sydney. advertised in Heald & Griffin about Bodalla. in evening to Lambs to color a picture of volunteer uniforms Nelly Dickenson playing with Melia – had a bath.

Sunday 28. To Ch. in morning. rainy damp day.

Monday 29. To Sydney. to Club met Gother, looking for a horse.

Tuesday 30. Preparing for a start to Bodalla

Wednesday 31 Bought a horse, black Cob. white nose branded GR near shoulder. P. near ribs & 41 off side

Thursday 1 Nov. Start at 12 noon per Hunter steam for the Clyde. very sick. landed passengers at

[Page 240]
November 1860

Wollongong in a boat.

Friday 2d Land at Nelligen and after breakfast start for Moruya – stop at Austen’s (Burrells) and have some lunch, arrive at Caswells about 6.30 a very hot day. Cut Braidwood.

Sat 3. At Moruya, to the town speaking to Mr Emmett about Bodalla &c very hot day

4. Sunday. Remain at Caswells, a heavy thunderstorm at night. Miss Angelina Boot spending the day at Caswells.

Monday. 5. To the Township, then to Bodalla. dined at Bugalici, Mr Clarke, rain hard, got wet, also got wet crossing at the Tuross.

Tuesday 6. Looking about the estate, see Mr Dansey, Mr Wilkins, Stevens etc – walk out with Bryce on the am, heavy thunderstorm, hail & rain.

Wednesday 7 Tracing up sideline of Bodalla with Stevens & Dansey, go down the river a short distance – Rain

Thursday 8. Tracing up side line. engage Henry

[Page 241]
November 1860

Hyason @ 22/6. per week & ration, he commenced work today. Wrote to Mort Millie. F. Flannigan arrived here in the evening. Engaged Webb.

Friday 9. Completed tracing side line, had a bathe in the river, walking about the estate recd a letter from Millie & 4 papers

Sat 10: Men at work putting up huts etc. walk out to the Honeysuckle flat – round Wedgett and to Comerang, looking at Bryers cultivation. had a talk with Mrs Cowdroy my box with spades etc arrived from the Bay (Batemans) where they had been left – agree with Richards to supply rations at 8/6 per ration.

Sund 11. To Moruya arrive at Caswells about 6 pm. he away at Sydney.

Monday 12. Got horse shod – rode with Mr Clarke to Berjalia dined there. Thunderstorms – return to Bodalla arrive about 5.30 – Baldwin speaking to me in evening

[Page 242]
Tuesday 13. Men at work putting up their hut. walk out to Bodalla Flat.

Wednesday 14. Five men this day at draining – Hyason. Nash. Hetheran, Foreman and Brown. Dausey signed fencing agreement for 3/9. Bryce witness. Mr Forster dined with me, on his way to Moruya. Walk over the Wedgett Flat.

Thursday 15. Men at work for a few hours – Raining heavily from 9am.

Friday 16. Rain all night and day, men at work only for a few hours. Recd letter from Milly & Lord Audley.

Sat. 17. Raining heavily. men could only work for a few hours. Mr Forster to breakfast on his way home – River rising fast every appearance of a flood.

Sund 18. Wet unpleasant day. River very high and flats flooded.

Mond 19. Showers. Men at clearing off as the water was too high for them to work at drains.
Posted letters to T. S Mort & Co Lord A and Milly

[Page 243]
November 1860

Tuesday 20th. Men clearing off. went down to Quake Island with Cowdroy – heavy thunderstorm in Evening – flood abating.

Wed. 21. Fine day rode to Borang Lagoon men at work as usual.

Thur 22. Ride to Bodalla and round the swamp, speak to Stevens & Perry, Post letters to M. Jack Lamb. Cap Hart – a fine day.

Friday 23 Walk to the Honeysuckle flat, inspect the men clearing trees. One paper from Sydney

Sat. 24. Rain all day, men at work for a few minutes only.

Sund. 25 Fine day –

Mond. 26. Fine day. marking out lines of drainage

Tues 27. Surveying Wedgett and tracing out Parkinsons line of road. recd two letters from Millie enclosing one from Alice and Six papers

W. 18 Surveying Wedgett – close hot day

Thurs 29 Heavy thunderstorm last night, hot sultry day drawing plan of road and tracing line round Wedgett. posted letter to Mort & Milly

[Page 244]

December 1860

Frid 30. Close hot day with slight shower. men as usual. Cleared line of road – Recd letter from Milly

Sat. 1 Men at work as usual, a very hot day myself surveying in morning

Sunday 2. As usual

Monday 3. Surveying in morning, caught two eels a hot day with thunderstorm –

Tuesday 4. Men as usual – surveying in morning 3 papers from Millie

Wed. 5. Surveying in morning. In afternoon inspecting men at digging drains etc Fine day

Thurs 6. Rainy in morning and afternoon, men at work as usual

Friday 7. Tracing and clearing road at Back of Loyhut, in afternoon surveying. Let the water on at the long [indecipherable] red letter & two papers from Millie

Sat 8 Commenced draining the small Bodalla flat – a very hot day. Paid Mr Bryce £15 for timber

[Page 245]
December 1860

Sund 9th. Fine day. wrote to Milly & [indecipherable]
Mond 10. Start for the heads Tuross – too much rain, return drawing till dinner, then clear a road to [indecipherable] swamp and inspect men draining it –a very rainy unpleasant day

Tuesd 11. Rain nearly all day, the men at usual work in afternoon only – rain during the night Letter & 5 newspapers.

Wed 12. A fine day. went to the mouth of the Tuross in a boat. a beautiful River but the entrance bad

Thursday 13. Inspecting men, walk to look at drain little flat. in afternoon to Mr Wilkins & post office intend to go to see the [indecipherable] but miss the boat Fine day but very hot.

Friday 14 A very hot day employed as usual. Poru tried to sell his crops by auction but could not.

Sat. 15 Men at work as usual. pay them off this afternoon.

Sund 16. Leave Bodalla about 11 am. had to

[Page 246]
cross the River by boat as the tide was high arrive at Caswells about 5pm. call at Royal in on my way.

Monday 17. Walk into Moruya and pay Emmett his account. remain at Caswells a very hot day.

Tuesday 18. Start for Bateman Bay and meet Hunter steamer at 5 pm.

Wednesday 19. Arrive in Sydney at 6 am. very sick during the night. fine passage but heavy swell. get home about 8. to Sydney had a bath. hair cut. Met Drew – In evening to Lambs. met J. & W laidly also Stevens – & Ed Lamb – commence writing English letters, heard of the death of Charly Dempsy, and the birth of a son to Alice Dauncey –

Thursday 20. Blowing a strong N.E. gale – did not go out. Milly to Sydney taking singing lessons,

Frid 21. Rain all day to Sydney got bill of Exchange for £23. 2. 9. for Lord A, posted letters to Ld A. Charlotte & Alice Dauncey

[Page 247]
Decr. 1860

Sat. 22. To Morts there all morning in afternoon drawing plans. In evening to Tea at the Lambs –

Sunday 23. A fine day. To ch in afternoon with Millie & Mielia – call at the Lambs Sir J. Dickinson & - Bloomfield at the Morts. in the garden for a short time

Monday 24. At Morts all day helping him to hang pictures, dined there, in Evening at the Lambs.

Tuesday 25. Xmas day, dine by ourselves – the two children to the table, did not go out.

Wednesday 26. In afternoon walk to Darling Pt. The Lambs to tea in evening – Drew with us the greater part of the day.

Thursday 27. To Morts in morning, again there with Millie & Melia. to look at pictures. Met Mrs Sugelow there.

Frid. 28. To Mrs Allens funeral, she died on the 26th. started from Premium Terrace at 8am. proceeded to Parramatta. got a seat in M. H Stevens carriage, and

[Page 248]
January 1861

went as far as the University. to Club.

Sat 29. To Morts he away. in evening to Victoria Theatre. Pantomime.

Sund 30. To Ch with M. in the morning.

Mond 31. To Morts making catalogue of pictures – in afternoon to Cockatoo – saw May Gother etc.

Tuesday 1. All day long at Rose bay playing at cricket

Wed. To Sydney had a bath – met Drew & Mason. To Morlings for rent he absent. home by omnibus – hot day. Milly with a great pain in her face. To Morts in morning he away – met him in Sydney

Thurs 3rd.. Milly unable to sleeo at night, suffering from pain in her gums - to Smiths [indecipherable] got 2 leeches, applied them. To Sydney got rents. £53. 12. 6. Pd Cr in Bk. Met Nat Powell. to Belasanios, out with him in Cab he [indecipherable] M’s gum. M better in evening. Posted letter to Bodalla. to [indecipherable] etc

[Page 249]
January 1861

Friday 4 A very hot day at home all day.

Sat 5. To Sydney saw Ed at office in afternoon to Hyde Park saw review of Volunteers – showers.

Sund 6. To Ch in morning, met Galloway Ed to dinner. did not go out.

Mond. 7. To Sydney to office saw McLean about surveys – Saw Ed at office 83 convicts removed from Cockatoo on Saty for [indecipherable]
Tues 8 To Cockatoo Isld with Milly and the children dined there , met Mr Whitton as we were leaving. a fine day. In evening to Lambs 2hours cobbles

Wed 9. In afternoon to call on the Mc Castays and Murray with Milly.

Thurs 10 To Morts with picture of apples. To Sydney to [indecipherable] about selling land – in evening to Lambs sherry cobbles

Friday 11. To Morts in morning took picture of Sir T back to him. To Sydney Syrian Actobats in

[Page 250]
evening, who played and amused us much. J. Lamb came down but Mrs Lamb too unwell

Saty 12. To pears to Mrs Bunny – to Sydney. gave Bowden [indecipherable] to sell land at point & houses. met Gother and J. Thompson – unpleasant day –

Sund 13th. To Ch in morning. service by Revd P Smith MrsHanbury called in afternoon

Monday 14. Rainy day. to Sir C. Nicholsons then to cottage at Point, in afternoon to Morts to inspect pictures G invitation a rainy unpleasant day –

Tuesday 15. To Sydney. saw Bowden and met Edward. In evening to dine with R V Johnson gave maps of Bodalla to Mr Wilkins

Wed. 16. To Morts he out. in afternoon with Milly to Craig end – Jessie started this day for Melbourne. Met J Lamb and walked home with him. Mr Lamb in evening

Thursd 17. To Sydney to Bowdens, met Mr Hadforth Galloway Powell etc. to Clarks wharf about my box – Recd English letters from Dauncey Livy and Charlotte. J Lamb & Mr E Cox in evening

[Page 251]
18th Jany. To Morts all the morning, writing English letters-

19. Sat. To Review of Volunteers with Milly in the Domain, in afternoon to Sydney – met Mr Barton. Burrows etc, a general holiday – blowing hard from

20. Sund. Blowing a hard gale of wind night and day from the N.E. went to Ch in afternoon with Milly –

21. Mon. To Morts settled accounts with him. posted English letters. To Alice, Dauncey Mr Mitchell. Livy. walk to Paddington meet Capt AtKinson & Richardson XII. fine day –

22d Tues. To Dunsmeres about Morts affair. Saw Stenhouse. Governor left in the Behar this day – met Hovell – Milly and children at the Hodgsons

[Page 252]
Jany 1861.

23 Wed. To Sydney. To wharf about my box, to S. Office home Lady Forbes called, Mr Rd Johnson and children here to day. Call on Mrs R Johnson then walk to the Point – in Evening to J Lambs shiny cobbles

24. Thursd To Sydney. Attend sale of allotments at Bowdens – no sale. T. Mitchell having sent a protest – to Club and then walk home – in Evening to Lambs – called on Mr Cutilo

25. Frid. To Sydney to Dunsmeres on business about T. A. Mitchell. To Club. Milly to call on Mr Tooth & Hay in Mrs Oglivie carriage – The Lambs and H. Bloomfield in evening. Wrote to Mort about Bodalla

26. Sat. Anniversary day. walk to the Domain to see the regatta. met Mr Prost & the Spanish Consul. home about 2 Milly did not go out a fine day.

[Page 253]
Jany 1861

27th Sund. To Ch with Millie in the morning. Mr Walsh preached in afternoon with the Lambs, they to tea, and H Bloomfield in evening

28. Mond To Club wrote to Galloway & Caswell. To Flavelles looking at instruments. met Gotha. Bella sent nice box of eggs. New servant girl arrived

29. Tues. Lady Forbes called in the morning went into Sydney in afternoon to Club wrote letters to Mr Wilkins and Brice. To Lady Mitchells, she having returned from Stanwell. Thunder storm in evening.

30 Wed. To Sydney. stop at Craig End with Millie and the children. then met them at Daltons and had their likeness taken. To Club wrote to Bella. purchased compass from Flavelle Heavy thunderstorm in evening – with rain.

[Page 254]

31 Thurs. To Craig End. to Surry Hills to look for a Mr Ribberds. To Sydney. thunderstorm, get portrait from Daltons – walk home - Mr Richardson to tea – and afterwards to Lambs sherry cobblers.

