Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

H. F. W. Tucker diary, 14 September 1914-31 December 1915
MLMSS 1013/Item 1

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[Cover of Norman Bros. Australian Diary 1915]

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Trooper D. F. W. Tucker
177 Reg. Staff.

Sworn in Roseberry Park Military Camp 14th September 1914

Camp removed to Rosehill Race Course 29th September

Removed again to Liverpool 6th October

6th & 7th Reg under command of Col Cox & Col Arnott removed to Holdworth 3rd December 1914

Left Holdworthy for Transport Wednesday 16th with Major Fullers Luggage etc

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Motto of 6th A. L. Horse Regiment "Fight on Fight Ever"

Motto of 7th A. L. Horse Regiment The Best way to kill time is to Work it to death.

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Troopship "Vestalia"A44
Major C. D. Fulller in charge left Sydney with 50 Queenslanders & 50 N. S. W. (414 horses) 13 Vet.
2 A. M. cleared the Heads 5 P. M.

Thursday 17th December 1914 arrived Melbourne Saturday 19th night at Victoria Docks 9 P. M. Left again
22nd Tuesday afternoon 4. 30
anchored at Ree Light all night ; Left for Albany 12. 30 Wednesday afternoon 23rd
passed Queenscliff -4 P. M. dropped pilot 5 PM
distance from, Sydney to Melbourne by water 576miles
from Port Phillip Heads to Melbourne warf – 45 miles.
"Vestalia"average 12 knots per hour.

Officers on board
Major C. D. Fuller in command
Lieut R. Hordern
Capt O'Neill Vet
Capt D Pitcher S. A. with F. A.
Lieut Lyms Qland
Lieut Rutherford Qland

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Thursday 24th Dec. 1914
Ran into "misty weather"during afternoon & evening, Fog whistle blowing every few minutes.

Friday. Xmas Day 25th Dec
Weather fine strong head wind Sea smooth. Qland horse died inflamation,.

Saturday 26. 1914
sighted steamer (Persis) bullock killed got vaccanated.

Saturday 27th 1914
2 horses dead. Boat drill in case of accident. Medical inspection.

Monday 28th 1914
Arrived Albany 10 AM anchored in Harbour, no leave granted. Troopship on fire

Tuesay 29th 1914
Posted card home. Anchored in King Georges Sound. 4 miles from town

Wednesday 30th 1914
4 horses dead. Still anchored awaiting orders Suevic arrived Christie medically unfit sent ashore.

Thursday 31st 1914
Orders received to sail. to-day 8. 30 Weighed anchor Ullissis leading squadron

Jan. 1 Friday 1915
(Man died & buried from Troopship "Borda"passed Cape Lewin 2. 15 AM)

passed sailing ship bound Australia Troopship "Ajana"fell in line today from Fremantle with Horses & Troops behind

Senior Military Officer
Colonel J Monash VD on board
Flagship Ullyssus A38

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Jan. 2 Saturday 1915
Troopship Suevic changed position falling in rear of Thermosticles

Submarine cast off from Berrima accompanying the Squadron as protector. Orders issued that all lights out as far as possible.

Jan. 3 Sunday 1915
2 Horses died. Weather getting warmer smooth sea. Averaging over 11 knots per hour. "Ayrshire"falling back.
Examination of rifles
Fire drill & boat parade.
Berrima Hauled to for the purpose of replenishing submarine with oil.

Jan. 4 Monday 1915
Weather calm & fine
9th day vaccanated, feverish, off tucker, went to bed early. Temperature 101
Washing day

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Jan. 5 Tuesday 1915
Another horse died
Sea smooth, very hot
Trooper died and buried from "Samata"

Jan. 6 Wednesday 1915
German merchants"gun boats" in the vicinity.
Firing during night
Weather still sultry & hot.

Jan. 7 Thursday 1915
Distance 60 miles passed Cocos Island early 7 AM
2 horse died
a little rain fell, but no apparent difference in temperature.
Fleet doing a little "manuvring during afternoon, 1 hour’s delay
expecting to reach Colombo next Thursday morning.

Jan. 8 Friday 1915
Horse died making 13 to date.

Heavy clouds rising very sultry
Fleet stopped 2 PM. "Servic"approached flagship & sent off a boat.
"Ceramic"did likewise, within ½ hour both boats returned to their respective ships.
Signal full steam ahead.

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Jan. 9 Saturday 1915
during night, strong wind sprung up with heavy rain continuing throughout day weather cool & pleasant.
Horse died making 14 to date- inoculated again, feeling headache.

Jan. 10 Sunday 1915
Weather cleared strong head wind sea smooth uneventful day
preparing costumes for "Father Neptune"expect to cross "equator"tomorrow
(Trooper Malcolm Campbell died & buried from )

Jan. 11 Monday 1915
passed over the equator 6 AM weather nice & cool.
(Boson of Thermosticles died & buried)
most interesting sport commenced at 2 PM when Father Nepturne & his assistants compelled most of us from the major downwards to pass through his Hands – which meant- getting a shave with a blunt razor, mouth-filled with soap, each man had to swallow two pills, then sat on a chair – thrown in a large tank of salt water.

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Jan. 12 Tuesday 1915
Squally weather.
Three white Star Boats Ceramic, Persic & Suevic left the squadron about 8 am apparently not going to call at Colombo. the remainder continued on to Colombo
Weather cleared up, windy
(Trooper died & buried at sea from Ceramic) died between here & Aden

Jan 13 Wednesday 1915
arrived Colombo 9. 30 AM anchored inside Dock with the other Boats finist concrete retaining wall to be seen here. Place swarming with coolies, boats, barges, steam & motor launches manned by them. Major Fuller, Dr & Vet Dr over to flagship. Posted letter to Maude. The Governor of Colombo passed fleet on inspection tour. No man allowed ashore. Number of men broke ship – went to town, all put under arrest on return.
Major Fuller bought portable organ £8-10-0 for use on board.

Jan. 14 Thursday 1915
L Hordern went ashore. More men Broke from ship.
Received letter from Maude dated 20th Dec. also one from Bertha.
Left the Dock at 12. 30 PM drew out side & dropped anchor, other boats doing likewise. Flagship still in Dock Search Lights flashing continually from the Shore. Night Scene very pretty.

(Themosticles left early in the day to the open sea for the purpose of burying 3 men who died)

Jan. 15 Friday 1915
Launch came alongside with 5 men who deserted ship. News been received that 3 men were killed in Town last evening. All men who broke ship were fined £5 the Corporals & Sergeants loosing their stripes.
Lifted anchor at 9. 30 AM today for Port Said. Sea smooth with cool breeze. late tonight about 12 PM orders received to "Scatter in event of enemy firing. German merchant ships in vicinity fully armed.

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Jan. 16 Saturday 1915
Sea smooth. Cool Wind changed Course, making up coast of India towards Bombay.
Have been inoculated against typhoid final dose.
All lights out early in dangerous water.

Jan. 17 Sunday 1915
Changed course due West – sea Choppy, stiff Breeze blowing
Fortnightly pay today
2 Horse died. making 16 to date - changed course to North West-

Jan. 18 Monday 1915
sea smooth, wind dropped,(Man died & buried off Themosticles)
Rifle inspection.

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Jan. 19 Tuesday 1915
Cloudy, smooth sea
Expect to get to Aden about Saturday. Some of the Boats have to take in coal.
Signalling from A37 to Flagship re two men suffering from appendistis. Men to be operated upon when, transferred to Ullysuss.

Jan. 20 Wednesday 1915
Cloudy, Smooth sea.
The Bugler suffering from Phenomia, serious case.

(another death in Thermosticles. Signal to stop 3 PM trooper dead buried. All hand on Parade whilst Thermosticles Chaplain read service & Remains Sunk into the Ocean. )

Concert tonight. Prizes by Major Fuller, best sentimental & comic song 10/- each, best Recitation 10/-
Ceramic, Persic & Ayrshire arrived Aden

Jan. 21 Thursday 1915
Major Fuller sick bad cold in Bed all day.
Armed "Orient"Merchant Ship on patrol in Sight escorting us to Aden.
Smooth sea cool breeze

Jan. 22 Friday 1915
Fleet stopped, transferring sick men from A37 to Ulysses for operations. delay 1 hour.

(Man died & buried this morning off the "Thermisticles"from Phumonia)

Medical inspection regularly performed the Day previous to getting into Port- Beautiful sun set.

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Jan. 23 Saturday 1915
Sighted Land at 7 AM today
dropped anchor 9 am outside Aden
Small town principally Lascars
Large Garrison of Artillery, & Infantry stationed here. Small boats around selling tobacco, matches, etc, very expensive.
Horse died making 17 to date.
Very rugged scenery around here fine sight to see all the Fleet anchored here, Have picked up the Ceranic", Persic, & Ayrshire.
S. M. Gordon was sent over to flagship for letters & orders.
Weighed anchor 5 PM

C. Whitlock J. W. Weekly N C. Ridley E G Jones, C. R Weekly put off at Aden medically unfit.

Jan. 24 Sunday 1915
sighted the Arabian Coast at sun rise on the right also the African Coast on left. Cool breeze Blowing Sea choppy

(Fleet stopped at noon to bury man from off "Ceramic")

passed Danish Motor Boat going east. Kit inspection. Passed by Islands called 12 Apostiles 3 PM
doing 12½ knots per hour

Jan. 25 Monday 1915
Another beautiful day
Wireless message received 3. 30 PM Naval battle Yesterday in North Sea German Dreadnought "Blutcher"sink 2 others seriously damaged.
doing 10 knots per hour.
Large Oil Tank Steamer passed by today. Pecular construction.
no Land in Sight since early morning

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Jan. 26 Tuesday 1915
Weather hot today
Message from Ullysses calling in all Commonwealth money to be exchanged for "English"- before disembarking.
Further news about Naval Battle 11 British Wounded, German boats retreated as soon as fog lifted.

Jan. 27 Wednesday 1915
passed 2 islands called 2 Brothers 6. 30 AM arrive at the
Gulf of Suez 1 PM
Passed "Mt Sinins"at 4 PM high rugged but weather too thick to see clearly. Gulf narrowing down, desolate looking land each side.
Artoniac Light Houses dotted along at each point.

Jan. 28 Thursday 1915
Arrived at mouth of Suez at 4 AM dropped anchor Gun boat examining the fleet at 6. 30AM
French Dreadnought laying in Canal on Guard.
All transports must protect Captains Bridge Hospital, & Steering Gear, with Sand Bags going through Canal against Rifle Fire.
Bags of Chaff are being utilized. All men must keep below decks.
All Ships are fitted up here with Search Lights. ,

Jan. 29 Friday 1915
The Fleet left Suez at 9. 15 headed by Ulyssus- Themosticles. all in single file. News just received that 150,000 Turks are entrenched 9 miles from here on the opposite Bank of Canal the British, Australian, Indian troops are Stationed. Sharp engagement yesterday. Turks losing heavily.
Each boat 800 yds apart. Last boat to enter Canal 11 AM. Canal entrenched Military making every preparation against attacks
Anchored at the "Bitter Lakes"about 30 miles through Canal for the Night – owing to nearness of Enemy. .
Packing up Luggage

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Jan. 30 Saturday 1915
Weighed anchor at 8. 30 AM. Canal strongly guarded by Bengal Lancers Colonal Troops, & British. Wire entanglements & trenches prominently in view.
Search lights installed at different centres. Camels, mules & horses are picqueted at different camps.
Enemy within 2 miles of Canal. The Sudaneze soldiers mustering to attack. Everything is prepared. French gun boats anchored different points along Canal. Passed township Ismalia half way through Canal. Train communication from Port Said.
At present there are 125,000 British troops against 150,000 Turkish.
Arrived at Port Said 8 PM. Anchored in inlet off Canal. Large and small vessels of every kind waiting here

Jan. 31 Sunday 1915
Large Hydro plane passed over Canal early this morning.
Kyarra Hospital Ship passed us 9 AM en route Australia with Syffisess cases aboard 800 men 21 officers.
There are large stacks of salt piled around Port Said, they look like white Houses in the distance.
We took on 220 tons coal, as the Fleet have to return to Australia immediately.

Feb. 1 Monday 1915
Weighed anchor 9. 30 AM for Alexandria 12 hours run. No leave granted whilst in Port Said.
Passed by monument erected to the memory of Frenchman Ferrtinand Delessee who was the Engineer of work of Canal.
Travelling slowly as we have not to arrive at Warf before 7 AM
Tuesday, passed another French gun boat with large brass plate engraved
Fear God & Honor the King.

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Feb. 2 Tuesday 1915
Arrived at Alexandria 8 am dropped anchor in Harbour. Misty rain cold wind.
Remainder of Fleet here at anchor & at warf disembarking.
The American Warship Tennessee passed outward bound from here. Imposing sight.
Sent letter by Wireless operator who was returnng by Hospital ship Kyarra to Australia giving full particulars re journey to Maude.

Feb. 3 Wednesday 1915
Horse died Gripes
Wet and cold
Drew into Warf 2. 30 PM
The bugler suffering from Phumonia was taken to hospital.
Leave till 10 PM was granted to men tonight.
The town is like most places where color race rules. Narrow street dirty looking buildings low breed of men & women everywhere.

Feb. 4 Thursday 1915
Unloading horses & fodder preparing to entrain 3. 30 PM
Cold cutting wind but fine, train left 6. 30 under Lieu Hordern Major Fuller & I stayed on board to finish clearing Ship.

Feb. 5 Friday 1915
Working all day unloading Horses & clearing up ready to leave by train 7. 30 PM
Went up town bought Officer food for supper on train.
Left by special train at 7. 30 Officers & Ordeleys in 1st class carrages, Troops in 2nd & 3rd class. Made supper at 10 PM very smooth train travelling 5 ft gauge. Corridor 1st class.

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Feb. 6 Saturday 1915
Arrived Abbassia 3. 30 am camped at Station till morning. Major arranged for transporting us all to Maida Camp. Left at 3. 30PM with officers luggage in Waggon. The men went by train & arrived in camp 8 PM fixed up bed for Major.
Cairo fine old city filled with every color under the sun ; passed by Pyromids in distance Valley of Nile most Beautiful. Lucerne growing enormous height all irragated. Flower gardens water same way.

Feb. 7 Sunday 1915
Quiet day. walked round to see the sights; Beautiful residences on the one side & barren desert on the other. Got the Major a table 3/- fixing up his camp arranged to have meals at Officers Mess. Wrote home to Maude today posted letter Tuesday.

Feb. 8 Monday 1915
Band headed 6th L. H. marched through Meadi for drill purposes.
Very windy sand flying every where.
Beautiful water laid on here from River Nile. Filtered.
[Maida and Meadi probably are Maadi Camp for Light Horse near Pyramids]

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Feb. 9 Tuesday 1915
Major Fuller field officer for day from 9. 30 A to 9. 30 AM tomorrow.
Went with Col Cox to get flowers kindly given by English Lady.
Send letter home Australia mail leaves today.
Went into Cairo for Major Fuller bought Primus stove 10/-, lamp 13/6 Return Fare 2 Piastrie 1st class
Very cold night.
Hot bath in town 3 piastrie.

Feb. 10 Wednesday 1915
Paid up todate evening meal 5/- at mess tent.
Regiment drilling all day on foot. Major Fuller washing returned 13 piastre.
1 Piastrie represents 2½ d English moneys
[followed by list of piastries and English equivalents]
Feb. 11 Thursday 1915
Received letter from Mother addressed Sydney
Bought 1 tin kerosine 15½ piastries
Lady sent number Pot Plants to Col Cox
Regiment at foot drill
Went into Cairo called at G. P. O. for letters (none) bought tents & articles for cooking out by 7. 40 PM. Concert on grounds same night by Officer of Brigade.

