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James Scott / Remark on a passage Botnay [sic] bay 1787

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I Ordd My Rum to be Stopd
Saturday May the 19th 1787 at 3 Gills - day
Serjt Hume's Wifes Stoptd Sunday 20th May
& his Stoptd Sunday 27th May 87
by his Owne Order—
54Co Mich Redmans Wifes Grog Was Ordtd
to be Stopt by L.ieut Maxwell

Monday,Tuesday — May 21st 1787 —
Which Was Complyd With the 22d May, 87.
ordd to have her Grog 23rd June 1787
It was After the Centinals Was Relevd for Eight OClock
That M' Maxwell Ordrd Mich Redman a
Centinal to take his great Coat off
Which Redman Repld he Was Sentry

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Board the Princ of Wales .. .
.. Flee ... ay & proceedd ... Sea through ... els.—
Wind Modrate But ... are

Monday 14th
The Hyena Frigate Towed the Charllotte
Transport into the Fleet. As She Was
A Great Way a Stern
All the Fleet in Sight With, little
Wind. But fare Down Channel

Tuesday 15th
Seen the Ediston Light House Distance 3 Leaugs

Wednessday 16th
at P,M, it began to blow fresh as Wee Cleard
the Channel. & Contineud till Next Morning;

Thursday 17th
Moderate Weather; Wind foul;—
My Wife Was Sea Sick from the 14th to the 17th at. AM;
A Great Number of the Woman,
on Board being Sea Sick —

Friday 18th
At P.M. it began to blow fresh from the Southward

Saturday 19th
Wind Contineud fresh, With Rain; ye Fleet. All in sight.—

Sunday 20th
Fare Weather With a fresh Brees At. West
Same day at P.M. the Hyena Friget parted
the fleet & Returnd to England, & Our Capt
Was Ordrd to Send One Mrs Holt, a Midshipman
Wife Belonging to the Sirus On Board the
Hyena for a pasage to England —
The Commadore Ordd 2 Male Convicts from the
Scarbr,o Transpt on Bd the Prince of Wales
As the was, the Ring leaders of a bought Number
that intended to Rise & take the Ship —

Monday 21st
Fare Weather

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... to B ...
... d from the (Mo ... in

Sirius Commadore Phillips
Supply Tender Lieut Ball

Charlotte Transport, With Male & Fem Conv. ts
Scarborough Do. With. Male Do.
Frendship.— Do. With Male & Fem1 Do.
Prince of Wales Do. with 2 Male & 50 Feme 2 Childn
Alexander Do. With Male Do.
Lady Penarin Do. With Female Do.
Fishburn Agent } Victrs
Goulden Grove } With Stores ImpleMrs
Borrowdale } provision &c &c

Tuesday 22d
Nothing Extrordry — All the fleet. in Sight

Wednsd 23d Do. Do.

Thursdy 24th Do. Do.

Friday 25th Fresh breeses But. fare Do.

Saturday 26 Fare Wind Do.

Sunday 27 Do. Do.

Monday 28th Do.being in Latud 36°8’ N Do.

Tuesday 29th
the having No Observation on Bd Ps of Wales
The Commadore Ordrd the Supply to Go. a
Head to Luck out for Land, As Wee Ware
About, the Latud of Medara — Wind Fare

Wednessy 30th
Seen the Island of Madera at. 6 A.M

Thursday 31st
Seen the Island of Gomera Bearing
S.W. 7 or 8 Leauges, Dis,— little Wind
Gomera, Is leys in
North Latd 28°5' Lon. 17°8' SuBd to Spain —

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At Sea

Friday June lst
At. 9 OClock AM. Owr Dms Wife
Was Delevered of a Male Child —
Little or No Wind —

Saturday 2d
Being in Latd by O 29°46' North, had
Little or No Wind

Sunday 3rd
Seen the land of Tenareef Erley in the
Morning;— Came to An Anker at. 7 OClock in the
Road Sted of Santa Cruse in the
Eving & like Wise All the fleet,
After a pasage of three Weeks
from England,— At Tenareef

Monday 4th
The Long Boat Was Got Out. Nothg
Extrordry;— peack Bearing W.BS. (Ankrod in) A 12,
Fathom =Water
Tuesday 5th
I And My Wife Went on Shore
At Santa Cruse, With leave from
the Governer Phillip —
Wednessdy 6th Nothg Ex,
Thursday 7th
The Spanards had a Rejoising Day
& Fired Several Guns On the Occasion

Friday 8th Notg Ex.

Saturday 9th
A Court Martial Was Held On Bd
the Ch Alexander;
On Richd Askew A Marine,— Conserg
Liquor. Aquited —

The Fleet having Compld thier Watring
&c the Commadore Made a Signel,
A Blue Flag With a Yellow Cross, At. the Main Topgal,t.
Mast head, With a Gun. for No Boats to
Go On Shore On Ane Account

— A Convict that Made his Escape
from the Alexr Transpt At. this
port. Was taken by a Corp1 & Six prts

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June, 1787
Prince of Wales At. Tenareef
Saturday 9th
Got. Our Long Boat in. & Everey thing in
Rediness for Sea —
I Wrought, to My Frend Mooney
& to My Mother in law, in England
By A Brig Bound for London
Sunday 10th The fleet, proseeded to Sea
At. 5 OClock in the Morng.
Prince of Wales at Sea With the Fleet.—
Little or No Wind Remains Rema. Between the
Islands of Tenareef & Grand, Cannarey
Which is About. 15 Leagues a part.

Monday 11th Between the 2 Islands

Tuesday 12th Fare Wind

Wednesy 13 Nothing Ex

Thursday 14 Do. Do.

Friday 15 Crossd the Tropick of Canser About 2 OClock
in the Afternoon the Fleet All in Sight
& the Usual Seremoney Was performd,
With those that had Not Crossd the
Line before,— Which Was Ducking
Lathering With tar Grase &c and Shavd

N.B. the Seamen performd this Seremony
But the Marines Would Not. be
Allowd to Do it & ordr Mr Maxwell
Our 1st Lieut of Marines —

Saturday 16 A Strong N.E. Trade Wind

Sunday 17 Nothg Ex

Munday 18 At. 8 OClock AM the Supply Brig

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1787 Prince of Wales at Sea

June, Munday 18th
Made the Signal for Land.—
The Commadore Made the Signal
for the fleet to prepare to Ankor
At. P.M Seen the Island of May,o

Tuesday 19th Past, the Is of Mayo one of the
Cape De Verd Islands —
A.M Seen the Is of St Jago
Came Close to the Bay of Prince
Supert, But. the Commadore Would
Not Go in, As Wee All Expected that he Would,—
At. P.M. Stood A Way to
the Southward All the fleet in Sight.—

Wednesy 20th
In Latd B.O. 13° 17; N. Wind E.B.N
the Fleet Steering South.—

Thursday 21st Notg Ex.

Friday 22nd Do.

Satarday 23rd
Little Wind With Rain

Sunday 24th
Mr Maxwell & I Went on Board
the Sirrus; With Arthr Dougherty
& Robt Ryan; Whome Lt Maxwell
Compld of, for being Insolent &
Disobedience of Orders; the two Marins
Was left on Board the Sirus as
prisoners that Night,—

Monday 25th
Major Ross With proper Officers
Came on Board the Prince of Wales
With the prisoners, for a Court Martial,— Turn

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1787 Prince of Wales At Sea
June 25th Monday
Dougherty Was Aquited Ryan Was
Sentinced of to Receve 300 lashes
Which Was Immeditly put in Exacution.

But he Recvd only 175 —
By thier Accounts on Board the Sirus this
Day the Was in Longatd 22°50' West;— Latd 8°34' N.

Tuesday 26th
In those Lat,a,ds Little Wind With Calms,
and the & Squals of Rain With
Thunder & Litning At. Times,—

Wednessy 27th
the Cheef Mate Caught a Shark,
The Same Day, A Young Kid that Was
On Board Went, in to the Oven, &,
All,though the Oven Door Was
Open it Did Not Come Out, But
a Remaind till it Was Burnt to Death,

Thursday 28th
Squals of Rain With the Wind At South.— Latd 7°33'

Friday 29th
Wind South. Latd 7°27'.
the Comdr Spoke to A Portaguies Ship,—

Saturday 30th
The fl fleet. in Sight With the
Portaguies Ship in Company,
Wee have Not. heard on Bd the Pr of
Wales Where the Portaguies Ship is
Bound to, As Yet.—
Being the Last of the Month.
parted Mesing With Serjt Hume
On Acct of His Wife having
Some Objection —

July Sunday, 1st
One of the Convicts Was Delevd of a Female Child at. 4 AM

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1787 Prince of Wales at Sea

Sunday July 1st
Lafd B.O. 6°49’ N.
fleet, in Sight. With, the Portaguies
Ship, & Wind at. South, Westerly

Monday 2d
AM the Portaguies Ship parted
Compy With the Fleet;— Fare Weath,

Tuesday, 3d Notg Ex, Wind Fowle

Wednsdv 4.
Latd B.O. 6° 16’ N, Fare Weathr
One of the Seaman Struck 2 Dolphin Wind S.S.W.

Thursday 5th
Latd B.O. 6°. I'. N. the Signal Was
Sirius Lon. 20°6’ W.
Made, for the fleet, to Bee put
On An Allowance of three pints Water, per day

Wednes 6th
Latd B.O. 5°39' N.
At. P.M. the Supply Spoke to
A English Sloop Bound to Folkners Islands

Thursday 7th
Nothg Ex Latd 5°7’ N. Wind fowl

Sunday 8th Latd 4°-45’ N. Seen A Ship. Supposed to be
from the Coast of Guinea Bound to the West Indies,
By the Course She Steer'd,—

Monday 9th Latd 45 N

Tuesday 10th Latd 3° 34;
Arthrj Doughertys Wife Was Delevered of a Boy —

Wednesdy 11th
Latd 3°6' N.
Capt Ball of the Supply Brig, Came on Board,
And took one of the Apprentices, on
Board the Brig, for Stricking the Second Mate.—

Thursday 12th
Capt Ball. Came on Board With
James Porter the Aprenticee after.

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1787 Prince of Wales at. Sea

Thursday July 12th
Being on Board the Sirius, Where
he Recvd One Do,z Lashes
Davis's Child that. Was Born May 9th 87,— Died,—
L. 2°36' N

Friday 13th
Latd 1°22 N —Wind S,E
Saturday 14th
Latd 0°22’ N. Lon,gd
Serjt Kennady being Disguised in Liqr
And Abusing Seviral people in the Ship;
About 4, or 5 OClock in the Afternoon he
Jumpd Down the Main
Hach Way Upon My Wife Which
As She Sa,t at Work Just By the
Lader Which Caused a Great
Fright. And Like Wise Hurted
her Greatley. In Consaquence
of this & other Abuses, Serjt
Kennady Was Conf. With
A Centinal Pleased Over him.
{Supply Sent, a head to Luck out. for St
Pauls Rocks—}
Same Day About. 10 OClock
at Night. Wee Crossd the Eaquater.
In About. 20° West. Longd,

Sunday 15th
The Usual Seramoney Was paid
By the Seamen, On Crossd the
Line; Latd 0°26’ South
Mr Maxwell Wrought, for a
Court. Martial for Serjt. Kennady
Respecting Corp Goughf. And
Other Irregularities; By the
the Supplyes Boat. As the
Surgon Came On Board to.

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1787 Prince of Wales at Sea

Sunday July 15th
To See the Sick, Wind East,
The Fleet Steerd south.-

Monday 16th Latd 1°25’ South. Fare Weather

Tuesday 17th Latd 2°53’ S. Course S ½ E

WednessY 18th Latd 4°IS S. Notg. Ex —

Thursday 19th Latd 6°2J S. Wind. East

Friday 20th

Latd 6 55; S. Our Ship Not Sealing So Well,
As When Wee Left. Englang.
She Was to Leeward And a Stern
With all; in Consaquence of this the
Commadore Sent the Supply Brig
to Let us Know that he Was
Greatly Displeased that
Wee Could Not Keep to Windward —
In this part I seen An Extrordnery Fish,
the like I Did Not See Before;—
As I Sat on
the Spritsale Yard this fish
Represented its Self;— Which I
Expected to Strick At
With the Greans, But Could
Not Get a Stroke at it
Apere,ed to be About 9 foot Long

This fish I
Could Not find the Name of,
All though, Some Experienced Seamen,
See it, that, had been often in those Sea’s —

Saturday 21'
Latd 7°59 S. Wind E. Course South.—

Sunday 22° Latd 9°3'. One of the Seamen Struck
Three Beneta, the Capt., Sent. Me
Half of One, Which Made A Good
Dinner for the Mess.—

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1787 Prince of Wales at Sea

July 23d
No Observation; Heavey Showrs of Rain.
With fresh Breses. at. E.N.E Course South. B,E, Fleet, in Sight

Tuesday 24th Latd B,O. lld.51’; S. Fair Weathr
The Carpenter Being Imployd A Caulking the Jolly Boat, on the Booms, In Canting of Her, She Slipt of, & one of the Female Convicts
Recvd a Violent Blow on the Head = =About. one OClock PM of Which She Died 30th Inst.