Frid 1. To Sydney. to Manly beach with Mrs Smith – call on the Smiths – Lady Forbes & Lady Mitchell to spend the day with Millie Campbell in the evening A very hot day

Sat 2. To Sydney call on Col. Kempt then witness start for yatch race. To Victoria Wharf to enquire about the “Orient" to Royal Hotel – met Dr Mitchell and walk home. Millie not well, in evening to Smiths to get a blue pill for her. a very hot day

Sund 3. To Ch. Milly not very well. men dragging Rushcutters Bay for the body of a little boy who was drowned. a son of Mr Ray’s. Thunder and rain in afternoon.

Mond 4. To Sydney. met Millie at Belissanio’s – To Victoria Wharf got box from “Orient" bought stand for mangle – Elizabeth left this day.

[Page 255]
Feby 1861

Tuesday 5. To Morts had an interview about the estate. In afternoon to Sydney. To Belassaios – met Stuart Russell. To Tomaghi with needle to the [indecipherable] To Flavelles – home by gaol. In evening Mr Helsham. Campbell & Blanche to tea

Wed 6. To Sydney wrote reply to invitation to Sir C Nicholson. Leave Millie’s name at Govt house. Rain and thunder in afternoon. The Sparlius called in

Thurs. 7. Milly to Sydney. music and Belasanis – at home all day in evening to Lambs. heard of the death of poor Nelly Stevens and her God mother Mrs Bedford – rainy day.

Frid 8. Rain all day To Sydney in afternoon call at Craig End. Call on Dr Attoway. Belasanis Snr Curtolo called in afternoon

Sat. To Sydney in morning - in evening to Dinner at Sir Chas Nicholsons. Thunder & rain to H. Morts about affairs.

[Page 256]
Sundy 10. To Ch in morning with Millie – Nurse & Melia in afternoon. Lambs to tea – also Ed Manning – call on Lady M in afternoon.

Mondy 11. To Sydney – Du[indecipherable] got £40 haircut – Millie had nerve of tooth destroyed by Belassanio – walk home – call on Sir C Nicholson

Tuesday 12. Preparing for Wollongong

Wed 13. To Craig End with Millie, then with Lady M & Blanche to Hardy’s also to Dunsmeres about raising money etc. Met Gother had lunch and a talk with him.

Thurs 14. To Sydney. left carpet bag at Phoenix Wharf. To Cricket grounds. Match between Melbourne & Sydney – had a bath at Robinsons. To Belasanio but Millie would have nothing done.

Frid. 15 To Belasanios with Millie. She had nerve of tooth destd. fainted (she did) walk through Domain M goes home – I

[Page 257]
Feby 1861

return to Cricket ground – met de Lauret – called on the Phillip’s and saw them, rain. Snr. Cutole & Lambs in evening – Rain. J Lamb gives Snl C a bed as it rained so heavily

Sat 16. With Millie and Blanche to the Cricket ground. Mrs Lamb in evening. J Lamb to cricketers dinner N.S.W. beaten by 20 runs

Sund 17. To Ch with M in morning. Mr Oglivie called

Mond. 18 Leave Sydney by the Hunter at 12 – arrive at Wollongong about 5 fine passage – put up a Capt Harts – Recd English letters also one from Galloway. Brisban

Tuesday 19. To Cabbage tree bridge road – gave warning to move fences to Barker, Murphy, Mc Kurgean Cummings & Ryan etc – a very hot day.

Wed. 20. To Coump Ho made tracing of roads then to road from Cabbage tree bridge and up the mountain to Drywalls – a very hot oppressive day. Capt Hart to a wedding, a daughter of C.T. smiths married to a Mr Pearson. Mr N Jenkins in evening – both go to Mr Skittles to a dance

[Page 258]
Thur 21. From Capt Harts to Browns at Dapto [indecipherable] a letter from M. enclosing one from Tommy an insulting epistle – Walk to Dr Gerrards and have tea there a very hot day.

Friday 22 Engage a man @ 6/9 a day. go to Lindsays road and mark off the breadth in certain places – also up as far as Rutledgs – through Waples land. then to O’Briens – then across to Mr Blackmans – and look at proposed line of road through his farm – wrote to Bella and Mr Jenkins.

Sat. 23 To Survey road at Mr Blackmans – a very hot day indeed. thunder and heavy rain in afternoon stayed some time at Dr Gerards – cooler in evening

Sund 21. To Dapto Ch. Mr Simpson preached – then to Dr Gerards and dine there. Dr Lambert there – a nice cool day

Mond. 28. Surveying road from Kembla post office to Barretts – lunch there – a fine day but hot bad head ache. Report on opening of road [indecipherable]

[Page 259]
February 1861 March -

Tuesday 26. Surveying road along [indecipherable] boundary. letter from Millie advising the arrival of Lord Audley

Wed. 27. As yesterday surveying – and along Sheaffs access road – met the Misses Sheaffes, hand up old Barretts lines

Thurs 28. Moved to Barretts. surveying line of road for P. Larkin. Capt Sheaffe with me in evening.

Friday 1 Wet morning did not go out till the afternoon, measuring Sheaffes occupation road. a dull day.

Saty 2. Surveying round through Mc Phail’s a close hot day.

Sund 3. Rain in morning did not go to Ch too wet. dined at Gerards – a hot close unpleasant day.

Monday 4. A very hot day indeed, surveying along Thompson & Brevades boundary for Alleys line of road – heard of an old man having cut his throat – letter from M. also posted one –

[Page 260]
Tuesday 5. Survey along the W boundary of Weston 500 ac to connect Alleys road with West Dapto road – went to a hut to see an old fellow named Campbell who in a fit of madness cut his throat yesterday – The morning very hot – a nice cool breeze in afternoon

Wed 6th To Survey road (Bong Bong) from continuation of Swans farm. a hot day. Recd letter from Milly and 4 papers

Thurs 7th. Surveying W. Dapto road – call on Mrs Sheaffe.

Friday 8. Surveying from Black mans gate to Charcoal – in order to widen the road – took down some panels of fencing on Lindsays road.

Sat. 9. Surveying road from Tweedie line and along ps Barretts boundary & for Rogan. a very hot day.

Sund 10 Did not go to Ch. a very hot day. to dine at the Gerards. Mrs & Miss Roebuck called – recd a note from Ed and Charlotte.

[Page 261]
March 1861

Monday 11. Surveying road at Tweedies 50 ac and through Jeremiah Healys land – West Dapto – a hot day

Tuesday 12. Continuing line along side fence of K. Mc Kenzies 100 ac – Recd a note from Lord A who said he would be at Wollongong tonight – could not get a horse or I would have gone – A hot day.

Wednesday 13. Borrow a horse and start for Wollongong meet Lord A, Campbell in Davis’s cart at Charcoal Creek. return with them to Lannoys, and go to the Lake in a boat – return with them to Wollongong and remain night.

Thursday 14 Leave Wollongong at 10:30 by mail cart to Browns – or Lannoys, then to Barratts – in afternoon to measure road at Tweedies – Ld A

Friday 15. Measuring road along Mc Kenzie’s 100 ac near Tweedies – and a short [indecipherable] Lord A with me

Sat. 16 Rain in morning. in afternoon with Ford to measure a road for Barrett and

[Page 262]
others from Sheaffes’ corner pin – to Simpson road – smoked my second cigar – Met Capt Sheaffe who walked with us part of the way home.

Sunday 17. Did not go to Ch. a very hot day. Walked to Browns but no newspapers.

Mond 18. Old Barrett drove us to Wollongong in his dog cart, we start at 12 for Sydney in the Nora Creima – arrive about 6. after a fine passage found Milly with a toothache.

Tues 19. To Sydney. hair cut. School of Arts exhibition. got pair of new boots. saw two accidents run away dog carts – Mr Hill gave me a lift in, in his gig, at office several hours. wrote to Galloway - Mrs H Mort called

Wed. 20. Plan drawing all day. Lord A to tea – Mrs Norton & Mr Lamb called in evening

Thurs. 21. Wrote letter to Alice, also to Mrs Mitchell. Red letters from Alice Dauncy and Mrs Lloyd – drawing

Frid. 22d. Sir J Young our new Governor

[Page 263]
arrived by the mail, the Northam yesterday. public landing this day at noon went with Lord A. to levee but too late. Called on Sir C Nicholson and went with Blanche, Lord A and Campbell to Exhibition of School of Arts. Lord A came out in evening.

Sat 23 To Sydney – got £20 from [indecipherable] wrote to Dunsmere staying proceedings against executors. drawing all afternoon. a very windy day. Milly looking for a fresh nurse. Mr Massie arrived from [indecipherable] Bay. had a talk with him on the Green.

Sund 24. To Ch by self in morning very hot. a southerly buster about 2 pm. and rain

Monday 25 Rain all day – drawing.

Tuesday 26. Rain all day – drawing.

Wednesday 27 ditto – ditto – to Lambs in evening.

Thursday 28 To Sydney met Lord A. to A Irvings, then to wine Vaults, Blades, then

[Page 264]
April 1861

on board the Oliver Cromwell – dined there. went to Craig End and so home, Ld A to tea – in Evening signed petition for Synod bill – showers.

Friday 29. Good Friday. To Church with M in the morning – rain heavily – in showers during the day. saw J. Lamb & E. Lamb

Sat. 30 A Fine day. M. with face ache she called on Lady manning. Mrs Appleby Mrs Armitage & Mrs W. Laidley

Sund 31. to Ch with Milly morning and evening. Mr Allword preached in the evening. remain to sacrament, the new Organ played for the first time.

Mond – 1 April. Drawing all the morning – in Evening wall to Craig End to fetch Milly and Melia. In Evening to Mrs Lambs – New nurse arrived.

Tuesday 2d. To Sydney with Milly bought a Bible for nurse – chairs etc for selves – to office – and got rents from [indecipherable] – Lord A to tea.

[Page 265]
Apl. 3

Wed. Rain heavily the whole of last night and this day, the water running in through chimnys etc. drawing all day long.

Thurs 4 Rain nearly all day. Our nurse was to have been married to day – but had to put off her wedding on acct of the weather. Drawing all the morning – in afternoon to Sydney – to Bank – got cheque for £35 – 5- 6. cashed pd Ld A amount of his rents £30. 17. 6 to Survey Office saw Mc Lean – then to Gothers Office, saw him and got box of eggs and Apple jelly from Bella – call at Craig End on my way out

Frid 5 Fine day drawing. walk out in the evening with Milly to Paddington. call on the Massies. Mr M. having only just returned from Melbourne.

Sat. 6. To St Johns Ch. with M & Melia to see Nurse married. then home. drawing all day. Lady M.

[Page 266]
Blanche & Lord A came in evening –

Sund 7. To Ch with M in the morning – a hot day Saw Chatfield and Lamb in afternoon

Mond 8 Drawing all day. rainy. in evening with J Lamb to meeting at Vestry J Marks - filled in census report – Mrs Lamb with Milly in evening.

Tuesday 9. Mrs Lamb not well went into Sydney to tell J Lamb. then to Bank. Met Dr Mitchell. bought a large scrap book. one of Mr Sutt. drawing all afternoon. Milly with Mrs Lamb.

Wednesday 10. Walk to Darling point to try and get rent from houses. then round the point. found that a great deal of turf had been cut away. drawing all the day – in in Evening Lord Audly came out. Mrs Mort called.

Thursday 11. Drawing all day. Blanche to dinner. in Evening to tea at the Nortons.

Friday 12 To Sydney to [indecipherable] to [indecipherable] about a pain saw Gother & Ed to Club and out, rain in afternoon

[Page 267]
Apl. 1861

Sat 13. Drawing all day – Milly to pay visits in afternoon – fine day –

Sund 14. To Ch. with Milly in morning – Caroline our servant left us last night Mr & Mrs Lamb left for [indecipherable] yesterday – Recd telegram of mail. the Benares.

Monday 15 Drawingthe whole day

Tuesday 16 Drawing the whole day. Milly in afternoon to town.

Wednesday 17. Drawing all day. The Nortons & Ld A to tea in evening.

Thursday. 18. Mail arrived this day with Mr Wentworth. a beautiful day – drawing In afternoon with Lanto call at Lady [indecipherable] and then walk round the Cooper estate –

Friday 19. To Sydney. recd letters from Charlotte Alice. Miss Mitchell & Catherine. Saw Ed and got £15. hair cut. Milly to town - in afternoon to Mrs Nortons to see Melia who was at a childs party there.

Sat 20 Raining – drawing all day –Mr & Mrs

[Page 268]
Massie called. also Blanch & Aimee Hodgson writing letters to Mr Lloyd. Alice Dauncey and Charlotte

Sunday 21 Rain all day could not go to Church in evening walked to Wooloomooloo and posted English letters. call at Craig End – Lady M not very well saw Blanch & Lord A.

Monday 22d A fine day. closing official letters.
N61/3 Rd from Post office Mt Kembla
N61/4 Large map of Bong Bong & other roads.
N61/5 Sheaffes Occupation road.
N61/6 Blackman road through his farm
N61/7 Road from Keanings to Tweedies
N61/8 Rd Through Tweedis
Lord A & Lady M to dine in afternoon took a walk to Rose Bay with Lord A.

