Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Leslie William Sutherland diary, 1 January-13 December 1916
MLMSS 1046/Item 2

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Corpl Leslie William Sutherland


His loving Father

J.B. Sutherland
Neerive Road

Sent on the 10th of August, 1915

to Gallipoli

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Droguerie Nouville
A Salmma & Co
Rue de Commerce
Pt Said

Miss R. Braddock

Miss M. Wade
6 Albany Rd

Miss Rene Phillips ) 317 Punt Road
" Nell " ) Richmond
Victoria Aust.

Miss A Luri
21 Stanboul Street

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January 1, 1916, Saturday

Spent the eve in happy surroundings & hearty company, in the morn Hal & I visited Cairo & had a day out for we went everywhere Rodel-al-farac, a motor drive of about 6 miles, the out to visit Bertís friends where we had lunch after that did some shopping, buying many articles of apparel, after several garry rides around the city we got at last to the "Obelisk" for tea & after getting another four courses inside we hired another car & came out to the Kursaal, had a box enjoyed the show although perhaps lacking refinement had supper & visited my studio after our proofs heaps of success although only temporary. C.O. left for Alexandria after the new motors & pack sets, the lost baggage has come to hand at last. Large fire last night at Abassia.

January 2, 1916, Sunday

Reveille 6.30. Hal left for Alex at 7.30 this morning & I expect him back late tonight, had charge of riding school & got as backsheesh a buster, we went over to the Palm grove & everything is looking beautiful in the afternoon I went down to Heliopolis & collecting trap etc, met young Stan & Gil who are in the 22nd Erics old crowd then I ran into Mac late of "Maru" he is still in the Gen Hospital. 6 aviators from the flying school gave an exhibition at the sports carnival yesterday & they were tip top although they would be of much more use up at Gallip when we were there.

Wrote to Mrs Keast, mother & Nell, expect motors tomorrow as C.O. has just arrived back from Alex the boys coming later, 3rd Regt who treked two days ago are getting on OK & no casualties to hand yet.

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January 3, 1916 Monday

63 wks of soldiering abroad.

I took the old Triumph in to the garage this morning & when there got the prettiest little dog imaginable met the troop waggon on its way into Gherisha for the kit bags. Pard who was in charge was thrown off his horse in Cairo so I rode it from there on, got out to the show grounds at 5.15 & found the place closed up, it seems the lads only work a few hours, so we had to come home, & by the way we lost out little dog there also, we then called in at the Cairo railway station for the bicks but they were also closed up so then we came home in record time had tea got cleaned & with Harold went down the town paid a visit to the Kursaal which wasnít too bad, & after having the usual feed we strolled home & turned in hoping that the morrow may bring forth something fresh.

Motors arrive.

January 4, 1916 Tuesday

Reveille at 6.30

Feed up & watered what horses we have got & then got the welcome news that our scraps were in Cairo & of course we werenít long in getting them out. Cox & Dobbyns went in & found them all ready for the road, the got out just before lunch & they turn out to be the last 3 speed gear box Triumph war model a real daisy, everything of the best & all spares complete, she is a fair better model in every way than the last & is about the best combination obtainable, Chas & I went for a spin to Helouan after dinner & they went tip-top not a thing wants adjusting, did the 25 mile home in 33 minutes not too bad considering we had 2 ml of Cairo to negotiate after tea Hal & I went down the street & met Mac from our old house he still is at the palace hotel as electrician saw Stan & Gilbert again

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January 5, 1916 Wednesday

73 weeks of soldiering.

Revielle at 6.30

Trimmed the scraps up for the C.O. & I are going for a trip into town this morning left at nine & visited many places from Karr-el-nil to the Base hunting up stores & equipment, met Perce Clark, Vern Robley, Cashy all of whom are looking well, went down to Morings & had a yarn to Frank over to Goodridges & ordered our overalls got back home at 11.30 had lunch then I had to go in again, first to Steins where I met old friends, Eveliah Gardens where I fed, then ran out into the wheat country for a ride the machines are still purring lovely & seem to be fairly fast although too young yet to wind up, Went down the street after tea with Joc & didnt we have some joy, what with ragtime on other peopleís pianos & dodging picquets we spent a lively night.

January 6, 1916 Thursday

Revielle same time as usual.

Stables then break Ė after that training for the men I meanwhile having one of my trips into the city, came out in time to go for a ride with the new lads everything went well until we got out of a walk when the horses did what they liked, had lunch then went for another tried to find Irving Turnbull but failed for he is now down the line. The flying people have been treating us to all sorts of exhibitions on the [indecipherable] some are real beauts but you can pick out the learners for the machine is not near as steady one flew over a regt that was on parade & succeeded in emptying a few saddles. Rumors are afloat today to the effect that Helles is to be evacuated tomorrow donít know how true it is. Mail is also expected in the morning so tomorrow might be one out of the box.

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January 7, 1916 Friday

Evacuation of Helles

Revielle at 6.30

All the men went out for a mounted parade again this morning, the horses are exceptionally fit. The news came through the the complete evacuation of Gallipoli was effected with huge success, they got off as well as we only losing 4 old guns & 2 casualties the French got off as well, assisted by their Navy we were able to get all our mule transport away also, so that alone speaks volumes. Things up Salonica way are not too bright at the present but should take a different light when more of our troops make their appearance. Went down the street after tea & Gilberg came with, we ragged all the restaurants to some tune until kicked out by the Picquets, got home in time to see a brawl in the second regt which finished up in our mess-room. Bed at 11 pm.

January 8, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual.

As I have to go to the Barrage today along with the C.O. I cleaned & tuned the scrap for the spin, set out at 9.10 with a full tank & spare petrol in the back after doing several little jobs in Cairo we finally got on the road proper at 11.10, the run out to Rodel el-far was cut out in good time, but after that on account of the previous days rain the roads were greasy & sideslips were numerous but we managed to stick on, at Binha 17 miles out the C.O. hit a post which got in his road, off again after a few minutes halt we eventually got to Calint 2 miles further on where he hit a big fat nig, we arrived at Burra at 12.7 had dinner & set out for home at 3.30 after roaming the gardens & seeing the glorious grounds, the C.O. only upset the donkey carrying a huge load of bursirn got home at 5.10 after spending a most enjoyable day.

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January 9, 1916 Sunday

Jack Wills Chas & I went in for the Douglas this morning instead of going to Church found her to be OK although a trifle rusty, filled up & went out to Mena round the Pyramids where we had a wet set out for home at a steady 30 ml per hour & arrived without mishap. Hal & I then went on leave it being our turn done up to kill we got into Cairo at 2.15 hired the best car we could find & set out for the Barrage, the roads were fair, day glorious & the car splendid so when we arrived there after passing everything on the road we were in good spirits, took photos, came back at 6 had tea at St James, then went to a dance at the Sane dŤ Casino, not up to much, had a decent supper, met Wrigley & got back to camp at 10.30 tired.

January 10, 1916 Monday

Spent all the morning running about on the bus after petrol horses etc went down to the remount depot & found that our horses would be ready at 12 but when we lobbed at 12 the rotters told us to come again at 3, when we finally got them had quite a circus on the way home, horses everywhere, preparations going on apace for the morrow when the Brigadier is inspecting troops who move out on the following day. Aeroplanes up all the afternoon & we had the check to gallop over their aerodrome but nothing doing as they happened to be Tommys. Matthew left us today & took up his new job, wrote letters, met Bill Chatham this morning in all his importance only not feeling quiet to comfortable in his new role as Sig officer to the 3rd Bde.

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January 11, 1916 Tuesday

The remounts we brought in yesterday behaved very well during the night. At 9.30 the Brigadier inspected the Brigade & saw that everything was OK for the move this week which had been postponed to Friday. I went into the Savoy with a urgent to Gen Faire re remounts but could get no satisfaction, came out in a hurry & went to the review which was nothing like the ones of old. Mick M has got 6 months furlough to Australia & Steel 12 months in the afternoon I rode one of the remounts he gave me a rough passage what with aeroplanes & eagles, it was none to pleasant for either the horse or I. Stiny, Hal & I went down the town after tea called in at the Studio got our photos, had a feed as per usual & a bath which was highly appreciable. The C.O. rode the Doug into town in the afternoon & succeeded in getting our money much to our gratification, Pay in the morning. Bed 10.30

January 12, 1916 Wednesday

74 wks of soldiering

Nothing of much importance through the day the mounted men had a full marching order parade, I went into Cairo early & did my usual round of visits getting back in time for dinner in the afternoon Charlie & I went for a spin out El Marq way we warmed the bikes up on several occasions & they stood up to it good-oh although perhaps a little too much valve rattle, Hal & I went down the street after tea & called in at the Russian studio, collected photos & said goodbye to Roalic who has promised to write he also promised to send ouy photos of he & his friend had another bath & got home about 10 tired and ready for bed. Our horses were realloted today & I now have a big upstanding bay mare 16Ĺ hds high the largest & fastest horse in the troop Iíve named her Lev in remembrance of its late owner.

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January 13, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 6.30

Spent all the morning adjusting saddlery for the move tomorrow, wireless pack horses exercised I later on went in for oil & to Gen Faire re the C.O. remount which has not come to hand yet after lunch Chas & I went in again for dubbing sent it out on a garry & had a run round Cairo got out at 5 had tea & was just writing up when a dispatch came in to go to Mr Brit Sheppards Hotel so I had to go in as everyone else was out got back at 8.30 met Harold in Heliopolis had a decent feed then home to bed for revielle is at 5 in the morning the aviation crowd gave us an exhibition of banking with 3 machines & all sorts of tricks flying was resorted to from volplaning downwards up to spiral & corkscrewing, lost 2 horses during night as Trif as corp. of picquet.

Left Heliopolis

January 14, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 5

Stables at 5.15 & Boot & saddle at 6.30 we moved out for the first half of our journey at 8.30, I was riding my new mount, several were thrown on the parade ground but none were hurt we made Cairo at 11.10 & lunched at Rodel-Farac where we arrived at 12.20. Off again at 1.50 & soon left the civilised portion of Egypt behind, the day being one of the best one could enjoy a trip out into the country, which is now looking its best, passed the Power house & the banana plantation at 2.40 the fruit is just forming & the strawberries ripening tomatoes abound on every hand & can be had for a mere song, made the Barrage a little after five & were glad to have tea after fixing the geeís up, Unky had tea ready & didnít we enjoy it for 8 hrs in the saddle is no joke. Turned in at 7

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January 15, 1916 Saturday

Left Barrage Ė Arrived Whardan

Revielle at 6.30

Saddled up at 8.30 & moved out at nine crossed the other two huge bridges which form the Barrage & on either hand the most beautiful gardens beset us they are now appearing in all their glory & nothing at home can compare with the foliage even the gum trees look splendid, when we crossed the Nile, we went through a rather large village & the nigs didnít seem to well disposed towards us, we followed the canal for miles until the railway run across it, on the other side was the desert, not like the desert at Heliopolis but sandy floury substance which will carry nothing in the transport line bad enough for horseman, we finally got to this hole at 4.10, its called Whardan, & is some 40 miles from Cairo, turned in at 9.30.

January 16, 1916 Sunday

Revielle 6.30

We rose to find the most dreary place confronting us that ever it has been our lot to be in, sand on every hand, at present the 53 division is here, & we are to be attached to them for the present the 3rd Regt is 70 miles out on outpost work & is to be relieved by the other regts in turn, another div is due to arrive any day so we ought to form some camp, this morning we erected tents, put horse & heel lines & generally fitted up the camp we are going to make ourselves comfy this time as we expect to be here for a considerable time, we paid a visit to the canteen after tea but nothing of any use is to be had, wrote letters to Nell Mother & Ern, my horse is stiff after his two day jaunt & has a slight sore at the rear of his jaw but nothing to speak of

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January 17, 1916 Monday

65 weeks from home.

Revielle at 6.30

After stables the usual fatigues were foregone & heels ropes put down, horses led & exercised, outposts 2 per sq were sent out from all the regiments to keep watch on the surrounding hills, the Arabs are threatening the water supply of Alexandria & tomorrow or the next day 1 squadron from the 1st Regt is to leave & look after that job, the weather has been very cold here since we arrived quite a different Egypt to the one we found this time last year, it has rained nearly everyday, we went over the belt of hills that surround the camp & there the country assumes quite a different aspect for its gravelly without much sand & quite suitable for motor transport, one could drive a motor to anything up to 60 ml per hour with perfect safety. There are rumors of a mail tomorrow, the 55 Div moved camp today to lower down. Bed 10.5 pm

January 18, Tuesday

Revielle at 6.30

Stables as per usual my mare is picking up finely but the ration the Tommies are issuing us with is very mons quois & a general complaint has gone in to the Army Corps & something should come of it. All the horses went out exercising this morning and only two falls eventuated. Another British warship blown up in harbour more of Germanys spy turnouts, CO went out to see if we could get visible communication with the 3rd Regt but found it was impossible on account of the flatness of the country so dispatch riding will have to be resorted to. Camp is assuming quite a businesslike look water supplies & roads are both coming on apace. Mail arrived I got one from Nell & a large parcel from home containing many things of use to us. Lice very bad here, on account of the sand & looks if it is going to be general throughout the camp.

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January 19, 1916 Wednesday

75 wks of soldiering

Revielle as per usual

Exercising horses without packs all day, horses are coming along finely my bris[?] is OK although has a touch of hampers which is very prevalent in these parts at present; the 1st Regt sent a troop down to the Resovoir which supplies Alexandria with moia the Bedouins have been very annoyant of late and threatening many places of note. The CO went out this afternoon to the hill 8 ml out where the 3rd Regt can be picked up, they got there to find its impossible for the nature & formation of the country is against visual work, so motor cyclists are to be tried in a day or two, we have to go armed to the teeth & carry water & emergency rations, so the trip ought to prove very interesting, considering that the regt is just on 40 miles out.

January 20, 1916 Thursday

Awoke to find part of the North Pole unhinged for the night & has been exceptionally cold, stables was welcomed for once especially the grooming part. A non-swearing crusade has been started in the mess & Faroe had the honor of being the first donor, contributions are to go towards buying fags. The regiments had an impromptu review this afternoon, they are getting along nicely now but the foot drill & ceremonial is very patchy at present, in the afternoon further exercising.

I made a table out of the timber "generously" given to us, then wrote letters, mail arrived about 40 bags but it being all old stuff there was nothing for me.

Later in the afternoon some of the Tommy Engineers nuts found our plant of timber & thereís likely to be trouble for thereís been a lot missing lately.

Bed at 11 pm.

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January 21, 1916 Friday

Revielle as usual

Went out as a troop this morning & did heaps of troop drill under the SM we had on the whole a rough time too much walking but on the hole had a fairly decent time, finished up with a gallop my mare still retaining her reputation in the afternoon signalling instruction helio etc. I had to go over to the canal to cut rushes for the road which by the way isnít getting on as fast as it might, visited the peanut farm & after scouring round succeeded in getting a feed, after tea lamp practice ensued. I had the fast lamp & Norm the slow got it over about 9.30, arranged an N.C.Oís flutter in the shape of a 4 furlong gallop at catch weights. Belcher is running a book on it & up to now Iím favorite at 3 to 1 the race is to be run on Sunday morning at 7.30

January 22, 1916 Saturday

Another bitterly cold night & as I was C of Pic you may be sure Iíd get trouble with the horses, feed up at 7.15, at 9 am I was warned to go with two men on patrol duty along the line & took plans with us we started at 9.30 passing at 11 a place called Kattar a sort of wayside inn, the track was very suitable for motors patchy in very few places & then only for a few yards off again and at 12.35 we came to a place called Beressh about 15 miles from Wardan, had dinner there, watered & feed the horses & had an hours rest saddled up & went still further on passing through a grove of gum trees turned at 3.10 for home being then 26 kilometres from camp at an easy pace back as the race is for tomorrow & arrived at 5.40 to find 4 letters awaiting me from home.

Bed 10 pm

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January 23, 1916 Sunday

The Day (NARS)

Revielle as usual, then the same old stables after stables we all cleaned up for church after which the General inspected the whole camp, he only rode up & down once or twice, after lunch Hal, Chas, Pard, Jack & myself went for a ride towards the Nile after negotiating innumerable canals we came to a beautiful stretch of sand on which we let our mokes go I woke up to find my gee in front of Charlies, had a few jumps then arrived at a villiage where we rested our horses under one of the trees before long a runner from the Head of the Villiage came down inviting us to take coffee with us, he met us halfway when we came to his house we were surprised to find such a home in a native villiage, got inside & were ushered into a living room, coffee followed then tea & sweets, he made me a present of a bonny fob & invited us to tea on Friday next.

Bed at 10.30

January 24, 1916 Monday

66 wks from home

Revielle as per usual

Went out for a ride this morning, but my mare is very stiff after yesterday, gave the boys plenty of troop drill, off saddling & then saddling up again against time. Hal had his crowd out & half of the horses came home on their own. Wrote letters home to Nell, Mother, Ken, Mrs Sargood, Mr Hope Cambell, Rosilie.

Found out many things concerning me & the troop, things I have been aware of for many months but which only wanted confirmation, it may come in handy if ever we get home. I was road making in the afternoon, had to go over to the canal to get a load of rushes then silt, the OC intends to go to Cairo tomorrow so our trip to 3rd Regt is postponed for another day, things are warming up there to some tune, linked up with A squadron of 1st Regt who are guarding the canal & Nile (7ft apart) from the Bedouins.

Bed at 9.15

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January 25, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as per usual

This turned out to be the most unpleasant day that we have had for many a week, dust & rain everywhere, tents coming down everywhere, the CO went to town & met Alec so he told me when he came home. Dobbyns came back also, the Triumph hasnít been touched as yet, nor is the lead sticks completed, we tried to go out in the afternoon got half way out when down came the rain drenching everyone, the two extremes in the one day, on Friday we go out to the 3rd Regt if all goes well, my mare is lame again, sand is too heavy for her off hind leg, massage is the only thing that seems to do any good.

Signalling at night after tea which by the way we are getting a little too much of.

Bed at 10 pm

January 26, 1916 Wednesday

76 Wks of soldiering

Revielle at 6.30 jolly cold too.

Exercising first thing I took out mine but she is very lame, several races came off, Chas winning his event. After tea dinner more exercising. Hal & I went over to see BD HQís as to what this camel corps business is going to be & decided to give it a fly, but first intend to consult Alec & see what he says, pay came along at last but only a measlesy pound what we are going to do with that I donít know.

Reports came to hand that 4500 arabs had been accounted for at Mathra where Jack Wills was before he joined up again, the armoured motor cars gave them hell shooting must have been splendid for 85% of the number was killed & wounded the rest being prisoners.