Wednessday 25th Latd 13°27’ S. Longd 26° 15' W.

Thursday 26 Latd 15° 12' S;— Longd— Wind E.B.N.
Course S ½ W. Squals With Rain
At. PM the Alexr Transpt hove all
Back in One of a Squall, for She lost A Man Over Board;
(Reptd by Suply Brig; 28th July)

Friday 27th
Latd 16°41’; S, Wind S.E.B,E, Cours =S.B.W =
Squalls With Rain, Fleet in Sight Verey Heavey Squals in the Night,—

Saturday 28th
Latd 18°10’ South. Commadore Bore
A Way, S,W. for Rio; Supply Brig Sent, By the Commadore to Let us Know that, thiere Was a Small Island in the track that Wee Was Gowing;— Fair Weather;—

Sunday 29th
Latd 19°35,' S. Longd 33°12’ W, Wind
E.N.E. Course S.W. Fare
Haild the Supply for the Assistance
of a Docter for the Woman that Was

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July 1787 Prince of Wales at Sea
Sunday 29th
Hurt; Tuesday the 24th July —
Mr. White Surgeon Was Ordrd. to
Come on Board Next Morning,
(But prevented By Carring Saile)

Monday 30th
Latd 20°37' S, Wind, N.E.B,E
Course S.W,—
P.M Jane Bonner, Convict Died, from the
Hurt, that She Recvd the 24th,
Inst. Buried At. 6, P.M

Tuesday 31st
Latd 21°50’ S. Wind N.E. —
Longd by Siurus 36°8 West. Course W.S.W —

August. Wednessday 1st
At. 6 A.M the Commadore Hoist
A Broad penant; & ship being Fresh painted
Latd 22°37’ South. Course West. Wind N.E Longd By Sirius 37°47 W

Thursday 2d;
The Commadore Spoke a Portaguies =
A,M, =Ship that. Had Lost Her Mizen Mast
& Lost. Sight of her at. 11 AM. —
Supply Brig Sent a Head to luck
Out, for land,

Latd B.O.23°5’ S. Wind N.B,E,
Course W.B.N, Longd 40° Odd
Supply Made the Signal for land
at. 3 P,M Steerd W.B.N. till 8. PM. then Sterd. W.B.S. till Morning Cape Frio Baring
=5. P.M West. 12 or 13 Miles Distance at

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Prince of Wales, at Sea

Augt. 3d Friday
Little Wind At. AM.
Steerd. W.B.N.; a Long Shore,
Signal Made by Comma dr to Ley too
At. 5. PM. off the Entrance
of the Harbour it Bearing/N.W.B/W

Saturday 4th
Signal Made at. 5 A.M to Make Sail
With Larbourd tacks on Board,—
Light Breeses at. W.S.W.
Stood of & on. having little Wind
& Being to Leward With All;—

Sunday 5th
At. P.M. Brought, too In Side of
Rasor Island & Round Isl,d; In 22.
Fathom of Water — Roi Janero Road

Monday 6th
Got. on our Way With the fleet
Came In Side of & pas,d the
fort Opposite (the, Suger Loaf)
Where Wee the Commadre Wan
Salluted With 13. Guns Which Was
Returned By the Portagues, (13 Guns)
Brought too at. 8 OClock P.M

Tuesday 7th
Shifted Our Berth & Went further
Up towards the town, the Night
that Wee Came in, the Commadore
Was Honnered With a Grand Elumination.
at the town Ankred in 20. Fathom Water
Moored’ by Signel

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Dates irregular
1787 Rio Janierio.

Augt 7th Tuesday
Arrivd With, the Whole fleet,
After a passage of 8 Weeks & one
Day from Tennareef. & 12
Weeks & 1 Day from England
On Our Arrival the fleet,
Immeditly proseeded to
Overhall thier Riggen &c —

Augd 15th Wednessday
A Cort Martial Was held on Board
for the tryal of Mich Toulan
& Jno. Banisford. for Getting
Drunk & Abusing the Officer
(Toulan for Abusing the Officer)
(Banisforfd for fighting With. Toulan)

Saturday 18th
Toulan Recvd 175 Lashes Sentesd 300.
Banisford Recvd 50 Sentinced 50

Friday 17th
Orders Came on Board that
Thos Chapman privt Was Made
Corp in the Room of a Corp that Was
Reduced on Board the Frindship,
(Commencd pay the 15tn Inst.)

Thursday 9t
Serjt Kennaday Was Ordred
on Board the Allexander Transpt.
By Major Ross’ Serjt Clayfield
from Allexander in his Room

Friday 10th
I Went On Shore for fresh Beef, &
Recvd a fall Just, on
My Landing Which Hurted My Arm —

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Augt 1787 At. Rio Janierio —

Dates Irregular
in Rotaseon
Is a very plentifull place for every thing.
Wee had 1 lb ¼ of fresh beef per Day
Oringes Sold, one hundred for. 7d 1/2.
Beef. 1 ¾ d.
Wee had Rice Served
heir in Room of Bread, Sugr Sold at
2 1/8 per lb Tobaco at a bought 3d per lb.

Saturday Sept 1st
The Whole fleet having Complaited
their Woodg & Watring. Sailes Bent
&c Wee Got. Our Long Boat, in
Redey for Sea,

Augt 29th Wednessdy
four Female convicts. With one
Child Was Changed to the Penaree
in leu of four, As Wh The that
Wee sent Was the Officers feverits ,
& often bread Disturbence in the Ship
Same Day My Wife Was Deleved
of A Daughter at one OClock
P.M. After being ill 27 hours —

Sept. 3d Monday
The Reverent Mr Johnston Came
On Board & Chrisned, My Child,

At. two OClock. P.M. the
Commadore Made the Signel for
No Boats to Go on Shore,
And to Onn Moore Ship

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Tuesday 4th

1787 At Rio Janierio
Sepr 3d Monday
The Poraguies Guard Boat Came on Bd to Lurk
After three Men that Diserted But
Wee had Non on Bd —
At. 6. A.M. the Whole fleet
Was on thier Way, At. 8 AM. Wee
Crossd the Barr;— The Commadre
Was Salluted With 21 Guns
from the fort that Salluted
on Our Gowing in, Which Was Returng
With 21, Guns —

The fort, is on the Starbourd hand
Gowing in. the Suger Loaf on the Larbourd;
As Wee Came Out. Wee Left. Rasor & Round.
Islands on the Starbourd hand,
The Barr is Allmost Oposet the fort;

Wednessy 5th
Prince of Wales at. Sea
Cleared the Land With light Breses,

Thursday 6th
Fresh Breese at. N.E. Course
S.E.B.E. the Whole fleet, in
Sight. Latd B.O;— 24°25’ S

Friday 7
Latd 25°46’ S. Wind Varable

Saturday 8 Latd 25.47.—

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1787 Prince of Wales at Sea
Sepr 9th Sunday —
Latd 26° 14’ S. Wind Modret. Course E.B.S. Vearable Winds

Fresh Breese's at. E.N.E.
At. 8. P.M. my Wife Was Seased Monday
With a Violint Feaver Which
Contineud till Thursday 13th
then She Got Better —

Tuesday llth
A fresh Gale Contineus With. Monday
Rain Latd 27°6’ S. Fleet, in Sight.

Wednessday 12th
No Observation, Gale Contineus Verey fresh Monday
But More Northerly With heavey Rains —

Thursday 13th
Wind & Rain Contineus. Monday
No Observation. The fleet’ Keeps Companey.—

Friday 14th The Gale Ab,ates, at. AM,
Light Breeses. But. Fare

Saturday 15th Latd B.O. 30°39’ S.
Long. By Sirius 31°34 West
on Thursday the 13th the Supply
Brig Card. a Way her Boom &
fore Top Gallant Mast.—
Yesterday Was In formed by
Lieut Sharp that their Was
Eleven Marines Sick on Bd Alexr.

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September 1787 Prince of Wales at Sea

Sunday. 16th
One of the Female Convicts Was Floged
for Theft; (6 Lashes) the first
that Wee had flogd on Board —

Monday, 17th
Latd 31°31’ S. a fare Wind Course E.S.E.

Tuesday 18
No Observ1°, it being heasey, thick
& Intermixt With Rain,

Wednessy 19
Latd 32°4’ S. a fair Wind
With Rain, in those Latatudes
Wee find it Cold; — Course E.B.S.-
The Charlotte Transpt. hove too
for A At. 1/2 p 11 AM. for A Male Convict that fell over
board, But he Was Drownded
in Spite of All thire Assistance

Thursday 20 Nothing E,x

Friday 21
A Foul Wind, Latd 32°00’ S
Fair Weather. Fleet in Sight

Saturday 22d
Moderet, Weathr. With a foul Wind —

Sunday 23d
it blew a Verey fresh Gale, from
South, to S,W. More Moderet
on Monday Morning. Fleet
All in Sight
No Observation this Day
Latd 34°5’ S.

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1787 Prince of Wales at Sea

Sept 24th Monday.
in the afternoon it began to blow
Very fresh & Contineud till Wednessday,
Morning, More Moderet, the Wind
Conf. Fair, Course ES.E.

Tuesday 25
fresh Gale, No observtn

Wednessy 26
Latd 34° 16’ S. Moderet
Fair Wind.—

Thursday 27
Latd 34°20’ S. Course E.S.E.
fresh Gale — Fair Wind —

Friday 28
No Observation, Wind More Modrd.
At. 4 PM Wind Fair, Rain At times,

Saturday 29th
No. Obsn, Rain, Little or No Wind All Night.
Sunday 30th
AM. Calm. Set the Main
Riggan Up.

Oct Monday, 1st
Fresh Brees & Fair

Tuesday 2d
Latud 35°10’S. Little or. no, Wind

Wednessday 3d
Latd 35° 19’ foul Wind

4th 5th
Little or No Wind, With Rain, No.Observation

Saturday 6th
their Was Some Disturbance on board
the Alexr, the Commadore Lay too Some,
tim for to Settle this Matter

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1787 Prince of Wales at Sea

Saturday, 6th
Thier Was Several Chests
Sent from the Alexr on Bd
the Commadore, I Was informed in
port that, thier Was four of the Seamen,
Suspected for having Intended to assist the Convicts
to take the Ship, but. Was Changed on Bd the. Commdore
At 3/4 p. 11 OClock. P.M.
Cathrin Hart A. Female Convict Was Delevered of a Boy —

Sunday, 7th
Latd by O. 36°36’ South
Modr,e't Brees but Foul, fleet in Sight

Monday, 8th
Latd 36°55’ S.

Tuesday 9th
Lat 36°26’ Fair Wind, Course, E ½ S
Richards A Marines Wife, Was Delevered of
A Boy About 9 OClock A.M

Wednessday, 10th
Latd 35°29’ S. Fair Wind & Mod'ret.

