James McCall Young diary, 6 August 1918 – 6 August 1919
MLMSS 989/Item 3

[Transcriber’s note: This the third diary of Gunner Young commences in Daours, France in August 1918. He describes the fighting, the conditions, the weather and although he is a Gunner, he is frequently posted to the cookhouse and other duties. His unit is often on the move and they cover an area around the Somme and into Belgium. In mid March he has leave and goes to England and then on to Edinburgh to stay with his relatives and spends time visiting many places of interest in this city. At the end of his leave to returns to Charleroi, Belgium and then on 22 April he leaves France for England, pays another visit to Edinburgh and then sails from Plymouth on 20 June on the “Miltiades", stopping at Cape Town on the way and arriving in Melbourne on 5 August 1919.]

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Aug 6 1918
Gnr. J.M. Young
41st Battery Field Artillery
Australian Imperial Forces

Tancks Corner
Diamond Creek
Victoria, Australia

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D Sub. 41st Battery A.F.A.
Sgt. Gng Sgt. Brewer
Cpl. Elliston – Gnr. Haines
Bdr. Jones – Dvr. Chauncy
Bdr. Taylor - Gnr. Angove Transferred
S. Smith, Gunner
Fitter Botterill
Gnr. Pithouse
Gnr. Eakins
Gnr. Young
Gnr. Hiscock V.
Gnr. Healy
Gnr. Crossett
Gnr. Sinclair
Gnr. Le Storie
Gnr. Moore
Gnr. Andrews
Gnr. Schidow
Gnr. Dickinson
Gnr. McRea
Gnr. Simpson
Dvr. Kilpatrick
Dvr. Daley
Dvr. Priddle
Dvr. Johnston
Dvr. Batchelor
Dvr. Hills
Dvr. Horton
Dvr. Timmins
Dvr. Ferguson
Dvr. Armstrong
Sgt. O’Neill
Sgt. McRea
Sgt. Cronin

Mr. Callister (Aunt Lyons)
7 St. Luke’s Road, Great Crosby
Nr. Liverpool, England

Pay Book. Credits 44-18-6
Debits 46-9-11

Received 1-1-0 (Capetown)

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Diary No. 3

Tuesday Aug. 6th
Didn’t get up for early morning parade. 9.30 a.m. Loaded more ammunition. We all had to pass in one blanket and our kit bags until after the stunt. During afternoon packed up ready to move off. 8-30 p.m. left Daours for Hamlet. As we were going through Aubigny Fritz started shelling, wounded three Gunners and three Horses. We then set off at a full gallop along the road. The off wheel horse fell through getting into a shell hole on the road. I only saved myself from falling off by grabbing a strap, but lost my tin Hat. One gunner fell off the limber and the wheel went over his ankle, result, sent to Blighty. Arrived in Hamlet 11-30 and after fixing up the horses, slept under a tree.

Wednesday Aug. 7th
Up at 7 a.m. feeling very tired. Fritz shelled thick and heavy just behind where we are camped. After dinner made a dugout, but found later that we had to move again. Packed up all the wagons. Getting ready for the stunt on the morrow. During afternoon Fritz shelled the position behind us. Went to sleep curled up in a bag and my overcoat.

Thursday Aug. 8th
Awakened at 4 a.m. by the battery behind us opening fire. The stunt opened at 4-20, just daybreak. 7 a.m. had to go with water cart for water, as we were coming back the first batch of Fritz prisoners (about 30) passed us, they all looked very pleased with themselves. When I got back I found that the wagons had gone on, so had to wait on the G.S. Wagon & Cookscart. Saw several batches of prisoners going along the road during the morning and afternoon (Thousands of them) also saw some Machine guns and Field guns. Moved up to our new position 1 p.m. Coming along the track passed a lot of wounded Fritz’s and dead horses. One weird sight was seeing an Aussie and a Fritz lying dead with their bayonets through each other. Taking part in the stunt were Tommies on the left, then the Aussies and N. Zealanders, then Canadians with the French

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on the right, a distance of about 20 miles. All the objectives were taken. Went to sleep under an Ammo wagon never woke all night although the guns and planes were going all night.

Friday Aug. 9th
The guns still barking. I had to go with water cart and help fill it, twice, had to get the water from the river as all the water in the wells are is poisonious. Had a look round Guilly, every house is blown to bits. After tea an attack was made by the Tommies & Yanks on our left, went up on a hill and watched the barrage. It was great watching the Infantry and Guns advancing through Fritz’s shelling. Again slept under the wagon.

Saturday Aug. 10th
Went over to a quarry where 200 Machine guns were captured, saw two dead Fritz’s, one had an ear half eaten off by mice. The Tommies were busy collecting gear that had been left behind in Sailly Laurette. After tea had to go to new gun position with ammunition. At about 10-30 p.m. a couple of Fritz planes came over and dropped a lot of bombs near our wagon lines. 49L MS3 [indecipherable].

Sunday Aug. 11th
Our offensive opened again at 3-30 a.m. Kept up the bombardment all morning. Very busy during morning packing up. Moved off to our new wagon lines 1 p.m. After fixing up horse lines got busy cutting a dug out in the side of a hill, then had a dip in the Somme.
After tea went for a walk through the woods that the Tommies captured yesterday morning at great cost, saw two batteries of Fritz Guns (4"2s and 5"9s), also a lot of Fritz’s who were very dead, also two Tommies. Got a parcel of smokes from Juniper Green. Shortly after I got into bed a couple of Fritz planes came over and dropped some bombs very close, yes very close.

Monday Aug. 12th
Put in an easy day. Wrote letters all afternoon. Got two parcels from Aussie, 1 from Wife, 1 from Jack. Fritz came over again in his planes and dropped bombs all round us. Didn’t do any damage, but were very very close, a shower of stones went all over me in my dug out.

Tuesday Aug. 13th
Roused out at 3-30 a.m. had to pack up in the dark and clear out to a new position. Passed two big batches of German prisoners

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going down the line. Camped by the roadside for breakfast and dinner. Moved off again at 2-30 p.m. On the road we passed some German Motors, and two aeroplanes with their wings broken. Went through Bayonvillers and camped near …
After I had gone to bed a lot of Tanks came along the road, thought one was going right over us, it came partly over our trench but went back again.

Wednesday Aug. 14th
Had an easy day. Went and had a look at a tank that had been burnt in the last stunt. More tanks went up the road to-day. Was shown over one by one of the crew who explained its workings, has six cylinders and generates 150 horse power and travels 12 miles an hour, at top speed. Had another visit from Fritz during the night, one bomb wounded five men and five horses.

Thursday Aug. 15th
Saw some good air fighting, one of ours and two of Fritz’s came down. Got seven letters from Aussie. Had another visit from Fritz and his bombs, thought he was never going to stop dropping them. Never did any damage to our battery.

Friday Aug. 16th
Put in the morning unloading ammunition and stacking it. After dinner went and had a look at one of our planes that had to come down owing to the engine going wrong. An engine and trucks went up the line (the first I have seen for a long time) to bring back a load of Fritz material, came back with a load of rails. Fritz left us alone during the night, the first time for six nights.

Saturday Aug. 17th
After dinner packed up again. Moved off at 2-30 to our new wagon lines. Camped near Harbinage on the side of a hill. On the way down we passed huge dumps of Fritz shells and cartridges. The shells were all sizes, from Whiz-Bangs to 10 inch, standing 2 ft. 6 in. high. The number of prisoners taken during the week is 30,344.

Sunday Aug. 18th
Half holiday. Wrote letters all afternoon. One of Fritz’s planes brought down one of our baloons in flames. A lot of tanks have been going along the gully all day.

Monday Aug. 19th
Was awakened early by the firing at Fritz planes overhead. Tom Hall was wounded in the shoulder by machine gun bullet. George Shridow had his leg run over by the water cart.

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Tuesday Aug. 20th
Pay day. Was made limber gunner at the wagon lines, will not have to do duties. One of Fritz’s planes had a go at one of our baloons but missed.

Wednesday Aug. 21st
Had a day’s loaf, enjoyed a lay in the sun. Was awakened by the sound of a band and troops marching up to the line, sounded very fine in the still night air. Weather very warm. Put in the day cleaning and loading wagons. Was asked to do the cooking for Sergeants Mess.

Thursday Aug. 22nd
Another warm day, one of Fritz’s baloons was set on fire by one of our planes.

Friday Aug. 23rd
A very heavy cannonading took place on our left during the early morning (sounded as if something was doing). Started my new job. Had very good war news, large batches of prisoners taken. Got 5 letters from Aussie, 1 from wife, No. 30.

Saturday Aug. 24th
Slept in, just crawled out in time to get breakfast. Some of Fritzs planes were over during the night, very low down. Serg. O. Allen left the battery to go home to Aussie, lucky beggar. Fritz dropped a lot of bombs near us during the night, smashed up a lot of Frenchies.

Sunday Aug. 25th
Packed up, on the move again, going out for a spell. Came down over the ground where the gunners were on Aug. 8th, there is hardly an inch of ground that hasn’t been blown up by shells. Its not to be wondered at that so much damage was done after seeing it, by the side of the road lay what remained of a fritz wagon and team of horses, passed a fair number of graves, both Fritz and our own. Camped at Corbie for the night. Rained heavy early in the night. Sgt. Eng woke up to find he was lying in a pool of water.

Monday Aug. 26th
On the move again 8-30 a.m. Came through Corbie, Aubigny, Daours and Foulloy. Camped alongside the swamp at Camon in a big hut. After tea some of the chaps amused themselves on the swamp in French boats.

Tuesday Aug. 27th
Muster Parade, had a letter read to us from General Rawlinson, congratulating us on our work during the attack on Aug. 8th. Half holiday. After tea went to Camon and had a look around, a fair sized town, with a few civilians about also a lot of Frogy soldiers.

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Wednesday Aug. 28th
Had an early morning surprise when I went into the Sergeants quarters, bottles, both broken and whole lay everywhere, had to be cleaned up before we could have breakfast. Showery all day.

Thursday Aug. 29th
The usual happenings for the morning. Half holiday, our battery played the 43rd cricket and lost by 6 runs. I came a “proverbial", had an inoculation against fever, made my arm swell and stiff.

Friday Aug. 30th
Arm stiff and sore. 9 a.m. Muster parade reallotted to subs. Had another half holiday. After tea finished my job at the Sergeants mess.

Saturday Aug. 31st
Started work in Saddlers shop, on my own, as saddler went on blighty “leave". Got photo and parcel from Jean Gillies, “not half lucky". Have half holiday every day now.

Sunday Sept. 1st
Made a leather dice box and mirror frame. Mended my first pair of boots in the army. Got six letters from Aussie, two from wife. See a lot of planes every day flying over our camp, there is an aerodrome just over the hill. 7 p.m. we had a concert in one of our huts by the “Smart Set", a very fine show, one of them played “Nearer my God to thee", on a harp, it was one of the finest things I have ever heard.