More camp work but I found another job to go to.

Bed 9.30

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January 27, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 6.30 as usual

Exercising in the morning as usual, I cleaned the old bus & then went for a ride out into the desert with Chas we went for miles flat out & it was great, the sand made not the slightest difference, its just like a huge carpet, we went in all about 8 miles out, lost our way but eventually got back, plugging through the sand was a bit of a "beastly bore" but got through in 5 minutes, after lunch the CO informed me that he met Alec in town yesterday & expected him out today, at 5 pm we received a telegram stating that he would be here at 3 pm, I went up with a horse but he put in no appearance, expect him tomorrow. Lamp work at night.

Bed 9.30

C of Picket again

January 28, 1916 Friday

Revielle as per usual

Stables in bitterly cold fog & was jolly glad when same was over, went for a ride in the morning on the mare which is still very lame, we got leave for this afternoon as today we have to pay our respects to the Omdah, saddled up a horse for Alec, who came by the 3 train, he looks as fit as a fiddle, quite a different man to what I left in Pict, we then set out for the village where we got a real tip top welcome, from all hands had more coffee, tea. cake & fruit he then presented us with the fobs which are OK, after taking his dial again we finally got away, arriving back at 6 pm, Hal & I then went up to the station with Alec, things are [indecipherable] at home & all tiptop, I go to town tomorrow when I shall see him again.

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January 29, 1916 Saturday

Revielle & hopout 6.30 as usual

I had to catch the 8.30 train for Cairo this morning as I got a duty trip out of them arrived at 10 oclock, went to Boulac then the Kodak, & a dozen other places went out to Heliopolis to get books & delivered dispatch had a bit of dinner & then called on Alec who I found after a little trouble I got there at 1.30 he had a fine collection of curios to show me, & we talked of home for hours left him at 4 oclock, called on Rosalie & caught the 5 oclock train for home got there at 7.20, & found them on parade as usual, lamp reading this time, hunted up the motor cycles & found that the HQ Abbassia had taken the other two, got ours sent on lead sticks were to be finished met Mr Spicer again after a long absence turned in at 10.30 for bed.

January 30, 1916 Sunday

Got up early to fix up for todayís trip, caught the 8.30 train & arrived in Cairo at a few minutes after 10 had a clean up & shave, then strolled down to Shephards where we met Alec, went first to Esbekiah Gardens were we stayed for about an hour had morning tea, knocked about until 1.15 when we went to St James for lunch over which we spent quite an hour, hired a car at 2.15 & started out for Helouan where we arrived an hour later after enjoying the trip the roads & country being beautiful, walked about for a while & left again at 3.55 but had only gone a mile when one of the front wheels came off, nobody hurt, no chance of fixing it up so went back to Cairo by train, got a garry from Babel-el-hok & went up to the Station

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January 31, 1916 Monday

67 weeks from home

that our train had left an hour before so arranged about the bike & went down to the New Obelisk for tea & had another feed, after tea booked seats at the Kursaal for the last show, drove up to the station where we said goodbye to Alec; visited the National Hotel booked beds & had a clean up, at 9 oclock set out for the Kursaal where we had a ripping time & Australia added another wreath to her laurels by entertaining a lady of the harem got back at 12.30 & turned in to hop out at 5 to catch our train, got into camp at 8.00 to find the Boss unaware of our escapade, after breakfast went up for the new bike which was OK minus 2 pumps only, the CO went to Teheria to fix up the new line, fixed up Mel scrap then went for a spin on the sand turned in at 9 tired out.

February 1, 1916 Tuesday

Hop out at 6

Stables as usual my mare is as usual lame but is getting well by degrees, had to send to Kattaba for oil as the COís going to El Bookir in the morning, so Charlie left after dinner, Mel & I tuned up our scraps mine has a blow hole through the cylinder nothing much only an occasional weep or so. The natives proved troublesome at Absassia yesterday & the Heliopolis troops were ordered to stand to arms but nothing eventuated. All the natives have been mobalised so as the authorities know where they are, when the fun commences, two more falls yesterday one from the stirrup pulling out the other a clean throw. They are carrying 2 days rations tomorrow & spare petrol also all sorts of firearms.

Lights out at 9.

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February 2, 1916 Wednesday

Revielle as per usual

The CO never put in an appearance last night they got to Waddy Natrune OK at 3.15 then set out for El Bookir then later Bir Victoria the three got there alright & as juice was running low they sent Charlie on to Kattaba to see if he could pick up some more he wired back to the effect that none was available, he thereon set out for home where he arrived at 7.30. Mel & the boss had in the meantime met a car coming in from the Waddy & they got each a bottleful of juice & the Boss thought they had enough to bring them home, they then set out at 5.15 for here everything went OK for a couple of miles then the Boss did his nut & shot out of the desert, by this time it was pitch dark & none of the lamps burning. Mel kept straight

February 3, 1916 Thursday

on & finally reached Kattaba where he put in the night, at 9.15 the Boss was lost, no news came through during the night, in the morning Cox with petrol set out to find him, which he did just outside Kattaba, he had run out of petrol at 9 oclock in the desert & was then 5 miles from the railway he shoved the bike there & slept along side of it as the night was bitterly cold he didnít have too much of that, in the morning a trolley manned by 6 nigs hove in sight, the Boss put the bike on this & was pushed into Kattaba by them he paid them the large sum of 10PT for their trouble later he was found by Chas & returned here at 1 pm, he only had 8 falls & is one mass of bruises, Mel came down later by train, he thoroughly enjoyed the time.

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February 4, 1916 Friday

Revielle as usual

Got mail right up to date, tuned up machine after its trying ordeal with the Boss & found only the foot rests broken. Charlie broke 11 spokes in his back wheel which took a little renovating, Mels gigger stood up to it tip top & averaged about 60 ml to the gallon not too bad for a brand new scrap, nothing much doing in the morning only erected a permanent air-line with Gov posts, in the afternoon I rode hem out for exercise he is in tip top fettle again & am now looking forward to the race, no letter from Alec yet & no mail from home, weather been exceptionally cold of late especially at nights.

All hands getting heartily sick of this caper & all want to go into action again. 2nd Regt played Welsh Bn footy & the match resulted in a draw both sides scoring nil.

Bed 9 pm.

February 5, 1916 Saturday

Hopped out as usual at 6

No work today after first parade as Regt was holding sports, they started off with tug-of-war on horseback several good pulls were witnessed the horses knowing as much about it as the men, then they had wrestling on horse back, judging distances, alarm race in which teams of 4 competed, they were supposed to be asleep undressed & with their horse tethered handy, on the bugle they dressed, saddled up & galloped into action fired 5 rounds & galloped back. The winners took only 4 mins, then they had the best turnout of teams of 4, 8 teams entered & it took all the afternoon to judge as they were so near perfection, the men were a credit to any country, tug-of-war on the ground brought out several good pulls the final taking 5 minutes, on the whole the Sports were a gigantic success.

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February 6, 1916 Sunday

Revielle as per usual

Stables finished we gave our horses an extra groom for today we visit the Omdah & avail ourselves of his kind offer to lunch with him, we left early & eventually got there at 11.45 he had a nephew there who spoke English well, first of all we had tea & coffee, then washed our hands & then squatted down for dinner, first of all salad, Egyptian bread, Turkey Soup (Olire) Macaroni, was the first coarse then poultry, stewed meats in oils, vegetables & salads ditto, blanc mange followed, then stewed plum & peanuts in oils, again, then wound up with fruits & cake, everything was in true Egyptian style & was highly enjoyable. After dinner we strolled round the estate & visited the school where the kids received us very well one gave a speech.

February 7, 1916 Monday

68 wks from home

Revielle as usual

on how they accept our views on governorship we then visited the engineers home Basiony Saad where more coffee & tea was accepted then we strolled back to the Bey s home where after we saddled up we set out for home arriving there at 5.20, today has been as quiet as ever only exercising & signalling Chas went down to Theira on his scrap. Itís the first time a motor has made an appearance down there & the consternation caused was tremendous, he got back just after lunch after having a good ride, my horse is getting along OK again now thanks to my massaging, I fixed my scrap up for tomorrow we ride into Cairo if we have any luck, so I turned in early.

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February 8, 1916 Tuesday

Hopped out early at 6

Filled up at 6.30 then had breakfast after which we made a start leaving here at 9 oclock, had a bit of a job to get on the line, but then our troubles commenced the first 8 mls was awful fighting all the way we each had a fall but nothing serious. Mels clutch caught fire & we had to cool it off, after this our troubles finished for a while, going was now good & fast riding was the result when we got to Caliab Mel shot up a by street & on turning round followed it straight on & went right out to Benha about 8 mls we lost there over Ĺ an hour after that everything went OK we eventually arrived at 10.45 taking an hour & ĺ for the trip, dropped out to see Alec but found he was out got back at 6.50 Bed 9.

February 9, 1916 Wednesday

78 wks of soldiering

Up early as were off in today for yesterday didnít turn out too good as I had no order for our gift case I have to go in with one today, Chas came this time & we went via the desert as far as Bercash, the going was gorgeous just like riding on a carpet & steeplechasing is great on a motor, made excellent time all through & kept ourselves smiling at the expense of the niggers when we were within 16 mls of Cairo Chas just avoided having an accident with a police official he was on his wrong side & didnít he rouse, we got there in an hour & a half, took delivery of our gift case. Met Alec he is now at Overseas Base Gherisa & expects to be there for some time, got a puncture but eventually got home safe, mail came on our boat.

Bed at 10.20.

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February 10, 1916 Thursday

Spent half the night enjoying our contents of the parcels from home, some of the cake was spoilt but everything else was OK, Alec sent a parcel to all of the old boys & good oh too they all appreciated it very much, no parcel from the girl came to hand though guess its alright though.Exercising as usual Mel went down to Teiria today & had a good trip. I renovated my scrap & cleaned her up. Mail was sorted today & I got two Ė one from Nora & the other from Nell. Noraís was to the point asking me what I had done with Vereís diary, Victorian mail is expected in tonight so hope thereís a further addition to my list of letters bed at 9.30, Mustard went to town & bought three violins oh! for some music after this.

February 11, 1916 Friday

Revielle as usual.

Went for the usual ride in the morning & had one gallop which came off successfully for Len, stayed in in the afternoon as Hal had a friend coming up to see him, I went up to meet the train but found that there had been a break down on the line & he would probably arrive about 6 or 7 oclock. All sorts of rumors are afloat as to when the Bediouins are coming it is said that they are in touch constantly at Waddi Natrun & that the whole force is returning from Mersa Matruh & are credited with the skill of being able to give us a good go. Wrote letters home & Nell then retired after accounting for more of our gift stuff.

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February 12, 1916 Saturday

Left Wardan

Got word at 4 this morning that we had to break camp & entrain for somewhere we therefor broke camp & got everything ready for a speedy removal, but nothing came about all day, we filled in by playing footy, after tea we had a concert & I made weird noises to the tune on the organ to "absent" someone had to fill up so of course I fell to it we had just turned in when we got orders to entrain at once, it took us two hours to clear out & entrain horses, byks, & stores, the train finally steamed out of Wardan at 11.25.

February 13, 1916 Sunday

Arrived Minia

Hal & I slept under the seat & awoke at 6 to find us still travelling, she finally pulled up at 9.15 at Minia, at first glimpse it was a treat after Wardan plenty of shops & everything clean, disentrained our horses & then moved off to the camping ground which is situated Ĺ a mile N of the town, put down horse lines, erected tents, & got the last of the stores up from the station by four oclock then had tea. The 1st Reg got out at Beni Majar 35 miles N from here the 3rd are still at Wadi Natrun & the 2nd are here with us, attached also are Lovat Scouts, made up of a Scottish Mtn Bde, after tea we went up the town to find it a paradise to the others we have struck.

Bed at 10.

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February 14, 1916 Monday

69 wks from home.

Got up at 6.30 & received orders to stand by for a trip to a place called Behnasa-el Ghebria 55 miles from here. I got the dispatches & left at 9.35 & finally got on the road at 10.5. The going was fairly good for the first twenty miles & then after covering another two miles came on one of the 1st Regts sqdns camps at Samalut they informed me that the Regt HQs was another 3.0 mile so off again, the going now was very heavy & sandy, made Beni Mazar at 12.10 & found that I still had another 16 miles to cover before I finally got to my destination, finally got there after getting lost several times, crossed canals, deserts & ran through graveyards, the camp is in the middle of a huge graveyard & skeletons are laying everywhere, fooled around until 6.35 when I set out for

February 15, 1916 Tuesday

home without a light, made Beni Mazar 30 minutes later & had to refill there as I had not enough to carry me home, left again at 7.35, with no lights & had a rough trip to Samalut got a puncture in one of the villages & got pelted out of it, left Samalut at 8.15 & finally reached Minia at 9.10. Today I accompanied the Brig in the car to Samalut on reconnaissence & visited two of the troops in position on the desert, got home again at 7. Two planes came along today & are temporally attached to us for reconnaissance they are 100 HP Daimler Bleriot type the latest mail arrived, I got 3 from Nell & 5 from home.

Turned in at 9.30.

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February 16, 1916 Wednesday

79 wks of soldiering

Stables at 6.30

Off again to Bahnasa at 10.30, this time rode down in train returning by road & I brought a skull home for Pard, strapped it on to the back & it (Hector) carried OK. The plane reported that the Senoussi had left the Oasis about 1000 strong & were coming this way, they dropped a few bombs on them but owing to the sand they were not too effective.Second Regt got orders to move out to Nazlet-el-abid, about 40 miles S of Minia, we moved about 100 yds towards the centre of the camp. Two train loads of niggers (prisoners) went through today on their way to a concentration camp in Cairo. More mail arrived & another one from Nell & Mother.

Bed at 10.

February 17, 1916 Thursday

Stables as usual

Len got kicked pretty badly last night & consequently is again lame I got orders to go to Fashn 70 miles N from here I went by train & arrived there at 12.30 then had to ride 10 miles through cultivation cross a large canal & finally found the camp of B Sqdn 1st LH in the village there, delivered
my dispatches, had a bonza lunch at the Beys expense & set out for home at 2.5, got to Fashn at 2.30, inspected a cotton mill then left for home at 3, arrived at Beni Mazar at 4.30, filled up, came on to Samalut at 5.25 & finally made Minia at 6.15, taking three hours 15 minutes for the 70 miles, not bad considering the roads turned in at 7.30 tired out.

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February 18, 1916 Friday

42 mls

Stables as usual

Slept in this morning then after break tuned & overhauled my machine. In the afternoon I went out to Naglet-el-abid, the 2nd Regts HQs met our fellows then returned home. The planes have been up several times today & state that the enemy are 50 miles closer today than they were yesterday & was evidently making for Bahnasa, one of our patrols came in touch of a 6 man pat of theres, & a camal detachment was sent out to reconnaitre but no report has come to hand. Went up town tonight & enjoyed our stroll, found an up to date Drapers there in the heart of all the native mud huts.

Got home at 9.40 & after supper turned in.

February 19, 1916 Saturday

Stables as usual

The weather is still as good as ever.- I had another trip to Bahnasa, I rode down & took my time, nothing much happened on the way down & I got there just in time for lunch set out again at 2.30 everything went well until I was through Beni Mazar up at the Ktoul where after passing 4 buffalo one chased me & I was in heavy sand at the time, I couldnít get up enough speed to get away so I stopped & drew my gun & as he charged I fired, the brute fell like a log, after that everything went well, called in at Samalut & got home at 6 ready for tea, went up the street at night then turned in at 10.30

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February 20, 1916 Sunday

Hopped out at 6

Caught cold during the night & now am suffering for it, nothing doing today at all, only church.

Wrote letters home then went for a stroll down the Nile with the boys & there watched them ploughing by means of a 4 furrow disc which is pulled backwards & forwards between these two traction engines, they are about 120 yards apart & the plough is on an endless rope, the engines move up the paddock as the work goes on.

The planes reported that the enemy was again stationary & that we could have a little rest waiting for them, they also had a very successful mornings bombing at one place they blew half the camp to bits.

Had supper then went to bed at nine.

February 21, 1916 Monday

70 wks from home

Reveille at 6.30

Had a trip out to Hassan Pasha today, then on to Shusha, not bad going but bumpy the 2nd Regt have details at these places where they are doing patrol work.

Nothing has been reported for days so possibly we will get a move before long.

The aeroplanes have been very busy this last few days both in scouting & flying, one came down heavily the other day & damaged slightly his under carriage but nothing to speak of.

No mail & no pay they go well together but trying at times but hold out hopes for [indecipherable] in a few days time.

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February 22, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as usual

My day off so I took my engine down, found one of the piston ring broken & heairly carboned, set things to rights & ground the valves in. Another plane arrived this morning but left again before lunch, three are due today one of them for scouting purposes only, a [indeciperhable] Sopwith. Two aviators were killed at Heliopolis yesterday, they got in an airpocket & before they could right themselves they were down & out, both killed. Things have been very quiet lately over the canals nothing doing at all, Capt Chisholm learnt to ride a scrap today & got on well.

February 23, 1916 Wednesday

80 wks from home

Revielle just as early

Warned for a trip to Fashn so filled up before breakfast & caught the 10.30 down to Fashn, had a fairly decent trip only hit a couple of dogs & kids, but on the trip back whilst sailing along at about 40 my belt came off & so did I but fortunately I lobbed in brusein nothing broken, it seems that we canít knock these machines about, they are standing up to it great although its not the model they turned out previously to the war; caught the train home at 7 & was greeted with an armful of telegrams to go up to the station, fixed these up & then had time to think of turning in, it was now about 11.30 & tired out.

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February 24, 1916 Thursday

Revielle as usual

Horses exercised & I went for a ride round the town then out to Tuckel-keel about 16 miles out along the main canal the boys are having a good time there for they get heaps to eat from the Omdah & plenty of swimming.

The planes are still very busy & three was up today all day they go about 200 miles out on the desert & reconnoitre one went out late last night & camped in the desert so as he could watch the enemy early this morning.

Our telephone system has been altogether changed & we now use the Markas & General Exchange both for our communications.

Turned in at 9 tonight.

February 25, 1916 Friday

[No entry for this day]

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February 26 1916 Saturday

Got out at 6 as usual

Off to Fashn this morning so had to hurry about a bit, had a fair trip & got back early.

In the morning 1 battery of 18 pds & one Mountain Battery had battle practice assisted by the aeroplanes indirect firing was good I believe but they shelled the hills opposite with battery fire & didnít it remind us of the Penni, the niggers were thunder-struck with the row & think that after all we are going to do for them.

Went up the town at night & met some of the boys then came home Ė went to bed at 9.35.