Thursday, 11th
Latd 34°57’ S. Longd by
Sirius 15°40’ East. Modret Breeses at. S.W. Fair Weather

Friday 12th
Winds Verey Mod'ret & Fair

Saturday 13th
At. 6 OClock AM the Lady Penn
=areen Made the Signal for Land,
(The Cape of Good Hope);—
From the Time Wee Left. Rio Janerio =

[Page 20]
1787 Prince of Wales, at. Sea

Octr 13th Saturday
Till Wee Made the Cape,but
I Seen Sea foul, of the Gull
Spacie, of Various Size & Gouler,
Some Exceeding large Which the
Call, Arbetross, But those you
Do not See till You Get, A boug't
Latd 30° South. & Upwards,
But. the other Sort. I have
Seen Everey Day,—

At. 5 OClock P.M. Wee Came to
An Ankor, in Table Bay. the Whole
Fleet. Was in at. \ past. 6, Wee
Ankred, in 7 or 8 fathom Water
a brest the town, thier Was
Several Dutch Ships in the Bay;
thier Was a Dutch Commadore here. But
thier Was No Sallute past.—

Sunday 14th
Cape of Good Hope, Table Bay Got the Long boat out. & Moored
Ship; Commadore Salluted the fort. at. A.M, With 15 Guns
Which Was Returned With 13 Guns —

Monday 15th
Served Beef & Mutton, at one pound,

Each Marine, Marines Wife, & Convict
¾ lb to Eatch Child — l ½ lb of Brown
Soft Bread to Eatch Man Woman & Child

[Page 21]
Prince of Wales, At the Cape of Good Hope

Tuesday 16th
Served Wine, at. the Usual Allowance

Wednessday 17th
Mathw Wrights. Wife (a Marine)
Was Delevered of a Girle at. 4 OClock AM
I Went, on Shore for the fresh Mate & Bread —

Lieut. Maxwell & I Examened
the Powder in the Magazine
& found 196 Cateradges Damaged
Which Was Dried & Put, into, Horns
& Some in Paper,—
Mrs Cook a Drumers, Wife Was
Buried, in the Offin at. 1/2 p. 6
P.M,— (that belonged to the
Charlotte Transpt)—

Friday. 19th
Lieut. Maxwell & Lieut Timins

Was Orderd on Board the Charlotte &
Lieut Cresswell & Lieut. Powldin On
Board, Prince of Wales in thier Room —

[Page 22]
Prince of Wales. At. Cape of Good Hope

Octr 24th Wednessday
I. And my Wife & child Went, on
Shore With Serjt. Dwane & Perry and
thire Wives, & Spent, the Day Very
Agreeable;— Went, to the
Companeys Gardens & Seen the
Various Birds &c Which is, as
very Desirable a place, As Every
I Would Wish to See —

Thursday 25th
A Duch Ship Arrived from Mddle =
=Birge in Holland After a passage
of 16 Weeks & 4 Days
A Dainish Ship Arrived at.
P.M. from China after a Passage of 9 Months =

Sunday 28
Recd. 13 Woman Convicts from the Frend =
=Ship Transpt (Fendship Cleard for Stock)
Verey Unsertin We,ther, hear in

Wednessday 31st
A Dutch Boat Was Oversett in a Squall & one Man Lost

Novr 1st Thursday

The Ranger East India Packet
Arrived from England, after
a pasage of twelve Weeks; (Cheered
Commadore Phillip)

[Page 23]
Cape of Good Hope

November. Saturday, 3d
A Pourtigues Arrived from Maderass —

Monday 4th
Ranger Packet. Saild. for. Bengali
Orders Came on Board that Wee
Ware to Consider Ourselves Under
Sailing Orders After Wednessday the 7th Inst. —

Thursday 8th
It. blowed So fresh that Wee Could
Not Go for Provision on Shore
The Borrow Dales Small Boat
Broke Loose & Went A Drift
to Wards Penguin Island

Saturday 10th
The Ships Having Got. in there
Stock, Water &c the Signal Was
Made to Unmoore.—
Sunday 11th
The Commadore Intended to Sale
But Was prevented by foul
Winds, he Hove up & Got. out
in fair Way —

Monday 12th
An American Ship from Boston
Arrived here after a passage of
82 Days from Madera; Bound
to India, (Ca11d Frendship)
Got an Aced of Serjt. Knight Being Broke,
on Bd the Alexander

Tuesday 13th
Fesh Brees, Stood to the Westward

Wednessday 14th
Wind Vearable Stood S.W.

Thursday 15th
At. A.M. Tacked, the Whole fleet,
A Stood S.E.B.E. the Wind Coming
More Southerly, tacked At. 7. P.M
and Stood W.S.W. to Keep off. the Land.

[Page 24]
1787. Novr
Monday. 12th

Prince of Wales. At. Sea
The Whole Fleet. Saild About
2 OClock P.M. With a Feaverable
Brees. As Wee Came Out. Wee
Left. Penguinn Island, on
the Larbourd hand,
As the Commadore Was Crouded
With Stock, (I Suppose Was the Reason of)
No Sallute passing on Our Sailing,
from the Cape of Good Hope —
At. 7 P.M. Spoke the Kent, of
London, a South Seaman; after
a passage of 4 Months,
from St Helans, She Was Standing in for
the Cape, & Informd Us of
Some More Ships being taken
Up for Botnay bay.

[Page 25]
1787 — Prince of Wales at Sea
Friday 16th
Being to Leeward at. AM.
tacked at. 11. & Stood in for the

Monday 19th
Latd 37°10' South.
Little Wind & Easterly the fleet. Hove too.
Wee Got. an Accoun
that the Commadore Was Going on
Board the Supply Brig, & Major
Ross. & other Officers on Board
the AlexT, as the Commadore
Intends to Go On, Before; theWith
the Supply, Alexander Scarborough
& Frendship to Make the Land,
Wee Seen a Great Number of Whales
the In those Latatudes. 4 or 5 Round
the Ship At a time.
Put The Whole fleet, put
On, An, Allowance of 3 pints of
Water for the 24 Hours Without
Aney Distincion;—

Tuesday 20th
Latd 37°35’ S. Wind fair, Course
S.E. — Light Brees. the Brees
freshens at. P.M.

Wednessday 21st
A. Glourious Brees; Latd

[Page 26]
Prince of Wales at Sea

Wednessday Novr 21st
Suppose'd Longt 21°00’
Wind Contineus Fair;

Thursday 22d
Do. Do. Do.— Latd38° 58'
Do. Do. — Supposd Long. 24°

Friday 23d
At.1/2 past. 1 OClock in the Morning Wee
Lost. Yorgan Yorganness a Seaman, Over
Board, he fell, from the Main Topsail
Yard, it. being Dark. & Blowing fresh Wee
had No Hopes of Saveing, him —

Saturday 24th
At. A.M, Elenor McCave a Convict
Was Delevered of a Dead Child, Buried at

Sunday 25th
The Commadore at. J p. 11 OClock Went,
on Board the Supply Brig And parted
Company, With the Alexander,
Scarborough, & Frendship, With him —
Left. 7. Sail Under the Command of Capt.

I have Seen flying fish in those parts, (Latd
38°44 South.—) But Very few —
Course. S,E,B,E,

Monday 26th
At. AM. Commadores Squadren in Sight,
The Wind Souths. A Little More. at 10,

[Page 27]
1787 Prince of Wales at Sea

Novr 26th Monday.
Latd 38°4 South. Course, S.E.
Wind. S.S.W., At. Night the
Wind Changed. Easterly.

Tuesday 27th
At. A.M. the Commadores a
flying Squdren
Out. of Sight, Wind E.S.E.
At. P.M. Wind E.N.E.

Wednessday. 28th
It. Blowd a Very fresh Gale. Vearable

Thursday 29th
Allmost. a Calm

Friday. 30th
Modret Gale

December. 1st Saturday
A Marine,s Wife, (Harmsworth)
Was Delevered, of A Boy At 1/2 past 3
OClock. A,M

Sunday 2d
Wind Modret. at. N.W. Latd By
Observation, 39°52 S. fleet, in
Sight. Under Capd Hunter

Monday 3d
Fair Wind. Very Fresh
at. P.M

Tuesday 4th
Little or No Wind. TheCapt Tench
on Bd Charlotte Hailed Us At. P.M. & Informd Us. of
Danial Cresswell, a Marine, Who
Died of the Flux 30th Novd,a & three
from the Same Desorder,—

Friday. 7th
Latd 40°34’ S. Lon,g By Sirius 49°50’
East. (Charlotte,s Boat, being on
Board Sirius. Calld on Bd Pr Wales)

[Page 28]
1787 — Dec Prince of Wales at Sea

Sunday, 9th
No. Obsd — Rain & thick Weather
Borrow Dale Transport. Sails
Verey bad; Which Delay's, the
Fleet. Very Mutch;

Friday, 14th
Wind fair, But Verable, & Blowes
Very fresh At. times
Our Butter & flower, that
Was. found, by the Contracter,
(Mr Richards,) for Victuling. Marn.
& Convicts, is Out; Marines, Recd.
Beef in Leu of Flour, & the
Convicts Bread in Leu of Flour
Latd 40°55’ S. Course S.E.B.E

Sunday, 16th
Longtd By Sirius. 79° 16,' East. Wind fair,
till Monday A.M.

Monday, 17th
Lieut. Cresswell Went on Board the Sirius, Respecting,
provision, & Got orders, to Receve, Flour
& Butter, from Any one, of the Victulers,
the first Opertunity, —

Tuesday, 18th
The Commissary's flour Was Serve,d; In Leu of flour
Dificent, on Board. Latd 41°01' South;
Longtd 84°16

[Page 29]
Prince of Wales, at Sea

Decd. Thursday 20th
Docr White Came on Bd to See the
people, from Charlotte. Orderd. 4 of the
Female Convicts to be hove in a Gentle
Sail, for the Venereal,— Latd 40°56’
S. Longd 88° odd. East.

Saturday. 22d
Latd 41°20 S. Longd 94° Odd.
By Sirius,s Account, Fair Wind, But
Vearable. Course S,E,B,E, Fleet, in Sight.
This day I Seen a Sail fish; By thier
Reckning on Board, the PT of Wales. Wee
Are Short, of the. Commadores. Ac* By 3,
degrees & Odd

Sunday 23d
Latd 41°37 S. Penareen Tramp haild
Us & By her Lunor Observations, Was in
Longd 98°28J East. Wind Contineus
Fair —

Monday, 24th
Latd 41°26’ Longd 101°00’ E; Wind Fair

Tuesday 25th
Being Chrismass day, Latd 42° 16
Longd 105°00’ East, Wind Fair, Weather
Heasey, Dinned off a pice of pork & apple
Sauce a pice of Beef & plum pudding, and
Crowned the Day With 4 Bottels of Rum,
Which Was the Best. Wee Vitr'ens Could Afford

Wednessday 26th
Light Winds But. Fair

Thursday, 27th
Latd 42° 9’ S. Longd 110°20’ Seen
Some Verey Large Whales this Day

[Page 30]
1787, Prince of Wales at. Sea

Decd. Friday 28th
Latd 43°6’ S,
Longt 115° Odd. E. A Glourious
Breas Contineus. But. the Weather
Hasey; a brest. the Land of Lions on
New Holland this Day —

Saturday 29th
Latd 43°37' S. Longd 120° E.
fresh Breeses, & Heasey The fleet Keeps Comp,y

Sunday 30th
Latd 43°45’ Longd 123°,25 E.
Wee Came on the Coast of, New Holld
Seen Several Large Birds Like
Arbetross, Wind Very fresh at. P.M. & Hasey

Monday 31st
Latd 43°55 S. Longd
127°29’ E. More Modret. With a
Great. Swell At. PM. it began to blow
Very fresh, With Rain;— Thick &

1788, Jany Tuesday 1st
A Very Strong Gale Conttd at. N.N.W.
Course E. this Morning Wee Could
See only One of the fleet;— At. PM.
the Fleet Joined Company, No
Obserd. this Day.

Wednessday, 2d
Latd 43°30 S. Longd 135°20’ E.
Weather More Modret. Wind Conf.
Fair,— Course this Day, E.S.E At.
A.M, Set. Close Reef Topsles
Fleet in Company,

[Page 31]
1788 Prince of Wales at Sea

Jany Thursday 3d
No Observation this Day. Longd
138° East. Weather Contineus
Hasey With a Fresh Brees,
AVery Cold, Sence Wee
Left the Cape of Good Hope, it being
More so, Sence Wee Came on the Coast,
of New Holland,

Friday, 4th
At. A.M. Hasey. Observd Latd; 43°53’ S
Longd 140°36’ E. Wind Fair, Course
E.S.E. A Great. Number of Arbetross to be
Seen, as Wee Come in With the Land, to the
Southward. At. P.M. this Day the Signel for
Longd Was Made By the Sirius Which
Proved to be 135°30’ E.

Satd 5th
Latd 44TOO’ Longd 139°00’ E.
Sence Last Reckning by

Sunday 6th
No Observation, Longd 142°6’ E.
Wind Contineus Fair Course E.B.S.

