Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

H. F. W. Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916
MLMSS 1013/Item 2

[Transcribers’ note:
This is the second diary of Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker. At the beginning of January he is in hospital in Cairo. He is discharged on 5th January and goes to Maadi Camp where he takes up his duties with Colonel Fuller. During 1916 he moves between Cairo, Suez, Alexandria and to various places in the Sinai Peninsula. As well as being with Colonel Fuller, his duties also cover stocking the Officers Mess. He gives descriptions of the day’s activities, lists the various Officers visiting the Camp, describes in detail the surrounding countryside near the Camps and gives information on the fighting taking place. At the end of the diary he gives his observations on a scouting expedition, Gallipoli and what he knows of the life of an Egyptian Muslim.]

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Col. C.D. Fullers Horses

Bay Mare with white striped forehead, black points R.3-443.
Billie A12.707
Ginger R.12.118
Tommy A13-611 Bay (dark)

Receipt for preserving leather

Beewax, Lard or Clean Tallow), Castor Oil, & soft soap. Mix together & Bril, so when cold the ingredients will remain firm. (Major Bruxner)

Address – Mrs. H.M. Robson
James Street
N.S. Wales

Fr. Leo Usher
85 Pitt Street

Serg. Major Hanlon

Serg. Hartley

[Page 5]
Ma-Alaishe – (It does not matter)
Al-Allah (I commit you to God
Inter-Majnoon (A harmless United)
Musk – A well known Native Quarter
Balass (or two handled water pot carried on Women’s Heads
Hajin (or a Running Camel
Gaffir (or a Watchman)
Nujjars (or Cargo Boats)
Tibbin (or Chopped Straw)
Backsheech (Gifts or money)
Walad (means man)
Beint (means Woman)
Dahabyeh (or slow Sailing Boat House
Gamoos (or Buffalo
Sits (Lady
O Re (is a measure) or 2¾ lbs weight
Minasha (or a Fly Whisk)
Doura (or Indian Coin
Fellahin (or Soil Breaker
Vaharak (May your Day be blessed)
Allah-Salimak (God Bless You)
Katter-Kherak (Thank you)
Salaam (is full of meaning. First the hand touches the forehead, in token of submission – then the mouth – the Kiss of Peace - & lastly laid on the Breast to testify to trustfulness & faith.
Watan – the nearest meaning of Home
Tarbush (or Head covering (red)

The River Nile rises in Lake Victoria 3000 miles in length & travels half through Africa.

Names of Officers of 6th A.L.H. on December 1916

C.O. Lieu Colonel C.D. Fuller
Senior Major – O. O’Brien
Major A Squad Cross
Major B Squad Anderson
Major C Squad Ferguson
Adjutant Capt. Chisholm
Capt. Close
Capt. Ryrie
Capt. Thompson
Medical Officer Major Bath
Lieu Black
Lieu Menzies
Machine Gun Officer – Lieu Cunningham
Quartermaster Lieu Marks
Signal Officer Lieu Bach
Lieu Lomax

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Col. C.D. Fuller
Illawarra Line
South Coast, N.S.W.

Miss Masie Sarginson
Church Street
W. Maitland, N.S.W.

Major Bruxner
Auctioneer & Estate Agent
Tenterfield, N.S.W.

Miss Mitchell
Russell Soldiers Home
Oppo. Shepards

Trooper A.E. Attrill
Bega, N.S.W.

Victor Corwas
Poste Restante
Cairo Egypt

Said Sawida
Maadi, Egypt

Pte. William Pethard
Golden Square

Saturday 1 January 1916
Spent Quiet Day in Hospital. Major O’Brien here as a convalescent. He had a long talk with me.
Picture Show at night.
I have come to the conclusion that whilst our Drs. & Sisters here are doing a noble work, gaining undying gratitude from Thousands of men, there is a great tendency to create among the patients a good number of malingerers. The cost of running these large Hotels such as Heliopolis, Ghizira & Al Hayat must be enourmous to the military. From the Basement to the roof one finds every comfort & convenience. The Collonade itself is a picture & every thought must be given to Patrons in Peace times. Only those with large incomes can possibly hope to have access in these buildings. On arrival the patient hands over all His Clothes which is examined & if worn out is burned. The remainder is thoroughly disinfected & laid by. A full supply is immediately forthcoming when the patient leaves. The Basements of these Buildings are Huge Store Houses where Kits & other belongings of men are Guarded & cared for.

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Sunday 2 January 1916
Church Service today, not feeling too bright. Wrote Home also to Col. Fuller.
Old Soldiers in Hospital are a source of real trouble & annoyance to the medical Profession in so far as to let the novice into the tricks of securing a passage Home. Among this common dodges patients make up small rolls or Balls of ordinary Soap, & then cut swallow same. The result is that the Heart beats furiusly & the temperature rises, & the Drs. are at a loss to know how to treat the invalid, the result is Discharged Malinger.

Monday 3 January 1916
Daily Examination by Dr., raining all day, large numbers of men both coming & going each day.
Others patients try to sham Deafness & loss of voice, & back ache. Others again try to be insane, whilst a goodly number inflict Bodily Harm by shooting themselves in the Hand or feet. The penalty if caught is severe, but many still try the old dodges & some get through.

Tuesday 4 January 1916
Examined by Dr. today – asked to be allowed to leave & return to Regiment. Granted. I went to Maadi & saw Col. Fuller who willingly agreeded to take me back as His Batman, returned to Hospital at 7 p.m. The thought of getting away from Hospital Life is pleasant, for though they treated me Hansomely, too much of a good thing becomes tiresome. This Large German Hotel is certainly very handy for convalesents who soon get strong after a few weeks of good food & gentle exercise.

Wednesday 5 January 1916
Got my discharge from Helouan Al-Hayat Con. Home. Came direct to Maadi Camp & took up my Duties with Col. Fuller. He occupies a one roomed stone Hut built by Lieu Chisholm. Everything in Camp is upside down owing to Regiment just arriving in from Oasis Camp at Heliopolis. Letters arrived from Home & Mrs. Robson & Miss Sarginson.
There are very few of the Old Hands now in Camp, as many have returned to Aus. or died at the Front.

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Thursday 6 January 1916
Regimental parade. Col. Fuller in Camp all day.
I went into Cairo to see Cooks re Luggage Kit Bag, that is at Alex for Officers.
When on the Peninsula all Kit Bags & Valises were returned to Base, as General Birdwood refused Officers the privileges of having extra comforts. This was done because we so often moved from different points suddenly, & the men of course had to carry not only their own, but the Officers as well.

Friday 7 January 1916
Wrote to Cook & Sons re Officers Kit lying there.
Major O’Brien came from Helonan to attend Board.
Raining all night.
It is suprising the Quantity of Articles brought over by the Officers that remain at the different Agents around Cairo, quite useless for active service. Cook & other Bulk Stores are reaping a Harvest these days owing to the unnecessary baggage that the Officers & Men accumulate.

Saturday 8 January 1916
Went into Cairo for Col. Fuller’s Valise & Suit Case. Met Mr. Trapp who is connected with the remount Depot. He told me that his Wife has just died. Took him to Intermediate Base to send cable home.
During the year all Remount men have been collected and returned to Australia to be discharged. When we evacuated Gallipoli there was no further use for any old or defective person as we took charge of our own Horses & could readily absorb all reinforcements there would arrive. It meant the saving of a large sum of money in discharging these men who were of no value for active Service.
The Rations as supplyed by the Military for our Horses is of a first Class nature. The variety as well as Quantity shows that much thought & attention has been given to give the Animals the best food for Desert work. The Horses have acquired the taste, & relish the water that is drawn from the numerous well found on the desert & together with the rich food supplyed leave the Animals in first Class condition.

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Sunday 9 January 1916
Col. Fuller in Cairo to meet Col. Cox – took spurs in.
Church Parade.
Very little information can be gained as to what the 1st L.H. Brigade purposes doing, but as the Jeunisses are troublesome on the Western Front we gather that the L.H. is to partrol & Quell any disturbance. A connecting link has been formed by our men between Luxow & Cairo along the Nile Bank which practically absorbs the entire 1st Brigade.

Monday 10 January 1916
Regimental parade, went into Cairo for Officers Equipment, Enamelware etc. Posted letter Home.
It does not appear likely that the 2nd Brigade will follow the footsteps of the 1st & Rumour is Rife that we will process shortly to the Canal. It appears that the Yeomanry Regiments have gone or are going very soon to do the same class of work. We hear a line is being laid from the Canal Defences to a point far up the Coast.

Tuesday 11 January 1916
Rifle Practice at Range today. Went into Cairo for Officers Requirements.
The men are settling down to steady work after the exciting experiences of the Evacuation of Gallipolli.
Col. Fuller is getting both Officers & Men into shipshape & the outfitting generally is proceeding satisfactory.
It will mean that when we move from here the men & Horses will be almost fully equipped with new accoutrements.

Wednesday 12 January 1916
Rifle Practice at Range to-day, also Squadron drill.
The shooting at the Range is most eratic, & reveals the fact that generally the men are far behind being crack shots. A few are Brillant, whilst the majority only moderate. The shooting at Anzac did not tend to make 1st Class shots of the men owing doubtless to the fact that many of the targets were myths, & noise was necessary as much as anything to keep in Check Jacko.

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Thursday 13 January 1916
Regiment on Parade under Col. Fuller. Major Sommerville visiting Camp. He is connected now with Infantry Divisional H.Q. & will go to France with them.
A Trorpy of the 7th whilst returning from Cairo fell off train & was killed. It was a sorry day for the Regiment when Cap. – now Major Sommerville left to take up a position on the Permanent Staff. He is a man with a trained mind combined with Tact and commonsense. He could be friendly & a true comrade, & at the same time firmly check insubordination & laxity of discipline in a thorough manner.

Friday 14 January 1916
Mounted parade – Col. Cox commanding the 1st L.H. Brigade. They leave today for Western front. Col. Fuller in Cairo tonight. I don’t know that the Higher position now held by our old Colonel will prove satisfactory as far as Peace of mind & smooth sailing is concerned. It is commonly reported that some of his Officers are not too well pleased with his promotion & there is likely to be friction & stormy times ahead.

Saturday 15 January 1916

[The following paragraph crossed through.]
Mounted parade, Col. Cox Brigadier of the 1st L.H. Brigade. They leave today for Western Front. Col. Fuller in Cairo tonight.

Cleaning up Camp. Went into Cairo for Primus Stove & outfit for Officers Mess.
Preparations to leave soon for Canal.
Day by day we become more keenly conscious of the fact that a big move is too take place as far as we are concerned. When we see our Quarter Master with a large Fatigue party surrounded by heaps of new equipment strewn upon the ground, sorting & counting & distributing the various articles rapidly to the different units we see before us a move of no mean importance.
Also persistant rumours are flying about ’Latrines’ as we commonly call them, coming from no particular source, but neverless fitting in wonderfully with what is actually known – we draw conclusions which may mean a different & a more exieting Life than we have here at Maadi.

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Sunday 16 January 1916
Went into Cairo with Tom Saunders, sent parcel Home – got Rope etc. Col. Fuller out with Major White.
Spent some time at Soldiers Home.
Tom Saunders went out to the Pyrimads with Friends, & I stayed in & around Cairo.
The Russell Soldiers Home is doing a Quiet but lasting work for the men who frequent the place. Light refreshments & plenty of Reading matter with comfortable Lounges can be had for the asking.

Monday 17 January 1916
Packing up to leave Maadi on Wednesday next. Order cancelled.
Went into Cairo for Sleeping Blanket for Col. Fuller.
Wrote Home to-day.
Our hopes are coming true at last but somehow just when definite orders arrive, they are almost immediately cancelled. However it is because the Train arrangements do not fit in, so we must wait patiently till the scheme is complete.

Tuesday 18 January 1916
Brigade on Route March to Helouan.
Went into Cairo for Col. Fuller – Electric Torch.
As it is necessary to find out just how the Brigade looks, this Route March has be organized. It certainly assists us in our final preparations, as we learn just what to pack on our saddles & most of all what unnecessary articles we may leave behind. As we do not know where or what we are going to do it is well to pack as lightly as possible.

Wednesday 19 January 1916
Regiment being issued with Clothing etc., which is the last word before departure. Every man is given the right to ask for any needful article for personal use, & if we leave short of the full equippment we do so at our own risk. Maadi Camp is an Ideal place to dwell in, but we gather from past experience that once on the move the supplys are of the Bariest, & no man can Blame the Military if clothing etc. is not forthcoming.

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Thursday 20 January 1916
Regimental Parade. Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
Concert at night in Recreation Hut.
Received Letters from Home.
These concerts are very well attended in fact the Recreation Hut is crowded out. Ladies & Gents from Cairo come & greatly assist the Boys in making the nights entertainment worthy. The Brigadier generally gives a whistling Song & a little speech besides. Lieu. Hogue takes charge of the arrangements, with the best results.

Friday 21 January 1916
Regimental Route March to Helouan. Went into Cairo for Col. Fuller Box (Wooden) for Capt. Anderson. Sent curios home. It has been found that more exercise is required to get the men qualified in packing up & moving away fully equipped within a specified time. These marches are becoming frequent & each time one sees great improvement. One gets confidence & knowledge as to how & what to take that will be of the greatest use.

Saturday 22 January 1916
Cleaning up in Camp today. Sent old Diary & note Book Home, also letters.
The Road to Helouan is a first Class one, built in Kitchener’s time & is perfectly flat. As we pass through the different villages the women & Children watch us with great interest. The youngsters are taught to sing out for "Backsheesh" which covers everything from a cigarette end to a millene. The journey takes about 3 hours to do & unless we camp for the night there we boil our Quarts & rest a couple of Hours before returning to Maadi. It is a common sight to see the Civilian Prisoners going & returning from work. They are chained together with light chains & are escorted by Mounted Police (Egyptian) with loaded carbines. They look a hardened crowd & occupy their time in the Stone Quarries or making roads.
These are long sentenced men 8-10 15 & 20 years of duration.

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Sunday 23 January 1916
Church parade to-day.
Col. Fuller in Cairo.
Wrote Home.
There is each Sunday morning a compulsory Service for both Officers & men of all Denominations. Whilst this is part of military disipline, I am not at all sure it does men any good by forcing them to a Religious Service. However each man must be dressed properly & act as though He enjoyed the whole thing.

Monday 24 January 1916
Regimental parade.
Still no further notice about moving Camp. The men are beginning to tire of the hum-drum life which hangs over the Camp. Fresh scenes & pastures new is the craving specially as we well know the Authorities intend to shift us somewhere soon. There has to be plenty of variety in Military Life or men get miserable. We get plenty of Leave to Cairo but we want something different to that.

Tuesday 25 January 1916
Regimental parade to-day. The Officers are taking a keen interest in the Ghezira Racing Club & some of our Leaders have already become members. We may expect to see some of our Aus. Horses running shortly.
During the Afternoons the picked nags of the Regiment are tried for the Fastest Mounts. The Colonel’s Billy is one of the Favourites.

Wednesday 26 January 1916
General Birdwood inspecting Regiment to-day.
I went into Cairo for Groceries, etc.
Col. Fuller also in Town. When "Birdie" arrives on the scene to inspect everyone knows it. He sharply goes over the whole parade with His keen eyes & then dashes away to another part leaving his Body Guard to catch up, as best they can. His Life is too busy to linger long over any one, & His actions are of a man overflowing with vitality.

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Thursday 27 January 1916
Packing up in readiness to leave for Suez. Order Cancelled. Raining Hard.
Col. Fuller & Major White in Cairo.
Another false alarm this time no one knows why. How willing & anxious the men become on hearing the word to "get Ready". Blankets are rolled in heaps & Kit Bags filled with surplus clothes & placed handy for removal. The Camp is cleaned up & Tents just ready to strike when the word comes to ‘Dismantle’ everything.

Friday 28 January 1916
Regiment on Parade. Col. Fuller in Camp all day.
Received letters from Home.
Just heard that Lieu. Proudfoot who was attached to 6th Reg. as instructor was killed at Persian Gulf.
Col. Fuller, Major White & Lieu Chisholm drew out of mess & started one for themselves. Bob Dickson saw to the cooking & I looked after the three Officers. The work kept me going, but that is to be preferred to loafing about.

Saturday 29 January 1916
Cleaning up Camp by Regiment.
Col. Fuller & party to Races.
Sent Stick Home. Went to Kursaal.
The Basis of the Arabs Religion is Allah = Or their God.
Mohammad is their God’s Apostle, but in reality Mohammad stands first & God is considered the inferior of the two owing to the fact that the Scriptures as we know them are of a much more recent Date than their Kur-an (or writings of their prophet. There are 6 prophets or Apostles according to the Mohammad religion namely Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Mohammad. Women are not excluded from Paradise, but it is generally believed that they have no Souls. The principal population of Egypt for many centuries have been composed of Muslim Egyptians, & come from Arabian origin.
Copts are what are known as Christianised Egyptians, & with the Muslims speak Arabic.
The Women adorn themselves by staining their Hands & feet with "Henna".

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Sunday 30 January 1916
Church parade.
Col. Fuller & Party in Cairo tonight.
Wrote Home.
Cairo the principal City of Egypt is called by all modern Egyptians Misr & was until recently surrounded by a Wall, with Gates (great Wooden structures interlaced with Iron rods) which were shut each night. The whole City is commanded by a large Citadel from which many miles of Country can be watched. It is at the Citadel that the Egyptian Army Stores & Caracal together with many native Soldiers reside. During the war the Military have taken possession.

Monday 31 January 1916
Mounted parade, went to Cairo for Officers mess requirements. Liquor very scarce (English brands).
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
"Ya-munuk" means To your right - & She-maluk – To your left, & all the way through the streets the drivers of vehicles cry out as a warning as to the direction they propose taking.

Tuesday 1 February 1916
General muster Parade.
‘Roddan’ sent to Is. Hosp. & 7 days detention for absenting Himself from Camp.
Col. Fuller Guest of 12th L.H. Regiment dinner tonight.
Major Cameron C.O.

Wednesday 2 February 1916
Regimental Parade.
Trying "Billy" with other Horses this evening.
Court Martial at Metheulan 2nd Remount today.
A ‘Carro’ is a long 2 wheeled Cart drawn usually by a small Donkey, & has rather low wheels. It is wonderfull the Quantity of Stuff one can see carried about with these arrangements.

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Thursday 3 February 1916
Regimental parade. Testing the Best Race Horses in Camp.
Concert at night.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
Bereime is very similar to our Lurcine & is relished by our Horses & on irragated parts will grow rapidly, but has to been replanted yearly.

Friday 4 February 1916
Regimental Drill all Day.
Col. Fuller received word of his permanent appointment as C.O. of the 6th A.L.H.
On most of the Stations the natives sell moyeh or water to thirsty travelers.
Esbekiyeh Gardens in the centre of Cairo is the rendezvous of our Troops to-day. Y.M.C.A.

Saturday 5 February 1916
Raining slightly all Day.
Col. Fuller, Major White & other Officers at 3rd L.H. Brigade.
Sports at Heliopolis.
I went into Cairo to fix up about Stables etc. for Horses.
The Arrabiyeh or Garry or Carriage is most common in all large Towns & Cities & are drawn about with one or two Horses.
The Light House at Ras-el-Tin, Alex. very prominent, & can been seen miles away at Sea. It is called Pharos Light, & is very Brillant. The Station of Nefisha is on the Suez, Cairo & Port Said Lines. This is a Branch Station & is nearly surrounded by a large tract of marshy Ground.
The old Battlefield at Tel-el-Kebir is now lined with many Tents. The sight is an old Historic Field where a Surre Battle was fought many years ago.
The Arabs use a kind of Hoe similar in some respects as ours for tilling purposes, & call it a Fass.

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Sunday 6 February 1916
Church parade.
Committee Meeting to arrange about Sports, etc.
Col. Fuller & Brig. to Helouan to inspect site which is situated just behind The Twific Hotel. The Town is a very quiet place & one wonders why such Palaces are erected. The Gardens surrounding the Building are Beautifully laid out & every comfort is forthcoming to those who have the Cash.

Monday 7 February 1916
Clearing up for Brigade inspection.
I went into Cairo with ‘Hegarty’ by Train. Brunker took the two Horses by road.
Arranged for accomadation for Horses & men.
Brought back 1 Case Whisky & Beer for Mess.
The Racing Stables are small but clean & the Horses will indulge in a cosy Home for a few Days. The men in Charge of them are untrustworthy being too fond of Liquor.

Tuesday 8 February 1916
Brigade marched to Heloun leaving camp at 2 p.m.
I went into Cairo to see Horses & returned by train to Heloun with Col. Fuller’s Suit Case. He had dinner at Tewfic Hotel (Palace). Concert at night at Hotel in Grounds. A number of Ladies assisted. The men sat around on the Grass whilst the verandah made a good platform. The Brigadier was in good form & appeared to enjoy Himself immensely though I do not think He would ever make a successfull artist.

Wednesday 9 February 1916
Packed Valise & left by train for Maadi. Col. Fuller had Breakfast at Tewfic Hotel & then brought regiment into Camp. The Brigade left at 8 a.m. from Helouan arriving in Camp at 12-30 p.m. (noon).
I went into Cairo by afternoon Train to see Horses & returned at 10 p.m. with 2 Cases Beer for Mess.
The Horses appeared to be neglected & I found the men in Charge drunk.

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Thursday 10 February 1916
Went into Cairo by 6 a.m. train returning 7-30 a.m.
Col. Fuller, Major White, & Lieu. Chisholm went at 7 a.m. by motor to Ghezira to see Horses run.
Brigade sports to-day. 6th A.L.H. won a number of prizes.
The Horses in the Trial run did not come up to expectations, & it is feared they will be of little use on Saturday next. However it appears to be all in the fun, which is the main thing.

Friday 11 February 1916
Col. Fuller & Major Bruxner went to Horse Sale at Abbassia. The Horses averaged £13 each.
I went in to see Hegarty & Horses, also to give Him tickets for Races on Saturday.
The ‘Culls’ that are sold from the different regiments, go to swell the number of animals used in the large Cities. Natives like to get hold of the Aus. Horses for Garry work. These Poor Beasts will have no light work for the future, as Drivers believe in plenty of whip & little feed.

Saturday 12 February 1916
Racing today at Ghezira Sporting Club.
Billy ran well.
I went to Pyrimids, & had a look through the Tombs under the great structure, then went to Kursaal at night.
The visitor has to climb up a height of about 100 ft. to gain an entrance to the wonders of Pyramids, then take off Boots & put on sandals. The grade is rather steep & the stone very smooth, & if one is not careful you will slide down many yds. before stopping. Walking is an impossibility; the only way to get along is to crouch or crawl. After going down for some distance, the Hole or passage way takes a turn up, & you put your feet into notches cut out of the floor, & crawl along with your Guide leading with a candle. On the sides are to be seen images & Egyptian writings, & occasionally notches cut in enabling the visitor to climb like a fly to some other Tomb above. However most of us were satisfied to just enter the King & Queen Death Chamber & allow the Guide to ignite a Flare so the full dimensions could be taken in. The experience is novel, but women would have to wear men’s clothes to enter.

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Sunday 13 February 1916
Church parade.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
Hegarty returned from Cairo with ‘Billy’.
The races at Ghezira are financially a great success. Large crowds gather of a Saturday Afternoon including the High Officials in Military & Civilian Life. The Race Course is situated on the Ghezira Island which & can be approached by Garry or Motor. Nearest Tram Line is on the Road to Giza & Pyramids.