Weather frightfully hot again, horses feeling it very much.

February 27, 1916 Sunday

Revielle as usual

Went to church this morning & afterwards groomed & cleaned my horse, she is nearly OK again from the kick she received. In the afternoon Capt Chisholm & I went out to Nazlet-el-ebeit on the motors, had a fair trip out, he came off a couple of times but nothing to speak, had plenty to eat on arrival there for I had afternoon tea in the officers mess left at 10 to 5 & got home at 6 to find a mail awaiting me, one from Nell, Mother & Pater, filled in a pleasant half hours reading. Wrote answers to them & turned in at 9, wrote also to Alec who I got one from.

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February 28, 1916 Monday

71 wks from home

Revielle at 6.30

Had a trip to Hassan Pasha & Samalut this morning, the bike is still going beautifully although I canít get time to give it a complete overhaul. Mels machine is anything but good, the maggy is up the pole, the armature is brushing on the fields & is consequently mis-firing, we pulled it all to pieces but could not rectify same, no tools, his clutch is also gone the buffers are worn down flush & will have to be replaced.

Our instructor turned up in time & we are getting along fine, went to bed at 10.30 tired & hot as weather is again hot.

February 29, 1916 Tuesday

Leap year day

Revielle as per usual

My horse is looking splendid again & is in fine fettle, spent a very quiet day, nothing doing at all the aeroplane that went up this morning was shelled & came under heavy machine gun fire from the Bediouns, he in return gave them a few eggs which they donít seem to appreciate.

At 9.30 got warned to report at HQ with machine for dispatches to Naylet-el-abet, left at 10, got there at 11.10 after a rough [indecipherable] & to make matters worse my lamp wouldnít burn, left again at 11.30 & got home 50 minutes later, saw two foxes & hundreds of rats.

Turned in at 12.45

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March 1, 1916 Wednesday

81 wks of soldiering

Hopped out as usual

Things have been humming some at Verdun & the enemy seems to have got it pretty thick.

Spent a quiet day & this afternoon started a water flume to enable us to draw water to fill our trough which now is a beastly job.

Aeroplanes busy with their bomb dropping & several give us a good display of fancy flying.

Our arabic is still progressing favorably & we can now read the papers easily.

Bed at 9

Parcel & papers arrived from Nell

March 2, 1916 Thursday

Armored cars arrive

Revielle as usual

Early this morning Capt Wollesly one of the aviators came a cropper this morning while out on reconnaissance his engine failed & he had to effect a bad landing in very rough country & damaged the under carriage of his plane.
Great excitement amongst the niggers tonight when 6 Rolls Royce armoured cars joined us they are from Mersa-Matruh where they have made a name for themselves, they have 2 Talbots & a Ford attached to them also 8 Douglas Bikes.

Had a late supper & still thereís no money, turned in at 10.30

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March 3, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 6.30

Weather still as hot as ever, finished the flume & yet unfinished it for many alterations are necessary.

The HQs officers look very seedy today for last night they had a banquet in honor of the Brigadier being promoted to Brig-Gen.

Sent in applications for commissions today again & hope for better luck.

Bed at 9.30

Mustard is commissioned to have a go at a suction pump to be made out of kerosene tins, donít know how it will go but we hope for better results than the last.

March 4, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as per usual

Had a trip to Fashn today, nothing much happened & I got home at 8 tonight.

Another armoured train is taken on the strength this makes three. Aeroplanes report that Senussi are still moving South & they again shelled the planes, when the planes come in sight they immediately break up in small bands & disperse.

Our secret service is pretty complete even out here they have men in all parts of the enemyís country thereís supposed to be 1500 Senussi marching on Luxor so that probably explains why we are rumored to be moving.

Nellís birthday today (22) & still Iím not in the position to acknowledge same, turned in at 9.30

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March 5, 1916 Sunday

Revielle as per usual

Horses exercised this morning then we had the day off, no mail & no pay, so wrote letters in the afternoon.

One of our planes left for Assuit where we are rumored to be going to, the Lovat Scouts have gone also. Armoured cars have been making demonstrations daily & the niggers donít half like it.

Played cards at night then did the next best thing turned in at 10 oclock.

Our arabic is still improving.

March 6, 1916 Monday

72 wks of soldiering

Revielle at 6.30

Cleaned out the old bus & finished the water flume we have been making but owing to the belt continually jamming we had to give it best.

At 5 oclock I got orders to go to Bahrasa, caught the train & left Beni Mazar at 6.30 arrived at Bahrasa at 7.30, had tea in the Officers mess & left at 8 the lamp proved troublesome right from the jump & when crossing a canal it went out & I found myself in a bursein crop got out & made Beni Mazar at 9, got as far as Kilnich when I broke a valve, put up for the night at a merchants place who gave me a splendid feed & I turned in at 1.30 after filling in the night with music.

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March 7, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 6.30 as usual for me

Spent a decent night at Natsi & up at 6 had breakfast then went & got my machine & set her going, everything went well for the 20 miles this side of Samalut then I broke my control & had to scratch home on full air where I arrived a 8.30, messed about all day & cleaned my machine.

Two aeroplanes left us today one while making a trial flight came a cropper she made a nose dive & lobbed heavily.

Wrote a few letters then went to bed tired out.

March 8, 1916 Wednesday

82 wks of soldiering

Revielle as usual

Got orders to accompany a motor ambulance to Egbit Sisloun, where we had to get the body of the man that was drowned, calling first at the Miniah Hospital for the coffin, left at 9.30 & had an uneventful trip to Etsa where we turned off as the railway road was closed had to make our tracks 3 times, we got there at 12 & then had to box the body, he was a frightful size & weight & was very decomposed, got him on OK & left at 1.30 for home, got there at 3.30 & glad to get rid of the burden. He is to get a military funeral at 4 today.

Bed at 9.10

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March 9, 1916 Thursday

Hopped out at 5.30

Scrubbed my horse this morning & was Orderly Corporal so had to look after the defaulters.

The last aeroplane left us this morning & are now established at Assuit.

Weather is getting frightfully warm & no money to ease our thirst although Burns has gone for the Head Qrs.

Went down the town after tea with Perce Bates had a feed then came home at ten & turned in.

March 10, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 5.30

Started to break camp at 9 all the last of the aerodrome stuff was taken down to the station, ours was taken during the afternoon & evening & as we had been paid early in the day the drivers had no difficulty in getting drunk in fact nearly all the troop were sprokked.

I was baggage guard & had to put the night in on the station where what with mosquitos & lice I had quite a lively time.

Went up the town before turning in for supper & had a splendid time & feed. Said goodbye to Kamel who is thinking of coming down to Assuit with us.

Bed at 9.30.

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March 11, 1916 Saturday

Arrived Assuit

Left Minia 11.30

Revielle at 6

Finished loading & getting the stuff down to the train by 9.30 then loaded onto it, the first batch of horses came down at 9.30 & we had them all on by 10.30, the train moved out at 11.30 & going down there was plenty of joy for half the boys were sprung & several were worse.

Arrived Assuit at 2 pm, the town is a beauty, the buildings being very fine & mostly on the American principal. We are camped right on the canal & about ĺ of a mile N of the town, the roads are both wide & good & many good shops are also here.

On the E of the town is the American colony, the men of whom run the University, the aviators have pitched their camp in the Race course so now the bookies will have a spell.

Bed at 9.30

March 12, 1916 Sunday

Revielle at 5.30

Started making camp straight away, the defaulters doing the bulk of the work, one of whom I had to spread-eagle yesterday for insolence to the C.O., his nibs wanted to keep him out all night without blankets or rugs or food but we prevailed on him to alter his mind.

We were just getting along nicely when the Brig stopped us saying we probably would be moving in a day or two & not to go to too much trouble with our camp.

Charlie & I had a ride round the town this afternoon & found it even nicer than we thought, the streets being laid out in the latest styles.

Met a chap in the camel corps who knows Wally H well, wrote letters to home & Alec, no mail going out for 6 weeks.

Bed at 10.

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March 13, 1916 Monday

73 weeks of soldiering

Made several trips up the town for different things & met an Italian family who asked me to tea. They have one son at present fighting in Italy, heard we have to move on the 16th.

Got orders to catch the 12.30 train to Cairo with the prisoners & with two men so intend going to bed early.

Aerodrome is stationed here in Sports Ground, they have a lovely take off but the skids are not doing too much to benefit the lawn, the planes themselves have been very busy down South, they are out twice a day on reconnaissence.

Got a few letters today but nothing from home.


March 14, 1916 Tuesday

Caught the 12.30 train this morning OK & after sleeping all the way finally arrived in Cairo at 7.5, had breakfast next then caught the tram to Heliopolis, marched over to the Detention Camp & found that they would only take offenders up to 6 days so had to cart the other two to Abbassia, got there at 10.30 & finally got rid of the fellows at 11 oclock, off straight into Cairo & had dinner, next looked Alec up but found he had left for Australia a fortnight ago, next went to the Base & met Ern Cash, Fitton & Smithy, all are tip top whilst there ran against M R Moer who is tip top & I had to [indecipherable] tonight had tea with Ern & then kept my appointment, put in a most enjoyable time & got to our lodgings at 10.30 where we turned in (Metropole Hotel) after having supper.

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March 15, Wednesday

83 wks of soldiering

Up at 9.30 this morning had a good breakfast then started on our round of visits, first went to Odance & got everything fixed up there then went after our Xmas billies & was lucky enough to get them & 3 cases of gift stuff extra, sent them all on to Sohag, met Lt Rodgers at the Base this afternoon, he laid me on to a decent job so with half an ounce of luck I ought to get it, met Fatty Lloyd also, got all business fixed up by 5 & went to tea with Smithy, had a bonza feed & then gathered up our parcels & strolled down to the train at 8, climbed aboard & turned down for the night, arrived at Assuit at 3.30 found the camp dismantled & turned in at 4 oclock tired out but happy.

March 16, Thursday

Left Assuit - Arrived Sohag

Up again at 5.30 for the boys start on their trek at 8 this morning, we loaded the train by 10.30 & then had to mess around until 3.30 when the train was due to leave, but when the train arrived half of our waggons were still on the platform so we caught the ordinary & after a very dusty trip finally arrived in Sohag at 6.10, went up the town for tea & then settled down to await the arrival of the troop-train, it put in an appearance at 1.30 meanwhile we were well nigh frozen, got our blankets & went straight to sleep thoroughly tired out.

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March 17, 1916 Friday

Had breakfast at 8.30 & then after being shunted up & down the lines for about an hour, started to get our stuff off, the day was now getting very warm, put our machines in a shed & had to hang about for transport at 2 oclock, 60 camels put in an appearance, after a terrible lot of talking on the niggers part we finally got the lot on & then set out for camp, finding half an hour later the rottenest camping ground yet we have been put on, its all hollow & has recently been a seed patch.A detachment of the camel corps is attached to us for transport duty. Went up the town for tea & twas quite a change to Minia.

March 18, 1916 Saturday

All hands up early so as to get as much done as possible before the heat of the day sets in, the first job was to get the tents up, this took us 1Ĺ hrs to do, did nothing all day as it is far to hot to even breathe, when the sun went down we got on to the horse lines & by dark had succeeded in getting in half of em. The aeroplane people have erected their aerodrome two miles N of our camp & two planes came down from Assuit today.

New came through today that Bob has got the second Sig Tp & that Teddy is C.O. of the Squadron, good luck to both.

Our names were forwarded on to Mackworth today & with half an ounce of luck should get something.

Bed at 9.10.

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March 19, 1916 Sunday

Up at 4.30 this morning & by 5 had the horse lines completed, everything in camp was straightened up in readiness for when the boys arrive. I went out at lunch time to meet them & bring in the head lines. Met them about 5 to 6 miles out camped in a donga, my horse looked well, set off home with the rope on my knees & secured to the carrier at the back, everything went well while I was on the machine but had the misfortune in one place to get a spill & then Iím hanged if I could get up the rope holding my legs securely down, so there I had to stop until native assistance hove in sight. The boys arrived at 5.30 tired out Ė all turned in early.

March 20, 1916 Monday

74 wks from home

All hands had an easy day today, horses were groomed & then men fixed up their tents.

Our gift stuff has arrived & now thereís tucker to burn what with Xmas billys Ė all sorts of tinned stuff we are at present having a feast, with the two cases every man gets a decent share. Money available at last although no much here at present to purchase. Our communications are just being fixed up so possibly within the next few days the motors may get a bit of running about. Melís maggie has at last blown out & we wired today for a new one so hope this will end the trouble. No sign of the telegram relating to the C.O.ís promotion.

Bed at 9.30

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March 21, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 5.30

Nothing much importance today. Hal & Norm went out in search of a suitable place where to stable the horses during the heat of the day, they found a place about 5 miles out on the Nile, they make a start tomorrow. Word of a mail today & it is expected in tomorrow.Aeroplanes have been hovering over the camp all day & were working out Northwards, the Camel Corps has been giving us a lot of trouble lately with there interference on the roads with our transport. Plenty of running on the motors towards the end of the day the sooner the phone is fixed up the better for all concerned.

Bed at 9 oclock after having two late trips up the town.

March 22, 1916 Wednesday

84 wks of soldiering

Up early at 5

Horses & men got away early today for the new rendevous, we filled in time by running the short trips, at lunch time I had to take lunch out to Hal & Norm, had an awful trip out, got bogged in a canal, tried to ride down & up but my clutch slipped when the front wheel was on the top of the ridge, consequently I went down backwards with the engine racing like blazes, eventually got there after having another buster in some heavy sand, had lunch & played cards then returned about 3, the ride back being exceptionally hot.
Mail arrived at nine tonight. I got one from Nell & one from Ern. Nell informed me that she had received my diary OK, turned in at 9.10 pm.

[Page 44]

March 23, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 5.15

Teed up at 5.30 & had breakfast at 6. Boot & saddle at 6.30, the boys then trek out 5 miles to a large palm grove where the horses are to be kept during the heat of the day. I went out at lunch time & took their dinners out. The day was frightfully hot & I got burnt some whilst riding.

The aviation people have got an aerodrome fixed up about 2 miles N of our camp & machines have been up all day.

Have had another attack of fever or rather the after effects & am now not feeling too good, went over to the Doctors but I only got pills & I donít think lead & opium is much good for counter-acting fever.

Turned in at 9.30.

March 24, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 5.15

Just the same procedure as of yesterday, nothing else.

Had a few trips out to the station, heard that there was a mail expected & Downs is to go to Cairo to relieve Green who has gone to the [indecipherable] the CO is contemplating a trip to Cairo if so I may stand a chance of another trip.
Weather still frightfully hot & whips of flies. Metcher (Owens brother) came back today from hospital, he looks none the worse for wear after his stay on Helles.

Went up the town for a donkey ride, had supper & then turned in at 9.20.

[Page 45]

March 25, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual

Horses went out again but didnít leave to come home until late at night so as to dodge the heat of the day. I had another ride out & paid a visit to the Nile, there it is very wide & when I was there several feluccaís came down under full sail & looked real well the niggers are not too friendly in these parts for you often get a shower of anything they have to give away, Saw the natives treating the palms, they are divided into two sexes, male from female & the flower of the male is treated with some substance & then placed in the flower of the female & this is why our palms at home never bear fruit.

Bed at 10.20

March 26, 1916 Sunday

Hopped out at 5.15

Tied up & groomed & then led off to water, had breakfast then after cleaning camp the men had the day to themselves.

Pard & the C.O. are leaving by the express tonight for Cairo, where they intend to stay several days, the Sig Squadron is the attraction or rather the unravelling of same but I donít give him a chance.

The Secret service reports that everything is clear for 200 miles so I canít see any fun here, a squadron flew out to & over the Sennussi camp at Sodum where they heavily bombed it causing intense panic amongst the enemy.

Wrote letters home & Neil, Hal & Chas went on leave & Norm & I went for a ride after tea on the bikes leaving them at the station for they are going with the boys.

Turned in at 10.10

[Page 46]

March 27, 1916 Monday

Revielle at 5.15

76 wks from home

Same old caper, men & horses went out to the palm grove where I rode out at lunch time, had a swim then turned the bike for home arriving there a quarter of an hour later to find all the boys asleep.

Telegrams came through from the CO saying that he had received command of C Troop only under McColl so I guess E.W.D. will have something to say to that.

This troop is going to be commanded by a Lance Corp of the 2nd Sig Troop so I think the troop will not benefit by the change, but I guess we will get our own way as usual if not thereís likely to be a misunderstanding somewhere.

Played Australias National game for a couple of hours then went to bunk at 10.

March 28, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as per usual

Same old caper exercising horses & taking out stuff to the boys & taking things easy whilst there, the only thing of importance is that a flea plague has visited us & the boys are bitten to bits, they are of the tick family & can be caught easily.

Motoring today was a brute as the thero registered 115° in the shade & we are nearly blistering with the heat.

Aeroplanes over today but they never landed so we heard no news. Freddy met with an accident whilst watering his horse, she pig rooted & threw him against a tree injuring his chest slightly but nothing serious.

Flyís getting as bad as last year & they give the horses what:oh, nevertheless they keep your thoughts occupied, played cards at night & turned in at 10.

[Page 47]

March 29, 1916 Wednesday

Revielle at 5.

Men & horses went out to the Signal Station on the end of the hills this morning, out there catacombs abound everywhere & in them are hundreds of mummies all sorts sizes & shapes, some of the boys ranged them up in tiers & took several photos of same.

Chas & I went for our usual ride & met a nigger half way on the way back, upsetting his equilibrium but beyond severally knocking his mount about nothing else mattered, the niggers are still on the cheeky side & nearly every day we are coming to grips with them especially the kids, who are using the whip too freely for my liking.

Mail expected tomorrow so am looking forward to it, turned in at 9.30 tired out.

March 30, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 5.15

The C.O. & Pard came home by the 4.30 train. Pard rode in the Boss walked, both bikes OK no spills. Maj McColl has secured the Sg. Teddy has the e Troop & a Lance Jack of the 2nd Sig Tp is to command this unit so we are in for an uproarious time.

Today has been again very warm it registering 121° in the shade & two months yet to go to Summer so we are likely to be greasespots before long.

Mail has arrived at last & I only got two letters from home, nothing in them whatsoever, they acknowledged receipt of certain parcels but not a hint as to what they contained.

Today was a beaut it being 121° in the shade & the poor old mokes are feeling it frightfully.

Turned in at 9.30.