Tuesday 23 A rainy day to Sydney bought gloves for Millie. in afternoon to lunch at Sir C Nicholson – Leave mann at fort House

Wednesday. Drawing all day, fine – J Lamb called in morning from [indecipherable]

[Page 269]
Melia in afternoon to Nortons. Millie & Boy to town. M bought him a hat.

Thurs 25. Rain all day long – finish my plans – make out bill
24 days @ 3- 3- 0 £75 – 12 – 0)
19 days @ 2- 2- 0 £39 – 18 – 0) 115 10 – 0

Friday 26 To Sydney. gave in my plans and bill to the office, raining. Letter from Rees [indecipherable] & £9 -10 – sent for Melia

Saty 27. In afternoon walk to Craig End – Lord A out in evening. dull day with showers Milly better to day of face ache – though very bad in morning

Sund. 28 To Ch. by self. Sermon by the Bishop in aid of Chaplains to the Gold Fields – Lord A to dine – rain heavily all day.

Mond 29. Rain nearly all day did not go out.

Tues 30. In afternoon call on Sir C. Nicholson then to Sydney to see Gother. pay Vaughan Carpenter £1 – 13 – 0 walk out with J Unton

Wed. 1 May. To Sydney. to see Belasianio

[Page 270]
May 1861

about Millie – she waited at Craig End for me – made an appointment for her at 12 tomorrow. then to Office and found that £86 had paid to my account. To Craig End – and so home Lord A to tea with us.

Thursday. 2d May To Sydney. Millie took Chlorform and had 10 teeth out – unwell in consequence all the afternoon and evening – Lord A came out to tea – Kitchen chimney swept this morning.

Friday 3. With Lord A and Blanche to Cockatoo. dined there – home in evening – when coming to the wharf – a long boom caught Morris the boatman and knocked him overboard – he however clung to the boom, the boat then drifted under knocky Lord A and myself almost in the water – and half filling the boat – caught a boat alongside and rescued Morris – Lord A came out with me and returned with Lady M

Saty. 4. To Sydney – got cheque cashed £30 - back to dinner then to Craig End and with

[Page 271]

Lord A – to race course and I saw a couple of races run – A beautiful day – Lord A and Lady M to tea.

Sund 5. To Ch with Melia, Millie suffering from her mouth.

Monday 6. To Sydney, with Massie to see the designs of New houses of Parliament then to Bank got 20 – to office for copy of Darks road and so home – Lord A and Lady M to tea – Got £42 rent from Chambers for house at point

Tuesday 7. Walk with Melia to the Point and look at the cottage – in afternoon to Sydney – got hair cut – then to Pheonix wharf and met Bella and children who had just arrived from Brisbane water – Lord A & lady M to tea – a beautiful day – Dr Alloway called.

Wednesday 8. In afternoon to Sydney with Millie and Melia. to Belasanios, then to call on Bella saw the children and Edward. To Madam Ponder – paid her bill. bought shoes for Melia also a doll. In evening up to the Lambs. gave Mrs L a drawing

[Page 272]
Thursday 9. In afternoon to Craig End – and walk out with Lord A a round by the Edge Cliff road.

Friday 10. Telegram of mail from England, “Jeddu" – to Sydney. saw Ed Bella etc. M[indecipherable] on their way to Cockatoo – In afternoon to Manly Beach with Lord A – Millie & Blanche. Met Mrs Chatfield ch on board steamer. John Thompson formerly Dep. Sr Gnl died yesterday. Remained to tea at Craig End.

Saty. 11. To Sydney, Bella and children to dine in afternoon to funeral of John Thompson with Lord A. Ld A Miss James & Blanche to tea. Mr Cutolo called in.

Sunday 12 Rain did not go to Ch. Lord A to dinner the Lambs in the afternoon.

Monday Recd English letters. one from Dauncy, Mr Mildall and Alice. In afternoon took carpet bag to Phoenix Wharf – met Ed & Bella

Tuesday 14 Leave Sydney 1 am per Nora Creine and arrive at Wollongong at 6.30 – a very firm passage – breakfast at Capt Harts – on to Lawsons

[Page 273]
hotel – Dapto – call on the Gerands – saw the Roebucks - & old Mrs Barrett – Mrs G with her 13th child – 3 weeks old – Lemonade & sherry pin – glass brandy

Wed. 15. To Lindsays road – a showery day – inspecting road etc – wrote to Lord A - & Dauncey Sherry & Lemonade – glass brandy

Thursday 16. Survey a line from the Lake towards Browns – man with me for first time to day – fine day but cold

Friday 17 Surveying road from Robertsons point at the Lake – sherry & lemonade – glass hot brandy a windy day

Saty 18. Surveying about Browns Hotel glass wine & brandy

Sunday 19. To Irvings to dine recd. letter from Millie, also one containing cheque for £20 odd on account of sales for butter etc. of course a mistake.

Monday 20. remain at Irvings all night – go to Post Office to repost registered letter to Mc Caffery – which I recd yesterday, glass wine & brandy – rain all day – drawing

[Page 274]
May 1861

Tuesday 21. Surveying Howes line of road past Capt Hopkins. a very fine day. wrote to the Sr Gnl about rescinding part of Alleys line of road. letter No 61/9 (sherry & lemon & brandy)

Wed. 22. Surveying from Capt Hopkins to Dapto post office – fine day, recd a letter from Milly and replied – (glass wine & brandy)

Thursday 23 Surveying Avondale road near Daisy Bank. a fine day. (glass wine & brandy)

Friday 24 Surveying through Avondale – dined with H Osborn & Met Miss Moriaty & Miss Buton there a fine day but windy.

Sat 25 Surveying though Avondale and part of Bong Bong road. a very windy day. wrote to Milly & Rees Jones. let farm at Redman to Sainsbury - £20 per annum for 7 years

Sunday 26 A windy day. Walk to call on Mrs Sheaffes then to tea at Gerands in evening a fine day

Monday 27. Marking line through Avondale – yound Gerand with me – saw H Osborne, W Irving & young Osborne a fine day – glass wine & Brandy & little lemonade

[Page 275]
May 1861 & June

Tuesday 28. Measuring road to Marshall Mount a fine day but windy

Wednesday 29. Remain at Marshall Mt. the night Patk Throsby. a Mr Roberts – Ben Osborne, & Mr Dunning there, measuring road to Yalla a beautiful day. 4 lemonade 2 nobler 1 glass brandy 1 glass wine

Thurd. 30. To Avondale. pegging out road – then along the new Bong Bong. 2d. a lovely day recd. a letter from Millie amp; replied – 2 glass wine & lemonade.

Friday 31st Surveying Blackmans road in order to widen it. then a small length of road from old Healy through Mannings farm, Met Osborn (2) Pat Throsby & Livy 4 nobbler?. glass wine & lemonade in evening – a beautiful day.

Sat 1 June Surveying around Kewoss 100 acc & Mc Phails – Mr Freeman at the Sun, he had arrived from Stanwell, also a young fellow [indecipherable]. wrote to Millie

Sunday 2. To Irvings to dine – Capt Hart there he went into Wollongong in afternoon to meet his son Fred. a lovely day. walked to the Lake

[Page 276]
June 1861

Monday 3. Remain at Irvings all night. all day surveying along Darkes road to W Dapto road. A lovely day. Met Mr Vaughn at the bridge in the evening – glass wine, brandy

Tuesday 4. Surveying on Sheaffes road and along West Dapto Creek through Barretts land, Wine & Brandy a cloudy day. inclined to rain. E. Gerard with me

Wednesday 5 Showers – surveying creek through Barretts & Osborn – at Dapto – letter from Millie – poor little Melia not well glass brandy & wine

Thursday 6 Surveying about Mullet Creek – rain heavily in afternoon letter from Millie – replied also note to Mr Paling – Mr Osborn & A Thompson called. Brandy & Wine

Friday 7th Surveying about Browns – measuring occupation road along his boundary line. rain in the night and occasionally during the day. met Mr H Osborn on the estate – glass brandy & wine report on Waples road.

Saty 8. Survy along the Lake and fixing Rd to Robinsons Point – a fine day – Brandy & wine

Sunday 9. Letter from Milly poor Melia not well dine at Gerards, call on the Roebucks in afternoon

[Page 277]
Monday 10. Survey Robinsons Rd to the Lake and marking out approaches to new Bridge. [indecipherable] Mr Vaughn & Capt Baker at the bridge a fine day. wrote to Millie. Cherry brandy & wine.

Tuesday 11. Survey a line from Darraghs corner to the boundary of King Bartons land, as an alteration of the Bong Bong line, then across to old Barretts 30 acc & through Sheaffs land so home. Gerard with me.

Wednesday 12. Surveying about Mullet Creek.

Thursday 13. Leave Lainoys. and by Mail cart to Wollongong. dine at Capt Harts with Ed Manning and come on to Sydney in the Nora Creina – arrive about 11 pm.

Friday 14. To Sydney. to the office etc. Ld A to tea. recd letters from England With M to Belasano had a Turkish bath

Saty 15. With Millie to Belisano then to Manly Beach with Lord A. Campbell & Blanche.

[Page 278]
Sund. 16 To Ch in morning by self – a cold raw day. walk out with Millie & Melia Millie had a fainting fit

Monday 17. To Sydney in the morning – in afternoon to fancy sale with Millie, Blanch Melia & baby.

Tuesday 18. To Fancy fair with Melia & Millie a dull day, slight rain. The boy fell out of bed this morning and bruised his forehead. his new bedstead came from T. Moore’s. In evening with the Lambs.

Wednesday 19. To Sydney. To Royal to call on Gibson not in. then to Gladesville Parramatta River to see Bella – home by 6 pm. fine day. Comet visible

Thursday 20. Preparing to draw. in afternoon with Milly to call on Alister Mc Lean – then to the Royal to see Mrs Gibson & Mrs Bloomfield – a southerly buster – and rain – Millie with a fainting fit bad one – Mr Hodgson called – wrote to Post Master & Ed – transmitted [indecipherable] letter to him.

[Page 279]
June 1861

Friday 21. Post newspapers & walked to look at allots at Point – Mary & Minnie to dine. they left in Mr Morts carriage and took little Melia with them. called on Mrs Oxley not at home. Millie very ill last night – not well today a lovely day

Sat. 22d. Drawing protractor – Mrs Gibson & Mrs Bloomfield called. Milly not at home.

Sund. 23. to Ch by self. Mr Steven preached Lord A out in afternoon took a walk with him.

Monday 24. To Sydney sent oranges to Bella and Gother. to paper shop with J Lamb to choose paper. then to Craig End – with Lord A and [indecipherable] then with Milly to Sydney to look at papers and then home. To Lambs in evening.

Tuesday 25. Baby Very unwell gave him a hot bath. To Sydney and left a message for Dr Alloway. he called in evening and [indecipherable] – Mrs Lamb and Mrs Garston with Millie for a long time this afternoon also Lady Mitchell

[Page 280]
1 July 1861

Monday 26.. The boy better. preparing for painter – walked out with Lord A in afternoon. Melia a tug from Cockatoo

Thursday 27. Prepare for painter etc – Milly and children went to Craig End – I went to Sydney and got powders from home for baby – had tea at Craig End

Friday 28. Ld A walked home with me last night painter commenced this morning. drawing – in evening to Craig End had tea there. Boy not very well

Sat. 29. Drawing in morning, men painting house. in afternoon with Millie, Blanche & Melia to performance at the Victoria Theatre. in evening to tea at J Nortons Mrs Only there – Milly & Blanch walked out to Glen Fork

Sunday 30. To Ch in morning – dined with J Lamb. in afternoon to Craig End took a walk with Millie & Melia – children not very well.

Monday. Got a cask of water – the first since paying 10/6. getting bedrooms ready for painter – to Sydney get rents £47 – 5 in all - £20 – 12 – 6 [indecipherable] lot. wrote to Box L88 about allotments Baby with swelling in glands – remained to tea at Craig End.

[Page 281]
July 1861

Tuesday 2.

Monday 8 The whole of last week employed about the house, the painter etc. doing the rooms. on Friday had a tea dinner at Lady Mannings – met there the Lowertys and Ross’s – did not go to Ch yesterday as the servant went – to Craig End and remained the evening both children unwell. Melia with whooping cough –boy better – Tank put up this day – Milly out to cottage in morning

Tues. 9 To Belasanios about teeth. to Craig End all unwell Millie in bed. two children better remain the evening. Last night with Lord A to School of Arts to see Professor Parker and how [indecipherable] exercise

Wed. 10. Drawing & getting house in order – to Craig End in evening.

Thursday 11. Do - Do

Friday. 12. Do – Do a cask of water Gave oranges to young Armitage

Sat 13. To Belasanios had tooth filled. then

[Page 282]
to Gladesville and saw Edward and Bella – home call at Craig End poor little boy with swelled face. met Mrs Murray. Capt Hart. Dr Alloway. Dr Boyd. etc on board steamer. Servant girl left this evening – paid her for three weeks.