Feb. 12 Friday 1915
White washing stones & making Garden
Regiment at foot drill
Major Fuller & Col Cox bought 1 camel load of lucerne for 20 piastries 4/- for their horses

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Feb. 13 Saturday 1915
Half day Parade for Regiment
Major Fuller & Col Cox out together in afternoon.
I went to Cairo by 2. 30 PM train got tents paid balance.
Met Mr. Victor Convas who took me around to see the sights. Back camp 11PM
Ordered lime to be sent to Maadi Station Monday

Feb. 14 Sunday 1915
Major Fuller & other Officers went to Pyrimads
Church Parade
General Walker visiting
Mr Victor Convas visited camp
Went to church tonight with Jack Lister.

Feb. 15 Monday 1915
Regiment foot drill all day
White washing stones
6/- worth lime received from Cairo

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Feb. 16 Tuesday 1915
White washing stones Officers Mess.
Went into Cairo with letters for Major Fuller also Registered Parcel to Australia to Maude.
Visited Zoo, a complete assortment of animals, best ever seen.
Garden beautifully laid out
returned 10. 30 train
Col Cox visiting canal.
Major Fuller sitting on Board.
Regiment foot drill

Feb. 17 Wednesday 1915
Col Cox still absent.
Regiment foot drill
Major Fuller sitting on Board this morning. Afternoon sitting postponed.
Col Cox returned to camp tonight.

Feb. 18 Thursday 1915
Foot drill for regiment
General Birdwood O. C. of Australia & N. Zealand Regiments visited camp for inspection.
Afternoon Parade saddles on horses led around
Col Cox & Major Fuller visiting around Maadi.
Lecture on Ancient Egypt in recreation tent – largely attended very interesting

Feb. 19 Friday 1915
20 men from different squadrons sent to remount Depot to look after Horses.
Foot drill in morning.
Leading horses with saddles on in afternoon.
Major Fuller purchased £25 worth of fancy goods for Australia parcelled up in 5 bundles ready. Serg R D Jones called Col Cox out this evening.
Major Fuller Field Officer from 6 PM to 6 PM tomorrow

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Feb. 20 Saturday 1915
Major Fuller Field Officer till 6 PM
Regiment foot drill this morning.
Went into Cairo with Parcels to Register for Major Fuller 5 parcels in all
Arrived back by 10. 30 train
Major Fuller left for Suez Canal this evening to view recent operations.

Granite & alabister, This stone was brought by boat a long distance 16 immense columns all one piece,(each column) The floors made of Alabister. The toombs of the High Priests & daughters of same close together & build of solid granite. One piece of granite is 15/ft long & 6 wide 4 ft deep. Climbed partly up to top of pyrmid. Wonderful view. Scenery magnificent.
Arrived back in camp 6 PM
Col Cox suffering with eye trouble.
Had a ride on a camel 3 PI. It was a novelty but one has to acquire to habit of motion.

Feb. 21 Sunday
Major Fuller still absent
Went into Cairo 12. 28 PM train thence to Pyrimids took 200,000 men 10 years to carry the stone. 20 years to build. 470 ft. highest, 366 ft next pyrmid. All told there are 6 small & 3 large pyrmids. View of smaller pyrmids in distance of Sachara. Sphinx is cut out of solid stone. The back cut like a lion & front the face of a woman. Used to be worshipped as a God. Nose of the woman smashed by shell in Napoleons time. Temple of Sphinx below surface built of x

Feb. 22 Monday 1915
Major Fuller returned from Suez 1 AM. A squadron out at rifle butts this morning under Major Fuller. Col Cox is suffering with eye trouble. He went into Cairo during afternoon.
Had our photos taken in Group posted cards etc home also letter to Clem Taylor.

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Feb. 23 Tuesday 1915
Major Fuller out at Rifle Butts shooting practice.
Col Cox eye much better.

Feb. 24 Wednesday 1915
Major Fuller at Rifle Butts all day
Went out at 10 AM for Rifle Practice my shooting was only passable very erratic at times.

Feb. 25 Thursday 1915
Major Fuller at Rifle Butts all day.
Meeting of Canteen Committee 4. 30 PM to arrange advance in price of certain articles.
We are likely to leave in about 2 weeks Disinfected tent.
Concert in Recreation tent given by the Maadi Residents & others.

Feb. 26 Friday 1915
Major Fuller & Col Cox out to Dinner tonight. I completed musketry course this morning. The whole Brigade on Parade today

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Feb. 27 Saturday 1915
The Brigade on parade mounted this morning.
Major Fuller & party out of camp.
Posted photos to Clem Taylor, Jefferies & mother & Maude. Went to Cairo, back 11. 0 am also letter to Maude & Mother.
2 Battalions of Australian Infantry left under sealed orders for unknown parts today.
Saw a large Wealthy funeral in Cairo headed by police, then 4 men carrying an elaborately worked cloth by the 4 corners, then the Parson followed by chorister boys in colored surplices, chanting, then the coffin richly decorated, no flowers, after which the mourners walked behind hearse followed by a number of women on carts drawn by mules, and all making a wailing hideous noise. The square cloth carried by 4 men signifies = asking for mercy for the deseased = a Greek idea.

Feb. 28 Sunday 1915
Major Fuller & party viewing Cairo & other interesting places
Went into town visited [indecipherable] & Mosk every visitor had to put on sandals before entering the large square yard in centre of Square a Well 366 ft deep where water used to be drawn from the River Nile. All covered in and under lock & key.
The mosk or church is similar in some respects to a C. E Cathedral without seats. The floor is covered with carpet, & the walls are of Alabaster, the ceiling is richly carved & painted. A most interesting place. Beautiful view of Cairo.

March 1 Monday 1915
Mounted parade in morning foot drill afternoon.
While washing stones in front of Tent got letter from Mother dated 9th Jan - Major Fuller attending meeting presided over by General Walker.

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March 2 Tuesday 1915
Mounted parade
Australian mail closed 12 AM
Major Fuller Field Officer till 6 PM
Stationary Field Ambulance received orders to leave tonight under sealed orders.
Went out during afternoon for ride exercising Major Fuller's horses
saw batch of prisoners in chains also some hundreds returning to the prison after work in the quarries. Large native escort.

March 3 Wednesday 1915
Mounted parade in morning foot drill evening.
Making preparation for leaving at any time now.
Major Fuller & Col Cox out during afternoon riding.

March 4 Thursday 1915
Mounted parade this morning.
A wedding took place between Trooper Rutledge of Sydney & Miss Pigott of Mosman, Sydney. The lady just arrived from England, the ceremony was performed by the Chaplins of 5th,6th & 7th Reg in the tent ajoining mess room. Col Cox gave her away. Those attended the ceremony were Col Ryrie, Captain Somerville,Lieu. Haig,& others. A light breakfast was provided in mess tent after the group had sat for the photographer, men lined the roadway – heartily cheered the couple as they left for Alexandra.

March 5 Friday 1915
Mounted parades this morning. Officers & men making preparation for "Sports Day"tomorrow, when the Brigade will contest for supremacy in Tugs of war – racing – boxing etc.
A large wooden stadium has been built – a charge made to clear expenses. The Col & Major out of camp this evening.
Fresh oil sheets & other equipment are being issued to Officers & Men in the event of a sudden departure.
Major Fuller bought light suit of clothes for knocking about.

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March 6 Saturday 1915
Mounted parade this morning. Letter from Home dated 16th Jan
After lunch, sports were held during afternoon, ended up with Boxing contest, a number of civilians came to see the Buckjumping.

March 7 Sunday 1915
Queenslander 5th Reg died & buried today in Cairo.
Church parade. Major Fuller & Col in command.
Col Cox & Major Fuller out Helipolis in Brigade motor car.
I went to Cairo to see museum Statues, Mummies, Coffins, Ancient Boats carved wood & stone endless variaties Axe heads – Daggers, Kings crowns – gold bangles of every description

March 8 Monday 1915
Full dress parade today in marching order consist of Saddles,bridly, Blanket under saddle, mess behind saddle. Overcoats in front also bush? nose bag containing feed 12 lbs Oats per day. Canvas water bucket,head ropes & peg, wire clippers, spare horse shoes, oil sheet man carries Gun, bandolier, Belt pouches, water bottle, Haversack.
Brigadier General Birdwood personally superintended operation, & kept the whole brigade out till after 1 oclock.
Meeting of officers tonight when a lecture was given by General Walker
Man had his leg broken on parade - Sent Maude parcel D. P & Pip

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March 9 Tuesday 1915
Mounted Parade this morning from 9 AM to 1 PM
Medical examination of the whole Regiment.
Lecture to officers tonight by Captain Proudfoot.
3rd Expeditionary Force arrive Alexandra today coming through to Mena camp.

March 10 Wednesday 1915
Mounted parade in morning till 1 PM
Col Cox out in Brigade car.
Major Fuller received notice to sit on Court Marshall Friday 12th.
Australian mail arrived no letter
Big boxing contest contest tonight between one of our boys & a Lanshire Lad easy win for the Australian.
Col Cox received word that his wife was very ill.
Pay Day for Brigade.

March 11 Thursday 1915
Mounted parade this morning very windy. The clouds of dust suffocate both men & Beast.
When windy, Egypt is about the dirtiest hole on earth.
The men & horses look like pillars of sand& dirt when returning from parade.
Each man in regiment received a copy of New Testiment as a gift from a number of ladies in N. S. Wales.
Major Fuller Field Officer tonight 6. 30 PM
Kyraa arrived Melbourne today from Egypt.
Letter sent to M- by that Boat.

March 12 Friday 1915
Colonel Cox left this morning to review Regiments manouevering outside Cairo.
Major Fuller completed Field Office 6. 30 PM.
Went into Cairo with Field Glasses to be stamped. bought soap, face cream, etc. back 8. 15 PM
Concert in recreation tent tonight
Mounted parade in morning.

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March 13 Saturday 1915
Mounted Parade in morning
Went into Cairo for Major Fuller conveying an important letter to the Australian & N Zealand HeadQ Shepherds Hotel.
Colonel Cox & party of Qld Lancers left this evening to take Dinner at the Continental Hotel 7. 45

March 14 Sunday 1915
Colonel Cox major Fuller & party went out for the day returned 6. 30
Church parade this morning
I rode into Cairo with Haigh today
Measles broken out in camp.

March 15 Monday 1915
Mounted Parade in morning
Major Fuller went into Cairo in connection with Court Martial Case.
Received 2 letters from M. one dated 24th Jan & other dated 15th Feb.
Posted letters P. 6 to M & mother.

[Page 27]
March 16 Tuesday 1915
Mounted Parade in morning
Heavy wind blowing all day
Marking Major Fullers equippment
Received another letter from M. dated 7th Feb. She received 2 of my letters written from off boat enroute.

March 17 Wednesday 1915
Route march for 6th L. Horse Regiment started from camp fully equipped with lunch in haversacks, Horse feed,. Colonel Cox in command returned to camp 5. 30 PM.
Meeting of officers at night.
I went into Cairo for Major Fullers field glass. 6/- out at 6 PM
Thoroughly disinfected tents today
Haigh horse fell & hurt his foot.

March 18 Thursday 1915
Mounted Parade this morning
Colonel Cox out of camp in afternoon
with Liet Bruxner
Attending to Major Fuller's horses owing to Haigh hurting foot on Route march yesterday.

March 19 Friday 1915
Regimental Parade in morning
Map sketching – geography in afternoon.
Col Cox out riding in evening.
Lecture by General Birdwood cancelled tonight.

[Page 28]
March 20 Saturday 1915
Mounted Parade this morning.
Brigade manoever
Colonel Cox in charge of Brigade, the Brigadier inspecting.
Major Fuller O. C. of the 6th Regiment
4/- to Haigh for green stuff.

March 21 Sunday 1915
Church Parade in morning.
Afternoon went into Cairo to Conformation Service in English Church Preacher Bishop of Jerusalem officiated.
About 60 officers & men & 20 young ladies were confirmed. Went to Heliopilos & soldiers home.
Major Fuller in camp all day
Had his watch repaired.
In camp 11PM.
Mrs Osborne
Soldiers Home
Opposite Shepard Hotel

March 22 Monday 1915
C Squadron working in conjunction with 5th regiment manuvering in morning under Major Fuller.
Major Fuller out during afternoon.
Posted letter home altered address to 2nd ALH Brigaid Egypt.

[Page 29]
March 23 Tuesday 1915
Brigade consisting of 5th 6th & 7th ALH moved off at 8 AM to the hills around Maadi, to protect us from the attacking troops from Helopolos. The whole body of men returned to camp about 4. 30 PM
The Officers of 6th entertained officers of other visiting regiments to night.
Letter from home dated 21st Feb
Major Fuller Field Officer 6. 30PM.
Visiting regiments camped by us tonight.

March 24 Wednesday 1915
Field Firing today
Pay day for Brigade.
Out firing this afternoon
Major Fuller Field Officer till 6. 30 this evening.
Visiting regiments from Helopolos went on to Helouan this morning 8. 30AM

March 25 Thursday 1915
Field Firing today under Major Fuller.
1st Brigade returned fromHelouan 3 PM camped here tonight.
Concert to their benefit tonight in stadium.
At the invitation of Major Fuller a number of the visiting officers were entertained by him after concert.
Brigadier Ryrie distributed prizes won at recent sports day.

March 26 Friday 1915
1st Brigade moved off to Helopoloos at 8. 30 AM
Field firing & mounted drill
Parcel for Major Fuller also letter from home dated 10th Jan 1915

[Page 30]
March 27 Saturday 1915
Cleaning up camp all tents down
Kits packed & the ground cleaned & disinfected
Col Cox out of camp
Col Cox & Major Fuller into Cairo for dinner at night
Went into Cairo got things for Major.
Special Guard collecting Passes at night, 84 men all told without permission to leave camp

The Hotel at Heliopolis is a palace once to be seen never to be forgotten. The staircase is built of solid Carrara marble, there are huge pillars of Pink marble which is beyond description. Electric lights cluster around the pillars set in heads of writhing snakes & brass cobras. There is also Frettted marble that looks like wonderful lace, in fact the Ball Room & dining room & the suite of rooms are finished beyond words. Cost 2,500,000 built by the King of the Belgians with English interests.

March 28 Sunday 1915
Heavy wind blowing land & dust awful. Church Parade.
Col. Cox & Major Fuller left for town by car 2 PM.
Church tonight Captain Miller General Ian Hamilton in Cairo
"March Pass"for troops at Abassa.

March 29 Monday 1915
Mounted parade in morning
Posted letters for Major Fuller also one to mother & M & [indecipherable] Australian mail closes tonight 8PM
Lecture by General Walker to officers to-night 8 PM

[Page 31]
March 30 Tuesday 1915
Manuvre by Regiments this morning
General Birdwood inspecting operation after which the men were allowed to rest till "Stables"
Buckjumping was carried out this afternoon, both riders being unable to ride the Outlaw;
Lecture by Liru. Proudfoot on machine guns tonight.

March 31 Wednesday 1915
Officers & men packed up, everything & stood ready to leave camp by 11AM, today
Inspection of 5th 6th & 7th Regiments after equipment was ready was carried out by Brigadier Col Ryrie after which the camp resumed ordinary duties.
Major Fuller in Cairo this morning in connection with Court Martial

April 1 Thursday 1915
Brigade route march to Houleoun left 8. 30 returned 5 PM.
Concert in mess CO tonight. Sergeant major Knowles & others contributed very good programme.
Hot day & cold night.

April 2 Friday 1915
Col Cox left early this morning for days outing. Voluntary church parade
Holiday in Camp today.
Big riot in Cairo tonight between number of soldiers & brothels.
Shots were fired & some wounded (4 all told)
Went to Pictures.

[Page 32]
April 3 Saturday 1915
On account of trouble in Cairo last evening all leave was stopped till further orders.
Cleaning up tents & lines today.
Head quarters inspected this afternoon to find out what things they required to complete outfit.
A Court martial being arraged in connection with Riot.