[Page 48]

March 31, 1916 Friday

Revielle at 5.15

Pard gave us all his adventures of the trip to Cairo & varied they were to the C.O. had as usual many narrow squeaks but came through unscathed. Went out as usual to the grove at lunch time & whilst there we had a dust up with the niggers some of the boys were on their way for a swim & a nigger gave a little back slack & of course stopped one, another "Snowflake" came up behind our chaps with a waddy & quilted Dobby, this was the signal for a general hoe in & didnít we give them beans, they soon cried off, the Omdar did his nut & shot half a doz of them in the boob & sacked a couple of his gaffas.

Nothing happened on the way home went for a ride at sundown, wrote letters & went to bed at 9.

April 1, 1916 Saturday

Hopped out at usual time.

Had a revolver practice on a large scale out at the grove today as a demonstration for the niggers, some fine shooting was done & the nigs were quite alarmed & thought possibly that we would fire on them.

On the way home we gave many a nig a nasty turn & not a few "nasty" words were [indecipherable] to us.

Bobby left today & Hal has got his job so things will be OK from this on, donít know when our new bloke comes along. Teddy sent in a complaint as to how he has been treated but I donít think he has much chance for he is rather late in the day, nevertheless I wish him luck for he has shown a dirty point.

Wrote letters. Bed 10.

[Page 49]

April 2, 1916 Sunday


Revielle as usual.

Nothing doing today, cleaned camp & had rest of the day to ourselves, an aeroplane came down to us today & when she alighted at the aerodrome every nigger for miles went down causing a bit of a disturbance with their eagerness to see more of it, so they had to be drive away.

Chas Cox & myself went for our usual bus ride (Sunday) & went out towards Girga at a 30 ml lat, beautiful riding & a glorious evening.

Onions are being gathered, this years crops are enormous, they grow them in amongst their cotton & thus secure a double crop.

Wrote letters home, Nell, Dunc & then played cards.

Intend making trip to Makum tomorrow if possible.

Bed 9.30.

April 3, 1916 Monday

77 wks from home.

Revielle as usual.

Horses & men went out as usual. I went out at lunch time.

Sgt Weir died this morning & is to be buried at the monastery this afternoon at 3, he died with enteric & double pneumonia, they intend holding an auction sale of his effects shortly.

Bobby left us tonight for Seraphim so now we can expect Smith down any day. I put in my application in Bde H Qís to join School of Inst at Zietim but think I will have to wait till the next & vacancies are filled.

Perritt gave a great demonstration of his powers as an officers standing a warship was going down the canal & his men were at attention he still left them there & a staff Sergt pointed it out to him: Oh wait till I ask my uncle whether I can dismiss them or not.

[Page 50]

4 April, 1916 Tuesday

Same old routine today & this life is getting frightfully monotous, got a letter from young Al & he gave me the news Iíve been waiting for.

The CO is pretty crook & very feverish, men are leaving for hospital every day with fever & this camp has been condemned on account of its unhealthy surroundings.

[Rest of this page is a continuation from diary entry of 5 April]

[indecipherable] to present to the CO. Norm then called Jack Latham up & he soon made short work of Ford & gave him something to apply a leg of mutton to, he was then taken in charge of by a couple of his Sgts & Stiny & Norm reported him to Berry & Downing on their return to camp, he at present is awaiting the decision of a previous court-martial, he is a rotter out & in & is always to be seen with niggers no one else will associate with him, he goes straight up for court-martial.

April 5, 1916 Wednesday

87 wks of soldiering

Revielle as usual

Horses went out again as usual & nothing whatsoever doing only got word that our CO was due tomorrow.

After tea Norm & Chas went down the street & went on donkeys, whilst they were inside having a feed in one of the restaurants one of the A.S.C. fellows by the name of Ford bought in & tried to influence the Donkey boy to let him have the donks. Norm then appeared & explained that the donkeys were hired by him & Chas, who then strolls up with his hands in his pockets when he was turning round Normís mount Ford quilted him one in the optic, one under the chin & outed him, Norm hopped off his mount & informed him that he had struck an N.C.O., after using a few strong adj he jobbed Norm one in the neck & another in the peeper, making two lovely (opposite page)

[continued at foot of page for 4 April.]

[Page 51]

6 April, 1916 Thursday

Revielle as usual

The horses & men went out to the palms as usual & Stinny & Norm of course stayed in on account of the C.M. at nine they had to go down & indentify him which they had no trouble in doing, proceedings then went ahead apace it took 9 pages to hold Charlies evidence & questions while Norm gave a couple, everything seemed to be going in favor of them, if the luck holds he will get a couple on months.

Went out as usual to the Palms where Pard was doctoring up a kiddy of 7 years of age who had dry excema, a frightful sight, every inch of his body is covered in it & if something isnít done he will die with it.

Got home after giving a bint a bit of a knock with the handle bars.

Played cards & turned in at 9.10

7 April, 1916 Friday

Revielle as per usual

Our new C.O. put in an appearance last night & he is the late motor eye cap of the 2nd Sig Tp & is a good chap, the boss took him over & introduced him to H Qís & Cox of course went for the boss, he even said that he was of two minds whether he would cancel Stinnyís & Normís recommendations for comís & he said that in his opinion they started the brawl, he told Teddy in front of 4 officers that his command was the most undisciplined riotous crowd that has left Australia & also that there was no need for him to wait any longer now Mr Smith is here so Teddy is off on Monday.

Horses & men as usual went out to the palm grove. The weather is still frightfully hot, it registering 120° to 131° daily.

Mel Opie & Chas Cox off duty Mel had a horse roll on him & Cox has bad feet. Jack Wills taken on temporally.

[Page 52]

8 April, 1916 Saturday

Revielle at 5.15

At 11.30 last night we were awakened by a loud burst of fire & at first it seemed as if Mt Senussi had called on us but after a while we heard that it was the Tommyís ammunition that was alight, they lost 5 machine guns & 65000 rds of 303 amm, some poor beggars will fall in.

Sports were held today & we got a fair share of the prizes; just after lunch a "Hoah" paid us a visit, all day it had been frightfully hot & a change came along at 12 oclock in the shape of one of their notorious winds, it came over in a wall of sand 15 miles wide & heaps of wind to push it along, the horses felt it very badly & also some of the men, we all came out of it like niggers.

Mail today arrived but again there was nothing for me, have given up expecting letters.

Bed 10.

April 9, 1916 Sunday

Revielle at 5 as usual.

Day very warm again after yesterday & heaps of dust, horses & men got out to the Palms as usual. I slipped out as well on the old scrap.

Shipping on the Nile pretty heavy today, merchandise by the boat load going down, made a box for the bosses mummy & fixed up his pannier which by the way is pretty full of Troop stuff.

Wrote letters all the afternoon & went for a stroll after tea. Fever pretty prevalent here now & H Qís has had 2 cases of it & 2 of sunstroke within the last few days, 2 more of our chaps gone to hospital, one with a fall from a horse & the other with tempt.

Played cards until 9.30, then turned in.

[Page 53]

10 April, 1916 Monday

78 wks from home

Hopped out at usual time.

Nothing to do at all only messed round to fill in time & at lunch time went out for the usual ride to the Palms.

More "willys" visit us today & 5 were to be seen in the air at once & as usual heaps of wind & dust accompany them, the niggers donít seem to mind how many there are.

Burrell rang up against a nigger last night & got two lovely black eyes, he was after a writing pad but finding none at this particular place he walked off when the nig called him back & quilted him one each in either eye, Frank then pitched into him & gave him a few beauts, the nig [indecipherable] off for his life, [indecipherable] then gave him in charge for assault.

Played cards & turned in early. 10 pm.

11 April, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as usual

Burrellís eyes look lovely & at lunch time the nigger came down to be examined by Col Dixon, & he got well-nigh killed by our chaps. I ran over him with the bike for one & now I donít think he will trouble us too much although we expect to give him a rough house, heís by no means unmarked either.

Chas Cox again off duty for bad feet & it looks as if they are going to take some curing. Opie too is still suffering from the effects of his fall off Kute so Wills & Watkins have been told off to take their places temporally.

Pulled my old bus down again, she was in splendid condition inside despite a little carbon, the niggers amused themselves pulling the pump handle up once or twice.

Mail in a few days. Bed 9.10.

[Page 54]

12 April, 1916 Wednesday

88 wks of soldiering

Revielle as usual.

Just the same old routine, nothing new only that we probably may stay in this hell for another 3 months & shelters for both men & horses & they are to be erected straight away, so all signs of a move is misfish.

The [indecipherable] service is to be broken up today & each regt on the new basis is issued with 4 waggons which are permanently attached & men also the Bde train does not now exist, the Div supplies all that, the late drivers of our train have been left in the mud & now are transferring to the artillery & engineers. Glasgow is also finding positions for them, he is still in Heliopolis; Cyril Tonkins fell down two flights of stairs yesterday when visiting friends & broke his leg in two places, heís always in for any bad luck thatís running.

Expect mail tomorrow. Bed 10.10

13 April, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 5.15

Mail arrived O.K.& I got the answer to mine of 29th of Jan, needless to say it was answered as intended so everything in the garden is rosy as one could wish, all of the old trouble seems to have disappeared & well nigh time too. Ern back again in Sydney & doing well. Ray ditto.

Horses & men again out at the Palms, nothing doing at all, talk of running a Sig Troop handicap next Monday, all horses eligible to run [indecipherable] in winner gets half, 2nd horse 2/3 of the remainder & 3 horse the balance, horses to be handicapped according to weight, Charlie is Steward & Burrell Starter & handicapper, my moke should go well in this although her leg is not to be relied upon she will start favorite anyway if nothing else.

Bed 9 oclock.

[Page 55]

Revielle as usual

Horses & men proceed out to the Grove as usual, men get inoculated again for Typhoid & is already playing up with some of them.

The CO & myself went out to the catacombs on the motors & after climbing the bare face of the mount eventually gained the summit, inspected the tombs & saw hundreds of mummies, some lately unearthed, others had been up for some time, bones & parts of bodies lay all over the place, had a go at a fox but missed him, he was too far off for accurate shooting. The CO had a bit of trouble with Melís machine, the clutch again giving trouble & later on his pump connection came adrift, but eventually all lobbed home safely.

Turned in at 10.30 to an accompaniment of wind & dust.

15 April, 1916 Saturday

Revielle at 5.15

Rumors afloat that we are to lose all our surplus horses, the second regt are taking them over for they are a good few below strength, nevertheless we wont be sorry to see them go although some of the originals will accompany them.

Shipping on the Nile has been exceptionally heavy lately, nearly all pottery & the results of the last harvest, the country at present looks great for all the corn is in & stacked & the fields are just being broken up again for the next crop & everything is looking as fresh as paint, the opium crop has been exceptionally good this year & the niggers are eating the seeds whereas they at other times put them on the markets.

Arrangements are on the go to have a sports day on the 25th (Anzac day) & I have been appointed delegate to Sig Tp.

Played cards till 10 & then inshied no alarm.

[Page 56]

16 April, 1916 Sunday


Revielle at 5.30

Stables as usual.

Horses tipped for tomorrow are getting a little extra attention today & great excitement prevails as to whose stable is going to hold the winners, the money has shortened a bit, mine is now 2 to 1 & Bill M is even money.

Messed around all day & wrote letters. Pard & Freddy went out to the catacombs on Push bikes, they saw the old mummy that we found when we were out there, they got home about dark tired out.

Played chess with Smithy & others & turned in at 10.10 pm.

CO received a letter from Downing who isnít having too rosy a time, Charlie also got one from Bob who also is up to his neck in it.

17 April, 1916 Monday

79 wks from home

Hopped out as usual

Set off to the Palms at nine as usual, horses in the pink of condition & men eager for the days sport, got work finished early & at 11.30 rode out with Jack Latham up on the back, on the way out he shot a couple of dogs with my revolver, led off to the course at 2 after the usual prelims we lined up for the first heat, my mount was as eager as fun, got a splendid start & after a great go with Hal was beaten by a head for first. Mustards ran a bad last, the 2nd heat went to Charlie Cox on Algy with Billings second, in the 3rd heat Brown on Larkins mare won with Goty a near second, the final was great & no one could pick the winner. I had the inside running & got a poor start & only ran into 3rd place, Charlie Sting came off Waugh & came well nigh to getting hurt but got out of it OK.

Wrote more letters & turned in at 10 pm.

[Page 57]

18 April, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as usual

My old horse is feeling no ill-effects from her gallop & if anything did her good, news came to hand that we could get rid of 42 horses today to the second Regt so all the morning was put in picking them out & sorting the harness to go with them, my old Lem has to go worse luck & many of the other old horses.

Our brigade took over from the Tommies today & now our general commands the whole of the district & consequently moved up into the building occupied by the HQís previously.

Tommy motor cyclist reported for acting the nanny up the town last night & Capt Weir was accordingly sent down to interview us but no such luck for him.

Day has been again very windy & dusty & plenty of heat. Bed at 9.10.

19 April, 1916 Wednesday

89 wks of soldiering

Hopped out at the same old time.

Everything seems changed re the looks of our horses lines, my old chap was on picket last night & came home with out the saddle & bridle.

Gen Cox today visited the village over the other side of the Nile & was received en-fete by the Omdah.

Everything is going satisfactorily with regards to our concert & match & an enjoyable day should be spent by all. Answer came through to our wire saying that if vacancies exist in Regts for Signal officers, to appoint Hal & I, the CO informs us that we stand a very good chance & I hope we do, for this life is getting awfully monotonous; Weather again very hot, sultry & dusty.

Mail expected tomorrow. Bed 9.10 pm

[Page 58]

20 April, 1916 Thursday

Revielle as usual

What horses were left went out to the Palms for exercise. The 2nd L.H. accompanying them, old Charlie Chatman keeping them company.

Paid the dentist a visit this morning & he informed me that all would have to come out so he gave me an appointment for Saturday morning at 10.

Received a letter from Ern & he says that everything is OK at home.

Received a Power-Plus catalogue & thats the engine thats going to revolutionise the motor world.

Bob & Claude Jackson are both in Egypt so dropped them a line.

More mail arrived but none for yours truly although all the others got theirs expect mine & parcels tomorrow.

Played chess & turned in at 10 pm.

21 April, 1916 Friday

Hopped out at 5.15

Great news came to hand today for the Russians are credited with taking Treligond & now they will take some stopping, our forces are advancing slowly up the Tigris although the floods are heavy, Verdun has just about blown itself out at last.

Both Hal & I were recommended by the Bde Maj for those jobs, we will know how we got on in a few days.

Tommies move out that leaves us with sole command of this district.

Parcel mail arrives & I got one beauty of clothing viz 2 shirts 6 handkerchiefs & a pair of socks, they will come in exceptionally handy, as Iím about run out.

Played the C O chess & won & then turned in at 9.30 tired out. Day has been extremely hot about 129° in the shade.

[Page 59]

22 April, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as per usual.

Went up like a lamb to the slaughter this morning & had a pretty gruelling time, the injections settled me for I couldnít stand the stuff & I went clean out to it a couple of times consequently he only drew three & I have to go again on Wednesday. Felt pretty ill all day, I was foolish to go so soon after the inoculation & I guess I wont be caught the next time.

Started the Pitch last night & secured a good spot to play on if only the niggers keep off it.

Horses went out as usual & Norm took out Pards lunch for I couldnít hold a bar let alone see the road.

Wrote letters & then turned in early 8 pm.


23 April, 1916 Sunday

Revielle as per usual

My phyg pretty sore this morning Ė had to go on duty up at H Qís with the bike, fooled around all day & made further arrangements for Tuesday, everything promises to go off OK so far experienced difficulty in raising a piano. Hal & I filled in our papers today & everything is OK this time thanks to Mr Smith.

Horses & men went out to the palms as usual, nothing to report from that centre. Weather is still warm & likely to be it registering 129° in the shade again today.

Camel Corps & Transport cleared out today for other destinations, Plague is supposed to have broken out at Assuit & members of the C.C. are in quarantine for a fortnight.

Bed at 10.10.

[Page 60]

24 April, 1916 Monday

80 wks from home

Revielle at 5.15

Had miles of running about to do today fixing up for the concert tomorrow I have managed to scrape together 22 items the Gen has consented to preside & Capt Chisholm is to be his off-sider the Mikadar of Sohag & his escort have also consented to be present, the proprietor of the gardens has got enough food for an regt & seating accomdation for 600 men, I shall be satisfied if half of the seats are full, fixed up the wicket & marked the boundary & had it watered.

The case against Lt Potts is to be gone on with straight away & the business of collecting evidence is proceeding steadly, he stands a fair chance of falling in properly.

Played cards & chess all night & slipped down the town for supper & then turned in at 10.15. Tired out.

25 April, 1916 Tuesday


Reveille same old time

I spent the morning making final arrangements for this afternoon & tonight, after lunch got the wicket ready & played commenced at 1.30 pm. I was elected Capt & lost the toss so they went in to bat they made 114 Cambell out of that got 57, Hal Bowled well, the heat was very oppressive we went in & went down like fun for a start, I got 17 before being cleaned bowled we made altogether 63 so never had a look in, after the match went & had a shower & had tea then off down to the gardens & found there an awful crowd of fellows present got things going straight away & everything went off splendid, the programme turned out first class, I had to get up & thank the Gen for his presence & made a bit of a speech which passed off OK no comments. Got home at 10.30 satisfied with the way things went & turned in.

[Page 61]

26 April, 1916 Wednesday

90 wks of soldiering

Revielle as usual

Jack Wills & I had to go to Shick Allam to try our lines of communications today, we left early on the bikes & everything went well for the first 15 miles. Shick Allam was reached in due course & as we got there so early, we decided to push on to Beit Khalef the going now for miles was frightful we got 1 puncture & 1 blow out on account of the holes, struck the squadron by chance Jack Wills then got another puncture I pushed on to the hill & set up the helio straight away called & they answered immediately, carried on for about an hour then left for home but I hadnít gone 200 yards when I got another blow out so I rode her on the rim for a mile, fixed her up & then off we set, put another 10 miles behind us [indecipherable] I went whof into another hole & still another blow out, the heat at this time

27 April, 1916 Thursday

Revielle as usual

[continuation from entry of 26 April]

was well on 190° in the sun & the tyres were too hot to hold fixed that up with the last bit of rubber we had left & got under way once more when about 2 miles out of here (Sohag) Jack W pulled up alongside me to tell that his tyre was again flat & in doing so got his bars caught in mine & didnít we come a beaut, nobody hurt & machines undamaged, he had to stop so I sent Watty out with a new tube. I got into camp at 2 oclock burnt to a cinder, the C O couldnít believe that we had been at Khalaf & when he was convinced was quite pleased at our doings. Horses went out as usual to the palms & Signalling class went on as usual. I was posted to take charge of Sig office at Bde H Qs so now am billeted in a brick house. Bed at nine thirty.

Mail tomorrow.