Sunday 14 at home by self all day.

Monday 15. Millie and children returned home – all suffering from cough. Dr Alloway lanced the boys cheek yesterday. In evening with Ld A to lecture at the school – Mr Hill on the blacks – the Governor and many others present – The mail arrived this morning.

16. Tuesday To Sydney to Belisanios then to Bank got £10 paid Tohel 8. 1. 6 hair cut. Turkish bath then to Craig End. got English letters. one fromThorold & Alice. Call on Spanish Consul.

17. Wednesday. Drawing all day, a dull cloudy day threatening rain. children better. Dyason putting roof on Laundry.

[Page 283]
18 Thursday. Drawing all day. in evening with Blanche to ball at Govt house, remain at Craig End all night.

19 Friday. Putting up curtains & pictures drawing a cold rainy day. children still suffering from severe cold and coughs – also Millie

20th Drawing in morning. in afternoon to call on the Mannings & Mrs Oxley – Ld A to tea in evening – Children as usual

21st Sunday To Ch in morning – in evening Jas Norton to tea – Children as usual

22. Monday. Drawing all day in evening to Smiths Chemist for medicine. Milly to see her mama – children still unwell.

23d Tuesday. Dull rainy day, Melia not so well the boy better – in evening to Lady M’s with oranges & basket – she ill with sore throat.

24. Wed. Rain all day. drawing – in evening to Lady Mitchells – she better – children Melia as usual – Boy better – ½ ton coals tomorrow from Warburton

[Page 284]
Thursday 25 Rain all day drawing – children as usual.

Friday 26. To Sydney. To office took back cicomputer to Mc Lean – home. in the afternoon drawing – and evening with Blanche to Ball at Lady Mannings – rainy

Sat. 27. Drawing all day and raining – in afternoon to Craig End Lady M still in bed with cold – saw Lord A – meet A Hodgson & J Norton – Children as usual .

Sunday 28 To Ch by self in morning a cold raw day

Monday 29. Drawing all day – cold – in evening to a lecture on the Hindoos G Milford – Mr Richardson with us for a short time in evening – children as usual – Millie went to her Mamas to day.

Tuesday 30. Drawing all day. in afternoon walk out with Lord A. Mr D[indecipherable] Blanche Miss Hodgson & Miss [indecipherable] called. Millie to Sydney in morning. children better

[Page 285]
July & August 1861

Wed 31. Drawing all day. Millie to town to make purchases – children a little better. Lady M & Blanche unwell.

Thursday 1 Aug. Drawing all day. a fine day. Millie in town. With Ld A & Campbell. to Lyceum to broadsword display between Winterbottom & Packer

Friday 2d Drawing all day. Blanche to dine and with Millie to call on Lady Manning - & Lt Morts – a fine day. children [indecipherable]
Sat 3 Fine day, drawing all day. Millie to town in morning to make purchases. children better

Sund 4 wet day, did not go to Ch. Alex Rily called.

Monday 5. Drawing all day, in evening taken a walk with Lord A – dull raw day

Tuesday 6. Rain all day. drawing – in evening with Blanche to party at Kings.

Wednesday 7. Remain the night at Craig End rain all night & day – a pleasant ball last

[Page 286]
night – drawing all the afternoon – packed up the following plans for the Suv Genl.
No61/11-6th August. Road to Marshall Mount
No61/12-6th Blackmans Road to Charcoal Ck
No61/13-6th Road from the Illawarra Lake to Dapto
No61/14-6th Road at Yallah

8. Thursday. To Sydney – a very wet day. got £1 at Bank. in evening to Amateur Theatricals and ball at Hodgsons.

9 Friday Drawing all day. fine weather Mrs Keaon called & Mrs Lamb – Milly called on Mrs Roxburg

10 Sat. Drawing all day and evening – Mr & Mrs Norton called. fine day.

11. Sund To Ch with Millie a fine day.

12 Mond. Drawing all the morning. with Millie in afternoon to call at Govt house. To lecture with Ld A at School room Mr Freeman on the [indecipherable] of Charles Dickens

13. Drawing all day. Milly paying visits at Wooloomooloo Ld A in evening drank little Mary’s health three years old - this day – a fine day

14. Wednesday – Drawing all day. in evening with Ld A. Campbell

[Page 287]
August 16. 1861.

Millie & Blanche to the opera Der Fri—an American company – not very good. Rain heavily in evening – came home in Clarks Cab

15th Thursday Drawing all day – recd English letters one from Alice announcing that a box had been sent per Lochiel – Ld A & Campbell to tea in evening

Friday 16. Drawing all day – Ld A called in the middle of the day for a short time – Millie at Wooloomooloo.

61/15 15th Aug Short line occupation @ Dapto.
61/17. 16th new line to Bong Bong from Dapto
Dated 16 Aug 30 days @ 3 gin 94 10 0
21 days at 2 - 2 44 2 0

Total 138 12 0

61 Avondale etc Rd
Yallah 1 day field 1 office
[see original for list of days explain above calculation]

[Page 288]
Sat 17th Rain hard all day to Sydney. to office with above accounts – then to Lady M’s to dine. home in afternoon

Sunday 18 To Ch with M. Ld A Minnie Blanch & Fanny in afternoon, walk with Ld A round the Point.

Mond 19. The girls remained all night
No 61/19. 17 Aug. rendering my accounts
No 61/18 16 Aug. reporting upon Polling Places at Charcoal Ch & Mc [indecipherable] River.

Tuesday 20 Minni, Fanny & Blanche remained the night Lord A also to tea, they walked round by the Targets and even fired, danced in the evening. To Sydney left them at Lady Mitchells, to Mr James’ about surveys of land at Berrima saw Gother. Ed & Belle. Mary to lunch rain in afternoon.

Wednesday 21. To Town. pd £ into Bk 138.12 paid sundry bills.

Thursday 22. Last night to the Campbells in Fort Street, pleasant ball, had headache – home about 3am Millie making [indecipherable] of Blanche to assist, walk back with her to Craig End.

[Page 289]
22 August 1861

note to Sr Gnl in letter No 61/20 21st Aug about rd at [indecipherable]
Friday 23 Drawing all day – in evening to J Lambs

Sat. 24. With Millie & children to Cocatoo a cold rainy day. get them about 6pm

Sunday 25. At Cockatoo

Monday 26 Leave this Island with Alice Minnie & Theresa – then French steamer [indecipherable] then dock. Start at 1pm to Gladesville saw poor Bella, who is suffering from Asthma, also Gd & other children well – they had just recd a box from England – Mr & Mrs Rogers in the steamer returning.

Tuesday 27. To Sydney call at Craig End. Saw K.B. Mitchell who had arrived from the [indecipherable] to G’s office tracing saw no one – To Sr Genls office saw Mc Lean – a windy day – with occasional rain.

Wed 28. Call on Sir C Nicholson, see him = drawing all day. Ld A called. Millie returned from Cockatoo, bringing little Kate with her – stormy day

[Page 290]
Sept 1 – 1861

Thursday 29. Drawing all day, blowing a gale from N.E. & rain. Mrs W. Norton called.

Friday 30. Packing oranges and drawing all day in evening to tea at the Nortons.

Saty 31. To town to pay bills. in afternoon with Millie & Blanche to Victoria Barracks to see sham fight with volunteers. a 6 yo boy shot accidentaly by a [indecipherable]
Sunday 1. To Ch with Millie. Lady M & Dick called in afternoon, called on the Lambs. a fine day

Mond. 2. Packing up. leave with Kate, go to Craig end find Blanche gone to Cockatoo. follow in a boat and leave Kate there. back again call at Craig End bad headache. fair day. The Husbands & Mrs Roxburg called. Milly disappointed at Mary not coming. Pd Paling the £10. 4 balance for piano.

Tues 3. Take carpetbag to steamer. Then to club lunch, then to see Sir J Young open Parliament. Mary & children arrived.

Wed 4. Blew a gale of wind last night the steamer had to return to port.

[Page 291]
Sept 1861

Thursday. 5

Leave Sydney at 6.30 pm. pr rail for Berrima.

Friday 6. Travel all night and reach Berrima at 9am, cold but fine night, call on Liardet Hassale and then out to Oxleys.

Sat 7 Remain at Oxlys all day, rain in afternoon

Sund 8. to Berrima ch with Oxley, Met McKeam the Govt Geologist back with us to dine.

Monday 9. With Oxley & Mr Keam to Throsbys Waterfall [now known as the Fitzroy Falls] – call on Mrs Throsby – whose daughter had been married the previous Thursday to Alick Osborne – climb to the bottom of fall with ropes & ladders. Saw Mr Billiam Mr Arnheim etc there.

Tuesday 10 Leave Oxleys early, and to Berrima when I wait for Mail. and then on to the ploughed ground – “Hamiltons" Miss Sowerly & Miss O’Sullivan in the mail, mail broke down delayed us an hour

Wednesday 11. To [indecipherable] Brush to look at old Gordons land, then to Moores Flats.

[Page 292]
Thursday 12. On moores Flats – called on Capt Nicholson at Sutton Forest.

Friday 13. On Moores Flats.

Sat. 14. By coach to Berrima after drawing all day long. To Liardets, had tea with Muggeridge

Sunday 15 Liardet drove me to Throsby Park no church.

Monday 16 Leave Berrima early – Mrs Anaheim and children in coach en route to Goulburn

Tuesday 17 To Berrima, to Liadets, breakfast walk with Mrs Muggeridge & Miss Bell to Bendooley. ride to Hurddle Range to look at my land.

Wednesday 18. Remain at Bendooly the night to Hurddle Range, and Soapy Flat, Tea at Mrs Hassuls then to Liardets

Thursday 19. Leave about 8am per mail for Sydney, arrive about 8 pm, fine day but cold and squally at times – Millie & Minnie at the Lambs

Friday 20. To Sydney to enquire about box

[Page 293]
Sept 1861

from England, per Lochiel, not landed then put [indecipherable] & Minnie [indecipherable] in Gother boat for Cockatoo Island

Saty 21 Drawing all day plan of Moores Flat wrote to Alice.

Sunday 22 To Church by self in morning saw [indecipherable] & Wilhalam [indecipherable]
Monday 23 To Sydney to Lochiel and got box met Millie and Blanch in Town, Rees Jones also Bella – Ld A – out in afternoon unpack box.

Tuesday 24. Stormy, thunder & Lightening, to Mr James’ he away – saw Mrs J & Helen. In afternoon to Snr Cutola examination of pupils with Millie and Blanche

Wed – 25 To Mr James’ he out, left report of Moore Flats at his office – Met Mr J Mr Windyer, Mr Rogers & Mr Mc Carthy called

Thursday 26 Drawing all day, for E[indecipherable] ball at Govt Ho in evening

Friday 27 Drawing all day

[Page 294]
October 1861

Saty 28 Drawing all day in evening to Lambs

Sund 29. To Church in morning by self – Mr Sim RS& Mr P Rollerton called

Monday 30 Drawing all day – Fanny & Theresa came – and in evening to Party at Hy Morts – a hot wind.

Tuesday Oct 1 To Sydney with all the girls with Lord A to [indecipherable] to get rent – in all £47. 5 then to lunch, and walk home through domain.

Wednesday 2 Drawing all day

Thursday 3 Drawing all day

Friday 4. Leave Sydney with Cambell Mitchell and arrive with him at Stanwell in the afternoon – The bush on fire all round

Saturday 5. Round the Coal Cliff trying to find boundary lines.

Sunday 6. walking about the estate.

Monday 7 again looking for lines – unsuccessful – nearly drowned both of us in coming home by the rocks

[Page 295]
October 1861

Tuesday 8 Leave Stanwell and arrive in Wollongong by coach – a lovely drive – put up at Davis’s – call on Capt Hart and see Mrs H and her children – in evening to Mrs Fay Owens – meet Mr Keane there

Wednesday 9 Remain in Wollongong and dine at Capt Harts – walk about the works.

Thursday 10 Leave by the Kiama steamer for Kiama, arrive at 8.30 breakfast at Adams’ then get a cart to take my things to Jamberoo.

Friday 11. Wrote to Millie walk to Terry’s Meadow and make arrangements with Conorans to go there tomorrow – move from Curry’s to Moons, a much more comfortable place – a very fine day – killed a large black snake

Sat. 12. Lend my carpet bag[indecipherable] to Cockrane – walk over and in afternoon commence surveying – [indecipherable] in evening

[Page 296]
Sunday 13. Rain all night and showers during the day. walk out towards the Macquarie Bridge got a little wet.

Monday 14. A fine day. survy along the road to Shellharbour. a long day’s work – no letters at the post office there

Tuesday 15. A very hot day. commence at Tayarra Ck and surveyed along the road for some distance.

Wednesday 16. A very oppressive day, finished surveyn the Tonjarra road as far as the cross roads.

Thursday 17. Tracing line through The Oak flats to Stony Range

Friday 18. To Marshall Mount and [indecipherable] road through D Johnstons land – read letter & papers from Millie via Shellharbour.