Monday Sept. 2nd
Had a full dress parade, the battery looked tip-top, everything spick and span. Put in a hard day’s work, mending harness, went to bed early.

Tuesday Sept. 3rd
Another full dress parade, after inspection we moved off to the saluting point, went through Camon and on along the Amiens road and back through Lamotte. Col. McLaughlan took the salute, had a lot of red tabs with him.

Wednesday Sept. 4th
Had an easy morning. After tea went for a walk into Camon to the “Smart Set" but couldn’t get in.

Thursday Sept. 5th
9-30 a.m. Muster parade, inspection by Col. Spurge, did some foot drill. Capt. Kitto promoted to Major. Sgt. Eng made Q.M. Sergeant, Len Taylor made Corporal. After tea went for a row on the lake, got slightly wet but enjoyed ourselves, rowed with shovels.

Friday Sept. 6th
9-30 a.m. Mounted parade, did battery manouvers all morning.

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A fritz plane flew over, very high up, all the anti’s in the district were firing at him.
Got orders to pack up saddlers gear ready to move off. Went to “Smart Set" Concert in Camon, had a good laugh. Some of our Drivers and gunners changed over with some from the D.A.C. for two months.

Saturday Sept. 7th
Up at 5-30 a.m. loading wagons etc. Left Camon 8-30 a.m., went through Lamotte, Daours, Aubigny, Hamel, to the right of Chippily, through Morcourt to Royart and camped for the night. Met Ed Tonkin on a horse, told me Phil Fargher had been killed. Camped in a German dug out on a wire bed.

Sunday Sept. 8th
A cold night. Had to get out of my “home" as it was wanted for a store room for kits and stores. Found another good dug-out. Started raining during morning miserable cold wind. Wrote letters all afternoon. Rained all afternoon. After tea had some music on the gramophone.

Monday Sept. 9th
Packed up and on the road again at 8-30 a.m. Passed through a lot of ruined villages, some of them had been knocked about that much it was hard to tell if there was a village or not. Passed close to the 15 in. gun that the Aussies captured, its an enormous affair on a huge platform with 16 steps leading to the top, half the barrel is blown off. Camped in some woods, in some Fritz dug-outs. Got letter 31 from wife.

Tuesday Sept. 10th
Rained all night, woke up to find I was lying in a pool of water, “felt very comfortable and pleasant", rained all morning, cold and windy during afternoon went for a walk over to where some Germans are buried. 77 of them, havn’t been buried long. After tea Ed Tonkin came over to our battery and I went for a walk with him and had a long yarn, when I got back I found a parcel waiting for me from Jack Ritchie, came in very handy.

Wednesday Sept. 11th
Packed up and on the road again. 9 a.m., raining, with a cold wind blowing, came through a fair number of ruined towns, passed to the right of Peronne, Fritz had blown up all the bridges along the river, came over a temporary wooden one

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that the R.E’s were building. Camped outside Cartigny and relieved the 53rd Battery who are going out for a spell. I met Lieut. Turner and had a yarn to him. On the road up I tried to find Percy Lawson, but couldn’t manage it. 5 p.m. the guns went up to the pits. Near one of the bridges that had been blown up were five of our tanks, out of action, had grass growing on them, remains of March 1918 retreat. At 9-30 p.m. all the teams up were harnessed up and went for ammo and went forward to the new position.

Thursday Sept. 12th
More rain, cold and wintry. The sounds of heavy cannonading has been going on all morning. Found a german machine gun in some scrub (the latest pattern). Packed up and moved off at 3 p.m. only went about ½ a mile, camped in some scrub alongside a quarry. Had to make a dug out.

Friday Sept. 13th
Didn’t get up until breakfast time. Rained heavy all night. Some heavy shells passed over head during the afternoon.
Had just got into bed when a number of Fritz planes came over. Our searchlights picked up five of them, then the anti’s got going and brought down two. The cheers could be heard for miles as they fell in flames.

Saturday Sept. 14th
Tim Heley left for Blighty (on his way to Aussie). Put in a good day’s work.

Sunday Sept. 15th
Weather fine again. Fritz shelled the road in front of us with gas shells 7 p.m. Made everyone go at the toot. Another of Fritz’s booming planes was brought down just after we had gone to bed.

Monday Sept. 16th
Mick Jones was wounded by a piece of shell (blighty). Put in another full days work. After tea all the teams and wagons went up with ammo, I had to go on guard over some Ammo until dark. While sitting on the hill I could see hundreds of wagons going up with ammunition in all directions. About midnight a storm broke, thunder, lightning and rain, the worst I have seen since I came to France.

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Tuesday Sept. 17th
Two of our fighting planes came down near our lines through engine trouble. Sid Slatter (Saddler) came back from leave. On the move again, packed up and on the road 1-30 p.m. Went through Hancourt and Flechin, while we were hung up on the road Fritz started shelling near us, made us a bit windy. We camped in a gully in some scrub. There is a Heavy (9"s) just near us.
After dark Fritz came over and dropped bombs all round us. Then he started shelling us with H.E. and Gas shells. Killed 15 horses and wounded six. Two of them were just alongside our humpy. Then the rain came on, it was quite a peaceful night.

Wednesday Sept. 18th
Up at 5-30 a.m. raining heavy. Another attack was made on Fritz at ten past 5, we left the camp at 8 a.m. to go to the new forward position. Along the road we passed some dead Fritzs and large batches of prisoners. Pulled the guns out at 10 past 9 and went forward to within 300 yards of the front line. As we were going forward a shell burst near us and killed one horse and wounded another. While we were waiting alongside a hedge one of Fritz’s planes came over and destroyed two of our baloons. We burnt one of his. Just before dark 10 of us started to walk back to the wagon lines, we got lost and had to take cover in a shell hole as Fritz started dropping bombs very close to us. After a lot of useless walking we reached our lines and as we were putting up our tent it started raining, rained solid for about an hour. Slept like a log all night.

Thursday Sept. 19th
Didn’t get up until 8 o’clock. Put in the day patching up harness that had been destroyed by shells the night when the horses were killed. Two more horses were wounded while taking ammo’ up to the guns. I got four letters from Aussie. Had a quiet night, the first night for over a week that we havn’t had a visit from Fritz with his booms. The Saddler Corp. came back from hospital.

Friday Sept. 20th
Eight years married to-day. Had a quiet day. Another visit from Fritz during the night with their bombs,

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one plane was brought down by one of ours in Flames.

Saturday Sept. 21st
Had another quiet day. Loaded the wagons with spare gear. The D.A.C. went up after dark and pulled our guns out.

Sunday Sept. 22nd
Got a new tunic and breeches. 9 men left our battery to go to Australia for six months. I had a very narrow escape from being hit by a piece of shell from the anti air craft guns. Had a quiet night.

Monday Sept. 23rd
Muster parade. The names of the men were taken who enlisted before June 30th 1915. Half holiday. Got two letters from Aussie. After tea went for a walk, met some “Port Sydney" heads, after I got back Rowl King walked in and I had a long yarn with him.

Tuesday Sept. 24th
Got orders to pack up and go to H.Q. as a runner, left just after dinner and after wandering round for about three hours arrived tired and footsore as my horse had to be dragged along. At 6-30 we moved off to a new position. I had a bicycle to ride but finished up by dragging it along through the mud. Made my bed in a trench. Started raining 3 a.m. Shivered all night.

Wednesday Sept. 25th
Dr. took me off duty, put in a miserable day in the rain and wind. Made a humpy alongside a hedge and went to bed early. (Villers Faucon).

Thursday Sept. 26th
Put in another cold night. Three baloons and four planes brought down by our airmen yesterday. After tea I got a lift in a wagon part of the way back to the battery, as we were going along two of Fritz’s planes came over and set fire to two of our baloons. After walking around a gully and up a hill I found the battery, glad to arrive as the skin is off both my heels.

Friday Sept. 27th
Rained during the night. Just before breakfast a very heavy bombardment took place on our left. Didn’t go on parade, couldn’t get my boots on. Two Fritz planes came over and had a go at two of baloons, but they came a gutzer. Got ten letters from Aussie, one returned that I sent to Alex from Blighty last Febry.

Saturday Sept. 28th
Put in a cold night. Guns still barking all along the line. Put in the day writing letters. Had just got into bed when Joe Hiscock was roused out to go to the pits in place of

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Le Steer who was wounded. Later in the evening Fritz came over dropping bombs, one was picked up by searchlight and got a rough spin from one of our planes and machine guns.

Sunday Sept. 29th
A big attack was made on Fritz’s line at 5-30 p.m. The gun fire was the heaviest I have yet heard. We packed up and moved forward to the other side of Villers Faucon. Some of our men (13) were wounded in the stunt. There were Tommies, Aussies and Yanks. One of Fritz’s baloons was set on Fire by one of our planes. Got a job with the cooks for a few days. Two Fritz planes brought down, one by Anti’s and one by machine guns.

Monday Sept. 30th
Wind blew very strong all night. I got up feeling very cold and miserable as I had to make my bed with only an overcoat and bag, as my blankets were at the forward position. As we were getting dinner ready Fritz started shelling and made us move “toot sweet". At tea time the teams came back from the forward lines and I got my blankets.

Tuesday Oct. 1st
Had a good nights sleep, was warm for a change. Two of our baloons were brought down by Fritz’s planes. The Tommies made an advance on our left. On our front we advanced 2000 yds.

Wednesday Oct. 2nd
Had to get up at 2-30 a.m. and make tea for the men. Wagons moved off at 4-30 to forward position. I then went back to bed until 7-30. We moved off at 9-30 to new wagon lines, went round to the right of St. Emilia, then through Templeux and Hargicourt and camped outside … Had to wait about three hours for water before we could make tea. Went up on a hill nearby and saw some Aussies currying Fritzs. Got a good view of the surrounding country and ruined villages.

Thursday Oct. 3rd
One balloon and two planes were brought down by our airmen, two of our planes had to come down owing to engine trouble. Saw a good coursing match between a hare and all the men around our camp. All the gunners came down from the pits for three days rest. A lot of Fritz planes were over during the night.

Friday Oct. 4th
Another good course with a hare, it was knocked over by a ‘Tommy’. Just after dinner we got orders to pack up. Arrived in new position just as it was getting dark and lit the fire to make tea, had to put it out as the Hun came over dropping bombs very close to us. We came through Hargicourt, Bellicourt

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and camped outside Nauroy. Camped in one of Fritz’s trenches. Coming along the road I saw a lot of dead horses and piles of german machine guns and material. Also passed a batch of prisoners.

Saturday Oct. 5th
Was awakened by the cannonading of our guns, making a fresh attack, a lot of prisoners were brought back. Yesterday a lot of French civilians were released from the Fritz’s and looked quite happy. I was taken off my cookhouse job and put on as runner to Headquarters. Had to go to H.Q. on the way had to go through a tangle of barb wire and trenches. Had to cross the canal, saw all the german dug outs along the bank, he had made quite a home for himself. Came back further up the canal where it runs under the tunnel where the “blood house" is. After dinner went into Nauroy to get some S.A. ammo. Saw a tank that had stopped a shell on its face. Had a look at some of Fritz’s guns that he had blown up. In the evening rode over to H.Q. for the mail, met some chaps who were on the Port Sydney. Fritz was over all night with his bombs. Lieut. Beggs was killed.