April 4 Sunday 1915
Church Parade this morning Chaplain Robertson preached. large attendance.
All leave stopped today for officers & men.
Major Fuller Field Officer commence this evening 6. 30 PM.
Capt Tubman C of E Resigned owing to official trouble
Went to church tonight large attendance.

April 5 Monday 1915
Dirty windy day sheets of dust, cleaning an impossibility.
Mounted parade in morning
Bayonet exercise afternoon
Trooper Smith caught interfering with civilian charged with assault.
Posted letter home.

[Page 33]
April 6 Tuesday 1915
Australian mail closed 12 AM
Mounted parade in morning
Bayonet practice in evening
Cleaning out tent
Lecture by Cap Proudfoot tonight on "advancing"
Col Cox out of camp tonight with Brigadiers.
Australian mail in NO letters.

April 7 Wednesday 1915
Mounted parade this morning
Pulled down old tent & erected a new one for Major Fuller
Field Ambulance shifted quarters from behind officers tents to other side of 7th Regiment.
Head quarters horses, men & 2nd Reinforcements camped in rear of officers tents (6th)
Pay day for Brigade.
Stadium opened tonight, Major Fuller treasurer.

April 8 Thursday 1915
Mounted parade this morning
Trench digging in afternoon under Major Fuller & Liet Proudfoot.
Major Charley handed in resignation official trouble.
Rumours afloat that Australians have been cut up around Dardanelles (infantry)
Received letters from M & Mother dated 28th February

April 9 Friday 1915
Trench digging in morning also afternoon

Col Cox out of camp till 6 PM.
In Cairo as in all old established cities coffee is (black) served to those who wish hot & in a small cup with little lumps sugar. Glass of fresh water is also placed along side to clean the mouth and throat after drinking. This is a universal beverage.
The cigarette & the "nargile" or glass bowl of water with tube & mouthpiece whilst hundreds sit alongside small table playing dominoes.

[Page 34]
April 10 Saturday 1915
Cleaning up harness saddles & equippments in morning
Half holiday in afternoon except A Squadron who had to relay their horse lines & alter position of tents.

Col Cox out of camp tonight in Brigade car.
Buckjumping exhibition 3. 30 PM all men up to date have been thrown including men from 1st Brigade also 5th 6th & 7th 17 of the best riders.
Lieu. O'Brien received word that he has been promoted to rank of Captain as from 11th Feb. 1915

April 11 Sunday 1915
Church parade this morning all officers in camp are compelled to attend, with men
Rode into Cairo with Haigh returned 5. 30 PM, very nice ride.
Major White went to Port Said today to meet friends enroute to England.

April 12 Monday 1915
Regiment mounted Parade in morning
Rifle shooting afternoon for officers, men drilling
Sword sent to be sharpened No 501 for Major Fuller.
Returned without sharpened.
Australian mail closed 4 PM posted letter for Major Fuller also to M - & Harry, post cards
Col Cox out of camp
4/- for horse feed
Major Fuller Field Officer in place of Major White.

[Page 35]
April 13 Tuesday 1915
Regiments doing bush warfare to returned to camp 3 PM
Major Fuller Field Officer in place of Major White who has just returned from Port Said.
Meeting this afternoon of officers to arrange about forming a regimental mess = final meeting tomorrow.
Boxing contest tonight.

April 14 Wednesday 1915
Regiment doing bush warfare this morning
Australian mail in. Letter from M address c/o Major Fuller Despalia, Melbourne
Meeting of Stadium Committee at noon
meeting of officers to finally decide re mess 1. 30 PM arranged to have a regimental mess from to-night
Received 2 letters from M. also photo dated 7th 14th & 15th

April 15 Thursday 1915
Mounted parade in morning
Foot drill evening
X Maude's Birthday X
Special Out posts of 6th regiment tonight from 7. 30PM to 10. 30PM under command of Major Fuller
Went into Cairo for crockery etc to fit up Tea Set for Col Cox returned 4. 30PM
Col Cox in Cairo this afternoon
Concert tonight by friends from Cairo & Helopolis.

April 16 Friday 1915
Mounted parade in morning
Col Cox out riding in afternoon’
I went to Maadi station for Lime this evening
Trooper Douby to be court martialled for impersonating an officer in Cairo
Boxing contest tonight

[Page 36]
April 17 Saturday 1915
Regiment cleaning guns tents Horse lines etc in morning.
Afternoon holiday
Buckjumpirng contest visitors from Cairo & Maadi
White washing stones & digging garden
Officers of 2nd L. H. Brigade gave a dinner & dance in honor of the Maadi residents at Houloun tonight

April 18 Sunday 1915
Church Parade this morning went into Cairo had lunch, took Electric Train to Helopolis very interesting place, returned to Camp by 6PM.
Went to Church tonight Rev. Tubman preached.
Major Fuller in camp all day
Victor Convas & young lady out

April 19 Monday 1915
Mounted parade this morning
Revellie at 5 AM Breakfast 6. 30 AM parade at 8 AM
Posted letter for Australia for Major Fuller also to M.
Mail closes tomorrow 4 PM

[Page 37]
April 20 Tuesday 1915
Rifle inspection of 6th regiment by Brigadier Ryrie this morning also mounted parade.
Major Fuller taking observations for tonight Picket Duty.
Regiment left 7. 30 PM for 2 hours picket & outpost duty under Major Fuller
Australia mail arrive 1 Queenslander (no letters)

April 21 Wednesday 1915
Mounted parade this morning afternoon pay for Regiment
1st Brigade arrived 3 PM from Heleopolis. Bivouac here tonight. Officers were entertained by our officers at Dinner.
Boxing contest tonight large attendance.
1 Case whisky stolen out of officers mess 3 bottles recovered 7th man arrested.

April 22 Thursday 1915
Mounted parade in morning. Half holiday for men in evening
Col Cox out to dinner tonight
Major Fuller at meeting 3 PM in connection with Stadium.
Posted printed matter to M. also P
Impromptu concert tonight. 7. 40

April 23 Friday 1915
Mounted parade this morning
Afternoon holiday for Regiment on account of heat.
Digging up around tents making garden
Boxing contest tonight
Trooper Tovry court martialled today not concluded
Meeting of men in Maadi in the home of Mr Williamson tonight "Fellowship"

[Page 38]
April 24 Saturday 1915
Tents pulled down & insides cleaned & disinfected in morning planting flowers & making up garden
Afternoon Half Holiday.
Col Cox & Major Fuller went out with Brigadier Ryrie tonight
Clipping Horses throughout the regiment

April 25 Sunday 1915
French Fete in Cairo [indecipherable] Gun 75 to Church Parade this morning
Australians landed at Anzac Cove.
Major Fuller having his horse clipped
Went to Service tonight Rev. Robertson preached.
Col Cox & Major Fuller went for trip up the Nile.

April 26 Monday 1915
Mounted parade in morning
Australia mail closed 4 PM posted letters for Major Fuller & also to M & mother.
The Australians fought like tigers & died like heroes. The stories of this maiden fight will be ever remembered by those of us who came later to reinforce.
[ References to landing at Gallipoli are in darker print than rest of text showing that these references were added later. ]

[Page 39]
April 27 Tuesday 1915
General Maxwell arrived in camp for inspection at 7. 45 AM. He witnessed a buck jumping contest. All riders thrown, making in all 28 to date off of the one Horse.
Cleaning rifles & gear generally preparing to leave tomorrow for two day Bioviac to Heleoun.
Boxing contest tonight.

April 28 Wednesday 1915
Route march by Brigade cancelled owing to other regiments occupying same grounds
Mounted parade instead

Major Fuller officer tonight at 6. 30 PM.

April 29 Thursday 1915
Col Cox & Major Fuller with Brigadier Ryrie left by motor car to inspect camping ground at Delta Barrage in view of 6th Regiment going there to teach the horses to swim.
B Squadron to leave tomorrow morning under the command of Major Fuller
Concert tonight in Picture Tent
Major Fuller handed over Field Office 6. 30 PM

April 30 Friday 1915
B Squadron packed up & left at 7 AM for Delta Barrage for the purpose of teaching the horses to swim.
Major Fuller in charge.
Attrill went on bike, returning Sunday.
I am looking after the Col in meantime.
Col Cox out tonight in Cairo
Boxing contest
News been received that Australians have been in action at Dardinelles

[Page 40]
May 1 Saturday 1915
A Squadron left this morning for "Barrage"under the command of Major Charley
Over 1000 wounded returned from Dardinelles, & are in Heolopilos Hospital. More fighting on the Canal.

May 2 Sunday 1915
Church Parade this morning Chaplain Robertson preached
Col Cox went to Heoleon with Brigadier Ryrie returned 6 PM.
Service tonight Chaplain Miller preached.
Sent letter to England re UC

May 3 Monday 1915
Revierlle at 4. 30 AM. C. Squadron left 7. 15 AM for "Barrage"under the command Major White.
Col Cox visiting "Barrage"to inspect camp, returned 4 PM
Posted letter Home to M.
B Squadron returned from Barrage.
Town Guard under Capt White returned to camp being away a fortnight.
Australian mail arrived in camp.
No letter from Home one from Clem Taylor

[Page 41]
May 4 Tuesday 1915
Owing to Typhus breaking out in Barrage the Regiment has been recalled
A & B Squadrons returning today under Major Fuller arriving 3. 30 PM

May 5 Wednesday 1915
Rifle inpection this morning
Trooper Tobey was paraded before the whole regiment this morning & Col Cox read out charge & Verdict. 28 days in Military Prison.
Received 3 letters from M. date 21st March 28th & 4th April
Boxing contest tonight.

May 6 Thursday 1915
6th Regiment Revrellie 5 AM all kits & equipment ready for marching by 7AM inspection by Brigadier returned camp 9 AM Feed & breakfast
resting for remainder of day.

May 7 Friday 1915
Left at 8 am with Brigade for Healon for 2 days march arrived Heoleon 12. 30 PM camped for Lunch. Orders came by dispatch Rider to return at once as Brigade was leaving for Alexander Monday next.
Brigade arrived in camp 4. 30 pm Later- Owing to short notice given we cannot get away till sometime next week.

[Page 42]
May 8 Saturday 1915
1st Brigade leaving for Dardanelles via Alexander.
L. Col Meredith stays behind with 25% of men to look after the horses.
Our machine guns of the Brigade leave with 1st to morrow under command Capt. Hymans
Col Cox went into Cairo this morning
Major Fuller left camp this afternoon spent evening in City

May 9 Sunday 1915
Stables being erected for the whole Brigade Horses commenced today.
Church parade this morning "Gun Section"under Lieu Lang preparing to leave at 5 PM. Capt Hymans, Lieu Lang, & the Brigade "Machine Gun Section"left with Band leading & much cheering to embark at Alexander for the Front.
Service tonight Chaplain Tubman

May 10 Monday 1915
6th Regiment Mounted parade this morning at 5 AM, till 9 AM, after which the men rest until afternoon.
Route march on foot commencing 4 PM.
I went into Cairo with letters to post back 10. 30 train.
posted letters home to M, Harry, Clem Taylor
Major Fuller Field Officer from 6. 30PM

[Page 43]
May 11 Tuesday 1915
Mounted parade this morning from 6 AM to 8 AM
Strong winds blowing clouds of dust
Orders just received 10. 30 AM from Brigade Headquarters for the 3
Regiments to stand ready to move on short notice preparations pushed on all day

May 12 Wednesday 1915
Exercising horses this morning
3 Officers to stay behind with horses & men. Lieu Chisholm, Lieu Deane, & Cap O'Brien,
sorting out gear & preparing to pack up. Received letters from M. & Mother dated 11th April

May 13 Thursday 1915
Major Fuller Lieu Cross Lieu Cork left 5 AM for Rifle Range & will put through all reinforcements in musketry
Remainder of men packing up saddles – equippment to leave behind

May 14 Friday 1915
Brigade packing up all day.
I went into Cairo to secure necessary articles for Major Fuller including Rodger & Galleys Soap, cough mixture, tobacco,& fixing his electric torch.

[Page 44]
May 15 Saturday 1915
Preparing to leave tonight 8. 30 PM
Wrote to M. sent Post Cards etc. went into Cairo on Business for Major Fuller returned 2. 30 PM
Packed up everything Sent 2 tin trunks to "Cooks Agency"
left again for Cairo 5. 30 PM completed business, met Brigade at Railway, when we all entrained for Alexander leaving station 12. 30 AM midnight.
Victor Corwas was there to see us off, He was quite upset on our departure. Good fellow most willing to do anything to make our stay in Cairo pleasant
Miss Mitchell of "The Russel Soldiers Home"was most kind, && is a friend worth having. I will never forget the last evening (tonight) we met.

May 16 Sunday 1915\
Arrived Alexander 5. 30 AM embarked at once on board troop ship German captured liner NorthdeucheHyds "Lutzow"
Lifted anchor 5. 30 PM bound for Dardinelles had on board over 3,000 men Sea smooth

May 17 Monday 1915
Sea smooth on Guard all day over Col & Major Cabin
Shaved all hair off Head
Reported Italy had declared War.

[Page 45]
May 18 Tuesday 1915
Sea smooth cool breeze passed large hospital ship Islands dotted about
Divine service today
Brigadier Ryrie spoke to men re-the serious future before them. Arrived entrance to Dardinelles 8 PM big artillary duel

May 19 Wednesday 1915
Still anchored at base. Heavy fighting all night
Air O planes flying about Shells bursting all around them Plucky heros to do such dangerous work. Gun boats shelling the land all day wonderful sight. Order came to go further up about 14 miles, where the Australian 1st landed & were cut up.
Arrived at destination 6 PM

May 20 Thursday 1915
Orders received to disembark 9 AM word received General Bridges killed General Birdwood injured.
5000 Turks killed yesterday.
Terrible fighting during night.
Everything in readiness to leave am putting this book in kit bag in the event of not returning.
I am glad I came & leave those I love to the care of 'Providence'

May 21 Friday 1915
Left beach 6 AM with all Headquarters kit & equippment for a position on side of Hill near firing line. Digging out holes in ground to camp. Col Cox whilst sleeping in dug out was hit on leg by scharapnel,& carried on to Hospital Ship for treatment
Shells bursting hard all round us
Our landing on previous evening was most exciting. Shells burst over us & pieces were picked up on the deck of the "lighter"
None were hit during our passage but others were killed & wounded earlier in the day.
When getting near the beach Barges had to come along side, into which we got with baggage etc. & were then towed to the little jetty. We cuddled together under any protection till morning (Friday)

[Page 46]
May 22 Saturday 1915
Snipers hiding in the hills with range on principal tracks doing much harm. Trooper Murray of our Regiment killed whilst doing fatigue work near camp Buried 6. 30 PM. Major Fuller & Officers & men left Biviac for firing line of trenches this evening. I stayed with Lieu Robson Q master, to cook the meals & pack up in readiness to leave for trenches at short notice.
The scenery is lovely overlooking the sea, with islands dotted about.
Gun boats & Torpedo Boats & transport gliding about the Harbour.
The beach is only narrow & is choked with many tons of food stuff & equipment for our use. The Hill we occupy is held by Australians & New Zealanders. The sad feature is the numerous little graves dotted about of our herois who fell when 1st landed. From Colonels Majors & higher rank to the Trooper occupy the one kind of Bed no distinction each have a piece of Pine Board with their name & regiment written with indelible pencil. In some cases the name is unknown & then the word "an unknown Hero"is inserted

May 23 Sunday 1915
Turks shelling gun boats in harbour very interesting to watch the effect from the hill. The air o planes are continually hovering over us spying out the ground & reporting, sometimes they throw shells in the enemys trenches which do much havoc, German air ships occasionally come over to find out the range for the guns to operate. Orders out to the effect that all Troopers going to and from beach to carry gun & 5 rounds of ammunition.