Sat 19. Leave Terrys Meadows on Cockrones horse – his boy on another carrying carpet bags stop at Launoys, and find official letter waiting for me. met Irving and walked with him to look at bridge. N61/21 Replied about road from Stony range to Tangarra Ck Terrys Medows

[Page 297]
October 1861

Sund 20th . Leave Launoys by mail coach, got to Wollongong & leave by mail for Campbelltown at 9am – a beautiful day. to Sydney by 4.45 train arrive at Glenrock about 8pm find Millie not well. Lady M also very ill

Monday 21 To Sydney. got hair cut hot bath. call at office. visit the Exhibition at School of Arts. [indecipherable] to think it is being sent home.

Tuesday 22. Millie by no means well, last night or today. Melia with an attack of croup last night. the boy also not well. Lady M has been in bed for some days. Campbell called last night. Thunderstorm.

Wednesday 23. drawing all day long

Thursday 24. do – do. with Ld A to Gilfoyles garden

Friday 25 do do Mr Richardson to tea

Sat. 26. do do To Craig End. Millie there – I remained to tea. Millie to the Lambs

Sunday 27 To Ch with Millie she not well at all

Monday. To Sydney call at Craig End – then about

[Page 298]
perambulator. then to look at houses at Victoria Terrace. To Office saw Mc Lean – call at Town’s & Darley about Shop at Shellharbour. Got a lift by Mr Hay. Lady M. much the same – Melia not very well. Milly still weak. Mrs T. Mort called.

Tuesday 29. Millie not well to Smiths twice for leeches for her mouth. very weak and unwell all day. Melia also not very well. drawing – a very fine day – called at Craig end Lady M as usual.

Wed. 30. Milly and children unwell all night Dr Alloway called. to Smiths for medicine. Ld A in afternoon, remain to tea – a hot wind - drawing all day

Thurd 31. A fine day, Milly better – children still unwell. Mr Richardson called, also Ld A. Mr Lamb down in evening drawing

Friday 1 Nov Drawing all day. Millie not well her face bad.

Saty Do - Do – Millie still unwell

Sunday 3rd . To Ch by self – racing in afternoon

[Page 299]
Millie very ill with her face.

Mond 4. Drawing. In afternoon to Craig End saw Ld A – Lady M much better, Millie also better she & Mrs Norton to call on W Lamb – myself with Thrush in my mouth. This morning Mrs L presented her husband with a fine boy, both doing well – A lovely day – Children better.

Tuesday 5. Drawing all morning. In afternoon with Lord A and Mr Bowden to the point to look at land. Ld A to tea. Mr Hay & Mr Rogers called – Millie called on Mrs Oglivie – Guy Fawkes

Wed. 6. Drawing the whole day. did not go out a dull day with little rain

Thursday 7. To Sydney, attend sale at Bowdens of allots at Point no sale, then to office [indecipherable] dine with Ld A. at Cafe’s, then to Darleys wharf and leave photographs to have copied, back to Craig End with Ld A and home. Milly & Melia called at Craig End – Milly not very well – a dull

[Page 300]
Nov 1861


Friday 8. Drawing all day. Milly called on the Dowlings . walk with her to Ld A to look at his home. Ld A remained to tea

Sat 9 Drawing all day. Millie to Craig End in evening to meet her – took Blanche & Minnie to the Scotts walk home with Millie J Lamb[indecipherable] in evening.

Sund 10 To Ch with Ld A – Sermon by Mr Cowper. Ld A to dine then to the Lambs. met there Hodgson & Mr Wiseman Griffiths etc – Mrs Norton & Mrs Garsten a windy day – walk with Ld A to the Bay and see old tom Cooper.

Mond. 11. To Sydney. with Millie & Melia & Blanche to see Robertson but not in – took Melia to Market called on Murray.

Tuesday 12. To Sydney. saw Robertson, out again drawing all afternoon a very windy day from South

Wed 13. Drawing all day. Millie called on the Morts & met Mrs Hely there. The nurse Aimee away to get married – a fine day.

[Page 301]
Thursday 14 B C of Wells’ letter & plan Tanjarra Ck No 60/1382 the 17 September
Tongarra Rd 9 – 8 office
Rd to Shell Harbour 3 – 3
Approaches to Mullet Ck bridge 10 – 9
Travelling 3 days total 120 15
[Searching Maps & records 3 6 6
£127 1
(All this Pd Bal pd 19th Feby 62 £ 32 -1 – 0)

Sent in this amt dated 17 Nov. this day in afternoon

Friday 15. Last night the W.C. Errupted – Milly and children to Craig End – walked over there this morning – found the poor little boy had not been well at all got powders made up for him

Saty 16. Drawing all day [indecipherable] boy not well gave him [indecipherable] powder Milly to a drive with her Mama to Waverly and looked at a house.

Sunday 17. To Church by self in morning prayer Rev Mr Quenstruct again in afternoon with Millie – a most lovely night.

[Page 302]
Monday 18. To Sydney to office, had to return unsuccessful. a very hot day. the nurse to town – and sent word tt it she was too ill to come back again.

Friday 19. This day with Blanche to pic nic given by Mr Mc Lean to Middle Harbour – pleasant day – Lady M with Millie.

Wed 20. To Sydney got advance £95 from Halloram – paid various bills – Rent etc – new hat – met [indecipherable] – Milly in town looking for nurse – blowing a hard N.E.

Thursday 21 Wrote to Charlotte & Redy Thorold drawing all the morning Lady Forbes to dine and spend the day. Blowing a hard NEter & rain at night

Friday 22. Rain last night & this morning – thunder stormy from South – Recd letters from Miss Mitchell Miss Reyes & Alice. the latter had a son on the 8th Sept her wedding day – wrote to Charlotte & Redy Thorold Ld A out in morning, walk into town with him & dine at Cafe. Elizabeth ill – no nurse – to the Nortons in evening to get some medicine from him

[Page 303]
November 1861

Sat. 23. At home all day, Elizabeth ill. Dr Alloway called to see her, Mrs Bradley to assist in house. Melia to Nortons all day – Mrs N called in afternoon. a very fine day- Td dr 9d Sum of [indecipherable] of pays to her use at C.

Sunday 24. Did not go to Ch. Milly & Melia went. Old nurse out here all day. Elizabeth better Mrs W Norton here in afternoon walked home with her and Melia – a beautiful day.

Monday 25. Milly to town and hired a nurse – Ld A in afternoon. walk to call on Sir C Nicholson he at Morton Bay – walk to Bay – children at Pic nic on the beach – he to tea – drawing all morning

Tuesday 26. To Sydney – saw Gother. replied to [indecipherable] for hands accepting appointments dated 23d Nov – try on cloths. speak about servant (to McLean) Anne and make enquiries about her – call at Craig End – a very hot day – nurse arrives in evening –

Wed 27. To office . to Parramatta River - call on Bella, brought home some eggs. Ld A and Blanche out. take a walk with Ld A

[Page 304]
Dec 1861

to the Bay – wrote letter No 61/25 dated 28 to SvGenl. applying for further increase of pay.

Thurs 28. Getting ready for Wollongong, took carpet bag to Phenix wharf, got picture frames [indecipherable] hung it up. called at Craig End – Milly to Sydney, called on the Mc Cartys – Mrs A Mc Arthur, Mr Garstic Mr Dowling called.

Friday 29. did not go to Stanwell as I missed the train – cleaned the pictures. Lady M to dine in afternoon. Blanche called

Sat. 30 In afternoon to Sydney. with Ld A – walk round Domain& look at French & English Frigates. in evening to the market. bought things etc home late.

Sund. 1 Dec. To Ch. with Milly & Amelia. Gother & Redgy called. Ld A with us to tea.

Mond 2 d. Receipted Wollongong instead Kiama Dist. To Sydney with Ld A dined with him. To Hamiltons [indecipherable] Left home about 9 pm Ld A walked with me as far as Wolloomooloo I to thePhenio wharf for a steamer to Wollongong

[Page 305]
Decr 1861

Tuesday 3 Left Sydney last night at 11pm per Illawarra and arrive at Wollongong at 4.30, breakfast at Davis’s, call on Captn Hart, walk to Higginss – get a horse and ride round the roads through the Berkley Estate giving notices to parties to remove their fences.

Wednesday 4. To the 5 Islands Res. laying out road.

Thursday 5 To the 5 Islands Res surveying farms letter & news papers from Millie

Friday 6 Marking out farms at 5 Islands

Sat 7. To Opening rd through O’Donnells paddocks. Call on Stewart in afternoon , and look at his house

Sund. 8 In afternoon to dine at Srewarts letter & 2 papers from Millie.

Monday 9. Ride out, mark road around Flagstaff hill, and get Murray to remove his fence

Tuesday 10. To the Cordeaux Road, surveying rd through Fishblocks farm.

Wednesday 11. Remain at Browns the night

[Page 306]
Finish surveys for road. a heavy thunder storm waited at Cliffords for some time, find a letter for me at Higginss

Thursday 12. [indecipherable] road by Tom Thumb Lagoon cross entrance, and so home – a heavy thunder storm and rain in afternoon.

Friday 13. To Wollongong, no conveyance to Sydney – dine with Capt Hart. met Mrs W. H. and Miss de Mestre.

Sat 14. Leave at 7am per Kembla and arrive home about 12. find all well – to Sydney – got hair cut.

Sunday 15. To Ch. by self. Rain so that Millie did not go Mrs Massie remained with her. Ld A out in afternoon.

Monday 16 To Sydney – call on Mr James – to office get copy of farms at Cordeaux Rd Met Millie at Belisanno’s.

Tuesday 17. Drawing farms at 5 Islds. a very hot day. Laidley Mort arrived per mail

Wednesday 18 To Craig End with letter for Ld A

[Page 307]
with Blanche to meet the boat at Cockatoo boat not there – meet Drew – and after waiting some hours – Drew & Blanche left for the Isld – to dine with L. A at Cafι. he out with me to tea.

Thudy 19. To Craig End. Ld A but me ten – out again – drawing in afternoon, and in the evening to the Nortons – Miss Steven there – a N. Wester – bad headache so had Millie Meet at Mmkk. Council chambers for Guilfoyle & paid rates 2/10/.

Friday 20. Drawing all day –

Sat 21 Writing letters to England Mary Lloyd – Mr Mitchell. Miss Rogers Charlotte & Dauncey – posted them in Sydney – and looked at Volunteers review in Domain – Melia to Mrs Mc Leans juvenile party – Milly very [indecipherable] in way up to J lambs

Sunday 22. To Church with Melia in morning Milly not well.

Monday 23. Drawing all day. Ld A called in afternoon – a dull hot cloudy day Milly by no means well.

[Page 308]
[see text – a list of letters and expenses]
24. Took letters to office.

25. Xmas. To Ch with Melia. Milly too ill to go. Ld A. lady m & Blanche to dine a fine day.

26th Dusting Photographs chemicals. in afternoon to walk round domain with Ld A to see Wooloomooloo Regatta – Milly unwell.

[Page 309]
Dec 1861

27 Frid. To Sydney, to office spoke to Mc Lean. to Club – saw Sir W Parkins Sir J Donaldson & G Mc Leay lunch then out to Craig End. with Ld A to Sydney, met Uhr to Cafι & coffee. Ld A out to tea. Called on Dunsmere about Estate affairs.

Sat. 28. To Sydney in morning, in afternoon to Theatre with Melia Pantomime. Aladdin. Massies & children there. Melia to tea at the Massies – went to fetch her in evening – Milly very ill – sent Ann for the Dr. he came. I to chemist for medicine – powders.

29 Sunday. To Ch with Melia – Dr A called. Milly very unwell – to Morris chemists for pills for Millie, Ld A in afternoon.

30th Monday. To Sydney. got oysters for Millie. met Beckham. Lady M out to tea – Ld A to meet her. Millie a little better.

[Page 310]
1 January 1862

31 Tuesday To Sydney – sent out a pidgeon & bottle of oysters to Millie, met Gotha – To office to Mr Morings about rents – he away – rain one hour got wet – met Chatfield – also Mrs Chatfield Mrs Busby called. Dr Alloway called M. still ill.

Wednesday 1 Jany 1862 The [indecipherable] boy forgot to leave prescription with Smith yesterday, wrote to his employers Messers Hoad & Moore – To town to Dr Alloway he out – met Ld A on his way to [indecipherable] – Milly still ill – J Lamb down for a short time in evening. a beautiful day.

Thursday 2d. To Sydney got rents from [indecipherable] £61 in all deduct £24 . 18 . 0 leaves 36 – 2 – 0 from which he gave me a cheque Ld A’s share 15 – 16 – 6 Millies £20 - -5 – 3. Met G. Alleman Lunch at Club met Sir C Nicholson & Sir W Mc Arthur. Millie better. purchase a case of wine (Lindermans). Lady M out. Ld A to take her home. Dr Alloway called – gave fresh prescription, got the pills made up at Smiths.

[Page 311]
Jany 1862

Friday 3. At home all day Ld A to dinner he brought some cherries. blew a heavy gale of wind. paid him &16 his rents. he to pay 3/6 change. Millie still ill.