Sunday Oct. 6th
Went with water cart to canal to fill up, but there are two motors pumping water, so saved me the trouble. Rode over to H.Q. for mail but they had cleared out leaving no trace. After tea started raining.

Monday Oct. 7th
Had to go to battery as mounted orderly for the day. Passed a great number of guns on my way up. Did nothing all day but try and keep myself warm, the guns went forward to a new position to be ready for the stunt in the morning. Saw a lot of dead tommies and fritz’s. Got back to the lines after dark, started raining. Played crib for a couple of hours.

Tuesday Oct. 8th
Was awakened by the opening of the guns. Saw hundreds of prisoners coming back. Was put in charge of the guard 4.30 p.m. During the advance one of Fritz’s baloons was captured, they hadn’t stopped to pull it down. Fritz was over all night with his bombs.

Wednesday Oct. 9th
A bonza frost. Three of our guns came down, out of action, making four, leaving only two in action. After dinner got orders to move forward to new wagon lines. Went through Nauroy, Estrees, Joncourt, Ramicourt and camped outside Montbrehain. On the way up saw a lot of dead germans also

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a dead french woman.

Thursday Oct. 10th
Took the guard to fill water cart from a well 100 ft. deep (Hard work). Packed up after dinner. I had to wait behind and pack cooks cart with spare gear, left Montbrehian and went across country outside some towns, saw more dead than I could count. After travelling a couple of hours, the driver found out he was lost, I with two others went to try and find the lines, when we got back found he had cleared out, we then wandered round until dark, we we got a dose of gas, then camped in a farm house in some straw without blankets, got tea from some Yanks.

Friday Oct. 11th
On the road again 6 a.m. found H.Q. lines and had a cup of tea, then wandered on until we found some mates, had breakfast with them, then on again until we found the battery lines at Busigny, I was then put on cooking again, one of the cooks went on leave to “blighty". Plenty vetegables growing near us, living high on them.
10-30 p.m. Fritz started shelling all round us, wounded two men, killed five horses and wounded eleven, smashed two wheels on a wagon, kept up the shelling for over an hour, one landed not twenty yds. from my dug out.

Saturday Oct. 12th
Cleared out to new wagon lines after dinner, put in a quiet night for a change. Rained all night.

Sunday Oct. 13th
Just before dinner Fritz put over a barrage in front of us. The 42nd had 16 horses killed by shells so shifted their lines. W. Lewis came back from leave.

Monday Oct. 14th
A glorious morning, our planes very busy, so is Fritz with his antis. During afternoon saw a good “box on" between some planes, one of ours came down.

Tuesday Oct. 15th
Put in a quiet day.

Wednesday Oct. 16th
Rained all night and morning. After dinner went over to a german coal dump in search of a stove, but missed.

Thursday Oct. 17th
A fresh attack was made on Fritz. A very foggy morning. Got eleven letters from Aussie.

Friday Oct. 18th
Another attack opened. Tommies got knocked back. Moved off to a new position. Passed a batch of prisoners.

Saturday Oct. 19th
Another thick fog. Started raining during afternoon. A Yankee band is camped alongside us, played some good music.

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Sunday Oct. 20th
Rained all night. 10 a.m. moved off to new position, went through St. Soufolet across the canal and railway, had to come back as we had gone too far. Saw a lot of dead Fritzs and a batch of prisoners. The line is blown up also the bridges. Camped outside St. Soufolet. Rained all day, mud and water everywhere.

Monday Oct. 21st
Still raining. After dinner gathered a bag of vegetables from the gardens near by (Turnips, carrots, celery, beet and thyme).

Tuesday Oct. 22nd
Showery, mud everywhere. Had a bonza bilious attack.

Wednesday Oct. 23rd
Another attack opened on Fritz 1-30 a.m., the bombardment was very heavy, lasted four hours. A glorious sunny day. A lot of wounded came down the road.

Thursday Oct. 24th
Another stunt after breakfast. Another sunny day. Got four letters from Aussie, one telling Dave had enlisted.

Friday Oct. 25th
The 5th Div. Artillery went out for a spell. Some of our chaps went and salvaged a quantity of german flour, soup, butter, jam and candles. Fritz raided the village, blew a water cart to bits.

Saturday Oct. 26
Fritz again shelled the village, got some direct hits on the station.

Sunday Oct. 27th
Fritz shelled during the early morning. Saw a good “box on" in the air, one plane came down. Started raining before tea, rained all night.

Monday Oct. 28th
Put some new piping on cooker. I pinched it from some tommies.
During the night had a visit from Fritz with his bombs, also shells.

Tuesday Oct. 29th
A glorious day. Great activity in the air, a Fritz plane had a go at one of our baloons but got knocked by the Anti’s, he jumped out with a parachute and landed in our lines.
P.M. Fritz was over dropping bombs, nine searchlights picked up four of them, Anti’s and machine guns turned them back.

Wednesday Oct. 30th
During the early hours Fritz shelled the town. Another stunt opened on Fritz. Fritz was over again with his bombs, the plane was brought down in flames, made a great firework display. Great cheers by the crowd.

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Thursday Oct. 31st
A very cold morning. Went on parade, first time for three weeks. Had to go “paper lancer" during afternoon.

Friday Nov. 1st
Packed up after dinner and went forward to new wagon lines, went through St. Behain and Le Catteau. Passed a big dump of Fritz guns of all sizes. Saw a lot of civilians in Le Catteau, the town is very large and the buildings are very fine, some very badly knocked about. Camped in a gully outside Le Catteau. The night was very cold with a strong wind.

Saturday Nov. 2nd
Put in the morning making a bivvy, last night slept in a shell hole. Started raining again after breakfast. Went with watercart into Le Catteau to fill up, went through the town square past the town hall.

Sunday Nov. 3rd
Went twice with water cart, 2nd time came back a different way, went inside a large church that has been badly knocked about, pictures torn and statuary all broken. Heard the Sussex Reg. Band playing. Just got back to camp as Fritz started shelling. Rained steady all night.

Monday Nov. 4th
An enormous number of our planes went over Fritz’s way during the early morning. A big stunt was opened on the Boche. A Fritz plane was brought down through trying to bring down one of our baloons. During afternoon while in the town saw a big batch of prisoners being brought in. Some of them were Austrians. Didn’t get any rations as one of Fritz’s timed mines blew up the railway line.

Tuesday Nov. 5th
Saw another big batch of prisoners in the town. The guns were brought back to the wagon lines. I went down to fill water cart but it didn’t come, had a walk for nothing through the mud and rain. Rained all day.

Wednesday Nov. 6th
Rained all night, still raining. Had to go and fill water cart. During afternoon darned some socks. Rained heavy all day, mud everywhere.

Thursday Nov. 7th
Had to get up 6 a.m. and go and fill the water cart. 9 a.m. muster parade, all had to gargle their throats against the “Flue", rained all night.

[Page 17]

Friday Nov. 8th
12 months since I left Australia. Had to leave the Gully and mud and go into billets in Le Cateau. Camped in a large Chateau, with no windows or doors to the room. Got five letters from Aussie, 1 from wife. After tea sat by fire and warmed my feet. Didn’t go to bed until 10 p.m.

Saturday Nov. 9th
A glorious sunny morning. Taken off water cart. Got an issue from the Comforts Fund, two shirts, two prs. underpants, 3 prs. socks, Tobacco and Cocoa and Milk. The 6th, 7th and 8th Battalions Aussie Infantry, went up the line in motors. Had to go on Guard 6 p.m.

Sunday Nov. 10th
On Guard 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. A very heavy frost and ice on the water in the shell holes After dinner went to Bazuel to try find Jack Brideson. After a lot of trouble found out that he had been gassed on 25th-8-18. I met Corp. Roy Thomson, who told me all about Phil Fargher and Jack, also told me Douglass had been wounded. After tea wrote letters.

Monday Nov. 11th
Had a rough night, was up six times “pueking". Put in a quiet day. Armistice signed.

Tuesday Nov. 12th
Had to clean some harness, just by way of a change. Had half holiday. Went for walk through French cemetry, saw eleven coffins awaiting internment. Got eight letters from Aussie, three from wife.

Wednesday Nov. 13th
Put in the morning cleaning and oiling wagons. Half holiday.

Thursday Nov. 14th
Started job as Donks mess orderly. Got a letter from Jack Brideson and Rowl King.

Friday Nov. 15th
Pay day. Had a hair cut.

Saturday Nov. 16th
Another bonza Frost. After tea sat by the fire nursing the cat and read my book.

Sunday Nov. 17th
Muster parade 9 a.m. Church parade in town.

Monday Nov. 18th
First snow fall. Finished stableman’s job. Saw the photo we had taken at Epange.

[Page 18]

Tuesday Nov. 19th
Started boot repairing for Battery. Inspection by General McClagin, went round all the billits.
Saw some French Soldiers who had been prisoners in Germany. They had a feed at our cookhouse.

Wednesday Nov. 20th
Fog, sunshine and fog all day. Put in the day repairing boots. Got 37 remounts, drivers had a day out.

Thursday Nov. 21st
Packed up for the road. 10 a.m. started our march to Germany. Left Le Cateau went through Basuel, Catillon and La Groise. Camped in a small house.

Friday Nov. 22nd
A very cold frosty day. Carted and cut wood to make myself warm. Men went on strike because they weren’t getting enough rations.

Saturday Nov. 23rd
All hands taken for a march before breakfast. Half holiday. Made some “burgoo" for supper in petrol tin, highly flavoured.

Sunday Nov. 24th
Church parade. Got a new hat and pair Jack boots.

Monday Nov. 25th
Stitched on my first pair of soles. Sent away Xmas cards.

Tuesday Nov. 26th
A dull cold day. Closed up shop.

Wednesday Nov. 27th
Up at 5-30 packed up. Left La Groise at 8-30 a.m. Went through Le Sart, Prischies, Petit Fayt and Cartignies and camped in a barn. Passed through orchard country, some of the trees blown away.

Thursday Nov. 28th
8-30 a.m. on the road again, plenty mud. Left Cartignies, went through Boulogne, Semeries, Fayt, Sains, Ramousies and camped in Liessies, arrived 3 p.m., and camped in the clink. Rained nearly all the time. At tea time a big batch of “Frogs" lined up with their dishes for some curry.

Friday Nov. 29th
Sewed another pair of boots. Was asked to go into Cookhouse.

Saturday Nov. 30th
Altered two pairs Jackboots. Finished boot repairing job.

Sunday Dec. 1st
Started work in cook house. Get the life worried out of us by hungry french people.

Monday Dec. 2nd
Got another new pair of pants.
3 p.m. Major Stevenson gave a lecture on A.I.F. educational scheme.