Monday 14 February 1916
Reg. Drill. Went into Cairo to get 195 PI [Piastre] for Col. Fuller in connection with the Race on previous Saturday.
Posted Letters Home.
The Ghezira Sporting Club adjoins Course, & there among Tennis Courts etc. the Secretary resides with His Staff & Offices.
In close proximity is the Aquarium & a number of Beautifully laid out private residences.
The Slopes of the Nile Bank about these parts is turned into flower gardens which are a picture.

Tuesday 15 February 1916
Regiment pratising drill for Competition.
Received letters from Home.
Keen competition exists between the different Regiments as to who will be the successful Troops in the coming Tournament. The 6th Reg. have a number of 1st Class Horsemen & to beat our men will require some doing. The Officers are giving prizes which are both valuable & useful.

Wednesday 16 February 1916
Col. Fuller & Col. Onslow out inspecting Camp for "Details", returned in Afternoon.
Col. & Major White went to Cairo by motor Train & I went in also.
Whether the remnants of the Regiments will remain here or not has not yet been decided upon. It is likely that a big Camp will be made either at Tel el Kibur or Moaski near Ismaila.

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Thursday 17 February 1916
Regimental Drill all day.
I met Tom Saunders & went with Him for long walk. We spent the evening strolling around Maadi. Not only were we able to enjoy the pretty scenery, but also to talk over old times in Toowoomba. Poor old Tom, I am afraid the Drink has too great a hold on Him. He tries to throw it off but gradually I see the old habit creeping back, & fear the worst.

Friday 18 February 1916
Regimental Drill all Day.
I sent message Home.
Col. Fuller spent Evening with Brig. – both are fond of a game of Cards, & both utterly opposed in the methods. The Brig. likes to win always - & He seldom does - & the Col. glories in taking the few P.I. that His opponent grudgingly gives. One is as miserly as a Jew & the other free & indifferent with His play, but nearly always gains the Victory.

Saturday 19 February 1916
Went into Cairo to Col. Fuller to arrange for Stables etc. for "Billie" & Mungie Bungie race meeting in Afternoon.
Went to see Races, soon got full up – neither Horse did much good.
Col. Fuller stayed in Town all night to go Duck Shooting the following day.
The Colonel is a proper Sporting Man & enters heartily into any game going. He is particularly fond of Racing & Football & will seldom miss either. Boxing for the Men is another Hobby & between them all He has lost and won a lot of money. Naturally He is very popular with all He mingles with, & finds no difficulty in making Friends. Many an Officer in & out of the Regiments has cause to kindly remember the generous way the Colonel assists them with Cash & many a man has be lifted out of troubles by His assistance. Behind the Rough exterior there beats a warm & sympathic Heart & the longer one knows our C.O. the greater the attachment.

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Sunday 20 February 1916
Went into Cairo to Church, afternoon spent at Soldiers Home. Went to Zoo & Acquarium, returned Camp 6 p.m.
Sunday in Cairo is quiet as most of the Leading places close down. The Native Quarters are not effected at all by the Sabbath Day & one can see the people still clinging to their old beliefs. Sunday is Harvest Day for these people of Business, as Rich & poor alike Frequent these Lower Quarters when the Modern City Sleeps.

Monday 21 February 1916
Orders out to leave early this week for somewhere on the Canal. All Troops with Horses & Waggons going by Train. The news is hard to believe but with Hope stirring us, we again prepare by sorting out & packing away the things most useful for the Desert Life.

Tuesday 22 February 1916
Went into Cairo to arrange for Stuff in connection with Trip to Canal zone. As we do not know our allotted Camp, we buy up a Quantity of Tin Fruit, Meats & other dainties. Once on the move each Officer has to look after No. 1, but I generally prepare for 2 or 3 extra. We have had a Quiet time here at Maadi with every comfort, but expect this move will bring us into Line with those who rough it.

Wednesday 23 February 1916
Working Hard all Day packing up. 3rd Regiment left to-night for Serapeum on Canal.
The Brigade Capt. has left for the Canal zone to pick out the different positions for our new Camp. The 1st Train loaded with Troops & Horses leave at midnight so the 5th Regiment are dismantling & entraining to-day.

[Page 22]
Thursday 24 February 1916
Packing up & getting Equipment to Cairo Station.
After getting every thing to Station I went to Kursaal returning to Station to assist in loading up Waggons with H.Q. Stuff.
Had midnight Tea & refreshments at Red Cross Stall, which is run by a number of Ladies for the benefit of departing & arriving Troops.

Friday 25 February 1916
Left Cairo at 2-20 a.m. by special Train for Serapeum arrived at destination 7-30 a.m. Immediately unloaded Horses & Equipment. Marking out sight for Tents & Horse lines. B Squadron arrived at 9 a.m. C Squadron arrived at 12-30 p.m. Col. Fuller stayed in Cairo to look after the remaining men.

Saturday 26 February 1916
Col. Fuller in Cairo at Race Meeting also looking after the remaining Units. I spent day arranging Tent & making H.Q. comfortable.
My 1st impression of our New Camp is not very favourable. When one leaves good Roads, Beautiful Scenery, & kind friends & is planted suddenly in the desert away from the ordinary conveniences of Life the past days appear like leaving the Garden of Eden for the Wilderness. Our water supply is small, our rations the same whilst everyone is hungry & tired with a lot of work staring them in the face. One hardly knows which way to begin, but before night the strangeness has worn off a bit & the Colonel’s tent begins to be looking comfortable. Thank Goodness He is away until things straighten out.

[Page 23]
Sunday 27 February 1916
Fixing Camp all Day
Col. Fuller arrived from Cairo by the 5-30 a.m. Train (Special) with 4th Regiment. Of course one has to extend Hospitality to new arrivals even though there is nothing in the larder. The few Dainties disappear like magic when Hungry Officers arrive & now we must look out for Fresh supplies.

Monday 28 February 1916
Regiment on Parade all Day. They took miday meal. Col. Fuller returned to Lunch as Brig. accompanied Him.
Thank Goodness the Natives have found us & are crying out Eggs a Cooked, which means we can get either Fresh or Cooked Eggs for very little.

Tuesday 29 February 1916
Regiment on Parade. Heavy Drill ground owing to looseness of Sand. Horses sinking nearly up to their knees in places. General Godley & Staff inspecting Brigade.
Col. Fuller demands inquiry re Charge against Himself & Major White.

Wednesday 1 March 1916
Regimental Parade. I went into Ismaila with Washing, etc. Bought up Groceries, etc., got a table & Wash Tub.
Col. Fuller in Camp all. This pretty little Town is on the Banks of the Canal about 8 miles from our Camp. A Train leaves Serapeum about 9-15 a.m. & returns about 3 p.m. so one can at least keep the pots Boiling.

[Page 24]
Thursday 2 March 1916
Heavy Winds commenced today, terrible weather.
Regiment on Parade.
By Toast if this is the sort of Life we are to lead here one would rather be turned into Rock at once. My eyes, mouth, Hair, Clothes & every thing inside & out is full of Grit. The food is like eating so much Sand paper, & the days ends with winds abating & men cursing.

Friday 3 March 1916
Heavy Winds blowing. Received letters from Home dated 26-1-16.
Regiment drilling. Yes another day has dawned & with it more wind. The Regiment does Mounted Parade, but I think they get behind some cover & rest, as it is impossible to drill.
The Canal is about 1½ miles away, & arrangements are being made to let the men go over swimming.

Saturday 4 March 1916
Regiment cleaning up Camp & Swimming.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day. Oh the Luxury of water to wash away the muck of the past week. Both Officers & Men avail themselves of the priviledge of the Salt Water & spend as much time as possible on the Canal Banks. The Colonel can get a good supply of water now for Himself which is most valuable.
Our Mess consists of H.Q. Officers & with the assistance of Ted Reed together with the Serg Cook we managed to get a fair supply of food for them. One of us go into Ismaila alternate days for Green Stuff & Tomatos, & also take the Washing to be done there. It costs each Officer about 100 P.T. a week not including Liquor.
Our Rations consist now of Fresh Bread, Meat & Vegetables.

[Page 25]
Sunday 5 March 1916
Church parade for Brigade under Col. Wood, C. of E.
General Birdwood visiting.
Making up Mess accounts to date, also writing Home.
There does not seem to be any fighting down here, & we do not know why the Military have chosen this spot unless it is to Break us in for Rough work.

Monday 6 March 1916
Left by 9-20 a.m. Train for Cairo. Fare 20 P.T. return 3rd Class. Went out to Maadi & arranged to meet "Said" at Shepards at 8-30 a.m. to transact Business.
Went to Kursaal at 10 p.m., stayed on Station remainder of night, very chilly. No more staying on Stations for me, but as I had a lot of money of the Colonel’s, I thought it best.

Tuesday 7 March 1916
Went for a long Tram ride before Bfast. Met Said at Shepards & with Him purchased Mess Stuff, left for Serapeum by 11 oclock Train.
Most of our young Officers were gazetted 1st Leave in today’s order.
The Goods purchased in Cairo arrived safely – a limber conveyed them to the Camp.

Wednesday 8 March 1916
Swimming parade for Regiment.
Egyptian Officer & Witnesses out to interview the Col. re the conduct of one of our men (Batman) for assaulting said Officer. Summary of evidence taken by Major White.

[Page 26]
Thursday 9 March 1916
Regimental Parade & Swimming.
I went to Ismaila for Mess requirements & Washing.
Assisted in arresting a nigger Stealing Military Boots, returned to Camp 3-30 p.m. Arresting niggers is alright as far as it goes, but when one has a load carrying - & at the command of an Officer dump it in the centre of the Rd. for any one to grab while you trot the nigger away – is at least unsatisfactory.

Friday 10 March 1916
No parade to day owing to severe sand Storm.
Regiment doing Divisional Work today, Guards & patrols. This work is similar to work we are likely to be engaged in presently if the enemy attack. Leave Camp before Dark & Patrol a certain piece of Country. This night a greater part of the men got lost & had to lay out till morning. The Men have a lot to learn before they are fit to meet a trained body of Troops.

Saturday 11 March 1916
Cleaning up all day. The Brig. came & spent some time with the Col.
Swimming Parties off to Canal.
Received Letter & Parcel from Home.
It is a common thing for our Brig. to stroll in & play Cards with our Col. for Hours together. There is an attachment between the two which is good to see. The Brig. has plenty of Dry Humour & causes roars of Laughter. As a Military Man He Has little chance of making a name for Himself simply because He is out of place. He would if He could, but it is not in Him. He reminds me very much of a well to do Squatter, or a country Publican, jovial, & good natured. He is no speaker therefore will never become a Leader in Civilian Life. He has generally a lot to say when He comminces, but never gets away from noise & wind. He is not at all popular with the Heads, because of His rough & Blunt Methods.

[Page 27]
Sunday 12 March 1916
Col. Fuller & Major White left for Port Said with Col. Onslow to visit the surrounding sights.
I left for Cairo by same train arriving 2 p.m. Stayed at new Khedival Hotel, paid 25 PT. for Bed, Breakfast & Hot Bath.
Went this Evening to Maadi to see "Said" re assisting to Buy Mess Stuff.

Monday 13 March 1916
Met "Said" at Shepards Hotel at 8-30 a.m. Drove about the City with Him buying up Officers Mess Stuff. Went to Anglo Egyptian Bank & placed to Col. Fuller’s Private account £60.
Left by 6-15 p.m. Train for Serapeum, arrived at 10-30 p.m.
Limber waggon at Station to meet me.
Said has a fine equipment in the shape of a Garry beautifully Finished off & a Horse of the Arab Breed. The turnout would cost at least £150.

Tuesday 14 March 1916
Regimental Parade & swimming is the order of to-day.
Lieu. Cunningham of Post Office, Alexandria is now Capt. & is stationed at Cairo. The postal work for Light Horse Men is now principally done at Port Tewfic on Suez Canal entrance. The mail is taken direct off the mail Boats & sorted in a large Stone Building specially erected for the purpose, & then sent on to the different camps.

Wednesday 15 March 1916
Reg. Parade today. Swimming parties are formed under an Officer to proceed to Canal for Swimming. The men thoroughly enjoy the outing. Artists in the Regiments arrange the Name & place of the Brigade, with Stones & Sand on the Banks of Canal so all & sundry can distinguish the country we spring from. There is very little currants in Canal which is strange, as two Great Oceans connect.

[Page 28]
Very hot & Sultry. We prefer to camp all day instead of work as the atmosphere is oppressive.
Orders are out that the Regiment is to split up & a Squdron & half are to occupy the inner Line of Trenches on Saturday next.
This means that small outposts will be stationed on the Canal at different Points, with communication between each. The front line of Trenches are from us about 7 to 10 miles inland, & Aus. Infantry at present occupy the position.

Friday 17 March 1916
Regimental Parade to day.
The work is heavy & tiring. Both Horses & Men return to Camp knocked up.
Wells are sunk almost anywhere & water is secured about 3 to 6 ft. deep. It is good to drink but somewhat salty.
Drinking water comes by Train daily.
Bits of Green are worn by some of the Men to day & this is the only indication that St. Patricks Day is on hand.

Saturday 18 March 1916
During the night a heavy wind storm rose & throughout to-day has continued. The Sand is driven with great force into Tents, which makes Life miserable. Cleaning up has to be abolished & everyone stands about suffering much discomfort.
Lieu. Chisholm went to Cairo by tonight’s Train.
C Squadron & a part of B left for the inner Line of Trenches by the Canal this morning under Majors Bruxner & White.
Col. Fuller went out during the Day to inspect the new Operations.
The Trenches are on the opposite Bank & the Horses are kept this side. A Punt conveys the men across who appear to enjoy themselves immensely. Swiming & fishing occupies much time, & the men are enjoying a rare holiday.
Calling to passing Vessels is prohibited & no man is to be seen naked during the passing of Boats.
Passengers throw Tobacco, etc. to the Men, & one day a Fox Terrier [indecipherable] was thrown overboard as a mascot.

[Page 29]
Sunday 19 March 1916
Brigade under Gen. Ryrie moved off to Divisional H.Q. where they formed up for inspection by the Prince of Wales.
Major Anderson severed an artery near the wrist owing to His Razor slipping & Major McClean of 5th A.M.C. attended as our Dr. Capt. Beith was on Outpost Duty. There was no Church parade to-day. The wind which has been very heavy is abating.
The Prince of Wales is attached to 1st Infantry Sir Archibald Murray’s staff & has 2 High Officials continually watching. It is interesting. One Day He got away from the eagle eye of His Guards & went for a stroll, only to be brought back & severely reprimanded.

Monday 20 March 1916
Col. Fuller went to Ismaila to attend conference of Officers of the Anzac Mounted Division.
I went to Ismaila for Groceries & Washing. Posted Letter Home.
Major Bruxner & Lieu. Black went to Cairo.
Lieu. Black to see Dr. re Health.

Tuesday 21 March 1916
Lieu. Chisholm returned last evening from Cairo.
Col. Fuller & Gen. Ryrie out inspecting different posts on Canal.
Major Anderson is asked to become Brigade Major in place of Major Foster resigned, & who has gone to Div. H.Q. Major Anderson refused & Major Pelham an English Officer has been accepted.

Wednesday 22 March 1916
Regimental Parade. Charge Sheet against Sgt. Thompson to hand for misconducting Himself in the presence of Sir Archibald Murray.
Col. Fuller inspecting outposts with Gen. Ryrie. These outposts are placed along the Banks of the Canal, & the men much prefer this class of work to the Camp Life at Serapeum.

[Page 30]
Thursday 23 March 1916
Major Bruxner returned from Cairo. Col. Fuller & Gen. Ryrie out Shooting & Fishing all day.
Received Letter from Home dated 19-2-16.
Lieu. Huxtable R.T.O. at Serapeum on RailwayTransport Officer’s duty to look after the interests of the Military on Government Lines. They are specially appointed to issue warrants, check Goods, etc.

Friday 24 March 1916
Col. Fuller out inspecting Outposts on Canal. The Troops are having a good time swimming most of the day.
Lieu. Walker went to Cairo on Holidays, also Lieu. Marks.
There seems to be very little difficulty in the way of Leave. If a man plays the game he can often slip away for a day or two but the Authorities keep a firm hand on the cantankerous ones.

Saturday 25 March 1916
General clean up which means all tents are to be lowered & the sun allowed to shine upon the ground occupied by the men. Disinfectant is sprinkled over the ground & kits & Blankets are put out to air. C Squadron under Major White returned from Outpost on the Canal & certain infantry men took up the positions. They brought over some fine fish that were caught by the gippos in nets.
General Birdwood came & said Good Bye to Officers of Brigade.
Col. Fuller at Brigade H.Q. tonight.
Dick Phillips returned to duty from Hospital.
General Birdwood leaves in a day or so for France with the Infantry Division. He is the most popular Leader the Aus. have had, & His quiet unassuming way, with a plasant smile, cannot but make the men feel confident that they have a Friend as well as a true Soldier in Him.

[Page 31]
Sunday 26 March 1916
Church Parade. Col. Fuller attended. Went to Canal for swim with Lieu. Chisholm. It was most refreshing & one is struck with the vastness of the work accomplished when the two Sea became one. Trees line the Canal Banks, & protect the ground from slipping. Protectors are also built some distance from Canal to catch most of the Sand during heavy gales. The Vice-Roy of India, Lord Chermsford & Suite passed through on their way to their new Home. No swimming is allowed between the Hours of Noon & 5 p.m. to-day.

Monday 27 March 1916
Regimental parade. I went to Ismaila by 9-20 a.m. train to get Washing & Groceries. Major White & Ted Reed went to Cairo tonight.
The Native Quarters here are the far end of Ismaila, & most of the Business is done at this spot. It is a busy spot about miday when the Troops come in to buy up quantities of Stuff for their respective Units. The Railway Station is a busy spot, & thousands of Arabs & niggers in general congregate here awaiting the Cairo & Port Said Train.

Tuesday 28 March 1916
7th Regiment on all night outpost duty, very dark & many of the men lost their way.
5 per cent of my are allowed 48 hours off for Holidays.
This country is very difficult to grasp owing to the sameness everywhere. The stars are excellent as Guides also every Officer & N.C.O. carries a compass.

Wednesday 29 March 1916
Terrible heat wave on men in Camp overcome with heat.
A Route March organised by some fool of an Officer left Tel Kiber & some large number of men gave in & had to be conveyed by Ambulance to Hospital.
Just heard that W.O. Little of the Aus. Base P.O. Alex. is dismissed & returning to Australia as an undesirable, owing to His shady transactions in connection with money matters.

[Page 32]
Thursday 30 March 1916
[The following sentence crossed through.] Regiment cleaning up Camp. Col. Fuller & Major Foster left today.

Regiment returned from Outpost duty on the Canal. Major Bruxner took lunch with us. Water carts which left here early this morning to supply the needs of the men who had no water during this march across the desert from Tel el Kebir returned to Camp. They say the men were famished, & some 9 died of thirst.
The man who ordered the march was counted out in the presence of the Prince of Wales & hooted. An inquiry is to be held.

Friday 31 March 1916
Regiment clearing up Camp & on parade. Col. Fuller & Major Foster left here for Salhia to inspect Camp & Water Supply, as we may leave for that part next week.
I left for Cairo tonight at 7-30 p.m. & arrived in the City at midnight. Stayed at New Khedival.
I received letter from Aleck Stewart re photos on Camel.
The Col. & party stayed at Ismaila tonight & expect to leave very early tomorrow for Salhia. There is no road, & a compass must direct the party across the desert.

Saturday 1 April 1916
Having completed Business I took train at 1 p.m. for the Barrage a distance of 18 miles from Cairo. The spot is at the junction of the Blue & White Niles. At this place large dams are erected across the River with Sluce Gates, wide enough to permit small boats to pass to & fro. The gardens are Beautifully laid out, whilst light Lines are laid to different centres on which trolleys run fitted with seats & pushed along by niggers. Donkeys also can be secured for 5 P.T. to convey the tourist around Tea gardens & refreshment sheds at different points, also museum showing the [indecipherable] construction of the Dams & Canals that are watered From this spot vast areas of Land obtain their supply of water for Irrigation purposes. After spending a very profitable afternoon I returned to town at 5-30 p.m., went to Kursal & then to Anzac Hostel for night.
Wrote & posted letter Home.

[Page 33]
Sunday 2 April 1916
Went for a long tram ride to Heliopolis & around Cairo before proceeding by train at 11 a.m. for Serapeum.
The large Hospital at Heliopolis is now deserted, & every thing looks as through the Soldiers are fading away.
Col. Fuller who went on the previous day to Salhia to inspect Camp with Major Foster returned at 2 a.m. this morning.
I arrived back to Camp at 3-3 p.m.

Monday 3 April 1916
Orders came to hand today to be in readiness to leave Serapeum tomorrow at noon for another spot on Canal towards Port Said.
The Brigade has to ride through whilst Baggage & Waggons, etc. go by train.
Our Limber Carts go with us & will take the Col. valise, etc.
We understand that the Artillery is to occupy this Camp.
We notice many Troops moving from different spots, & the lines at times are severely taxed.

Tuesday 4 April 1916
Packing & preparing to leave here (Serapeum) at 12 noon, for Mo-aski outside Ismaila. Major White in charge of Train arrangements Baggage etc. whilst every available man mounted a horse & tracked with Brigade.
The New Zealand Band played us out of Camp, & after a pleasant trip over cultivated & watery country we pitched Camp about 2 miles outside Ismaila.
The Brig. & Capt. Stracker had tea with us.
We secured a ‘Fantasic’ of Water which holds about 15 gallons, two of which are carried on a camel.

Wednesday 5 April 1916
We left Mo-aski near Ismaila at 5 a.m. crossing the desert to Salhia on the Railway between Zazazar & Kantara, 18 miles from Suez Canal. The desert becomes very interesting at times owing to quite a variety of flowers & shrubs growing, also on account of the uneven nature of Ground.
The Brigade was headed by Brig. Ryrie, the 6th A.L.H. leading. Many sand dunes & low swampy places abound. We arrived in Camp at 1-30 p.m. & set to work laying down horse Lines & erecting Officers Tents.

[Page 34]
Thursday 6 April 1916
The New Zealanders from Ismaila are to arrived in Camp tomorrow & camp near us, thus bringing together most of the Anzac Mounted Division.
We are busy erecting tents & generally getting Camp in order. There are Mess Sheds for Men & Sgts., besides abundance of Water for all.
The officers have formed a Regimental Mess & have secured the Big tent of the Sgts. Major Bruxner is president & Lieu. Walker is Secretary.

Friday 7 April 1916
The N. Zealanders arrived in Camp from Ismaila about 10 a.m. They left the Canal at 4-30 a.m., bringing with them their String Band.
Regiment on parade.
I left for Cairo in connection with Officers Orders, for general supplies. Arriving in Cairo at 5 p.m. & went out to Maadi to see Said, arranged to meet Him tomorrow at 8-30 a.m.

Saturday 8 April 1916
Very Busy in Cairo all Day purchasing & Booking stuff through to Salhia. Met Major White at National & received £15 to complete the Buying. Said Saweda assisted in getting Stove & cooking utensils. Spent in all £70. Went to Kursaal & stayed at "Anzac" Hostel the night.

[The following paragraph crossed through.] Met Major White at Station at 5 p.m. & took Him to see Dr. Losty. Lieu. Chisholm also in town at Shepards.