Saty 4. To Sydney call at Craig End. saw Mrs Hely to G’s office no letter – lunch at Cafι Met Mary and Minnie, Mr G Manning, Friches etc paid Mr Stoniers bill – walk out E, Steven with Me. Millie called in Clarks cab – on the Wards. Mr Mitchell etc in with Blanche

Sund. 5. To Ch with Melia – Millie still unwell

Mond 6. To Sydney – call on Sir C Nicholson who gave me some minerals. saw C Lamont who walked with me to Wooloomooloo Call at Craig End – saw Ld A – to Office, out in cab to take Millie a drive but prevented by a thunderstorm – Millie still unwell – the all England 11 beat the 18 Melbourne in one innings with 97 to spare.

Tuesday 7. At home all day putting down new matting in the nursery – Lady M & Ld A to tea – Melia

[Page 312]
at Mrs Massey who brought her home in evening. Milly still unwell. New nurse came. old one left

Wed. 8 To Sydney – to office saw and spoke to Mc lean. had corn cut. to Club for a short time. Millie not well. in evening with Blanche to a small party at the Husbands. Pepper brought his fourth cask of water

Thursday 9 With Millie in afternoon to Bazaar in the gardens in aid of St Johns Church. a very hot day. Milly by no means well Recd mail from D[indecipherable]bfrom I.O.W.

Friday 10. To Sydney. to office, not paid yet enquire about grant of land to P Mc Ternan. found it later Co. Bathurst Parish Napier. called upon Major Fanning about it.

Saty 11 Milly very unwell - sent for Dr Alloway. she very weak and not able to eat a very hot sultry day – sent to enquire after Mrs E. Wise. Melia at tea party at Mrs Murnius last evening.

[Page 313]
Mond. 13 To Craig End. to Sydney. Got £39 from office. dinner at Cafι with Ld A & Edward – Lady M & Blanche to tea. Millie still unwell.

Tues. 14 To Sydney to office. saw Mc Lean about advance – to club lunch then so home – Milly still unwell

Wed. 15. To Sydney no train in the middle of the day so to Edwards. saw Bella, and Mrs Baily blowing hard. letters from C. & W Mitchell

Thur 16. To Fairfield by 10-15 train saw the cottage and spoke about taking rooms for Millie & children. a very hot day walk to Parramatta stn and so back by luggage train

Fri 17. Rain during the night and day Capt Lamb died at 4 am this morning to Sydney and bought some calico for Millie – met Ed – wrote to C. Mrs Tom Smith called. at Craig End saw Ld A for a short time.

[Page 314]
Jany / 62

Sat 18 To Sydney. to Framers & Painters – lunch at Cafι met Mrs Wise & Lady Manning. Lady M & Lord A to tea – rain

Sund 19. Rain did not go to ch. Lady M remained the night. La A & Campbell in afternoon, wrote to Mr Mitchell & Charlotte sent acct of Dr Ternans property.

Monday 20 To Sydney – to Craig End Sir C N gave Blanche a cross of Olive wood from the Garden of Gethsemine. with Millie etc to Rlway station but too late for train. Lady Manning & Miss Jacob called. also Dr Alloway

Tuesd 21. leave by 10.15 train and arrive at Mark Lodge Fairfield 11.5. heavy rain.

Wed. 22. My dear little Melias birthday 4 yrs old rain all day

Thur. 23 With Millie to Campbell Town return in evening a beautiful day

Fri 24 Fine day. Gave Millie & Melia a drive on the Dog Trap road

Sat. 25

[Page 315]
Jan 1862

Sat. 25. Ld A arrived by train

Sund. 26. Took a walk with Ld A to Landsdown Bridge. a very hot day –

Mond 27. To Sydney by early train bkft at Craig End – To Regatta with Campbell Lady M. to Fairfield in afternoon.

Tues. 28. To Fairfield return by 5 pm train – Call on Mrs Jones.

Wed. 29. To Domain to witness, cricket match between all England Eleven and 22 N.S.W 4 wickets to 143 runs

Thurs. 30. To Fairfield found Milly by no means well – return in evening. G. M Leary returning in train. M Lake & H. Osborne – going down – a very hot day – called at the Jone’s – to see petrified BK fellow

Friday 31. To R’Way Stn. met Millie etc who had arrived from Fairfield. home about 1 pm. in afternoon to Domain to see Cricket match – met Ld A & Blanche there, B to North shore, it is supposed walk out with Ld A. who has tea with us

[Page 316]
Feby 1st 1862

Sat. To Domain. met Ld A there to Grand Stand and look at Cricket Match. All England win with about 50 to spare. Beautiful day walk about the ground afterwards. met M Laidley & M Graham – Millie very unwell – sent cheque to Mr Millard for £9 – for 10 dayd board & lodgings. place £50 payable to my Cr

Sund 2 To Ch. with Melia – sermon by the Bishop of Britain – [indecipherable] to tea. The Rogers in afternoon

Mond. 3d To Sydney. to Bank. got £50 – paid bills. met Drew. Millie still unwell. Letter to Sr Genl about advance. date 31 Jany – letter about my acct of £6 – 6 for travelling struck off – dated 3d Feby –

Tues 4. To Sydney. pd M Lean [indecipherable] 10 – 14 – 2 & Vaughn carpenter 4 -11 – 6. to Moring and got [indecipherable] Beers out (tenant Beer cottage at RC Bay). put it in the hands of Dawson to collect for me. to Survey office gave in letters about travelling £6 – 6. and [indecipherable] Met Touch in omnibus. Mrs M Saintly & Mrs Burney called – a very hot day & thunder storm at night

[Page 317]

Feby 5 1862

Wed. A very hot day. walk to point and enquire about recd. Mrs Morton called also Mary. Blanche to dinner. Ld A to take her home Pd washerwoman 12/

Thursday 6 To Sydney with the children to get their portraits, but the day too dull sent them out again, to office saw Mc Lean about Shell harbor Rd £100 advance & £6 / 6 [indecipherable] for travelling – To Lambs in evening helping him little rain – Millie a little better.

Frid 7. Dr Alloway called lanced the boys [indecipherable] – to cottage at the point & gave notice to Mrs Chambre to leave the house.
Making tracing of Road from Kiama to Sutton Forest. a heavy thunderstorm in evening. To a ball at Robt Johnston but late on acct of Rain – took Blanche there.

Saty 8. Late home last night, Rain all day Blanche unable to go home – tracing a little Pd Warburton £2 – 13 – 6

[Page 318]
Sund. 9. Rain all day could not go to church – walked in the garden – met Mr Lamb & the Mr Cobbs Millie unwell. Blanche with us.

Mondy 10 To Sydney making tracing of roads [indecipherable] ½ day Met Ld A in Domain walk with him. call on Kusty Baker about his bread, Blanche went home today. Met Hardy had a talk with him about accts. Melia to the Wises.

Tues. 11. To Sydney – With Ld A. to try and get to Cockatoo – met Gother but the boat so delayed did not go – walk home and take Blanch to Glen Rock – Lady M also there. Melia to School at Mrs Nortons for the third time. Millie better today.

Wed 12. To Cottage with Diceson showing him [indecipherable] I wished done – then with Millie to Craig End – and with Blanch to Cricket in domain no match – few people there – after waiting a time. home again as it threatened rain – Millie with bad head ache. Mr Richardson called about Chambre.

[Page 319]
Feby – 13 – 1862

Thursday 13. To Sydney call at Craig End – to office, letter announcing £14 – 11 – 0 Bal ce 12 [indecipherable] 21st Decr – To cricket with Blanche and Ld A – to paid Stand. met Rollerton & Jas. Manning. rain in morning a beautiful afternoon I think I met Hardy this day and spoke on business to him

Frid 14 To Sydney in afternoon with Millie to Domain and witnessed cricket match all England out for 75 runs 2d innings – a beautiful day.

Sat. 15 To Sydney with children to get likeness at Freemans, but he could not take them – hair cut. then to Domain to see completion of 9d Cricket match. The 22 win with 12 wickets to spare – [indecipherable] 3 all England. play sin 4 of 22d at single wicket. match not concluded. a beautiful day. left pews for Mrs Bunny

Sunday 16 To Ch in the morning with Melia. In afternoon Miss Rogers called also Ld A met the Lambs & Massie in London. Millie with bad head ache a windy day from N.E.

[Page 320]
Mon 17th To Sydney – with children to Freemans to get their likenesses, not good ones. met Mrs Scott. then then to office – Met Mrs Drew and Katy. she preparing to go to Brisbane. Millie called on Mrs Norton but very tired – a fine day.

Tuesday 18. To Sydney. with Ld A. met J. Lamb to Daltons then to Freemans. got three copies of picture taken of the children not good, then to J. Lambs paid him rent for qr £25. Lunch at Cafι with Ld A & Gd to Borodins then walk through the market with LA to Podmans met young Halloran. to Wharf. and took leave of Mrs Drew and children who left for Brisbane by the Telegraph. lift to George St by the Rogers’ phaeton and walk home with L. A – Millie waiting tea for me. a Very hot day, call at the Club to answer invitation to lunch with the Bishop. Met the two Hassals from Berrima

[Page 321]

19. Wed To Sydney and lunch with the Bishop and clergy at the Society’s school rooms at 2.30 – a southerly windy day & dusty – met Uhr – etc. Mrs Norton called.

20. Thur To Sydney to office saw Allen Williams about acct. lunch at Cafι, met Mrs Osborn & Mrs Mc Cabe – bought a sponge bath at Labor Bazaar – Met Mr James. Miss James talk with Hebblewhite & Mr Kells – Mail Benares – left – with Sir J Donaldson Sir W. Parker. Walter Lambs etc – a dreadful thunderstorm in evening Millie drove out with Mrs J Lamb

21. Frid To Sydney to Office. spoke to Fitzpatrick at Cafι – met Ld A – and with him and Uhr to Sauyaree – Ld A to tea – Pd Peate Smith & o Millie better £12 – 18 –

Sat. 22 To Sydney with Millie && Melia – they at Giles buying hat etc. in afternoon to see parade of Volunteers at Barracks – Bal of acct from 16th Aug to 12 Novr £32 – 1 – 0 pd into BK on 19th

[Page 322]
1862 – Feby

Sund. 23 To Ch with Melia. Ld A and Campbell called in the afternoon – a very windy day. heard thet Blanche had been upset in a boat Nr Goat Isld with Mrs and Miss Rogers

Mond 24 To Sydney therough the Domain – met Gother & Minnie. Fanny. Theresa – they had been to Freemans to have likenesses taken. G to call on board the Pelones – To office – news of the Americans not apologizing for taking Southern Commrs from the S.S. Trent probability of a war – Blanche out to help Millie to make peach jam. Capt Maim & the Misses Maim called Capt M. about some affairs of Lady Ms.

Tues 25 To Sydney. To office. in afternoon with Major [indecipherable] to Band at Domain, call at Craig End. Millie fainted in evening for some time. met Gother

Wed. 26. To Sydney, to office got £100 paid into BK purchase tents, pd Tailor 7/18/-

[Page 323]
Feby 1862 & March

Fisher. Johnson 10/6 DJones 2/10/0. To [indecipherable] to see Revd Mr Stevens he out Ld A in evening to tea – a very hot day – Millie with toothache –

Thurs 27 To Sydney, a southerly Buster in morning and much wind & dust – met Ld A – to Survey office lunch – met Capt Scott late 11th heard by telegram of the death of Prince Albert – call at Craig End met Mrs Pinnock Mrs Wise – Minnie [indecipherable] then – walk out Alice home with Millie – Millie in bed nearly all day with tooth ache.

Friday 28 At home all day – making picture book for children. Mrs A Mc Arthur, Mrs Holden & Mrs Garsten called, minute guns fired this day for the death of Prince Albert-

Sat 1 To Sydney to Belsanio – to domain – walk to Surry Hills to see new house taken by Lady M could not get in – call at the Scotts on my way home – Lady M. at Millies all day M ill in bed with face ache. to Smith and got laudanum, magnesium

[Page 324]
March 1862

and [indecipherable] powder. Sunday 2d – To Ch. with Melia

Monday 3 To Sydney – call at Craig End, with Ld A to Lady Ms new house on my way. Millie not very well.

Tuesday 4 Left Sydney last night by Nora Creina arrive early at Wollongong, such a heavy sea that I would not go on to Kiama – remain at Capt Harts – in evening to Percy Owens with Capt H & Mr Hodgkins

Wed 5 Leave early by Kiama Steamer and arrive at 8:30 at Kiama, put up at Adam’s inn – walk up to Saddleback range – a settler by the name of Mitchell lent me a horse – In evening to Bob Owens Met Mr Mews there –

Thurdy 6 At Kiama all day, searching original plans etc – as a boat with three seamen were returning to the Nora Creina after landing passengers from Sydney the boat was swamped in a heavy surf and two men washed out one the

[Page 325]
March 1862

Second mate, taken up insensible, and some time before he recovered –

Saw Mr M Grey & Mr Hanrahan about the mountain road – wrote to Millie.