[Page 19]

Tuesday Dec. 3rd
Rained, a cold miserable day. At tea time the civies came a gutzer, nothing left for them.
A list of complaints was sent into the O.C. by the men.

Wednesday Dec. 4th
9-30 Muster parade, re complaints sent in. 3 p.m. Dental inspection.

Thursday Dec. 5th
A man put on to make tea for battery. Got eleven letters from Aussie.

Friday Dec. 6th
A glorious sunny day. Ground biscuits all morning.

Saturday Dec. 7th
A cold dull day, mended a pair of boots for officer in 39th Battery. Got 10 Francs. Got two letters from Aussie.

Sunday Dec. 8th
Our Battery played the 43rd football, we won. Had a great confab with a French girl over some coffee beans.

Monday Dec. 9th
A bilious attack, queer all day.

Tuesday Dec. 10th
Put in a quiet day. Football match during afternoon.

Wednesday Dec. 11th
A horse parade. Rained all day went for walk in afternoon.

Thursday Dec. 12th
Still raining. Billiting party went away.

Friday Dec. 13th
Up at 5-30 a.m. getting ready for the road. Left Liessies at 8.30 in pouring rain, had hardly gone 1 kilo when harness on W Cart broke, went on ahead of others. Went through Willies, over the Belgian border (9-30), through Touvent, Eppe-Sauvage, Montbliart, Aylin-Bouchant, Rance and Froidchappele, arriving 2 p.m. camped in barn. Rained almost all the time. Country passed through very fine, came through large forest.Belgium A land of hills, dells and streams. Passed a lot of german motor cars, all smashed and burnt.

Saturday Dec. 14th
On the road again 9 a.m. Road very Hilly and steep. Went through le Baret, Cerfontaine, Senzaille, Villers deux Eglise, and Phillippeville, while waiting for rest of transport to come along, had a look round the town. Camped in a large school (5 stories). Streets were all decorated and large crowds of people watched us come through. At night the lamps in street were alight, the first seen for over twelve months.

[Page 20]

Sunday Dec. 15th
On the road 8-30 a.m. The road very flat as far as Rosee, where we were to camp, but the billits were condemned. Stopped there from 11 a.m. to 1-30 p.m. Then set off for Agimont. Went through a large forest, the water cart driver ran into a tree, (had a drop too much). I then drove the rest of the way. Brought a Belgian boy along in cooks cart. The road was very steep and some fine views are to be seen from the top of the hills. We came through Goshenee and Vodelee. All the towns had arches over the main streets. People very excited as we were the first Australians they had seen. Camped in a farm yard under a shed. Ern and I had to make the tea as Lewis didn’t arrive until late (Rum).

Monday Dec. 16th
Packed up again, moved further up into the town. Had to burst open the door of the house where we are camped as Fritz had taken the key. Found a lot of wood, coal and coke stored in the rooms. Had to clean the place out before we could camp in it. From where we are, Givet and many more towns can be seen, as we are on the side of a huge hill.

Tuesday Dec. 17th
Put up a cover over the cooker to keep the rain off.
Saw a lot of French artillery-men with Fritz limbers and wagons. Had a hot bath in a bucket.

Wednesday Dec. 18th
A miserable wet cold and windy day. Made a stretcher to sleep on. The drivers went on strike and refused to groom horses before breakfast.

Thursday Dec. 19th
More rain, also sleet and hail. Made two more stretchers.

Friday Dec. 20th
Sewed soles on another pair of boots. Want to take me out of cook house.

Saturday Dec. 21st
Weather Mild and dry. Saw a Belgian Funeral. I went down to railway to look for souvenirs but came a proverbial.
Football match, we won again.

[Page 21]

Sunday Dec. 22nd
The bells in the Cathedral rang peals during the morning. Football match, 41st won again, so far unbeaten, won premiership of 11th Brigade.
Got six letters from Aussie, 2 from wife.

Monday Dec. 23rd
Rained all day. Party went out to shoot pigs, no success. Pay day.

Tuesday Dec. 24th
A heavy frost. Sunshine for a change. Sewed another pair of boots (5 prs.)
Started snowing before going to bed.

Wednesday 25th
Christmas Day, very busy getting dinner ready for the men. Had two sheep, 7 turkeys, 1 goose, 4 fowls, potatoes, carrots, and cabbage, Xmas pudding, Soup, Oranges, three kegs of beer.
Snow on all the surrounding hills. After tea scoured round trying to find our cooking dishes, but came a gutzer.

Thursday Dec. 26th
Didn’t get up early, hadn’t any dishes to fry the bacon in. Put in the afternoon mending boots.
Had pork chops for supper, cost nine francs per pound.

Friday Dec. 27th
Got parcel from Australia, came in very handy. Went to Dentist to get teeth repaired.
Roast pork and lamb for tea, a real mix up.

Saturday Dec. 28th
Raining again. Rained all day and night. Had a visit from the G.O.C. (General Burgess). Got my teeth from dentist, able to eat again.

Sunday Dec. 29th
A peculiar day, dull light showing up all the surrounding hills and towns. A civilian killed through an explosion (fooling with a fritz 5.9 cap and charge).

Monday Dec. 30th
Rained all day and night. Dance in the school room.

Tuesday Dec. 31st
Funeral went past cookhouse, priest chanting in front of the procession.
Another dance in School hall.

Wednesday Jan. 1st 1919
New Years Day.
Our battery gave a blow out to the children of the town. Father Xmas (Maj. Stevenson) presented toys to them all. The 48th

[Page 22]

Batt. Infantry band came from Dinant and played all afternoon.

Thursday Jan. 2nd
48th Band went away and 45th Band came in its place.
After dinner held a sports meeting, a good afternoons enjoyment.
In the evening a dance in the school hall.
Got a parcel of stationery, very handy as it cannot be bought.

Friday Jan. 3rd
A very quiet day. Our battery played the 48th Infantry Rugby and got badly beaten by them (first defeat).

Saturday Jan. 4th
First batch went to Namur on leave. Another football match. “Salvaged" some electric bulbs.

Sunday Jan. 5th
Got a letter from Jack Brideson. No bread or meat rations for the troops. Very windy; peculiar weather rains all night and fine during day. Givet placed out of bounds. Leave opened up to Brussels. There has been 500 men in our battery since its formation in Eygpt. 50 have been killed, 46 gunners and N.C.Os and four drivers (one accidental). Full strength of battery 194 Officers and men all told.

Monday Jan. 6th
11th Brigade played 10th Brigade Rugby and got beaten by two points. A Belgian and his wife had a go in. Wife won with a shovel, result 16 stitches.

Tuesday Jan. 7th
Another batch went to Namur. I fixed up a bonzer electric light.

Wednesday Jan. 8th
Took names of men who left Aust. in 1915, caused some stir. Went to Dentist about teeth.

Thursday Jan. 9th
Started raining again.
Went to Dentist again, had my teeth scraped. Got six letters from Aussie (1 from wife).

Friday Jan. 10th
The usual routine. Went to Dentist again.

Saturday Jan. 11th
Had six teeth pulled out. 11th Brigade played D.A.C. football, D.A.C. won. I got back my French watch (been away since Oct. 3rd getting a glass in it). Went to bed early.

[Page 23]

Sunday Jan. 12th
Everything quiet and peaceful. Saw a falcon chasing sparrows. Got six letters from Aussie. 1915 men put back another two days. 11th Brigade played D.A.C. rugby, 11th won 9 points to nil.

Monday Jan. 13th
Smart Set started showing in Agimont, first night free show.

Tuesday Jan. 14th
Collected a few souvenirs along the railway line.
After tea went to Smart Set show, had a pleasant evening. Got a parcel of socks and scarf from Edinburgh.

Wednesday Jan. 15th
Had a “blow out" (Oh Ruhm), Lewis, Dicky, Bremner & Self.

Thursday Jan. 16th
Up at 5 a.m. Getting breakfast for 24 1915 men going to Aussie. 3-30 Motor left with troops, gave them a cheer.
Two new men in Cook house. Got parcel of smokes from Edinburgh. After tea wrote six letters. Nothing else to do. Rained all night.

Friday Jan. 17th
Put in a busy day cooking. 11th Brigade played 10th Brigade football, the 11th won, 6 to 3. Rained all afternoon.

Saturday Jan. 18th
Left section horses clasified for the sale. One of “cook house staff" went to Namur.

Sunday Jan. 19th
The usual routine. Had a quiet day.

Monday Jan. 20th
Got letter and parcel from Cousin Jim (Contents A.1). Was asked if I would take saddlery job.

Very foggy all day.

Tuesday Jan. 21st
A bonzer frost, everything frozen. Another batch of 1915 men went away.

Wednesday Jan. 22nd
Another lovely frost, with cold wind blowing.
Went to Chateau on hill and had a look round the surrounding country. Marvelous view to be seen. Had a hair cut. Wind blowing all day. Football match.

[Page 24]

Thursday Jan. 23rd
First parade half hour earlier. Very heavy frost. Six men from each sub went to Marville (demobilization lecture). 8-30 Started snowing.

Friday Jan. 24th
Had a sleep in for a change. A bitterly cold windy day. The lads had a “blow out" on German Liquer. Went to Dentist about teeth. Saw a “native" breaking ice on water hole.

Saturday Jan. 25th
Big issue of Aussie Comforts, shirts, socks, cake, tobacco, cocoa etc.

Sunday Jan. 26th
Snowed all day, covered everything. Bitterly cold day.

Monday Jan. 27th
All the surrounding hills covered with snow.
The men went on strike because some of them were put under arrest without cause. Snowballing all day.

Tuesday Jan. 28th
Left Agimont 7-30 a.m. walked to Heerr Agimont station through the snow, train left at 8-30 for Namur, line follows the River Meuse almost all the way. Passed big lots of german railway stocks, guns, wagons, motors, engines etc. Everything covered with snow. Arrived Namur 11 a.m. and had a wander round the town. A very large place, big buildings and lots of people about. Got the train for Brussels 1-30 p.m., arrived 4 p.m. in the snow. No trams running, men on strike, had to walk a couple of kilos to Y.M.C.A., had tea and a brush up then went to pictures. Met a Belgian interpreter and spent the evening with him, took me round and showed me parts of the city. Arrived back at Y.M. at 10 p.m. and went to bed, tired out. Slept in between sheets! First time since landing in France.

Wednesday Jan. 29th
Up at 7-30, was hoisted out, not allowed to sleep any longer. Had breakfast then wandered round the streets having a look at the buildings. Had my photo taken. “Some dog". The Y.M.C.A. building originally belonged to Fritz and was run as a general store, it’s a glorious place, every convenience, all the pillars are of marble and walls

[Page 25]

are decorated with Gilt laurel leaves and wreaths. Five stories. A Belgian stopped me and wanted to buy my boots. After dinner went with a Scotty for a trip round the town. Visited several cathedrals, the Palace of Justice, The Royal Palace, Two Museums, The Maniquin Pis, etc., left Y.M. for station, hung on the back of an electric car part of the way. Left Bruxelles ¼ to 6 p.m. (Had to buy a ticket 8c) Arrived in Namur 8-30 p.m. had a feed, then scratched round looking for a bed, slept in The Hotel de la Monnier (4 Frcs.). Two of us in one bed (more sheets).