Monday, 7th
Lady Penareen Made the Signal for
Land at. ½ past. 4 in the Morning
Which Proved to be Nothing But. fogg
At. 2. P.M, The Prince of Wales Made
Van Demans Land or South Cape
of New Holland —

Observd Latd 43°59; Longd 145°30'
East. Seen Several Sails After
Wee Made the Land, Sailed between
Swilly Island And the Land; a Rock

[Page 32]
1788 Prince of Wales at Sea

Jany Monday. 7th
Which is Calld; the Ediston Stands to
the Easterd of Swelly Island, thier
about. 9 Leagues Distant from the
Land, thier is A Great. Quantity of
Wood Growes on Van. Demans Land,
Threes Very High

Tuesday. 8th Stood to the E. Light Winds

Wednessday, 9th Stood to the N. Close Hailed,

Thursday 10th
Latd 43°-34 S. Standing to the
Norred, Was overtaken By a Very
Heavey Squall, Which Carrd. away
Our Main Yard in the Slings Split our
Main topsail. Main Sail & Main
Topmas Steacle this Happned About.
2, P.M the Charlotte Which Was the
Next Ship to Us Split her Main Sail
& Main Topsail the Rest of the Ships
Did Not Recave Much Dammage

Friday 11th
Latd 42°23 S. Stands to the

Saturday. 12th
Latd 41° 18 S. Wind & Weather Fair

Sunday 13th
Latd 39°50’ S. fresh Breeses at.
West, frequent Squalls thick & Hasey
Monday, 14th
Latd 38°05’ S. Light Winds at. PM

Tuesday, 15th
Latd 37°35 S. fowl Wind at. N. Very Hasey;—
Stands in for the Land. Some of the
Men has told Me that the Seen a
Remarkable Large flying fish her

[Page 33]
1788 Jany Prince of Wales at Sea.

Thursday, 17th
Latd 37°06; S. Wind Contineus to
the. N. till. 7. P.M then becomes
Fair, Very Warm & Sultrey at times,—

Friday 18th
Latd 35°43 S. Wind Fair, & fine
Weather at. 8. P.M. the fleet Lay, too By

Saturday. 19th
At. 3 OClock, A.M Made Sale,
At. 5 OClock in the Morning
I Went to the Mast. Head & Made the Land
Cal,d, Red Point. Wee Made the Signel to
the Commadore Which Was Ansrd By A
Duch Jack, a bout, 3/4 of an Hour. After the
Commadore hoist his Coulers,

No Observation this Day. Fair Weather But.
Could Not. See the Sun at 12 Steered Allong
Shore Distant 3 or 4 Leauges. the Land
Looks Exceeding Well, Very level from Red
Point to Point Solander, but Runs Lower
towards the Latter, Very Low to the
Southward of Point Solander Lay too off the
opening of the Bay

Sunday 20th
All Night. At. 4 in the Morning Made
Sale, Entred Botnay Bay at. 8 OClock
AM. found the Commadore & the 3
Sale that parted Us at. Sea Here

[Page 34]
1788 Prince of Wales at Botnay bay

Jany Monday 21st
Got an account of Peter Tolburt Corp
of Marines, Diying, Monday the 19th
Novr. 1787 Serjt. Knight Who
Was Suspended At. the Cape of Good
Hope, Was Ordred to His former Duty.

Friday the 18th Jany 1788 —
The Commadore Went to Port Jackson,
this Day. & Remained there till
Wednessday, 23d On his Return At.
P.M. Made the Signel for All Masters
& Gave Orders to Sail for Port Jackson
to Morrow Morning As he Approved of
it Better, than Botnay Bay. the Natives
here is Very Affable. & Will Except of
Aney thing, that You Will Give them,
(& Even take Aney thing that the Can
Lay Hold of)—

Tuesday 22d
the seamen Hal

Thursday. 24th
two Ships Appered of this bay,
Wee Did not Sail for Port Jackson
this day.—

Friday 25th
Signel Made to Way Ankor. Wind
And tide being Against us at. A.M. Wee
Could Not Get out, Brought, too again

[Page 35]
1788 Prince of Wales at Botnay bay

Jany Friday 25th
The Governer Went to Port Jackson in
the Supply Brig

Saturday. 26th
The two Ship that Wee Seen of this
Bay on Thursday 24th JanY, Came
in this Day Which proved to be
French Ships on Discovereys
At. AM. the fleet. Got on thier Way. Came to
an Ankor at 1/2 p 6 OClock in Port Jackson
Close to the New town Which Was Crisned
this Day & 4 Vollies of Small Arms. Fired,

Sunday, 27th

I & Serjt. Clayfield Was Orderd. on Bd
the Charlotte Transpt. to Do Duty A
Number of Male Convicts Went On
Shore this Day to Work —

Monday 28th
The Whole Detachment of Marines
Wives & Children Desembarked
& Encamped Immedetly,—
The Male Convicts imployd in Clear,g
away the Ground

Feby 5th Tuesday
a Seaman belonging to the Alexr. Was
Drume,d out of Camp, for being Drunk
and Afronting Some of the Officers

Thursday. 7th
The Kings Commissions Was Read
in Pressents of the Battalion &
3 Convicts,
there Was 3 Vollies fired
Coulers flying &c

[Page 36]
1788 Feby
In Camp at Port Jackson
Thursday. 7th
After the Comm Kings Commission
Was Read the Laws of that this
Country Is to be Governed by Was Read;
& then the Governer Made A
Spech to the Convicts Reletive to thier Behavour
& Every thing Crime that Was Committed
before he freeley forgave — the
Governer & All the
Navey & Milatery
officers Dinned together in a E Larbetery
tent for that porpose —
day the Governer Returned
the Marines thanks for thier Manley
& Soldierlike Appearance —

Sunday 24th
Thos Harmsworth. (Son to (Thos Harmsworth
a Marine). Died of A feaver.—
A few day after our Arrival here
Major Ross had 7 Sheep & one Hog
Kild kild by Thunder
& Lightning

Tuesday 26th
Victuled by Commassarey Millir;— Mr.
Richards'es Contract being Out.—
The Marine Woman's Licquer Stopd this day

Wednessday 27th
Thos Barrett, a Convict, Was tried for
Breaking Open the Publick Stores, &
Exacuted the Same Evening at 6. OClock
Lovel & Jos Hall Convicts
Was tried the Same day for the Same
Crime. & Sentinced to
Death; But.
Was Respited, for 24 Hours.
(Afterwards Repreved,)

[Page 37]
In Camp at Port Jackson

Feby 29th
Two Convicts by the Name of Dan
Gordon & Freeman Was Cast for death
& Reprived Under the three Where
the Ware to be Exacuted the Latter
Was forgave on Account, of his being
in futer Publick Exacutioner

Thursday. March 13th
The Marine Woman Was Ordre,d thier Usual
Allowance of Licquor, With a proviser
that thier Husbands, Will Repay, it
Again if the Tresury, Will Not. Allow it.—
The Commassery, Make A Deduction of
12lb in the Hundred Wt of Beef & 8lb
in the Hundred Wt of Pork, (that is
that Every 100b of Beef Must be Cut
into 28 pices; & Every
104lb of pork
Cut into 56 pices,)— from the time of
the his Commencing, Victauling the
Garrison on the 26h Day Feby 1788

Wednessday March 19h
Major Ross, put Capt. Lf Tench, presdt
of A Courtmartial With the Other, 4 Members
Under An Arrest, for Not Revising the
Sentince past, on Jos Hunt, priv Marine

The Supply brig Returned from New
Norfolk — & on her passage Discovered
an Unknown Island, Where the procured
Between 20 & 30 Turtel, Which Capt.
Ball Supplyed, the
Officers. Hosp &c Very Ampley

[Page 38]
1788 Port Jackson. New South. Wales
Jno Kennady Serjt. Reduced to privt
By A Courtmartial, Prosacuted by
Lt & Adjautant

Restored to Serj't Again —

Thos Harmsworth. Marine Died —

May, 2nd Friday
Jno Bennet. Convict Was Exacuted
for Robing the Charlotte,s Transpts Tent.—

Monday 5th
The Scarbourough & Penareen
Transpt.s Sailed for Chinea —
Same Day the Supply Brig
Sailed, for Howe,s Islan,d —

Tuesday, 6th
The Charlotte Transport Sailed
for Chinea —

30th June
two Convicts Kild Rush Cutting
Supply Returnd from Howse Island
With out aney Sucksess of Turtle

June 5th
4 Cows 1 Bull With one Bull Calf
or Strayed Was Drove A A Way from the Governors Farm
Same day Ewd Corbet, Convict. De. Campd
an Was, Out Law,ed Some Days after
Several partys. of Marines Was
Sent in Serch of him & Cattel.
But to No Effectt.—

Friday June 205
Jnr Gannan Marine Died at
Hospl. Made His Will to Jno Brown Same Compy. —

Sunday 22d
 Felt the Shock of an Earth Quaek at 1/2 past 4 Eveng.

Sunday 22d
Heny Petrey. Marine Died at 7
in the Evening. He Was.

[Page 39]
1788 Port. Jackson, Sidney Cove —

June Sunday 22nd
on the 18th of June Reduced to the
pay of a priv{ Man & Invilided
Home to Europ On Account of his
Bad State of Health — But When

Monday, 23d
Deseaced,— Was Interred as Serjeant
With the Usual Militery Honers

Ewd. Corbet. Convict Who
Absconded June 5th Was taken at
or Neer the Governors Farm,
by M Dodd the Governers Servant. & a
Convict that Gows By the Name of Banbeury Jack;-

Tu Jos Payton. Was tryd. for Attemp =
=ting to Rob Capt. Lt Meradeths
Marquee on the, 4th of June,
he Was found. Guilty & Condemd.
to Die Next Day —

Tuesday 24th
Ewd Corbet. Convict Was tryd
for Roberey; & Respecting the
Governors Cattel, & being out
Lawed, Condemmed to Die

25th Wednesday.
Ewd Corbet, & Jos. Payton Convicts
Was Exacuted at. 1/2 past. 11, OClock
forenoon; Died penaten.—
The Latter part of this Month Wee have had a
Great Dale of Rain With Some
Hale; Cold at Nights;—

July- Friday. 11th
A White frost in the Morning
Which Was Was priet,y Sharp

[Page 40]
1788 Port Jackson New South Wales

July. 13th Sunday
Lieu Shortland, On Board
the Alexander, Sailed for
s England, With the first Despatchs,
Sence Wee Arrived; The Prince =
=of Wales. Frendship, & Borrowdale
Sailed in Companey —

July 18th
Sunday Augt 10th
Sail,d the Supply, for Norfolk
there Was a letter Read by Cap
Campbell, from & too the Govornor. to
Know Whom of the Detachment Would
Wish to Remaine in the Country
After the Experation of three Years,—

Monday. 11th
The Whole Detachment Victule,d at full
Weight of Every Speacie. Except. Beef
ib Which Was Served, 3 1/2 lb of Beef 2 lb of
Pork per Man for One Week.
With the Addition of one pound of flour
on Sundays,— No Cheese 6oz Butter. Man per week —

Aug 26th
The Supply Brig Returned from New
Governor King Norfolk. Brings An Acct. that. A -the- Lost
thier Boat. With 5 Men. in a Surff
Close to the Shore; (Which belongtd to
the Icland.)

27th Sepr. Saturday
I, Got A Sow pig from WP Reed (a Seman belonging to the Sirius)

Wednessday Oct lst
The Sirius Sailed for the Cape of
Goodhope fr. Provision &c for the New

[Page 41]
Port Jackson New South Wales

Wednessday I?1
Octt —
The Golden Grove, Store Ship, Sailed, for
New Norfolk, With Male & Female Convicts.
& provision,—
Lance Serjt Smith from Hd. Qarters. Corp Goughen
& 5 privts from Sirius, Went, on Bd the
Golden Grove, for a passage to Norfolk,
Where the Ware to Contineu one
Yeare as a Guard, And then to
be Releved. If the Chuse,d —

Lieut & Qr. Master Jams. Furzer
was Put Under An Arrest, by the
Commanding Officer Major Ross,

Friday 3d
Orders to try him on Monday
the 6th Inst. by a General Court
Martial.— No Court Martial. (Made Up)

Oct Thursday 2d
Friday. 10th Jno. Jones. M. of Plimo. Divn. DD
Cooper Hanley a Convict Kild by
the Natives at Botnay bay.

Octr. 26th Sunday
Jams. Rodgers. M. Was lost. in the Woods.—
When the Sirius Sail,d for the
Cape I sent £3. 6s. 0d. I Sent for Sundrey
Artickels, By Mr Wargan Doctr of
the Sirius;—

Wednessdy 29th
I Was Sent With, a party, of Men to loock for
Jams. Rdgers a Marine that
Was Lost, in the Woods

Sunday 2d Novr.
Lieut J. Johnstone proseeded With
a party. Up to the head of the Harbour
to Make a Settelment there.—

Friday 7th
A Nother party Went. Up to Joyne
Lieu't J. Johnstone —

Monday 10th
The Golden Grove, Returned Arrived from Norfolk

With, firr Plank &c for the Govornr.

[Page 42]
1788. Port Jackson. Sidney Cove.