[Page 62]

28 April, 1916 Friday

Revielle as usual

Nothing on the boards at all today so pulled the old bus down everything OK inside she is wearing splendidly not as much as a mark on her yet. The C O put his horse into work today for tomorrow week & she promises well although fairly fat inside at present Chissyís horse is favorite still & we hope ours puts his in the stable. Rumored unconfirmed still regarding Gen Ryries death, some say he was shot through the stomach others through the head, but we had 177 casualties through worse luck, we expect to get a move down that way any time now & none will be sorry to move either from this hole no word yet of our positions face still very sore where he pulled half my jaw from.

Bed at 10 pm.

29 April, 1916 Saturday

Hopped out at usual time.

Still nothing to do but just the usual routine & no mail to hand yet although it is expected in a day or two with parcels so the sooner the quicker for the larder is pretty low at present. A plane passed overhead today on its way to Nara it is rumoured that our friends the Senussi have got anti aircraft guns with them now so no libertys can be taken although the country is very quiet at present no reports coming to hand for days, things donít seem too favorable up at Kut & relief column is too slow & is now held up between two marshes & they in turn will have to mind their flanks or they will be entrapped also, Downing is not doing too well in the Squadron so furphy has it.

Bed 10.30.

[Page 63]


30 April, 1916 Sunday

Hopped out as usual.

Nothing doing today at all, horses went out as usual to the palms & the sigs carried on Sig school as usual; played cricket in the early part of the afternoon & then at four oclock went over to Achmin crossed the Nile by ferry & after negioting about 5 miles of fair road reached Achmin to find just one huge native villiage we visited the curio store but could not get down on anything, their vineyards & orange groves are very fine, set out for home at 6 & encountered thousands of rats along the road, they were in the stone walls, got down at the wharf to find ferry mifish so organised a rat hunt had a great time & got 7 of the brutes, lost my revolver somewhere during the process & reported it, got home a little after 7 to find a heap of stuff to go out, got it done & had tea.

Bed 10.35

1 May, 1916 Monday

81 wks from home

Revielle as usual

Day lovely & cool & I regained my revolver it was found where I was rat hunting. The C O & I are off to Assiut tomorrow to try out our lines of communications, we expect to catch the 6 oclock train in the morning.

Played cricket all day & put up a fine game, picked up sides & we managed to win as usual.

Rumors are afloat that we are off any day now somewhere down the canal a journey of 600 miles, it is said that Gen Ryrie fell in the last scrap & we also suffered 177 casualties. Mail came in today I got one from Nell, she was at home & having a splendid time. Roy got his first bar also & is now on the first rung.

Gen Townsend surrenders at Kut today to a superior force.

[Page 64]

2 May, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 5

Up early to catch the train for Assiut I got there but the C O missed it so I went down to the trials at the aerodrome when the troopers race came on great was my surprise to find old Lem heading them home, she ran beautifully & is in splendid form & should take some beating. We caught the twelve train & went straight on to Deirut & fixed up L.Cí there then came back to Manfalut, also fixed up L-Ďs then caught train for Assiut arriving there at 6, the C O fixed up quarters while I went down to Mr Parlotti & arranged to call at 8.30, arrived OK & spent a most enjoyable evening Josie was in a fine mood left about 10.30 & went to the hotel, had supper & turned in at 11 oclock after a good day.

3 May, 1916 Wednesday

91 wks of soldiering

Reveille as usual

Nothing to report today, horses & men went out to the palms as usual, the lines are still giving trouble both at Rara & Assiut, too much power is evidently the trouble, the floods started today & the river has risen already & is a dirty muddy color.

No mail yet & no sign of it either. Our two entries were fixed up alright, their excuse was they didnít think we had anything good enough to put in so we hope our boss beats the favorite & our other horses run well. Two bands are to be attendance & a grand stand is to be erected so things ought to be fairly comfortable.

Went for a stroll & turned in at 11 oclock having the late run to do.

[Page 65]

4 May, 1916 Thursday

Left for Anzac 1915

Revielle as usual.

Twelve months today since we left for Anzac & quite a number of changes have taken place since then.

Final preparations have taken place with the horses for Saturday & ours should run well although a trifle short in work, late this afternoon I was sent out across the Nile passed Achmin on to the hills to find road & ascertain if the mount is climbable, for we intend to try & pick up Assiut in the morning by Helio the road was frightful & I had 1 blow out, the natives are very poor & the niggers are well nigh naked, got back at 7 to find no tea so had to go up town & get it. One of the AASc sergeants was sentenced to 6 months & reduced to the rank by Tommy officers today at Assiut.

Turned in at 9.30.

5 May, 1916 Friday

Up at 5 this morning.

Set out early this morning in company with Jack Wills & had a fairly good trip out amusing at times, especially when I interfered with a niggers balance who was perched on two bags of grain on a small donkeys back, we got there at 7 & started to climb, it took us just on three quarters of an hour to get to the top, saw a beaut fox half way up but he was out of range, as soon as we got there we knew we had no chance as the mists were far to heavy but we saw them twice only faintly, got into communication with camp easy enough & they gave us C I so we promptly came down, called in at Omdahís house for coffee & got back at 11 pm , had a sleep then played cricket till tea.

No mail yet

Bed 10.

[Page 66]

May 6, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual.

Today is the day of the sports given by the Miedian & although it was nice & cool it was marred by the dust which blew down the course continually, they started off with horse dancing by the omdahs & the nags were splendid next came the 150 yds foot race we had four lads in for it & got 1st 2nd 3rd & 4th, the troopers 6 furlong flutter was next & it proved an great race we again had 4 representatives & got 1st with a chestnut from 2nd Regt, 2nd with a HQís horse, 3rd with old Lempriere & 4th with Bill Mustard. Tent pegging followed & gippo trapper got first, us second with Sgt Earle, they had a camel race after that & although interesting was rather dangerous to the onlookers for the animals were not at all particular where they ran, had a bath after the sports & later went for a stroll up town.


7 May, 1916 Sunday

Reveille at 5 as usual

Had a quiet day after yesterday I wrote letters this morning to fill in time Capt Chisholm has not got over his defeat yet & is not likely to either for the boys are not going to let him forget. Strolled down the boulevarde after tea & discussed future plans for home & the cattle question had pride of place & is likely to have a long run too. Received parcel from Dunck containing writing pads & envelopes galore, 3 pads, 2 handkerchiefs & a pair of socks, one of the best parcels Iíve received for some time. Gen Cox was sent to No 3 General Hospital today ill he has been off color for some days now & is recommended for a holiday; the old horse is looking none the worse for her run yesterday & I hope to get her back again shortly. The Telegraph line has been giving trouble again today.

Turned in at 10.30

[Page 67]

8 May, 1916 Monday

82 wks from home

Reveille as usual

Things exceptionally quiet today, pulled the old scrap down & gave her a thorough clean out & found her OK inside, she is standing up to the work splendidly.

Mail is expected in a day or two & will come in jolly handy as news is very scarce.

Played cricket in the evening & then chess met train at 10.30 & turned in at 11.30 tired out.

9 May, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle as usual

Nothing doing what-so-ever, horses & men went out as usual to the palms, tents have changed hands & we are now issued with a marquee. Mail from home last night & the news of Frank Carterís death is confirmed, pretty bad luck for them & it will go pretty hard with them in future to make both ends meet.

Went down the line a few miles in the direction of Girga to report on the condition of roads, telegraph lines etc, tyres & tubes are giving heaps of trouble lately as the rubber is all mifish on account of the heat.

Played more cricket & chess & turned in at 10.30.

[Page 68]

10 May, 1916 Wednesday

Landed Anzac 1915

92 wks of soldiering

Reveille as usual

Twelve months today since we landed in Gallipoli, & hope it wont be long before we go into action again, at 2.30 today we were sneaking round Shrapnel gully like rabbits, carrying panniers. Horses went out as usual to the palms & men played quoits. The advance guard of the Dorset yeomantry put in their appearance, the shelters are to be gone on with straight away & our old camp site has been condemned. Work has been very heavy we cleared 100 outgoing messages during the day & piles of DRLS stuff coming & going all ways.

Played cricket after tea & wrote letters & met the train at 10.30 after that turned in at well nigh eleven.

Mail arrived but nothing for me.

11 May, 1916 Thursday

Revielle as usual

News came through that the first detachment of the relieving force would be in tomorrow, they are of the Dorset yeomanry who got cut up last Xmas day at Mersa Matruh.

Gen Cox expected back any day now his offsider arrived this morning, there was nothing wrong with him only tiredness. The 3rd Regt start & move out tomorrow, Combes left today, the Bde is to concentrate at Kantara & later join up with the Divn, we are travelling light & as yet our destination is unknown. No word of Downing lately he has died a natural death the same applies to Latham Jack has run amok this last few days & the boys have kurned him down.

Bed 11.35

[Page 69]

12 May, 1916 Friday

Revielle as per usual

All preparations are now complete for the move, & all stuff is packed.

The Dorsets arrived today & a scratchy scraggy lot they are too their horses are like ponies & Iím hanged if I know what they intend doing with their swords. They are camped down on the new site where shelters are to be erected without delay, the timber is arriving daily. I had to take a lamp (gas) which Pard has just finished out to the hills for a trial & left here at 6 it was rather a climb at night but it worked OK. & was easy reading for those in camp the distance was about nine miles, left at 8 & got back home at 9.30 tired out & also got another puncture.

Bed at 10.50 after meeting last train.

13 May, 1916 Saturday

Reveille as early as usual.

Packed all our traps today for the move tomorrow & made arrangements for the cessation of the Signal Service, got instructions later to send 2nd class Telegraph set to Assiut & cells to Qara.

Dorset crowd came down to take over the local lines of communications, they are garrisoning Sohag with 1 squadron, their H Qrs being at Malwadi 30 miles North of Assiut, our Tele station is to be cut out as they have no operators to do the job.

The wireless chaps are to go with us to Kantara & are there to join up with the Squadron of whom we have heard nothing for the last 3 weeks.

Bed at 11.30 did the late run to the train.

[Page 70]

Left Sohag

14 May, 1916 Sunday

Reveille at 5

The different units started to move out at day-break & trains were leaving every hour we got all our stuff down about 2 pm & when I returned to the camp it was to find the Canteen in flames, some of the boys had set it on fire as return for the high prices the proprietor had charged them, our boys were there of course & didnít they get in amongst his stuff not half they only got 6 doz of his beer without other articles.

We started to load at 7 & by nine the train was ready to move out, she passed the clock at 9.2 for our trip of 600 miles, the trip went OK till midnight for we had heaps to eat & plenty of melons. We hadnít gone far when one of H Qrs horses got his leg over the rope of another & cut his leg pretty severely. Turned in with Norm at 11 oclock on the train platform.

Arrived Kantara

15 May, 1916 Monday

83 wks from home.

Travelling without a stop all night & arrived at Beni Suef at 6 on time, we fed & watered our horses here & also had breakfast ourselves, the mokes are feeling the journey already, Burrells especially left again at 7.20 & passed through Cairo at 10.30 we went straight on to Zagazig where we arrived at 1 oclock, fed & watered again & had dinner, not a bad place but rather nigger-fied. Left again a little after 2 passed through Salhia at 4 & little later on of the H Qrs drivers fell off the train & broke both his legs, at 5.10 we came in sight of the Canal with troops everywhere, we ran along it for a couple of miles & preparations were everywhere for a go with the enemy, got unloaded at Kantara at 6.15 & then had tea, after this we turned in.

[Page 71]

16 May, 1916

Up at 6 & straightened up the stores none of which are being removed to camp as we move out again tomorrow.

Burrells horse died during the night worst luck; made acquaintance with the Canal this morning & practically lived in it all day, visited Asia adding another continent to her list, troopers & mercantile ships have been passing through all days; the military activity is very great, communications is by numerous pontoon bridges between the two capitals, and railways run everywhere, the navy patrol the ditch night & day with monitors and large motor boats, stores are being unloaded from dozens of barges, anything from Railway engines to bully beef.

Heard that we move out at 4 tomorrow afternoon, a large train load of reinforcements passed through here tonight.

Bed at 8 pm

17 May, 1916 Wednesday

93 wks of soldiering

Revielle as usual

We set some drum nets in the canal last night & this morning got a couple of eels out of them & during the day got 6 more which we had for tea, & they made a welcome break in the menu. Nothing much doing through the day so filled in the time swimming & got frightfully burnt, troops have been coming & going all day both by rail & transport. We are to move out a 3 am in the morning by road for Hill 70 about 6 or 7 miles from here, WT chaps are to march, we tried to arrange rail transport for them but it was too late to be of any use, aeroplanes, large naval motor boats are here in swarms & are doing extensive patrol work. French transport went through with Japs on board. Also 5 large steamers.

Bed 9.30

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18 May, 1916 Thursday

Reveille at 3 am.

Got up & loaded our gear & got our own stuff on, the transport were all ready to move at 3.30 & the head of the column arrived at the bridge a quarter of an hour later, but the bridge wasnít opened until 6 oclock as traffic was heavy at that time 5 past 6 the staff got across & it took the column just on ĺ of an hour to cross, as soon as we finished the recalled Tommy yeomentry crossed en route for Egypt, the motor cycs kept up coms on the march, we arrived at Hill 40 about 7.30 where Div Head Qrs at present is, arrived our destination Ĺ an hour later, passed numerous camps on the road out arty galore & infantry in thousands, entrenchments are everywhere & the place is in an excellent state for defence, roads are good, water plentiful & heaps of material of all sorts. Opened sig office at 3 pm today & met Jack Braithwaite. Bed 9.10.

19 May, 1916 Friday

Reveille at 5

Got camp straightened up & the Sig office going properly, paid a visit to the Squadron & met old friends, later we went up to the Redoubt which is one of the most complete that I have seen, prisoners are coming in every day & aeroplanes are here in droves & got a rather stiff job for they have so much ground to cover, the enemy is coming down the coast about 3000 strong & we hope to strike him very shortly, the 5th & 6th are out on a raking up stunt today. Downing is out at Romani with a cable section & is supposed to be doing fine work in communications. Motor sand car has got out as far as Gabriel about 40 miles out, the going is exceptionally heavy but the old bus slips over it at 20 mile an hour.

Bed at 10.30

[Page 73]

20 May, 1916 Saturday

Reveille as usual

Aeroplane reports that Turks are in force in several places along our front & prisoners are coming in every day, along with their families, the place was fired on with field gun, m gun & rifle fire but came out OK.

3 Steamers went through the canal today, one large, the railway is being pushed still further out every day.

Chas got his promotion today & is now down at the Sq H Qrs as, wireless officer, old Meredith is fighting ours & is likely to prove troublesome especially with regard to his own Regt who he wants as Sig Officer is Nelson, anyhow we hope for the best. Mail came to hand today one from Nell & another from Mother, Nell seems to be having a good time too good in fact.

Shelters arrive for here possibly for the Bde coming in, certainly not for us.

Bed at 11.30

21 May, 1916 Sunday

Reveille as usual.

Aeroplane reports this morning that Guefai & Mageibra all clear & a few shelters 2 miles SE of Bir-Bayud, no men seen at Salamana nor at Bir-Ayr. Shelters at Katia destroyed.

Tracks seen at Bir-El-Jefair also at Bir-El-Mageiba at Bayud ĺ miles away post of 60-100 arabs & 10 men in Khaki, machine came down line & opened fire with her machine gun & inflicted casualties on the enemy. Bombs dropped 100-150 men at Salmana & machine was fired on by the Turks.

Went for a ride out to the end of the road today & saw some of the positions of our troops we are out 30 miles with the main body & our outposts go out still further as far as Katia.

Downing came in today but I didnít see him as he was off again at night, he is on a cable section & doing well. More prisoners came in today. Bed at 10.30.

[Page 74]

22 May, 1916 Monday

84 wks of soldiering.

Revielle at 5

Promoted to Sergt today & have effected a few changes in the troop Ė the aeroplanes reported this morning as follows at Bir Mayar 2 machines each dropped 4 bombs on camps of 5 to 600 men & new trenches seen Ė machines were fired on with a gun M.6s & rifles Ė 30-40 shelters at Bir-Geisa & at 5.7 miles SE of Salana. Each machine dropped 3 bombs at Salamana (wells & 2 parties each 20 to 30 mtd men) Bayud no trace of camp many tracks 1 man & 3 pack camels going S. above reported by planes out at 4.30. Reconnaisence very difficult owing to wind, Bir Mosaifig & Bir-el-Geisa many tracks but no men Bir-el-Aed many tracks to well indicating that there are large numbers of men between Mosaifig & Aed, otherwise all clear above by plane 1750. Nothing unusual yet no troops moving, 3 trucks of timber arrive. Bed 11.30

23 May, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 5

Paid today & sent down for supplies.

Aeroplane over at 0400 going east reports :-

Bir Salmana 100-130 men
Bir-Mazar 400-500 men & 4 mountain g.
Bir-Gamdil 30-40 men
Bir-Moseifig clear, Bir-Bayud clear, Bir-Dageiba clear, our own troops advanced to Hod-el-Gedaida without opposition. Aeroplane at 0500 reported that at Bir-Salamna 100-150 men were hidden in scrub E. of wells, main body of our troops at Hod-el-Cediada without opposition, a message was dropped informing them that machine was going to search Bayud AAA Bayud found clear except for 2 arabs, many old tracks going S. Katia occupied by our troops, enemy hides in holes in sand covered with brushwood which makes observation very difficult from the air. Rode down to the canal at tea time & bought stores, lamp Parade & Bed 10.30.

[Page 75]

24 May, 1916 Wednesday

94 wks of soldiering

Reveille as usual

Signal Stns were out all the morning & good work was effected, went out for a ride in the afternoon & later on went down to the Sig Sqd.

Reports are just as usual our troops met with every success on the last stunt although on one occasion when three sqds were deploying one mistook the direction & in so doing allowed a patrol of the enemy to slip away, one only being captured, he being mounted on a slow camel.

More facts have come to hand concerning the doings of the yeomantry officers who were out at Duidae & when surprised by the Turks surrendered without a fight well nigh on two sqds were cut up the 5th went out & got em out of a scrape.

Lamp practice at night with Pards new pattent lamp which was real OK.

Bed at 10.35

25 May, 1916 Thursday

"Wireless" men left here for Divn Sig Squadron 1830. R.F.C.evening flight reports :-

Bir-el-Mazar about 200-300 men judging by tentage, Bir-el-Morefig clear. Hod-el-Salmana 50-100 men. Tracks from Hod-el-Salmana. One mile East of Bir-el-abd small post of 10-20 men.