May 24 Monday 1915
Early this morning 5 AM we started amid shell & rain to shift camp of headquarters to a point near trenches
Working hard all day.
Shelling stopped from 8 AM to 4. 30 PM today allowing both sides to bury the dead, all worked hard & firing commenced again at 4. 30 PM
Preparations for a big fight
Posted letters Home
Seargant Park killed tonight whilst observing shot through head.
Lieu Hordern slightly wounded.

[Page 47]
May 25 Tuesday 1915
Sergeant Park buried 10 AM by Chaplain Robertson, The gun boat "Triumph"was sunk roday at 12. 30 PM only few drowned.
Raining hard.
Major Fuller inspecting trenches
The name Anzac Cove is so christened by the Australian & New Zealand.
Australian New Zealand Army Corps
A - Nz - A – C
In April number of the Queenslander it is stated that there were 70,600 troops including officers sent to the front to date.

May 26 Wednesday 1915
Strickland A Squadron injured during night.
Major Fuller in trenches all night
Atrill returned from Col Cox to-night
Cap Bruxner wounded\
Trooper Jeffries killed. Reinforcements arrived 2000 men under Major Shillington.
Whilst a number of Turks were running away from our men one of them
dropped a bayonet & stooped to pick it up one of our men stuck the
bayonet up the Turks behind & then fired needless to say there was little
of the Turk left.
J H Young, of Yeoman Cornish.

May 27 Thursday 1915
Iston of B. Squadron injured
Gun Boat "Majestic"torpodoed at Cape Ellis, the Captain ran her ashore most of the lives were saved.
Weather perfect. Food excellent & the health of the troops is A1.
Sapping in trenches daily, Tunnelling commenced to get in touch of enemy, Periscopes used extensively here.
Glass at each end of stick put at angles of 45 degrees.
Firing eased off

May 28 Friday 1915
Major Fuller & party inspecting trenches.
A number of men suffering from Poison due to fly bite which is most dangerous here on account of the numbers of dead lying about.
B Squadron man shot himself in arm
Night operations slack
Received letter & Qlander from M. dated 18th April
Fresh meat twice weekly given to troops very good

[Page 48]
May 29 Saturday 1915
Heavy firing commenced about 2. 30 this morning & continued till 8 am. Turks captured a trench but were beaten back, & we captured one of theirs. A large number of Turks killed our casualties were small.
The New Zealanders did the attacking supported by our men
Sad sight to see the wounded & dead being taken down. The wounded men never complain, & willingly suffer.
The name of the place we landed is called Anzac Cove & is roughly 12 miles from Cape Ellis
Heavy firing again about 12. 30 pm about 20 prisoners captured.
40 of our men were sent to capture a trench, & after getting in without opposition the enemy were the machine guns killing 35 only 5 escaped & returned safely.
The pathway to beach is most dangerous, a large number of men including Officers have been wounded 2 killed within last few days.

May 30 Sunday 1915
Chaplain Robertson conducted Divine service, among the different regiments today, assisted by Sal Army McKenzie. The Pardre's are kept going continually visiting sick & burying the dead, which are of a daily occurance.
Heavy firing again about lunch time shells bursting over us, & on beach
Trooper Gabasby of B Squadron whilst lying in his "dug out"was hit by shell & is rather seriously hurt.

May 31 Monday 1915
Trumpeter Wood's had his hand injured by rifle fire this morning.
Reinforcements arrived this morning 1200 men & were absorbed in different regiments.
General Birdwood inspecting camp.
Shells bursting on beach 4 men injured. Sergeant Moffatt injured in head by bullet. Posted letters home.
An officer of the 1st told us today that he saw 30 barges of dead bodies of Australians being taken out to sea 3 days after landing 26th April

[Page 49]
June 1 Tuesday 1915
No casuality’s reported this morning
Firing very slack during night.
Shell fire commenced about 9 AM
For the past week our brigade has been split up with infantry & 1st Brigade for the purpose of being initiated into trench work. Hospital ship lying at anchor in "Cove"receiving the wounded from base hospital at beach
Shell burst into a number of men drilling on side of hill killing 5 & wounding several.
Captain Robertson visited hospital ship & reports Les Patrick's brother died today.

June 2 Wednesday 1915
No casualitys reported today. Firing very weak, Major Fuller inspecting trenches. More reinforcements arrived.
News been received that German airship has been captured at Cape Ellis. Also the "Goebun"has been sunk.
16,000 Turks to reinforce somewhere on the Peninsular.
Our machine guns are active this afternoon.
A Bakery is being established at Lemnos to supply bread to troops.
3 men of 7th Regiment (Col Arnott) were sleeping in dugout last night when
the earth fell in & smothered them they were buried today. Supposed to be vibration from guns

June 3 Thursday 1915
No casualitys reported this morning in our Brigade
One poor fellow"observing"this morning was shot through head & died connected with 4th Brigade.
Col Arnott visited Major Fuller today
Major Fuller & Adjutant inspecting trenches. All headquarters men had to parade this morning for inspection
Gun boat bombarding village 4 miles inland holding enemy's rations & reinforcements great damage was done.

June 4 Friday 1915
No casualitys reported this morning. Trooper Burns Typhoid & Spencer overwrought nerves.
Major Fuller inpecting trenches
All officers sleeping bags to be returned to base immediately.
Heavy bombardment in the DardInelles commencing 11 AM
Posted letter home to M.
Periscopes are used extensively here made simply by using stick as shown
[diagram of periscope]
All officers sleeping kits returned to beach tonight
Attack on Turks arranged 11 PM

[Page 50]
June 5 Saturday 1915
Heavy fighting during night, attacking party commenced 11 PM with rapid shell fire. Charges were made at different intervals, when our side secured some trenches and played havoc with others. The Artillary duel continued till 9. 30 AM. Major Fuller, Brigadier Ryrie on a tour of inspection through trenches shells bursting very close to our abode.
Another 4th L Horse man shot dead whilst observing. A huge piece of shell hit Sergeant Trecilial on side of body. He marvellously escaped being chopped to pieces as the piece was large & jagged. The sergeant was at the time lying in "dugout".

It is remarkable the large number of men who have been killed & wounded whilst bathing in the ocean. One or two cases where the piece of shell has entered near the thigh & severing penus from body.
Corporal Baldy had finished his swim & was walking over to his clothes when the piece caught him in stomach. He was at once taken to Hospital Ship in serious state. It is a recognized fact that the trenches are much safer than anywhere on the hill or beach. A very large percentage of the casualaties have occurred whilst the men have been going to and fro, or even lying in their dugouts resting

June 6 Sunday 1915
No casualities this morning
Everything very quiet only a few snipers at work. Major Fuller & adjutant on tour of inspection in trenches.
Divine Service held this morning 9. 30 in trenches. News received of recent successes of French & English against Germans
A poor infantryman had his two legs shot off today & died. Shells bursting very near, did no damage.
S. A. Captain conducting service on the side of steep hill this evening 7 oclock
Wrote home today
Corporal Baldy A Squadrom wounded whilst bathing 6. 30 AM

June 7 Monday 1915
No casualtys reported from our Regiment this morning. Lieu Cork off duty sick.
4 men out last night spying the Turkish positions, when our men fired at them killing one & wounding one. one missing,1 returned.
Canteen ship arrived. Quartermaster of each Squadron to go on board & buy up whatever the men require.
Early this morning a Turk was seen leaving his trench without rifle & ran to our trenches, whilst his mates fired continuously on him. On arriving at our trenches he threw himself in saying Saida, "war over." We took him prisoner, One of our machine gun men had the calf of leg blown off, whilst 2 men near him were killed today.
Padre Robertson on hospital ship today visiting

[Page 51]
June 8 Tuesday 1915
No casualitys this morning. Very little shelling today. The pioneers making road wider to take larger guns into firing line.
Major Fuller & others in trenches inspecting Lieu Hanly & a sergeant of 5th regiment killed whilst out patrolling. Lieu Smith A. S. C. was up to see Major Fuller this morning. The grave of Colonel Onslow Thompson was found against one of our trenches. Like a true soldier he was killed & buried under the shell and bullet of the enemy. So shallow is the grave that his book [indecipherable] protruding from the soil around.
The naval 18 inch guns are replacing ours on different prominent points.

June 9 Wednesday 1915
Between 8 & 9 oclock each night the mules & donkeys bring up the steep slopes, the rations for the men camping on the hill, & in the trenches
It is quite light at 8. 30 PM. (The twilight is purple)
All the mules are under the charge of the Indian troops
No casualitys reported this morning from our Regiment.
Major Fuller & Captain Somerville inspecting trenches. Very little firing during night everything quiet. Turks stealing our barbed wire at night. This can easily be done now owing to the darkness. They are also erecting kind of fence in front of their own trenches. We hope to pull the structure down tonight
A gun boat has been shelling the enemys position this afternoon.
Fresh meat is being supplied at present 3 times a week.

June 10 Thursday 1915
No casualitys reported from our Regiment this morning.
Capt Somerville, & party of 10 men from each squadron 30 all told being initiated into the art of grenade bomb throwing. This party will be eventually under the command of Lieu Huxstable. A party of men also have to learn how to use the Japanese guns which throw like rockets Bombs into the air, & are used with the grenade bombs in trenches.
A Trooper Edwards whilst observing was shot dead this evening. Shells bursting around us about 6. 30 PM. I was hit by a piece whilst standing outside "dug out". Letter sent to Col Cox today by Major Fuller.

June 11 Friday 1915
No casualitys reported this morning. Everything quiet. Capt Somerville with squad of men throwing dummy bombs. Major Fuller inspecting. Lieu Carter was injured this morning in trenches. Major Shillington here today. Capt Pollock Brigade Staff returned to duty, also Capt Foster appointed Brigade Major in place of Major Lynch who has been appointed Camp Commandant.
The Island of Imbross lies almost in front of Anzac Cove & is a base for French British etc.
The Island of Lemnos lies off Cape Ellis & in passing on transport "Ludzow"we could see the airships returning at nightfall to Rest.

[Page 52]
June 12 Saturday 1915
No casualtiys reported early this morning to 5 AM. Since receiving reports Coporal Quintel was hit by bullet in the left eye
Shells came from the Turkish lines very rapidly this morning & a number of men were killed & wounded. The mail has arrived & will be distributed today.
Orderly Room when Les Alford was up by Major Fuller Remanded.
Letters & papers received from M & Gracie, Winnie dated 20th 29th April, also received form to sign for back pay.
Another Trooper killed this evening.
Part of enemies trench blown up today attack expected. Letters received from Maadi stating both horses & men were in good
The name of storeship on which the kits of the officers were put is
Those killed & wounded today are as follows
Bonnor seriously
Wilson lightly
Tindel lightly
Kinnic Seriously
Quintel Seriously
Those killed belonged to other regiments. Major Fuller inspecting trenches. Bullet hit his periscope & smashed it to pieces whilst surveying the Turks position.
Received 3 more letters from Home dated 25th April & 2nd May

June 13 Sunday 1915
Major Fuller inspecting trenches. No further word as to how the wounded Troopers are.
Whilst inspecting trenches Major Fuller had his Periscope smashed by bullet.
Received 3 more letters from home dated 20th April & 2nd May
Gunboats shelling Turkish positions to-day
Air o plane over Turkish trenches this evening throwing bombs.
Received paper from Australia with news of 1st landing of troops here.
Sergeant Collin & Lambourne were wounded by premature explosion of Jap bomb. C Squadron

June 14 Monday 1915
Another Trooper wounded in trenches this morning by shell. Major Fuller inspecting trenches. Lieu Smith A. S. C. up today.
Mail closed for Australia 12 PM posted letters to M. & Grace also sent pay voucher.
Just heard that Corporal Baldy. & have died from their wounds on hospital ship.
The Dr got from the AMC at Beach a bottle of meth spirits.
Major Fuller & Capt Somerville inspecting trenches tonight.
A number of wounded soldiers waiting at Beach to be conveyed to hospital ship were wounded again & one killed.

[Page 53]
Young Arthur came over to see me

June 15 Tuesday 1915
Allen & Hill badly wounded with shapnel this morning.
Air O plane flying over Turkish trenches
Trooper badly wounded Shells flying about everywhere. A monitor was hurling shells on land all the morning.
Carne wounded machine gun section.
Trooper 4th L. H. Victoria was lying in dug out when large fell hitting him, leg severed & arm. Major Fuller picked up piece of bone about 1½ long, flesh scattered in all directions. After being hit he simply asked for a cigarette & said he was done. He was alive some time later, Died later in day.

June 16 Wednesday 1915
Yesterday a trooper whilst tampering with an unexploded shell had his legs & penus severely injured owing to it exploding. He had it between his knees trying to unscrew the top.
Major Fuller & Lieu Robson around trenches
2 troopers of 3rd Reinforcements broke camp at Maadi & came over. To be returned under escort.
Good news received from Cape Ellis of the Troops successfully attacking Achay Barba, a large & prominent hill.
Orders came out that there was likely to be an attack by the Turks to night, all officers & men to be ready. Shelling was incessant this evening a number of our men being killed & wounded. Major Charley leaving tonight for Alexander in connection with his patent periscope

June 17 Thursday 1915
Very little shelling this morning. Major Fuller & Lieu Robson down with bomb throwers practising.
Brigadier received word today that we would be made up into a Brigade within a day or so. Colonel Harris & Dodds visited us today also 2,1st Brigade Officers.
Shelling heavy toward evening.
Two troopers Liniytz & Christison were brought before the
Trirsunal Headquarters this evening for examination. Both were discharged, not sufficient evidence against them.

June 18th Friday 1915
Major Fuller & Lieu Robson inspecting new site for our camp. Capt Somerville with party bomb throwing. Mail day outwards. Posted letter home,
Guns very quiet this morning, only few shells exchanged either side.
Trooper Billinger (or Harrison) was killed whilst observing today. Father & brother here also. Orders to proceed to new camping ground tomorrow.
In the Peninsula Press today, Winston Churchill uttered these words to his constituents at Dundee June 5th 1915 "Through the narrows of the Dardinelles, & across the ridges of Gallipoli Peninsula, lie some of the shortest paths to a Triumphant Peace".

[Page 54]
June 19 Saturday 1915
Capt Sommerville was ordered to Cape Ellis on Official Business returned tonight with eggs, butter, vinegar & condensed milk, Paper & envelopes.
We shifted camp today 9 AM to a point about a mile toward Cape Ellis just opposite where a torpedo boat lies nearly hidden having struck a rock.
Completed the remove at 5. 30 PM. Shells flying over us & bursting close at hand late in the afternoon. After tea Major Fuller with 200 men left camp as a fatigue party to dig a trench from ours to the Turks, they worked all night arriving back at daybreak Sunday.
The 2nd Light Horse Brigade came together today. The 5th & 7th are in the trenches & the 6th are resting after 4 weeks trench work.
The men could not complete thir work, so have to continue tonight (Sunday. )
The system adopted by the signallers to communicate with Headquarters is telephone principally. The line is laid on shrubs & bushes & stretched across gorges, & can be easily removed or erected. The reel on which the wire is rolled is fastened to a mans belt under arm, & can be ran out as fast as he can walk.

June 20 Sunday 1915
Men spending quiet day in camp. Shells occasionally bursting over us.
Telephone erected to 6th LH camp.
Not feeling too well today
Another party of 200 men left tonight 8 PM for to complete the trench digging under Major White
Service was held tonight conducted by Chaplain Robertson.
Wrote home today.