Thursday Jan. 30th
Up at 5-30 a.m. and toddled off to Station, left Namur ¼ to 7 a.m., arrived at Heer Agimont 8-30 a.m., had a cold ride. Warmed up walking to Agimont. Had some breakfast then started work again. Wish I had stayed in Brussels.
Six men left for Aussie.

Friday Jan. 31st
More snow, roads very glassy. Went to pictures (rotten).

Saturday Feby 1st
A very heavy fall of snow during night, made a slide in front of cookhouse, caused a lot of fun. Weather bitterly cold.

Sunday Feby 2nd
More snow. Had a quiet day. Wrote letters all evening.

Monday Feby 3rd
Went to pictures, better than last visit.

Tuesday Feby 4th
The usual routine. More snow, very cold.

Wednesday Feby 5th
Ordered 1 copy of Aust. Souvenir Book to be sent home. Received parcel from Leah. More snow fell during afternoon.

Thursday Feby 6th
Snow fell all night, 4 inches thick. Took my name for blighty leave. Sun shone for a few moments. Played cards all evening.

Friday Feby 7th
Got pulled out of bed by Fanny. A cold bleak wind all day. Sun again shining for awhile. Received a letter from Jack B.

[Page 26]

Saturday Feby 8th
The coldest morning I have felt, ice everywhere, everything frozen. Sun shining all day.

Sunday Feby 9th
Another bitter morning. Two guns and four wagons went away, also harness (12 sets).

Monday Feby 10th
A very heavy frost, everything frozen. Newbury tea King went on leave. Got two letters from Aussie.

Tuesday Feby 11th
40 Horses (Y) went to Namur. Day not so cold. Gun teams came back.

Wednesday Feby 12th
Weather not so cold, sun shining all day.

Thursday Feby 13th
Another horse inspection. Got my teeth from Dentist.

Friday Feby 14th
Rain for a change. Two guns & four wagons sent away. Rained all night.

Saturday Feby 15th
Twenty horses sent to Calais. Another issue from Comforts fund.

Sunday Feby 16th
A very quiet day. Saw a youngster with a suit on, made from an Aussie blanket, looked good too.

Monday Feby 17th
Went to Givet for coal on wagon, had to walk back as wagon went without me. At railway went through a lot of Fritz trucks.

Tuesday Feby 18th
Saw a couple of aeroplanes, first for a long time.

Wednesday Feby 19th
Weather cold again with a little snow. Packed up my souvenirs ready for Blighty.

Thursday Feby 10th
The rest of guns and wagons went away.
I went with cook’s cart to get coal, but came a crash, as I couldn’t get it without paying for it. Went to Hastere, saw a lot of Fritz material that had been abandoned; had to walk nearly all the way back; uphill. After tea Fanny asked me if I would ask her dad if she could go to dance, which I did.

[Page 27]

Friday Feby 21st
A very rough windy day. I got 12 letters from Aussie (4 from Wife). Rained all night.

Saturday Feby 22nd
12 horses sent away. Another football match; we won.

Sunday Feby 23rd
30 horses sent away to Dinant. All harness handed into store. Wrote letters all afternoon.

Monday Feby 24th
Another civilian funeral. Two men in 42nd battery killed.

Tuesday Feby 25th
Two more funerals (civilians. Made some “spotted dog" for the troops dinner. Bon.

Wednesday Feby 26th
Another draft read out. Peter got pulled out of bed. Weather cloudy and cool. Went out to supper, had to sing them a song.

Thursday Feby 27th
Some more horses sent to Givet to be sold. Received a packet of smokes from Edinburgh, also the photos of the Battery taken at Epagne.

Friday Feby 28th
Rained all night, started snowing while I was cooking breakfast. Horse sales at Givet. Got new tunic.

Saturday March 1st
Presentation of football medals by General Burgess.

Sunday March 2nd
Put forward time one hour (Summer time). Went out to Supper (eat pancakes and drank coffee until I could hardly move.

Monday March 3rd
Rained almost all day. Made two leather razor cases.

Tuesday March 4th
A big draft (56 men) went away for Australia, in motor wagons.

Wednesday March 5th
More rain. Made chops & spuds (fried) for tea. Went out for supper.

Thursday Mch. 6th
Muster parade, inspection by Dr. Rained all morning.

Friday March 7th
Got rid of tea engine. Big explosion in Givet, shook our house very much; Two civilians wounded by pieces of shell.

[Page 28]

Saturday March 8th
Had an examination by Doctor, will have to have an operation.

Sunday March 9th
Got orders to pack up ready to move to Rosee. Weather fine and calm.

Monday Mch. 10th
Left Agimont 10-30 a.m. went through Goshenee and Vodelee and camped in Rosee, had to walk all the way (12 kilos). Have a four roomed house all to our selves. Cook inside on open fire.

Tuesday March 11th
Have to pass in a lot of cooking gear; the 41st & 42nd are to join forces.

Wednesday Mch. 12th
41st & 42nd Cook houses joined together, also Q.M. Stores. All our horses and spare gear sent away.

Thursday Mch. 13th
After dinner went to Agimont on bicycle. Had a great reception got back just before dark.

Friday Mch. 14th
A glorious day. Gave the troops a blow out for tea.

Saturday March 15th
Went on leave. Left Rosee 10-30 a.m. Walked part way, rode part way to Florrenes. Arrived 11-30. Left in trucks for Chateleaux from there to Charleroi in Electric tram. Reported at Divi wing, then went for a walk round the town. Visited the Syph Wax works, shows some horrible sights.
7-30 reported back to camp, and had rations issued, then marched to Charleroi station, arrived 8-30 p.m., had to wait five hours on station for train. Did a perish with cold.

Sunday March 16th
Got aboard train (trucks) 1-30 a.m. Eighteen men in truck. Had a good fire all the time. Arrived in Calais 6 p.m. Passed through Lille and Armentieres, badly knocked about.
After an argument, marched to camp and put in huts. Drew blankets from store, had tea then went to bed. Cold.

Monday March 17th
St. Patrick’s Day
Up at 6-30, handed in blankets then had breakfast. Fell in at 8-30. Marched off to boat in lots of 100 men.

[Page 29]

Left Calais 10-20 in “Maid of Orleans" arrived at Folkestone 11-30, had to run for train, express to Victoria station. Marched to Horseferry Rd. Had a lecture from Dr. then got change of clothes, bath, changed French and Belgian money, got paid, then a feed, then a shave and clean up.
Left St. James station in tube for Kings Cross 7-30, had tea in Y.M.C.A. and a read until train left for Scotland at 10-30. Very fine carriages, and a big crowd on board, mostly soldiers and Sailors.

Tuesday March 18th
Arrived at Waverly station 8-15 a.m. Had breakfast and a clean up. Very foggy and cold.
Went to 17 Perth St., and was made very much at home. Went shopping with Jean through Stockbridge. Had a quiet afternoon resting.

Wednesday Mch. 19th
Had a long lie in bed, slept like a log all night. A very dull day, sleety. Went to pictures after tea.

Thursday Mch. 20th
Weather still dull. After dinner went for a walk through Stockbridge and Botanical gardens, got back in time for tea. Went through my souvenirs.

Friday Mch. 21st
A fall of snow during the night. After dinner went to Canadian war photograph exhibition. Very fine and real like.

Saturday Mch. 22nd
Heavy fall of snow all night. Went for walk with Cousin to Princess St. then to Deansbridge along to Craigleith quarry and back through Stockbridge. Passed a large number of Schools and Colleges.
After tea went to Lyseum Theatre and heard the opera “Il Trovitore", spent a very enjoyable evening.

Sunday Mch. 23rd
Didn’t get up till 10 a.m. After breakfast. Went to Granton to end of breakwater then to Pilrig through Leith, Bonnington to Princess St., along to the West end through the squares to Stockbridge & home. A glorious morning, fresh and sunny. After lunch went to east end of Edinburgh, under South Bridge along Cannongate, up through the close to St. John’s hill, to the

[Page 30]

house where my father was born and lived. Saw Watersons sealing wax works, where granf’ worked, along the pleasance, Drummond St. through the Meadows to Polwarth, then came back past the Caledonian Station.
After supper had a hot bath and went to bed well satisfied with my days outing.

Monday March 24th
Another glorious day. After dinner went to Juniper Green, after tea went for walk to Colinton, down the “Auld Braes" into Kirkagard, had a look at ruins of Board Mills, up Joiners Stairs, then visited two houses, down the stairs, where Aunt lived, then up the new road back to Juniper Green. Aunt gave me a book that belonged to Mother.

Tuesday March 25th
10 a.m. Went through the Paper mills, spent two hours watching how the paper was made, from the cutting of the grass to the finished article on the rollers.
The mill can put through 300 tons of paper per week. After dinner went through the Snuff Mill at East Currie nearly choked with the fumes. Had two samples of snuff given me. Only two snuff mills in the whole of Scotland.
After tea went with Archie through Colinton, past the “Sixpenny" tree, then past the Redford castle and Covenanters monument, Redford Barracks to the Electric tram terminus at Craiglockart, Morningside.

Wednesday March 26th
Met Archie’s girl & her sister, after tea went for a walk with them but had to come back at the “toot" as it started to rain. Spent the evening playing dominoes. Got some more socks given me. Rained very heavy all night.

Thursday March 27th
Weather fine again, strong wind blowing. After dinner went for walk over the Golf course and hills. 4-30 p.m. left Juniper Green for

[Page 31]

Perth St. After tea went to Uncle Robert’s and spent the evening there. Missed the last tram and had to take a taxi home.

Friday March 28th
Didn’t get up until 10 a.m. Went to Princess St. and saw about sending home souvenirs. Again went to Uncle Robert’s and spent the evening there.

Saturday March 29th
Had rubbers put on my boots. Got my hair cut.
Packed up my souvenirs in box for Australia. Sent Packets. After tea went to Waverly Market & Boy Scouts Rally. Heard the Coldstsream Guards Band, “Glorious". When I got home had a hot bath, put on watch one hour and went to bed.

Sunday March 30th
Didn’t get up till 11 Oclock. Went for walk all round Calton Hill and up to the top. Saw the german boats in the Firth of Forth.
Went to Mrs. Jim Young’s in Buchanan St. and spent the afternoon with them.
Had tea at Perth St. Left for the Station 8-30 p.m. with Cousin & Jean. Train left Waverley 9 oclock. Slept on the floor all the way to London.

Monday March 31st
Arrived at Kings + 6-30 had breakfast, then went to Victoria by tube, went straight onto train, left immediately for Folkstone. Boat left 10-30 a.m. arrived in Calias 12-30, marched to camp. After tea went to Concert in Y.M. until I got fed up, then went to Pictures.

Tuesday April 1st
Up at 6-30. Left camp 9-30. Travelling all day. Good fire to keep us warm, had tea 8 p.m. & went to bed.

