Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Alan Fraser Fry postcards, ca. 1900-1916
MLMSS 1159 ADD-ON 2076 / Box 7 / Folder 1 / Item 1

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London Scottish going to their trenches

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[Reverse of postcard]

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[Postcard photograph of Anzac landing]

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Decorating a Canadian on the field of battle

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[Reverse of postcard]

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Anzac’s Shirt Inspection, Gallipoli.

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[Reverse of postcard]

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Anzac Cove, Gallipoli.

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[Reverse of postcard]

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Alan was on this ship – A.I.F.

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T.S.S. Karoola, 7,391 Tons.
Owners: McIlwraith, McEacharn & Co., Proprietary Limited.

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During 1914-18 War – fitted up as Hospital ship – Dr. Gordon Craig (Austr. – Dardanelles, U.K.). [indecipherable] was an orderlie for a few trips then transferred to infantry.

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9474 Grindelwald Lutschinenschlucht

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London. Aug. 28th, 1913.
My dear Alan.

It was a very great pleasure to have your famous long letter of 9th July; I would like to send you a long one “in reply", but you can guess there is not much time to reply to you individually, much as we want to.

We just loved all the items of home news you gave us; especially we loved to hear that Rollo is getting on so well. He will talk quite plainly I expect; I fear he no longer a baby when we see him again. We shall feel awfully eager to hear if you do go to the station in Central Queensland. I wonder what Father & Mother think about you going on the land? Do try & write me another chatty letter with all the news.

I very much hope it may be your lot to take this trip some day. There is so much to learn & enjoy in the old land; & all so wonderfully interesting. Only one always wishes one had been more studious & read more, so as to understand better & enjoy more intelligently. History especially comes in, in England; indeed I may say in Europe, where everything has historical association.

When you are a big rich squatter in the years to come, you may bring the wife & family for a trip to see all these lovely places. (I am quite sure you will “make good" if you set yourself to try). This card gives an imperfect idea of this wonderful gorge between two high mountains, with glacier at top.

Many thanks for birthday wishes & heaps of love from Aunt Edie.

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The Westgate, Southampton

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On Active Service
Dear Alan.
I have no doubt that you will get to England. The Dardenelles must fall soon & then our chaps will be in camp. Met some wounded N.S.W. boys in London. They make great chums with the wounded Canadian & we had many a pot together. Met Bert Ratcliffe & he took me to the Piccadilly hotel. Some place – he paid. England is worth breaking your neck to see. The girls have some complexions believe me


Mr. Alan F. Fry.
Northcote Rd.
Lindfield N.S.W.

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Postcard photograph of Nurses

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So pleased to receive yr P.C. We had notice today to be on the “Kirarra" at 2 p.m. tomorrow. I think our destination is to be France". We do not know what our address will be. But if you write Rose, she will tell you. Mother & R. are staying at Mrs. Colcrofts “Abbotsford" Darlinghurst Rd Darlinghurst. We have had such a wish.

Best love to you
From [indecipherable]

Mr. Alan Fry

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MACTA – The Public Library – Queen’s Square – Valletta

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On Active Service
No stamps available
Malta 27th Sep. 15:

Dear Alan.
Thanks very much indeed for your kindness in sending papers. You hit it right, we did want the news of the Dr. McG. fight. You are lucky to have seen it. Don’t be in any hurry. You make the greatest mistake in your life to think you are cured too soon. I’ve seen too much of Malaria amongst the wounded here to have any faith in fast cures. Thats advice. Dont worry about the Dardanelles, they wont be taken while we are alive, thanks to English bungling. Poor old Rollie R. & Uncle Jim. I was awfully upset when I found out in Egypt. Saw Cairns in Alex. he is slightly wounded.


Private A. Fry.
c/o Northcote Road.
Lindfield. N.S.W.

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The Lower Lake, Killarney.

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Monday 18th Jan.

Dear Alan,
Am awfully sorry I could not come up as you asked me but I am staying at Woy-Woy for 2 weeks and so I did not get your letter till January 16th when it was brought up by Max who had put a 2d stamp on it but had not altered the address, and of course it came back to him. Hoping you are all well and that you understand the blunder. Awful pen this. Guy.

Master A Fry
Northcote Rd.
N. S. Wales

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Parramatta River Sydney

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With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
From Ernest.
22nd Dec. 1910.

Mr. Alan Fry
c/- Burns Philp & Co Ltd.
Bridge St.

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Fern Tree Bower

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This is a retreat at the waterworks half way up Mt Wellington. We saw it on our way to Brown’s River yesterday & will see it again when we are up at Fern Tree. The whole country is very pretty & the roads are splendid though very hilly. We were up 1600 ft yesterday.

Love from [indecipherable]

Alan Fry.
Dene Gully.
Northcote Rd.

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Christmas Greetings Card

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[Inside card]
From Rollo with love

[Transcribed by Sandra Mutton for the State Library of New South Wales]