June 21 Monday 1915
Mail closes early today for Australia
Fatigue parties erecting Orderly Room & Dining room for Officers.
Went to see Captain [indecipherable] re my health. Told me to go off duty at once as I was quite unfit.
After lunch packed up kit & went to Beach. saw Major Richards was ordered to Fleet sweeper arriving at 10 PM
Lifted anchor 2 AM for Lemnos arriving there 8. 30 AM

[Page 55]
June 22 Tuesday 1915
Lifted anchor 2 AM, early morning for Lemnos arriving there 8. 30AM was taken to hospital, & put to bed. Dr visited the ward, 11 AM. Put me on milk diet. System run down. Cystitis. Head splitting back bad.
Lemnos is an island with islands around it, It has special advantages because the water is deep & the little harbour is full of warships, transports, other craft.
This place is where the Australians 1st landed before meeting the Turks at the Dardinelles. It is now used as clearance hospital between Gallipolli & Alexander.

June 23 Wednesday 1915
In bed all day today. Received orders to leave here & go to Base Hospital Alexandra, had early cup of milk. Parade before orderly room 9 AM. Transferred to lighter, then on board Hospital Ship at 10. 30AM. We did not lift anchor till 8. 30 PM owing to a number more wounded coming aboard. The large ship is full with every variety of human beings. Tommies, French, Australians, New Zealander. One poor fellow is mad, another with both eyes out.
This ought to be Thursday

June 24 Thursday 1915
woke up early had a wash & shower we are supposed to go to the base tomorrow morning about 10 AM
"Scotian" Allen line.

For Friday see Wednesday
Lemnos Island is really the harbour of the Dardinelles, all the warships & transports seek cover, while the entrance is lined with mines. It is only about 6 hours run from Anzac Cove to the Island, where stationary Hospitals are erected, & supplies are kept in large quantities for the troops at the front.

June 25 Friday 1915
Woke early had shave & bath – travelling 14 knots per hour lovely ship The name of the Steamer is "S. S. Scotian", Allen line, generally runs between England & Canada

[Page 56]
June 26 Saturday 1915
Still feeling dicky. Smooth sea lovely passage sighted Alexandra 3 PM anchored at Warf - 8PM.
Col Ryan on board sick was removed immediately, remainder stayed aboard.
Some of the prominent names given to different Hills, & point of advantage at Gaba Tepe or Anzac Cove.
Walkers Ridge, Popes Hill,Dead Mans Ridge, The Bloody Angle, Quinns Post, Courtneys Post, McLaurin Hill,Scotts Point, Johnsons Jolley, Boltons Hill & Point Rosenthal

One of the main features of the troops being so near the Beach, is the "Bathing"from early morning till late at night, there is a continual procession of men covered in dirt & sand going & returning from their daily wash. From Colonel to Trooper the one desire is to get a dip in the briny, & though the shrapnel falls around the bathers & though some of their number are stricken down whilst in the water, the same determined spirit prevails. The men must keep themselves as clean as possible, & risks must be taken to accomplish this necessary task.

June 27 Sunday 1915
Hospital train backed in alongside boat for Australians & New
Zealanders to be taken to Cairo. Preparing to disembark. Left Alexandra 11. 15 AM in Hospital Train, had a bed to rest. Sisters very kind, could not eat anything. Arrived Cairo 2 PM Heolopolis 3. 30 PM. Sent to Luna Park Hospital. Feeling dicky nice singing tonight all Sankeys hymns.

June 28 Monday 1915
Very muggy inside building, Dr examined me this evening, feeling bit better.
Wrote home & posted letter also letter to Victor Couvas & Capt Obrien

[Page 57]
June 29 Tuesday 1915
Feeling little better. Met Young & Walters of B Squadron both doing well
Dr. gave me some medicine & to drink plenty of water.

June 30 Wednesday 1915
Feeling worse again very little to see or hear. Men are continually coming in & out.
Lieu Drummond came in to see me gave me 20 piastres.

July 1 Thursday 1915
Feeling very little better – got up after tea & got dressed cleared out of the Hospital. Took tram to Cairo bought one or two dainties to eat- returned 8. 30 PM

July 2 Friday 1915
Feeling bit better again
V. Convas came in to see me this afternoon

[Page 58]
July 3 Saturday 1915
About 25 soldiers left here for Australia this morning.
Not feeling too bright
I notice some of the 2nd L. Horse Brigade has been in action at the Dardinelles.

Sept. 4th
Rather a strange case & a pathitic one came under my notice today. A wife writes to say that 1st a cablegram was received by her from the military authorities to the effect that her husband was killed in action, after a week of mourning she received word that he was only wounded, & was likely to return to the front. He has constantly written to say "no letters received & the wife says letters are being sent every mail boat. She does not know where her husband is & anxiously writes for his address. Strange to say the day she writes is the day he sails for Australia as medically unfit for further service. Let us hope the days of mourning & anxiety is at an end for many a day

July 4 Sunday 1915
Quiet day feeling better Col Ainsworth of Salvation Army England spoke to us.
Went into Cairo for couple of hours walked back feeling tired.
Posted letters home& to Major Fuller re my letters.

July 5 Monday 1915
Another sultry hot day got a cough that hurts me. Swelling of the glands at pit of stomach.
Ladies brought around jellies cigarrettes etc.

[Page 59]
July 6 Tuesday 1915
Spoke to Dr re getting light work somewhere. He said I was not well enough yet
Went to Cairo & Maadi saw Victor, went & saw Capt Obrien
Returned to Hospital 8. 30 PM
Rode from Bab el Douk in Ambulance waggon

July 7 Wednesday 1915
Lying quiet in bed today feeling unwell.

July 8 Thursday 1915
Feeling better today went into Cairo saw Staff Officer re position in Post Office. Was booked to start work on Saturday morning
Sent note to Major C. D. Fuller by W. J. Wecker A. M. C. who is leaving for Dardinelles tomorrow

July 9 Friday 1915
Left hospital at 3. 30 PM after getting my clothes, & discharge. Have arranged to go for a few days to Post Office to assist with work there. Have to report myself to Luna Park Hospital once a week.

[Page 60]
July 10 Saturday 1915
Started at 9 AM at Post Office writing in the names of the wounded men & their addresses worked till 3. 30 PM
Went and got valise from Victor

During this month & part of August the natives celebrate a religious custom by fasting between the hours of 4 AM to 8 PM daily. During these hours very little work is done and the time is occupied by sleeping. After the hour of 8PM they are allowed to eat as much as they like, till the early hours of the morning, when again they fast. After this month expires, there is proclaimed 3 days holiday, when the natives clothe themselves & their wives & children in their very best attire and parade the streets, eating drinking and making merry. The sight is one never to be forgotten for the different colors & the flags all blending together to make the scene a very gay one. Even little children come out in silk and satin & the colors are like the rainbow. Cannons are fired, & everything is done to proclaim the days of fasting are ended.

July 11 Sunday 1915
This morning after Breakfast - went to hear Rev. Philpot in M. church after lunch went to Russell Soldiers Home.
Major Stephen of Imperial Army spoke to us (it was good)
Had tea with Miss Michell & helped with service afterwards arrived back to Boarding House 9. 30 PM very tired

July 12 Monday 1915
Working all day at Post Office work very light hope I can stick to it for a while

[Page 61]
July 13 Tuesday 1915
Working all day in Post Office had no Breakfast feel better with 2 meals a day
Wrote and posted letter home to Maude.

July 14 Wednesday 1915
Went out this morning to Luna Park for to be examined by Dr. He gave me a tonic returned to work 11. 30 AM
Feeling little better today

July 15 Thursday 1915
Sorting letters all day.

The "Wassa"or the low & immoral portion of Cairo was the scene of another disgraceful piece of work organized by some of our noble soldiers. A rumor was spread abroad that a soldier was robbed by one of the women & in consequence vengeance was the order of the day. Fires were lit in a number of the buildings & furniture was thrown from high windows & balconys & for a time one could imagine hell was let loose

July 16 Friday 1915
Working all day today sorting out letters.

It is not generally know that large numbers of Australian as well as Tommies are suffering from Venerial Disease of one sort or another. A Dr assistant told me that many a life had to be smothered in the hospital because nothing could be done with the sufferer, & the cruel part is that even should some recover the individual carry the germ for many years & of course others are made to suffer.

[Page 62]
July 17 Saturday 1915
Worked till 12 AM knocked off – resting all afternoon not feeling too well

One feature about these Oriential Parts is that the natives do most of their work quite in the open before the Public’s eye. Bread is baked in ovens, build right near the footpath, & any one can watch the process from the commencement. The disadvantage is of course the Dust & Dirt mixing with the Dough. The Bread is made up into small sausages shape half or whole circles & is baked thoroughly. There is always a slight sour taste, more especially when the loaves are made up in larger bulk. However it is very well cooked & one gets to like it. Leverts are made also "while you wait"& it is very common to see the natives mixing up & boiling the ingredients on the footpath, in boilers. Primus Stoves are mostly used as means of getting heat. Young corn- it is most common to see the principal consumers, natives, sitting over a small oven & roasting the Young Corn, & even well dressed people are soon buying & eating the grain.

July 18 Sunday 1915
Went to hear Prespertian Minister 9. 30 AM
Spent afternoon & evening at the Russell Soldiers Home
Posted letter home to M

July 19 Monday 1915
Only worked for 2 hours had to leave & return to Hospital went to bed feeling unwell
Wrote to Corp Grice telling him that I was back in Hospital

[Page 63]
July 20 Tuesday 1915
Not feeling too well- suffering from Piles a good deal

There are in Alexandra some very large & well stocked shops such as "Steins"Davies, Bryan, but the vast mass of business is transacted in very small, & most insignificant places. Taking an ordinary public street, which is very narrow, you find a connecting link of shops, carrying every conceivable article, that Human Beings require.

July 21 Wednesday 1915
Parade of all patients before a Col Dr. this afternoon He has put me down for further inquiry

July 22 Thursday 1915
Still much the same feeling very weak

One can start with a Barber, & get a general clean up for 5 paistres, Haircut, Shower & brush down; next door you find comfortable quarters to sit, whilst your boots & leggings are cleaned & your laces changed. This costs 1 piastre. The next shop is a refreshment place, where Coffee, Tea & in fact a good round light meal may be had for 2 or 3 piastres. A Tailors shop comes next, then a Laundry, & a baker’s shop. A curio shop. a Tobacconists, together with a Beer house may be found connected with the rest like a watch chain.

July 23 Friday 1915
Not much changed cannot eat at all well, in fact nothing agrees with me

All postal workers are provided with accomodation & food, as near to the office as possible. The military call tender to provide a certain number of men with food. In Cairo the price per head was 3 piastres per meal per man & the people in Alexandra demand 4 piastres. The meals at Cairo was in every way superior to Alexandra

[Page 64]
July 24 Saturday 1915
Feeling little better piles not so bad
12th A L H just arrived from Australia
Lieu Robson transport officer & Quarter master of the 6th A. L. H. Reg.
Killed at Anzac Cove.
Sergt Sestilian also killed, this man had a very narrow escape a short time back whilst lying in his dugout- a large piece of broken shell hit him on the back making a terrible bruise. If the piece had come edge ways it would have cut him in half. Poor fellow he was well liked, & had a smile for everybody.

July 25 Sunday 1915
Not too well today Food of any sort hard to digest very unwell tonight
Got some ointments from chemist & constantly rubbed it on Piles, also bathed them well with hot water. This formenting sent them away

July 26 Monday 1915
Feeling a little better today can eat only very soft food
[ Map of Dardenelles drawn – not copied]

[Page 65]
July 27 Tuesday 1915
Working all day feeling better
The Dr talked of cutting the piles out but after seeing how other men suffered after the operation I decided to leave mine.
The operation is simple enough but the pain & discomfort afterwards is terrible.

July 28 Wednesday 1915
Working at Post Office all day feeling better, went to Maadi & saw Post Master re letters & Captain Arthur re kit bag returned 9. 30 PM tired.

July 29 Thursday 1915
Working all day at P. O. feeling weak & sick

The Square at Alexandra is the centre of the best shops & warehouses in the city. Shaded with palms & different shrubs, together with bright red flowers the whole blends very well with the pale grey buildings surrounding it. The old Sultan occupied a prominent position in centre on Horseback.

Working at PO all day not feeling too bright.

The square is filled to the overflowing each evening with all conditions of society. It is a gay spot, & everyone is out to make the very best of life. The children revel in their games & the older folks are bent on enjoying everything that comes along. It is a scene once seen never forgotten.

[Page 66]
July 31 Saturday 1915
Working till 3 PM sorting all day feeling little better

Trams: The Trams in Alexandra are inferior in comfort & running to our Brisbane Service. Some are Double Deckers, but the discomfort of getting up & the low roof, then the extra vibration is much against this build. The Tram lines are laid with as many curves & corners that the passenger is heaved from one side to the other & is in constant dread of being at times thrown out. In starting the whole thing goes off with a jerk, & it is quite a balancing feat to keep oneself from being sent into the corner.

August 1 Sunday 1915
Went to hear Pres Minister in morning & after dinner walked round to Russell Soldiers Home had a light tea there then went to hear Methodist chaplain at night.

August 2 Monday 1915
Packing up all day & taking mail & kit to station went & said goodbye to Victor Convas & the friends in the Russell Soldiers Home. Feeling better.

[Page 67]
August 3 Tuesday 1915
Left Cairo by 7. 30 AM train with the party under Col. Grice for Alexandra. Arrived here 12 AM staying at Hotel-de-Rome near the Square. The Post Office is only 5 minutes walk & the ocean the same distance. Went to Thos Cook's re kit bag, also to Mustapha Barracks. Had tea 6 PM worked from 7 PM to 8. 30 PM
Feeling very tired

August 4 Wednesday 1915
Working today feeling much better
Hours of work 8. 30 AM till 12. 30 PM, 2. 30 PM till 5. 30 PM, 7 PM to 8. 30 PM.

August 5 Thursday 1915
Worked all day feeling well
After work tonight I walked around the principal streets of Alexandra. Weather is beautifully cool.

August 6 Friday 1915
Walked round at 7 PM to Eastern Telegraph Comp, & sent cablegram to Maude. "Birthday greetings love"worked all day feeling well
General – came & inspected post office today

[Page 68]
August 7 Saturday 1915
Working all day feeling much stronger, met Sgt Long & was told that Lieu Robson was killed on 24th Jul. Poor old "Robbie"the last last words he said to me before leaving, was "God bless you my boy"I hope you will soon get well. Little did we think that would be the last handshake on Earth. He was a "true man"so fond of home & wife & little ones. His face shone as he spoke of the happy times of the past & he looked forward to meet those he loved again. I am reminded of the text

One shall be taken & the other left.

Went to Thos Cooks & Sons got kit bag from Major Fullers valise

August 8 Sunday 1915
Went to "Scots Church"both Morning & evening Rev Mackie preached.
Morning service 10. 30 AM fairly well attended Text "I saw a New Heaven & Earth "
Night service was packed with soldiers & civilians. The singing very hearty, a military choir of men.
Text men in biblical history who won the V. C. & D. C. M. very interesting.

August 9 Monday 1915
Posted letters to Maude & Harry also Miss Mitchell of the Russell Soldiers Home.
Working all day feeling stronger news of severe fighting at the Dardinelles within past few days.

[Page 69]
got a letter dated 2nd May from Dad
August 10 Tuesday 1915
Working all day feeling well.
A walk each morning along the Breakwater before breakfast is an exercise every man should take. It is very interesting to watch the sea rolling in & dashing against the stone wall, sending spray high in the air, & drenching any one likely to be walking even on the footpath. This breakwater is very necessary around Alexandra as the land is almost under sea level & the great Wall of Cement is the only protection, against the whole city being washed away.

August 11 Wednesday 1915
Working all day, feeling well.
News received of a General Advance at the Dardinelles. Many casualities anxiously waiting to hear how the 6th Reg. fared.
Net fishing over the breakwater is a most exciting experience. The natives have to contend with the back wash & though the water is not deep, the force of the waves drive the natives out & keeps them not only wet but in agony lest the fish should escape whilst they struggle to pick them from the net. The fish here are very sweet & lovely to eat.