Major White, Lieu. Chisholm & I had Lunch at Zazazar on our way to Cairo. Major White took us to a leading Hotel & ordered quite a variety of Dishes. The waiter had to bring our requirements from another restaurant further up the street.

[Page 35]
Sunday 9 April 1916
Went to Church in Cairo this morning. Left for Salhia or Zazazar at 2-40 p.m. The Services in the morning are very poorly attended in Cairo, a few Civilians sprinkled among the mixed Soldiers principally Tommies. Rev. Stirling from England is by far the Best speaker here, & His addresses are excellent. The building used by the Methodists is opposite Davies Bryan the large English General Merchants. The place is very comfortably fitted up & would accomadate at least 250 people.

Monday 10 April 1916
Carting officers Mess Stuff from Station which arrived by 9-40 a.m. train.
Col. Fuller went early to Tel-el-Kebir to see about ‘details’.
These ‘Details’ are men under Capt. Caine, who were recently at Maadi, but have now come nearer to the Regiments.
A large number have been drafted into newly formed Artillary Camps & will soon occupy our old Camp at Serapeum.

Tuesday 11 April 1916
Regiments on parade.
Div. H.Q. with Horses & Equipment arrived from Serapeum by train under General Chavel.
This lot came by a newly erected Line via Cantara. Only the military are allowed to use this line, & then only in exceptional cases.
There is plenty of scope about here for any number of Troops & Rumour says the Mounted Div. will mobilize here, & prepare for the Front.

Wednesday 12 April 1916
Very heavy wind Blowing, no parade. Sand Storms here are bad for both man & Beast. Sand Flies are also bad, & the Horses suffer much from bites. Rumours came that Sheds are to be erected for Horses & Mess Shed for but little notice is taken, as our previous Camp at Serapeum was to be made the most comfortable spot for both man & Beast. Needless to say it was not done.

[Page 36]
Thursday 13 April 1916
Very sultry – Thunder Storm came & settled atmosphere.
Regiments on parade.
Letters from Home dated 4th March, also one from M. Sarginson.
Once the men get settled in any Camp the days at times become monotinous & all & Sundry get a tired feeling & sleep is the only relief.
It is most difficult to imagine at times that we are at War; nothing of any consequence is seen or heard & "Latrines" or Rumours become the only interesting news that floats our way.

Friday 14 April 1916
Orders out that only Anzac men are allowed leave.
Regimental parade.
This order means a lot of friction with between men who were compelled to stay in Egypt & the Anzacs. I suppose it is understood that those who stayed behind had many more priviledges than the others, & in consequence they are supposed to take a Lion’s share of the work now. In any case only 5 per cent are allowed Leave, & some time will elapse before all have 48 hours off.

Saturday 15 April 1916
Clearing up Camp, Officers out Riding. Col. Fuller & Capt. Stracker out Shooting. The Death of a Muslim of respectable rank always calls forth much activity on the part of the mourners who believe in much outward show. Just before Death the man is washed all over thoroughly, & repeats the creed namely, There is no deity but God; Mahammad is God’s apostle. In traveling on long journeys these people generally carry their grave clothes with them in case they die before their return. If crossing the desert one of the number is about to die, He digs Himself a shallow grave, puts on His Grave Clothes, covers Himself as much as possible just leaving His Head uncovered & then waits for Death, hoping that the Wind will complete the covering after He has gone. If the man dies in a House, there is much wailing for about an hour, by His friends, after which the "Washer of the Dead" comes & prepares the corpse for Burial. The company chants the following, There is no deity but God; Mahammed is God’s Apostle, God Bless & Save Him. The Body is placed on a Bier & covered by a red or Kasmer Shawl.

[Page 37]
Sunday 16 April 1916
Col. Fuller in charge of Church Parade, very quiet in Camp all Day.
Writing Home. These camps that we occupy seem to be stepping stones to some big movement that the Anzac Mounted Division is contemplating. The men are disappointed in having to lie idle so long, & one wonders why so many valuable lives are not put somewhere handy to the Enemy’s position. All interest in Drill & disipline fades away, when there is nothing to do.

Monday 17 April 1916
Regimental parade very Hot.
Scaffording erected on which Sacks of Straw are hung for Baynoit Exercise. 5th Reg. putting in a good deal of time at this class of work.
Col. Wilson of the 5th Regiment is the Senior Col. of the 2nd L.H. Brigade & Major Newton is adjutant.
The 5th are also fortunate in securing the services of a well tried M.O. whose name is Major McClean.

Tuesday 18 April 1916
Orders out to rise at 5 a.m. owing to Hot Weather. Baynoti Exercise & Trench digging to be the order of the day.
Much talk about shifting soon to some other spot. One would think we we paid to tour Egypt, for we certainly see a vast amount of Country.

Wednesday 19 April 1916
Regiment left at 4 p.m. for all night stunt at Outpost Duty about 3 miles from Camp. I camped with H.Q. staff & enjoyed the outing immensely. Brig. Ryrie inspected the outpost at 10-30 p.m.
Picket pegs are of no use in Sand so we fill up Sand Bags & sink them in ground tying Head Ropes on Same.

[Page 38]
Thursday 20 April 1916
Returned at 6 p.m. from Outposts with Regiment. Said came to see Col. Fuller re opening Canteen.
5th A.L.H. Regiment leave on Saturday for Cantara. A forced march must be taken by them as Turks are reported a short distance from Canal.

Good Friday 21 April 1916
Church Parade for Regiment. I left by 12.20 noon for Cairo with Col. Fuller’s private things, arrived 5 p.m. All leading Business places closed. Stayed at New Khevidal Hotel.
Arranged with Dr. Losty to meet Major White at 5-30 p.m. tomorrow.
Went to Kursaal tonight.
Easter is a time of special significance in these parts, & all Business is suspended & religious meetings are the order of the Day. Alexandra is the centre of a large gathering of Jews, & during the period, a severe riot took place between the Jewish population & the priests.

Saturday 22 April 1916
Placing Kits at Cooks & generally preparing to complete Col. Fuller’s necessary outfit for moving into the desert.
Orders out for all 2nd L.H. Brigade men to return immediately to Salhia as the Regiments were going direct to Kantara.
Received 3 letters from Home, Mother, Maude & Harry.
Wrote & posted letters Home.
I went for a drive & tram ride to different parts of Cairo – Garry 10 piastre per hour.
Tram rides are very cheap 2 millime for quite a long journey.
Men on Holidays or on Duty in any of the large towns are immediately notified by the Military police who place notices in all prominent Buildings & who always waylay Individuals of any Corps that is required for immediate Service. It is compulsory for all such men to return to their Unit with all possible speed regardless of what they may be doing at the time.

[Page 39]
Sunday 23 April 1916
6th & 7th A.L.H. Reg. left for Kantara at noon under Brig. Ryrie by road. All Equipment & Waggons came by train.
I left Cairo by 7-40 a.m. train for Abou-Kebir, returned to Zazazar with Col. Onslow & Major Anderson. Went for row on Canal then to Gardens & Zoo. Egyptian Band playing. Driving around the town seeing sights, left by 7-45 p.m. train for Kantara. The Mounted Troops arrived at 5 p.m. & left again at 9-30 p.m. for the Firing Line traveling most of the night.
I arrived at Kantara at 9-30 p.m. & helped to unload train, sorted out Officers Kits & camped by them tonight.

Monday 24 April 1916
Sorting Officers Equipment at Kantara making ready to leave at first opportunity.
All waggons & Gear have arrived from Salhia by train.
Transports with Horses to camp outside by Canal under Sgt. Johnson.
I left with Col. Fuller’s gear for Rail head at 2-30 after buying a quantity of provisions at canteen. 22 miles from Kantara the train pulled up at 4-30 p.m. unloaded Kits, & met the 2nd A.L.H. Brigade who had just arrived. We camped at R.H. tonight, & we packed up just to leave early tomorrow, Tuesday, for Romani.

Tuesday 25 April 1916, Anzac Day
2nd L.H. Brigade under Brig. Ryrie left Rail Head for Romani – we passed different groups of Date palm groves which thrive wonderfully in the hollows of this vast desert. We came across deserted Camps of the Warwick, Glous. & Wostershire Regiment who have been cut up & taken prisoner within the last day or two. We also came across the Body of a Sgt. laying in the desert. 6 Bedwins were captured today.
We camped at one of the disused spots where we found Water in plenty – a bit Brakish but drinkable & also pumping & Toughing – ready for use.
Major White arrived from Cairo.

Wednesday 26 April 1916
Another Camp deserted found by Capt. Ferguson fully equipped & we secured a large Quantity of drink soft & otherwise also much loot of different sorts.
7th Regiment protroling & found 22 dead & wounded Tommys. They brought in 5 Wounded, one died on the Road, & one Officer died just as they got to Him. We also secured 3 Wounded Bedwins. The Regiments that have been cut up are the Warwick, Wostershire & Gloustershire & a number have been taken prisoners including some Lords. They were taken by surprise during a fog. The scene of the fight was at Qualia & Katla & also at D.

[Page 40]
Thursday 27 April 1916
A squad of our men carried 14 miles on stretcher a wounded Tommy. 6th A.L.H. under Major White as advance party, with Col. Fuller supporting, scouring Country around Qualia. Digging party out burying Dead – 31 Tommies & 10 Turks. Party found 2 more wounded Tommys & 1 Turk. This Turk had ribbons of different Battles he had been engaged in, & was on the Peninsular at the time we were there. The Camel Ambulance to away some of the wounded to R.H. Major Pelham returned to Cairo sick, & Major Anderson took his place as Brigade Major. Our Major is one of the youngest in the Aus. Army & is rapidly coming ahead. He joined our Regiment as 2nd Lieu. from Duntroon N.S.W.

Friday 28 April 1916
Col. Fuller writing out reports of previous days operations. Burying party out this morning to complete this work. The Camel Ambulance took remainder of wounded to Rail Head.
2nd A.L.H. Brigade Ambulance arrived by Camel train at 4 p.m. under Col. Croll.
Col. Fuller inspecting outposts.
7th Regiment formed the daily protrol. Cooks & other details under Sgt. Dickson arrived this Evening.
Immediately on receiving the written message from the Aviator a circle is formed if contents is understood & if not a cross is formed of men standing near.

Saturday 29 April 1916
Some of the H.Q. Divisional Staff arrived to inspect surrounding Country accompanied by our Brig. & Col. Fuller. Major Bruxner is in charge of escorts. Sgt. Hartley went to Railhead on Official Business & returned same day with Machine Gun Horses. Ted Reed went with Col. --- to R.H. & returned same day. Brig. & Col. Fuller returned from Kalia 6-30 p.m.
Qualia as spelt on map is pronounced as Kalia. This place is really nothing except a cement wall with good drinking water also a shallow cement trough. The work entailed in drawing the water for both man & Beast is heavy as one can only use Buckets & rope attached & draw up hand over hand. The spot has also a Date Palm grove near well, & a few dried up Gunyahs. A dried up Salt Lake takes up a good deal of surrounding land, & like all such places is dangerous to travel over. Camels have sunk & disappeared, & horses are often Bogged whilst attempting to cross.
The Divisional H.Q. of the Anzac Mounted, is quartered near Kantara in a large stone House. From there the whole operations are in direct touch, either by Telephone or Wireless.

[Page 41]
Sunday 30 April 1916
Posted letter Home. 4 Turks supposed to be seen by our protrol early this morning. Officers further investigating. Major Foster inspecting our Camp & Outposts. Message as usual received from Air O Plane re position of Enemy.
General Chavel & Gen. Cheater [possibly with Brig. R. inspecting Camp & surrounding Country. Romani & Qualia & Kalia were visited after which the Staff met the 5th A.L.H. protrol who conducted them to Dunidar.
The message is encased in a specially prepared cloth pocket, which is weighted. Streamers of colored cloth Balances the Bag which rapidly drops from the plane.

Monday 1 May 1916
Left Camp for Cairo with Officers. Kits & other equipment laying at Rail Head to place same at Cooks. Arrived Cairo 12 midnight stayed at Anzac Hostel.
Col. Fuller with Brig. Ryrie out all day with General Cheavel & Gen. Cheater of N. Zealanders around Karta.
Aus. Mail in, got letter from Home. The Brigade sends Orderleys from the different Regiments to R.H. & they sort the letters before sending them to the different units.

Tuesday 2 May 1916
Spent all Day in Cairo storing Officers Kits, & buying eatables, etc.
Saw Mrs. Chisholm at Shepards. Met Lieu. Black at National Hotel, left by train for Cantara at 6-15 p.m. arriving 9-45 p.m., got Cases of Stuff to Siding over the Canal . Train left for Rail Head 12-20 a.m. midnight.
At Railhead every preparation is being made against an attack. Trenches & entanglements are very much in evidence. A Division of Infantry occupy the firing line with New Zealanders as supports. The R.E. are in charge of the building of Line.

Wednesday 3 May 1916
Arrived at Rail Head 4-30 a.m. from Kantara, secured Camels & left for Romani 7-20 a.m., arriving 10 a.m.
Reports that one of our Air O planes had to descend, & all men are to carefully watch for any signs of the Pilot.
Major Darrel arrived to-day to find equipment that was left behind when His Regiment evacuated this Camp.
Lieu. Chisholm laid up with malaria in Camp.
Reports that Turks concentrating at different points in the Canal Zone.

[Page 42]
Thursday 4 May 1916
Brig. Ryrie & Col. Fuller rode out to meet a number of Generals from H.Q. Ismaila who came over to inspect Country.
Troops of 7th Reg. went out at midnight to scout country for Aviators who are supposed to be making for the Coast, having been compelled to land in Enemy’s Country with defective machine. Returned with no results. Other Troops went out later & returned at midnight.
Lieu. Marks went to R.H. on Business.
Major Darrel of the Workshire Regiment here collecting Officers Kit left when Camp was evacuated. Q.M. Corps found Quantity of Stuff Buried belonging to English Officers. Aeroplane dropped message.

Friday 5 May 1916
Brig. Ryrie & Col. Fuller & Brigade left at 6-30 a.m. for Orgaatina to inspect a report on water supply & other facilities. Every man in Camp had to have His Horse saddled & ready at 3-45 a.m. in the event of suprise.
Two Enemy Air Ships appeared over Kantara this morning between 6 & 7-30 a.m.
Received letter from Home. Wrote to Mrs. Chisholm on behalf of Lieu. Chisholm who is suffering from Malaria Fever.
The Brig. & party returned to Camp at 6 p.m. Many of the Bodies that were covered are now exposed owing to wild dogs & wind.
Officers writing the reports of their daily doings.

Saturday 6 May 1916
The Camp is a scene of Activity owing to Orders coming out that a Forced March is to take place tomorrow for a spot known to be occupied by turks. Mounting Guns & Trenches are seen by our Air o planes with a goodly number of the Enemy. All available men are to go. The divisional H.Q. have sent out Officers of the A.S.C. & A.M.C. to assist.
The New Zealanders come over from Rail head to look after this Camp & outposts whilst we are away.
The Field Ambulance has a fully equipped outfit for sandy Country & will accompany us under Col. Croll & Major Fraser.
A large number of Camels also come with Fodder, Water, etc. & each man carries 24 hours rations & 2 Feeds for Horse.
Lieu. Chisholm cannot come owing to sickness. He has had Malaria & is now subject to attacks.
The Ambulance Sand Carts are the only vehicle wheeled arrangements that can face the soft sand desert.

[Page 43]
Sunday 7 May 1916
General Chavel & party here.
Brigade left Camp here at 1-30 p.m. for Qualia, Orgratina & --- where the Enemy is supposed to be, passed numbers of Graves & some Dead Turks lying about decomposed. Stayed 2 hours at Qualia & arrived at Orgrantia 11 p.m., stood to Horses throughout night.
Both Water & Feed was brought along by Camels, also 2nd L.H.F. limber came with light Carts & Slides in the event of a scrap.
The long line of Troopers 4 abreast in absolute silence presented in the still night an impressive spectacal.

Monday 8 May 1916
Left Orgratina at 4 p.m. for Bir-el-Abd very open & Bleak Country, heavy sand & pulling difficult – arrived at 8-20 a.m. with 6th Reg. as advance party. Sighted Enemy Protrol, otherwise the place deserted, the only evidence of their recent stay was fresh tracks & Trenches. Major Fuller & body Guard went 3 miles further out to inspect, caught two Bedwin prisoners.`
The Brigade left at 11-15 a.m. on their return journey, all arrived at Romani by nightfall. Both Horses & men had a severe trip. Outposts as usual at night. Received 2 letters from Home.

Tuesday 9 May 1916
Outposts & Protrols as usual, men digging wells for Infantry Battion. who arrive in day or two.
Major Bruxner Field Officer.
Doing a bit of washing & writing Home.
Owing to the line being laid so near Romani Camp, our Details at Anzac Siding shift camp to spot where Train unloads being within 2 miles of our present Quarters.

Wednesday 10 May 1916
Everything Quiet in Camp.
Major Fuller & Gen. Ryrie out to Rail Head which is now within 1½ miles of our Camp.
General Ryrie’s Horse (Rainbow) very lame owing to thorn running in near fetlock.
A Protrol went to Ogratina & report "all clear".
More Wells sunk & pumps erected, water very Brakish.
Pardre Mullins (R.C.) over from 5th Regiment on visit.
Major White went to Cairo for Health reasons. Reed went to Kantara.

[Page 44]
Thursday 11 May 1916
Col. Fuller & Major Foster rode over to Coast with A Squadron.
Major Bruxner went to Rail Head.
Orders out that from 14th to 21st of this month no leave is to be granted to Aus. or New Zealand Troops.
Air o plane brought in the usual report this morning.
T. Reed returned from Kantara with Groceries.
Brig. applied for 3 months absence to go to Eng. He looks like a man with Dropsy.
Col. Fuller went to Infantry Brigade at Rail Head this Evening.

Friday 12 May 1916
Brig. Ryrie & Major Foster to Beach inspecting Canal that is being dug by our men for the purpose of Flooding 2000 acres of Country. The work will only take 4 days to complete.
Orderley Room this morning for men absenting themselves from Salhia without leave.
A Bedawin was found hiding the wiring late near Outposts with a Helmet on.
The New Zealanders are on our Right Flank & connecting the 5th.

Saturday 13 May 1916
Cleaning up Camp. All ‘Gunyahs’ to be cleared away & tents erected 15 men each Tent. Squadron cooking to be carried out. Camels brought our Tents from R.H.
Brig. & Col. Fuller inspecting Lines.
A number of ‘Details’ arrived this Evening.
Bir el Abd is about 30 miles from Romani & was an advance post of a number of Turks who came from El-Arish 49 miles from Kantara.
Bir-ed-Ducidar is where the 5th A.L.H. is quartered, & they are connected with N. Zealanders & us. Daily a party of the 6th or 7th meets the 5th partrol & reports progress.
Mahamdiya or the Camp of Chabrias is on the coast in Tina Bay & is where we are at present – digging a Canal to flood the surrounding Country, about 4½ miles from Romani.
At Kalia or (Quilia) is to be found a stone well 15 ft. deep, also other large wells in vicinity, containing a plentiful supply of water a little Brakish.
At Pt. Said some Bombs fell from Enemy’s Taube & wounded some Civilians.

[Page 45]
Sunday 14 May 1916
Eary Church Service (Voluntary).
Much cleaning up to be done owing to visit of General Cheval.
Major White of No. 3 Mounted Rifles has arrived & taken over Brigade Major from Major Anderson who returns as B. Squadron Leader. General Chavel & Gen. Godley came over from Div. H.Q. & inspected work on Coast. Did not come near the Camp.
The Camp at Rail Head will be known as Post Kilo 38.
General Ryrie inspecting Camp this Evening.
Very Hot winds & weather.
Fresh meat issue today.

Monday 15 May 1916
6th A.L.H. under Col. Fuller with N. Zealanders on Left & 5th A.L.H. on Right leaving today at 2 p.m. for Bir. Bayud.
General Godley & Chavel out on inspection.
Wrote Home. Taking pump & Troughing to Qutla for Horses.
Arrived at Qulia at 4-30 p.m., camped till 7 p.m. when the Regiment quietly moved 6 miles to El Sagia where we camped for night.
Camels conveying water & food came to Sagia with us also the 2nd L.H. Field Ambulance with the Sand carts. The night was clear & warm.

Tuesday 16 May 1916
Left Sagia at 3-15 .m. for Bir Bayud & after 5 hours in Saddle arrived on the outskirts 8-15 a.m. Air o plane came over to view surrounding Country. The Day was very hot with hot winds. After the Col. & advance party inspecting the position they destroyed Troughing & other property of the Enemys, & saw in distance about 10 Turks with a number of Camels. Orders to return at 10-15 a.m. came to hand, & after a severe & distressing trip all & Sundry arrived in Camp at Romani at 11 p.m. The Col. being last in. Both Horses & men were knocked up & a number dropped from Exhaustion. The Ambulance had a busy time with the sick men. Officers suffered likewise, Capt. Ryrie, Capt. Cross, Lieu. Pearce, Major Bruxner.

Wednesday 17 May 1916
Ambulance took the sick through to Rail Head today, 4 being very bad, 2 or whom are N.Z.
Col. Fuller writing report of yesterday’s operations, Capt. Huxtable making a sketch of different spots. Major Bruxner 2nd in command as Major White is still away. The 7th Regiment was to go on a similar Stunt today, but it has been cancelled.

[Page 46]
Thursday 18 May 1916
1st L.H. Regiment camping near us.
7th Regiment on partrol to Kalia & Ogratina today. G.O.C. sends congratulations to the Regiment in carrying out the mounted work satisfactory, specially during this fierce Heat. Telegram through to the effect that Officers Mess Stuff has been looted during transit from Salhia.
Harris – the Col’s Groom up for Insolence, got 7 days 2 Field punishment.
Weather much cooler to-day. Col. Fuller in Camp all day.
During our stay at Kalia we found much correspondence & pictures of a most filthy description. Letters written by women in England write to Officers of the Warwickshrie Yeomanry Regiments in a way that is positively repulsive & we conclue that there must be much sexual mania in the Yeomanry ranks.

Friday 19 May 1916
Brigade cleaning up Horse Lines & Camp.
Col. Onslow returned with one Squadron from Kalia reported ‘all clear’.
Lieu. Walker who went to Kantara yesterday to secure Mess Stuff wired to say that He would return tomorrow.
12th Regiment on our extreme right dismounted. Drs. of Brigade met to discuss "advisability" of Troops wearing Helmets instead of Hats.
Stadium being erected to hold 13 large Water tanks thus freeing the "Fantasies".

Saturday 20 May 1916
Major Foster of Div. H.Q. left this morning at 6 a.m. for Base at Hill 70, about 11 miles outside Kantara.
Lieu. Walker arrived at 8 a.m. with Officers Mess Stuff – 1½ Cases have been looted.
Col. Leggitt of the Infantry came to inspect Outposts & was conducted round by the Brig. & Col. Fuller.
Orders issued that no man is to be out of Camp tomorrow.
Lieu. Chisholm bought a Goat from a Bint today 50 piastre.
A number of Bedwin were brought into Camp this evening also a flock of goats.
One man had 9 Soverigns in a Bag hanging down His groin. Doubtless He got them from one of the poor fellows who was killed here in action. All Bedouins are now collected and sent on to Kantara as it has been proved that they are the intelligence department of the Turks.
A number of the 1st Regiment came to see the Col. tonight.