3rd Regt left here for Romani today at 0200. Harold met with a poor reception at Divn & so did the boys we got rid of Opie & Co at last & they didnít like it at all, sent pack horse down for stores to Kantara & they brought about £10 worth of stuff & all was OK for a few hours, more any day now probably day after tomorrow, mail arrived today but only one from home for me. No luck from T11 yet.

Bed at 11.30 as usual.

[Page 76]

26 May, 1916 Friday

Revelli at 5.

3rd Regt arrived at 10/30 Romani.

R.F.C reports as follows Bir-el-Hamisah 2 new wells Ė Hod-el-Bayud 2-3 camels Ė Bir-el-Salmana many tracks into & around Bir but no movement visible . Other places apparently clear.

Dismounted party of troops gone up to station as baggage guard & leave at midnight. Tried out the pack horse for the morning & he went OK so donít expect any trouble in that direction although starting in the morning there might be a different tale to tell. The Sig Sqdn took over our machines today & were joy-riding to some tune. They intend to hand one gigger over to 2nd Sig Tp eventually.

Boys of troop getting a rough time at the Sqdn & they are getting heaps of fatigues, turned in early on account of the early move. Bed at 8.

27 May, 1916 Saturday

Revelli at 3

Moved out a three to the tune of a buckjumping display by Blitzen who finally dislodged the panniers, had a fair trip for the first two miles but the staff after that were up to putty they lost their way only twice, the desert was much the same as what we had been used to although as we got further out saltbush became more plentiful & hares & gazelles were also seen & any amount of dead horses, camels etc. arrived at Romani at 0930 to find a lovely cool Hod of palms although in a frightful unsanitary state which we werenít long in starting on, the Sig Office is built on a open house principal & is delightfully & cool, our line board has nine lines including 3 vibrator, the first 12 hrs we handled 178 msg so can look for work in the next few days.

Bed at 11.30

[Page 77]

28 May, 1916 Sunday

Reveille as usual

Had an exceptionally heavy night last night & only had one operator to get over the work we handled over 300 mss in the first 12 hours.

A detachment of the Squadron came in during the afternoon including all the outcasts of the troop they are here for the stunt that is coming off tomorrow night & at the same time are installing a Divn Signal Office so will relieve us of a lot of traffic.

Out of touch with the outposts at 1700 & was out till after 10 climbing round hills gullys cliffs etc & at times out in front of the cossac posts. DRs doing trips up to 7 miles & taking 5 hours to do it & in heavy sand, the New Zealanders are doing it day about with us.

Bed midnight.

29 May, 1916 Monday

85 Wks from home

Reveille at 5

Heaps of work today in preparation for tomorrow when great things are expected, we got all equipment together & in good order. The aeroplanes reports were favorable for no activity of unusual occurrence was noticed amongst his troops.
Mail is expected although I donít suppose anything will come to light for me.

Downing is treating me like a trump, he has given me an officers saddle (having no further use for it) & in many other ways he is extending the glad hand. Hal & his section have got the Sig office fixed up & now our traffic should be much lighter, we did 323 today which is a record for any Signal Troop & compliments are flying galore.

[Page 78]

30 May, 1916 Tuesday

Reveille at 5

Aeroplane reconnaissence of today reports that troops of the enemy are still in their old positions & if anything El-Salmana is strengthened. All ready to move out at a minutes notice tonight.

Left camp at 1000 instead of 0400 tomorrow & first of all got in our wrong position in the column, when they moved off eventually they went in the wrong direction & missed Katia, the trip was an awful one, cold & tiring & I was asleep on several occasions on my horse.

Heard all sorts of rumors of the boys in France but donít attach much importance to them for they are only furphies, Chevaul led us on the march & is just the same as ever.

31 May, 1916 Wednesday

95 wks of soldiering

On the march all night & arrived at Hod-el-debabas at 6.30 tired out, set up sig stns & office right away working with Ogratina the attack was highly successful & the Turks sustained 20 casualties. The New Zealanders stormed the Hob & gave them blazes & putting them to flight at 0900, we had two casualties only. Set out for Romani at 1000 & had a hard time coming home, no water for one thing & then as we had signalling to do we got behind our rear guard & Jacks only had to follow up our troops & he had us but luckily he didnít, gave horse the last of my water out of my water bottle & didnít he enjoy it, what oh! got in at 4 & went to bed at 7.

[Page 79]

1 June, 1916 Thursday

Heavily Bombed

Revielle 5 pm

An hostile aeroplane came over at 0600 & bombed us severely, she started off with 2. 100pdrs the first caught the wireless stn & dismantled same, the 2nd dropped a few yds from us & played hell killing 3 men including Lt Ker of Sig Sqd wounding Lt Smith & Braithwaite & also 16 of the 3rd Regt. 25 horses were killed & many wounded, he then started on the little uns & dropped 6 more of em they going all round us, he then volplaned & opened fire with his machine gun & again played hell with men & horses, in the 3rd Regt they got nearly all the casualties. The camp was immediately remodelled, the Regts moving out to different positions, about nine tonight an alarm was sounded & men again stood to horses but it was false.

2 June, 1916 Friday

Reveille at 5

Our new CO hove on the skyline today, he is out of the R.E & is quite a nice bird although rather childish but with education will prove OK. he is no horseman & I took him round all the posts in the afternoon up to Katis Gannet, first where we raised Pt Said at one time yo Helio Stns were calling us & heaps of other work. Three of our planes with 12 bombs each went out at nine & gave the Turkish camps what oh, all returned safely, they have got two battle planes at Kantara mounting 3 guns each & theres rumor of Samson coming out to take charge of them if he does we can look forward to good results from the R.F.C. Rogers came back from Pt Said where he left the boss.

[Page 80]

3 June, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual

Prisoners arrived during the night with a herd of goats & heaps of nippers still the same old aeroplane scare & during the turnout a couple of the bints made off but were quickly caught by the guards. Hal & I went over to sea for a swim taking the horses & it was lovely but a good step the country is in just such a state of defence as to render the canal impregnable but as far as our reconnaissance goes everything goes to prove that the enemy is not in force anywhere along our front & this stunt of tomorrow is to be the final one & we have the bad luck to be out of it on account of the shortage of horses so the N.Zs are all on their own they are off to Bir-el-Abd where Jucco is supposed to be.

Bed 9.30

4 June, 1916 Sunday

Bob killed 1915

Revielle at 5

Aeroplane reports that the enemy is concentrating at El Arish & is evident by considering a Southward sweep on to us, hope he does although it will take time & waiting here is irksome round about El Salmana, Bir-el-Abd everything is quiet & only a few tracks to be seen.

This time last year we were fighting for our lives at No 3 & only a few shells kicking about. Canteen stores arrive but are quickly bought out, the chaps have to much money & not enough tucker. Billy Hughes is still making a name for himself, on the house at home & is shaking the Cabinet up to some tune & should go a long way to hustle things for at present they need it bad enough.

Bed 9.30 Ė heaps of work.

[Page 81]

5 June, 1916 Monday

North Sea Engagement

86 wks from home

Revielle as usual with more taubes.

Great news came to hand today concerning a naval engagement in the N sea, the German High Sea fleet came out @ last & one of our battle cruiser sqdns engaged them, both sides suffered severe losses, we losing 3 large cruisers they 3 dreadnoughts & numerous other smaller craft, later unconfirmed news of their fleets being driven on to their mine fields also came through but nothing definate was received, we only hope it is true although it seems too good to be true. Three photos of Nell came to hand & arnít they beauts, although in one she is looking much older but for all that they are exceptionally good. More mail expected tomorrow.

5 June, 1916 Tuesday

North Sea Engagement

Revielle at 5

Heaps of work for us, on account of the stunt all day & also another aeroplane scare this being reported from Ochratina, the same old procedure followed only this time there was quite an orderly atmosphere for men led out with horses, rifle etc. Further reports came through re the naval battle & now its reported that Bill has lost 43 boats, 2 zepps & 1 submarine our fleets got between them & their home ports & successfully drove them to their own mine fields, what oh! what about the offensive now. Mail came in today & I only got 7, one 13 pages from Nell, the dear things are booming at home in the girl quarter & may they hang up so usual routine canteen stores, about mifish. I have got to go to Ismalia for instructions at G.H.Q.

Bed @ 9.30

[Page 82]

7 June, 1916, Wednesday

News of Kitcheners death

96 wks of soldiering

More rumors are to hand re the naval flight & [indecipherable] informed us that the news of them getting on to their mine fields is confirmed but it seems too good to be true. Word came through early this morning that Kitchener & all his staff had been drowned on the Hampshire whilst proceeding to Russia, it seems she either struck a mine which had been cast off during the last naval engagement or was torpedoed off the Orkney Islands, a heavy sea was running at the time & little hope is held out for his life, the Hampshire is a cruiser of the Town class & was one of our escort from Australia. Aeroplane reconnaissance today all clear as far as Bir-el-Abd where there are about 1000 of the enemy. Bed midnight.

8 June, 1916 Thursday

Revielle at 5

Got up to find we had to report at the Squadron before proceeding to Ismailia so decided to catch the mid-day train from Romani, left camp punctually & rode the old gee over it is looking splendid & I wont be sorry if Charlie doesnít take it, got off at Hill 40 & saw some of the boys & got our instructions from Johnson then finally got to Kantara & had to wait for a train until 7.30, filling in the time having a look at the Canal & its environs, caught the train & arrived here at 8.37 to find a large car waiting for us so sped up to G.H.Q a distance of about 2Ĺ to 3 miles & found we are attached to R.Es for our 10 days, had a bit of tea & then turned our thoughts to bed at 8.30.

[Page 83]

9 June, 1916 Friday

Rolled out at 8.30

Quite a change from our usual revielle & at nine thirty went up to the Signal Office to report to the Maj, the office is a beaut, employing about 20 operators working Wheatstone, duplex, simplex & vibrater, its run on the lines of a Post Office, the only difference is that the fellows are in uniform. The procedure is exceptionally good & many a good point is to be seen especially with their counter work, they keep a graph as to the days traffic, also pole diagrams & communication plans galore instead of dealing in dockets they have slips & when receipted they paste them on the back of the original. separate registers are used for all forms. Met Achi Yep during the afternoon.

Bed 9

10 June, 1916 Saturday

Up at 8.30

He is keeping a restaurant now he left the army in January.

I was on the Telephone exchange all day & am now an experience operator. Gen Mainfoldcame along today & asked how I was getting along. Great news from the Russians, they have now no [indecipherable] in full retreat & by all reports intend keeping them on the go, the Kaiser up to date has admitted a loss of 18 vessels & our officers put it down at nearer 30, no sign of Kitchener yet & Iím afraid hes mifish our chaps seem to be making good for today its reported that they made a sortie in Flanders & raided the German trenches bringing back prisoners. Went for a swim & it was great after being away from it for 5 weeks.

[Page 84]

11 June, 1916 Sunday

Up at the usual time

Intended going to Church but went up to the office instead & did a little operating on the board & telegraph, the system with which they work here is very fine & the work they push through is astounding, lectures are held every day on elementary electricity, phones etc.

Three boats passed through in the afternoon & looked very pretty in the bend, one was the Pt Lincoln & all were from Australia, possibly Alec was on one of them, no trace of him yet from this end got all my correspondence up to date. No news of Kitchener yet, Russians are going well against the Austrians, capturing heaps of booty & thousands of prisoners.

12 June, 1916

87 wks from home

Great reports are coming in concerning the Russians, they have broken the Austrian line for 90 miles & penetrated to a depth of 40 so things ought to be easier for the Italians now. Another air raid on the boys yesterday afternoon at 3 but donít think they did too much damage for they visited Kantara & bombed it pretty heavily. Ships being passed through the canal both ways all day long so evidently the submarines are not too busy. Saw a new type of plane today, a pusher type with the tractor at the rear, she has quite a turn of speed & should be much better for machine gun work, thereís as many planes here as in England & yet when a raid is on mifish.

[Page 85]

13 June, 1916 Tuesday

Still further news of the Russian offensive, the Germans have come up but are not strong enough to push the Russians back, they still continue to advance & collect huge quantities of booty.

Aero reconnaissence today shows little movement in the enemy although out Salmana way back of large convoys are noticeable our boys should be returning from the Stunt now & glad to get home. Heaps of shipping on the canal & I myself spent the greater part of my time dividing its waters & was in up to 10.30 pm, full moon & what nights wasted, little activity in the office no luck with Alec so far, hope to succeed when in Cairo. Bed at 11 tired out.

14 June, 1916 Wednesday

97 wks of soldiering

Worked till rather late on Wheatstone last night & taped 13 myself although my punching was not as it should have been, had a slight accident.

[Page 86]

15 June, 1916 Thursday

Same old routine

East times on the Signal office. Russians are capturing more prisoners daily & still advancing in leaps & bounds & are now threatening Czernovitch which should fall within the next 24 hours.

Hostile aircraft reported again from Romani flying E & two of our planes were up & away in no time but as per usual were late & only got there to hear about his exploits, he opened fire on the camp with machine gun fire but go no one although it wasnít for the want of trying. The fifth divn moved out today for France & now there is only a few details left here & a hospital or two, plenty of Tommies as usual & theyíre quite as useless as ever. Bed 9.30 after a swim.

16 June, 1916 Friday

Reveille at 6.30

Signal office very busy today & I got news of Alec, he landed in Bombay a few days ago & is to remain there for an indefinate period, I hope to get a position out of him before long.

Plenty of shipping along the canal, both troopers & mail boats, the Monitor also got a wriggle on & went up Suez way. Russians are reported to have captured that Czernovitch with heaps of material & prisoners, the boys have been in it in France & did well in a raiding party capturing prisoners, the Canadians worked along with them & did equally as well, the boys are on another stunt this week, a two day one out Bal-el-Abd way as a raiding party to clear out existing camps.

[Page 87]

17 June, 1916 Saturday

Up at same time as usual.

Nothing much to do today, in the morning only did a little wheatstone in the afternoon, a large sports meeting was held at the Canal Companyís grounds & was an entire success although a member of the British W Indies Regt got nearly all the races he was a real beaut & had lovely action although none pushed him, in the evening a concert under the patronage of about 6 generals also took place, this also was fine especially the music, supplied by one of the Infantry bands, the Mysore lancers gave a couple of turns which were very well received considering.

Bed at midnight.

18 June, 1916 Sunday

Spent the day at Achis place & had quite an enjoyable time, only got home rather late.

Russians are still doing exceptionally well & are still advancing & capturing a huge amount of booty. Eleven of our planes went over to El Aish today & bombed the camp when they arrived there one of their planes was just rising & one of ours nose dived to about 200 ft above him, he then let two bombs go & one blew the machine to atoms, he thereupon sailed round the camp at a height of 200 ft bombing the inmates, the while, the other machines had also been giving likewise attention & soon the camp was afire in many places. Bed at 11.30

[Page 88]

19 June, 1916 Monday

88 wks from home

Further news of the air raid came to hand yesterday night, they bombed 3 aeroplane hangers, 2 of which had each 3 planes in & 1 had two, they dropped in all 100 bombs of various sizes & made splendid work, we lost one plane, it fell into the sea but later both plane & occupants were rescued by the navy. It is said now that it is impossible for the Taubes to establish a base (aeroplane) within 100 mls of the canal as they lay themselves too open for attack from our people. Left Ismailia for Romani today at 10, & eventually arrived home at 9.30 to find parcels & letters awaiting me. Amar has been relieved & sent back to his unit for inefficiency.

20 June, 1916 Tuesday

Reveille 5

Off out on a large stunt tonight so all preparations were made accordingly, we are off on a 4 days turnout this time in the direction of Bir-el-Geila about 6 miles E of Bir-el-Abd & are to destroy works & compounds of the enemy, we set out at 11.30, the Brigade moving in columns of troops at deploying intervals, for once the troop was early & had a few minutes on their hands the 2nd Regt formed the advance guards & the 3rd the screens whilst the "renowned" 1st were in reserve, probably the little first shall lead us in the attack, let us hope not. Horses are falling off in condition on account of the water.

Laid down till 10.30

[Page 89]

21 June, 1916 Wednesday

98 wks of soldiering

The boys were only too glad to get into Oghratina this morning at 2 we did nothing all day but sleep I visited the battlefield of the Tommies & it presented an impressive sight & many of the bodies were protruding above the sand where the jackals are playing havoc with them, equipment & stores are strewn everywhere & horses are everywhere. Communications were as usual & the existing telegraph lines & station visual were established on the surrounding hills keeping in touch with Katil Gamit. Water is pretty scarce for both men & horse. One of our planes which went out on reconnaissance this morning is reported missing & is supposed to have come to earth in the district of El Salmana through engine trouble. No sleep tonight for we move out at 10 tonight.

22 June, 1916 Thursday

We made Bir-el-Abd at 2 this morning & the troops concerned in the stunt pushed straight on to Bir-el-Gereil & other places, we were in touch as soon as the lamp came on the scene, the patrols were in touch as well, not long afterwards fire were to be seen burning where our fellows were manoeuvring & an enemy patrol or two could be seen getting away over the hills. The whole job was finished at 10 & we retired on to Hod-el-Debas arriving there at 1.30 & orders to the effect of an advance awaited us, it seems that they located the lost plane this morning & it is now held by the enemy & we are to regain it at once we again moved out at 3 this time with no water as none had come up, made Bir-el-Abd again at 5.

[Page 90]

23 June, 1916 Friday

Troops were thrown out again in the direction of El-Hisha & El-Haminaln & plane arrived to locate objective it is concealed by a hod & after searching all the afternoon the first Regt found it. Pard Mastard and I was told off to dismantle the engine but it being too dark we had to leave it till the morning, we returned to Bir-el-Abd & stayed there an hour or two then returned to the Babas & turned in thoroughly done being without water in the desert for 14 hours & horses longer, they wouldnít look at the stuff at the Hod.

24 June, 1916 Saturday

Slept the sleep of the dead & got up at six, fixed up the horses & messed about all day leaving for Romani at 4 in the afternoon my horse was settled from the jump but luckily for me held out. The pace was painfully slow for so many men & horses were blown out reached Oghratina early in the evening & sat tight for 2 hours then saddled up & came right through the Bile as usual losing themselves & landing out Mahamedere way & expecting Tommys to open on us at any minute, got into HQís at 9 at night to find a good stiff meal awaiting us, turned in straight away.

[Page 91]

25 June, 1916 Sunday

Had a very quiet day today, got orders to shift up on top of the hill tomorrow doctored up our dopey horses, some are very bad, puffed legs & sore backs being the worst, 3 were sent over to the Vets.

The Tommys are confining us in like ostridges & the Brig is throwing hand springs for they havnít left a space for us to go through & number of cases have already been reported where our horses have come in contact with their works.