Wednesday April 2nd
Arrived at Charleroi 10-30, got tram to Chatlineau, wandered round the town until 7 p.m. Met Harry Petty and several others of the Port Sydney. Arrived at Florense 8-30 (Dark) had to walk to Rosee, on arrival found battery had moved to Mettet. Had to knock up some civilians for a bed (10 p.m.). Made me at home in a good bed.

[Page 32]

Thursday April 3rd
Up at 8 a.m. Had breakfast and on the road 8-30, had to walk to Mettet (14 kilos). A glorious morning but felt very tired on arrival. Came through several small villages. Got 7 letters, one from wife.
Three weeks away from Battery. Billited with some very fine people. Had to dress for tea. Had some music.

Friday April 4th
Old cooker sent away. 14 new men in battery. After tea music & songs.

Saturday April 5th
Another glorious day. Did some washing first for a long time.

Sunday April 6th
A small draft went away. Wrote letters all afternoon, went to church.

Monday April 7th
More washing. Glorious morning. Heard some French songs. Rained during the night.

Tuesday April 8th
Had the afternoon off, had my photo taken with Harry.

Wednesday April 9th
After tea went for walk round Mettet and fields, saw a lot of burnt Aeroplanes (Fritz), got Photos.

Thursday April 10th
Name read out on draft for Sunday, handed in pay book.

Friday April 11th
Got my movement card and pay book, had to fill in a Q.I. form. Could sell lots of gear if I had it. Got letter from Kaffir.

Saturday April 12th
Up early getting ready, put our kits on the square.
The battery left for Acoz at 9-30 (Marched). The draft didn’t leave until 1-30, after reaching station had to wait 1½ hours for train. Reached Charleroi at 6.30 [?] marched into camp. Came a gutzer, detailed as cook for the mob.
Went into town and had a look round, went to picture show.

Sunday April 13th
Up at 6 a.m. getting breakfast. 9-30 Parade, inspection by

[Page 33]

Dr. for scabies. Went into town after tea. Saw a couple of open air shows in the square. Market day, just like any other day, all shops open, lots of people about.

Monday April 14th
Went to Waterloo by train, climbed to top of monument, had the different places pointed out to us by a Belgian guide, afterwards went into Museum. Well worth seeing. Wind blowing a gale, started raining coming back to station, had to run to catch train, half way to Charleroi, half the train was taken off, had to scramble into wherever we could get room. After tea went into town, went to picture show couldn’t get a seat so came out and went to Winter Gardens, came home in pouring rain.

Tuesday April 15th
Up at 6 a.m. in cook house. Inspection by the heads on the parade ground. After tea went to wrestling and boxing tournament in Charleroi, had my money’s worth. Saw some very good contests. Arrived back in camp 11-15 p.m.

Wednesday April 16th
Up at 6 a.m. packing up ready to move. Left camp 8-30, marched to Charleroi station, left in trucks (25 in each) 10 a.m. Stopped at Mons 2 p.m. for dinner (Mac’s stew & tea). Rained all morning.
Crossed the border into France 5-30. Passed away the time playing 500, went to bed 9-30.

Thursday April 17th
Woke up at Ameins 9 a.m. A glorious day. Dinner time rolled up our blankets into bundles of ten. Arrived at Harve 6 p.m. Had to march into camp, arrived dead tired. Twenty-five men put into each hut. Had to scramble for blankets as they were thrown off the lorry. Went to Orch. Concert in Y.M.C.A.

Friday April 18th
Up at 6-30, breakfast at 7 oclock. Parade 8 a.m., handed in blankets, Haversack, Bandolier, Waterbottle and spare underclothes. Then went before Dr. for scabies & S.A., then had a hot bath with a

[Page 34]

complete change of underclothes. Had our O. coat & Uniform put through the fumigator. Got three clean blankets and moved into fresh huts. Went to three picture shows and a Lantern Service on the Death of Our Lord.

Saturday April 19th
Parade 9 oclock, went to Lecture in hall on “Repatriation". After dinner went to football match between 3rd & 4th Divisions. The 4th won easily.
After tea went to pictures then heard show by the Coo-ee concert party.

Sunday April 20th
9 a.m. Parade, went through Q.M. Stores, had new underclothes issued. Went into Harve by train. Had a look around the town, walked along the Promenade, a fair number of vessels lying alongside. A big town but very dirty. Came out by train. Met Kaffir in camp, had just arrived, was in a railway smash coming down the line.

Monday April 21st
Put in a bitterly cold night. Only three blankets & cracks in floors. No Parades. Went to football match, 4th Divy. played 5th Divy. and got beaten by 2 points. After tea went to Y.M. to a lecture on Belgium and then had pictures until 9 p.m.

Tuesday April 22nd
Another cold night. 9 a.m. Parade, rolled our blankets into bundles of 10, then handed them in, had iron rations & smokes issued to us. 12-30 Parade and roll call, had embarkation cards given us.
2 p.m., got into motor wagons, 30 in each, didn’t move off until 3-15, arrived in Harve 4-30 and went straight on board the “Prince George". Left Le Harve 5-30 was towed out by tug. Passed a large number of vessels lying out in the water way. Got a good view of Harve & surrounding districts from the boat. A fairly choppy

[Page 35]

sea and strong wind blowing.

Wednesday April 23rd
Woke up at Southampton 6 a.m. Anchored out in the Harbor at 1-30, steamed in 7 Oclock got off the boat 7-30 and had breakfast, then got aboard train (after waiting an hour) and went to Hurdcott. Had a long walk from station to the camp. Felt blown out after it. Met a lot of the 41st Boys in camp.
From the camp can be seen the “Famous Rising Sun" and several other Regimental badges marked out on the side of the hill.
After tea went to Pictures.

Thursday April 24th
9 Oclock Parade. Was inoculated against influenza. Had inspection. Went for walk into village. Very quaint, thatched roofs. Went to Concert in hall. Very rough.

Friday April 25th
Anzac Day. Parade 9 a.m. Dismissed. 10-30 Parade for pay. Got eight letters from Aussie (2 from wife).
After dinner paid for our railway tickets, then went for a walk. After tea went to two picture shows.

Saturday April 26th
9 oclock Parade & dismissed. A cold bleak day, rained very heavy all night. Went to pictures & Concert.

Sunday April 27th
More rain, very cold. Got sea kit and extra clothes from Q.M. Stores. Went for walk after tea, came back early, too cold to stay out.

Monday April 28th
Heavy fall of snow during night. Up at 5-30, rolled up blankets and stacked them in hut. Got railway ticket and pass. Had breakfast 7 a.m. then walked to Fovant station. Train left 20 to nine, went to Salisbury, then up to London. Arrived 1 oclock. Had dinner and clean up. Went through Westminster Cathedral , down past Parliment house, over the bridge past St. Thomas’ hospital, over Westminster bridge, then along Thames embankment through to

[Page 36]

St. Pauls. Then got bus to Kings Cross and had tea. Weather fine but cold, lots of snow and slush about. Got the train at Kings Cross 10-30 p.m., crowded, had a comfortable corner.

Tuesday April 29th
Woke up in Scotland, arrived at Waverly 8 oclock, had a clean up and breakfast, then walked down High St. to Hollyrood Palace, then back over North Bridge to Princess St. Saw Mr. Daniells (the American Secretary of Navy) at the Caledonian Hotel. Got the train 12-15 for Juniper Green, arrived just in time for dinner. Weather dull and cool.
In evening went for a walk through Currie towards …

Wednesday April 30th
Weather fine but dull. Afternoon walked to Colinton and around the waters of Leith past the park and back home. Evening walked through Colinton and Slateford, to Merchiston to Archie’s girl’s place and spent a pleasant evening. Missed the last train and had to walk home.

Thursday May 1st
Went for a walk over part of the Pentland Hills. A fair amount of snow about, and a strong wind blowing, enjoyed the tramp. Evening went to Edinburgh with Archie to a picture show, arrived home 10-15 p.m. just as it started to rain.

Friday May 2nd
A dull day, very windy. Went for walk then round to Pentland Terrace.

Saturday May 3rd
Spent the afternoon making two young ladies lives miserable. After tea walked to Colinton.

Sunday May 4th
After breakfast walked to Merchiston and met the two girls, came home to dinner, then went for a walk over part of the Pentlands round the water works, Clubbiedean, Torphin, Tordough. Went to Church in the evening. A fine service. After supper walked to Colinton again.

[Page 37]

Monday May 5th
Left Juniper Green 4-30 p.m. for Perth St. Jean McCall came into Edinburgh with me. Found the folk at Perth St. well. Went for a walk in the evening.

Tuesday May 6th
Didn’t get up until 10-30. A very dull morning. Paid a visit to the barbers. Rained all day.

Wednesday May 7th
Went to Carriers about box I sent away when last in Edinburgh, have to call at London office. After tea went for a walk through Stockbridge, along the Waters of Leith, past the Mineral Well and under the Deans bridge, then up the hill through the Waters of Leith village, on past Stewarts College to Craigleith and back home through Stockbridge. Was shown some very old photographs.

Thursday May 8th
Went for walk through the gardens and hot houses. A fine lot of blooms out. Played drafts during evening.

Friday May 9th
After breakfast went to Princess St. and back. Got Case at [indecipherable]. Afternoon went out to Zoo, saw some Aust. natives, shook hands with the parrot. After tea went to Buchanan St. and saw my relatives.

Saturday May 10th
A glorious day. After dinner went out to Braid hills by car then tramped over the hills, came back through Newington and Liberton, a great number of golfers out on the links. After tea went by car to Granton and Leith, had a look round the docks, came back by train to Waverly, then came home via Deansbridge & Stockbridge. Had hot bath then went to bed.

Sunday May 11th
Went to Portobella and Joppa by car. Walked along the promenade. The old pier has been taken away.
Left Perth St. 8-30 for Waverly. Cousins came to station with me. Train left 9-40, big load on board. First stop Newcastle 12-30, was

[Page 38]

kept awake by Marine telling of his experiences in Africa.

Monday May 12th
Arrived Kings Cross 7 a.m. had breakfast and clean up, then went to Finsbury St., by sub and saw about box of souvenirs then went to Waterloo by bus. Got train to Salisbury 11 a.m. arrived in camp 2-30 and handed in pass. Got blankets and kit and moved into new hut.

Tuesday May 13th
A glorious day. Parade 9-30, very few on parade. Was put on Sanitary fatigue, but didn’t have to do any thing, as no-one would own us. Got a big bundle of letters (20, three from wife). After tea went to Concert in Y.M.C.A.

Wednesday May 14th
Parade 8-45 & 10 oclock, Medical inspection and inoculation. Got Parcel from Juniper Green. Afternoon wrote letters and then heard lecture on the Eastern Question. Evening went to Pictures in Institute. A very warm day, real summer.

Thursday May 15th
Muster parade 8 a.m., 10 a.m. Got our pay books back. Put in an hour listening to the band.