Friday 7th With Mr Hanrahan to inspect the proposed road through Jamberoo, a very hot day. fine view from top. could not get along range to the Eastward on account of scrub –

Saty 8 At Kiama inspecting maps, sent my things to Jamberoo

Sunday 9 To Church, a funeral sermon on Prince Albert by Mr Wilson. in afternoon walk to Jamberoo, a hot day, in evening to Church service by a Mr Gunner – put up at Curry’s inn.

Mond 10 Camp on range near Warrs farm call on Mr Fry

Tuesday 11 Marking road up the mountain cut through a brush – but in the wrong direction.

Wed 12 Up mountain, and tracing Hoddles line to Pheasants brush

[Page 326]
Thurdy 13 Survey road to mountain top

Friday 14. Surveying road through Flannerys – had tea at Mrs Fry’s

Sat 15. Rain all morning could only mark a few trees near camp with White only, went into Jamberoo – letters and papers from Millie

Sund 16 Remain at Mr Frys all night, and rode with him to church in the morning

Mond 17. Remain at Mr Frys last night, and survey road to his slip panel – St Ptk day heavy rain – I remain at Mr Frys

Tuesday 18. To Camp and write a letter to Millie, then to Village and post it, get a newspaper, dine with Mr Fry. then to camp pack up all my things, and pack up the mountain and encamp on the top about 6 pm

Wed. 19 Rain and mist all morning, out a short time looking ffor the road

Thursday 20 Rain in the morning, it cleared up and traced a line as far as Osbornes butter track

[Page 327]
March 1862

Friday 21. Burke went into Jamberoo last night and brought out a newspaper & letter from Millie, also an official one from the Sur Genl lit a large fire on top of Cliff – Rain heavily all day could not go out.

Saty 22. Rain heavily all night, went out but rain caused me to leave off – to Jamberoo, letter from M and two papers – Paid White for 11 days at 6/. 66/. Pd Burke £1 on account. Walk back to Mr Frys after having been to a school tea party –

Sund 23. Rode into Jamberoo to see Mr Handcock but he had not returned, wrote to M. dine at Mr Fry’s

Mond. 24 With men up the mountain trying to trace Hoddles line to Saddleback through dense bush – met young Hanrahan going to his farm

Tuesdy 25 Surveyed and traced to [indecipherable] Hoddles line to Pheasants nest – a fine day

[Page 328]
March 1862

Wed. 26. Cutting and tracing a line through brush at Dhruwhalla mountain a fatiguing day –

Thurdy 27 Tracing and cutting line at the above Peake and surveyed back from cleared land to mountain top .

Friday 28 Mr Hanrahan remained with me last night and this day we traced a line through scrub and brush to edge of the brush on Hoddles track.

Sat 29 Clearing and marking road through brush towards Saddleback, in afternoon to Jamberoo. letter from M. posted one to her and Ed

Sund. 30. Remain at Mr Frys last night and with him to Church this morning a very hot day

Mond 31. Rain and wet all night and day did not go to camp

Tuesday 1 Apl. To Camp and surveying line from Cliff towards Pheasants brush –

[Page 329]
April 1862

Wednesday 2. continue my survey towards the Peake – and greatly obstructed by dense brush

Thurday 3. Survey from Peake and connect it with yesterdays work – a long arduous days work – thunder storm & rain in afternoon got wet through.

Friday 4. Clearing line from Osbornes butter track

Sat 5 Rain heavily all night, mist and rain in morning, could not work and to Jamberoo & wrote to M.

Sund. 6. Remain at Fry’s, blew a gale of wind all night, walk to my camp with young Fry to see what damage the tents had sustained, he lost his hat over the cliff.

Monday 7 To Camp, marking and surveying line round cliffs to Pheasant hill

Tuesday 8 Surveying from Edge of brush towards my camp

Wed. 9. Marking line from edge of brush

[Page 330]
towards my camp.

Thursday 10. continue survey of line to meet when I left off at the Pheasants brush Creek. Rain hard last night

Friday 11 Marking permanent line surveyed yesterday by me

Sat 12 Do Do along cliff in evening to Jamberoo

Sunday 13 At the Frys all night To Ch with them.

Monday 14. Start early – and with Pack horse shift my camp Wingecarribie Swamp.

Tuesday 15. Follow up Hoddles line to Staggs – and partly trace a new line back again.

Wednesday 16 Surveying from edge of brush – rain.

Thudy 17. Sent Burke for chain, and complete tracing road of Tuesday.

Friday – Good 18. Measure fresh line from Staggs. Men in afternoon to

[Page 331]
Apl – 18 1862

Jamberoo - myself to Shipleys

Sat 19. Remain at Shipleys – he lent me a horse – and to Throsby Park dined there, then to Oxleys.

Sund 20. Horse got away last night with Oxley looking for him, also his boy,

Mondy 21. With Oxley to call on Cordeaux met George Mc Arthur there, then with O & M to dine at the Hossalls – call on Mr Liadet - & back to Oxleys –

Tuesday 22. Road to Shipleys and found that the horse had returned there – got wet

Wednesday 23. Great Freemason meeting at Berrima, and ball in evening – walk with Oxley to look at cottages, formerly belonging to the Shelleys – had my likeness taken.

Thurday 24. Start early and with Oxley ride by my new road to Jamberoo

[Page 332]
arrive about sunset – and found to our dismay that a ball was to take place at the inn.

Friday 25. Passed an unpleasant night on account of noise etc. ride to Wollongong. lunch at Dapto – met Dr Gerrard etc. got a man to take my saddle bags & carpet bag – had tea at Mc Arthurs. Oxley returned to Higgings – I to Capt Harts when I saw young Hart – who had just returned from India very ill.

Sat 26 Leave early by Kembla – and after a splendid passage of 3 ½ hours from Wollongong arrive in Sydney and home about 1 pm – found Milly comparatively well, and the children looking very well indeed.

Sundy 27. To Ch with Melia. found that Mr Richardson had placed the Milfords in our pew – sat in a new one of Mr Richardson

[Page 333]
Apl 1862 – May

Monday 28. To Lady M’s she was not well. saw Blanch & Ld A to Sydney – to Office saw Mc Lean. met Minnie Alice & Mr Whitton, Hood Massie – Millie for a drive withMrs Johnson – storm of rain in afternoon

Tuesday 29. To Sydney, at office all day making tracings – Millie in town also Ld A to tea – fire works.

Wed. 30. To Sydney, tracing at office all day get portrait of the boy. call to ask after nurse who had a baby on Friday last. then to Lady M’s she unwell. saw Blanche & Ld A.

Thursday 1 May. To Sydney – call at Surry hills. Lady M by no means well – left telescope and eye piece at Tomaghis for Ld A – at office making tracings.

Friday 2 – Last night with Blanche to a party at the Mc Cartys. walk there, also back again with the Rogers’. drawing and sent a small tracing to Campbell [indecipherable] at Berrima

[Page 334]
call on Mr Richardson about pews – went over the church with him and Melia – Millie to Sydney – to Balasanos and nurses.

Sat. 3. Drawing all morning. in afternoon to Randwick races – walk home with Massie & Goldfinch – met Mrs Massie – a beautiful day. Millie to call on Mrs Oglivie & Mrs [indecipherable]. wrote to Mr Richardson about pews – Trousers from Holli

Sunday 4. To St Johns Ch. Darlinghurst on account of having no seat fine day walk with Millie and children in Garden

Monday 5. Drawing all day. Millie with Mrs Oglivie to dine and call on Lady M. in evening to meet Millie at Mrs O’s The Chawsels called.

Tuesday 6. With Mr Richardson & Ld A to Watson’s bay to look for site of Ch – rain at night

Wed. 7. Drawing all day, rain all night and day – ball on board the Pelonus [indecipherable]

[Page 335]
a failure – Ld A stopped the night went home this afternoon.

Thusdy 8. Millie to town early – drawing

Friday 9. Last night to a ball at the Morts – a very nice affair. Millie & Blanche went with me – walk home with Blanche today, saw Campbell and Ld A.

Saty 10. Drawing – the James to dine and then to Archery with Blanche – Carpenter putting up photographic box – a lovely day. Millie to call on Mrs Massie she not at home.

Sund 11. To St John’s Ch with Melia – Millie not well enough to go.

Monday 12. Drawing. Carpenter making photo box Last night Millie taken so ill that I had to send John in for Dr Alloway who came out between 12 & 1 Millie better today. This afternoon with

[Page 336]
Blanche to reception at Govt. house – rain in evening. Millie better Dr A called today to see M. Elizabeth and her husband called in the evening. wrote to Oxley & Mears. Mr Roxburgh & Mr Channel called.

Tuesday 13. Drawing all day, mail from England letter from Alice Dauncey, Miss Rogers, Miss Mitchell & Charlotte. then Miss James called for a few minutes Millie better & out of bed today, Grand ball to night for the school of Industry – did not go

Wednesday 14. Drawing all day. in morning to Cottage and Darling Pt. to give notice to the tenant to quit – Millie to Sydney to look for a servant. she not very well at night. Ld A called just after tea.

Thursday 15. With Melia to Freemans to have her likeness taken, a chill [indecipherable] day.

Friday 16. Drawing all day. Three Mrs Norton called. the No children & Massies to play

[Page 337]
May 186

Mrs Ward then M. Nunn to see Millie

Saty 17. Drawing all day, in then coming to cottage at the point and then to Lady Mitchells. she not by any means well. saw also Blanche & Ld A, Late in evening Visit from Gother his three girls & Miss Finch

Sunday 18. With Melia to St Johns Ch.

Monday 19 Drawing all day – Millie to call on the Morts & Mrs Norton, beautiful day

Tuesday 20th To Lady M. she better, saw her and Ld A. they about starting for Manly Beach – to Sydney got portraits from Dalton and Freeman – met Miss Finch on her return from Cockatoo – told me of the death of H. Helys baby – to museum anatomical – wrote to Charlotte, sent portrait of children. Susan the servant left this day rain in evening – Paid rent £25 to Charly [indecipherable]
Wed. 21 Drawing all day –

Thurs 22 To Sydney in morning to post letter to England. sent portraits to Mrs Lloyd etc – to [indecipherable] to look at photographs – then

[Page 338]
May 1862

to cottage at point – then to belfry at St Marks to look at the bells – so home drawing all afternoon – Millie & Mrs Norton to call at Lindsay on Saltivs etc – Millie’s birthday

Frid 23 Drawing all day

Sat 24 Queens birthday – drawing all day in evening to Crown St to look after Lady Mc Kown

Sundy 25. To St Marks with Millie & Melia to our old seats.

Monday 26. Drawing all day. new cook came in evening to the Nortons. Mr Blaxland there – recd key of cottage at Point.

Tuesday 27. Drawing all day. Parliament fund. blowing a gale from the W. gave key of cottage to [indecipherable]
Wednesday 28. Drawing all day. in evening to see Lady M who had been staying at Manly for a week Milly to call on Mrs Norton she out

Thursdy 29 Drawing all day

Friday 30. Drawing all day Millie to Sydney to get a servant then to her Mamas. I to meet her in evening

[Page 339]
May 1862 – June 1st

Saty 31. Drawing all day, in evening to see Lady Mitchell she much better. Mrs Norton to sing with Millie in afternoon

Sundy 1. To Ch by self. Rossi & Massie in pew. Millie came after service to communion M not well – to bed early

Mondy 2 Drawing all day – Lady M & Blanch to dine, ½ ton of wood ½ ton of coals from Warbuton. Mrs Mc Elroy making a new cover for sofa

Tuesday 3. To Sydney, to Freemans got Melias photos ½ doz cups & saucer. to wax models of Death of Burton out again. Mrs Mc Elroy making cover for sofa – In evening the Nortons Mr Walker & Blanche to tea.

Wednesday 4 Drawing all day – The cook Jane left this day thank goodness – new servant came – Mrs Massie & Mrs Dr Mitchell called. M to pay visits on my walk - & Darly

Thursday 5. Drawing all day M to see her Mama

Friday 6. Drawing all day. In evening to a party at R Johnston at Elthan Lodge

[Page 340]
Saty 7. Drawing all day. M. to Sydney about servant. took Melia to juvenile party at the M[indecipherable] Magic Lantern.

Sund 8. Tp Ch with M. & Melia. The Lambs returned home. yesterday in afternoon then and with J, L and Mr Parbury to house at Bayswater

Mond. 9. Drawing all day. Milly to Sydney. in morning. fainted in afternoon

Tues 10 Drawing all day. In evening to a party at Lady Mannings with Blanche

Wed 11. Drawing all day, took Blanche home in evening. saw Ld A and Campbell

Thursdy 12. Drawing all day Millie to Sydney about servants. she stayed at Lady Ms

Friday 13. To Lady M’s saw Millie, then to Belisanos. 2 teeth filled home, Millie & Lady M to dinner.

Sat 7th. Drawing all day. letter from England. Charlotte, Alice and Alice Dauncey. Edith Thorold, very ill indeed

[Page 341]
June 1862

Sund 15. To Ch with Melia, rain heavily. Melia stopped at Mrs Holfens – I called for her in afternoon.