Wrote letters & havnít had one from home for weeks, they say they have gone on to France. Bed 8.30

26 June, 1916 Monday

89 wks from home

Things very quiet & today we start to move to our new locality Jack B put me on to a likely appointment in the Sig Squadron. The Telephone lines were duplicated the first of all & then the Signal Office was transferred to the new position on the hill. Mr Smith expected back any day now. A Fritz over our way this morning on reconnaissance for he flew over nearly the whole line as usual our crowd was hours late in getting out. The Russians are reported to be going ahead like smoke & evidently are meeting with the same successes that were credited to them earlier in the week. Lloyd George appointed Minister for War Mr Chamberlain in Lloyd Georges place. Got the office fairly straight by night & turned in early.

[Page 92]

27 June, 1916 Tuesday

Air Fight

An hostile plane came over again early this morning & visited us, then on to Duiedar, then to Hill 40 & 70, meanwhile one of our own battle planes had time to get up & was waiting for it right above us, the enemy was unaware of him until he swooped right down on him & opened up with his machine gun, meanwhile the deutcher was off for his life, our chap gave chase & rattled the lead into him, the deutcher was twisting, turning, banking, etc & later he was seen to wobble & finally he landed about Bir-el-Abd, our own also had to come down for Fritz planted a shot in his petrol tank.

28 June, 1916 Wednesday

99 wks from civil life nothing doing this morning only they say it was our own gunners that brought our plane down & wouldnít be in the least surprised, his juice tank was riddled.

Mr Smith sent us word that he would be back tomorrow leaving Cairo at 1800 tonight. I wont be sorry to see him for thereís several things he can right in the troops.

Two more horses sent to Vet lines, one with lamanitirs & the other with a bad back.

[Page 93]

29 June, 1916 Thursday

Reveille at 0500

Mr Smith arrived back OK & is looking splendid after his holiday, his wound has healed beautifully Jack Braithwaite was here at the time so a reunion was effected. Things exceptionally quiet today. The Russians seem to be still pushing ahead & gaining more ground & prisoners portion of the Austrian army has been cut off in Flanders, our fellows are doing well & continue to capture prisoners & positions.

30 June, 1916 Friday

Revielle as usual

The 2nd Bde went out on the stunt today, they are making for Bir-el-Abd & more to the left again the plane has been reporting men & camels there continually for the last few days so the 2nd are going to fix matters.

No mail on the skyline yet, its 8 wks now since one came to light so there ought to be a batch in any day now.

All hands have been going to bed early lately on account of our last stunt we canít seem to get over it & catch up with the sleep.

[Page 94]

1 July, 1916 Saturday

Reveille as usual

Nothing much during the day only a few of our planes were over taking photos, we have just got our lines & office straightened out nicely & the nuts have been screwing it off to some tune, Gen Chavel & his staff returned to Hill 40 today, now that the stunt is over the. The 2nd Regt collared El Sagri & found British clothing & ammunition, also Turks ammunition this they burnt & the flames were visible even from here.

Feeling a trifle off again tonight, fear fever.

2 July, 1916 Sunday

Reveille at 4.30

All lines were poled today & now everything is neat & clean once again. Our friend Mr Aman is now Sig Officer to the 155th Bde & was over to see us today. The 5th LH went out on a reconnaissance towards Jif Jaffa yesterday & did well, the plane had reported about 200 camels & 20 men there the boys succeeded in rounding up 120 of the camels & 5 of the men, they brought them into camp OK so now we will have a few more camels to amuse ourselves with. A Turkish patrol was sighted today at Oghratina but they imshied before we got at em.

[Page 95]

3 July, 1916 Monday

90 wks from home

[Rest of page blank]

4 July, 1916 Tuesday

[Rest of page blank]

[Page 96]

5 July, 1916 Wednesday

99 wks of soldiering

[Rest of page blank]

6 July, 1916 Thursday

Reveille as per usual

At 0735 a plane was reported approaching our lines from the direction of Katia & 5 minutes later they said it was hostile, she came over the 155th brigade then across us on to Hill 40, Petresium Kantare. She came back again & hiving over us for a deuce of a time our anti aircraft gun had a go at her but it fell short the plane came round again & flew over El Maler, not one of ours to be seen until she got well over Katia when two war planes were here up at a deuce of a height.

Bed 9 oclock, on a stunt tomorrow night.

[Page 97]

7 July, 1916 Friday

Revielle as usual

Very quiet day nothing doing at all received orders to move out tonight to Bir-el-abd but at last minute they were cancelled & now tomorrow night is the order the 2nd Bde & 3rd Regt left at arrived at Oghratina OK, none of the enemy appearing.

Wrote letters home & have now got my correspondence up to date.

Word for the artillery came through & my name headed the list, so things ought to be right at last.

8 July, 1916 Saturday

Hopped out at 5

Two men sick today making our strength now 18 so have sent for 6 reinforcements. Move out at 10 for Oghratina.

100 turks are reported at Salmana so hope our boys come in touch with them. 3 complete stations visual & telephone are to be carried the object is to clear all the hods of the enemy & otherwise burn all his huts etc & prune the dates, the 2nd Bde are doing Katil again a great mail arrived today, I got only 13 of the best including two parcels. Went down for a swim & thoroughly enjoyed.

[Page 98]

9 July, 1916 Sunday

We arrived at Oghratina OK about 6 last night & took up our position in the same old place at dawn the different Regts moved out, one to Saqia the other to Debabis & then commenced there advance on Oghratina burning & clearing all the Hods on the way in & very soon a huge ring of fires were to be seen the 2nd Regt got 5 prisoners at Saqia & another five got away, they being too fast for our horses, they run up the banks & slide down the other side while the horses have to go round, we finished up at 2 pm we had a great signal station on the old battlefield & were in touch in all directions.

Moved back to Romani at dusk & got in amongst our tea at 11.30.

Tired out

10 July, 1916 Monday

91 wks from home

Reveille at 5

Had a quiet day today, nothing doing, the men went down for a swim after dinner & it went great, plenty of surf etc, the horses enjoyed it even more than we & several of them you could not get out of the water.

Got home in time for tea & then wrote letters to home.

Nelson communications were up to putty again yesterday & an inquiry is to be made into it today as to how he employed his signallers & what he did with them.

All other units OK especially the third.

[Page 99]

11 July, 1916 Tuesday

Another quiet day, nothing to do outside the same old job we ran a D3 line up to Naid Gannit so now our troubles should be at an end in that direction. 155 Bde again troublesome, Aman wonít finish poling it so had to use harsher methods & shook him up about it so now we may hope for results.

Word came through that Gen Cox would be back any day now & he will be welcomed as he is a cavalry officer pure & simple & should make a do at this job.

12 July, 1916 Wednesday


100wks of soldiering

Hung about all day & got gear fixed for the stunt tonight.

Moved out to Oghratina via Katia at 3 pm & got there by easy stages, we teed in OK & got comms straight away. Donkin was here in all his glory & muddled up as usual, he was out to lay a direct line from Romani to Oghratina a distance of possibly 10 miles, he left with 12 but on finishing the last drum found he was still 2 miles short of his destination so he sent back for the necessary which came out late, this he laid & is now still ĺ of a mile W of Oghratina in all he laid 14 mile for 9ĺ actual country covered. Tomorrow we are to operate over the Sagia province & clean it up of natives, Turks etc.

Got a little sleep, not much though.

[Page 100]

13 July, 1916 Thursday


The troops moved out at dawn & first of all started on Mehagnia thence to Khaiba where a nigger or two was struck but one got away, we then went straight on & finally reached Debabis traces of the enemy were found but only in small numbers & in many of the Hods they were only down to prune the dates for the next season. The troops burnt all the compounds & raked in any niggers but they can beat our fellows hollow the horses canít get a wriggle on, several of the officers of the 2nd got plenty of curios, one a beautiful inlaid pistol of ivory & silver, one which had been used 100 years ago & the flint was still in great order we assembled at Oghratina & withdrew at dusk, leaving for camp shortly afterwards.

14 July, 1916 Friday

Had a holiday today, nothing much doing, put in for our leave & should get it tomorrow.

Work pretty brisk during the day in the office & more lines are proposed for tomorrow as if we havnít got enough to do now.

McCoil has transferred his HQ from Hill 40 to here permanently now so should prove troublesome at times although heís perfectly harmless. Braithwaite & Co are also up.

[Page 101]

15 July, 1916 Saturday

Revielle as usual

Same old routine, our lines again increased by four, viz anti-aircraft, R.F.C & ordance (& lines to the artillery). Mustard & I have got our leave at last & are off in the morning.

Planes been rather busy of late & they report that the Hodís are being gradually manned either by Turks or Arabs who proberbly have come down for the date season.

British are still pushing on in France & doing well although the weather is against heavy operations for rains& have made many of the roads impassable .

Faroe sent away today with an impassable throat or sceptic & is now under observation for diphtheria.

Wrote letters & got all my letters up to nick at last.

16 July, 1916 Sunday

Up at 5

Set sail for Pt Said at 0530 & caught the train OK arriving at Kantara about 0700 where we had to wait until 1130 before we got a return. Got into Pt Said at 1 & first of all looked for sleeping quarters & were fixed up at Hotel de-la-poste where we started off with an excellent feed then went for a stroll, the city is very clean & very modern although the Italians are in the majority as usual, music is to be heard at every resturant. We spent nearly all our time in eating houses & [indecipherable] cafes, after tea hired a garry & went to the seashore where hundreds were bathing, drove all round & finished up with two melons for supper, retired full & tired.

[Page 102]

17 July, 1916 Monday

Pt Said

92 wks home

Slept in till all hours

Had breakfast at nine consisting of two omelettes, ham, grilled chops, etc, then went for a stroll down the street to collect goods. Spent the day hanging about eating, eating, had a good dinner & spent the afternoon in the lounge. At four oclock had tea & then made off for the tram which we caught OK at 6.30 arriving about 7 at Kantara, had a lovely swim in the canal for about an hour then retraced our steps to the R.T.Oís [Railway Transport Officer] office where we put in the night sleeping on its hard sandy floors, a bitter contrast to the sleeping apartments of only last night.

18 July, 1916 Tuesday

Up at 4 oclock this morning.

Caught the train OK from Kantara & arrived back in time for stables the Stunt was postponed so now we have to do our bit as usual. Aerial reconnaissance reports a few more shelters at different places.

Hostile planes are coming over regular now & today our plane engaged him & drove him over the anti-aircraft guns who peppered him with shrapnel & finally he disappeared in the clouds.

A few more troops arrived today.

[Page 103]

19 July, 1916 Wednesday

Turks in force at Oghratina

101 wks of soldiering

Reveille as usual.

Nothing unusual up to 1500 but when the daily reconnitring plane came in it changed the aspect very much for it reported Turks everywhere at Bir-el-Abd 3000 Oghratina 2000 Bayud 1000 & many more fleeing over the country round about, the camp immediately stood to arms & the 2nd Bde moved out to Qatia at 1800 the Turks massed between Oghratina & Debabas & started to advance on Qatia, our chaps gave battle to them & stopped their advance the Bde stayed in touch with them all night we are to go out tomorrow & great is the glee to know that once again we are in touch.

No sleep tonight.

20 July, 1916 Thursday

Engage the enemy

2nd Bde kept in touch with them all day & firing at times was pretty heavy & regular 10 of our planes were busy all day reporting regular & filling in there time by driving off the enemyís ,several good goís were witnessed & all of his planes were driven off. 5 Turks came in today thoroughly done, they marched from El-Arish yesterday with practically no water so already they are in a bad way, rations are scarce as well as water, 5 German officers are attached to each battalion as well as 4 machine guns. The battalion consist of about 800 men they say this is only an advance party the main body coming further S. let em all come.

[Page 104]

21 July, 1916 Friday

Still fighting

Went out after them today & had a real good go we lost one man shot in the head, the artillery got on to them at Oghratina & shelled blazes out of them prisoners are arriving daily, we expect them to attack today & are ready for them.

Two of the enemyís planes came over & gave battle to ours, we drove them off Romani but they came over us & I thought they intended giving us a few pills, enemy towards the close of the day came at us but we couldnít wait for them. They have 8 battalions of rifle, 2 regts of cavalry also with a few mountain guns.

Got in at 12.30 tired out

22 July, 1916 Saturday

The Second Bde kept them busy today at Oghratina & attacked at dawn inflicting losses on the enemy at all points, prisoners continue to come in & one is supposed to be a German sergeant who is supposed to be with the German Battalion. Their force now consists of 12 Bns of 800 men, 8 batteries of 10 pdrs, 2 regts of cavalry as well as two companys of camel corps who are supposed to be 1000 men per company at Bir-el-Abd they have established a large Hospital & an ammunition pack & at Salmana they have a aerodrome & today there were 2 Fokkers at rest. They continue to consolidate their lines everywhere, expect the big fight any day, good-oh.

[Page 105]

23 July, 1916 Sunday

Revielle at 12.15

Saddled up & were off at 1 am to the Bivouac area about 1 ml SE of Katil Gannit rested there for about an hour then pushed on to Katia, no signs of the enemy were seen until our patrols got along to Oghratina when they struck the usual piquet on that ridge we drove them off, two of our planes were heavily shelled by their artillery at 10 one of our planes engaged a German & it was a splendid go although he had the best machine it being faster & climbed better, they came at one another three times in all our troops got at them properly this morning, in the afternoon the artillery shelled their positions pretty heavily destroying his works entirely, we finished up at dusk getting in at 12.30.

24 July, 1916 Monday

93 wks from home

Got in at 11.45 last night & consequently am pretty tired this morning. 2 Taubes were over as usual no bombs were dropped although I thought one was going to have a go, ours were up later & flew after them.Another two parcels came today & now doing well as regards them.

The 2nd Bde got another 3 prisoners today, they were of the 39 Bn of the 1st Regt of the 3rd Divn, they were a fine type & 1 was a corporal, they had bully in their possessions which was issued 10 months, if they lost this they were subject to a punishment of 50 strokes, their biscuits also are on the same footing although in proportion to the age of each. Turned in at 11.30 the boys are going out again tonight but its my turn in this time.

[Page 106]

25 July, 1916 Tuesday

Mixed it at Sagia & Katia

The boys got away OK

Nothing to report for a while although one of our Squadrons under Maj Mills got into some fun, they approached Hod Sagia but found Jacks there, he was in position to the S & we to the N, when we tried to get in he prevented us by heavy fire then he had a go but we served him likewise then out chaps deployed round his rear & got behind him eventually both sides took up a position on either ridge & exchanged shots through the day, we had 1 killed & 3 wounded, also another air fight. Although our chap got chased home from Katia no harm was done, they kept over our lines nearly all day the 155th Bde moved up to Katil Gannit.

26 July, 1916 Wednesday

102 wks of soldiering

Mr Smith is again hors de combat for his horse whilst watering took fright at the guns & jumped on his foot breaking two bones, this will probably put him out of action for a couple of months at least.The 2nd Bde were chucking shots at Jacks all day we had another man killed & several wounded. The Turks although still hold the same line are preparing to push forward in the Sagia district, two of our planes went out this morning & one had to land in the enemyís country but got away again.

The Bucanneer camel corps found a German plane with two dead men in it on the beach, they were probably the crowd that fought ours some time back.

[Page 107]

27 July, 1916 Thursday

In touch at VMM VGBA

Left early this morning & again missed the bivouac & had to get traffic through 21A one of the outposts, moved off at 0300 & passed through Katia at 0530, all clear but it wasnít long before we were in touch all along the line & we eventually drove there line back at VMM VGBA one patrol under a Sgt got right into Oghratina & were looking down the Hod before Jacks spotted them & it took them all their time to get clear, other patrols did well also, we shelled them to some time again firing about 50 rounds at different targets & works completely demolishing same. Left at 2108 for home arriving two hours later tired but happy after putting in an enjoyable day.

26 July, 1916 Friday

2nd Bde out this morning & officers patrol reported considerable activity along the whole of the enemys line & at dawn they commenced their advance on VMM-VGBM which they held at 0600. Their left had in the meantime swung round Sagia & enveloped Hill 245 which they held all day, at 1400 the Wellington Mtd rifles made a demonstration against them at VMM-VGBA & succeeded in driving them back for 1000 yds captured 16 prisoners & on the whole did real well our casualties were 3 killed 3 wounded.

Jacks has made his former line of defence very strong & will take some routing out probably his idea is to fall back on these positions should he get a push from there and Hostile planes engaged ours on two occasions, no losses.

[Page 108]

29 July, 1916 Saturday

In touch at Oghratina

Left Romani at 0215 this morning & this time succeeded in finding the bivouac line at last, got our traffic through OK, moved off at 0400 just before hand we caught an officers horse & surmise that its one of the officers on patrol, our men got in touch at Sabithet with the enemy & the ball opened pretty heavy with the advantage on our side, a hostile plane came over & flying towards our lines displayed the ring of the allies but on returning put the crosses up they have been up to this dodge fairly often at 0700 our guns opened up & gave their positions hell we attacked all along the line Jacks with his inf tried to outflank us but no good, our machine guns also did splendid work officer found dead at Hamisah of 6th LH.

30 July, Sunday

We had rather an easy day the 2nd Bde were out & in places got it pretty hot at HO. they have now established a permanent post & now we can expect a few extra brushes with Jacks, the officers patrols last night were chased in & Booth at Hamisah had a narrow squeak, our Brigade was followed in last night & 3rd Regt had a bit of a brush with the enemy we left early but were held up in consequence, Mr Smith again sent away this time with a broken bone in his foot, Maj Tarr paid us a visit today & is still looking as well as ever.

The Leisters R.A. joined us again so now the Brigade is getting its old units together again, we move out at 1 again in the morning expect to have quite a lot of fun.

[Page 109]

31 July, 1916 Monday

Large Air Raid Romani

94 wks from

Left a 2 this morning & gained bivouac area OK got in touch with enemy 2 mls W of Katia & severe fighting took place for an hour we eventually drove him back to his old original line, not long after we got firmly established at Katia 10 to 11 large explosions were heard in the direction of Romani & later on the news came through that 3 planes dropping in all 32 bombs of a large size had given our camps a rather severe drubbing, our camp came off unscratched although several dropped in it. The Turks after dinner kept very quiet & we fear an outflanking movement for movements have been reported South of Katia let them all come & they will get the warmest reception they ever dreamt of.
Austrians & Germans are there also good oh, we expect to leave early tonight. Capt Chisholm ill.