Evening went to Band Concert at 7, and Vocal Concert at 8.

Friday May 16th
My turn for Mess orderly. 10 oclock pay. 2 p.m. drew our leave ration money (1-4-6).

Sent away Note to Stockwell & Co.

Saturday May 17th
Glorious weather. Nothing doing all day. Evening went to Recital by Alexander Watson.

Sunday May 18th
After breakfast went for a walk through Axford to the woods, spent a pleasant morning walking under the trees listening to the birds. Evening, walked all round Australia. Got letter 56 from Wife.

Monday May 19th
Weather still warm. Parade 9 a.m. dismissed for day. Wrote letters all afternoon. Went to Pictures, then to Debate. Saw a humorous affair, a goat kissed an Aussie while he was reading the paper.

[Page 39]

[See image for pressed flowers.]

[Page 40]

Tuesday May 20th
Parade 9 oclock, all our huts had to be scrubbed out. 30th Quota played and beat the 35th at Cricket.

Wednesday May 21st
The last of the 4th Division came into camp (52nd Quota). Evening went to lecture in Y.M.C.A.

Thursday May 22nd
3-30 p.m. Had to go on Guard. 7-30 went to Concert. 11-30 p.m. went on two hours shift.

Friday May 23rd
Came off shift 1-30 a.m. and went to bed. 5-30 a.m. on Guard again till 7-30 a.m. Third shift 11-30 to 1-30 p.m. A Glorious day. Got our paybooks back. 4 p.m. came off guard. Went to Concert.

Saturday May 24th
Another warm day. Finished blacking my leggings in Shop. Went to Pictures.

Sunday May 25th
A dull day. Went for a walk through Barford St. Martin, towards Dinton, came back through Lady Hurdcott’s estate. Wrote letters during the afternoon. Evening Pictures.

Monday May 26th
Wrote letters all afternoon. Evening went to pictures.

Tuesday May 27th
9-30 Muster parade all ranks. Stitched leggings all afternoon. Evening, Concert in Y.M.

Wednesday May 28th
9-30 Muster parade.
After tea went to Salisbury by car and got box from station. Went through the Cathedral. Very old and very fine.

Thursday May 29th
Another muster parade, had our names read out for roll. Evening went to Concert, best concert so far in camp.

Friday May 30th
9 a.m. Parade. 10 a.m. Final medical inspection. 5-30 went to pictures. 7-30 Dance in Y.M. until 10 p.m. Very warm.

Saturday May 31st
9 a.m. Parade. Names of men on advance boat party read out. Weather very warm & dry. Did some washing. Went to Concert in Y.M.C.A. Had hot bath before going to bed.

[Page 41]

Sunday June 1st
9 a.m. Parade. Names on boat roll were read out. I came a big “Gutzer", name not on the roll. Wrote letters during afternoon. Evening went to Pictures.

Monday June 2nd
No Parade. Men going on draft were paid boat pay.
Afternoon watched cricket match. Evening went to dance. Coming home just missed getting stoushed.

Tuesday June 3rd
Watched cricket match during afternoon. Evening, Recital, Irish wit & Humor by the author of Father O’Flynn. Then listened to Concert in Y.M. After supper went for slow walk along the road to bridge.

Wednesday June 4th
Started raining. No Parade. Showery all morning. Afternoon and evening went for walk through the woods. Some very big trees. One is 16 ft. round.

Thursday June 5th
Went to Dance in Y.M. only missed one dance.

Friday June 6th
9 a.m. Parade. 100 men taken off the boat roll. Lots of argument. After went to dance at Wilton, had a good night; got home 1 a.m. by car.

Saturday June 7th
Didn’t get up until 9-30. 1-30 p.m. Muster parade. We were all seperated into states and put in different huts.
After tea went to pictures then went for walk into Barford.

Sunday June 8th
Put in a quiet day. After tea went for a walk over the hills to Broadchalke, three miles from Hurdcott. Had a look over the C of E Church: very old built in 13th Century, has some peculiar gnomes around the ceiling and walls. Got back to camp 9 p.m.

Monday June 9th
9-30 Parade, check roll call, were then transferred to the 40th Quota, then dismissed after handing in our pay books. Went for a walk to Compton Chamberlayne. Got back in time for dinner.
After tea went to Concert by Smart Set, then to a dance until 10 p.m. Improving.

[Page 42]

Tuesday June 10th
Muster Parade and roll call. 2 p.m. Another muster parade and Medical inspection. Evening, went to Lecture on “Bolshevism". Then went to Concert.

Wednesday June 11th
Muster parade 9-30. Name read out on boat roll.
Issue of comforts from Aussie. After tea laid out on the grass and yarned until bed time.

Thursday June 12th
A rotten day, blinding dust storms. 8-15 Fatigue. Had to clean out Sergeants Billiard room.
9-30 Muster parade; got our boat pay, had to wait two hours for it. After dinner put in application for leave to Bournemouth. Went for ramble through the woods got caught in the rain.
Evening, went to Lantern lecture on “Fall of Antwerp".

Friday June 13th
Went for Motor trip to Bournemouth (30 Miles) passed through Wilton, Salisbury, Ringwood, Poole, Christchurch and several other towns. Left Camp 9 a.m., stopped at Christchurch for ½ an hour and had a look at the Cathedral. Most remarkable carving in stone and wood. Church is 333 ft. long and is three churches in one. Is one foot higher than Salisbury. Arrived at Bournemouth 12-30. Had a hot dinner at Y.M.C.A., then walked through the gardens to the beach.
Had to pay to go on pier, which is a very fine one. Went up cliff in lift. Bournemouth is a fine large city, fine shops and large Houses, all well built. Left for home 7 p.m. had a good run home. Gave every one a “hoy" as we passed them. In the fields were great numbers of Hares, rabbits, partridges, pheasants and grouse. Arrived back at camp 9-30 p.m.

Saturday June 14th
Parade 9-30. Changed into 11 camp from 10 camp. Last night after going to sleep was awakened by a roar of voices; a brawl of a serious nature broke out, lasted

[Page 43]

some time. (Some men badly injured.)
Just finished dinner when riot broke out against one Massey. The M.Ps wanted him and the men wanted him. No. 10 Canteen suffered during the disturbance. First the “diggers" set fire to the back gates, then smashed them down. Windows were broken wholesale, barrels of beer were rolled outside and emptied, all the stock was taken off the shelves. All because they were sheltering the “mob of crooks" that the diggers were after.
Later in the day the mob broke into 6 & 9 canteens and emptied out the beer; then they took possession of the Q.M. Stores; every one helped themselves to whatever they wanted or didn’t want. Evening. Went to concert in Y.M. While concert was on a blind rush took place after Ned Kelly up the hill, where they caught him and gave him a rough handling.

Sunday June 15th
35 Quota marched out of camp. No Parade; went for walk over the hills. Afternoon, went to Pictures. After tea, went to Broadchalke to church, afterwards went through some very fine gardens (700 years old) and heard the local band playing selections. Got back to camp 10 p.m.

Monday June 16th
Parade 9 oclock. Put on fatigue duty. 11 oclock Kit Inspection. Bought Camera 10/-.
Directly after dinner went for a long walk. Went over the hills to Broadchalke then through to Bishopstowe and Wilton, had tea in Wilton and watched the tennis players for a while, then started for home.
Got back to camp 10 p.m. after walking about 16 miles.

Tuesday June 17th
9 oclock, muster parade, had to sign our boat tickets. After dinner went to Wilton and stayed there until 9p.m. Walked home feeling a little tired.

[Page 44]

Wednesday June 18th
9-30 Parade. Roll call. Dismissed 10-30. Another parade. Medical inspection. Wrote letters during afternoon.

Thursday June 19th
Up at 5-30 a.m. Parade 6-30. Moved off 7 oclock. Marched to station at Fovant. Train moved off 20 to 9. Stopped at Exeter for dinner. Arrived at Plymouth 3-30 to find the Miltiades had not arrived. After waiting two hours on wharf went aboard a tug and went out to the boat in the bay. As we came on board General Birdwood shook hands with every man, and wished us “good luck". All allotted off to seperate decks, 16 men to a table. Had to wait until 10 p.m. for tea. Got one blanket and a hammock each.

Friday June 20th
Woke up feeling very sore and stiff. Boat moved out just after dinner. Put back time 80 minutes. Went to bed early not so good. Boat rolling.

Saturday June 21st
Well out at sea. Passed a fair number of boats during the day. Had some music during afternoon. 7-15 Jazz dance on deck. Got a good wetting, water came through port holes.

Sunday June 22nd
Weather good, sea very choppy. 9-30 Parade, 10 a.m. Church parade.
Band played during afternoon. Saw a shoal of porpices.

Monday June 23rd
Slept on deck, had to get up 5-30. 9 a.m. Parade. 9-30 went to Agriculture class. Had the heads down at dinner time over the grub, not cooked and not good. After tea had some music and fun on aft deck. Passed a boat just as we were getting into bed.

Tuesday June 24th
Had some band before parade (signing of peace). 10-30 Started with Saddlery & Boat repairing class on top deck.

[Page 45]

5-30 p.m. had some boxing bouts and a scratch Concert on our troop deck. Afterwards had some Music from band.

Wednesday June 25th
Passed Tenneriffe during the early morning (saw the lights). Had the liver for breakfast. 9 oclock Parade, 9-30 Saddlery class. Put in the afternoon reading. A glorious day, sea very calm. 7 oclock Concert by Smart Set on aft well deck. (Very good.)

Thursday June 26th
10 oclock Medical inspection. Overtook and passed 2 boats. Weather dull and cool. Had some music from band during afternoon. I took some snaps of the crowd.
After tea Euchre tournament on troop deck. Got badly beaten.

Friday June 27th
One week at sea, covered 1918 miles. 9 oclock Parade, 9-30 Boot class. Got films. Just after dinner passed Cape Verde, saw the remains of a wreck on the rocks. Got some snaps of the rocks. Saw a lot of flying fish and some huge porpices.

Saturday June 28th
One of the engines broke down early this morning. Steaming under one engine (doing 5 Knots per hour). Weather very hot.
Other engine started just after dinner. 2 p.m. 2nd Divy sports on well deck, some good fun. Got some snaps. Evening. Music from band. Passed a couple of boats.

Sunday June 29th
No parade. 10 a.m. Church. Weather cooler. Slept all afternoon.

Monday June 30th
9 oclock Parade.
9-30 Boot class. Weather very hot, strong wind blowing. Band during afternoon. After tea Smart Set gave a concert on our troop deck.

Tuesday July 1st
Started making pair of shoes. A band of the lads went round grabbing anyone and everyone and dipping them.

[Page 46]

One of the engines broke down again (for two hours). After tea some music from band. Weather dull, strong wind. Got another inoculation (Flue).

Wednesday July 2nd
9 a.m. Parade. 9-30 Boot class. Passed the “Euripidies" 10-30. Saw a shoal of porpices. Had a fun stunt during afternoon on well deck. 7 oclock. Concert by Smart Set. 8-30 went down into stoke hold alongside furnaces (21 of them), did a gentle sweat, very hot, had to have a bath after it.

