Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Draft of holograph statement handwritten by Egon Erwin Kisch to Kisch Defence Committee on board P & O liner Strathaird
Ak 47

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It is first in the name of antifaszists in Germany that I have to thank yo for your coming These here, which is a marvellous proof of solidarity. These Germany antifaszists, both workers and intellectuals, are fighting heroically under tremendous dangers, and their chances of escaping arrest, torture and death by the nazis are [small] few. But they know our comittee of

Secondly I thank you in the name of the comittee a.w., by whom I am was chosen as a delegate to Australia, in support[?] to explain [indecipherable] the methods of

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fascism and

to tell to Australians of our experiences with fascists in Europe and of their warproducing activities. Our comittee is an intellectual one, and it draws strenghts from all outside coutries to the support of the german antifascists, and


If the Govt[?] succeeds in shutting[?] you out one of the first acts of the A/alian Workers & Farmers Govt[?] will be to bring you here in an A/alian Soviet ship

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ting[?] from all countrie this heroical fight of fascism and the [working] german antifascists

is one of the chief centres in this enlightening antinazi, antifascist and antiwar campaigne.

But no comittee and no individual heroism would be sufficient alone to support the mass resistance in Germany against the reactionary forces. The struggle is primarly primarily supported by the solidarity of the workers[?] of all countries. In Europe stands are a multitude[?] standing

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shoulder to shoulder with them, multitudes[?] of enlightened workers, both manuel and mental, struggling against reaction and war. And now the ger[?] European, not only the all European nations as well as also those imprisoned and illeagals[?] in prison and those working secretly in Germany will learn that so far away from them, on the other side of the earth, Australians standing with them demonstrating protesting against wrong committed against them, and me, their delegate and guest[?] standing shoulder to shoulder with [indecipherable] Europe

And [indecipherable] multitude

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One thing at least, my exclusion from Australia has proved, this is, that in both hemispheres, are masses that is, that in both hemispheres there are masses strongly united, joyous[?] for the fight, who will are not only endeavouring to sweep away the nazis from before them, but are also determined to build

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of two hemispheres, beeing strongly united and joy joyous for the fight, are not only sweeping as the nazis from before them, but they are building a new world, free from fascism, free from barbarism, free from social tyranny, a new world of freedom and peace.