August 12 Thursday 1915
Working all day feeling well.
The Australian Base Post Office
Palais Chrystal
Rue Champolion
Nearly opposite the Majestic Hotel Telephone No 910

August 13 Friday 1915
Feeling better today. work becomes a pleasure when one is fit.
Went to Base Stationary Depot for Envelopes.
Posted letter to Harry today

Why are we Fighting. It is for our property; it is for our liberty; it is for our independence, nay, it is for our very existence, as a nation. It is for our character; it is for our very name as Englishmen; it is for everything Dear & valuable to men on this side of the Grave.

[Page 70]
August 14 Saturday 1915
A large number of soldiers just passed by bound for the Dardinelles. We hear there is a good deal of fighting over there now: The Turks are making a stubborn resistance. All the 6th ALH Regiment have left for the front under Capt Obrien except the transport Drivers. The looking after the horses & camp is done by the reinforcements.

A cablegram just to hand for a Major who recently was over in Gallipolli fighting, but now in Alexander lying at the point of death owing to a bullet passing through his head. This cable is from a mother in Australia, thanking him from the bottom of her heart for the full information sent as to how her boy died & was laid to rest. The poor major will never it is feared realize how a mother appreciates his kindness, for soon after he was hit & lies unconscious. We have to hold all such communication & many are the letters & cablegrams which tell of acts of kindness, which the world never knows.

Worked back tonight so as to get Sunday off.

August 15 Sunday 1915
Went to "Scots"Church this morning subject, Crossbearing & Obedience.
After dinner went out to Noosa Gardens which is combined with Zoo. The whole arrangement is most pleasing to the eye. The wealth of the foliage is beyond description. The zoo is on a very small scale & scattered over the gardens. Water can be secured for the plants & vegetables in abundance as the canal is close by.
I met in the tram one of the men who has been driving an Air o plane over the Dardinelles since 28th March, taking observations, & throwing bombs in enemy trenches. His name is "Varley"nephew of Henry Varley the Great Evangilist. He is on 10 day leave, & gave me a most vivid picture of the positions now held by us.
Went to Scots Church tonight English Wesleyan Minister Preached, gave splendid address on "The Beauty of the Lord"

August 16 Monday 1915
Working all day. Received a letter from M. dated 4th July (all well)
Worked back late tonight to get the Books straight.
Coporal Grice went up to Cairo on Business today

[Page 71]
August 17 Saturday 1915
Posted letter Home. Working all day.
The Natives have a loving regard for our Prickly Pear. They so care for the plant that is not only grows to a Great Height, but the fruit is as large as a Quince. I wondered what the people of all shades & position stood around different carts standing in the streets & swallowed as fast as the Hawker could manage, Fruit rich and Lusious, & thoroughly enjoyed by all, until I found it to be the Fruit of the Pear. The hawker stands at his cart & rapidly peels the outer skin as the buyer swallows the fruit.

August 18 Wednesday 1915
Working all day. Heard a rumor that the Post Office Staff would be transferred to England in a few weeks. Corporal Grice returned from Cairo, also the Staff connected with the wounded parcels.
Received another letter from Home dated the 11th July "alls well"thank god.
It is just lovely to walk along the breakwater after sun set for an hour or two, the cool ocean breeze gives one an appetite. I like to have a drink of boiling milk after the walk. 1 piastre per glass.

August 19 Thursday 1915
Received letter from Victor Convas. Working all day. Plenty to keep one going, as long lists of wounded are arriving from hospitals.

Among the many sad letters that we look at during our day, sorting, one particularly came under my notice. A young woman in Victoria had been ruined by one of the soldiers now at the front, & after waiting some time for a letter &receiving none she wrote one of the most hardened & awful worded notes to him, that a woman could put together. It made me shiver to think that a woman could put in words, the dreadful things the letter contained. Doubtless the man deserved it all.
August 20 Friday 1915
Working all day today feeling better & stronger. Another batch of men off to the front today. Just heard that Dr Verge of the 6th Regiment is in 17 Gen Hosp suffering from Dysentry. A large number of men who are convalescent are being sent to Lemnos Island to clear the Hospitals & Homes here, & Cairo, for further wounded.

[Page 72]
August 21 Saturday 1915
Working all day. preparing for a lot of wounded mail to return
It is reported that a large number of Australian mail bags were destroyed by shrapnel striking the lighter at Anzac Cove. It seems that the mail was fresh direct from Australia, & in consequence the loss will be great. It is remarkable the few losses sustained at that spot, for there is a regular fall of shells throughout the day at boats coming close to the shore. When the shrapnel bursts in the air Fleesy white smoke issues from the shell & floats about for quite a time before dispersing. The Pellets scatter not anyhow, but are thrown forward something like 500 yds. The shell itself nearly always fall to the ground dead, & thousands could be seen lying about the Hills. Some soldiers collect the cases & give them to the navy men in return for bread etc. Unexploded shells are often found & I know of one instance of a man trying to unscrew the top of one of these when it exploded, & blew him to bits.
There are at present in Alexandra a company of artillery men with very heavy guns waiting to go to the Dardinelles but at present no way can be found to unload & land these guns on account of their size.

August 22 Sunday 1915
Went to church this morning. Have been reported for not going to work. Will have to face the O. C. tomorrow.
Went out with Corp Grice to Ramely by tram, we ran along the beach most of the time. The trip was a beautiful one through avenues of trees & Date Palms. One can see hospitals all along the line with soldiers of all nations quartered. I went with a friend to church Trooper Pethard who is a Methodist & comes from Victoria. The church was full.

August 23 Monday 1915
Working all day. A number of the men had half holiday today.
News been received of another "Dreadnought"of the Germans being sunk by a Russian man-of-war.
Posted letters home to Maude & Mother.
It is peculiar to see the kerosine carts driving about the streets, distributing kerosine to householders as though it were milk, in fact the occupants of the householdes can simply order anything from a cup of coffee to a suite of furniture & it is immediately brought for ones approval or otherwise.

[Page 73]
August 24 Tuesday 1915
Received letter from Home 20th June. Must have been returned from the front.
Working all day. Heavy lists of wounded coming in, Have heard that Major Logan of Laidley is killed.
Went for tram ride after work to Ras-el-Tin Con Home for soldiers, right on the point of perninuslar, overlooking the Ocean, It is a beautiful spot & very near the Sultan's residence.

August 25 Wednesday 1915
Working all day. More heavy lists of wounded coming in, but so far very few letters arriving for the wounded. It is pathetic to read the different letters from the men pleading for letters from home. Again we hold a big stack of letters for men whose address, we can never find.

August 26 Thursday 1915
Working all day. The Australian Mail has arrived & will be distributed tomorrow. It was a sight worth seeing this afternoon when a number of men just returned from England came for their letters. They had received none since they were wounded in April & on getting the bundle that had accumulated they sat on the floor of the office & devoured the contents of their mail. We were all to find the address of 3 men & sent out 250 letters that had been lying in wait for owners.

August 27 Friday 1915
Lieut Cunningham O. C. the A B. Depot here leaves for Cairo where a meeting is being held in connection with Post Office work here. Received a letter from Mother dated June 11th telling me Ewart was working at Littler's, had left Army Remount Depot. Posted some cards to Maude today.

[Page 74]
August 28 Saturday 1915
Working all day. Heavy Australian & English mail in.
Williams one of the Parcel sorters dispensed with today.
Went round & interviewed Capt Fitzgerald re my pay.
Wrote home to Maude.

August 29 Sunday 1915
Went this afternoon to see Capt Verge our Dr of the 6th, who is in 17 Gen Hosp suffering from dysentery. From a broad shouldered, thick set man he has come down to a skeleton. Also met Lieut Huxtable of the 6th who is returning to the front on Monday by the "Southport"from 45 warf, He has been to Cyprus for 5 weeks suffering from shellshock to the drums of his ears. They tell me poor old "Robbo"was struck with a piece of shell near the shoulder which penetrated right down to his stomach. He died in a few minutes(I have written to his wife).
Received a newsy letter from Miss Mitchell of Cairo who is in charge of the Russell Soldiers Home) Went to church tonight 6. 15 Rev Mackie preached. Early to bed as I felt tired (cold coming on and sore throat)
The "City"contains at present many soldiers of all nations. The French wear Karki with red sashes, very broad around their waists with red wollen round caps soft, & can be drawn down over the ears.
Went to work from 6 to 8 AM. Service at 10. 30 AM Rev Mackie DD preached. Splendid address. The leaves of this tree shall for the healing of the nations. He spoke to the children on "rivers"The Nile commenced by the winds of the Indian Ocean driving the vapour onto the mountains at the source of the Nile in the form of snow which evaporates, sending forth rivulets of water which form high lakes which find an entrance, then forcing its way through; until it meets it sister stream one called the Blue & the other the White Nile. When both streams meet the water is broad & deep, & to raise its level engineers have built the Barrage"layer cement works across the stream, which considerably increased the depth.

August 30 Monday 1915
Taking washing to laundry cost me 10 per week for my washing. Have written to Major Fuller & am sending letter by Lieu Huxtable. (The weather is getting much cooler now here)
Lieu Huxtable left for Dardinelles by the "Southport"from 45 Dock at noon today. went on guard at 12. 30 PM to 12. 30 PM tomorrow with Watkins. Pethard arrived back from Port Said today, having had 24 hours holiday. He says English money is used in Pt Said in preference to Egyptian.

[Page 75]
August 31 Tuesday 1915
Working all day. Was on guard till lunch time. It is remarkable the number of telegrams & cablegrams that arrive here for wounded men. The trouble is that we do not know how to find their address without their unit or number. people persist in sending letters parcels & cablgrams over here, & often neglect to put the unit to which the individual belongs, & we simply have to return the mail to Australia as "insufficiently addressed. "The man's name is not so important as the regiment or battalion, to which he belongs, & he has every chance of receiving his letter if these particulars are remembered

Sept. 1 Wednesday 1915
Very heavy heap of letters arrived, asking for parcels etc. It takes me all day to read the different letter & register the man's name & address in the Book. Just found out that a number of the men on the Staff, are suffering from Gonerear, they have now at night to go to a medical man & be operated upon, otherwise their condition would become known. One would think that men here would restrain from going with Bad Women, after seeing their mates in such agony & torture, but it is all taken as a huge joke.

Posted a letter to Mrs Robson
Sept. 2 Thursday 1915
Very heavy list from men & hospitals arrived, have to work early & late. On taking my early morning walk I passed an ambulance waggon loaded with nurses returning from their night duties in one of the hospitals. It is usual to to find our sisters bright & pretty & fresh but these poor girls seem to have had a heavy nights work, for they were simply done up. Some were lying on others & one or two seemed fast asleep sitting up. If ever I see the Kingdon of Heaven I feel certain that my eyes will look upon many sisters I have met here below.

Sept. 3 Friday 1915
Working hard all day registering the names of wounded & sick. Poor little Watkins had to go to Mustapha Con Home to rest as the wound was troubling him. Brave lad only 18, was in the thick of it for 6 weeks & received 3 bullet holes. Part of his testicles were blown away & a hole bored through the thigh & out of his rump. He tells us of the bayonet charge & how a big Turk came on him & he thrust the steel through the fellows eyes into the brain. I felt so sorry afterwards, the lad said, what a pity men are born to kill one another

[Page 76]
Sept. 4 Saturday 1915
More troops off to the Front today. There is "no send off"here for the men they just [indecipherable] away like the "shadow". Just met one of the 6th L H chaps who tells me of the death of – Will Lang, the [indecipherable] in charge of the machine gun section. He was a tall good looking young fellow – with plenty of energy & grit every body liked him, & we have lost a true & faithful soldier in him. I hear Col Harris was killed whilst observing the bullet entering at the cheek & coming out of the top of his head. (Will Lang died the 13th of August)

A large number of our fellows are being sent to Malta for treatment. I hear that owing to the very Rocky nature of the ground there, the authorities are compelled to bury the Dead at sea. There is one grave into which the corpse is laid & the service is read & the last post is sounded, after which in the quiet of the night – the body is taken away to sea & buried there. So the one grave is used for one & all who breathe their last on that far off island. Well after all it matters little, so long as the soul is at rest.

Sept. 5 Sunday 1915
Had to work this morning at P. O. went out to see Watkins in Hosp Mustapha Con Home. Wrote to Maude (received 2 letters from home dated 18 & 25 July. ) Went to church to night Rev Mackie preach3ed. Communion after the service. A large number of soldiers stayed behind. It was an inspiring sight. Had the pleasure of meeting Rev Lundie from Toowoomba We had a nice talk together, he is at No 17 Gen Hosp, as Chaplain, I like to go to this place of worship, it is so homely & nice.

Sept. 6 Monday 1915
Working all day. Still much behind with the work. Men are going off sick & of course more work falls on those left behind. Post 2 letters Maude one containing Post cards & clips etc.

The Pres church is a double story building the ground floor being used by the ladies as a Recreation room & refreshment room for soldiers. Each night this place is open for those who wish to attend. The upper portion of the building is the place of worship. One has to climb 2 flights of steps. The organ & choir is at the back of the building, & the seating accomodation is similar to our ordinary city churches.

[Page 77]
Received 2 letters together from Will & Mother-very old.
Received letter today from Home dated 1-8-15

Sept. 7 Tuesday 1915
Quite a change in weather today cool & strong wind from the sea. Went out after tea to the hospital to see young Watkins, & took him some letters from home. 6 New men taken on the staff today as the work is much heavier. Will Pethard & I went to interview Major Weddell of the 7 Batt as to how W. P. could get over to the front again. I have strongly persuaded our friend not to go, but he insists that it is his duty so, Major Waddell is going to recommend him, though we all think he has done his duty there, & is doing it hard.

Sept. 8 Wednesday 1915
Working all day. To get up with the lists at hand. We go back till about 9PM at night Cpl Banks discharged, & for refusing to obey an order was put into the "Main Guard"
Capt Verge Dr of the 6th Rgt died at 19 Gen Hosp today. He was a young man in the prime of life, & had a golden future before him, but strong drink was his downfall, He comes from Kempsey NS Wales, & had plenty of this Worlds Goods.

Took washing to laundry
Sept. 9 Thursday 1915
Heavy wind blowing the sea breaking over the breakwater with much force. The spray is driven over a wide street
About this date I saw shell that Pethard said was taken from sack Wrapper.

Sept. 10 Friday 1915
Heavy lists in, & work getting behind. Spoke plainly this afternoon about the slackness of the men & others are being put on in the clerks place tomorrow. Women & beer seem to be the one topic of these men.

[Page 78]
Sept. 11 Saturday 1915
Working all day. The new clerks did well today, & a good deal of work was put through. The parcel department has grown so large that another building had to be secured this week

How papers are distributed to the natives for selling
Outside the paper office "Egyptian Gazette"or the "Times of Egypt"one can see a large crowd of paper boys waiting for the doors of the office to open & the papers handed out to each for distribution. As the large doors are pushed back, you see coming like a lot of wild beasts black men carrying large bundles of papers. The rush is terrific, for each man wants to get away first & those carrying the bundles are closely followed by the boys. As they tare along the street papers are handed out with the greatest rapidity & the noise & bustle can be heard a long distance away. The papers are of very little real value after all & the money is better in ones pocket. We find the news is not at all reliable & local news is of little interest to us.

Sept. 12 Sunday 1915
Had to work till dinner time, went out to see Watkins at Mustaphoo, took him his pay. & some papers to read. Took another tram, & went out to 19 Gen Hosp to see Major Oatley. He told me Major Fuller had gone to England suffering from Bronchitis. Arrived back to hotel 4. 30 PM, wrote to Major Fuller after tea, went to church with Pethard splendid service barely attended. Went round to Y. M. C. A. to another evangelistic service. Many soldiers were present, & the building will be most useful as a home for the men in this city.