1 August, 1916

Things quiet today only two visits by Taubes, our artillery played hell with them later in the afternoon one of our monitors shelled Oghratina, Bir-el-Abd most successfully, then later seven of our planes went out & bombed their camps they dropped 72 bombs & completely cut their camps to bits, niggers & Turks were flying in all directions, early this morning one of our planes got into a convoy of camels 200 strong & completely exterminated it. The 2nd Bde also did excellent work for they succeeded at several points in driving the enemy back & securing prisoners, they held them all day. Another letter arrived from Nell, one of the nicest she has sent yet. Two anti aircraft guns of the latest type came to hand today so they wont have it all their own way after this.

[Page 110]

2 August, 1916 Wednesday

Heavy Bombardment

103 wks of soldering

Revielle at 1.15 & off at 2.

Everything went OK right through the turnout & we arrived at Katia at 0530 & drove them out successfully on to the heights, our guns which had then come out bombarded his emplacements to some order, but their anti-aircraft guns are some class they shelled our planes all over the ship but never hit one although they must have gone pretty close later one of theirs came along & met ors & after a severe scrap ours downed him he fell behind their lines, they shot the pilot dead & the machine turned turtle & the observer was killed also.

We withdrew at dusk after carrying out the job most successfully, & after wandering about in the desert for 2 hours we eventually got in OK.

3 August, 1916 Thursday

Turks occupy Katia

Nothing doing through the day but the Turks now hold Katia so expect to get into grips with them very soon the 2nd Bde went out & could only get within two mls of Katia, the enemy has brought up his heavy guns & is establishing himself there permanently we got orders to move at 6.30 & moved out to Mt Meridith & there the Bde was posted with 2nd on the Right to Hod-el-Enna, the 3rd were on the L & the 1st in reserve at 11.30 the 2nd reported that the Turks were advancing & in large numbers firing then started all along the line 3rd Regt were for a time cut off & asked for reinforcements & a squadron of the 1st Regt were sent up to support them but they werenít strong enough to withstand them & they commenced to fall back at midnight, we were back a good deal.

[Page 111]

4 August, 1916 Friday

Battle of

The Battle at 0100 was raging fiercely & they still drove our right flank back and at 0300 they charged using the bayonet freely they were driven back at first but at last they took Mt Meridith, an awful din was taking place & the fire was getting heavier every minute & at dawn things were at their climax & then our artillery came into action, they then bombed our camp with 8 planes dropping in all 130 bombs & a battery of heavy howitzers opened on our redoubts & blew them to blazes the 2nd Bde now came into action & materially helped to check them on the right although they still continued to advance at midday we were withdrawn & sent out to the right & try & out flank them, this we did & they fell back at the gallop we then bivouacked at an unnamed Hod.

5 August, 1916 Saturday


We moved out again at 0400 our artillery was pumping lead into them at battery fire & they were still withdrawing & go as hard as we could we couldnít engage them before we reached Matariah, here they held a prepared position & we with 3 L.H. Bde & one NZ Mtd Bde charged them, here our fellows looked excellent seeing them gallop into action & again we drove them back although they got on to the 3rd Bde with high explosive, we took many prisoners & tons of loot & worse luck had to retire on Romani to give our horses a chance to get a drink. They had none for just on 30 hours, we eventually got in at 11.30 & immediately went to bunk thoroughly exhausted although happy & contented. No reveille tomorrow.

[Page 112]

6 August, 1916 Sunday

The 3rd Bde along with a mtd Bde carried out operations against Jacko at Katia this morning with every success, our captives now are 3050 prisoners, 4 guns, 8 m guns, 800000 rds small arm ammunition & tons of equipment we got all the signalling gear & its fine being made out of aluminium & is extremely portable the holding capacity is about the same, our planes have kept them on the move & very few Taubes are to be seen anywhere. Hal has been recommended for promotion as Sig Officer to 4 Regt & is to proceed to France for duty, none of the other Bdes have officers to spare so he should get it.

Bed early Ė no mail.

7 August, 1916 Monday

95 wks from home

Expected to be on the move any minute today but no such luck the 3rd Bde & NZís are pushing them back gradually & should be into Oghratina tomorrow with half an ounce of luck, my loot is still increasing & is getting quite a problem now mail is arriving spasmodically the railway is used for munitions only now, troops are everywhere & if they had been here during the attack out horsemen could have rounded up the lot & put up even a better performance than we have prisoners now number 3300, 4 guns & many machine guns with complete German [indecipherable] so the boys did splendidly.

[Page 113]

8 August, 1916 Tuesday

Revielle at 6 this morning.

Went out in search of wire this morning in the direction of Hod-el-Enna & got more than we could reel up, any amount of loot but couldnít carry it so will go over when next stunt is over got back to find only half an hour to saddle up & get out in which I managed to do the 2nd Brigade accompanied us & presented a grand sight both Hal & I are mentioned in dispatches so now perhaps we have made good. The NZís entered Oghratina this morning & now the Turks are in force at the Abd they received 1700 reinforcements yesterday & its rumored that two divisions have come down from El Arish perhaps but I donít think so.

Attack on Bir-el-Abid

9 August, 1916 Wednesday

104 wks of soldiering

We marched all night & at dawn found ourselves N.E. of Bir-el-Abd & at 6.30 the attack was launched we had the hottest corner again & they pitched shell after shell into us & all high explosive, horses suffered pretty badly Pard whilst on an observation post with me, was hit in the foot the Turks retired from the Abd in hundreds, as soon as one artillery opened & I saw one large convoy cut to pieces, we commenced to withdraw at the usual time & they launched a counter on the left & didnít we get it hot with shell fire but only two of our boys were hit, casualties on the whole were very light we arrived at Khuta OK & Oghratina two hours later just about done. Two horses missing also.

[Page 114]

10 August, 1916 Thursday

Slept in till all hours & built a decent humpy for ourselves out of palm leaves etc. we visited several Hods in search of water without success until Hod Minsala where the Turks have sunk innumerable wells of a first class character. Prisoners have been arriving all day & remark that our artillery fire was most deadly & accounted for hundreds of casualties, also our machine gun & rifle fire was far & away more superior that the enemys, their wounded are still being brought, they moved their hospital today & several large fires are burning, probably stores, they got their heavy guns away to Salmana OK, we got into their commissariat at Debabis especially their preserved fruits, we are now bivouaced at Hod-el-Negliate

11 August, 1916 Friday

Rested all day at Negliate the 3rd Bde & NZ succeeded in driving them out of Salmana so probably now one job for the time being is finished.

The Turks left more notices at Bir-el-Abd, one reading "Attention Ė Cholera, Best wishes from the German Ambulance" & on the back several cases of Cholera have been treated here only heaps of ashes were to be found no stores whatsoever.

Spent the day in camp & in all have had a perfect rest.

[Page 115]

12 August, 1916 Saturday


No word of a move yet, the other Bdeís have furnished a strong outpost line around & out further than Bir-el-Abd. Taubes were over several times during the day & bombed Katia on several occasions. Several of the Monitors shells are laying about here unexploded, one is an 14" a real beaut & the other is a 9".

Prisoners still continue to come in in few numbers all say that Jacko had a force of 6000 fighting his rear guard action anyhow he fought it well.

13 August, 1916 Sunday


Got word to move in to Romani at 1000 this morning which we did accompanied by the artillery, when we passed Katia we found that the railway was just about in there & new railhead was bombed this morning, they have also established the Cholera Hospital there.

We got in about 1400 & were received with the news that in 24 hours we had again to move this time to a new camp site at Bally Bunym but before the day was out this was cancelled.

[Page 116]

14 August, 1916 Monday

96 wks from home.

Same old routine during the day, after lunch went down for a swim which was highly successful.

Mail arrived I got 4, 1 from Nell whose mother is far from well.

15 August, 1916 Tuesday

Nothing unusual

[Page 117]

16 August, 1916 Wednesday

Same old camp routine

17 August, 1916 Thursday


[Page 118]

18 August, 1916 Friday

Went to Pt Said on leave with Jack Wills & had a roaring time.

19 August, 1916 Saturday

2 yrs of soldiering

Still on leave, plenty of bathing etc

[Page 119]

20 August, 1916 Sunday

Left for camp today & arrived back at 0630 to find things all OK

21 August, 1916 Monday

Routine as usual

[Page 120]

22 August, 1916 Tuesday

Had a swimming parade & tried out my new horse who can jump splendidly.

23 August, 1916 Wednesday

Had a date drive & a roam over the battlefield.

[Page 121]

24 August, 1916 Thursday

More swims havnt found that shirt yet.

25 August, 1916 Friday

Routine & 6 reinforcements come on the skyline.

[Page 122]

26 August, 1916 Saturday

Visited El Maler & found Mr F very much at home

27 August, 1916 Sunday

Bathing parade as usual; two hostile planes pay us a little attention but do no damage.

[Page 123]

28 August, 1916 Monday

Pay day & welcome it is too, more date hunts fruit very nice.

29 August, 1916 Tuesday

Routine & men start on an instructional course.

[Page 124]

30 August, 1916 Wednesday

Exercising horses, get word that Pard is doing excellently.

31 August, 1916 Thursday

Swimming parade.

Bert Billings came back today but they did nothing for him.

[Page 125]

1 September, 1916 Friday

Camp life getting very irksome with absolutely nothing to do.

2 September, 1916 Saturday

Routine from Revielle to Last Post.

[Page 126]

3 September, 1916 Sunday

Rumored that we are actually going to get a spell.

4 September, 1916 Monday

[Nothing written for this date]

[Page 127]

5 September, 1916 Tuesday

[Nothing written for this date]

6 September, 1916 Wednesday

Awarded D.C.M.

[Pages for 7th & 8th September are blank]

[Page 128]

9 September, 1916 Saturday

Promoted 2nd Lieut as Sig Officer to 1st Regt.

10 September, 1916 Sunday

[Nothing written for this date]

[Pages for 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th September are blank]

[Page 129]

15 September, 1916 Friday

Joined 1st Regt today & left at 1800 for the attack on Mazar, arrived Bir-el-Abd 0230 & bivouacked all day.

16 September, 1916 Saturday

Left Bir-el-Abd at 0530 for Salmana arrived there at 0630 then marched a further 12 mile. Hostile planes very annoying.

[Page 130]

17 September, 1916 Sunday

Retired on Salmana arriving at 1800 rested all night & left for Romani at 0930.

Gen Butler inspected horses

Arrived Romani 1800

18 September, 1916 Monday

Had a holiday

[Page 131]

19 September, 1916 Tuesday

Pay day & got a few letters

20 September, 1916 Wednesday

Routine & cleaning camp

[Page 132]

21 September, 1916 Thursday

Exercised horses & signalling instruction

22 September, 1916 Friday

Eric Killed 1915

Visited 2nd Regt & stayed to mess.

[Page 133]

23 September, 1916 Saturday

Routine & instructional works

24 September, 1916 Sunday

All clear on all fronts

[Page 134]

25 September, 1916 Monday

Nothing to do but camp fatigues

26 September, 1916 Tuesday

Inspection by Gen Chauvel who congratulated yours truly

[Page 135]

27 September, 1916 Wednesday

Presentation of awards by Gen Chauvel to Lt Wasson Cpl McDonald 2nd Regt

Breaking camp today

Despatched 50 photos Nell

28 September, 1916 Thursday

Left Romani

Arrived Hill 70

[Page 136]

29 September, 1916 Friday

Cleaned camp all day which was left in a frightful state by the Yeomantry

30 September, 1916 Saturday

Nothing doing

[Page 137]

1 October, 1916 Sunday

Gen Cox inspection

2 October, 1916 Monday

Left Hill 70 arrived Kantara 1730

[Page 138]

3 October, 1916 Tuesday

Collected mail from home & Nell

4 October, 1916 Wednesday

First batch left for Sidi Bishr

[Page 139]

5 October, 1916 Thursday

Monotonous routine

6 October, 1916 Friday


[Page 140]

7 October, 1916 Saturday

Nothing on skyline

All clear

8 October, 1916 Sunday

Nothing doing

[Pages for 9th & 10th October are blank]

[Page 141]

11 October, 1916 Wednesday

Routine & Orderly Officer

12 October, 1916 Thursday

Wrote to Mother
Miss Dean
" Thomas
" Lucas
" Hoddimott
" Phillips Rene
" " Nell

[Pages for 13th & 14th October are blank]

[Page 142]

15 October, 1916 Sunday

Left Kantara on leave for Sidi Bishr & arrived at 4, put up at the Windsor Hotel

16 October, 1916 Monday

Mentioned in Sir A Murrayís Despatches for work done during recent operations in Sinai

[Pages for 17th & 18th October are blank]

[Page 143]

19 October, 1916 Thursday

[Nothing written for this day]

20 October, 1916 Friday

Left Melb 1914

Spent night at theatre & another of my old attacks came on only more severe if anything. Doc examined me & pronounced appendicitis so intend reporting sick tomorrow.

[Page 144]

21 October, 1916 Saturday

Admitted Hospital
19th General

Went to bed at 1.30 nothing to eat but barley water

22 October, 1916 Sunday

Operation settled for Tuesday

Nothing to report

[Page 145]

23 October, 1916 Monday

Starvation stakes predominate, was shaved, am to go under at 10 in the morning

24 October, 1916 Tuesday

Slept well, landed in the theatre at 10, started acting the goat, knew nothing more until about 4, had a bad night with vomiting, nurses very good

[Page 146]

25 October, 1916 Wednesday

Feeling very crook & to make matters worse jaundice had broken out, vomiting still bad & pain pretty severe, propped up in bed, the boys called round but were not allowed to see me.

26 October, 1916 Thursday

Feeling slightly better pain easier, had a fair night, wrote two letters, another Australian admitted with a bad foot.

[Page 147]

27 October, 1917 Friday

Doing fine pain gradually subsiding still on soft tucker, four letters arrive.

28 October, 1916 Saturday

Thorn arrives with my Kit from Kantara, Shep called in the afternoon so did Les, still on Milks

[Page 148]

29 October, 1916 Sunday

Feeling OK so they gave me a little toast

Temperature still at normal

Girls & Les call in the afternoon & stayed a good while

30 October, 1916 Monday

[Nothing written for this day]

[Page 149]

31 October, 1916 Tuesday

[Nothing written for this day]

1 November, 1916 Wednesday

Left Australia 1914

[Page 150]

2 November, 1916 Thursday

Wrote to Mother, Nell, Glady, Lyn, Rene, Ern today

Still progressing & getting stronger, food getting plentiful

3 November, 1916 Friday

[Nothing written for this day]

[Pages for 4th & 5th November are blank]

[Page 151]

6 November, 1916 Monday

Wrote to Mother, Nell & OC Base

7 November, 1916 Tuesday

Things still OK the boys came up to see me & brought a lot of reading matter along

[Page 158]

8 November, 1916 Wednesday

Wrote to Rosalie, Al, Fred W, Nell, Ern, Harold, Mc, & Miss E Thomas

9 November, 1916 Thursday

[Nothing written for this day]

[Pages for 10th & 11th November are blank]

[Page 153]

12 November, 1916 Sunday

Wrote to Mother, Nell & Glady, Harold.

13 November, 1916 Monday

[Nothing written for this day]

[Pages for 14th & 15th November are blank]

[Page 154]

16 November, 1916 Thursday

Wrote letters to Aunt Jessie, Ern, Roy, Glady, Nell, Mother, Rene

17 November, 1916 Friday

[Nothing written for this day]

[18th to 25th November diary pages are blank]

[Page 155]

26 November, 1916 Sunday

[Nothing written for this day]

27 November, 1916 Monday

Left Hospital for No 10 Convalescent Home Ibrahamnch, not a bad place but donít intend to stay long

[Page 156]

28 November, 1916 Tuesday

Examined by doctor who says Iíll be there for some considerable time, not Ďalf that what he thinks

29 November, 1916 Wednesday

[Nothing written for this day]

[30th November to 3rd December pages are blank]

4 December, 1916 Monday

Arrived Egypt 1914

5 December, 1916 Tuesday

[Nothing written for this day]

[6th & 7th December pages are blank]

[Page 158]

8 December, 1916 Friday

Hal quite OK up to now

Expect to be leaving for Moascar in a day or two

9 December, 1916 Saturday

Captured El Arish today with no loss, enemy chased out when our outposts got in touch with his.

[Page 159]

10 December, 1916 Sunday

Left Ibrahamnich for Moascar arriving at 9.30 that night feeling none too good.

11 December, 1916 Monday

Made the acquaintance of the Commandant, not a bad old cove & he intends sending me back to a school at Alec. Good oh! nothing like it

[Page 160]

12 December, 1916 Tuesday

Examined candidates for school. Received 8 parcels & 7 letters, met Cyril Downes. Went to the movies with the Doctor.

13 December, 1916 Wednesday

Left Moascar for Alex at 2 arrived Sidi Gaba 7.30 was met at station & am now quartered at Cleopatra

[14th to 17th December pages are blank]

[Page 161]

18 December, 1916 Monday

[Nothing written for this day]

19 December, 1916 Tuesday

Evacuated Anzac 1915

[20th to 25th December pages are blank]

[Page 162]

26 December, 1916 Tuesday

Arrived Egypt 1915

27 December, 1916 Wednesday

[Nothing written for this day]

[Page 163]

28 December, 1916 Thursday

Arrived Hípolis 1915

29 December, 1916 Friday

[Nothing written for this day]

[30th & 31st December pages are blank]

[Page 164]


January 9th Captured E Rafa


[No entries]

[Page 165]


March 4th Nells Birthday


April 25 Anniversary of Anzac

[Page 166]


May 12th Our anniversary of landing Anzac 1915


[No entries]

[Page 167]


[No entries]


August 19th Enlisted 1914
" 7th Great Battle 1915 Anzac
" 4 & 5 Battle of Romani
" 9 " " Bir-el-Abd

[Page 168]

Sept 15 1916 Attack on Mazar
Sept 6th 1916 Awarded D.C.M.
" 6 1916 Promoted Lieut attached 1st A.L.H.


October 16th 1916 Mentioned in despatches
" 19 1914 Left Vic
" 21 1916 Operated on for appendicitis

[Page 169]


Rejoined boys at Sarpi Nov 12th 1915
Left Hospital " 27 1916


Landed Egypt Dec 4th 1914
Evacuated Anzac Dec 19 1915
Arrived Egypt from Gallip Dec 29th 1915
December 9th Captured El Arish
" 14 " Maghaba

[Page 170]


McEwan 600
White 440
Guthrie 400
Battye 150

Lieut Martin

[Transcriberís note:
The printed dates in the diary have been used, however on 3 January Sutherland records he has had 63 weeks of soldiering and on 5 January he has had 73 weeks of soldiering. Later in the diary it appears that he is recording daily.]

[Transcribed by David Lambert and Judy Macfarlan for the State Library of New South Wales]