Thursday July 3rd
Up 6-30. Parade 9 oclock. Boot class 9-30, finished pair of shoes. 2-30 p.m. Boxing contests on well deck. Some very good also funny contests. Got some snaps. Saw a couple of large sharks. Filled in the evening playing draughts.

Friday July 4th
Started another pair of shoes. Weather much cooler. Heavy head wind still blowing. Played crib all night.

Saturday July 5th
Started another pair of shoes. Weather cool, strong wind. 4th Divy sports during afternoon. Blindfold boxing very funny. Played crib during evening.

Sunday July 6th
Went to Church 10 a.m. Had to wait until 1-30 for dinner. More complaints about grub. Slept all afternoon in a boat. Weather getting colder. 7 p.m. Church service.

Monday July 7th
9 oclock Parade. 9-30 Boot class; finished pair of boots. Weather good; cool wind. After tea crib tournament, afterwards had an hours dancing. Saw a comet.

Tuesday July 8th
9-30 Boot class, made a watch pouch. Just after dinner passed a large steamer. 2 p.m. Got paid £1-1-0.
Started raining; thick mist, rain cleared off just before going to bed. Put in a cold night. Strong wind and boat rolling from side to side.

[Page 47]

Wednesday July 9th
Sent in some photos for the ship’s paper.
9-30 Boot class, earned a 2/-. Weather improved, boat still rolling.

Thursday July 10th
Woke up in Capetown, lights everywhere. Got a good wetting from the deck scrubbers. Got off the boat 11 a.m. Marched part of the way into town. After dinner went for tram ride over the mountains to 2 Camps Bay and back by 3 Anchor Bay. After tea went to Theatre and saw a rotten show. Got back to boat 11-30 and went to bed.

Friday July 11th
Was awakened by the screeching of a siren (a boat pulling out). Got off the boat 10 a.m. Went through the town in a Hansom (raining solid). Afternoon, went along the pier and went to the top of the tower, then went to the pictures. After tea went to Sea Point and heard the Smart Set. Bought some curios. Put in a very good day.

Saturday July 12th
Had to get up in a hurry or else get swamped with slush water.
Was put on Town Picquet, marched to Castle and then to Police Station. After dinner made a glorious capture, took a drunk back to boat in a Cab. Had a great time with him. After tea went to Orchestral Concert in Town Hall (Rotten). The “Konig August" came into Port carrying families.
Got back to boat 11 p.m. Everything covered with coal dust.

Sunday July 13th
A Glorious day. Wife’s birthday. Got off the boat 10 Oclock. Walked along the beach past Three Anchor Bay to Sea Point, then got the tram to the town and had dinner. Walked to pier and saw the niggers bringing in the fish catch. Got back to ship 3 p.m. Boat left port 4-30 p.m. Very amusing

[Page 48]

pulling up “diggers" onto the boat after the gangway had been taken down, some had to come aboard from a motor launch. Went to bed tired out.

Monday July 14th
Sea very rough, weather bad, rain and wind, all port holes closed, waves breaking over side. Played 1st round in Euchre and won.
Slept below on table. Boat rolled all night.

Tuesday July 15th
No parade. 9-30 Boot class. Making new shoes. Band during afternoon. After tea a scratch dance. Sea still rough.

Wednesday July 16th
Washed out of bed at 5 a.m. by a huge wave coming right along the deck. Got wet through. 9 oclock Boot Class. Afternoon, played tournament games, won two, lost three. Slept on deck.

Thursday July 17th
9-30 Boot Class, finished another pair shoes. Sea much calmer. Afternoon, Nurse took photo of boot class.
After tea had a dance on deck, some stunt with boat rolling. Slept below, not game to sleep on top.

Friday July 18th
Albatros still following boat from Cape Town. Argument about water lying 3 in. deep on our deck.
9-30 Boot class, finished another pair of slippers. Strong wind blowing. Sold pair of shoes. Boat ran into a storm.

Saturday July 19th
Very stormy, high seas breaking over ship; strong winds. Got wet through on boat deck, wasn’t quick enough to get under cover. No class. Played semi final tournament & lost. Heavy storm breaking all over ship as I was going to bed. Water

[Page 49]

broke in one of the portholes, water everywhere.

Sunday July 20th
Heavy seas still breaking over boat. 10 oclock Church service. Very rough and cold all day. 7 p.m. Church. Just got into bed when a huge wave broke over the boat and came down the hatchway, wet a lot of the lads in bed.

Monday July 21st
Waves carried away part of the woodwork during the night. No boot class. Weather not so cold. Meals sliding up and down the table, also cutlery. Got wet on deck, a wave broke over and got me before I got away. Rained all afternoon.

Tuesday July 22nd
Sea calmer & sunshine. 9-30 Boot Class. Started raining after dinner, rained all afternoon. Filled in the time playing cards and draughts. 7-30 p.m. Took part in debate “Liquor Trade". Our side won.

Wednesday July 23rd
A morning of sunshine. 9-30 Boot Class, started another pair of shoes. 10-30 Medical inspection. Sea still choppy and boat rolling.
2 p.m. Quoit competition. Band played during afternoon. 6 oclock, crib & Euchre tournament. A glorious starry night. Boat stopped for a couple of hours during night owing to engine trouble.

Thursday July 24th
Sea very calm. Sunny. Filled in papers for paying money into bank. Finished off shoes (7/-). Started raining after dinner. 7 p.m. Concert by Smart Set. A very cold night.

Friday July 25th
Parade 9 oclock. Boot class 9-30. Finished shoes. Weather squally.

[Page 50]

7 oclock Dance on our deck. 7-30 I took part in a Debate, “Compulsory Training". Our side lost by 15 votes.

Saturday July 26th
My birthday, 33 not out. Boat gave a terrific roll at 4-30 p.m., crockery and loose articles rolling all over the place. A rotten cold day, very windy with hail & snow, sea very choppy. No parades or classes. While at dinner got orders not to go on deck owing to bad weather. Seamen started to pull hospital down (catching to much weather). Played crib all afternoon. 8 p.m. went to debate club meeting to settle subject of next debate.
Waves were washing over decks all night.

Sunday July 27th
Church in Smoke room 10-30. A little sunshine with cold wind and big seas running. Slept during afternoon. 7-30 Church service.

Monday July 28th
Sea calmer, strong wind. 9-30 boot class, finished another pair of shoes.
Played crib all evening. One of my mates got a wireless from Melbourne.

Tuesday July 29th
Sea very calm.
9-30 Boot class.
Fun stunt after dinner on aft well deck. I won two prizes. 7-30 Debate in Smoke room on “For & against Black Labour for Aust". Our side lost by 15 votes.
7 oclock Dance was held on our deck.

Wednesday July 30th
9-30 Boot class.
Sea very calm, cold wind. Boiler set going again after being out of action for five days.
2 oclock Meeting to arrange next nights debate. 2-30 Tugs of war between the different States. The

[Page 51]

Victorians came second. Played cards all evening.

Thursday July 31st
Weather good, calm sea, no parade.
Music from band during afternoon.
Scare on board owing to case of chicken pox.

Friday Aug. 1st
Sea still calm, sunny morning. No parades. Packed up and handed in boot gear.
7-30 Impromptu Evening Debating club held on deck. A very good evening.

Saturday Aug. 2nd
9 oclock Parade.
Made a rope wig during the morning. After tea one of the civilians on board dressed me for the Fancy Dress Ball at 7 p.m. on our deck. Danced from 7 to 10 only missed one dance. Went to bed tired out.

Sunday Aug. 3rd
Slept like a log all night. 9-30 Parade with our lifebelts, blankets and hammock, to see if we had the right number. No morning church service. Very strong wind blowing and lumpy seas. 2-30 Parade. Medical inspection, had to strip off our clothes.
Seas broke over boat all evening.

Monday Aug. 4th
Cold windy morning, sea very rough. 11 oclock Kit inspection for shortages.
2 p.m. Parade for pay was paid £10-0-0.
9 p.m. Passed a bright light (a lighthouse) Cape Nelson. Big arguments as to how far we are from Melb.

Tuesday Aug. 5th
Woke up close into land (Cape Otway). Got a good view of the forrest with its gum trees. Passed through the heads 11 oclock. Anchored off Portsea, where the Health Officer & Doctor came aboard. After dinner

[Page 52]

we were all lined up and our temperature taken. Up anchored at 10 to 4 and steamed to Port Melbourne.
Arrived Pier 8 p.m. After getting off boat, were lined up on Wharf and were lectured by General Brand. Were then driven in motor cars to Sturt St. depot, and there met our relatives outside the hall. We were run through like a lot of sheep.

Wednesday Aug. 6th
Reported at Sturt St. 9-30 a.m. Had Medical examination and got pass and kit from Domain Camp; then was finished with army ways and regulations.

[Page 53]

[See image for two pressed flowers.]

[Page 54]


Photo for Auntie McCall

F.J. Madden
5 Mirams St.
Ascot Vale


The Lord watch over us, Dear, Thee and Me
When we are absent and the World seems drear
Though many miles may part us, land or sea
His arms enfolding us, will draw us near.

The Lord watch over us, Dear, Thee and Me
We miss each other so, He knows it well
And, in His love, will make our love to be
Our joy and stay wherever we may dwell.

The Lord watch over us, Dear, Thee and Me,
And guard and shield us both from harm & pain
And grant that soon together we may be
Together, nevermore to part again.

[Page 55]

J.M. Young
41st Battery
F.A., A.I.F.

[Transcriber's notes:
Hamelet – misspelt as Hamlet – P. 3
Harbinage – possibly Harbonnieres – P. 5
Montbrehain – misspelt as Montbrehian – P. 14
Le Cateau – misspelt as Le Catteau – P. 15
Bazuel – misspelt as Basuel – P. 18
Prisches – misspelt as Prischies – P. 18
Froidchapelle – misspelt as Froidchappele – P. 19
Villers deux Eglises – misspelt as Villers deux Eglise – P. 19
Philippeville – misspelt as Phillippeville – P. 19
Gochenee – misspelt as Goshenee – P. 19
Florennes – misspelt as Florrenes, Florense – P. 28 & 31
Chateleaux – possibly Chatelineau – P. 28
Waverley Station, Edinburgh – misspelt as Waverly – P. 29
Calais – misspelt as Calias – P. 31
Amiens – misspelt as Ameins – P. 33
Le Havre – misspelt as Harve – P. 33
Holyrood Palace – misspelt as Hollyrood Palace – P. 36
Tourdough – possibly Torduff – P. 36
Tenerife – misspelt as Tenneriffe – P. 45
G.S. – General Service – P. 3
D.A.C. – Divisional Ammunition Column – P. 7
R.E. – Corps of Royal Engineers – P. 9
H.E. – High Explosive – P. 10
S.A. Ammo – Small Arms Ammunition – P. 13

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert and Judy Macfarlan for the State Library of New South Wales]