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Richard Tills - conditional pardon granted 23 September 1834, issued 3 November 1835
MLMSS 5841

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NO. 418

Whereas His Late Most Excellent Majesty King George The Third, by a Commission under the Great Seal of Great Britain, bearing Date the Eighth Day of November, in the Thirty-first Year of His Majesty's Reign, was graciously Pleased to Give and Grant full Power and Authority to the Governor (or, in Case of his Death or Absence, the Lieutenant Governor) for the Time-being of His Majesty's Territory of the Eastern Coast of New South Wales and the Islands thereunto adjacent, by an Instrument or Instruments in Writing, under the Seal of the Government of the said Territory, or as He or They respectively should think fit and convenient for His Majesty's Service, to Remit either Absolutely or Conditionally the Whole or Part of the Term or Time for which Persons convicted of Felony, Misdemeanor, or other Offences, amenable to the Laws of Great Britain, should have been, or should thereafter be respectively Conveyed or Transported to New South Wales, or the Islands thereunto adjacent.

By Virtue of such Power and Authority so vested as aforesaid, I, Major General Richard Bourke Captain General and Governor in Chief of His Majesty's said Territory of New South Wales and its Dependencies, and Vice-Admiral of the same, taking into Consideration the good Conduct of Richard Tills who arrived in this Colony in the Ship Hunter - Cross Master, in the Year One Thousand eight hundred and ten under the Sentence of Transportation for Life and whose Description is on the back hereof, Do hereby Conditionally Remit the Remainder of the Term or Time which is yet to come and unexpired of the Original Sentence or Order of Transportation passed on the aforesaid Richard Tills at Prince of Wales Island on the Tenth Day of October One thousand eight hundred and nine

Provided Always, and on Condition, that the said Richard Tills continue to reside within the Limits of this Government for and during the Space of his original Sentence of Order of Transportation:- Otherwise, the said Richard Tills shall be subject to all the Pains and Penalties of Re-appearing in Great Britain and Ireland, for and during the Term of his original Sentence or Order of Transportation; or, as if this Remission had never been granted.

Given under my Hand and the seal of the Territory, at Government House, Sydney, in New South Wales, this Twenty third day of September in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty four

Richd Bourke.

Registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office.
Alex. McLeay

I Certify that His Majesty's Gracious Approbation and Allowance of the above Conditional Pardon, granted to Richard Tills has been signified to me by the Right Honorable the Secretary of State for the Colonies in his Despatch No. Eighteen
dated the fifth day of July One thousand eight hundred and thirty five
Given under my Hand, at Government House, Sydney, this Third Day of November
One thousand eight hundred and thirty five

Richd Bourke

Entered upon Record, at Pages 3412342 No. 3 Register, this Sixteenth Day of January
One thousand eight hundred and thirty six

Alex. McLeay

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Standing Number, -

Name, - Richard Tills

Ship, - Hunter

Master, - Cross

Year, - 1810

Native Place, - Dominica

Trade or Calling, - Soldier

Offence, -

Sentence, - Life

Year of Birth, - 1776

Height, - Five feet five inches and three quarters

Complexion, - Florid

Hair, - Black to Grey

Eyes, - Dark Hazel

General Remarks, -