[Page 47]
Sunday 21 May 1916
Voluntary Church parade at 7.45 a.m. Col. Fuller inspecting Camp.
6th & 7th Reg. went for Swim in Ocean.
Enemy’s Air-o-plane dropped Bombs on Pt. Said this morning early.
An alarm came to camp at 3-30 a.m. that a Taube was overhead. Men stood to their Horses.
Went for swim with Ted this afternoon it was lovely. The beach is wide & long, & for a Bathing spot it is perfection.
Word received that 6th & 7th Regiments have to go on a long trip tomorrow for 3 days.
3 letters from Home.

Monday 22 May 1916
Left for Bir el Ab at 8 a.m. today with 6th & 7th Reg. & Brigade H.Q. Arrived Katia 10 a.m. & camped there till 8 p.m., when we left again for Ogritina. Stayed for 2 Hours resting & again continued our journey at midnight. The suppies followed us on Camel, & the 2nd L.H. F. Amb. with Sand Carts accompanied the Column. The Col. & Major Bruxner dug up a supposed Turkish grave & found instead of Bones Cases of Turkish Ammunition. All Humpies & Guynas were knocked down & Burnt. The Horses were watered & fed before leaving on the night march.
The N.Z. supported us on our right.

Tuesday 23 May 1916
Major White returned from Cairo.
General Chavel & party in Camp.
We arrived at Bir-el-Ab at daybreak 3-35 a.m. the 7th Leading. A number of Turks & Camels were watering at the well, & on the approach of the 7th Reg. made off, ony one Turk & Camel were captured. The general opinion is that some one made a hash of the Show, & that not only all the Enemy & Animals ought to have been taken, but the Brigade should have launched out & had a ‘go’ at a number of Turks who had congregated about 3 miles to the North: nothing was done however, & the Troops returned to Romani about 5 p.m. after practicalally doing no good. Unless fresh Blood is infused instead this Brigade I think we will hardly earn our Salt from a fighting point of view. The men are willing, but can do nothing without orders.

Wednesday 24 May 1916
General Chavel & party proceeded to the Coast to inspect Canal that has been dug there. They took a number of men with Shovels to further open up the drain.
The majority of men & Horses are resting to-day.
Capt. Stracker gave us some fresh Goat.
Rumour is that a large number of Aus. in France have been cut up including 130 Officers.
The New Zealanders sent out a partrol a few Days since, & they narrowly escaped being captured by a party of Turks who suddenly appeared, & captured some equipment & killed a Horse. This happened outside Orgritina.

[Page 48]
Thursday 25 May 1916
Packing up all morning. Camels arrived at 5 p.m. to convey all Regimental Kit, etc. to Rail Head. The convoy of 60 Camels under the supervision of Major Bruxner (who is 2nd in Command) unloaded & camped in readiness to entrain at 5-15 a.m. next morning.
Had Tea with Capt. Chapman of the 7th. Lieu. Farquair is in charge of Details of the 6th at Rail Head.
We are being relieved by the 1st L.H. Brigade under General Cox. The Regiment is to go by road to Hill 70 - & leaves at 3 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Friday 26 May 1916
Loaded train with the Regiment’s Gear, etc. & left with Major Bruxner for Hill 70 at 5-15 a.m. arriving there 7-15 a.m., unloaded waggons at Camp at 9 a.m. The Regiment under Col. Fuller left Romani at 3 a.m. & arrived in Camp at 10 a.m.
Officers & men were allotted Tents & all day was spent in fixing the Food & Forage & Water supply. The Water is pumped from Kantara to Hill 70 through pipes, & all feed is brought by a light Railway to the different Camps in route.
The Division H. Quarters of the [See below for remainder of paragraph.]
Saturday 27 May 1916
Arranging Camp & Horse Lines generally cleaning up. A large consignment of Gifts from Aus. under the supervision of Mr. Larcombe (in Charge) for 5th, 6th & 7th Regiments to hand.
Went into Cantara (riding) to get Mess Stuff, had a swim in Canal.
Heard a rumour that our Division was to leave Egypt very shortly for France. Major White left again for Cairo, will be absent for some time. Lieu. Cunningham left also for Cairo to enter School of Instruction. Lieu. Hogue to return to duty as Orderly to the Brig.

[Remainder of paragraph from above.]
Anzac Mounted Division is centred at Hill 40 about 3 miles from Hill 70 on the way to the Canal. Large Mess & Horse Sheds are being erected at both places besides many other permanent improvements. A Metal Road run out from Kantara to Hill 70 besides 2 light lines & one Heavy Rail. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Regiments have left for the outposts at Romani & Dueidar relieving the 5th, 6th & 7th who fall back to rest. The rations here at Hill 70 are very Good, besides, Canteens run by the Expeditionary Force Coy. in England cater for all & sundry. The Stuff retailed by these Canteens are first Class & the variety is large.

[Page 49]
Sunday 28 May 1916
Compulsory Church parade, very Hot weather. Col. Fuller & Col. Onslow trying to arrange for Wet Canteen for the men.
General Chavel is in Cairo.
Lieu. Huxtable left yesterday for Port Said.
Lieu. Marks went to Kantara also.
Ambulance Cars & Lorries continually up & down the Road. Sand Bag entrenchments & Barb Wire entanglements surrounding different Camps here. Indian Camel Corps pass through loaded.
Writing Home today.

Monday 29 May 1916
Posted Letters.
Our Brigade commenced erecting Covering Sheds for the Horses under the direction of the R.E. B Squadron went to Kantara for Swim, also Lieu. Chisholm, M.O., Ted & Burke. Water supply cut off today owing to repairs. We hear that the 4th Batt. & 18th Batt. are practically annialated in France. Brig. Ryrie has gone to Cairo.
Col. Fuller inspecting Camp & Lines.
A Col. of the A.M.C. in Camp looking at Kitchens & out-Buildings. Incinarators & Grease traps are now Built for all refuse.

Tuesday 30 May 1916
Major Bruxner field Officer. Regiment working at the Sheds today.
One of the Transport Drivers named Collins was kicked on shin by Horse, Leg Broke. Ambulance conveyed Him to Hospital.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
C Squadron under Capt. Ferguson out to Dueidar for Couple of Days.
There is a rumour that the 6th, 7th & 12th L.H. may go dismounted to France soon making a N.S.W. Brigade. Much depends upon the future movements of our Troops in France, as to whether we will eventually go there. It seems more likely that all the L.H. will partrol Egypt.

Wednesday 31 May 1916
Col. Fuller inspecting Camp.
News came through that the N.Z. & 1st L.H. Brigade had encountered Turks outside Bir-el-Ab, & killed 20 & wounded some. Two slight Casualties on our side.
Col. Fuller, Col. Onslow, M.O. 7th & Capt. Stracker went to Kantara by Brigade Motor this afternoon.
Col. Fuller dining with 7th Regiment tonight.
I went to Hill 40 for Mess Stuff.
Men still working at Sheds.
Posted letters to A. Stewart & Mrs. J. Coleman, Stroud, N.S.W.

[Page 50]
Thursday 1 June 1916
At Romani this morning between 5 & 6 a.m. a Taube dropped Bombs in our old camp killing 9 men wounding 17 others & 24 horses. These men belonged to the 3rd L.H. Regiment.
Col. Fuller at Kantara securing Beer, etc. for Wet Canteen.
Majs. O’Brien, Ryrie, Pearce returned to Duty from Con. Home Alexandria.
All Infantry are being sent to England to train.
Col. Fuller returned with Dry Goods & contents to commence a Wet Canteen in connection with Reg.
An Officer belonging to the Signallers was killed at Romani by the name of Ker.

Friday 2 June 1916
Opened Wet & Dry Canteen took £80 first day.
General Chavel on inspecting tour of Camps.
The Officer named ‘Ker’ who was killed yesterday only left Hill 70 at 5 a.m. for Romani, & was speaking to Capt. Stracker of our Brigade. He rode direct to the scene of the bombing & just arrived when a fragment of shell knocked Him out.
General Chavel was also camping the night at Romani & witnessed the whole thing.

Saturday 3 June 1916
General Chavel again inspecting Camp. General Ryrie visiting Col. Fuller tonight.
Received 3 letters from Home one from Mother, dated 23rd, 28th April.
Weather very Hot with strong Winds.
Regimental Mess for Officers to be started again.
Col. Fulton of the 3rd Regiment had a narrow escape at Romani on Thursday last when the Enemy Bombed the Camp. The Horse he was untying was Blown to pieces, leaving the rope in His hand & a man quite close had His Head severed. The Enemy dropped 6 Eggs in all, 4 falling wide of the mark & the other two had only a Local effect. The Taubes 2 in number were estimated to be 4,000 ft. in the air & circled around for about 15 minutes before dropping the bombs. There was a general stampede of Horses, & to date about 140 animals still missing. Where the bomb actually fell Horse Flesh & Human Flesh were massed together, a number of men be killed whilst saddling their Horses.
I should think that men at without waiting for Orders ought to spring on the Horse without Saddle & Gallop away, at the same time scattering in all directions.

[Page 51]
Sunday 4 June 1916
Compulsory Church parade.
Col. Fuller spoke to men re Canteen also had discussion with Officers of Regiment.
Heavy wind Blowing dust everywhere.
Col. Fuller & Onslow, & Lieu. Britton in Kantara securing Dry Goods etc. for Canteen.
Serg. Hartley of the Orderly Room has reverted to the Troop, owing to His typing words of a nature that cast reflection on the C.O. & 2nd in Com. Corp. Collins has been placed in charge.
News of a great Naval Battle in N. Sea.

Monday 5 June 1916
Lieu. Britton in Kantara arranging about Goods for Canteen.
Col. Fuller inspecting Camp.
Very Hot & Dry. Ted Reed to Hill 40 for Groceries.
Col. Fuller with Major White of Brigade.
Capt. O’Hara 7th L.H. M.O., & Lieu. Snow of the 7th playing cards most of Day.
Received Papers from Home.
Report received from M. Officer of 3rd Section of Canal Zone, complaining about the unsanitary condition of different Camps.
Oliver Hogue (or Honey Bunch) the Author of (Love letters from an Anzac) returned to Camp from England.
[In margin] Major Bruxner on Field C.M. at Cantara.

Tuesday 6 June 1916
Col. Wilson of the 5th L.H. Regiment has received the C.M.G.

[The following sentence crossed through.] Major Bruxner President of Court at Kantara. After spending the day there He returned at 6-30 p.m.

Further news of North Sea Fight to hand. The Battle most severe & about an equal number of Boats were sunk among them being the Queen Mary. Later news to the effect that our Boats cut off a number of the Enemy’s light Cruisers & ran them into their own mine Fields blowing up 50% of them. About 5000 of our men were drowned. The German Fleet retired to their Base.
Continued Tuesday.
Col. Fuller went to Hill 40 for Canteen. I went to Kantara to get Straps put on Shirts. Had a swim in Canal. Posted letters Home.
Orders are out permitting 4 Officers 3 days leave of Absence from each Regiment. Capt. Cross left on Holiday to-day.
Enemy’s Planes sighted around Romani to-day, but no damage reported.
A Fresh supply of Horses are being sent on the the 3rd Reg. who lost so many during the Bomb outrage.

Wednesday over Leaf.

[Page 52]
Wednesday 7 June 1916
Pay Day in Camp.
Edwards sentenced to 7 days field Punishment for using insulting words about the Col. The Brig. down visiting the Col. this morning.
Air o planes circulating about camp to-day.
During the past few Weeks all leave has been stopped, & the different Cities & large Towns in Egypt have be thoroughly overhauled by the Police for Desertion. Something like 800 men have been found, also a few nurses who appear to have gone astray whilst in Egypt.
Inoculated this afternoon against Typhis.

Thursday 8 June 1916
Sick all Night & laying down to-day. News received that Lord Kitchener & Staff has been drowned. Another National Hero gone. A Noble Life spent in the Welfare of Humanity. Egypt’s Greatest Friend at Rest. The rich & poor, the high & Low, & the Great & Small, all come at last to the Portal of Death.

Friday 9 June 1916
Went into Cantara for Shirts, etc.
Col. Fuller left for Conference at Divisional H. Quarters, & then on to Cairo for well earned Rest.

Saturday 10 June 1916
I took £E.60 into Cantara last Evening & handed same to Col. Fuller on Railway Station, returned to camp 9-30 p.m. Regimental Funds.
Cleaning up day today.
5 per Cent leave has been granted to Men to Port Said only.
Ted Reed left at 6 p.m. on leave to P. Said.
Lieu. Black returned to Duty to-day.
Another Medical inspection by M.O. of the 3rd Section in Canal Zone.
These Officers are particularly keen about this work, & go into close details, regardless of whose corns they may tred on.
Lieu. Chisholm & Capt. Beith went into Cairo last Evening for 3 days.
The road from Kantara to Hill 70 is under extensive repairs, there being 3 or 4 Steam rollers continually working, besides many Arabs. It is purely for Motors & Waggons. All Horseman to keep on the sand.

[Page 53]
Sunday 11 June 1916
Wrote Home.
Mr. Larcombe is again in Camp with some more extras for the Regiment.
Church parade is to be held tonight instead of morning owing to the Heat.
I went to Cantara with Major Bruxner & also to Transport Depot.
Taube (Enemy’s) dropped 7 Bombs killing two men & wounding & killing a number of Horses at Kantara. Also opened Fire on the Camps whilst returning only doing slight damage. Our Planes went in pursuit.
A large Plane is now at Kantara equipped for 3 men, one to Pilot, 2nd to use Machine Gun, 3rd to operate the 1 pounder.

Monday 12 June 1916
Major Bruxner, Pardre, went to Cairo tonight on Holidays.
Serg. Ross before the O.C. for absenting Himself without leave 4 days.
News of the Russians doing good work.
Col. Fuller arrived from Cairo at 11 p.m., came from Kantara by Brigade Motor Car.

Tuesday 13 June 1916
Capt. Ferguson returned from Cairo the afternoon.
Major White who was 2nd in Command has been compelled to return to Aus. & leaves Friday next.
Col. Fuller at Brigade tonight.
Another alarm given of Enemies plane in vicinity of Camp.
Wet & Dry Canteen is now a paying concern, under Lieu. Britton & is much appreciated by the men.

Wednesday 14 June 1916
Capt. Stracker took lunch with the Col. to-day.
Capt. Darcey returned from Cairo & paid visit to Col. Fuller.
Orders out that a Camel Corps is being formed, & Officers & N.C.O. are required.
Lieu. Chisholm went to Port Said in connection with Charge against a Trooper who was Drunk.
Col. Fuller up to 7th Reg. tonight.

[Page 54]
Thursday 15 June 1916
Pay day.
Col. Fuller to 7th Reg. & Brigade H.Q. in connection with application for Camel Corps Men.
I went to Kantara for Groceries, had a swim, also swam Horses with Harris, Col.’s Groom.
An officer of the Scotish L. Horse in Kantara was shot Dead yesterday by one of the Troopers accidently.
Lieu. Britton left today for Cairo.
Major Bruxner & Pardre returned from Cairo tonight by 10 p.m. Train.
Lieu. Hedley evacuated Sick to-day.
Major O’Brien evacuated Sick.

Friday 16 June 1916
General Butler of the A.V.C. in Camp inspecting sick Horses.
The Brig. went to Cairo yesterday.
Inoculated this afternoon again.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
One of our men returning from Pt. Said tonight fell, & broke some Ribs.

Saturday 17 June 1916
Major Bruxner on a Court Martial at 7th Reg. to-day.
I was very (Dicky) all Day. If I fall by the wayside with disease, it will not be the fault of the Military. They inject a most liberal supply of ‘Lord Knows what’ into one’s body, with the result that the individual so operated upon becomes a useless bundle of Bones & quivering Flesh. They inject for all manner of diseases, Typhoid, Small Pox, Dysentry, Plussey & Pregnency. Speaking personally all vitality is dried up & it is with difficulty I can pass water leave alone anything else of use.
Posted Letters Home.
Court Martials are frequently held these days & occupy a lot of time. The accused person can always demand the Courts to sit providing of course his claim is not paltry. C.O.s of Regiments can also refuse to try a Case if He considers it serious enough & pass the offender on to the Higher Court. Up till now the Sentences have been very light considering the seriousness of the Offences, but the Divisional Commander is demanding heavier Fines & penalties from those who sit on Judgment.

[Page 55]
Sunday 18 June 1916
10 Planes passed over our Camp on their way to Al-Arish this morning at 7-10. They will have to fly about 80 miles before reaching the scene of Operations.
T. Reed went to Kantara for Col. Shirts. There are more men being sent to day to Signaling School for instruction.
Compusory Church Parade tonight at 6-15 p.m. conducted by Pardre Terce.
Received 2 letters from Home dated 7th & 13th May, also Queens lancet with account of Anzac Day.

Monday 19 June 1916
Muster Parade this morning when the Brig. gave an address to the men. He leaves today for England to attend Conference on Policital matters. He told us that he was a "Rough General" & then gave a windy speech about Fighting apologizing for leaving the Brigade for 6 weeks to the tender mercies of the Lieut. Col. of the 12th Regiment (Col. Rollston). He reminds me very much of a Country Publican, but as for anything else well He is a First.
Capt. Ryrie another unique specimen goes with the Gen. An Orderly Officer, Capt. Cross & other Officers off to Cairo tonight.

Tuesday 20 June 1916
Examination of Ammunition to-day.
All Officers met the new Brig. this morning (Col. Rollston) who gave them some plain talk on military matters.
I left for Cairo by 7.30 p.m. Train arriving there at 12-15 midnight. Stayed at the New Khedival Hotel. This Hotel is feeling the pinch with the rest of the large accomodation Houses in Cairo, owing to the Troops leaving for France & elsewhere. Only those who have Business of importance are allowed in Cairo.

Wednesday 21 June 1916
Went to Cooks for Clothing etc. for Col. Fuller, & spent the remainder of the Day Buying up stuff & arranging for conveying it to Kantara.
Went to picture Show at night – stayed at Khevieval Hotel tonight.
Splendid report of the recent airoplane Raid at Al-Arish by our men last Sunday. 8 Enemies machines were Blown up & a number of men killed. Our men showed particular Bravery & only one was captured, & two machines were (Blown up) by our men to save falling into Turks hands. 3 Air men returned on one machine which is a marvelous piece of work.

[Page 56]
Thursday 22 June 1916
Returned with Goods by 11 a.m. Train arriving Kantara 2-50 p.m. Harris with Limbers to meet me.
2nd & 3rd Class passengers are only allowed in Dining Car of the Train after 1st Class have been catered for. The meal is well served & consists of Soup, Fish, Chicken, Meat, & Vegetables, & Pudding with any kind of Drink.
Natives traveling by train have special compartments reserved, so as not to mix with Business or Pleasure seekers. They are herded in a most congested fashion & the purfume coming from the carriages is vile.

Friday 23 June 1916
Major Bruxner left this morning at 4 a.m. for Romani where He will inspect site & make arrangements for our Camp.
Reed went to Kantara for Groceries etc. Packing up all Day in readiness to leave with Regiment for El Maler some 20 miles up the Coast.
Camels with all Equippment & Stores left at 10 p.m.
Lieu. Chisholm took sick & was evacuated to Hospital.

Saturday 24 June 1916
Regiment left at 2 a.m. (midnight) for El Maler – a site recently occupied by the N. Zealanders, & about 2 miles South West Romani.
Arrived at destination at 7-15 a.m.
Camels also arrived at this time.
Unpacking & fixing Tents for the Col.
Reports of a great Victory in Naval circles a few days back, 39 German Gun Boats sunk, & 14 of ours.
Report also of the ‘Leader’ of Mohammadism withdrawing all support from the Turks which will be of extreme value to us.
Report of German Authorities withdrawing Officers from the Turkish Forces.
The Camels took nearly 5 hours longer than the Regiment to do the same distance. They travel about 1½ to 2 miles an hour & experience great difficulty in getting over hills.

[Page 57]
Sunday 25 June 1916
Col. Rollston & Capt. Stracker arrived this morning from Hill 70.
Cleaning up Camp. The 7th Regiment arrived & camp in another Grove of Date Palms close by.
Col. Rollston & Col. Fuller inspecting Camp this Evening.
Church parade 6-15 p.m.

Monday 26 June 1916
"Stand to" at 3-30 a.m., Col. Fuller & Brigadier on inspecting outposts & picket.
Secured portable Covers for our Horses. The Heat is very oppressive.
Col. Rollston & party again out this Evening inspecting ground for the purpose of putting down Trenches.

Tuesday 27 June 1916
Enemies Plane over our Camp early this morning. Our Planes out in pursuit.
Posted letters & Photos Home
Pioneers out under Major Bruxner this afternoon commencing defensive works around outskirts of Camp.
Brig. over to 1st. L.H. Brigade. Col. Fuller in Charge of our Brigade.
I went to Romani Rail for Goods. Lieu. Hogue (Honey Bunch) is too be absorbed in our Regiment.

Wednesday 28 June 1916
Airoplane reported by our Duedar outpost making for Hill 70 at 8-30 a.m. All Troops stood to their Horses. Between then & 9-30 the Enemy’s plane passed over & returned followed by ours. When near our Camp shots were fired, & both planes had an exiting Time. The Fight was one of intense interest to all & we watched the duel until distance became too great to see. Another plane of ours followed in the wake of the combatants 20 minutes later, & we anxiously wait the result.
Col. Fuller & Major Bruxner at Brigade.
Our details come from Rail Heads to-day. The Pardre went to Cairo.

[Page 58]
Thursday 29 June 1916
The result of the Air Battle of yesterday was our machine had to descend at Marmadira on the Coast owing to Petrol tank being damaged, & the German Plane though Hit & one occupant wounded returned to their Base. German machine won on points.
The Brigade preparing to leave early tomorrow for Bir-el Ab.
Went to Romani Rail Head for Supplies.
All Details from Romani came to Camp for Duty yesterday.

Friday 30 June 1916
The Brigade left for Katia at 2-30 a.m. this morning. Stayed there resting till 8 p.m. same night when the Regiment led the way for Ogritana arriving there 10 p.m. Camped for 1½ hours leaving again at 11-30 p.m. for Bir el Ab.
The advance party was C Squadron & New Zealanders who spent the Day at Ogrintina. Entered Bir el Ab at dawn. Reported all clear. The Before leaving tonight for Bir el Ab the Brig. spoke to the Officers re the work on Hand, after which the Column wended its way through the silent watches of the Night to an elevation some 5 miles distant where we rested & fed our Horses prior to resuming our way.

Saturday 1 July 1916
The Brigade arrived at Bir el Ab at Dawn headed by C Squadron of the 6th Reg. & some New Zealanders.
Having surrounded the Well the advance party dismounted & with fixed Bayonets closed in, but apart from a few new tracks of Camels found All Clear. A Smoke Fire at Dawn was the signal that no Enemy was in sight, & immediately the Brigade withdrew to Ogrintina where Food & Water was given both Horses & men. A Field Dressing Station had been erected a short distance from Bir el-Ab in Case of need, also Ambulance Camels & Sand Carts followed close behind the Troops.
Whatever failings & Faults can be placed at the Door of the Military Authorities no one can say anything against the wonderful Transport of supplies, & medical Comforts that are placed for our benefit. Nothing is left to chance, & should we ever get into grips with the Enemy every convenience for our Welfare is forthcoming.
It is a noteworthy fact that the water supply in the different Wells en route is fast diminishing, & there will be great difficulty in the near future in providing Horses with the necessary drink.
Brigade arrived at El Maler at 6-30 p.m.