Sept. 13 Monday 1915
Working all day. Just heard that Lieu Huxtable who left Alexandra 30th August for Dardinelles, was on the "Southend"when she was topordoed off Lemnos Island a day or two later. About 25 were drowned, owing to their jumping overboard. The Col in charge died of heart failure. The boat contained a large number of troops for the front.

[Page 79]
Sept. 14 Tuesday 1915
Started to work at 6 AM till 8. 30 AM off till 12 AM work till 2. 30 PM. Off till 5. 30P. M. work till 7. 30 p. m. This arrangement is brought into force owing to the sorters using the same books as the clerks, & in consequence there is always a good deal of clashing. It is stated that the 1st Australian Division is resting at Lemnos Island for a short time. I see Lieu Horden is over here on sick leave in fact all our officers have had a turn of sickness since arriving.

Sept. 15 Wednesday 1915
Continued the same hours today am able to take long walks about Alexandra during off hours.
Cross the letter sorter got drunk & abusive & was sent to main Guard under arrest. To be tried on Saturday at Mustapha Base.

Sept;. 16 Thursday 1915
Working same hours. Shifted from Hotel de Roma this morning to the contractor who catered for us at camp. The position is more central & the flat is a beautiful one overlooking the Square- Statue, The meals are excellent & the large airy rooms are fit for the best to live in. The contract price is 28/- per week for each man, this includes sleeping accomodation as well. The contractor has to pay £5 per week rent for the flat, & take it on 3 months lease

Sept. 17 Friday 1915
Working early hours.
Went out this afternoon to Mustapha with Watkins pay.
After work tonight Pethard & I went for walk.

[Page 80]
Sept. 18 Saturday 1915
Working all day. The sorter who got drunk & insulted Cpl Grice got 28 day CB at Abbassa.
Received parcel from Maude today everyting came to hand in 1st classs condition. 1 Pair socks, 4 tins tobacco 1 pipe, colored K chiefs, 1 tin lollies.
Was issued with 1 suit of kharki clothes, 1 razor, 2 towels, 1 holdall, 1 pair boots, 1 pair braces, today
Dick Pladell says about this date the mail bag was taken up to Cooks Agency & registered under the name of Thomas.

Sept. 19 Sunday 1915
On Guard from 12. 30 today till 12. 30 Monday. at Post Office.
Went to Scots church with Pethard both morning and night. Afternoon spent in writing up a detail account of my doings from leaving Australia.

Sept. 20 Monday 1915
Working all day.
Posted letter to Maude & Harry

[Page 81]
Sept. 21 Tuesday 1915
Working all day. Had some washing done.

Sept. 22 Wednesday 1915
Working all day.
Thorpe and one of the clerks left tonight to join a regiment for the front. Also Little who is suffering from a veneral Desease discharged from Post Office, & sent to Base Mustapha.
Pay day I drew 7/- or 34½ piastres for the 1st time since leaving Australia.

Sept. 23 Thursday 1915
More new hands put on at Post Office this morning.
Went out this afternoon to see Watkins at Con Home Mustapha took his pay out 43 piastres. Very windy. Saw a number of prisoners who are sentenced to 1-2 & 3 years imprisonment for refusing to go back to the firing line & insulting officers.

Sept. 24 Friday 1915
Working all day

[Page 82]
Sept. 25 Saturday 1915
Working all day. Heavy lists coming in again from different hospitals. Sheppard one of the Staff leaves today for Base Mustapha where he will prepare for the front.
Saw Shell on Grices dressing table similar to one taken from office.

Sept. 26 Sunday 1915
Worked from 6 to 8. 30 knocked off for the day went to Church with Will Pethard both morning & night – afternoon spent in taking Watkins out to Noosa Park. We both enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
After church at night went round to Y. M. C. A. & heard Rev Watson preach. He spoke simply & yet with great force on resolutions. It was a fine address to men.

Sept. 27 Monday 1915
Wrote home to Maude also to Miss Sarginson of W Maitland re papers books etc sent.
Received 2 letters from Maude dated 15 & 22nd August also one from Mother & Mr Palethorpe.

[Page 83]
Sept. 28 Tuesday 1915
Replyed to Mr Palethorpes letter also Mothers.
We hear that a postal staff is coming direct from Australia to work the Office here. They are on their way.

Sept. 29 Wednesday 1915
Another mail went out today sent Maude short note.
One of our chaps was caught out after hours tonight, but broke away from the Guard & ran for his life. He got rid of His pursuers & arrived back to his room knocked out.

Sept. 30 Thursday 1915
Working as usual

Oct. 1 Friday 1915
Working all day went out to see young Watkins, He is leaving the hospital this evening.
15000 Greeks marched through Alexandra to embark for Greece. Great excitement.
The procession was a very plain one, a little music, but no military look about it. All were dressed in civilian clothes, & walked along in an easy way.

[Page 84]
Oct. 2 Satuirday 1915
Received letter from Maude dated 23rd May. In it reference was made to having received the different parcels & P. cards.
Not feeling too well today.
Went with Dick Playdell to pictures tonight.

There is a pretty spot in one of the parks here, & in the centre there is a long narrow strip of water which is full of lovely gold fish. It is a rare sight to watch the pretty creatures darting about after food. There are also a large number of ducks & geese swimming about & people fed them with all sort of dainties.

Just heard that Capt. Richardson of the 6th ALH has been killed at the Front. He was a quiet man very anxious to do his duty, & was liked generally.

Oct. 3 Sunday 1915
Worked from 6 AM to 8. 30 AM. Went to church both morning & night.
Sacrements at both services. A large number of soldiers stayed to the night’s after meeting.
In the afternoon I went for long walk through the different gardens & a large cemetary. It appear to be the custom to place the shoes of the dead on top of the grave.

Oct. 4 Monday 19115
The monuments are very beautiful & in many cases the full sized portait of the deceased is enclosed in a glass house on top of vault.
Monday worked all day went to hear Dr. Jays lecture tonight on "Veneral diseases"It was hightly instructive & the different points he drove home will stay with us all through our life.
The Y. M. C. A. here is certainly doing much to help the young fellows to live right & the rooms are very comfortable & clean.

[Page 85]
Oct. 5 Tuesday 1915

Another big Aus mail in every one working at high pressure, Also a larger quantity of wounded mail from the Dardinelles.
We do not seem to be able to cope with the work. It is growing so fast.

Oct. 6 Wednesday 1915
Pay day drew 7/- starting to put away as much as possible to send some Xmas presents home.
Went to midweek prayer meeting in Scots Church. It was just what is needed here - those present quite enjoyed the time spent.

Oct. 7 Thursday 1915
Working all day, had a long walk through the By Streets & lanes of Alexandra. The narrow streets simply swarm with humanity & one wonders how in years to come they are going to exist. Spent an hour or two watching the cargo boats being loaded with sundries for the Dardinelles. The warf is filled with every article one can think of for the comfort & protection of the soldiers.

Oct. 8 Friday 1915
On Guard to day from 12. 30 P. M. to 12. 30 tomorrow.
Wrote a note to Misss Nellie Gillespie,Outtrim Victoria Aus in thanks for papers.
Also to Maude & Harry.

[Page 86]
Oct. 9 Saturday 1915
Working all day
After work I went down to Quay & saw Tommies disembarking,& hospital ship unloading her human freight.
A large body of Artillery went away today. The scene of the warf is a sight worth beholding. The large quantities of necessaries for the troops. Warm clothes for the winter & many months supply of rations stacked everywhere. The organization for the welfare of the men is excellent & the A. S. C. C. is one of the most useful in this war. Every preparation is being made for a long winter at the front, & large steamers are continually carrying tons of food etc from here to the Dardinelles.

Oct. 10 Sunday 1915
Went for swim in the ocean with Pethard & Watkins & Gower at 6 AM it was lovely.
Church at 10. 30 AM Children service the little ones brought lovely flowers for the wounded & also had their prizes handed to them by the Minister.
Went to office for 2 or three hours today as the work is getting heavy.
Night service largely attended. Met Pardre from the 7th ALH Capt Miller He is returning to Australia after an attack of Interic Fever.
Went after church to hear Rev Watson YMCA speak on the strongest man known.

Oct. 11 Monday 1915
Posted letters home also paper
Went round to 3rd Echelon for Major Fullers address, Wrote him re my transfer. Received letter from Maude dated 6th June, also one from Harry.
Went out this afternoon & saw Lieu Drummond 17 Gen. He is bashed about by a shell but is bright & cheerful. Stayed with him all the evening.

[Page 87]
Oct. 12 Tuesday 1915
After work went for a long walk around Ras el-Tin,& saw the police drilling. They take their business very seriously & both officers & men look very well, as they drill in a public square. This part is noted for the boat building trade that is carried out, & one can watch the small & large boats being constructed in a very workmanlike manner.

Oct. 13. Wednesday 1915
The march past of the Egyptian Lancers & Infantry was splendid. They were headed by a Mounted Band all riding Grey Horses. They certainly were brought up to a high state of discipline & effiecency. The horses belonging to the Mounted Yroops are well kept, & too much praise cannot be given to these fine fellows.
Pay day today 7/- received
Lieu Cunningham gone to Pt Said on business

Oct. 14,Thursday 1915
Everything working at high pressure owing to the number of wounded letters & lists coming in.
went for a walk with Dick Playdell this evening to see the place where our poor fellows are buried. Large trenches are dug & the bodies laid side by side whilst some beautiful stones are being erected now over some of the favourite ones. Officers are kept apart & have separate graves.

Oct. 15,Friday 1915
still working hard with a new lot of books, but cannot catch up with the lists as they arrive.

[Page 88]
Oct. 16 Saturday 1915
Working all day
It's always interesting to see the care & attention bestowed upon the Sultan as He travels about. He generally rides about in a motor & right ahead are first to be seen native police on motor bikes clearing the way. All traffic has to pull aside & the people stand on the side walks with raised hats whilst the Sultan passes. Behind the motor are a number of police on bikes guarding the rear & the same in front. He is a very thin faced individual & stares straight ahead. The procession passes so rapidly that one can hardly get a chance of getting a look.

Oct. 17 Sunday 1915
working till 8. 30 am, went to church both morning & night. Went out in afternoon to see Lieu Drummond at 17 Gen Hosp.

Oct. 18 Monday 1915
Working all day
Wrote home to Maude & Harry sent some post cards to H
Went for long walk this evening.

[Page 87]
Oct. 19 Tuesday 1915
Working all; day. Aus mail closed. 2000 bags of Aus mail arrived
Cpl Grice to report to Provo Marshal to answer charge of selling new papers belonging to the BPO
D. Playdell & I went for long walk
The Sultan passed by today.

Oct. 20 Wednesday 1915
no pay today on account of Bank Holiday. Grice up all before the Pro Marshall re selling Post Office papers. Adjourned. Laid a complaint to P. M. re stealing etc.
Went to Prayer meeting tonight & also to Y. M. C. A. lecture.

19th Grice to report Pro Martial for disposing of papers.

20th reported to P. M. Stealing
saw Shell about the date in Grices Room.

[Page 90]
Oct. 21 Thursday 1915
P. M. came & interviewed Grice & O. C. after which Grice was arrested & taken to Mustapha. He was let out tonight on Bail.
Went to hear a lecture on the Bible in many lands it was very interesting.

Oct. 22 Friday 1915
Working as usual P. M. came & interviewed the O. C. again re Grice nothing definite done yet with him.
Lieut Cunningham went to Cairo today.

[Page 91]
Oct. 23 Saturday 1915

Working as usual, after work Lieut Playdell & I went for long walk.
Got some post cards for Harry wrote Home to Maude & Harry,

Oct. 24 Sunday 1915
Church both morning & night
Afternoon went to 17 Gen Hosp to see Lieu Drummond.
This morning at 6 AM went for a swim with Pethard &Watkins.
After Service went to Y. M. C. A. to hear Chaplain Green speak about temptation. very good address.

Oct 25 Monday 1915
working all day.
Lieu Cunningham returned from Cairo. Went for train ride to Noosa Park with D. Playdell.
Posted letters & Post Cards Home to Maude & Harry.

[Page 92]
Oct. 26 Tuesday 1915
went up to P. M. Bag secured & the net closing in. After work went out to Mustapha with Rev Foley & Dick Playdell for Kit Bag. Met Mr Lamb (Scotchman) from Alexandra Light House. Invited me to got out there on Thursday to see him.

Oct. 27 Wednesday 1915
on guard today from 12. 30 PM to 12. 30 PM tomorrow.
Working all day. Pay 7/-

S. J. Watkins
!st Batt.
94 Exelsior St

Milford told DP & I that Grice took away so many things that he asked him if he intended to start a shop

Oct. 28 Thursday 1915
Working all day commenced at 8. 30AM
Grice taken again to Mustapha by Police. Went & interviewed staff of Police tonight – arranged to see Head man tomorrow – 9 AM at Mustapha. working back tonight. W. O placed me in charge

Oct. 29 Friday 1915
Working at 6 AM
went out at 8. 30 AM to Mustapha made a statement which was put down in writing
Arrangements made to see Pethard, Pladell & Stewart by the staff tonight. Grice pretending to be mad & created quite a sensation tonight.

[Page 93]
Oct. 30 Saturday 1915
working all day. went for swim with Pethard & Watkins this morning early 6 AM.
Grice returned to work this afternoon, The lads made a lot of fun out of his supposed madness.

This morning a number of sisters were in an Ambulance
Waggon driving from the 19th Gen Hosp when in crossing the line a train dashed into them & killed one sister outright & so injured another that she died the same night. The driver was seriously injured.
I went to the funeral on the day following (Sunday) |It was a pathetic sight to see all the nurses in different uniforms marching behind the coffin, besides Dr & Generals, Colonels & a host of others. Rev Watson conducted the service which was most impressive.

Oct. 31 Sunday 1915
Went for swim this morning.
Church both times, after evening service went to Y. M. C. A. for an hour.
Wrote Home to Maude & Harry sent Turkish map. writing book & photo's.
Went out to see Liet Drummond at 17th Gen. He is progressing well
Attended funeral of the late sisters who were killed.

Nov. 1 Monday 1915
Went out early this morning before breakfast to see the staff of police – re further witnesses left a letter for (Sergts Pro)
Working all day
There are large crowds of soldiers pouring in from France today on the road to Sonlonica in Greese enroute to Servia.
The Sultan left for Cairo.

[Page 94]
Nov. 2 Tuesday 1915
went out again to see Provo Marshall re witnesses in connection handed signed statements to (Cpls Pro) with Grice. Reported him to OC this morning re "registered letters"calling Rogers, & Morgan in as witnesses. This afternoon Police came & interviewed O. C. re other matters.
Grice put in close arrest.

Nov. 3 Wednesday 1915
pay day 7/- Went before O. C. to answer questions re Grice.
Milford put in charge of wounded D.
posted letter to D A. A. G re transfer.
Grice reported himself as suffering from Veneral Disease, was taken to Mustapha under close arrest.
Charmers struck Cpl. Healey tonight, & was put under open arrest.
Went to prayer meeting.

No. 4 Thursday 1915
working all day
O. C. sent out for Grice to answer further charges, but He refused to come stating that he was too sick.
arrangements made for D. Playdell & I to work early hours.

Nov. 5 Friday 1915
Started at 6 AM worked till 8. 30 AM Breakfast rested till 12 noon was sent for to sign statement before O. C. & Grice. He was taken back to Mustapha.
Went to work after lunch till 2. 30 Dick & I went for walk.