Novr 1788. Thuesday 11th
Thos Bulmore pt. Marine Died
In Concequence of a Battel. fought.
With Jams. Baker Marine.
(But Stongley
Suspected;) to be Ill used by others),
Baker Confin,ed prior to his Death

three More Confd. Vis. Askew, Hanes.
&Rd. Dukes. Immeditley After his
Desace.)— (for To take there Tryal.

Thursday 13th-
{Capt. Merradeths Compys Grogg Stopd by Major Ross
for 7 Days —

Saturday Novr 15th
3 Marines Joynd. the DetachMr
fm. the Supply Brig, in Leu of.
3 Men Deceased.—

Monday 17th
My Sow took the Brawne —
The Above Mentioned, Baker, Hanes
Askew & Dukes Was try,ed for the
Murder of Thos Bulmore, they
It Was Brought In Man Slaug =
=hter. & they Was Sentenced to Receve
200 Lashes Each,— Punished. 21st Inst.
by the Hangman —

Tuesday 18th
The Golden Grove & Fishburn
Saild for England
Lieut Daws Gave Me A Sow pig;—

Saturday 22d
Capt. Campbell. Lt Sharp &
The Remaining, part, of the DetachMr.
prosseeded. to Rose Hill. Where
there is A Settelment to be Made;

Monday 24th
I, Sett a Hen On 17 Eggs. She Layed
one While Sitting Which Made 18.
Brought forth 16 Chickens

[Page 43]
1788. Port Jackson. Sidney Cove

Deer 3d Wednessday
Dealey a Convict. Was Exacuted for
theft;— Confessed at the Gallows the Robbing of Lieut.
Kelllow & Mr. Alt Survayor

Saturday 6th.
Wee Receved the Disagreeabel News
of Capt from Rose Hill, of Capt.
Campbells. being Missing in the
Woods. Sence 3 OClock Yesterday
Without, any person in Companey
or any provision,—

Sunday 7th
A Boat. Returns from Rose Hill
At. 6. in the Morning, but No Account.
of Capt. Campbells being found.—
This Evening A party. Sent, from Camp
(At Sidney Cove.) in Serch of him.—
Several parleys Contineus in Serch
At. Rose Hill.
This Evening Adjut. Long proseedes
With, a party. Up the River, to Rose Hill
Wee Receve the Agreeabel News of the
Captd Returning to Cap Camp (At.
Rose Hill.) this Morning, he Relates
that While he Was in the Woods
he had Onley two Charges, of Pouder &
Shot, With Which he Shot, one
Pidgeon. & Made a fire & While
he Was Dressing one half.
A Hawk Came & took the
Other half A Way—
The Adjts. party Countermanded

[Page 44]
1788. Sidney Cove. Port Jackson

Tuesday Deer 30th
The Governor. Sent. Capt. Ball, of the
Supply Brig & Lieut.. G. Johnst =
=one With, two
Arme,d Boats, to
Secure Some of the Natives, they
Brought, in one, Call,s him, (Manley)
they Secured him at. Manley. Bay. One
More Made his Escape, after they had
hold of
The Govornor. Cloathed him & Made
him Dine With him, that day. he is
Secured With a Rope & a Man
Leades him Abought; there is a house
built for him & his Keeper.—

1789 —
Monday. 5th Jany —
An Anamal Came At Night. &
Destroyed a Eleven Chickings in the
Hen House.— two Lost, before & one
Drowng Which Makes 14. two Now Remains

Tuesday. 6th
Set a trap for the Anamal (Caught a Rat)—

Thursday. 7th
Thos. Sanders a Convict, fled from
Justice & Live,d in the Woods 24 day
But. frequentley Visete,d the
Camp by Night Committing
Several Robereys. In particular
that of Robbing the Publick
Store, in Companey With
Robt. Boyl. Convict.

Saturday 9th
Sanders & Boyl. took there tryal
Sanders Condems. & Exacuted at 5 OClock Same Day
(Boyl Not Tryed today) (Aquited)

[Page 45]
1789. Sidney Cove. Port. Jackson.

Jany 20th Tuesday
Jno. Kennadey. Serjt Reduced to
privt by the Sentince of a Court Martial,—

Feby 2d Monday
Capd Shea Died. About 10 OClock At Night.—
Promotion took place Accordingly
Capt. Lt. Meradeth, to Capt Lieut. Geo.
Johnstone, to Capt Lt, 2d Lieut Ralp
Clark, to. 1st Lt.& Alexr Jno Ross, a
Boy 9 Years, old. to 2d Lt. —

Tuesday 17th
Supply Brig Saild for Norfolk

Wednessday 25th
W1° Edmondson. (Marine) Died in the
Hospl after a Long Illness, he made
his Will to Arthr Dougherty
of the 2d Compy —

March 4th
March 6th
One Convict. Kil,d & 4 Wound,ed by
the Nativs. The Natives Was pursud.
but Could not. be found.

Wednessday 18th
15 Co. Jos Hunt, pt. Marine Was Confind. on
Suspition of Robing the publick Store

19th 14 Co Luke Hanes. pt M. With. Richd.
Askew, of the 41Co. Was Confd on the
Above Suspition,— (I. being Serjt. of
the Quarter Guard this day.) On the
Confinement, of Hanes. & Askew
Hunt. Informed. Mee that he
Would. Discover Everey thing he
Knew About the buisness, On Which
I. Aquented Major Ross — Turn

[Page 46]
1789. Port. Jackson

March. 20th Friday
Jos Hunt. Discovered On A Jams. Baker
54Co. Thos Jones, 15Co. Jams. Brown
54Co. & Richd. Dukes, 55Co All
to be Conserned in Robing the Store On this, the
three Former Was Conf., Dukes, the Latter, being, at
Rose Hill. At this time
Hanes. Askew & Hunt Was there
Acomplishes Likewise —

Tuesday 24th
Supply Brig Returd. fm. Norfolk
With, one Convict, to be tryd. fr Mutiney

Wednessday Do.
Richd. Dukes, ye. above Mentioned Was
brought, fm. Rose Hill, by Warant —

Wednessday 25th
The Seven Afforesaid Marine
Prisoners, Was brought to tryal
Jos Hunt. Marine Was Admitted
An Evedence for the Crown, a
=ned gainst the Other Six; Court Adjour =
At. two OClock,—

Thursday. 26th
The Tryal of the. aforesaid prisoners
Ende,d With the awfull Sentince being
Past, on Luke Hanes, Richd. Dukes,
Richd. Askew, Jams. Brown,
Jams. Baker. & Thos Jones, to be

Friday 27th
At 9 OClock in the Morning
the Sentince past, on the Above
Prisoners Was put In Exacution; In
Consaquence of Jos Hunt
Convicting the Six Afforesaid
prisoners, he Was
pardone,d —

[Page 47]
1789 — Port Jackson

Wednessday Apl. lst
Wm.Wall, pd Marine Died At. Hosp he
Will'd his Effects to Wm Douglass, Marine

Wednessday 15th
I Went With a party to Cut Grass tree
for. Lt Johnstone. found three Nativs Under A
Rock, Vis. A Man & two Boy,s, (of
Which One Boy Was Dead) the Govorner being
Aquented With it. Order'.d the Man & Boy
to the Hospital Under Care of the surgion the
having the Small pox. the Man died, ye.
Next day — the Boy Contineu,s to get Better.—
13th being

13th being Easter Monday
The Governor Removed to his New House;—

Wednessday 29th
Two Black Men (Convicts) One By the Name
of Ceaser & the other Calld. Black

Jemmey Was tryd. By the Criminal Court, for
theft, the former Transported for Life & the
latter, to Receve 500 Lasshes,—

Thursday 30th Apl.
two Marines, Tculan & Odgers Ware Lost
in the Woods at Rose Hill,

Tuesday May, 5th
Serjt. Knight. Returned fm Rose. Hill,
After being in Serch of, the Affore =
=Mentioned Marines, Without Any Suckcess;

Gave Up All Hopes of there Return As
the Weather. Was Very Bad; having Very
heavey Winds & Rain the 3d 4th 5th & 6th
of the Month, & the having Not Above two
Charges of Amunition Each, (No provision)
the had. A Gray hound. & a Young Spanial
With them, but the former Returnd. on Saturday 2d Inst.

[Page 48]
1789. Port Jackson.
Friday, May 8th
The Sirius, Returnd. from the Cape of
Good Hope, Came to An Ankor
About. J before Six in the Evening
in Sidney Cove; She Made a passage
to the Cape of Goodhope Round Cape
Horn in, 90 days'; -After She Made the South Cape
or Van demans Land. Met With
Verey Bad Weathe; a few days before, the Sirius saild
from the Cape, the Alexandra Transport, that
first saild With Dispatches fm. New So Wales, Arrived
after a Long & Deangeris
Passage in Grate Distress
the Remainder of the fleet. Was in the Utmost
Manly the Native (that Was the
first that Was taken,) Died of the
Small pox, And Beuried. in the
Govorners Gardin —

[In margin]
(On, her Return) Lieut Shortland Was Under
the Necessaty of Sinking the Frendship Monday 18th

13th May Wednessday At Night.

Black Ceaser the Convict that Was
tried the 29th of Apl. 8.9.(& Sentinced
to be Transported for Life) Elloped, from Camp
taking With him, Arms & Ammunition
belonging to Abrm. Hand Marine, With
Several other articules,)

[In margin]
25th Monday,— full. Allows. of Flour Was Served.—
the Short Allows. Not
Paid at this time,

Tuesday 26th
The firelock, (& a pot. Boiling on the Fire,)
Was found Close to the Brick
fields, by the Convicts and at the Same Time the Above, Black
Ceaser Robe,d the Brick Makers of a
Quantity of provision, (pursued by a party,
from Quarters, but; to No Effect.—

Saturday June. 6th
The Supply. Brig Saild. fr. Norfolk Island
With, 1st Lieut Jno. Creswell. & 14 privts M.
fr that Island.
Same Day His Excellencey
the Governor With Capt. Hunter, & Several
Other Officers &c Made An Excurtion;

[Page 49]
Port. Jackson,

to Broken Bay.—

Saturday, 6th
Black Ceaser the Convict, that
Elope'd fr. Camp 13th May. 89 Was
taken, About twelve OClock At Night
by Saltmarsh a Convict, Close to
Mr. Zacharyah Clark's House —

Tuesday, 16th
His Excelencey the Governor. & Gentn
&c Which Made an Excurtion to
Broken Bay Returnd. after Exploring part
of a fresh Water River Upwards
of twentey Miles, this River Was Never
Found out before, (As thier
provision Was All Most Exausted) the Could
Not proseed farther at this
all though the Could Not, form An Idea
hough far it Extended,

Friday. 19th
His M.S. Sirius, Went over, to the
North. Shore, to Car'een. & Repair —

Friday 26th
His Excellencey the Governor. With Several
Gentelmen. &c prosseeded to Broken
Bay; to Examin the fresh Water
River, found Out. the Last. Expadition

Saturday. 27th
The Governor. & party Return'd as
the Wind Blowd. fresh fr. the Northerd

Monday 29th
the Wind Changed. With Mild Weather
&. His Excellencey, prosseeded on
the Afore Mentioned Expadition —

[Page 50]
1789 Port Jackson
July. 14th Tuesday —
His Excelencey & party Returned fm. Broken
Bay. After Exploring, the fresh Water
River, (Lately found out.) Upwards of 80, Miles
Where the found the End of it it to
The Latter part of this Month. Wee
had White frost, in the Mornings. & after
Very heavey Rains for Several Days
With Strong Winds fm. the Southward

Cap Hunter. With Several Gentelmen
Made an Excurtion to Broken Bay

Sept 10th
Heny Wright privt Was tryd. by a
Criminal Court, for An Assault, on the
Body of Elizabeth. Chapman, Spinster
Condem,d for Death;—
The Above Wright Was Repreved. On Condi =
=tions that, he the Said
Wright. Would
Banish himself, for the Remainder part
of his Life to Norfolk Island,—

Oct 5th
A. Craft. About. 20, Tuns, Burden,the first of
the Sort, that has been. Built,
hear; Was Launchd. (Calld. the Prince, of Wales)

Serjt. Dawn's Wife Was Deleverd. of a Son

Serjt Hume's Wife Was Delevd of a Daughter

Capt Jams. Meradeth is Suspended from
all Dutys. in the Detachment, till
his Conduct, is Enquired Into,

[Page 51]
[Part of page missing]

to forward them Selves, to England,
as Quick as possable, I Wrought, to Serjt
Mooney. & My Mother in law

Tuesday. 20th
Wm Chafe A Convict. Was Exacuted,
for House Breaking. Formerly Sentinced
two thousand Lashes.—

Tuesday May. 4th
6Co Wm Doulan Marine Died at Rose
Hill, (of the Flux)— (Made No

June 2d Tuesday Wednessday.
Corp Bacons, Wife Was Deleyered of two
Boys one at 1/2 past two & the other at
3 in the Morning.—

Thursday. 3d
The Lady Julian Transport. Arrivd
here With 225 Female Convicts, from
England. & Brings the Disagree =
=bel. News, of the Guardian Store Ship
Getting foul of A field of Ise
in Latd 44° Odd South. & Longd Neerly the
Same. East. & being Allmose
Lost, throwed Great Part of her
Cargo Over
Board & Oblidged to put
back to the Cape of Good hope;—

About. One OClock in the Morning
My Wife Was Delevered of A Boy

[Page 52]
[Part of page missing]

The Master of the Lady
Julian, Sent, a Great Quantity of
Goods; (his owne
privet Property.)
on Shore to be Sold; but at an
Exorbetant price —

Moist Suger, that Could, be purchasd at Rio. for
a Vinten or three halfpence
a pound, he Sold
for Eighteen pence, in Bills. & Sixteen
Redey Money Sope. 3/R. Money;—
Tobacco. 8s/.,— Fourpeney thread. 2s/per oz;—
Ribband, from 2 to 3s & 9d per Yd;
Bread 6d per lb. Sixpeney. Papper At
2s/ per
Quire; & Everey thing Else in like Proportion;—

Sunday 20th
Arrivd The Jestiniah Justinia Store
Ship from England. After A passage
of five Months.—

Friday 25th
The Signal Was Made for a Ship being
off the Harbours Mouth.