[Page 59]
Sunday 2 July 1916
The Col. & Major Bruxner inspecting site for 2 Wells to be sunk specially for our benefit. The pioneers under Corp. Baye commenced Operations.
Col. Fuller went this morning to Rail Head with Capt. Stracker.
The Padre returned yesterday from Cairo where He was examined by Dr. Gibson for eye trouble.
Divine Service tonight at 6-15 p.m. when the Padre gave an interesting account of the particular bit of Country in dwell in in Egypt from an Historic point of view.
Lieu. Marks went to Cairo.
Corp. & 6 men went to Cairo for our Kit Bags, so that we may get a change of Clothing.
Col. Fuller, Capt. Stracker, & Lieu. Thompson went to Hill 40, then on to Kantara on Military matters. I went also for Food supplies & all returned by the 6 p.m. train.
Aus. mail in. Received letter from Mrs. Robson. Posted letters Home, also wrote Mrs. Robson.
The Fifth Regiment ordered out last Evening at 10 p.m. to capture a number of Camels & Bedwins seen by Air o plane on the previous day.

Tuesday 4 July 1916
Col. Fuller & other Regimental Leaders met at Brigade H.Q. this morning 10 a.m. for the purpose of discussing arrangements for next Stunt.
Owing to Major White & Major O’Brien leaving Regiment = Capts. Cross & Ferguson together with Lieu. Thompson & Chisholm have to-day been recommended for Promotion. Col. Fuller & Brig. out inspecting Outposts this Evening.
A French Plane passed over our Camp at 5-30 p.m. passing very low. The Avaitors do not care about travelling too high owing to our Guns firing on them.

Wednesday 5 July 1916
Our Plane descended here owing to motor trouble, ascended again by afternoon.
General Chavel & party arrived at Romani Rail 6 a.m. & was conducted round the different Camps by the Brig.
Medical inspection to-day.
Ted & I put up a new Kitchen to-day. Date palm Leaves with a bit of timber make splendid "possies" for both Cooking & sleeping in.
Vet. Officer of the Brigade gave a lecture on "The Horse" tonight, which was much appreciated. Col. Fuller attended – then went to N.Z. camp to spend Evening.
Serg. Long of the 3rd Echelon, Alex. arrived in Camp on Business.

[Page 60]
Thursday 6 July 1916
It has now been ascertained that the Camels & attendants captured by the 5th Regiment really belonged to the "Military" & had no connection with the Enemy whatever. They were Our Camels being sent to the Katia district, owing to the water supply giving out further South. The plane bombed the train killing 7 & the the Heroic 5th dashed in & captured the remainder. For this achievement they Dreamt of V.C.’s & D.S.O. but alas it ended in Smoke.
Taube circled around different Camps here about 7-30 a.m. Was fired on by our machine gun. Our Planes arrived from Kantara too late.
Col. Fuller at Brigade H.Q. receiving Orders for Saturday’s Stunt.

Friday 7 July 1916
Tim Smith leaves tomorrow for Camel Corp.
Lieu. Pearce is in charge of the Scouting party specially picked for advance work.
A Squadron will lead the main Body from Orghratina.
Wrote & posted letter Home.
Air O plane reported this morning that about 150 Camels & Turks were seen outside Hod Salmana & about 15 tents.One Machine Gun fired on the Plane.
The Scouting party is to have a spare Horse & will thoroughly scour the Country around Hod Salmana.

Saturday 8 July 1916
The 6th & 7th Regiments left this morning at 3 a.m. for Oghratina via Katia. Horses were watered at the Well, & we arrived in Camp at 7-30 a.m., rested all day. After having Evening meal, we left again for Bir El-Ab & Hod Salmana at 8 p.m. traveling right through the night arriving at Dawn on the outskirts of last named place (Sunday).
A Squadron was in the Advance & immediately following were H.Q., B & C Squadron. Col. Fuller was in charge of the advance party, with Capt. Cross as Squadron Leader.
Lieu. Pierce was Scout Officer & had 24 picked men. Both Turks & Camels were seen & fired on. The result of the Operations are as follows. 1 Turk Soldier was wounded, another wounded but escaped & 2 Prisoners taken with a number of Goats.
General Chavel came with 1st L.H. Brigade as far as Oghratina for the purpose of reinforcing if needed. The 6th Regiment followed out instructions as to time & place without a hitch, but the 7th Reg. somehow got out of their Bearings with the result that a member of the Enemy with their Camels escaped. It can safely be said that our Enemy are as slippery as eels.

[Page 61]
Sunday 9 July 1916
Capt. Bolingbroke of the 5th accompanied us. In connection with the Stunt of yesterday & to-day, only one man Corp. Suffolk disobeying orders got out of touch & found Himself at Rail head tonight. An Air o plane yesterday evening came to the ground at Oghratina & was dismantled & brought in in Sections.
Capt. Stracker was out supervising the digging of fresh Wells. The regiments arrived back to El Maler about 7 p.m. after resting most of today at Oghratina. An Air o plane after our Operations flew into the Turks lines & Bombed the camp. The distance covered by our Horses was over 60 miles & only those who undertake the journey have any idea of the strain on Both.

Monday 10 July 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade this morning.
More Wells being dug & troughing erected.
Our Kit Bags have arrived at last from Cairo.
The N. Zealanders sent over to the Col. a leg & loin of Goat.
Capt. Bolingbroke left this morning for Duedar.
New Zealand Officers visiting Col. Fuller to-night.
Major Bruxner camping out to-night with the outposts.

Tuesday 11 June 1916
Col. Fuller inspecting Camp.
Brigade orders are to the effect that our Regiment leaves Camp tomorrow evening for 24 hours duty around Oghratina digging wells, etc.
Enemys plane crossed over this morning. Our Plane went in pursuit.
The Official War news received to-day is very satisfactory.
Leave. One Officer per Regiment granted 3 days leave. Lieu. Tooth left to-day & took £55 to Bank for Col. Fuller.
A movement is on foot to establish a Rest Camp at Pt. Said for Troopers of the Anzac Mounted Division under Military Government.

Wednesday 12 June 1916
Shower Buckets have been secured for the men. These cost about 6/- each, & will make the present conditions much more bearable.
The Brigadier & Col. Fuller inspecting Camp. "Billie" the Col.’s Horse is on the sick list. It is feared that the strain of the Desert Work is proving too severe.
Leaving to-day at 4 p.m. with Regiment for Oghratina where we camp the night.
Capt. Stracker accompanyies Col. Fuller.
Camped to 1½ hours at Katia for Tea.
Major Bruxner stays behind & will supervise the Camp work here.
The 1st L.H. Brigade leaves to-day to scour the Country outside Oghratina.

[Page 62]
Thursday 13 July 1916
Left Oghratina with Regiment at 3-30 a.m. A Squadron camped for the Day,& Well construction was carried out in a very satisfactory manner. B Squadron camped at [indecipherable] & also cleaned out & put down well. C Squadron went out on a Scouting expedition. At 2-30 p.m. the Regiment left for Katia where food & Water was given to man & Beast. At 8 p.m. the Regiment moved off & arrived in Camp El Maler at 10 p.m.
News came through that the N.Z. were cut up in France having 5,000 Casualties.

Friday 14 July 1916
Col. Fuller over at Brigade this morning.
Ted Reed suffering with slight attack of Fever.
Movement on foot to start an A.I.F. Canteen. Col. Fuller tonight at Brigade discussing matter.
Officers (3) left for Cairo for a Holiday.
An Officer of the 12th Reg. named (Trevenerry) returning to Aus. as His Services are no longer required (for misconduct).

Saturday 15 July 1916
5 per cent of the Troopers left to-day for Pt. Said on Holidays.
Col. Fuller at Brigade H.Q. for Lunch.
Major Bruxner left for Div. H.Q. at Hill 40 for the purpose of discussing matters in connection with A.I.F. Canteen.
Owing to some fishy work by certain responsible Officers of the A.S.C. being found out by the Authorities, Capt. Parker & Capt. Thomas & some others received notice that their Services were no longer required, & they return to Aus. in a day or two.
Posted Letters & Bank Receipt to Major White to-day, Address, N.S.W. Bank, Sydney.
Posted letters Home.
Aus. Mail arrived after going to France & back.
A Case of Diptheria in Camp, J. Graham one of the pioneers. This Case was promply dealt with & no further outbreak occured.

[Page 63]
Sunday 16 July 1916
I left by 6 a.m. Train for Kantara. Secured Officers Requisites & returned by 4-20 p.m. Train. Went to Transport Depot for Waggon to convey Stuff from West to East Station.
2 Natives fell off Train while traveling to Romani to-day. Went for Swim in Canal.
New Zealand Officers over for Lunch visiting Col. Fuller.
Limber Waggons came to meet Train tonight. (Church Parade)

Monday 17 July 1916
Taube over our Camp this morning. Machine Guns fired on Her. Our Plane went in pursuit.
Brig. inspecting Lines with Col. Fuller.
Officer of the 12th Reg. with us all day.
Serg. Ross under close arrest for misconduct.
Men on Leave returned to-night from Port Said.
Received a letter from Mrs. Robson.
Orders out that another Stunt on Wednesday.

Tuesday 18 July 1916
Further Good News from France.
Sir A. Murray who was to have inspected us to-day, failed to appear for some reason.
More Gift Stuff is being distributed among the Troops.
Other Horses are now developing the same complaint as the Col’s, some kind of Egyptian Fever.
Enemy Plane over our lines again this morning, but quickly disappeared on approach of our machines.
Brig. Royston out inspecting this Evening called on Col. Fuller who has been feeling "Dicky" to-day.

Wednesday 19 July 1916
Lieu. Chisholm returned to duty this morning.
Col. Fuller & Major Bruxner over to Brigade in connection with Stunt arrangements. Owing to Col. Fuller feeling unwell Major Bruxner led the 6th Regiment this afternoon starting from Camp at 4 p.m. Col. Fuller stayed in Camp. The Regiment camps at Katia for Tea, then on to Bir el Ab returning tomorrow Evening.
Lieu. Thompson went out as Adjutant.
Received letters from Home dated 6-6-16, one from Mother & Grace.
Urgent. At 6 p.m. message received Turks in Force at Oghratina & Bayud.
Col. Fuller with 7th Machine Guns left Camp for Katia, where we joined Brigade.

[Page 64]
Thursday 20 July 1916
After a wakeful night we left Katia on a Scouting Expedition & found Turks about 3,000 camped on the Hills at Oghartina. They were digging in & generally preparing defences. After watching all Day, Guns were brought up from Rail Head & the Brigade accompanying the Artillary went forward at Dusk to make a "demonstration". The Turks replied to our fire & three of our men were slightly wounded. Our Artillary did excellent work. We returned to El Maler at 11 p.m.
All men reported back safely in Camp.
8 Prisoners were captured by the N.Z.

Friday 21 July 1916
Resting all day. It is now a common sight to see Enemy’s Planes flying over our lines, but little or no bombing is done. Apparently a big movement is in progress & Observations are being taken to find out our strength.
Col. Fuller at Brigade arranging matters in connection with the Stunt of tomorrow morning.
The 1st L.H. Brigade takes up position in touch with Enemy to-day, & we relieve them tonight some time.

Saturday 22 July 1916
General Chavel arrived on scene of Operations.
Our Brigade assisted by New Zealanders left Camp at 1-30 a.m. (midnight) & slowly wended our way to Katia arriving there Day Break. B Squadron was put out in advance to get within touch of Enemy. Their advance posts had a remarkable escape owing to the Turks allowing them to pass through their lines & then fired. None of our men were hit but couple of Horses were slightly. During the Day the Turks advanced towards our lines, but apparently decided to withdraw. Major Anderson of B Squadron did His Work in a thorough manner, & will prove a good man when needed.
H.Q., A & C Squadrons camped all day at Katia with Machine Guns & the Whole Brigade returned to El Maler by 10 p.m. tonight.
It is reported by our planes that the Enemy is in Force some 6 or 8 miles South of Katia.
We expect very soon to have a scrap with the Turks, & great preparations are being made to make a successful Haul.

[Page 65]
Sunday 23 July 1916
Enemies Plane over our Camp early, our plane fast in pursuit. Machine Gun firing heard in the air towards Oghratina.
Col. Fuller at Brigade at request of General Chavel.
A "Demonstration" by 1st L.H. Brigade to-day at Katia, some killed & wounded of our men.
Result of Air Battle, our two men were wounded, but were able to bring their machine down at R.H. safely. Enemy’s two planes were driven back, & one crippled.

Monday 24 July 1916
2nd L.H. Brigade left at 1-30 a.m. (midnight) for Katia under Brig. Royston.
Demonstration at 10 a.m. 18 lb Guns were brought into action with good effect. One N.Z. was killed & two 7th men injured.
Lieu. Walker was the Officer picked for the night partrol.
Brigade returned to El Maler at 10 p.m.
There were a number of narrow escapes during the Day, owing to some of our men getting right into the Turks Lines.
A French attache was with us during the Day.

Tuesday 25 July 1916
Enemies planes very busy around our Camp this morning.
The "Reinforcements" were allotted to their respective Squadrons to-day.
It appears that our Planes are not capable of overpowering the Taube, though many attempts have been made. Only to-day we witnessed one of ours flying away with all speed from the Enemy, who only gave up the chase when the heavy Guns set on Her.
Our Battle plane has lost for the time the only man who could "imshee" Johnny & is now in most inferior Hands.

Wednesday 26 July 1916
2nd L.H. Brigade left at 2 a.m. for Katia arriving there at 6 a.m. The 6th Regiment was in the advance, & were in touch all day with Enemy. Everything reported normal. During afternoon our "Guns" went out to prominent position & Heavily Shelled the Turks. 60 shells were hurled with good effect.
Quite a number of Heads came to view the operations.
Planes were conspicious by their absence both Enemy & and our own. A Rumour spread that the Turks were advancing on Romani to-night but it ended in nothing.
Returned camp 10 p.m.

[Page 66]
Thursday 27 July 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade.
Reinforcement men & Horses being allotted to Squadrons.
Report that one of our planes was captured by turks this morning.
General Chavel & Brig. Royston paid a visit to Col. Fuller this afternoon.
2nd L.H. Brigade preparing to leave at midnight on another scouting Stunt with New Zealanders assisting.
Posted letters Home.

Friday 28 July 1916
Brigade left at 2 a.m. for Katia where outposts came in touch with Enemy. At times it looked as though we would have to fall back, but the Day passed as usual. 3 New Z. were killed & 3 of our men namely Collins, Mulholland, Smith were wounded.
8 Prisoners were taken.
The Aryshire Artillary poured about 200 Shells into the Enemy’s position with good results.
A premature Shell burst close to Col. Fuller, but did no damage. We returned to Camp about 9 p.m. Lieu. Pearce & Tooth were left out as listening posts.

Saturday 29 July 1916
Australian Mail arrived.
Word just through that Lieu. Pearce’s Horse was found early this morning by 1st L.H. Brigade who went out on Scouting Expedition.
Later. Body of Lieu. Pearce was found & a sledge was sent to convey the remains into Camp. (Shot through Heart.) The 3 men who accompanied Him on the Officers night Patrol are still missing their names being Dunbar, Thorne, Waygood.
Poor old Norman Pearce was an unassuming Officer with very little Personality, but His Heart was stout & true. He accepted His Duties willingly & in the hour of Danger never flinching to do His part. Being one of the Senior Officers of this Regiment, work was given into His charge which needed nerve & endurance, & He rose to the occasion each time, & did it well.
Later. Telegram received from Hill 70 that the 3 men who were with Lieu. Pearce when attacked arrived safely & are resting. 1st L.H. Brigade Ambulance brought in the body which was Buried by the side of a N.Z. at 2-30 p.m. to-day.
General Chavel examining Corp. Thorne who was with Lieu. Pearce when attacked. He was shot through the back, the Bullet passing into Heart & out of left Breast.

[Page 67]
Sunday 30 July 1916
Brigade left at 2-30 a.m. midnight for Katia. Word received that the Enemy’s Camel Corps drove our partrols to Romania during night. We came in touch with Turks about 6 a.m. Serg. of the Turks surrendered also a Soldier.
One man of 7th Reg. wounded & 3 Horses. Major Brice’s Horse had to be destroyed.
The Turks appear to have a supply of notes & silver on them.
According to the Sergeant there are about 12,000 Soldiers advancing towards Romani. Brigade returned to Maler at 9-30 p.m.

Monday 31 July 1916
Wrote to McDonald & Co. for Beer & Whisky.
Enemy’s Bombs bursting over R.H. & El Maler. 2 Officers & 3 Tommies were injured this morning.
Major Foster over to see Col. Fuller.
Received letter from Home also parcel from Mrs. Robson.
Posted letters Home also to Miss Robson.
Later. The result of the Bombing this morning was 9 killed, 20 wounded & a number of mules.
The Enemy dropped 26 Bombs, which were meant principally for the redoubts around Romani.
Lewis Machine Guns arrived for the different Squadrons.

Tuesday 1 August 1916
Brigade left for Katia at 2-30 a.m. arriving there at 6 a.m. Turks advancing on Left Flank. Major Anderson had to return. Monitors from Coast Mar a Dea Bombs Enemy’s position at Oghratina & Saida. During afternoon our machines 7 in number dropped Bombs also doing good work. Enemy replied with 12" Guns. Their aim was accurate but no machine fell.
Enemy’s Planes were over Romani to-day, but threw no Bombs.
6th Regiment was advanced line out & rear guard returning at night arrived at El Maler 9-30 p.m.

Wednesday 2 August 1916
Lieu. Marks & Usher to Pt. Said for Sugar etc. for Regiment.
Col. Fuller over at Brigade, returning afterwards with Major White.
Heavy firing by our Artillary this afternoon from Katia to Oghratina.
Monitors were also operating.
Our Battle Plane brought down a Taube to-day between Oghratina & Bir el Ab. Whilst there is nothing official it appears as though the Turks are determined this time to make a desperate effort to get us out of Romani, & each day we are forced to retire under cover of Darkness to the fortified Hills.

[Page 68]
Thursday 3 August 1916
2nd L.H. Brigade left Camp at 2-30 a.m. Our Screen came in touch with Enemy 2 miles this side of Katia.
One N.Z. was killed & 3 horses shot. The Turks are in force around Katia & an attack is expected at any moment.
Two of our Officers were on night partrol to-night with a Troop of N.Z. The Turks took the N.Z. by suprise & during the night surrounded them & killed most. Word received at 1-30 midnight to Stand to Horses, as Enemy was approaching.
Large Bodies of Infantry are coming from Kantara to support us.

Friday 4 August 1916
At 2-30 a.m. sniping commenced & at daylight the Enemy attacked E. Maler. The engagement was severe & the L.H. found themselves in some tight corners. All Day the Scrap continued & at nightfall the Enemy retired. Among the killed was Oliver of M.G. Wounded, Perry,. Major Windeyer of 7th. Brig. Royston had a bullet enter his knee but continued supervising operations. At nightfall Col. Meredith took charge of our Section, & He proved to be a miserable sort of creature.
Taubes violently Bombed R.H. & different camps, hoping to hit our big Guns but little damage was done.

Saturday, 5 August 1916
At 4-30 a.m. we commenced Scouring the Country for Enemy. Many Turks surrendered & others were found wounded & helpless. At 2-30 p.m. orders were out to take Katia. The 6th, 7th & N.Z. did splendid work but at nightfall had to retire.
Col. Fuller, Col. Onslow, Rock, & about 20 others of our Reg. were wounded, & 6 killed. The Enemy were in strong force at Katia & had many machine Guns. They also severely shelled us with high Explosives & Shrapnel. Most remarkable very few Horses were hit. Strong reinforcements on the Turks side assisted in keeping us from entering Katia, & we returned to Camp at El Maler about 9-30 a.m.
The Col. though badly wounded in thigh rode to Camp over rough ground about 6 miles. We took Him to 2nd L.H. F. Ambulance at once, but the Dr. would not extract Bullet as it was embedded behind knee. He will be evacuated to Pt. Said to-morrow. The L.H. are knocked up owing to no sleep or food. Water was very scarce & the heat during day went hard with both man & Beast.
Later. The Official Casualty list for 6th Reg. is 8 killed & 45 wounded. The 5th Reg. on right flank ran into a number of Enemy entrenched. 6 Officers of Reg. were wounded. The Turks left a large quantity of

[Page 69]
Medical & Ammunition in different Hods. The Turks are given a bit of Bread Baked hard, & a few Dates as a daily ration. Many of the prisoners were ravinous for water.

Sunday 6 August 1916
After packing up Col. Fuller’s private things I left with Him in a Sand Cart for Rail Head where He laid all day awaiting a Train. The rush of Patients during day kept both Drs. & Orderleys very busy. They have had no rest for 3 days & nights.
Major Bruxner is left in charge of Regiment.
News came through that Enemy had retired to Oghratina leaving Katia clear.
Infantry went out during Saturday night to overtake Enemy, but failed, many [indecipherable] up. The 2nd F. Ambulance is also overcrowded.

Monday 7 August 1916
My Birthday
This morning at 12-30 (midnight) we commenced entraining the wounded & at 2-30 a.m. left for Kantara. The journey was awfully rough & our poor men suffered agony. Train arrived at Canal at 5-30 a.m., where ambulances met & conveyed party to Clearing Hospital. Casualty Station 26. This place is in a most unsatisfactory state, both the staff & equipment being very poor. Fancy keeping men with dangerous wounds lying about for days without treatment. There is no hope of us getting away from here before to-morrow. There is no place like our own Hospital manned by Aus. Girls & Drs.
This place is run by Tommies.
Sent Cables to Aus. &amp. Mrs. Chisholm.

Tuesday 8 August 1916
Lieu. Britton returned to Camp, getting the Col. ready to leave by Ambulance Train for Cairo. He expects to arrive up there midnight.
I returned to Camp by 4-30 p.m. Train with Ser. Wilson, who was in charge of Officers Requisites.
Regiment left El Maler for Bir el Abd where fighting was being carried out. They expected a scrap with Enemy at 6-30 a.m. to-morrow.
Brig. Royston accompanied Brigade.
Drs. refused to operate on Col. Fuller owing to Bullet getting behind knee among arteries. X Rays was necessary to locate Bullet.

Wednesday 9 August 1916
Went to Rail Head with limbers for Beer & Whisky.
Cleaning up Camp Tent & surroundings all day. Lieu. Close in Charge of Camp.
The Brigade attacked Bir el-Abd at 6-30 a.m. & the fighting continued throughout the Day.
A Train of Camels left Camp for scene of Operations with Food & Forage. This appears to be the final dash as far as we are concerned for some time to come. The Turks are retreating rapidly whilst putting up a splendid Rear Guard action.

[Page 70]
Thursday 10 August 1916
Capt. Stracker returned from Firing Line sick.
Secured pass to Cairo also Gun & Bayonet for Col. Fuller.
Left by 1-15 p.m. Train for Kantara, brought Col. Saddle to be repaired. Regiment still out in touch with Enemy.
I left Kantara by 7-30 p.m. Train, arrived Cairo 12 midnight. Stayed New Khedival Hotel.

Friday 11 August 1916
Went out to see Col. Fuller this morning. He is getting on well. Bullet extracted.
He arranged for my stay at Ras el Tin Barracks with Lieu. Jordan. These Barracks are used for all sorts of Troops while the large open spaces make an ideal Store for Ordance purposes. The Anzac Mounted Police occupy the old married Quarters.