[Page 95]
Nov. 6 Saturday 1915
Working all day
Went with D Pladell to see the large Breakwater that is being created at Alexandra. The undertaking is an immense one. Blocks of concrete are made in square weighing 45 tons each, & conveyed by rail to their resting place. 8 Blocks are made in a day. Went out to Mona Gardens for Tram ride
"Bacsheech". Had a long walk up the canal, watching the boats laden with coal etc - gliding along.
orders received to go to Mustapha to see DAAG 10. 30 on Monday

Nov. 7 Sunday 1915
no work today wrote a letter of sympathy to Mr Arthur at Plamley. Went to Church Rev. Mackie preached. Afternoon went out & saw Lieu Drummond at 17 Gen H. He told me that our lads had a fight with the Turks on the 4th of Nov no further particulars, Went to church Rev. Merrington was at the service.

Nov. 8 Monday 1915
Worked early in morning, & at 9. 30 AM went out with D. Pladell & Stewart to Mustapha, reported at Aus Adju – office 10. 30 AM, was kept waiting till 2. 30PM before our evidence was taken, arrived back at 5 PM.
Cpl McKoy gave his evidence. Worked till 7. 30PM.
Posted letters to Harry & Maude

[Page 96]
Nov. 9 Tuesday 1915
Gower, Rogers, Pethard, Watkins, Morgan, & Foley with Milford went out at 10 AM & made their statement to the Adju.
My request for leave of absence refused.
Orders came that only 3 men were allowed in a room, so Watkins leaves today.

Nov. 10 Wednesday 1915
Working early this morning.
Pay day 7/-
Went for a long tram ride with D. Pladell
Went to prayer meeting tonight. It was good to hear the Tommies praying, they are so ernest.
Rev. Mackie invited me around to his Home on Sunday afternoon next

Nov. 11 Thursday 1915
To work early this morning.
Went out to see a Hospital Ship unloading sick & wounded.
There is also large forces coming from France here bringing much artillery. A Regiment of Cavalry arrived today.
All around the landing places are Red Cross refreshment rooms where a man can get refreshment for very little. The women folk are very keen here to help in every way.

Nov. 12 Friday 1915
To work early this morning. Bought Maude & Harry a little present.
Was called into WO Office this afternoon & given 2 stripes with is only Temporary until Gazetted.

[Page 97]
Nov. 13 Saturday 1915
Work early this morning. Not feeling too well.
Took washing around went with Dick Pladell for long walk to see
Sick & Wounded being taken off Hospital Ship.

Six charges against Cpl Grice
(1) Disposing of Gov property
(2) Pilfering
(3) Attempting to Bribe Sorters
(4) Unlawfully removing Postal Matter
(5) Selling papers
(6) Concealing Veneral Disease.

Nov. 14 Sunday 1915
Received orders to go to Mustapha tomorrow.
Went to work from 6 AM to 8 AM then to church, this afternoon I went round to Hosp to see Lieu Drummond. He is leaving soon for England.
To Church tonight, met Sergt Pro Police.

Nov. 15 Monday 1915
Went to work early. After breakfast went with 12 others in motor car to Mustapha as witnesses in connection with Cpl Grices case. There is six charges against him. Case was adjourned till 3 PM. Again adjourned till next day 10 AM.
Lieu Cunningham was the 1st witness.
Grice has a lawyer friend to assist him.

[Page 98]
Nov. 16 Tuesday 1915
Went to work at 6 AM. After breakfast went out with other Witnesses to Mustapha. The case started at 10 AM. The "papers"occupied most of the day. Stewart & Playdell & myself were called in & the case was adjourned till 10 AM tomorrow.

Nov. 17 Wednesday 1915
Went to work 6 Am. Went out to Mustapha with other Witnesses Case on all day. Adjourned till 11 AM tomorrow.
Only two charges so far been brought against him 4 more to follow.
Paid tonight 7/-
Went to prayer meeting (spoke)

Nov. 18 Thursday 1915
Went to Mustapha again with other witnesses – all day sitting returned 3. 30 PM. Dick & I worked till 8. 30 PM

Nov. 19 Friday 1915
Out again to Mustapha all day.

[Page 99]
Nov. 20 Saturday 1915
Witnesses out at Mustapha all day
Case concluded returned 3. 30 PM

Nov 21 Sunday 1915
Church morning & night. went to Noosa Garden in afternoon

Nov. 22 Monday 1915
Worked till 12. 30 PM today
Orders came to leave PO & proceed with Pethard, Morgan, Rogers, Stewart to Over Seas Base Cairo. Reason unknown
Left Alex – 4. 20 train. Arrived Base Cairo 8. 30 PM

[Page 100]
Nov. 23 Tuesday 1915
Reported sick at Base Camp & was sent to Ghizera Hospital No. 2 General put to bed & dieted.
The hospital is manned by Australian Dr & Sisters

Nov. 24 Wednesday 1915
In bed all day.
The Dr attending me is a fine chap & appears anxious to put the men on their feet again.
The food is excellent but I cannot eat.
The Dr name is "Mayo"

Nov. 25 Thursday 1915
In bed all day.
The sisters are exceeding kind & attentive. They are very strict with what a man should eat.

Nov. 26 Friday 1915
In bed all day.
The ward No 8 is a fine place on 2nd floor, & is well ventilated. The sun shines in & makes the place bright & cheerful.

[Page 100]
Nov. 27 Saturday 1915
In Bed all day.
Concerts are given regularly here, but so far I cannot get along to them. Gramaphones are taken to different wards & the patients can hear the latest songs free.
Photo albums of Australia are also for the use of the Sick who love to look at old familiar spots again.

Nov. 28 Sunday 1915
In bed all day.
Games of all kinds are for the patients use, & often the Sisters will sit on the bed & play with us.

Nov 29 Monday 1915
In bed all day.
Regularly each week the Red Cross sends to the patients useful articles such as soap, chocolate, Pipe tobacco etc.
My word a man does appreciate the comforts after the hard life.

[Page 102]
Nov. 30 Tuesday 1915
In bed all day
Twice a week all men able are taken to the "Kursal"or picture show free. Also motor car rides accompanied by a nurse are frequently given

Dec. 1 Wednesday 1915
In bed all day
Have written to Col Lellhum? re my discharge from P. Office. It does seem hard that a man should be treated like this, when he only did his duty.

Dec. 2 Thursday 1915
In bed all day
Dr Mayo taken sample of my water found in it 'Allbulim' He says my kidneys are effected, & that I shall have to return to Australia.

Dec. 3 Friday 1915
In bed all day
Col – Methodist minister called to see me & had a long talk,
French ladies brought flowers for the wards.

[Page 103]
Dec. 4 Saturday 1915
In bed all day
General Maxwell came & looked through the Hospital.
I hear that Lieu Hordern is in this Hospital sick
Got letters from Home what a joy it is to read them. I look & long for the day to come when I shall see those Dear Faces again.
Poor Girl she has the hard time. We men do not know what anxiety is. I reckon our Women are the Heroes.
God Bless them.

Dec. 5 Sunday 1915
In bed all day
Feeling a bit better though my food does me little good.
Service held down stairs can hear them sing, but cannot attend

Dec. 6 Monday 1915
In bed all day
The days are long lying in bed. I often wish they would send me Home, but I fear that my turn is a long way off yet. There are so many much worse that I have only a small chance

[Page 104]
Dec. 7 Tuesday 1915
In bed all day
More letters from Home It is good to know that the loved ones are well & thinking of you

Dec. 8 Wednesday 1915
In bed all day
All patients able to get up are given a suit of loose kharki clothes with a blue tie & kharki hat. They can go out to Cairo in these togs.

Dec. 9 Thursday 1915
In bed all day
One patient in this Hospital got out to the canteen & had a good feed & was dead in a few hours poor chap. He thought the Dr was too hard on him but found out the mistake too late.

Dec. 10 Friday 1915
In bed all day
Yes, separation is a big word these days. I fear many in Qland today are thinking of the long separation of their loved ones & many will never rejoin their friends this side of the grave

[Page 105]
Dec. 11 Saturday 1915
In bed all day
In our room are a mixture of Aus. & English we get on very well together. It is interesting to listen to the Tommies telling their experiences. They had a terrible time landing a Sulva Bay Regiment after Regiment was cut to pieces, & the horror of that advance must make a life long impression on all who took part in it. Another big blumer by some one.

Dec. 12 Sunday 1915
In bed all day
Got a letter from Major Fuller asking me to get certain things & forward them on to him. It was good to hear from the old Boss who has done so much to brighten my life.

Dec 13 Monday 1915
In bed all day
2 men brought in with frost bitten feet from Anzac. They are in a bad way but the nurse is working hard to bring back circulation. The men are bright and cheerful

[Page 106]
Dec. 14 Tuesday 1915
In bed all day
A few of our room mates left today. We get used to one another, & then the parting comes. Oh well it is all meeting & parting in this World.

Dec. 15 Wednesday 1915
In bed all day
Feeling a bit better – Dr still thinks I will not be able to do any more active work, but it is wonderful what a man can do, if he tries in this World

Dec. 16 Thursday 1915
In bed all day
A big theatre party today went to see a beautiful play in Cairo of course I missed it as the Sisters refused to let me go. Well they know best.

Dec. 17 Friday 1915
In bed all day
Anniversary of my departure from Sydney. The year has been the most eventful of my life. I look back with gratitude for much that has come my way.

[Page 107]
Dec. 18 Saturday 1915
Got up & went to Mena House as a convoy was expected with a lot of wounded.
Commenced to evacuate Anzac. The men were taken off in small launches at night.
All the mules that had done such good work for us were shot & much of the stores & other things were blown up before the men left

Dec. 19 Sunday 1915
In bed all day
6th Regiment L Horse left Anzac for Alexandra. Lieu Col Fuller was last to leave the trenches with 12 men

Dec. 20 Monday 1915
In bed all day
Our chaps did not like leaving the "Dead"comrades behind them.
We all feel the evacuation was necessary, but it is hard to have to crawl back, after hanging on so long.

[Page 108]
Dec. 21 Tuesday 1915
Up a short time today
The Sisters are giving me fish & vegetables with custard & plenty of milk

Dec. 22 Wednesday 1915
Feeling stronger today. It is nice to be able to get about & see things
All the patients here are receiving quite a lot of dainties from Australian Friends I have been answering letters of thanks

Dec. 23 Thursday 1915
Walking about a bit today
The orderlies are making the place look like Xmas Palms & bushes & flowers are too be seen every where.

Dec. 24 Friday 1915
Feeling better today
Got letter from Home also one from Major Fuller, the Major has been having a good time in England & is now in command of the Regiment. Good luck to him.

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Dec. 25 Saturday 1915
Woke up at Mena House to find all sorts of provision made for our cheer.
Lottery tickets were give & parcels with all sorts of dainties handed round.
Concert at night.
Went for a walk with a few friends today as far as the Pryamids, there are crowds out to see the sights & the camels & donkeys are having a lot of work.

Dec. 26 Sunday 1915
Not too bright. Resting all day.
6th A L Regiment arrived at Alexandra.
More letters from Home I wonder how they are putting in their Xmas.

Dec. 27 Monday 1915
Dr says I can go to Helonan
Regiment intraining for Maadi
Am feeling better & really do not think that I am bad enough to be sent back.

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Dec. 28 Tuesday 1915
Saw Col Ryan, he said I would have to go to Australia. But there is many a slip between –

Dec. 29 Wednesday 1915
Getting ready to go to Helonan tomorrow. Went into Cairo saw Miss Mitchell re Kit Bag & had tea with them & was introduced to Lord Radstock.

Dec. 30 Thursday 1915
Left 8. 30 today for Helonan arrived 11. 30. examined by Dr given milk & custard. This place is packed with men, in all stages. They remind one of a large flock of sheep. Some of them are poor cripples.

Dec. 31 Friday 1915
Resting all day
Concert at night There is a free picture show here twice a week & is very good
There are only a few nurses & the men have to paddle their own canoe.

[Page 111]
List of articles to be worn by men, or hung on saddle

Saddle, & bridle, Head rope, Heel Rope, Heel peg, bucket, nose bag, spare horse shoes, wire clippers, mess tin, Overcoat, Blanket, gun, bandoler, belt, bayonet, water bottle, haversack,

Abdomal Belt,Boots, brases, Breeches, cap, drawers, disc, jacket, jersey, clasp knife, legging, spurs, flannel shirt, singlet, socks.

Remainder of articles belonging to men to be carried in Kit Bag which is taken to nearest Base.

All suplus luggage to be kept at Abbassia.

In Haversack Shaving brush, tooth, comb, Fork, housewife, holdall, knife, 1 pair spare laces, razor, soap, spoon, towel.

In Great Coat
comforter, spare socks, jersey,

Oil sheets, & horse rugs go on transports.

[A list of prices of odd items headed "Colombo"not transcribed. Also a cure for German measles not transcribed]

[Page 112

[List of train services in Cairo and description of periscope not transcribed]

[Page 113]
A Realistic Account of the Landing of the Australian Troops at a Dardanelles Sunday 25th April 1915

Half a boats length half a boats length onward
Nobly our brave boys forced the shores and landed

Up the Steep Up the steep
Dashed our heroic Australians
Machine Guns in front of them
Wire entanglements around them
Vainly impede their way

Storm the heights Storm the eHeights
Show the Turks how Colonals fight
Proud of the colors you bear
Proud of the khaki you wear
Brave of Deed – Swift as steed
Onward & Upward
Dashing Australians

Up the Cliffs Up the Cliffs
Stormed our Battalion
Flashed all their bayonets bare
In the bright sunlight & glare
Oh the Brave Dash they made
And the Dear Life they gave
Oh the rich Blood they paid
And the great victory they gained
Noble Colonals

That was the way it was done
That’s how the heights were won
Theres not a mothers son
Faltered or failed.
Out for the Empires good
Firm was their trust in God
Bravo Australians

William Pethard No 8N
Panton Street
Golden Square
Mr. G A Pethard senr
Leathlean] Will Pethard friend

[Page 114]
[Excerpt from Mr. Asquith's speech not transcribed]

[Page 115]
[List of places in Cairo and philosophising in a letter by G. A. Pethard not transcribed]

[Page 116

[More of the letter from G. A. Pethard not transcribed]

[Page 117]
Mrs A H Robson
Richmond River
N. S. W.

[Excerpt from Gazette on Locust Pest in Egypt. Not transcribed]

[Page 118]
Tin Box No 2 Contents

3 pr under pants – new
3 new singlets
3 heavy kharki shirts
1 karki coat (heavy White Tops)
1 Blue serge coat – button at neck
6 starch shirts good
1 Evening white jacket
1 kharki coat heavy best
1 suit of evening dress clothes
3 new silk collars
3 black ties silk.

[List of ships of 2nd Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force leaving Albany and currency exchange value not transcribed]

[Page 119]
[List of semaphore signals and morse code not transcribed]

[Page 120]
Tin Box No contents (1)

3 prs riding breeches
1 colera belt
2 woolen head gear
1 woolen shawl
6 pr woolen socks
1 pr cashmere socks
1 pr bed shorts (white)
1 pr pyjamas
brown boot laces
2 hat puggarres
cap & hat badges buttons etc
1 looking glass in case
2 tobacco pouches
7 hat fur bands
crettone & oil cloth
2 prs Dress spurs
18 colored hankerchiefs
quantity of assorted collars
1 table centre (Regiment)
quantity of silk h chief
1 whisky flask
8 white k chief (clean)
1 housewife
2 measuring sticks
1 case pipe [indecipherable]
contents of Black Kit Bag

8 horse bandages
3 horse rugs
bundle spur straps
2 bits & head rope
2 girths several straps

Foot of bed
Gun & bayonet. Bed Bag Overcoat- McIntosh

[Brief list of Semaphore Tips not transcribed.
Transcriber's note:
Pg 102. "Allbutem" is probably Albumen, which is a failure of the kidneys to retain protein in the blood and to lose it in urine]

[Transcribed by Rex Minter and Judy Macfarlan for the State Library of New South Wales]