[Page 53]
1790. July. Port. Jackson

The Punt, or Small Boat.
Which they Ware
in Was Attacked by A Wheale (that
Came her in to the Harbour;)
& beat A All to picese,s
& three of the Men Drownded. Viz. Mr
Ferguson. Mateshipman. John. Bates & Tho
Harp. Marines’— Jn. Wilkins Marine
Was Save,d by Swiming Up Wards, of a
Mile, he Got Safe on the South Shore
& prosseede,d to the Look Out House
With, the Disagreeable News, of Such a
Sad Catastrophey Wilkins Relates, that
the Endavoured to pull from the Whale every
Way the Could Devise, but he Still
Contineued to follow the punt, they
had Several Large fish in the punt
Which they throughd over board thinking
that, the fish Was Would Cause, him
to Lave the Boat but to No Effect.
he further Sease that the Boat Was twise
on his Back & Lastly that, he tost it
Several Yards Up in the are Which
Broak it All to pieces. Wilkens, Says
that, after the boat Was Stove, that he
Was on the Back of the Whale for some
time, before he attemped to Make for
the Shore— The 6th or 7th of Sepr
following the Whale Was found Dead & Drove
on Shore At Manly Cove.

[Page 54]
1790. Port. Jackson

July. 28th Wednesday.
The Justinia Saild for Norfolk Island With,
provision &c & then to proseed on
her Voyage to China.—

Augt 1st Sunday.
The Surprise Sail.d for Norfolk Island.
With provision. & Convicts. &c, & then to
poseed to China,— One Tucker a
Convict Carpenter is Supposed, to have
Made his Escape in the
Above Mention'd Ship Surprise,
Capt. Tench. LJ Daws. Docter Wargan, &
Isaac Knight. Marine Made An
Excurtion in Land, in a. S,W. Direction from Rose Hill,
& Return'd Sunday, 8th
Inst. & found the
Country, for as far as the Went. Very Unfit
for Agreculture,—
The Convicts. Contineu to Die Very
fast Upwards, of 130. Died Sence there
Arrival in the last Ships —

Sunday 8th
The Scarborough Capt. Martial Saild for
China, he fired he Salluted With 11
On Gawing Out, Which Was the first Sence
Given by Any Ship on Sailing Sence
Our landing, The Neptune fired, one Gun
Whether in Ansr to the Sallute
or Not
I Cannot, tell — but I believe She
had No More Mounted.—

Tuesday 24th
The Neptune Sailed for China & Thos
Brown,s Wife, Went. With Misstres Trail
as A Servant,—

Hugh Lowe, a Convict Was Exacuted
for Sheep Stealing;— The Sheep belongd
to Mr Jr Palmer Commissary

[Page 55]
1790. Port. Jackson

Aug 27th Friday—
Mark Hurst Marine Was tryd by a Courtmartial
for Stealing Rice out of the Publick
Store Sentenced 500 Lashe,s Recvd them

Jams. McMannus, Marine, Was Confd. Yester =
=day, for Stealing a Chest Containing Several
Articels, The property of Chars. McCarty
of the New So Wales Core, the Same, day
McManus, Informd the Commanding officer that,
he Recvd the Articels that Was found
on him from Mr Dell, a Drummer, of the
So Wales Corps, Upon this Information
the Drummer Was Contf. The Next.
Morning. McManus Attemped to
Cut his owne troght in the Guard house
but Was prevente,d. by Corp Begley
after Scaring himself in Several pleaces,
but but Not Effectually; Sence his Confinement
he Seemes Insane;— For Eleven Day
McManus took No Sort of Victaules Except & few Spoons
full of Flour & Water; he is Quite Recovered. Again —

Saturday 29th
Capt Tench, & Hill, Lt Daws. Docter
Worgan & 2 privts Returnd. after a
Weeks Excurtion, to the Northerd. of
Rosehill, found a Very Bad Country
a Distance from Prospect-hill.—
Sandy Ground. Covered With Brush
Wood; the fell in With An Arm, of
Hawksburys, River, traced it two Days.
Jr Palmer Serjt. of the So Wales. Core.
Was Reducd to. privt. together With.
Corp Stephenson, for Irregular Behavour;
Cap Hills. Servant, Was
Conf. for Robing his Master While on the last.
Excurtion; (of Liquor. &c)
Sentince. 400 Recvd 25; forgave

[Page 56]
1790. Port Jackson.

Sept 6th Monday
Patkr McKowen. Marine Late of the
Sirius. Died in the Hosp & Made his Will
In favour of his Brother Arthur McKowen Liveng in Ardee Ireland.—

7th Tuesday
His Excellincey the Governor. Was
Wounde,d Desperitly by A Native throughing
a Spere at. him,it Struck him a Little below the Shoulder
and Peirced Quite though & 4 or 5 Inches, the
opposet. Side, His Excellencey Was Down at
Manly Cove, & Spaking to two Natives Which, he
formerly had in his Possesion (but Made there
Escape) he had Gave them Some Mate & Bread
Cloaths &c together With a Bottel of Wine, A & While he
turned his head Round to Spake to one
of the Men With him. to Keep a Strick
Eye on the Rest of the Natives As there
Was a Great Number in All, he Receved
the Wound, the Governor Immeditly fired a
Pistole At the Person he Supposed, hove
the Spere, he Was Immeditly taken Down
to the Boat, & brought Home; As Mr
White the Principal Surgon Went, that Morning
on an Expadition. Mr Belmane, Assisten
Surgon. took the Spere Out. & Dressed, the
Wound; The Governor. Remains in Great
Agonies but it is thought, he Will Recover
it though at the Same time his Excellencey
is Highly Scurbutick;—

Monday. 13th
Serjt Knight Was Restored to His former. Duty of Serjt —
Thursday 16th
There Was a Remarkable Great Hall
Haul of Fish Caught, of the Salmon Kind,—

[Page 57]
1790. Port. Jackson

Friday Sept. 17
The Governor, Walks Out. & is getting
Quite the better of his Wound.—

Monday 20th.
Capt. Tench, Lt Daws. The Revd Mr
Johnston, With Several other Gentelmen
Made an Excurtion to Broken bay
on by Land, Mr Daws, took an observon.
on the So Head, Nothing Ex.—
The Returned the 23d Inst. —
Five Male Convicts, has Made thire
Escape from Rose Hill, they Came
down from, R. Hill in
the Punt, to the
luckout Cove left, the Punt thier & took
the Boat that belongd to, the luckout
And is got Clear off God Knowd.s Where

Tuesday 21
in the Morning the Was Persue,d by
Lieut Waterhouse & a party, in a Boat
but to no Effect.—

Thursday. 30.
The Governor, has Ordrd All the free
People, to be Servd Oil & Vinager;— to Each
Man, One Quart, of Each, Women & Children
in proportion; this I believe is to

be a gift.
Octr 14th Servd Oil, as before.
The oil is servd in Lieu of Butter —

Oct 4th Monday
Jams. McManus. Marine, that Was
Confd for A Theft, the 27th Augt Last
Was tryd. & Aquetted; Alltho. it Was
Sertain that he Was Guilty, he Was
Cleard. through a flaw in the. Evedence,—

Friday 8th
Banalong. A Neative that Eloped from
the Governor formerly, together With three
More, Paid the Governor a Vissit

[Page 58]
1790 — Port Jackson —

Oct 8th Friday
But the Rever,d Mr. Johnston With
(Borough) the Black Girel; & Stogdale
a Convict, Was oblidged to Stay
as a Pledge With. A party of the Natives. A till
d Banalong & the Other three, Return,
Little Or No Rain Sence June
Last, the Weather Still Contineus Dry.
Walker of the New So Wales
Corps. Died at. Rose Hill, Sept 1790.

Tuesday. 19th
The Supply Brig Returnd. from Batava
after a Passage of Six Months. & 2. Days, from
Port. Jackson; thier & back; Lt Fowel, of yd. Navy.
And Mr Ross Gunner both late of the Sirius Died a
Few days after the Left. Batava, there
Crew Was Very Sickly; & 8 Died. And the
Left. Six or Seven on there Sick; &
Several Run Away, The have taken
Up A Snow, And they Was Leading, her With
Provision, With all Expedition, for
this Settelment; When the Supply Saild,
if the Supply, had Remaind. Much longer
She Would have lost; All the Crue. through
Sickness & Desartion;
The Natives Come in frequently &
the Governor, has building a house for them
at Cattel Point.—

[Page 59]
1790. Port. Jackson
Wileblood, & Harris, two Convicts Was
tryd. for Attempting to Murder, & also
Robing a Convict, of Provision &c at
Rose Hill, they was Condems. & Next day
Exacuted. at. Rose hill
The Natives get Quite femillier & Great
Numbers, are daily in Town;—
Wee have had a little
Rain the Latter end of this Month.

Nov,r 13 Saturday
Mr Whites, Boat. With five Convicts.
Who Were fishing. Was Lost, in the Surff at.
Middle head. The Natives Recovered
the Siene & part of the Geer,—
Names, of the Convicts, that was lost.
Vis — Jams. Richards,

23d Tuesday
. . . Spirits Was Servd to all the Troops.
&c (full Allow)

Deer 10th Friday —
Mclntire, A Convict. Was Speerd by the
Nativs. Died of the Wound, Jany 1791

Tuesday 14th
Two Captains two Sub,s, three
Serjts & 40 privts Was Detachd.
With three days
provision, to Secure & bring in Six Nativs.
if that Was found Impractible that
Number Was to be put to Death.

Detachmt. Returnd. But Could not put their
ordrs. in Exacution —

[Page 60]
1790 — Port Jackson

Dec Friday. 17th
Signal made for a Saile which
Povd. to be the Dutch Snow
from Batava, after a
passage of
Weeks & Days. She Buried
16 Black Men & 3 White, the
the Boatswain Died in Our Hospl at A Sydney;—

1791 Jany Saturday 22d
The Supply. Sailed for Norfolk
Island, With Mr Blackburn
Commander. As Capt. Ball Was oblidged
to Remain at Sick Quarters, being
Very bad for some time,—

Friday. 28
Mr Dodd. the princaple Superintendant
of the Rose Hill Department, Died.
About. 11 or 12 OClock at. Night.—

Feby 3d Thursday
The Dutch Snow, Dropt. down as
the Harbour as low as the luckout
Cove, on pretence of going to Sea
but I Suppose that Was the pollicey
of the Capt., as the Governor was
d about bying buying her, She Return.
to Sydney Cove. Monday. 7th Inst. —

Friday 4th
Three Convicts Was taken At the
luckout Cove, Attempting to get on
board the Dutch Snow,—

Stopd Serving Rum or Wine to the Detachmt. —

[Page 61]
1791. Port Jackson. Sydney Cove.

Feby 26th
The Supply Returnd from Norfolk.
With the Sirius,s officers &. Remaining
Part, of the Ships Company;—

I Bought a Sow & Nine pigs from Mr
Parker. Paid Six Guineas for them.