Saturday 12 August 1916
Went with Capt. O’Hara to secure Pyjamas for Col. Went to Cooks for Artices. Col. getting on well.
Col. Onslow in same ward with Major Windeyer & Major Darcy.
One of the most startling revelations connected with this War is the Cheap way Decorations are issued to Soldiers in General. The Standard is very low, & whilst those who have the Honor to wear Distinctions for Service rendered have doubtless done their Duty, it can be safely said that in the minds of thinking men, Clasps & Medals do not stand for what is known as High conception of Bravery or devotion to duty. It appears that a certain number of Decorations are allowed during the Year & the mantle may fall on some lucky person quite apart from fact that nothing exceptional was done by Him.

[Page 71]
Sunday 13 August 1916
Went to Hospital, saw Col. who is progressing well.
Billy Rock improving.
Serg. Johnson very low.
Saw Mrs. Chisholm at Hospital. She comes regularly to cheer up the wounded, bringing papers etc. as well as all the Spicy news available.

Monday 14 August 1916
Went to Shepards for Parcels for Lieu. Chisholm.
Left for Romani by 11 a.m. Train. Arrived in Camp at 10 p.m.
Found all well, but weary after the long Stunt.
Major Bruxner took charge after the Colonel got wounded, & confesses that His arduous duties were almost too much. The Enemy did considerable damage at Bir el Abd with their Heavy Guns, & knocked out many valuable Horses.

Tuesday 15 August 1916
In Camp all Day fixing up Mail & Kit Bags for wounded.
Regiment returned from Bir el Abd yesterday.
Ridgway received wounds to-day from Cartridges exploding in Incinator. This careless habit of throwing all rubbish in the fire without examination should be stopped as anyone attending there is liable to get killed or seriously wounded.

Wednesday 16 August 1916
I left Rail Head at 6 a.m. with Mail & Kit Bags for wounded men.
Arrived Hospital 3-30 p.m.
Col. Fuller Better.
Delivered mail to men.
Received letters from Home.
Sultan’s Mother Died & Buried to-day. Funeral at Cairo. This Funeral was a sight to behold & all Cairo turned out to witness the procession.

[Page 72]
Thursday 17 August 1916
Major Oatley to see Col. Fuller.
Out to see Col. Fuller. He is progressing well.
Serg. Johnson also slightly better.
Rock still paralised on right side, but somewhat better.
Went to McDonald & Coy re shortage of whisky. They are looking into the matter.
Ordered Clothes for Major Bruxner from Coldicots – 575 Pt.
Pay Heath 200 Pt. on account for Saddle for Lieu. Tooth.

Friday 18 August 1916
Out to see Col. Fuller.
Serg. Johnson died at 9-15 a.m.
Capt. Stracker, Lieu. Thompson & other Officers arrived in Cairo on Leave.
Got Col. Fuller’s Clothes from Davis Bryan, 585 Pt.
Poor old Johnson died hard. He fought for Life till the last & at times hopes were held out for His recovery.

Saturday 19 August 1916
Went to Bank & placed to Col. Fuller’s Credit Cheques to the value of 1400 odd Pt.
Went to Cooks & sorted out Col. Fuller’s Trunks. Military Officers looking for Loot in Kits.
Sent Cables for Col. Onslow & Col. Fuller.
News received through that Turks are advancing on Canal Central Road, Rumor without Foundation.
Capt. Stracker & other Officers returning to Camp this Evening. These Officers have been misbehaving themselves in Cairo & were instructed to report back at once to their units without delay. It is feared that our Leaders are not careful enough when on Leave, & set a bad example to the Troops.

[Page 73]
Sunday 20 August 1916
Took out Col. Fuller Boots etc.
Aus. Mail closes to-day.
Went to Barrage in Afternoon. Nile at its Height. Annual Celebration of the rising of the Nile – on the Banks at Old Cairo. The Cutting of the "Kaly" commencing with the firing of Guns at noon & continuing till daybreak following morning. The Governor of Cairo took the place of Sultan owing to the Death in Family. The whole thing was Froth.

Monday 21 August 1916
Col. Fuller & party to Barrage at 3 p.m. by Motor.
Hamper from Saults – 85 Pt., Car 250 Pt.
Col. Onslow accompanied party.
Rock progressing well though I fear He will never be the same bright Lad again. He is being sent back to Aus. as unfit & it will be a long while if ever before recovery is complete.

Tuesday 22 August 1916
Out to see Col. Fuller.
All Officers getting on well.
Col. Fuller & others to Maddi in Car at 2-30 p.m.
These Cars cost between £2 & £3 for a few hours, but the comfort & convenience is worth all if one has it to spare. Since the bulk of the Troops have left Egypt the Cars are easily to secure, but on first arriving it was difficult to pick a spare one in the Streets.

Wednesday 23 August 1916
Col. Fuller in Hospital all day.
Major Bollingbroke to Helouan by Car.
Went to Band Concert at Hostel to-night.
The Colonel is overdoing it & will have to rest more, though I think pressure will have to be brought before He gives up His freedom.

[Page 74]
Thursday 24 August 1916
Col. Fuller & Major Bollingbroke out with Motor Car this afternoon, afterward Dining with Gen. Ryrie &amp. Col. Car.
Pd. 625 Pt. for Major Bruxner’s Suit & packed them away in His Suit Case leaving Key with Manager of Com. Hotel.
Went to Gardens tonight to see Skating.
Posted Letter Home. Saw Victor Convas.

Friday 25 August 1916
Col. Fuller & Col. Onslow out for Motor ride this afternoon.
I went to Skating rink in Gardens to-night.
Inoculated to-day against Cholera.
The Sister kindly inoculated me in the Officers’ Ward to-day to save trouble. They are a good lot of Girls & the Officers play many a joke on them.

Saturday 26 August 1916
A number of L.H. men connected with Police in Cairo have been sent to Mouski this morning.
Saw Serg. Collins who is improving, also Perry.
Sent Cablegrams to Aus. for Col. Fuller & Major Windeyer.
Ordered Breeches from D.B. for Col.
Col. stayed in all Day.
Went to Anzac Hostel to-night – concert.
Collins is to be sent to Aus. & perhaps discharged. He is very unlucky as the wound was caused by one of our own men accidently letting a charge off which caught two men, one in the foot, & the other in the behind.

[Page 75]
Sunday 27 August 1916
Col. Fuller & Col. Onslow out this afternoon motoring.
Aus. Anzac Hostel handed over to Tommies & Y.M.C.A. today.
Went to Church to-night.
Wrote home.

Monday 28 August 1916
Out to see Col. Fuller.
Got Saddle & leather equipment from Heath & Sons, 115 Pt. also Quart-Pots from Radcliffe, 40 Pt.
Am collecting everything together as Colonel Fuller will shortly be leaving for the Canal. He refuses to take a holiday to England which has been offered by the Medical Authorities. Officers can easily get away for a trip after being wounded.

Tuesday 29 August 1916
Banked Cheque for Col. Fuller. Out to see Him progressing well.
[The following sentence crossed through.]
Both Col. Fuller & Onslow out to Town by Motor Car, met Major Bruxner & other 6th Officers who were up for Holidays.
I left met Officers in Town & arranged to leave for Kantara tomorrow by 7 a.m. Train to get Kit Bags.

Wednesday 30 August 1916
I left by 7 a.m. Train arrived El Maler 5 p.m., left with Kit Bags by 9 p.m. Train & stayed Kantara the night.
Wired through to Transport Depot, Kantara for G.S. Waggon to meet Train.

[Page 76]
Thursday 31 August 1916
Left Kantara with Corp. March & Kit Bags for Cairo arriving there at 2 p.m.
Handed over Kits to men, & saw Col. Fuller, both He & Col. Onslow out in Motor Car.
Met midnight train & arranged for 7th Reg. Kit Bags to be sent out early tomorrow.

Friday 1 September 1916
Major Windeyer & other men of the 6th including Collins & Perry left for Aus. today from Abba Hospital by "Ascanious". Major Bruxner & other officers out to see Col. Fuller.
I got Breeches from Davies B., 275 Pt.
Col. Fuller out visiting Officers at National Hotel.
Major Bruxner & others returned to Canal tonight.
Dick Phillips up in Cairo.

Saturday 2 September 1916
Col. Fuller out motor car ride.
I went to Anzac Concert tonight.
Sent Cables away for Col. Onslow &amp. Col. Fuller.
Banked £655 for Lieu. Britton & placed Cheque to credit of Col. Fuller from M. Bruxner.
In the Egyptian Red Crescent Train went to accomodation is provided for 96 cot Cases &amp. 144 "sitting up". The Staff consists of 1 Surgeon, 2 nursing Sisters, 1 Sergeant, 1 Corporal, & 12 rank & file. This Train works in conjunction with the Red Cross Society & is provisioned by them. Both Officers & Men speak very highly of the treatment received & the comfortable conditions prevailing. The Patient on being put to Bed is given a small Bag consisting of K.Chief, Lollies, soap, flannel, paper, envelopes, post Cards &amp. pencil & a card with good wishes from the Red Cross Society. These trains fully equipped lay ready at the nearest point to the Battlefield, & rapidly convey the wounded & sick to the large Hospitals at Cairo, Alex. & Pt. Said.

[Page 77]
Sunday 3 September 1916
Col. Fuller & I drove to Shepards in Garry this afternoon from Hospital. Went to Y.M.C.A. to hear Lecture on "Scars of Battle".
News has been received that S.M. Paulin late of 6th A.L.H. Reg. has been killed in France. He lately was made a Lieu. & succeeded S.M. McPheeley who was also our old Instructor, & was killed in France.

Monday 4 September 1916
Col. Fuller left Hospital & took Rooms at National Hotel, No. 20. Lieu. Chisholm to see Col. Fuller at Hospital. Cost 45 L.E. in Train. 7 men & Lieu. Hardy up to take lessons in Machine Gun School.

Tuesday 5 September 1916
Lieu. Chisholm called this morning to see Col. Fuller at Hotel.
I went out in afternoon to Re-Mounts Depot Racecourse to see Tom Saunders. He has returned to Aus.

Wednesday 6 September 1916
Col. Fuller &amp. I out buying shirts etc. at Steins, & High Life also job Boots.
Went to Maadi this afternoon to see our old Camping ground.
Col. Fuller to Hospital.
Serg. Hartley in Hospital with Septic foot.

[Page 78]
Thursday 7 September 1916
Col. Fuller out to see Capt. Stracker & Capt. Chisholm.
I went out to Choubra Village.
Gardens at night to Concert. The concert committee in Cairo are to be congratulated upon giving the men in town a great deal of Pleasure. Every night something interesting is arranged at either the Gardens or Hostel, & the attendance must be gratifying to the members who contribute.

Friday 8 September 1916
Capt. Chisholm left this morning for El Maler.
Mrs. Chisholm who has been staying at Shepards for some months past leaves soon for England. She has taken a deep interest in the work of Hospital visitation, & serving both Officers & men in other ways.
Brig. Gen. Antill who was in Charge of the 3rd Brigade has gone to England to take up some staff position.

Saturday 9 September 1916
Col. Fuller, Capt. Stracker & Nurses out to see Camel procession conveying Carpets to Mecca. This is a Religious custom of the Mohammeds who yearly spent 5 or 6 thousand Pounds in connection with this ceremony. The Specticle was a Gorgeous one & many thousands lined the Streets & Square where the procession formed up. Under the shadow of the Citidel this morning, the Camels loaded with the rich & costly Carpets accompanied by Music circled round the representitive of the Sultan 7 times & then slowly headed for the city. The arrival of the Governor of Cairo at 10 a.m. was announced by the firing of 21 guns (4 a minute) & the band playing the National Anthem.
On leaving the Square the procession was Headed by Men carrying Bags of new Egyptian Coin & these were scattered broadcast among the onlookers. The Camel conveying the Carpets was richly decked with Tapistry which fell around a square structure that was erected on the back of the beast. Behind came a Gentleman riding on an Arab Pony & in front of Him was a silk Cushion with the Key of the Temple of Mecca resting.
The whole ceremony was carried out without a hitch.

[Page 79]
Sunday 10 September 1916
Col. Fuller out Driving with the Manager of Met. &amp. Coy, Cigarette Manufacturer, Cairo. Col. went to Shooting Club in afternoon.
I went out to see Serg. Hartley at No. 3 Gen. Hosp.
Spent Evening at Soldiers Home.
Lieu. Menzies in Cairo on Sick List.

Monday 11 September 1916
Out with Colonel buying up Groceries & Refreshments to take to Camp tomorrow.
Sent Officers Requisites by goods Train to-night, 12 Cases.
The cost of Beer by Case of 48 is 220 Pt. (Amstel).
Perfection Whisky is also 220 Pt. for 12 Bottles.
Col. Fuller & I went to McDonald & Co. & paid the Account owing to the extent of nearly £40.

Tuesday 12 September 1916
Received Cases from Station. Left by 11 oclock train for Kantara with Col. Fuller, arrived at 3 p.m. Goods not arrived so we stayed at West Kantara Transport Depot until morning.
Before leaving Cairo I left at Russell Soldiers Home 2 parcels of Trophies.

Wednesday 13 September 1916
Left Kantara 7-30- a.m. arrived Romani 10 a.m. Limber Waggon to meet us & took Goods to El Maler where they are stored. We left at 3 p.m. for New Camp named Hod-Hasanin about 6 miles from present rail Head. Arrived in Camp 8 p.m. The Colonel was cheered on arrival & everything was found alright. Lieu. Britton is at Brigade as Brigade Capt., Capt. Stracker being sick.

[Page 80]
Thursday 14 September 1916
Col. Fuller around inspecting Camp which is situated on Hill. Posties are built out of Date Palm Sticks & leaves as no Tents are allowed.
General Royston visited the Col. today.
Taube passed over Camp about 7-30 p.m.
Wrote & posted letter to Miss Mitchell.
Building for H.Q. Mess being erected.
Col. Croll over getting evidence regarding the handling of patients who were wounded during Katia Battle.
Col. Fuller & Major Bruxner at Brigade this afternoon.

Friday 15 September 1916
Brigade left at 2-30 a.m. midnight for Hod Gecila where we camped all day. We had to keep well under cover so the Taubes could not see our movements.
Spear pumps are used now for the purpose of getting water quickly for the Horses. A Steel pipe is driven into the ground until the Water is tapped & by suction is drawn up into the trough. This is a great boom owing to the loose nature of the Sand, & the difficulty of digging Holes.

Saturday 16 September 1916
The Brigade left Hod-Gecila at 4-30 p.m. & met artillary & Ambulance a few miles out. We traveled all night so as to get on the outskirts of Mazzar.
It is a refreshing sight to come across different Green Shady clumps of Date palms nestled in among the Hills. These Hods are rich not only in Color but in Fruit also. The growth is prolific, & the bunches of Dates slowly ripening in the Sun harmonizes with the Green leaves perfectly. The Dates are very large & when nearly ripe give forth much sweetness. The Horses are ravenous for the Fruit & the Lads simply gourge themselves with as many as they like.
There are no restrictions & no one to look after the plantations.
The Gov. here are arranging for the Harvesting of the Crops in certain spots, but many thousands of £ will be lost this year in Egypt. After being picked the Dates soon ripen & foment. It can safely be said that plenty of water may be found near the surface anywhere in the vicinity of these groves.

[Page 81]
Sunday 17 September 1916
[The following paragraph crossed through.]
Left Bir Sel Marna at 3-30 a.m. with Brigade & arrived in Camp 8 a.m. A number of Horses broke away during last night among being the Pardres & Generals.

After traveling all night we arrived at the outskirts of Mazzar. The 3rd Brigade got in touch with Enemy & they took a Trench. One Officer & some men were killed &amp wounded. The 7th captured a partrol consisting of a Turk Officer & 14 men with Camels. We withdrew & returned to Bir Sel Marna for night.

Monday 18 September 1916
Left Bir Sel Marna at 3-30 a.m. with Brigade & arrived in Camp at 8 a.m. A number of Horses broke away from Lines during last night among being the Pardre & General Ryrie’s.
Major Bruxner stayed behind to clear up Camp etc.
I left for Et Maler by 1 oclock Train for Groceries & Officers equipment, stayed all night with Q.M.S. McGee.

Tuesday 19 September 1916
Secured 2 Limber Waggons & conveyed stuff to Romani Rail, arriving at Kilo 59 6 p.m. Harris met me with 12 Camels which after a rest carried everything to Camp a distance of 6 miles arriving there at midnight. Posted Home an Anzac Book.
Taube Bombed 3rd Brigade this morning but did no damage.
Major Bruxner left for Et Maler in connection with Water Inquiry.

Wednesday 20 September 1916
Col. Fuller inspecting outposts. General Ryrie over to see the Col. this afternoon.
Col. Fuller & Lieu. Walker to Brigade to night.
Major White of 2nd Brigade to Romani in connection with Water inquiry & also Lieu. Britton who is understudy to Capt. Stracker.

[Page 82]
Thursday 21 September 1916
Left with Col. Fuller & Gen. Ryrie & Adj. to inspect outposts around Bay-ud at 9-30 a.m. returning at 5-30 p.m.
General Ryrie over tonight to see Col. Fuller.
Col. Croll of 2nd F.A. over to get evidence from the Col. & myself re the unsatisfactory conditions prevailing in Handling the wounded during the Romani Battle. Taube Bombed Ogratina this afternoon killing 4 & wounding 10 L.F.

Friday 22 September 1916
Col. Fuller out with Generals Royston & Ryrie inspecting Outposts around Bir El Alb & Salmarna & Ogmara & En Feen.
Father Mullens over to see Capt. Teece.
Lieu. Britton still assisting Brigade Captain. He spent evening with the Col. tonight.
Taube bombed Ogmara H.Q. 3rd L.H. Brigade but did no damage.

Saturday 23 September 1916
The Stunt to Mazzar seems to be a Bungled up concern, so much so that an inquiry is now being held & a number of Leading Officers of the Division appear to be complicated. Even our Brig. got sick of the whole show & left on his own to return to Camp. He got lost & lay under a date Palm till morning. Some of the Brigade Officers spent the night looking for Him without success. On returning to Camp our Regiment had no water or Feed or Rations for Men, & great difficulty was experienced in providing even Quarter Rations.
There is no doubt that those in Authority are unfitted for their jobs, & new Blood must be infused into the division before good working conditions prevail.
Telegram received that Serg. Wilson of C Squadron whilst on Duty at Port Said slipped between a truck & received severe injuries. An Operation was performed & both legs were amputated. He is a fine chap well liked by both Officers & men. He was sent for the purpose of Buying Canteen requisites.
Col. Fuller to Brigade getting information re 42nd Div. Staff who are coming to visit this line.
Major Bruxner returned from Romani.

[Page 83]
Sunday 24 September 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade re Olive Hague protest & arranging about visiting Officers of 42nd Div. These Officers who were to come to day, will not arrive before tomorrow. Lieu. Almond & S.M. Weir arrived with Canteen Requisites.
Church parade at 5 p.m.
General Ryrie & Major White over to night visiting the Col.
Recommendations for Distinction are being arranged for by Col. Fuller &amp. Major Bruxner.
Col. Fuller went to 2nd L.H.B. Amb. this morning.

Tuesday 26 September 1916
Capt. Teece left for El Maler & Port Said. He is arranging for the placing of the 6th L.H.R. Dead in a suitable spot around El Maler. He is also going to Pt. Said to see Serg. Wilson who is progressing after his severe accident.
Col. Fuller to Brigade to interview the Generals who are taking over our Line.
Major Kendell of this Div. O. Corps inspected Horses this morning.
Letters & parcels arrived from Home dates 13 Aug.

Monday 25 September 1916
The Generals connected with the taking over of our Lines arrived with 57 Camels conveying their Kit Stores etc.
Canteen opened for both Officers & men to-day.
Col. allowed men of Regiment £1 credit to purchase Stores.
Serg. Hartley who was evacuated with septic Leg is now at Detail Camp writing up War Diary for Regimental use; & is now assisting Corp. Chisholm with the work in the Orderley Room.

Wednesday 27 September 1916
Orders out for 2nd L.H.B. to proceed to Hill 70 for the purpose of Training.
Major Cameron of the 12th over to purchase Canteen Stores from our Mess.
Packing up the kit etc. Camels took Padre’s Kit to R. Head also all men without Horses left for El Maler.
Posted Letters Home.
Col. Todd of the 10th L.H.R. &amp. Q.M. Lieu. Capron took Dinner with our Officers tonight.

[Page 84]
Thursday 28 September 1916
Preparing to move tomorrow early for Romani & Hill 70.
We sold a Quantity of Stores & Beer to 12th Regiment & Yeomanry who take up our Line between Bayud &amp. Bir-el-Alb.
Major Bruxner paid 736 Pt., Lieu. Walker 250 Pt. for Goods received from Col. Fuller.
Pay Day to-day.
I gave Jeff £10 from Col. Fuller.
Canteen took over 5 Cases Beer from us.

Friday 29 September 1916
Brigade left at 7 oclock this morning for Romani where we Camp for 2 days near the sight of our old & first Camp. Camels carrying H.Q. Stuff arrived at 4-30 p.m.
The Brigade after watering arrived in Camp at midday, 1 oclock.
Major Bruxner stayed behind to arrange matters with the Yeomanry & arrived in Camp at 10 p.m.
Some men of the F.A. & 1st Brigade created an uproar to night & of course the 6th Reg. got the Blame.

Saturday 30 September 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade & Division in connection with Canteen uproar last night. (Another washout)
Last Sunday a number of our aeroplanes left Kantara for the purpose of bombing Al-arish. They met with a Hot reception & though in force could do very little good owing to the High Explosives used by the Turks. 2 of our Planes had to come to the ground & were destroyed by our own Men who afterwards got back safely. Our Machines at present are very much inferior in size & power than the Taubes, & can only travel 60 miles an Hour at full speed. Our Battle plane can only do 90 miles which means that the Enemy planes can out-distance anything we hold.
A Full Dress Parade is ordered for tomorrow when Gen. Chavel will hand to the chosen men Decorations.
I rode over to Detail Camp El Maler & got an Aus. Tunic & Head Stalls this afternoon.
Honeyset, Saddler made both the Col. & I a water Bag each, also counter lined my Saddle.

[Page 85]
Sunday 1 October 1916
The Brigade struck Camp & stacked all tents by 8 a.m.
I left at 9 a.m. with Officers luggage for Hill 70. Arrived at 11 a.m. Lieu. Britton represented Brigade & secured Camels to get our Kits over to Camp. Dick Phillips & I went into Kantara for a swim returning to Camp 9 p.m.
At Romani to-day at 2 p.m. Gen. Chavel decorated certain men of our Brigade who won distinction at the recent Scrap; afterwards meeting Reg. Commanders & Officers of Squadrons.
C.O. of Regts. were warned against lightly dealing with men at Court Martials.

Monday 2 October 1916
The Brigade left Romani at 8 a.m. under General Ryrie for 70 Hill arriving at 2 p.m.
The 1st L.H. Brigade under Gen. Cox left Hill 70 at 11 a.m. for Kantara where they camp near Transport Depot. Gen. Cox called on Col. Fuller & took Him to Kantara for Dinner. The Col. returned 9-30 p.m.
All Details from El Maler came by train & camped at Hill 70 Rail to-night.
A Meeting of Officers to-night decided on Reg. Mess with S. Reed in Charge.