Sent in dated 14 plan of Rd from Jamberoo to [indecipherable]
41 days @ 63 129 3 -
32 days office @ 42/ 67 4 -
2 days travg @42/- 4 4 -

Total £ 200 11 -

Mond. 16 To Belisano had tooth filled then to Office and gave in plan of rd from Jamberoo [indecipherable] hours etc to look at carpets – so home – The servant left and Mrs Burns old servant came.

Tues 17 To Sydney – to Office – then bought carpet – at Bates – met Gother and Edward wet rainy day – also met old Hurrell

Wed. 18. To Gladesville saw E & Bella. Rossi & Rvd Mr Leigh on board. Ld A in evening

Thurdy 19. To Cockatoo. drive there. William Str came into Dock. home by Balmain. Mary gave me a cake, writing letters to Alice and Charlott

[Page 342]
sending home portraits of Melia

Friday 20. at home cleaning Piano. carpet came from Bate’s in evening to Crown St tea there – then to Govt house Ball with Blanche. remain the night at Lady M

Saty 21. To Belisanos at 2 pm. had tooth filled then back to Lady Ms for my carpet Bag. so home- The Lambs to tea in evening.

Sunday 22. To Church by self – Mr Leigh preached – a very wet and stormy afternoon. Anne out.

Mondy 23. Rain all day. at home – putting up blinds etc. Wenthurth station unacquainted

Tuesday 24. Rain showers, to cottage got £ 1 rent – to Survey office – saw Mc Lean, out again in afternoon raining.

Wed. 25 To Sydney – saw J. Robertson about the [indecipherable] at Forbes – then to Freemans. met Minnie Fanny & Blanche. walk with B to Crown Street then to Belisano. then to Glenister had portrait taken

[Page 343]
June 25 1862

met Mrs Whitton & Alice – with them to Mr Ws office walk home. Millie to drive with Mrs Lamb.

Thursday 26. To Gladesville to day with Dr Cox – as I had recd a note from Bella that little Alain was ill – found the little fellow with Gastric fever Met Miss Moore from Edge Mannings also the two Miss [indecipherable]. Wrote to Ed also H.K. James Mrs Broadhurst called

Frid 27 Putting down carpet – in morning in afternoon to Sydney – to Labour Bazaar about mats to Pheenix wharf. to enquire about little Alain, he better. Met Alice & Mrs & Miss Howell in Pitt St.

Sat. 28. To Sydney to office met Uhr there, then to look at Vases at W. Bradleys. then to Phoenix wharf to wait for Parramatta Ster saw Dr Cox – told me Alain was much better. then to hair cut. then to Domain to see review of Volunteers. met Mrs & Miss Howell [indecipherable] May etc. put Miss Finch in an omnibus

[Page 344]
July 1

Ld A & Blanche to tea – Lady M called also Mr & Mrs Darby & Mr Blaxland. Went to Pyrmont to see Elizabeth

Sunday 29. To Ch with Melia

Monday 30. To Sydney & Gladesville – got bill from S Gl pd into Bk & get £100 – 11 for Bong Bong rd – and balance £7. s for farms at Lake Illawarra – Pd Smith Peak & co little Alan better.

Tuesdy 1 July. To Sydney to office making tracings. to pay bills – Met Mr Fry – sent toys to his children. got rents from [indecipherable] Load of wood from Elliotts – Ld A. & Blanche Mr & Mrs Richardson & Mr & Mrs Lamb to tea.

Wed. 2d July. To Sydney. to office – paying bills etc. dine at Cafι with Ld A – he out with me to tea – Milly with face ache – the children to Pyrmont to spend the day with Elizabeth. a beautiful day –

Thurs. 3d To Belisanios tooth filled met there Mr Fry Then to T Moores about bed & sideboard. Met Mr Dawson at Cafι at lunch, Mrs Roberts called

[Page 345]
also Mr Richardson to ask me to tea but I could not go.

Frid 4 To Council Chambers pd rates call on Mr R Richardson & gave him petition against Ch rates abolition – to Sydney – to office – to Lady Mitchells, she out – saw Ld A, Campbell & Blanche . new sideboard came from T. Moors. Mr W. Walker called.

Sat 5. Packing up all morning – in afternoon To Sydney, to see Volunteer review and Genl Pratt. met F Gardner – a beautiful day.

Sunday 6. To Ch with Melia – Ld A in afternoon & to tea at J Lambs met a Mr Briscoe there

Mond. 7. Putting matting down to doors. Ld A to dinner, walk with him to office and to Sydney so home. he remain to tea – signed agreement about cottage with Thompson – Recd rent in full to this date.

Tues. 8th Left Sydney at 11 Pm by Hunter arrive at Wollongong 3.30 am. Lady M. with Millie

Wed. 9. Arrive 3.30 to bed at Mc Aras. To Court

[Page 346]
about free selectors, dinner and tea at Capt Harts. at Percy Owens in evening.

Thursd. 10 Measuring 1 ac for R.C. Bligh Wollongong Sect. 38. dine with Capt H – walk to Higgins in evening wrote to Millie

Frid 11 To Cordeaux River to inspect 100 acres Free Selection of Alex Clarkes

Sat 12 To American Creek at Hy Gordon opening road –

Sund 13 To Wollongong dine at Capt Harts

Mond 14 Drawing plan of R.C. Bligh. post it. dated 10th.

Tues. 15. To Dapto. looking at W. Dapto Rd tea at the Gerrands

Wed. 16 Marking off W. Dapto Rd – from Post office

Thurd 17. Marking off W. Dapto Rd. and to Larkins. call at the Sheaffes.

Frid 18 Survying 40 ac for Jas Moore C. P. at W. Dapto.

Sat 19 Marking Road through Kidds land

[Page 347]
July & Aug 1862

Sund. 20 Dine at the Gerards – tea at the Irvings. remain at Irvings all night

Mondy 21. To Marshall Mount -

Tuesday 22 Measuring at Calderwood for Byrnes.

Wed. 23 Measuring at Calderwood for Byrnes and O’Brien

Thurd 24 Do Do O’Neil and O’Brien

Frid 25 Do Do O’Brien and O’Neil

Sat 26 Do Do T. O’Neil 100 acres

Sund. 27 Back to Moores in Osbornes Cart. dine at Gerrards, tea at Irvings

Mond 28 Remain at Irvings all the night Examining line of road throughs Healys farm

Tuesday 29 Marking off Avondale Road dine at H. Osborne

Wed. 30 Measuring 60 ac at Calderwood for M O’Neil.

Thursdy 31 Tracing line for Hy. Osborne – return to Moors

Friday 1. Aug – Marking off Marshall Mt Road

[Page 348]
August 62

Sat 2d To Higgings then on to Wollongong at Capt Harts.

Sunday 3d Put up at Mc Aras – rainy stormy day – at Capt Harts

Mond 4. Remain at Wollongong, sent for my carpet bag to Higgings – sea to high for steamer to call in.

Tuesday 5 Heavy sea, no steamer.

Wednesday 6 Call at Mr Owens with Capt H. no steamer.

Thursday 7. Leave Wollongong about 3 per Hunter and arrive at 8 p.m. find there Dr Alloway, Campbell M. and Lady M. at the house. Milly had been taken ill on hearing of the death of poor Mrs W. Norton – after much suffering delivered of a beautiful girl who only lived a short time.

Friday 8. Millie as well as can be expected. to Sydney. Melia at Crown St. with Jessie who had arrived from Melbourne

[Page 349]
August 62

a few days previously. Ld A out in the evening to tea. Mr Richardson called –

Sat 9. Millie getting on well – Blanche and Kate called – also many others walk with B to Surry Hills, to Sydney. Hair cut – out again met Jas. Manning on Omnibus

Sund. 10. To Ch in morning by self – in afternoon to Crown St. Reconciliation with Jessie saw Melia Ld A. and Campbell met Mr & Mrs Diffell who invited Blanch to Volunteer Ball, for Tuesday

Monday 11 To Sydney. left note for Blanche at Gothers office, to Sr. Gls. office about farms at Mc Quarrie R. Rainy – Millie getting on better. Mrs J. D. Mc Lean, Mrs Wise, Mrs Roxburg, Mrs Forster, Mrs Mc Arthur, Mrs Hill, Mrs King – the Rogers, Mrs Berney

Tues 12 Writing offl letters – To see Melia in evening. tea at Surry Hills

Wednesday 13. To Sydney gave in letter to Armytage and bill for 36 . 15 . 0 then to Gladesville to see Bella she and

[Page 350]
her baby getting on well. Mary on bd steamer very unwell. In evening to Lambs.

Thurdy 14 Telegram yesterday of Mail – drawing all day, C.P. James, Miss James called wrote to James for cheque – shower in afternoon.

Frid 15 Drawing plans of Calderwood allotments. The Boy and Anne to Surry hills to see Melia – a most [indecipherable] meeting I believe – Milly getting on well – a fine day but windy

Sat 16. Millie with bad head ache, gave in 4 letters of plans – To Surry Hills met Blanche from Cockatoo – English letters from Alice – Miss Ryes, Catherin & Mrs Fyers-

Sundy 17 To Ch with Ld A – Sermon by Mr Bell [indecipherable] evening

Mond 18. Drawing plan for Moore W. Dapto – Jessie, Melia & Blanche called – also Edward. With Blanch & called on the Husbands and Scotts – then to Sydney. Mr Johnston driven me out. Millie on sofa for first time today

[Page 351]
Augst 19 – 1862

Tues. 19. To Sydney to office gave in bill for 46 : 17 : 6. To Circular Quay – and then to Cockatoo with Blanch & Ld A. Saw the Pioneer go out of Dock and a B[indecipherable] come in – home by Balmain – met J. Mitchell – Lady M went home today

W. 20 At home all day fixing photo box

Thurs. 21. To Sydney posted letters to Alice & Charlotte Miss R. Miss M. Mr Lloyd and Mrs Fyers – To Office – met Ed – also met Lady M Jessie & Melia.

Friday 22 getting photo in order – in afternoon to [indecipherable] to get some distd water. Lady M. came in afternoon.

Sat. 23. Lady M. remained all night went home in morning. Jessie & Melia came, latter remained – Jessie to the Wises – Photo all day.

Sund. 24 To Ch. with Melia. Ld A to dine in afternoon to walkout with J. Lamb.

Mond. 25. To Sydney. to office. got 35 3 1 advance

[Page 352]
met Liaidet & Keene & Mr Clarke. Pd rent £25

Tuesd. 26. My boys birth day two years old this day – gave him a cake – Nurse called with her baby – Photo all day try and take him and Johns likenesses – last night to the Lambs. Miss L. there and Alfred. Millie down stairs today for first time – very weak – wrote to Sr Gl. about Municipals having power to remove fences.

Wed. 27. Photo all day. Blanche came took her portrait. she took Melia home with her. Milly very unwell all day with tooth ache.

Thurd. 28. Photo all day – Millie better she out in the garden a little.

Frd 29. To Sydney to see Bowden he not in. to Lucy to dentist. had a bath. Millie and self out with Mrs Lamb in carriage to Rose Bay for first time. Dr Alloway called

Sat. 30. To Crown St. Saw Lady M Jessie Ld A. Campbell Blanch & Melia. then to Bowdens on business. M Norton returned from [indecipherable] this morning; Millie in garden

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August & Sept 1 1862

her getting stronger – Mr M Lamb called & Mr N called.

Sunday 31. To Ch with Ld A – he to dine Campbell came in evening. Millie better.

Monday 1 Sept. Photo all day. call on Mr Richardson about churching Millie. To Lyceum – to see the N. Zealanders. Millie had a drive with Mrs Lamb

Tuesd. 2d To Sydney – met Gother & Ed end.

Wed. 3. Photo all day. Mrs Cap Ward called Mrs Knox & Mrs Forster. Jessie left Melia here.

Thursday 4. Photo in morning. to Sydney for a short time to get gloves. Millie to Church, then to her Mamas. to dine Mrs Ward left us this day J Lamb & Parbury called in evening.

Frid. 5. In morning with the Lambs in Mr Parbury’s yatcht intending to go to Manly – but there being no wind only got to Watsons Bay – returned home in evening to Surry Hills – then to Ball at the Wallens.

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Sat 6. Remain at Lady Ms the night – to Sydney – gave cheque for £19 being the amt recd from Rees Jones for [indecipherable] to Bank to be collected. back to Lady M to dine and by cab home in afternoon.

Sund 7. To Ch with M remain to sacrament – fine day – rain in night take a walk with J. Lamb call on Norton he out.

Mond 8 Photo all day. in evening to Sydney – Millie to drive with Mrs Lamb – Mrs Blaxland called – telegram of July mail arrived this day

Tues 9. To Sydney in morning. saw Bowden and also his son about sale of lots Darling Pt. in afternoon Photo. Mrs Mc Arthur Mr Garsten & Mr Bennett called. Boy with cold.

Wed. 10. Photo in morning. Last night to party at Mayor Chambers with Blanche

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[List of expenses in England]

[Transcribed by Bob Williams for the State Library of New South Wales]