Wednessy 16th
Welsh, a Convict was. Lost in the Woods
Near Botany bay. he Went, ought in
Company. With Mr Murley & Mr Forfar,
got an account, by some of The Natives that, he was

Tuesday. 22d
The Supply, Brig Saild for Norfolk
With. Capt. Hill, &. A Detachmt. Consisting
of one Lieut. one. Ensign, one. Serjt.
Corp}One Dm. & Eighteen privts to
Releve the like Number of the. Marines
Now Doing Duty on that Island.—
Also Nine Seamen & two Marines belonging
to His M. Ship, late Sirius
to Become Settellers, On the following
Encouragement; 18. Months. Provision
With 60 Acres of Land. 1/2 an acra of
land. Cleard. A House built; two Breeding
Sows. Six Hens, & one Cock. four.
four Weastcoats. four. pr Drawers, four. pr
Trousers, four. pr. Shoes, four pr Hose
two Hats, four Shirts; & thread Needels
Bed & Blankets. &c & their
time is
Not. to go On till their House, is Ready

[In Margin]

Capt. Hill Was permitted to take a Native
boy With him from this place, to Norfolk Island.

[Page 62]
1791 Port. Jackson

March Saturday 19th
I was Ordrd. on Commd to the lookout for One Month.—

Sunday. 27th
The Duch Snow Saild. for. England.
With, the. Sirius,s Ships Company, (those
who Remain as Settellers Excepted) & 8
Marines they are to Go the North Passage
The Governor, left the Snow at the
Sow & Pigs, & was Salluted, with, five
Guns, little or no Wind She Could
Not get out this day brought too off
Camp Cove Saild Next Morning
Was out of Sight, from the Lookout,
at two OClock in the Afternoon —

Tuesday. 29th
A Serjt & a party, of Marines
in the Long boat Came to the look
Out Cove At Six OClock this Morning
in persute of, Bryan (a Convict) the principal
fisherman, (for Goverment) Who was to fish
on the
foregoing Night; but on
his getting the Boat in readiness, together
With the boats Crue;
proceed, he has
thought, propper to put to Sea in
order to make his escape, he has taken
With him, An excellent Cutter Sailes
Complate, Seine, Cooking Utencials
Bed & Beding, Wife & two
Children, one
Morton, A Convict Who is A Navigator;
two tents Arms & Ammunition, I have not
learned, the Names of the Rest, that are gon yet,

[Page 63]
1791 — Port. Jackson. Sydney Cove
July. 6th
Jon Pugh Privt Marine, tryd by
a Court Martial, for Stealing poteatos out of
the Publick Store on Norfolk
Island; (Sent, here to be tryd by a Gen Court
Martial, but there
not being a Sufficent Number of
officers, to assemble that
Court, he
Petitioned to be tryd by a Battd
Court Martial) Sentenced to Recive
500, Lashes, the Prisoner Was
Six Months Upon an allowance of
41b of Flower
A Week, Without any Kind of Animal Food Whatever,—

Saturday. 9th
I went on Bd the Mary Ann.
Transport; She being off the Harbours Mouth.
She Has on Bd Women;—
Convicts; from England 4 Months & ten Days.—
Capt Monro. Commander

Saturday 16th
Wm. Godfray. pt Marine, being
Planted Centinal at the publick
Celler at Eleven OClock at Night
Was found Robing the Same of a
Quantity, of Wine in a Kegg, by
Serjt Smith When Gowing the Patrole)
(At 1/2 past twelve)
He picked the lock With a Naile.

Sunday. 17th
Lt Daws. & party made an Excurtion to Georges. River &c —

[Page 64]
1791 — Port. Jackson

July 14th
A Whale Seen between the Heads
by the people in Lt Pouldens Boat,

Tuesday. 19th
The afforementioned Wm Godfray, being admitted
an Evedence for the Crown,
Wm Roberts & Wm Norris, privats,
Was tryd for being Accompelishes of the sd
Wm Godfray,s But
there not being Sufficient proof to Support
or Substanciate
Godfrays Evedence they
Ware Aquitted— & Godfray Sent, to prison again

Thursday 21st
The Above mentioned Godfray Was tryd by
a Battn Courtmartial for Disobedience
of orders & Neglect, of Duty, Sentenced
to Recveve 800 Lashes &
to be Drummed out of the Core of Marines
Recd. 300 the same day &
Drumme,d Out got
his Discharge (but No pay list) being told
that, by his Discharge he would be paid;
The Above mentioned, Roberts & Norris
ordrd to
do no Duty till further orders

Saturday 23d
The Above Mentiond Roberts &
Norris, was Sent, to the So
Head, to do Duty.—

Wednessday 27th
Jams. Chapman a Convict Was Exacuted for a Burglary

Monday. 1st Augt—
The Matilda transport. Arrivd. With.
Male Convicts, on Bd She Saild. in

[Page 65]
1791 Augt
company With the Fleet from Spithead
Mar 27th 1791— Arrivd here Aug 1st
1791 — parted Compy With the Fleet,
in the English Channal, She Buried
27 Convicts on the Passage, The Gorgon
Armd Store Ship Saild eight day
before them, heard Nothing of the

Gorgon at the Cape, She Reman
there Nine days, four day She
Bote of S legoes two day, She lay too an
Anker in a Bay to
the Southward of Port Jackson,
In all from England. 4
Months & 4 Days.

[Page 66]
1791 — Augt 20th Saturday

Port. Jackson
The Atlantic Transport. Arivd With
Male Convicts, on Board. Lt Bowen Agent.
Mr Armstrong, Master.

Sunday, 21st
The Salamander Transport. Arivd With.
Male Convicts. On Bd Mr Jn. Nickol

Augt 28th

The William & Ann, Transport, arrivd
Mr. Bunker. Master.—

Sept Sunday 4th

The Salamander. Saild for Norfolk Island; With Male Convicts —

[Page 67]
1791 — Sept Port Jackson
The Gorgons M. Mast Damagd With Lighting on the Coste
There Was 26 Cows 3 Bulls &
174 Sheep, taken in at the Cape of Goodhope on Bd the
Gorgon & She
Was taken Seven Weeks & 4 days, from the Cape to
Sydney Port Jackson

Saturday 23
The Stock Sent from the Gorgon to
Paramata was 57 Sheep 16 Cows 1 Bull. Calf

Sunday — 24th
Two Ships Seen off the Harbours Mouth.—

Monday. 25
The Queen Transport, arrivd from Ireland
With Male & Female Convicts
Active Transport Ariv" With Male Conv*s
The Supply Brig, Survay1° this day
and; & ordre,d for England —
Recvd a Letter from Friend Mooney &
A Box Containing 1 Loaf of SugT 2b Tea
2 pT Shoes for Self, 2 pr for Wife
2 Quires paper 1 Hund?d Quills
1 paper of Ink powder. & a Frock for Betsy

Oct 3d Monday
The Gorgons. Mast,s Was Survayd.

Thursday 13th
The Albemarl Transport, arrivd. —

Friday 14th
The Brittania Do. Arrivd —
The Barrington Transport: Was Seen
off the Harbour But the Wind
blowing fresh, from the So She
got a long Way to Leeward & could
not get in.—

Sunday 16th
The Barrington Transport Arrivd.

[Page 68]
Sunday 16th
The Barrington. Transport Arrivd

1791 —Oct Monday. 17th
Port. Jackson
The Salamander Transport Arrivd from Norfolk —
The Atlantic Transport, taken up for
Goverments Service, last Week & to be
Sent to Bengali for provision

Monday. 24th
2 Corpls. & 27. privts. of the Detachmt
Recvd their Discharges this day &
Embarkd On Bd the Atlantic, for
Norfolk Island to become Settlers. Their
Discharges, was dated, for the 22d Inst. —
Matilda, & Mary Ann, Transports
Saild. this day; For fishing;—

Tuesday 25.
The Willm. & Ann and Britania,
Saild. on Fishing Service —

Wednessday 26
Atlantic Saild. With. Governor King. &
his Lady. Capd Patterson, &c and
Troops, to Relieve Major Ross & they Marines;

Monday. 31st
I with a party of the Detachmt Embarkd on board.
the Gorgon Under the Comms. of Lt Creswell.

Novr 2d Wednessday.
The Queen Transport Saild for Norfolk
to bring Major Ross. & Marines;—
The Salamander saild,—
A party, of twenty Convicts. Male &
one Female, took to the Woods.

[Page 69]
1791 Port. Jackson, on Bd the Gorgon

Thursday Novr 10th

The Britania, Whaler, arrivd With one Fish,

Tuesday. 15th
Lt Creswell went on Bd the Supply
for a Passage to England.—

Tuesday. 22nd
Wm & Ann. Whaler, Returnd. With one Fish —

Saturday 26th Dec
The Supply Saild for England. U Creswell, & One priv —

Sunday 4th
The Queen Returnd from Norfolk —
With Major Ross & all the Marines from
Norfolk, of Which Number turng Out for Settelers
to Return to Norfolk,
by the first Conveyance

Tuesday 13th
Major Ross two Capts. one Capt Lt
Quarter Master Adjt. three first Lts. three
Second Do. 9 Serjts
8 Corpls. 6 Dms. & 50 privates
Embarkd on Bd the Gorgon, for
a passage to England, together
With 21 Women & 43 Children
of the Marines, & 4 Convict
Children, brought home by the officers

Sunday 18.
The Gorgon Saild With, a fair Wind.—

[Page 70]
1791 Gorgon At. Sea

Monday 19th
At. Night, it Came on to
blow, fresh & a fowl Wind. Withall

Tuesday 20th
it came on to blow a gale

Contineud. from the East,erd.

Very Heavy Gale Do.—

Modrated — Wind fowl

Sunday 25.

Seen Houes Island, got two
Boats, out Went, on Shore, the
officers got Several Birds, I
tryd every mains to procure
a live Bird or two but could not
obtain one, I offerd one Guinea
for a pair of live pidgons —
the Boats Returnd Next, day
& Wee took our Departure.—
off. House Island.— So. Lat 32°13' Lon.
At. ten, Miles Distance from this Isaland.
A Remarkle. pile of Rock, calld.
Balls. Piramaid, on account of Capt.
Ball. Discovg. this Island

Tuesday. 27
3 lb Portable Soup. Mixt With, the Pease Dailey.—

[Page 71]
On Bd the Gorgon, at Sea
Lat. Lon

Thursday Decr 29th
Obs 30°38'6" So 194°42’ West.

Satd 31st
1792 Jany 4th Wednessday
At. 2. P.M. past, through the
Ripling of a Current Setting. S, 45. E
Saw a great Number of Whales,
about the Ship — Lat. 33°54’ S. Lon.
188°00' West

Thursday 5th
Saw the Land, bearing S. 62 E. calld.
the three Kings — at. 1/2 past 4
observd the Ripling of A Strong Current.
Setting SS.W. —

Friday 6th
Saw New Zealand. 7 or. 8 Leagues dist
Lat. 34°19',10" S. Lon. by D.R. 186° 35' W

Saturday 7
Cape Brett. Dist. 5 Leagues.— Left the

Sundy 8th
Left the land

Tuesday Wednessdy 11th
Mr Crawford. Master. Distant, from Cape Horn,
at. Noon. 4496. M.

Saturday 14th
Saw a Number of Whale, Lat. 44°2'
Long. 170°31' West.— Squally. With.
Hase & Rain all the. passage So far

Thursday 19
Strong breese & Sq With Heavey Rain
frequent heavey Squalls Lat. 47°46'
Lon. 159° 5'. West.

[Page 72]
Gorgon, at Sea

Jany Saturday 21st
Saw a great. Number of Albetross &
Whale About, the. Ship. Lat. 49241' Lon.
155°43’ West.—

Tuesday. 31st
Strong. Gales. With showrs. of Rain & hail
Very heavy Squalls.— Lat. 53°52' So
Set. the Storm Staysails.

Feby Sunday 5th
A. Luner Obv by. O Daws, found
to be Disd from. Cape Horn. 444 M.
Thermomater 46.5.—

Tuesday. 7th
Saw the land, of Teradelafugo, York Minester bearing
NE.bN. Dist. 7 or 8 Leagues.—
Saw Several Boobys. & land birds.
Crawford. Dist. from. C. Horn. 341 Miles.—
York. Minster. Lat. 55°26’20’' S. Lon. 70°8. West.

Wednessy 8.
Saw the land Supposd to be Cape Horn
it Was land a little to the Eastward,
of C. Horn — At. 1 OClock a Small
Bird, lodgd in the fore Chains

Lat. 53°59’ S. Thermo. 44,,5 Obs. Lon. 49,,25. W.

Wedny 15th
Strong Gales. & Squally —

Several Penguins about the Ship.