Tuesday 3 October 1916
Details & Q. Masters Stores arrived in Camp this morning, the men being allotted to Squadrons.
Lieu. Walker & Serg. Dickson went to Pt. Said to Buy Canteen Goods for Officers & Men. Lieu. Hardy & Reed went to Kantara &amp. purchased Mess requirements. Col. Fuller & Gen. Ryrie went to Hill 40 & met the General commanding this section, after which they inspected Camp.
All Squadron Leaders are preparing to leave for Cairo to attend Instruction Class commencing next Monday including Major Bruxner.

Wednesday 4 October 1916
Reveille at 0545, drill 0630 to 0700, Stables till 0800, Parade at 0930 to 1100, Stables till 1200, Dinnertime till 1400, stables again at 1530.
From to-day a Sylibus of Training for Regiment comes into force.
Brig. Ryrie went to Cairo to-day.
Col. Fuller inspecting Squadron Operations. During Afternoon both the Col. &amp. Lieu. Hardy rode over to ---- Post some ---- to inspect one of our Troops who are stationed there.
I went to Kantara to get Tobacco etc. also had swim.
Capt. Thompson gave a Lecture on Map Reading to-night.

[Page 86]
Thursday 5 October 1916
Sent money to McDonald for last consignment. Col. Fuller inspecting Operations. Mounted Parade by Reg.
Major Bruxner, Major Cross & Major Ferguson left by 1-5 p.m. Train for Cairo.
Goods for Canteen arrived at Kantara from McDonald, Cairo & Hardy, Pt. Said. Major Anderson returned from Division H.Q. to Regiment. He has been away for Instructional purposes.
Lieu. Bach of Signallers gave a Lecture to N.C.O. tonight, Col. Fuller attending.
Col. ordered 1 pair of Riding Breeches from Davies Bryan 275 Pt., Buckskin Straping.

Friday 6 October 1916
Col. Fuller to 2nd L.H.B. Ambu. to see Col. Croll. He took typewritten evidence which both of us signed in connection with Hosptatal Treatment. Troop Drill again this morning. The Brig. returned from Cairo suddenly to-night.
The Canal Zone has again been Quarintined from to-day.
I went to Kantara for Hair Brush for Col.
Later. The rumour that the Canal Zone is Quarintined is untrue & men are allowed leave to Pt. Said.

Saturday 7 October 1916
[The following sentences crossed through.] Church parade this morning, Col. Fuller in Command. Aus. Mail in to-day.

Gen. Ryrie & Col. Fuller inspecting Camp, all Tents struck for airing purposes.
A few new men were put through their riding test which was amusing to watch.
Wet & Dry Canteen opened this Evening, Serg. Dickson in Charge.
A Tommy Serg. shot at the Camp Commandant to-night whilst under influence of Liquor. This caused a good deal of excitement though no damage was done. It can be safely said that that the Prisoner will be marfish for such a serious offence specially as both He & the Officer are Imperial men.

[Page 87]
Sunday 8 October 1916
Church parade this morning at 10 a.m., Col. Fuller attending.
Aus. mail delivered.
Col. Fuller at Brigade to-night.
Posted letter Home.

Australian Casualties to 1st Sept. 16
Officers & Others
Killed in Action – 531 – 10,101
Wounded – 648 – 17,832
Missing – 43 – 1,487
Sick – 652 – 21,655
Injured – 47 – 246
Prisoners of War –14 – 84

1935 – 51,405

Monday 9 October 1916
Col. Fuller on Parade.
Received 2 letters from Home dated 27th & 2nd Sept.
Wrote & post letter Home.
Capt. Teece left for Pt. Said to visit sick.

Aus. Nurses Dead – 4
Sick – 66
Chaplains Dead – 2
Wounded – 4
Sick – 20

Lieu. Britton returned from Cairo. N.Z.M.R. on their way out to Bir el Alb. Officers called in to Dinner & stayed with us.

Tuesday 10 October 1916
Col. Fuller spent most of the morning in Orderly Room signing documents & arranging affair, after which He went to Brigade.
Capt. Teece returned also Serg. M. Hanton.
Airoplane alarm this morning when the whole Brigade turned out at the signal.
It is worth noting that for some time past no Taubes have been over our way. Our planes have been passing over towards Romani fairly often.
Col. Fuller went this afternoon to Kantara in Brigade Car to arrange about supply of Canteen Stuff.

Wednesday 11 October 1916
At 6 a.m. 82 Men &amp. 2 Officers left for City Bish Alexandra for 8 days, Capt. Chisholm in charge.
Col. went to Kantara in Brigade Car this morning & bought 45 Cts. Beer for Canteen at 220 Pt. per Case.
The Brig. went to Dordar to-day.
Taubes bombed Romani & Bir el Ab yesterday.
A number of Remounts Horses arrived in Camp to-night.
The men on Leave have to go away fully equipped in the event of Regiment moving away.

[Page 88]
Thursday 12 October 1916
Col. Fuller alloting Horses just arrived to different Squadrons.
Received Letters from Home &amp. Mrs. Robson.
Posted Letter Home & to Mrs. Robson.
A number of Reinforcements arrived in Camp this afternoon. There were spoken to by Brig. Ryrie.
Corp. Sullivan returned having left the Camel Corps.
Major White over to see Col. Fuller in connection with Major Bruxner’s transfer to Brigade Detail Camp.

Friday 13 October 1916
Applications invited for Positions in Flying Corps. Two of our men have been recommended.
I went to Kantara for Swim. The road is now being covered with Australian Blue Metal, which comes over as Ballast.
Posted letter to Dick Playdell.
The Brigade Major gave a lecture this afternoon at 5 p.m. to Officers on Map Reading. The General attended.
A Concert was held tonight in Y.M.C.A. Tent, Col. Fuller attending.

Saturday 14 October 1916
Col. Fuller with General Ryrie & Major White motored to Kantara, took train to Pt. Said.
I rode to station & met Col. Fuller at Hardy & Coy where money was paid in & full receipt given for both Officers & Mens Canteen.
Another Order was left to be sent out on Monday.
We met Captain Marshall of the Transport Vestalia at Hardy’s & He is returning to Aus. tomorrow with 400 Remounts Men who have been discharged.
Pt. Said was full of Tourists who had arrived by a mail Steamer en route to Aus. This Port is the Busiest of all Ports in Egypt, as all mail & principal Cargo Boats call & replenish Stores.

[Page 89]
Sunday 15 October 1916
Church parade this morning, Major Anderson in Charge.
Capt. Teece Chaplain of our Regiment decorated with the Military Cross, a Distinction well deserved during His term with us. He proved to be a man of Sterling worth during the Romani & Katia engagements both in attending the wounded on the Battlefield & keeping in direct touch with all in trouble. He lived to smooth the rough pathway of the men, & all agree that the distinction is well deserved. Whilst that is true I confess that the High opinion I held for Clasps & Medals has been shattered mainly on account of the Cheap & easy way they are won. If Bravery & Devotion to Duty receive special mention, I believe every man who has followed Our Colonel realizes that He has earned recognition for the way in which the Troops were Handled & encouraged during the recent Fights. If General Chavel does not recognize our Colonel’s true worth, the men of the Regiment do, & to-day He is surrounded by their confidence & affection, which after all is the Highest Honour.

Monday 16 October 1916
Throughout Egypt every Soldier over 21 yrs. has a vote on Conscription. After recording mine, Harris & I went to Kantara, & I went on to Pt. Said to purchase Canteen Goods. Returned to Hill 70 tonight – Col. Fuller went by 1 oclock Train to Cairo with Capt. Stracker & Gen. Ryrie.

Tuesday 17 October 1916
I went with Limbers to Kantara for Goods, but they had not arrived. Went on to Port Said, & had a great time on the Harbour with the Coast Guard inspector in His Motor Launch. Saw Serg. Wilson & then had Dinner with Mr. Hardy. Stayed there to-night.

Wednesday 18 October 1916
Arrived from Port Said by 9-15 a.m. Train. Met Bob Dickson at Kantara & saw Goods loaded for Hill 70. Met Col. Fuller at Station & went with Him to Headquarters Canal Defences where an enquiry was held at 12 noon on Hospital arrangements. After giving evidence both the Col. & myself went to Cairo by the 7-30 p.m. Train. Stayed the night at New Khedival H. General Frith was the principal Officer at the Enquiry, & heard the different men’s statements. See leaf.

[Page 90]
Thursday 19 October 1916
Col. Fuller at National Hotel Room 20, Capt. Stracker Room 22. Went to Kursaal & pictures.
Got from Anglo Egyptian Bank Pass Book & Cheque Book for Regiment, also Col. Fuller Private Account.
Capt. Chisholm returned with the 82 men from Alexandra after spending 8 days on Leave.
Ted Reed, Harris & another contingent left tonight.

Friday 20 October 1916
Col. Fuller at Shooting Match this afternoon with Capt. Stracker. Made inquiries re selling Empty Bottles for Reg. Canteen – price very low.
Cashed Cheque for Col. Fuller at A.E. Bank.
Bob Dickson got from Kantara in all 83 Cases from McDonald & Coy., Cairo.

Saturday 21 October 1916
Called on Col. Fuller at National Hotel, & left again by 7 a.m. Train for Kantara, taking with me Capt. Chisholm valise.
Arrived Kantara 11-30 a.m. & walked out to Hill 40 where I got a lift to Hill 70.
Col. Fuller & Capt. Stracker left at 11 a.m. from Cairo arriving in Camp at 3-30 p.m.
Posted Xmas letter Home.
Major Anderson leaves to-night for Cairo & Port Said Alexandra.
Major Foster & General Chavel has left the Division for Alexandra & England.
One of the 1st Brigade men who was captured by the Turks at the Romani Battle has escaped from Ali Rish & was found by a party of N.Z. in a very low State. He had a good sketch of Alirish & position of the Turks in general.

[Page 91]
Sunday 22 October 1916
Church Parade this morning, Col. Fuller in Command.
General Ryrie & Capt. Chisholm with other Officers of Brigade out Riding this afternoon. Col. Fuller in Camp all day. Wrote Home.
Capt. Huxtable flew over our lines in French airoplane this Evening.

Monday 23 October 1916
Capt. Beith & party of men left at 6-30 a.m. for Alexandra.
General Cheater G.O.C. of Anzac Mounted Division inspecting Horses & Camp to-day. He is in Charge till Gen. Chavel returns from England.
Major Bruxner is to be in Charge of Detail Camp for Brigade at Mouski near Ismaila.

Tuesday 24 October 1916
Vet. Officer inspecting & culling out Horses unsuitable.
Australian mail in.
Col. Fuller is giving Machine Gun Section £50 to start Regimental Fund.
Letter received from Mrs. Pearce acknowleging letter of Sympaty sent by Col. Fuller.
The Col. & I spent some time this afternoon looking into money matters connected with Officers & Mens Canteen.

Wednesday 25 October 1916
I left by 11-30 a.m. Train for Pt. Said with money to settle Geo. Hardy’s different Accounts & Bank remainder. Banked for Regimental Mess £E85-10.
Went over & saw Serg. Wilson at number 31st Gen. Hosp.
Received 2 letters dated 19th-26th Sept. from Home.
Ordered & dispatched Goods to Kantara for Regiment.
Stayed at Continental Hotel tonight.
Col. Fuller out riding with General Ryrie.

[Page 92]
Thursday 26 October 1916
Left Pt. Said 8 a.m. Train. Met Limber Waggon at Station & conveyed Goods to Canteen.
Col. Fuller & General Ryrie passed through Kantara to Mouaski in connection with Detail Matters. He returned to Camp about 4 p.m.
Ewarts left Aus. to-day.
Party of men arriving from Alexandra under Capt. Close, including Harris, Col. Fuller’s Groom.
In taking men from here to Alex. & back the Military provide a special Train which branches off from Benha Junction & this saves journeying on to Cairo.

Friday 27 October 1916
Col. Fuller & General Ryrie rode over to 5th L.H. Regiment, Doirda to-day.
I went to Kantara to get something for the Col. Sent Telegram to Mrs. Weils Allen, Shepard Hotel for Capt. Chisholm.
A number of our men have contracted V.D. during this visit to Alex; also a large percentage of men from the 1st L.H. Brigade. This will probability stay stop further leave, as the Military are very strict on these matters.

Saturday 28 October 1916
Leave granted to Port Said for 100 men per Regiment for week commencing 1st November.
Col. Fuller, Capt. Stracker around Camp inspecting.
Football Match this afternoon, the General attending.
Capt. Chisholm, Close, Tooth, Thompson left to-day for Cairo where they commence work at Cavalary School of Instruction on Monday next.
Lieu. Walker & party of men arrived from Alexandra to-night.
It looks as though the Al Arish trip is abandoned as further leave is granted to the men. We all expected that within a few Days the Brigade would be on the move. The cause of the rearranging of our Plans so suddenly is due doubtless to the Italian advance & the joining up of Forces on the Russian side. Whether we will be kept here just patroling the Canal or Guarding the line now being laid from Bir el Ab to Al Arish is not known, but we are prepared to move anywhere at an hour’s notice.

[Page 93]
Sunday 29 October 1916
Combined Church Service this morning of all Ranks in 6th & 7th Reg.
Captain Teece of the 6th went to Durdar to conduct Service in the 5th Regiment.
Major Bolingbroke of the 5th returned from Cairo & called on Col. Fuller.
Two troops of our Reg. left under Lieu. Menzies for El-Arish some 10 miles distant for one week’s patrol work.
Major Oatley has charge of the Rest Camp at Pt. Said.

Monday 30 October 1916
Col. Fuller with Brig. Ryrie left this morning for Dueidar where sports are being held to-day.
Our Padre has received word that He may return to Aus. as soon as He wishes.
The sports were a success & the concert at night proved to be a most creditable one. The Col. arrived back about 11 p.m.
Capt. Beith & Major Anderson arrived with party of men from Alexandra to-night.
Major Bruxner returned from Cairo.

Tuesday 31 October 1916
Orderley Room at 10 a.m., Ted Reed up for being without a pass in Alex.
More Artillary moving out to the Front Line to-day.
Major Bruxner left to take up His New job at Mouski to-day. His Groom Farley is in the field Hospital with bad leg.
Cases are cropping up in Camp of Men who enlisted under an assumed name in Aus.

Wednesday 1 November 1916
Orderley Room L. Cpl. Andrews complained of two of our men assaulting Him in Alex.
A Party of Men left for Rest Camp, Pt. Said this morning.
General Cox visiting the Col.
Football Match this afternoon.
Word through that at the Referendum in Aus. Conscription was thrown out by very large majority. This national catastrophe is yet another sign that Germany is a power second to none in the World to-day & Her deep rooted fangs have still a serious grasp upon many so called friends of the Allies. For our own people as a body to turn their Backs on us, is a problem to solve.

[Page 94]
Thursday 2 November 1916
Col. Fuller over to Brigade. He wrote to 12th L.H. Reg. & Camel Corps re Account.
Artillary returned through Hill 70 to-day to rest Camp.
Capt. Ryrie arrived last night from England.
1st L.H. Brigade passing through to-day on their way to Gecila a Hod about 3½ miles south of Bir Salmarna.
A number of the 1st L.H. Brigade Officers took Lunch with Col. Fuller at midday to-day.

Friday 3 November 1916
I left by 11-30 a.m. Train for Pt. Said with Reg. money.
Paid up Hardy & Coy & placed to Regimental Credit in A/E Bank £91 odd. Ordered Quantity of of Canteen Goods.
Left for Hill 70 by 6-30 p.m. Train.
Wired to Cairo for 20,000 Cigarettes (Sweet Briars).
Col. Fuller at Brigade arranging for Transport.

Saturday 4 November 1916
Left Camp for Kantara this morning. Secured Officers Mess & Canteen Goods from Station, & placed all in Truck for Hill 70.
Ted Reed came in & got 5 Cases of Stout.
General Ryrie over this afternoon visiting Colonel Fuller.
Canteen Goods arrived to-night.
Capt. Teece arrived back from Cairo where He has been spending a few days.
Another batch of men went to Pt. Said.
At Kantara now the Military have built a large Pontoon on which an Engine & Trucks can be taken from side to side thus saving much time & labour in Transhipping.

[Page 95]
Sunday 5 November 1916
Church Parade this morning.
Major White has been relieved of Brigade Major & has the command of a N.Z. Regiment.
Capt. Stracker & Col. out riding this afternoon.
Posted letter Home.
Serg. Hartley again reinstated to Orderly Room.

Monday 6 November 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade also viewing operations at Rifle Range where 6th Reg. are practicing to-day.
General Ryrie through our lines.
I went to Kantara this morning for Cigarrettes from Cairo.
Word received that Major White has returned from Aus.
Drs. of 2nd L.H. Brigade played great joke to-night. They brought up a Sand Cart & Stretcher for the purpose of carrying Major (Whisky) Dawson back. He took Dinner with our Officers to-night & was supposed to be stung.

Tuesday 7 November 1916
Orderley Room this morning.
Trooper --- out of Bounds in Pt. Said & Drunk, 28 days.
Major Anderson has left again this morning for D.H.Q. where He will take on work there.
Lieu. Garnet who reported to Col. Fuller yesterday is returning to Kantara, taking up Duties at Transport Depot.
New Brigade Major Northern arrived & took up Duties to-day.
Col. Fuller at Brigade to-night.
(Tony) Hordern’s [indecipherable] Comforts fund representative called on Col. Fuller this afternoon.

Wednesday 8 November 1916
Orderley Room this morning among others a Charge Sheet was laid against Tr. W. Tucker for being in Pt. Said without a pass. The Col. would not allow me to appear as He was satisfied with explanation.
General Butler of Vet. Corps around inspecting Horses.
Bob Dickson & Roy Strathan returned from Pt. Said.
Aus. mail (Xmas) closes at 6 p.m. to-day.
Foot Ball Match between 6th & 7th Regs.
Lieu. Dickson & Lomax to Cairo.

[Page 96]
Thursday 9 November 1916
Col. Fuller with Vet. Officer motored to Mouski this morning to arrange about evacuating Billy to Hospital for further treatment.
Capt. Andrew Teece left for Cairo where He entrains for Pt. Tufic, Suez to catch Steamer Ayrshire that leaves for Aus. on the 12th.
Pres. Wilson has been defeated in America by Hughes.
Melbourne Cup has been posponed owing to rain in Victoria.

Friday 10 November 1916
Portion of the new Camel Corps passed Hill 70 this morning going towards Romani.
Col. Fuller at Brigade & Rifle Range this morning.
Battalion of West Indians arrived to relieve the L. Ful. both here & at Dueidar.
These colored people are of very little value at an ordinary fight so are kept well in Back ground.
I went to see Farley & Jeff in Field Hospital to-night.
Sergs. Mess gave Wilson Gold Chain.

Saturday 11 November 1916
I left this morning for Pt. Said & bought Goods for Officers & Mens Canteen, also Banked Balance of takings from Canteen.
Serg. Wilson passed through en route to Cairo where He will go on to England. His comrades made Him a present of Gold Chain inscribed.
News through that the ‘Arabia’ was torpoedied between Alex. & Malta. All Aus. mail went down & two Engineers were killed. Other passangers & Crew were rescured.
There is much uneasiness in Pt. Said on account of the recent trouble with Submarines. How these Boats get their supplies is a mystry & the Authorities seem quite unable to trace their Depot. We fear out of the many neautral Boats calling here that some are unreliable & assist the Enemy.

[Page 97]
Sunday 12 November 1916
Left Hill 70 early to meet Transport Waggons at Kantara. Brought out 2 full loads of Mess & Canteen stuff.
Church parade this morning, Col. Fuller attending.
Aus. mail closes to-night at 6 p.m.
Lieu. Ronald rejoined Regt. having been taken off strength at Transport Depot, & Lieu. Garnett taking His place.
Arrangements complete for 6th Reg. to play 5th on Tuesday.

Monday 13 November 1916
Col. Fuller in Brigade Car to Ismaila & Mouski today with Capt. Stracker.
Cleaning & disinfecting Col. Tent.
Another Batch of Men left for Pt. Said this morning.
Taube flew over Cairo at 11-30 a.m., dropped Bombs killing 14, wounding 27 & number of Horses. This is the first time the Enemy have troubled Cairo & the people were naturally very scared.

Tuesday 14 November 1916
Col. Fuller out inspecting Men at Rifle Butte.

Wednesday 15 November 1916
Received letter from Home dated 15th October.
Col. Onslow of the 7th Reg. returned from Hospital to-day. Foot still very weak.
Major Cross went to Pt. Said to pay the men there. Pay day in Camp.
Col. Fuller & Major Ferguson to Dinner with Post Commandant tonight.
I went to Kantara for Cleaning stuff etc.
Serg. Hartley returned from Cairo.
Arrangements have been made to play return match with 5th A.L.H. at Duedar tomorrow.
A number of those wounded at Cairo during recent raid have Died of Wounds.
A Xmas Post Card from Robson Family.

[Page 98]
Thursday 16 November 1916
Col. Fuller left at 11 a.m. for Duedar where a football match was played between the 6th & 5th.
I left for Pt. Said by 11-30 a.m. Train buying Canteen Goods etc. returning to Hill 70 at 9 p.m.
The 6th Reg. again beat the 5th after an exiting game.
The men of the 5th entertained the Visitors to refreshments & Tea.
Letters from Home, dated 15th October.

Friday 17 November 1916
I left at 6-30 a.m. for Kantara meeting Waggons at Station. Conveyed Canteen Good out to Hill 70.
Col. Fuller in Camp all day.
Major Cross returned to-night from Pt. Said & Cairo.

Saturday 18 November 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade.
Tents struck & lines cleaned as usual.
Match between Battle Squadron & 6th this afternoon. A drawn game.
Word through that N.Z. are in touch with Enemy outside of Mazzaar. We are on the verge of another scrap with the Enemy. Something will soon have to be done as the line is getting too near Al Arish to be safe. We will in all probability have to do the attacking & clear the Turks further back. The Military are determined to push the Railway through, & to that end, are drawing up large supplies & building Resoivours holding many thousands of Gallons of surplus water for the Troops. We don’t expect much until Chavel returns from England. There is to be a Higher command shortly, & an officer directing from France is appointed to take charge. It will be known as the desert column.

[Page 99]
Sunday 19 November 1916
Church Parade this morning, Col. Fuller attending.
I went to Kantara to enquire about Box containing Cigarettes for Canteen.
Large numbers of Indian Troops at Kantara in Camp.
Received Parcel from Friends at Wallangarra.
Harris, Col’s Groom returned from week’s leave Pt. Said.

Monday 20 November 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade.
Lieu. Tooth on leave to Pt. Said.
A Squadron at Rifle Range.
Each day we expect a move but nothing definite reaches us. We are getting used to sudden orders, & any day now may mean a shift. The Head at Division do not confer too often with our people on these matters.

Tuesday 21 November 1916
Orders came through for Brigade to be ready to move off any time to the 26th for the front Line.
I left for Cairo by to-night’s train arriving there midnight. Took up money etc. to Bank for Col. Fuller.
Posted letter Home.

Wednesday 22 November 1916
Brigade received word to leave tomorrow for the Front Line. Col. Fuller’s arrangements for Cairo cancelled.
I ordered Heavy Breeches from Davies Bryan, also gave in Boots to be repaired.

[Page 100]
Thursday 23 November 1916
Brigade consisting of 6th & 7th Regiments, Ambulance & H.Q. Signallers & Machine Gun Squadron left Hill 70 for Romani where they camped for night.
I Banked 6400 Pt. for Col. Fuller, also paid Mr. Nafrics for Cigarettes, etc.
Ada Reeve at Opera House.

Friday 24 November 1916
Brigade left this morning for Kirbir on Railway Line where they camped for night.
The 5th Regiment are still at Duedar till the 28th when they will be relieved by Yeomanry,.
I went to Cooks for Col. Fuller’s winter clothes etc., packed away His light clothes & Racing Saddle etc.
Ada Reeve at concert in Gardens tonight.

Saturday 25 November 1916
Brigade left Kirbur Railway Siding this morning & travelled through to Bayud arriving there at 2-30 p.m.
I left Cairo by 7 a.m. Train arriving Hill 70 midday, found Brigade left on previous Thursday for Bayud where they relieve the Yeomanry.
Stayed Hill 70 with A.I.F. Canteen people till Sunday.
C Squadron are posted at Mageibra some 11 miles north west of Bayud.
A daily partrol connects us with C Squadron beside a Telephone Line.
Major Ferguson when on His own keeps both Men & Officers well alert, in fact some say He has the Woollies.

[Page 101]
Sunday 26 November 1916
I left Hill 70 by 9-15 a.m. Train for Kirbur where Stores are dumped for 2nd L.H. Brigade.
Lieu. Bach arrived on His way to Kantara & I rode out to where the 6th Regt. is camped at Bayud.
General Ryrie & Brigade Majorover from Hasinya where their HQ
are to see Col Fuller at Bayud.

Monday 27 November 1916
Col. Fuller, Major Cross left for Mageibra this morning & will meet the Brig. there. C. Squadron under Major Ferguson is on outpost at that place. Bob Dickson returned from Hasinya after spending the night on Desert (lost).
Lieu. Lomax returned to Camp with Officers Mess stuff tonight.

Tuesday 28 November 1916
Col. Fuller & S.M. Hanlon around outskirts of Camp.
Officers of Camel partrol visiting the Col. this morning.
Bob Dickson with Shannon are to stay at H.Q. (Brigade) Hasinya to watch the loading & controling of Camel Convoys.
Load of Parcels arrived this Evening, one from Mrs. Robson.
Lieu. Bach returned from Kantara.

Wednesday 29 November 1916
Col. Onslow, Wils Allen Snow over to see Col. Fuller & stayed for Lunch.
Observer reports man 3 miles distance from Camp. Later this object proved to be a Huge Bird that frequents this part of the Desert.

[Page 102]
Thursday 30 November 1916
Col. Fuller & Major Cross over to Geclia to see Capt. of Camel Corps returned 5 p.m.
I went to Hasinya to see Lieu. Britton, & Col. Croll. Returned with medical requirements for Capt. Beith.
Taube over our Camp & dropped 5 or 6 Bombs but did no damage.
All forage & Rations now arrive at midday instead of night time.

Friday 1 December 1916
Col. Fuller rode over to Brigade.
Major Cross on Court Martial at 7th R.
Capt. Chisholm & Beith to Mageibra.
Weather getting very cold.
All Horses in Regiments being clipped.
Col. Fuller returned from Brigade after having Dinner with 7th Reg.
Lieu. McKenzie went early this morning to Kantara to arrange about Remounts.

Saturday 2 December 1916
Col. Fuller, Capts. Chisholm & Beith rode over to Gamel to interview Major Wright of 5th Regt. who has a Squadron on outpost there.
Fatigue parties are out collecting empty Bags lying about desert as Reg. is responsible for every Sack sent to them.
Photos of S.M. Johnson’s Grave in Cairo to hand showing Tombstone costing £625.
Col. Fuller returned from Gamel at 12-30 midday.
Infantry are coming through in large numbers & concentrating at Maazar.
Major Cross returned from 7th Regt. to-day from two Court Martial Cases.
Lieu. McKenzie returned from Kantara & arrangements are complete to send out 30 Remounts & men.

[Page 103]
Sunday 3 December 1916
Col. Fuller & I left at 10-30 a.m. for Kirbur where we caught the 3-30 p.m. Train for Romani. Stayed with Yeomanry crowd.
Sir A. Murray & McMahon high Comr. of Egypt passed through to Bir-el-Ab in Special Train to-day.

Monday 4 December 1916
Col. Fuller met party at Romani & escorted them over Battleground this morning.
We left for Kisha & Bayud by 3 p.m. Train arriving in Camp at 9 p.m.
Letters from Home to-day dated 22, 28th Nov. also two from Mother.
Reports of a serious accident on Railway outside Maazar, a number killed & wounded.
Ewart left Brisbane on 26th October 1916. No. 3015, 22/5th Reg.

Tuesday 5 December 1916
A part of Aus. Camel Corps arrived tonight & camped here. Major Beith, M.O., inoculated Regiment to-day against Cholera.
Wrote & posted letters Home also to Mother.

Wednesday 6 December 1916
General Ryrie was to have come over at 2 p.m. to see the Col. but was detained at Gamel. Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
Camel Corps left this morning for --- where they Camp till morning.

[Page 104]
Thursday 7 December 1916
A Squadron under Major Cross left this morning for --- where they supported Camel Corps during their Stunt.
Col. Fuller went also to supervise operations.
Nothing of any importance occurred & we returned to Camp at 8 p.m.

Friday 8 December 1916
Left this morning for Port Said & Cairo arriving there midnight.
Stayed at New Khedival Hotel.

Saturday 9 December 1916
Went to Cooks for Major O’Brien’s Saddle.
Also to E. Stores, got Haversacks for Col. & Major Beith. Left by 11 a.m. Train for Port Said arriving there at 4 p.m.
Goods dispatched to Kantara to-day.
I left by 6-30 p.m. Train for Kantara & stayed at Depot the night. Arranged to have Goods taken from West to East Station in morning.

[Page 105]
Sunday 10 December 1916
Left Kantara with Goods on 8-45 a.m. Train arriving in Camp at 6-30 p.m. 8 pack Horses to meet me at Station.
The line is almost blocked with traffic, & there is every indication that a forward move is expected. The System works wonderfully on this Line, & much credit is due to the Royal Engineers who have supreme control.

Monday 11 December 1916
Left again for Port Said to secure Goods for Officers Mess, also try to see Ewart who is now at Mouski Camp. Failed to see Brother so went on to Pt. Said by 10-30 p.m. Train. Stayed at De La-Post-Hotel. The bed was clean but room poorly furnished.

Tuesday 12 December 1916
Went to Hardys this morning & arranged for Goods to be sent to Kantara by 1-40 p.m. Train. Watson Bey, Super. of Traffic stopped train for our benefit.
Left Port Said by midday train & stayed night with at Transport Depot.
The Lads here are having a Good time, Drunk almost every night & nothing to do. Scottie Ross is fast going from Bad to Worse & it looks like a number are following Him.

Wednesday 13 December 1916
I left Detail Camp, Kantara, with Goods for Bir el Abd arriving at 1 p.m., 8 Camels to meet me & conveyed Goods to Bayud 9 miles.
Received Xmas Parcel from Home.
Wireless through that peace was declared.
I fear this is a rumour.
Later The Enemy are sueing for Peace.

[Page 106]
Thursday 14 December 1916
All Canteen Goods are equally distributed between H.Q. & the 2 Squadrons.
Shots were heard south-east of Bayud. A partrol went out to investigate.
Major Anderson returned to Regiment.
General Chavel & Major Foster returned to Div. from England yesterday.

Friday 15 December 1916
B Squadron under Capt. Ryrie left at 4 a.m. for Zagadan where they established an outpost.
Col. Fuller with Capt. Close & Signalers occupied a position at Rueasat & got in touch with all the leading Helio Stations including Romani, a distance of 28 miles.
We returned to Bayud at 5 p.m.
The Camel Corps reports finding 40 Goats & one lame Camel.

Saturday 16 December 1916
Major Richardson visiting Col. Fuller in connection with shifting Camp.
General Ryrie, Major White visiting Col. here.
Changing Regiments have been cancelled by Brig.
Brig. & party returned to Hasinaya after lunch.
Different Camel Corps’ Companies operating around here have been withdrawn.
The 7th Reg. are anxious to get out here in preference to Hassinaya. They claim that there is too much work to do there, but as we were sent here first, & now have fixed up a comfortable Camp the Col. & Officers do not wish to leave. On the Brig. visiting the Col. the matter was thratched out & we are allowed to remain.

[Page 107]
Sunday 17 December 1916
Left Bayud at 11 a.m. for Port Said. Met Staff Capt. Britton at Station & went with Him to Cairo. Stayed at Hostel night.

Monday 18 December 1916
Spent day in Cairo buying up Goods etc. for Regiment & left for Port Said by 6-15 p.m. Train. Stayed at De la Port tonight.
Our limber Waggons arrived from Kantara taking 4 days to cover the distance.

Tuesday 19 December 1916
Spent day at Port Said buying up Goods etc. & left by 6-30 p.m. Train for Kantara where I stayed at Detail Camp & made arrangements for conveying Goods to East Kantara early tomorrow.

Wednesday 20 December 1916
Left Kantara with Goods for Abd by 10 a.m. Train arriving in Camp 9-30 p.m. with Camels.
Letters from Home dated 5th Nov.
The trip with a large Quantity of Goods is anything but pleasant, & to top the lot when one has to work a train of Camels at night for 9 miles over a Desert.

[Page 108]
Thursday 21 December 1916
Col. Fuller at Magerbra today with Major Beith distributing Articles purchased for men to-day.
A very large consignment of Private parcels are arriving for the Men from Aus. & the contents will be a suprise & a pleasure to us all.

Friday 22 December 1916
Official news through that our Force including British Infantry have taken Al Arish & occupied a position 6 miles further in. Very little opposition on part of Enemy.
Three troops under Major Anderson out to Rucisat & Zagadan this morning. Report all Clear. Col. Fuller out also to Rucisat & returned at midday.
Capt. Woods, Vet. Brigade Officer, over here to lunch.
Pay day for Regiment to-day.

Saturday 23 December 1916
Col. Fuller left for Brigade this morning with Tooth & Lomax.
Sig. Corp. Marsh up before the Col. for neglect of duty.
A large consignment of Parcels arrived last evening from Aus. & were distributed to-day.
Col. Fuller returned from Hasinaya at 6 p.m.
The Camel Corps circled around Al Arish for a distance of 6 miles whilst the Infantry took the Frontal Attack & the Anzac M. Div. were on the Southern Flank. Not a shot was fired & our Troops now occupy positions recently evacuated by the Turks.
Every precaution was taken to prevent a suprise & in the event of a severe scrap the Authorities were prepared for the removal of Wounded. A number of Hospital Trains were waiting, & many Field Hospitals were erected to cope with any emergency.

[Page 109]
Sunday 24 December 1916
Official news through that the Cavalary surrounded & captured 1100 prisoners & much loot. This happened at Magdhaba south of Al Arish. 70 of our men were killed & wounded.
Lieu. Hardy & Capt. Thompson over from Mageriba to see Colonel.
Staff Captain Britton over to see Col. this afternoon.
It looks very like as though the 2nd L.H. Brigade has been deliberately set back by Division owing to Personal Enemity.


Monday 25 December 1916
Brigade & each Regiment passed through the Telephone the usual Compliments. The day was passed by the Officers & Men in eating, Drinking & being Merry.
Major Wright rode over from Gamel to see the Col., & Lieu. Britton spent the day here also.
Billy Can received from a Miss Chisholm, Gladswood, Narellan, N.S.W. The contents were first Class, & showed careful selection. No one here could possibly imagine that there was a War on to-day, as everybody just refused to take things seriously, & just may the most of what could easily have proved to be an unpleasant experience.

Tuesday 26 December 1916
After yesterday’s exciting time we did very little but rest.
Heavy clouds worked up & during the night broke wetting the whole camp. The weather is quite cold with every appearance of more rain.
The 5th & 6th Regiments have been holding sports meetings & now the Brigade wants to have a combined meeting on New Year’s Day. Capt. Close went over to a meeting to-day, but the 6th Reg. had to withdraw owing to

Wednesday 27 December 1916
Official news through re the Magdhaba Fight. 5 killed, 7 wounded Officers, 27 men killed & 140 wounded. They left El Arish at night & made the attack next day before night. The Troops consisted of 1st, 3rd Brigade & New Zealanders also the Camel Corps. The Desert Column Commander ordered the place to be taken at all costs & after some delay the attack was made at points of the Bayonet. Turkish wounded were brought to Al Arish & taken away by Boat. 2 Kruppe Guns & 4 Mountain Guns were captured & the Turks were in cement trenches.

[Page 110]
Thursday 28 December 1916
Col. Fuller & Capt. Close over to Gamel, returned for Lunch.
Major Cross & 2 troops out to Zagadan with Brigade Engineers trying to get water.
Capt. Snow over to Lunch with Col., also brought from Cairo a Turkey.
Engineers returned at 5 p.m. after an unsuccessful day. Rock was struck between 10 & 15 ft.
Weather still very unsettled.

Friday 29 December 1916
Eric Tooth (Lieu.) in Charge of Engineers leaving tomorrow for Canal & He takes 133£ E. Reg. &55£ E. private for Col. Fuller to Bank. Col. Fuller in Camp all Day. Extra Rations issued to-day owing to the overstock at Brigade.
Letter received from Ewart also watches from Cairo.
Another heavy Shower to-day.

Saturday 30 December 1916
Very cold & windy all day.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
Major Bolingbroke over to see the Col. No news of any sort reaching us, & it looks as though the Division have removed the Brigade from active use for some reason or another. The root of the trouble is Personal Enemity between the Heads & the stronger power crushes the weaker. To become popular either in Social or Military Life the performers must play to the Gallery, & woebetide those in subordinate positions if they refuse to knuckle down. We have in our Brigade men who in Private life control wealth & public opinion, & naturally they kick against bowing to men of Inferior Station, though for the time being they occupy higher places in military life. Unless a radical change takes place in the near future I can only see not only a rupture, but a complete severance of High Officials. This appears to be what is really happening as we hear that our Brigade is being taken over by another General by the name of Watson & will form part of the Northern Section.

[Page 111]
Enquiry hel

Sunday 31 December 1916
Col. Fuller & Major Cross over to Gamel to-day & stayed for Lunch arriving back in Camp about 2-30 p.m.
Col. Onslow & Capt. Anderson over to see Col. Fuller this afternoon.
Capt. Woods of Brigade Vet. Corps taking Dinner with Col. tonight.
Letters from Home & Mother. Owing to Absentee Tax in England at present being enforced Mother suffers considerably. Have placed matter before the Col., who is seeing the Brigadier tomorrow (Monday) at Hassinaya.
Still very cold & windy.
Letter received from Mrs. Robson re Horses.
The last day of another year with all its variety.
We look forward to a Brighter & a more peaceful one as tomorrow dawns.

Enquiry held at Defence H.Q., Kantara on Wednesday 18th October. General Frith as chairman.

My Plea was that the system adopted by the Authorities in connection with the handling of patients during the Romani Fight was rotten, for the following reason

(1) Because there was a lack of supervision in laying out Stretcher Cases.
(2) Shortage of Stretchers.
3rd Lack of Medical attention.
(4) Lack of nourishing food for patients.
5 Lack of Orderlies.
6 Shortage of Sanitary Bottles & pans.
7 Lack of proper utensils of depositing refuse.
8 Lack Shortage of Drinking Water.
9 Lack of proper Organization in dealing with patients before & after entraining was accomplished.
10 Shortage of Lights.
11 Want of care in driving train with wounded aboard.
12 The undue waste of time in getting patients transferred from Field Hospital to Base in Cairo.

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A Scouting Expedition
Brief outline of a Brigade order to Col. Fuller

Enemy partrol visits Bir Salmana & Hod Salmana about Dawn.
It is intended to suprise the Enemy at these places at Dawn on Sunday Sunday 9th & destroy all stores in vicinity & capture any Hostile partrol.
The 6th & 7th will be the advance party leaving Et Maler at 3 a.m. on Saturday camping at Oghratina the Day, & leave there at 8 p.m. for the above named places. 140 rounds of Ammunition will be carried by each man, & 3500 rounds for machine Gun.
One full Day’s rations & one iron Ration will be carried together with 2 feeds for the Horses per man. Camels will accompany the advance party with Forage Feed & Water.
A Dressing Station will be formed at Dababis by the 2nd L.H.F. Ambulance. All reports & messages to be sent to Head of Main Body where Col. J.R. Royston, C.M.G., D.S.O., Brig. of 2nd L.H. Brigade will be found.
The Troops engaged besides the 2nd L.H. Brigade will be the Wellington M. Rifles & the 3rd Regiment. Col. Fuller has supreme control of the Advance Party.

There are many things which we do not yet understand about the conception & conduct of this campaign; but during the past few months, we have learned a good deal that we did not know before.
At the time of Mr. Churchill’s resignation & subsequently when Sir Ian Hamilton’s dispatch was published (Jan. 6th 1916) the veil was drawn aside here & there so we were able to catch a few fleeting glimpses of the mystirous interior. We do not yet know if the original idea of this enterprise was sound from the Military, naval, & political points of view, but we do know that it was not properly thought out before it was undertaken, that it was not timed to suit the 2 branches of the service namely the naval & Military who ought to have worked hand in hand & did not.
Numbers were insufficient from the beginning, & when reinforcements did arrive they were found to be so new, so untrained to meet the pressing needs, that failure was met with at every turn. The material was excellent, but they were trained in haste, & were quite unseasoned to military operations. The Original Force was not kept up to its strength. It had been allowed to waste away for the want of proper drafts, & both Batts. & Regiments suffered according munitions were insufficient, Guns of a suitable nature

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were conspicuous by their absence, & month after month was allowed to slip by before help of a pratical nature was forthcoming. The Enemy was given ample time to strengthen His defences, & each month the price of success rose Higher & Higher.
After the disappointment at Suvla Bay the Government was unable to decide whether to press forward, or hold on or evacuate. The stormy season began in October. The Austro German Army was advancing through Serbia & communications between Berlin & Constantinople were certain to be opened before Xmas. It has never been suggested for a moment that the Navy had failed in any way to assist the landing & holding on of the Peninsular, in fact their work will stand out as a most Brilliant achievement, yet someone or somebody was the cause of the miserable failure. Some said Churchill, some said the War Office, but those able to judge imparcially place almost the entire responsibility upon the British Cabinet & Prime Minister. The Loss were very Heavy, the Death roll being considerably over 25,000. The Losses of in Ships were more serious, no less than 5 British & 2 French Battleships were either sunk or run ashore to escape sinking. A Large number of other craft, Transports, destroyers, submarines & mine sweepers were also sent to the bottom. Can it be wondered at that the Empire was quite ready for the evacuation. People made up their minds that a withdrawal was evitable, but could only be effected at a tremendous loss of Life & material. When Suvla-Anzac- &Helles- were evacuated with little or no loss, it did not occur to us perhaps that if the Turks let us go without a stubborn fight it was because they were themselves too weak & too discouraged by the extreme conditions prevailing to show fight or resistance. Had we had the wholehearted support of the British Cabinet, & received even at that late hour suitable Guns & reinforcements, we would have overwhelmed the Turks & gained a sweeping victory. The Gallipoli expedition was one of the greatest in the annals of British History; one of the most daring, one in which victory during the earlier stage would have ensured most far reaching results. But it was not properly begun or supported,

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it was not pressed to a decision & it has proved to be one of the most ruinous. The gallantry of the troops were most remarkable & the hardships borne stands out as a wonderful example of of British Pluck under aweful conditions. The climbing up the steep cliffs of Gallipoli was received with rapture by the people at Home & the climbing down again & evacuating was also accepted as a wonderful piece of Work, but between the time of landing & the time of departing from these shores scenes too vivid for description, actions too numerous to mention, deeds too sacred to talk about were printed upon the pages of the Book of Life, & never shall the memory of our comrades fade & never shall the songs of Praise be stilled while the Empire stands.

My Dear One

Am sending this Diary back by a mate who returns to-day 21-1-17. He will post on arriving in Aus. It cannot be sent by post as the Military may get hold of it.
I am writing on the Train from Cairo to Canal, as I do not wish to miss this opportunity.

Yours Ever, Wall

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Every Boy between the age of 5 or 6 is circumcised. This a Religious performance, & is carried out during a Bridal procession, the Boy leading the way.
In punishing a Boy at School the master Beats the Soles of the Lad’s feet with a Palm Stick.
Five times a day the Muslim Egyptian says His prayers which is done in public very often.
Noon each Friday is the Special Hour & day for Prayer in Egypt.
Women from 14 to 20 are generally models of Beauty in Body & limb owing to their methods of toilet, & because they carry on their Heads about any kind of Load.
Child bearing is looked upon by the Muslims as absolutely necessary to peace & Happiness & a Barren Woman is held up to the greatest scorn. Disobedience to parents is looked upon as the greatest sin.
Schools for Children are very numerous in the large Centres, & even grown-ups avail themselves of both day & night Class of instruction.

In the Lower part of Cairo the poorer Folk have little or no covering at night but sleep on a sort of Mud Oven built within the dwelling. This oven is lit inside & the warmth from the top is sufficient to keep a Family from being cold.
The Furniture of an ordinary House consists of a mat or two, a few Earthern jars for Water, & a small mill to grind corn.

Misr or Cairo must be regarded as the first Arab City of our Age.

A Seal ring is used for signing letters & other important documents, & is considered more valid than an ordinary sign manual.

The Shoes of the Muslim Egyptian are made from Yellow or Red Morocco, or Sheep Skin.

Turbans & "Tarboosh" are the usual form of Head Gear for the Men.

Women begin to develop in the 9th or 10th Year, & at the age of 15 are considered to have attained their Highest degree of perfection.

Women are much more careful of their face covering than other parts & it is common to see the Breasts & thighs.

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F. Burke
Court House Hotel


[Printed matter on this page not transcribed.]
[Transcriber's notes:
Luxor – misspelt as Luxow – P. 9
Ghezira – also spelt Gezira – P. 13
Helouan – misspelt as Heloun – P. 17
Tel el Kebir – misspelt as Tel el Kibur – P. 19
Moaski or Mo-aski – possibly Moascar – P. 19
Ismailia – misspelt as Ismaila – P. 19
Port Tewfic – also spelt Port Tewfiq – P. 27
Oghratina – misspelt as Orgaatina, Orgratina, Orgrantia – P. 42, 43
Mahamdiya – also spelt Mahemdia – P. 44
Bir-el-Abd – misspelt as Bir el Ab – P. 57
Dueidar – misspelt as Duedar – P. 57
Marmadira – possibly Mahemdia – P. 58
Romani – misspelt as Romania – P. 67
MaraDea – possibly Mahemdia – P. 67
Hod-Hassanin – possibly Bir Hassana – P. 79
Mazzar – also spelt Mazar – P. 80
Hod Gecila – possibly Hod el Ge’eila – P. 80
Bir el Alb – possibly Bir el Abd – P. 82
Salmarna – possibly Hod Salmana – P. 82
El Arish – also spelt Al Arish – P. 84
Alirish – possibly El Arish – P. 90
Mouski – possibly Moascar – P. 91
Hasinya – possibly Hassana – P. 101
A.M.C. – Army Medical Corps – P. 29
A.V.C. – Army Veterinary Corps – P. 54
A.S.C. – Army Service Corps – P. 62
G.S. Waggon – General Service Wagon – P. 75]

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert and Judy Macfarlan for the State Library of New South Wales]