[Page 73]
Gorgon at Sea

Feb 16th Thursday
Set. Storm Sails, Thermo. 41:5

Friday. 17th
Very Strong Gales. & Squally. With
Rain & a heavy Sea from West. N.W
Some Sea Weed passd the Ship

Saturday. 18th
Saw 19 Islands of Ice, At 10 OClock
Saw a large field of Ice. Supposd
1 to be from 10. to. 15 Miles long, & Sever
detachd. Islands to the Eastwd. —
Therms. 37.8.— Lat. 51°30' S, Lon.
it was a matter of Dought for some time
on B1° Whether it Was land
or Ice, but Standing closer in it
Was soon Determine,d, to be Ice Sounded
With. 120 Fathom of line, no Sound =ins .
The Ice lookd beutifull. When close
to it forming Many, Angles, Concaves
Convexes Cones &c &c some part
resembling, fortifications Houses, &c —

Sunday. 19th
Strong Gales, clear of the Ice.
Several. Pindada Birds About the
Ship — At. 4 in the Morng. Thermo 33,0
At. Noon — 45.0 —

[Page 74]
1792. Gorgon at Sea
Feby Monday
Very.Strong Gales & Heavy Squalls
With Rain, Layd. the Ship too at
7 in the evening, under Fore sail. Storm
Mizn Stay & Balance Mizn Main top.
Sail Split.—

Do. — Do.—
Judeth. Dougherty. Marine Woman Died.—

Wedness 22. -
Like Modt. Weather. Made Sail
Commitd the Body of the Deceased, to to
deep. She left, three Young Childn
behind her —

Friday 24th
Lat. 40°52'37" S.
D.R. Lon. 23,,6,,00. W.
Thermo 55 5

Ob. Lat. 39220
Thermo. 62.
Lon. Ob. — 12°18'

March 3d Saturday.
The Ship haveing Saild. —
°360°OO’ East, from the
Meredien of Greenwich. &
to the Meredien again. Wee their
=fore. have Gaind. one Day &
Calls tomorrow Saturday, the
3d of March. 1792, Leap Year.

[Page 75]
Gorgon, at. Sea

Sunday for Saturday Mar. 3d
The Capt of the Ship gave
orders, for the Ships Company
to be Victauld as on other
Saturdays— Lat. 39°22' S
this gave Us 367 days in this

Wednesy 7th
Light, airs & Calms, these three days. past.
No Grogg Servd it. being All.
Expended. & 11 days
before, on half Allowd. of Spirits.

Friday 9th
A. Fair Wind. 216 Miles on the Board, these,
last 24 Hours. Ob. Lat. 36,,
30 Long.

At 4 OClock in the Morning
Made the Cape of Goodhope Came to an
ankor about 10 OClock At Night;— found no —
English Ships here, or no
account of the Supply.

[Page 76]
1792 Gorgon Cape of Good Hope

Mar. Tuesday —
Sent, some Sick on Shore, to Sick Quarters.—

15th Thursday.
All the Marine Women & Children
& Several . . . men, Sent to
sick Quarters.—
All Remaind. on Shore till, the
Ship Was readey for Sea —
two. Marine Children. Died While
on Shore, Vis. M. Wrights. & Artht

from the 17°n to. the. 29th —
Several Ships Arrivd here during Our Stay—
Wee Also Recvd on Bd
Capt Ewdards of the R Navy, & two
Mateshipmen, Who Was Cast =
=away in His M Ship Pandora who Was
in Quest of the Bounty
a pirats Ship, also, ten of
the pirats which Capt
took on Shore at Ottiety, the
pirets Ship Cutt in the Night & left,
them on Shore —

NB Three of the Pandoras Boats
full of Men Was
Saved & arrivd

[Page 77]
Gorgon at C of Goodhope
in Nineteen days at a Duch
Island (Timor) here Was also
the Convicts that
made their escape in an open
Boat from New So Wales on
the 29th of Mar 1791— four men
Convicts one Woman & Child Wee
have know on Bd prisoners Cox
Made his escape from A Duch Ship
At timor Bryari Bird Morton
& One Child Died before the Arrivd At the
Cape of Good Hope

The Ship having taken in provisions
&c & being Ready for Sea the
people All Went On Bd from Sick
Quarters together With Some of the
Crowns Men & Some of the late
Siriuses Which Was left at Sick Quarters
Here Wee got Intilegence of Capt
Hunters long passage to
Batavia in the Duch Snow

[Page 78]
Gorgon At C of Good Hope

Apl. —
the people on Bd Was Reduced
to Great, extremity, for provision
& Water; they, being at Sea neer Seven Months;
having mostly, fowl winds & Calms &
Strong Currents agains them—
The Sick was Very well treated
At the Cape — Things in Genl.
Very Dear at this place —

Thursday 5th
Saild from the Cape of Good hope
4 Cows & 20 Sheep on Bd
for the Use of the Ships Compy

Names of the Pirats taken on
Otaheite,— by Capf Ewdards
Irond. all the passage:
Peter. Heaward. Meatshipman
Wm. Muspratt. Ab.
Jn. Millward „
Jams. Morrison „
Thos Birkett „
Thos Ellison „
Mich Burn „

Prisoners at Large:
Thos Mclntire, Chars. Norman Carpenters. Mates
Jams. Coleman Armourer

[Page 79]
1792 Gorgon at — Sea

Apl. Friday 6th
Robt Bacon Departed this life,
Son of Corpl. Bacon —
Lat. 33°42’ South.
Therms. 67,,0. at. Noon

Satd 7th
Killd. one Cow for Ships Compy

Tuesday 10th
Variation Amptd. 21,10. W
Lat. — 27°9'S.
Saw a Number of Cape Hens about, the Ship —

Wednessy 11.
Lat. 27°19 S.
Var. Azmth 19 — 22. W.
51 persons, in the Docters. list.

Saturday 14th
Killd one Cow for Ships Compy

Wednessd 18.
At 12 M Night
A Saw the Island, of St Helena
Saw three Sail in the Road
Vis 2 English & 1 Swadeish — At 8
OClock Bore Up from the Island
Lat. Obs. 15°26 S. — Var.Azm 13.12 W. Thermo. 75,0.

Satury 21
Killd 7 Sheep for Ships Compy

[Page 80]
1792 Gorgon. At Sea

Monday Apl. 23rd
Saw the Island of Assention
a famous Turtle Island—
Hoist two Boats, out Sent on Shore—
At 10 OClock came to an Ankor in the Road, here Wee
found, an American Schooner,
Which made the Ships Compy a
present of 7 Turtle, each about 4 Cwd
Lat 7°40' Sick list 50—
Thermo 78,,0
No Water, to be found on this Island —
employd. Setting Up the

Tuesday 24
Boats, on Shore Turtling —
epartd this life Jn. Bacon
Son of Sam Bacon Corp —
Recvd on Board. 15 Turtle.
Jr. Bacon Was interd on Shore

Wednessy 25.
Recvd on Bd 5 Turtle— got the Launch in.

At. 4 in the Morning Departd
this Life Mark Dwan. Son
of Ewd Dwan Serjt —

[Page 81]
1792 Gorgon At Assention.

Sent the Body of Mark Dwan on Shore to be interd—
Made a Signel With a
Gun for the Boat to Return
At ½ past 8 Weight Ankor & put to Sea
 Lat 7°40' S

Thursday 26th
Departed, this life Jn Gillburn
Son of Serjt Gillburn — G Grath

Satd 28
Lat 3°26’S
Var. Ampd 10°0’ W.

Monday 30.
Lat. 1°11’ S. Light, ares inclinebl
to Calms Thermo. 83°0'

Tuesday May 2st
Departd this life Wm Mapp
Son of Jams Mapp Marine —
Sick list 45—

Wednessdy 2
Dinnes Dwan Son of Ewd Dwan Serjt
Departed this life —
Departed this life Elizabeth
Turner Daughter of Jn Turner
Crossd the Eaquater About ½ p 6 AM

[Page 82]
1792 Gorgon at Sea
Departed, this life Charlotte
Bryan Daughter of Mary Bryan Convict—
Sick list 56

Sunday 6th May.
Spoke, an English Whaler Bound
to the Coste of Braziles
this day got the NE. trade Wind. Wee have had light
Wind Since the 29th of Ap Lat. 7°18’ N.

Wednessy 9th
Saw a Ripling on the Water Supposd
to be a Current Setting to the NE.

Sunday 20th
Spoke an American Brigg from
Road Island Bound to Bengali —
Lat. 12° 47’ N
Thermo 77,,5.
Departed, this life Mary Hume
Daughter to Jn Hume Serjt
Lat. 27°52’ N.
Thermo. 72,0

[Page 83]
[Loose leaf recto]
 My Wifes Rum Stopd Monday 17th Sept 87
My Owne Do. Do. Friday 21st Sept 87
Danl Cresswell, Marine Died on Bd
Charlotte Decr 2d; or 3d

Sunday June 17th
The Officers in the Cabbin had
three of the Convicts in the Cabin;—
one till 12 OClock, & 2 till
between 4 & 5 in the Morning, the Was
Ordrd Down in Serjt Humes Watch

Died on the passage from
England to Botnay bay. on Bd Pr. of Wales

Jane Davis DD July 12th 87 Marine Child
Jane Bonner DD July 30th Convict
Yorgan Yorganess; Drownd, Novr. 23d 87. Seaman
Convicts. Child. Born. Dead. Novr 24th 87.
Peter Tolbut Corp on Bd Supply DD 19th Novr 1787

a Boy, Thos Harmsworth. Died at Port Jackson Feby 24th 1788
Thos Harmsworth. Senior Died, 30th Apr 1788, at Hosp
59 Jn Cannon, pt DD June 20th 1788 at Do.
—Will to Jno. Brown, pt
Heny Petrey, Late Serjt DD Sunday 22nd June 1788
Jno. Batchelor, pt belongd to Sirius
Drown,d at. New Norfolk 15th June 1788
Recvd an Acct. by Supply Brig Augt 1788
Jno Jones pt of Plimo. Divn DD. I0th Oct 88
Jams Rodgers. Do. Lost in the Woods 26th Qct 88. 50.
Thos Bulmore; Portm Divn DD. 11th Novr 88
Capt Shea. DD. 2d Feby 1789
8 Wm Edmondson. DD 25th Feb 89 —

[Page 84]
[Loose leaf verso]

Jams. Scott. Serjt Dr to Qr Master Fusser
Jany 29th
To 1. Cap .......

Convicts Exacuted at Sidney Cove

1788 Feby 27th
Thos Barren. Convict
for Robing the publick Store

May 2nd
Jn Bennett,
for Robing the Charlotte Transp Tent.

June 25th
Jos Payton.
for Breaking in to Capt Meradeths
Marque With an Intent, to Rob the Same

Ewd Corbet.
For Stealing a Smock Frock from a
Convict, & Absenting himself for 19 Days, in the Course of Which
time he Was Out Lawd

Wednessday Dec 3rd 1788.—
Dealey, Alise. The Goldfinder,
For Stealing. Sundrey Articels
from Convcits.
& from. Lt Kellow & Mr Alt, Survayer
he Confessed to All at the Gallows,—

Jany 10th
Thos Sanders.
Exacuted for Sundrey Roberies
& flying fm Justice to the Woods
Where he Lived 24 Days, in Which
time he Robed the publice

Novr 21st
Judeth Jones. Female, Exacuted for a Burglary, in
the House of Thos Sidawa

[Page 85]
[Inside back cover]

Sept 16th
87 Ester Eckels 1/2 Doz For theft

Nov 16th
Ann Combs 1/2 Doz For theft
Qr Date

Rum Issued to the Marines
Friday, 11th
88, 3, Quarts. 5 Gills, Detachmt. (Wright. 1 Gill)

1787 - Marines. Rum Stopd

      When Stopd for What When Recd.
12 Days Mrs Dougherty 8th Nov 87 Drunk 20th Nov
3 Do. Jno. Parfit. Dm 12th Nov 1787 Prisoner 15th Nov 87
2 Do. Lawre Richards 19th Nov Neglect, of Duty & Shamg Sick 21st Nov 87
1 Do. Wm Hallam 7th Dec Releving, No. Corp. 8th Dec 87
    Thos Jackson  
10 Do. Mrs Davis 12th Do. Iregularitys 22nd Dec 87
2 Do. Jn Banisford 20th Do. Prisoner 2nd Dec 87
4 Do. Robt Ryan 30th Do. Prisoner 3d Jany 88
6 Do. Arthr Dougherty 6th Jany 88 Prisoner 12th Jany 88
6 Do. Mrs Dougherty Do.Do. -
3 Do. Wm Nash Jany 88

[Transcribed for the State Library of New South Wales]